Birth of a Mage

by Hopeschains

Tags: #cw:bestiality #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:female #fantasy #petplay #sadomasochism #sub:male #cat_girl #cw:violence #emotional_sadism #identity_death #public_play #ritual_of_the_familiar

A Ritual of the Familiar story. Renatus decided to Challenge Wynter to the Duel of the Binding of Souls. Possibly the best mistake he ever made…but will he remain himself, when he has no control over the outcome? Or will there be more to life once he no longer HAS a life?

just want to drop a big CW up front that if you haven't read any RotF or are here because you've read my HDG story. This story is dark.  It deals with a large number of things, such as identity death, institutionalized non-consensual magical bindings, amongst other things.  This is NOT happy or fluffy.  There may be fluff, and some happy moments, but in it's core, this is a story of revenge and payback.  This is a world where horrible things are commonplace, and as such, should be treated with that understanding.
While this story can definitely be enjoyed as a standalone  you would be doing yourself a huge disfavor if you didn't check out TsukiNoNeko amazing Ritual of the Familiar that originally inspired this story, the wonderful Doeposting and her amazing An otter Loss, and the amazing Precious Evermore by the talented  Bisounds.  As well as keep an eye out for more RotF stories to come!

The Circle was quiet as the students stepped inside, each glaring at the other, one already bleeding from their hand.  Everyone at Sinslar Graduate Academy of Magic had known this was coming.  Renatus Serlathi had been top student in his first year, and a month of Second.  And then she'd shown up.  Wynter Damajah.  A transfer student from another Academy to the North who had supplanted him, but not without a hard struggle.  Each worked hard for their spot, each a gifted student in their own right, as vastly different as could be.  Renatus was the bombastic mage-to-be, calling out answers and showing off to his coterie.  The son of a Noble House, he threw his family name around, bullying those underneath him.  Wynter was his foil, his very opposite in almost every manner.  Quiet to a fault, soft spoken, and always with a small smile.  As if she knew something others did not.  Nobody knew much of her history, or even what she looked like under the blue shapeless robes she wore everywhere.  Helpful to other students, even helping first years with basic spellwork.  So there was no contest who the other students liked and were rooting for.

The incidents began before Wynter knocked Renatus from the top spot, when it was clear that she was a rising star.  Ingredients went missing, tomes needed were taken out or 'misshelved'.  One of her experiments, a potion that needed a few days to brew 'somehow' was misplaced and overcooked.  Everyone knew it was Renatus, or one of his toadies, even if they couldn't prove it.  Wynter merely gave a sad smile, shrugging shoulders within her shapeless robes, and started again.  "What can you do?  All will be as it will", she said.

Nobody was surprised when Renatus issued his Challenge in ringing, magically boosted tones.  At noon.  In the Dining Hall.  What WAS surprising was that it took as long as it did, since everyone expected it within the first hour of the first day of Third Year.  When the protections had been removed, and students eyed each other, wondering who would graduate, and who would become a familiar.  Nameless, magicless, and a non-person.  There had already been a few, some a forgone conclusion.  Some, however, were impressive, and students discussed them for days.  One such impressive bout had the loser turned into an otter after the mage used mushrooms to slowly suffocate the opponent.  And the ending was...memorable.  Students discussed the tactics used, spellwork that the now familiar used, and everything else.  Then they eyed both Renatus and Wynter, wondering what they would use.  An apprentice with no clear speciality facing off against an evoker particularly talented with Fire magic.

Renatus, had answered in his typical fashion.  Loud, self-serving, but ultimately correct in his assessment that a wide coverage spell could have caught the hiding mage as well.  Wynter merely smiled and shrugged in her shapeless robes.  "It was a good battle, fought with skill and strategy", she whispered.  "To the victor, the spoils."

And so they stood there in the Circle, the spells active and humming around them.  Wynter had cut her hand before walking in, smearing some of her blood on the ground, murmuring something in a  different language that none but a few of the Magi there understood..  Shields, and the Ritual of the Familiar hummed as the crowd got quiet.  "When you're my bitch, I'm going to take great pleasure in seeing you grovel", he snarled as he threw a small bolt of fire at her.  A minor spell for one with a Fire affinity, practically Null in terms of energy.  Rather than waste time countering, Wynter merely sidestepped.  Then the next, and as the next was being cast, Wynter cast first.  A deluge of water, probably 10 gallons worth dropped onto Renatus, soaking him.  He still managed to cast, but his aim was off.  She began to cast, her magic animating the ground into a snake, but he waved a hand, snarling a word and it heated, turned to glass and shattered.

"Well done", she said softly.  "You are skilled", she said, her Northern accent becoming thicker.  "It's a shame you're who you are.  We could have been friends."  She cast again, dumping more water on him and throwing a burst of wind that knocked the chunk of glass he threw off course.

"Fuck you and your friendship!  I'll take your mind, your magic, and your ass, bitch!!", he snarled, throwing an incendiary that would have truly harmed her, had she not caught it with a ball of water that turned into steam.  He followed with a curse that made her vision waver, and she retaliated by dumping twenty gallons of water on him while muttering the countercurse.  Blinking, she twisted to one side as a lance of some fiery energy moved through the space she had just been in.  This was taking too long, but needs must.  She just needed to last a bit longer.

She waved her hands, sending another snake as she tried to distract him with more water.  He ignored the water as he cast another curse that dissolved the snake and a fireball, a one two punch that she nearly missed countering.  He was good, she had to admit, a worthy opponent.  Whatever else, he knew his stuff.  Panting slightly, she looked at him, and then grinned.  This was exhilarating.  Fighting for your life, toe to toe with your opponent.  "You're mine, little one", she said softly.  "Aren't you so tired of fighting me?  You know you already lost, little one.  Why not just give in?  I'll be good to you, little one.  I'll be so good, you'll just love being mine."

His face turning as red as the fire he threw at her, he sidestepped the curse she threw and returned the curse with two fireballs that exploded around her.  She managed to shield herself, just in time, but the force sent her to her knees as her shield wavered but held.  "That's right...where you belong, bitch!!", he shouted, and then dodged to the side as she waved a hand.  When nothing happened, he snickered.  "Face it, you've lost!!  You're done!!", which was when the lance of water she'd gathered from the water on the ground hit him square in the back.  Knocking him down, Wynter grinned and began to move forward, waving a hand and the water curled around his legs.

Now truly afraid, Renatus did something desperate, feeling somewhat drained.  He could fight, he could win, he could.  Splitting his attention, he threw a fire bolt at Wynter while he drew the heat from the water around his leg, turning it to ice.  Ignoring the pain as the bitter cold began to seep into him, he turned, holding the heat and then cast his strongest spell.  A wave of magical wind  and heat, combined with the heat he drew from the water blasted out from his hands.  It ignited the dust in the air and the little bits of dirt that flew up, an expanding wave headed straight towards Wynter.  "!!!", he yelled, dropping to one knee.  He had….very little left.  But the bitch had to have less, he figured.

Wynter saw her doom sweeping down on her, and grinned.  Taking a chance, she tucked her head, her shield sparking to life as she ran INTO the cloud, holding her breath.  The crowd gasped, one person shouting.  And then a flaming form burst from the pyroclastic cloud. Still running, the robes came off, fully aflame as Wynter ran on, clad in only a breast band and loincloth.  Throwing a ball of sound that had him wincing, she closed the distance and slapped a hand on his shoulder.  She'd won.  She knew it.  Judging from the look of horror on his face and the sounds from the crowd, they knew it as well.  There were any number of draining spells she could cast, and he wasn't strong enough to fight her off.

She stood there unrobed for the first time that anyone could remember.  Slim, muscles moving as she panted, what caught the crowds attention was the rest of her.  Tattoos covered her body, bold sinous lines and delicate curves depicting animals and thorns.  Even a flower here or there, the tattoos all looked to be one piece, as if they were done all at once.  They covered her from neck to feet, even her hands.  Tattoos in the form of jeweled chains hung from wrists to the tops of her hands, prompting students to wonder when the last time anyone saw her hands was.  Her hair was different also.  It was in intricate braids, sea green shading through blue to a deep purple.

Her spell flared to life, a sullen red glow lighting her eyes as she began to drain the last of his energy.  But slowly, so slowly as he whimpered and fussed, able to feel it all, and unable to mount a single defense.  She grinned as she looked at him, her braids swinging as she kneeled in front of him so she could look in his eyes.  "I know you can feel it, little one.  The Ritual is hungry, it seeks you, to bend you to my will.  And it will, and I know you can feel it.  I want you to know, I know it was you.  Every single book missing.  Every single insult.  It was you, it was always you.  And I never forgot, especially when one of your friends told me how you spoke about me.  Your plans for me. How you were going to use me, talking about it even before the Challenge."

She gave him a mirthless grin, the same kind of grin that a grazer saw as a slathor, the apex predator of the plains, trotted into view.  He whimpered, feeling the Ritual press around him, waiting for the moment he truly lost.  "I have to thank you.  For being a worthy opponent, for giving me a challenge.  For being the worthless, disgusting shitstain you are, and inspiring me.  Thank you, little one."  

"I….I'm sorry", he whispered, trying to play to her sympathy.  "I was wrong, I see that now.  Please...mercy", he whispered.  His eyes went wide at her cruel laugh, so low he almost missed it.

"I know you are, little one.  Now, at the end, you realize your mistakes.  And you're worried, so worried I'll take you, break you and change you so much that you won't be you.  But don't fret, pet. I won't take your mind.  You'll be right here, with me.  Unable to stop yourself from falling where I wish you to, hating that you love it.  Trying to fight, and failing each time. And you will fail, pet.  You WILL love it.  Being mine, taking the pleasure I give you.  Obeying my every command. Soon, little one, you'll crave it all on your own.  You'll happily wrap your chains around yourself. And then...then I'll bring you back.  Let you see how far you've fallen, just so I can do it again.  That's right, little one.  I will love you and break you, all at the same time.  Doesn't that sound glorious?"

"Stop...stop fucking with me, you bitch!!", he snarled.  He knew she wouldn't stop.  Couldn't stop, not when the Ritual meant that one person HAD to become a familiar.  "Kiunthali whore!!"

She took his insult with a sneering chuckle.  "Those are your last words as yourself?  Very well.  But you forget.  Kiunthali like to play with their food.  Oh, I can't wait to play with you."

She grinned, and stole the last of his energy, feeling that last bit drain into her.  As his eyes opened wide, wailing as the Ritual sensed a losing Apprentice and took hold, she whispered.

"But I only play with girls."

His eyes as wide as dinner plates, he stiffened as the Ritual struck.  Whimpering, he couldn't even muster the slightest shield, since Wynter drained his energy.  He could feel it, the spell slithering through his mind.  He tried hiding, retreating into his mind, but it followed him.  Surrounding, seeping in.  It reminded him of this black jelly he once saw at a circus with his family.  The little predator had surrounded a cage with some small animal.  As they watched, it slowly seeped through a few pinholes, and engulfed its prey, to the shock and screams of the Noble ladies watching.  This was like that, only worse.  Because HE was the animal in the cage, unable to run, nowhere to hide.

He sobbed as his head suddenly pulsed, a shock of pain that overwhelmed even an Apprentice of his caliber.  And again, hands slapping to his head in a futile attempt to stop the inevitable.  "STOP IT STOP IT PLEASE I'M SORRY STOP PLEASE!!!", he screamed, and then hands were taking his away. Holding them tightly, letting him know he wasn't alone.

"Shhhhh, nila.  It's ok, just breathe.  You can endure this.  Yu ste yuj, ai nila," someone said.  He opened his eyes and flinched as the light drove a spike of pain into his brain.  As the spell ravaged him, twisting and turning, a pair of green eyes calmly looked into his.  "Breathe, little one.  Look into my eyes and breathe with me.  I want to see yours as you become mine", Wynter said.  

He struggled to close them, one last act of defiance as the spell stole his dreams, stole his future.  But a strong hand grabbed his hair and a nipple, and twisted.  It hurt, fuck, it hurt almost as bad as the spell ravaging his mind. "Obey.  Open them, little one", Wynter said, her voice velvet covered steel.  He flinched and opened them, and was rewarded.  Wynter smiled at him, and gently carded his hair as she held his chin.  "Ai krei meizen nila", she crooned in Kiunthali.  He didn't understand, but that didn't matter, not as a wave of nausea blinded him and he nearly vomited.  "Breathe, little one", she commanded as he gasped, and smiled as his breathing evened out.  "Good, good boy.  You obey so well, I'm proud of you."

He opened his eyes and they shone a deep purple, the Ritual moving through him faster now.  He could feel it moving, changing things.  Changing him.  Molding him into something else.  She smiled as she held his face, on his knees before her.  A blink and a whisper of will brought her voice to everyone there, even though it sounded normal.  "YU. LAIK. AIN", she said, infusing her voice with Power.  You. Are. Mine.  He shuddered as he heard her words and understood them, and then did something that made her smile wider.  His eyes opened wide as Her words engraved themselves on his mind, heart, and soul.

This was better than she could have imagined.  Her rival, humbled beyond anything, his power now hers.  Bound to her for life, her plaything.  Her pet, her familiar.  "You're doing so well.  You fought well, little one.   But now your fight is over, and you can rest.  Mistress is here."  

He closed his eyes as a wave of pain washed over his mind, soothed partially by Her fingers in his hair.  And as much as he fought, partially by Her presence.  The spell was partially winding down, he knew, he'd seen, he remembered.  A smaller wave as he wobbled, suddenly off balance and his arms instinctively reached out for the closest support.  It wasn't until they closed around something that he realized he had thrown his arms around Her knees.  He leaned forward, starting to cry as the full weight of the Ritual began to make itself known.  She cooed, rubbing his neck, and he smiled up at Her through the tears.  It felt so good, so...right.  'no….wait….This isn't me!!', he thought to himself.  He knew it was the Ritual, and yet, he couldn't stop it. Her touch felt amazing, arousing in a way that he'd never felt before.   "Oh, look", he heard Her say.  "Already knowing your place.  Aren't you so adorable?"

Her pet shuddered, and she smiled softly.  The Ritual had let her change her pets mind, making him crave her approval.  Crave her touch.  And it would only get deeper, stronger.  "That's right, little one.  I'm right here, I'm going to take such good care of you", she said smiling, as he panted and shuddered.  He stiffened, whimpering as another bout of pain and nausea hit, and she began to rub his neck when he leaned against her, off balance.  'Time for something else', she thought to herself.  Taking a better grip, she went to her knees laying him down on the ground, his head in her lap.  "Shhhh, just rest here until it passes", she said, running her fingers through his hair.  Purple eyes looked up at her and she smiled down at them.  "There's my good pet", she said, starting to feel her side of the Bond.  The crowd whispered, watching as two lives changed irrevocably.

"Amin", he whispered, and then frowned.  " ai nou get disha sleng in", he said, confused and elated as she grinned.  He could feel her happiness, the Bond growing with each second, and they both knew it.

"I wanted you to know Kiunthali, and so you do", she said.  "And your accent is adorable, little one.  It's so cute!!  Just like you!!"  She smiled, slowly moving her other hand to his throat.  "Such a cute little pet you are", she said.  "And all mine."  Gently running nails over his throat, she watched as he swallowed hard, whimpering.  "Shhhhh, little one.  Just let it finish.  I'm right here", she said, taking her hand from his throat and starting to rub his stomach.  "I'll always be here, pet.  You belong to me, now and forever."

Overwhelmed by Her touch and the Ritual, he flopped back, moaning as pain and pleasure swirled in his brain.  A potent mix, so strong that he couldn't concentrate on anything else as the competing sensations blended together.  It got better or worse, he couldn't tell, when she started raking her nails down his stomach.  He sobbed, first in ecstasy, then pain, and then...then the ultimate horror.  His magic, the glowing ball that he'd felt for so long suddenly vanished.  No...not vanished.  Chained, not his anymore.  Buried under ice was how it felt, visible but unreachable.  "NOOOOOO", he wailed, sobbing.  "NO NO NNNOOO!!! MISTRESS, PLEASE!!", he screamed.  "Please...please don't take that from me", he cried, wriggling as She held him.

Wynter smiled, feeling her magical core grow, Renatus's strength now hers.  And she had been right; he HAD been strong, a worthy foe.  She concentrated, remembering him as he had been, sealing that away for when it was time to break her pet again.  "Shhhh, you gave it to me.  It's mine, little pet.  Just as you are, little pet", as she moved her hand down, beginning to rub and massage his neck.  "You are mine, your magic is mine.  But you'll have other gifts now, little one.  Simpler, but better, because they come from me.  I'll care for you, give you pleasure as you've never known.  I'll give you the pleasure of serving me, my every smile bliss to you.  And you'll learn the joy of kneeling at my feet and being my pet, my familiar, until you wonder why you ever fought me."  She grinned, and began to rub his belly again, soothing him as he cried. And as she rubbed, a cruel cast to her grin appeared.  "Good pet, let it all out.  Your tears please me", and she felt him shudder.  "You feel it, pet.  How so very, very good it feels to please me.  Tell me truly", and she pressed with her Will.  "How does it feel, pet?"

He could feel her will pressing on him, a force that he had no choice but to obey.  "Good, Mistress", he choked out, and moaned as pleasure battled the pain he still felt, and quickly won.  It felt good to obey Her, and he felt Her happiness as pleasure, and it scared him.  How quickly he could grow to chase this feeling.  She kept rubbing his belly, murmuring "good pet, good girl", which helped relieve her pain.  The pain, the tremors, the Ritual itself began to fade, and She smiled again, rising to her feet.  "Stay, girl", She commanded, and she whined, missing Her touch but unwilling, or unable to move.  Trying hard not to focus on how good it had felt.

Wynter strode to the middle of the Dueling Circle, standing proudly in her skin and smallclothes.  "You all heard the boasts.  The Challenge.  Some of you", and green eyes glared at her pets former friends, some of whom had been her tormentors.  "Even shared in certain...activities.  Now see who stands victorious, and who the familiar is.  And wonder just how vengeful I can be."  She walked back to her pet, and smiled widely as her pet reached for her after a few seconds of hesitation.  "Good girl", she said with a smile, bending down and rubbing her stomach again.  Feeling how hard her pet was trying to hold back her moan was delightful.  Simply delightful.  "Little one….you're doing so well.  Now, I'm going to reward you."  

Wynters hand slowly moved down over her clothes and began to palm her hardness, rubbing slowly.  "First….a new name.  You…", and she smiled at her moaning pet.  "I name you Rayne", she said, infusing her Will along with it.  "What's your name, pet?"

"Rayne, Mistress", she said after a moment of trying to remember her name.  She knew it had been something different, but with one sentence, Mistress had erased that knowledge.  "That's right, pet.  Good girl", Mistress said, rubbing her belly and crotch and she couldn't stop the purring moan, even as she blushed.

"Wynters Rayne.  I like the sound of that.  But, pet, I'm going to change you.  You might be scared, and that's ok.  That's why I left you relatively intact, so you CAN be afraid.  But because you've been a good girl, I'll let you enjoy it also", and her smile took on that cruel cast that it had before, the one that made her nervous.  Her hand kept rubbing harder, and as her pet moaned, Wynter uttered one word, her pet obeying.  "CUM."

Rayne arched her back, wailing as the orgasm ripped through her, unlike anything she'd ever felt before.  This was a volcano, compared to a candle.  The pleasure of obeying her mixed with her orgasm to create a new sensation, something she could never have imagined in her wildest dreams.  Her arousal spilled over into her pants as she came, spurt after spurt as Mistress kept rubbing her.  It felt good, fireworks behind her eyes as bliss overtook her.  So much that she didn't feel her body beginning to change.

Wynter kept rubbing as her pet began to change.  The taller form began to shrink, muscles vanishing as her pets hair began to grow, the color changing.  She kept the image in her mind, but let it falter as her pets orgasm began to slow, slowing the changes.  She wanted to savor this.  But more importantly, she was going to demonstrate to her pet that her pleasure came from her control.  Her pet began to gasp, the aftershocks and Wynters rubbing making her pet feel good as she opened eyes that were suddenly golden, with slit pupils.  “Mmmm, good girl”, she purred, smiling at the familiar who looked up at her with pleasure addled eyes.  “Such a good pet”, she said, smiling, letting her approval flood the Bond, letting some more of the changes occur.

Rayne moaned as new sensations flooded her, blushing as she felt the liquid heat in her clothing.  “Good pet.  Good pets get pleasure, little one”, she heard, not just with ears, but through the Bond.  Raising her hands, she gasped.  Her fingers!!  They were growing shorter, stubbier, as she watched, the pads growing as little claws grew out of them and a fine black fur began to cover them.  “Mi…Mistress???”, she called, her voice thin and anxious.

“Shhhh, it’s ok”, Wynter murmured, enjoying the panic that her pet was feeling.  A little bit of vengeance for the year that she’d been a target, dealing with the slights and insults.  Well…all would be answered and paid for.  “You are mine, and all shall know it.”  She palmed her pet again as she began to tweak her body again.  Her pet moaned, but Wynter made her able to feel some more of the changes.  Rayne cried out as her spine began to crack, lengthening even as her limbs got slightly longer, Wynter soothing her with voice and touch, helping her through changes.  She gently fondled her chest, tweaking the nipples and nerves at the same time and she spoke again, having decided it was time to grant her pet some relief.  “Cum.”  And as her pet came again, the pleasure sparking through the Bond, Wynter changed her some more.  

Her pets ears moved, melting from the sides of her head to poke fur-tufted little sensitive triangles from the top, twitching as new sounds overwhelmed her.  Jaw line reshaped to something far more delicate, softer, Wynter smiled as black fur began to move up Raynes arms, her teeth becoming needle sharp.  Her hair began to grow, the dull brown changing to the opposite of her Mistress, violet shading through to green.  It was gorgeous, and as her familiar cried out in bliss again, she compounded it by carding her hair, making sure to rub the tips of her new ears.  Delighting in the pleasure she was able to get second-hand from the Bond, knowing that her familiar was feeling it undiluted in all its mind-emptying fullness.  Binding her further, fulfilling her promise.  And she pulled her hand back as the orgasm began to drop, she let the other changes begin to happen.  Now the fun part began..  She made sure that her pet was fully lucid and not pleasure-overcome, all the better to experience them.  Her chest began to expand as Wynter began to rub it, and Rayne looked down, and then up, panic and horror in those gorgeous golden eyes.  “Mistress!!! No…please…I’m..I’m not…” , her familiar whined in panic, the taste bright and delightful.  “Not a girl?  Little pet, you are what I say you are”, she said with a smile.  “You know….I think this might be better with you able to see everything that’s going to happen.

The crowd murmured as Rayne began to change, talking back and forth.  “Another catgirl?  That’s boring, give us something interesting!!!”, one Apprentice yelled, Wynter remembering his face.  “Just get it over with!!!”, one of her familiars former friends yelled.  “Stop torturing him and get it over with, bitch!!!”

Wynter grinned.  Speed it up?  Fuck that.  NOW she was going to give them a show.  A gesture,a single word and the tiniest flex of Will, once her familiars but now hers, and her familiars clothing burned to ash.  He truly had been gifted with fire magic, and now it was hers.  “Look at yourself, pet.  Your form pleases me.”

Rayne looked down at herself, and her eyes opened wide, as she mewled.  “Mistress”, and even her voice sounded different.  Higher pitched, softer, the sort of voice that Wynter would enjoy no matter what she was doing, even reading a manual on harvesting slungithua.  And as Rayne looked down, black fur beginning to spread up her tummy and her hands moved down, cupping herself.  She screamed, a short sound full of terror and dismay as she found her cock melting away under her fingers.  “No!!!  Mistress!!!!  Please, no, not that, please”, she begged, somehow knowing that her pleading and fear pleased Her.  Her balls melting under her fingers, sack splitting under her fingers (beans, her mind supplied)  to No NO NO!!!!  She yanked her fingers back, feeling a need kindle inside her.  Mewling and writhing, she looked up at Her, confused as suddenly a new sensation sprang to life in her mind.  [Roll over, pet], Her voice thundered into Raynes mind, and she scrambled to obey, suddenly feeling how her new legs moved.  Looking down, she saw black furred legs, strong, with…were those…she had paws, short claws coming from them as she flexed.  A new feeling bloomed to life in her mind as she saw a waving length of fur brush past her, the sensation both from her skin and from…a tail?!?!?  “Mistress”, she said, hating how her voice sounded, and then blinked as she…she meowed.  Mistress laughed and clapped her hands.  “You sound so cute!!!!!”  The need flared as the wind began to blow, brushing over her new body.  Mewling, she hesitantly crept on all fours over to Mistress, looking up at Her.  “Mistress”, she panted, the need overwhelming.  “I…I need, please help me,I need something.”

Wynter smiled at her pet.  “Remember what I told you, little one.”  And with a minor application of her will, Wynter brought Renatus’s original personality back for a moment.  “See yourself, pet.  Feel what I’ve done to you.  And know that this is just the beginning.”  She watched as her pet looked down, at herself, at her fur covered torso and breasts, the tail whipping past her.  Her paws went to her crotch, able to feel the soft lips, the extra-sensitive clit that Rayne gave her.  And as her pet opened her mouth to scream, Wynter cranked the need up by an order of magnitude.  The scream turned into a moan, a whine of need, and she looked up, her gorgeous face a rictus of want and desire.  “Mistress….please”, she moaned.  

“Oh?  What is it you need, pet?”, Wynter asked with a smile, knowing that everyone was watching.  Stars and stones, but this was invigorating.

“Please!! I…I need…I…”, she whimpered, her voice the last thing on her mind.  She didn’t care what was going on, or anything else.  ALL that mattered was taking care of the burning need she felt in her groin.

“Poor thing.  Very well. I know what you need, little one.  But you should know that if you get it, it’s going to be right here, in front of everyone.  And you’re going to take what I give you.  So how badly do you want it?”, Wynter said, smiling as she stood up.

Rayne whined, indecisive as she looked around, the heat building, so different than what she knew.  Mistress had given her back her memories, who she had been, and every instinct was screaming that this was wrong.  This was NOT how it should be.  But the heat was growing, and soon it became the only thing she could focus on.  It took a few more moments before she broke.  Creeping forward on all fours, which was shockingly easier than she imagined, almost comfortable, she looked up at Her.  “Please…Please, Mistress, i need it.”

Wynter smiled, and put her right leg forward.  “Well, never be let it said that I didn’t take good care of you.  Go ahead, pet.”

Rayne looked at Her leg, unsure she meant, and then blushed.  “Mistressssss”, she whined, looking at it, and then her, and then everyone.  In her mind, Renatus screamed at her not to do it.  That he was better than this, that he wouldn’t break.  But she was Rayne.  Scooting forward quickly, she settled her crotch onto Mistress’s shin.  Holding on, she began to drag it up and down, her slick spreading all over Mistress’s leg as she moves.  It feels good, so damn good, and her moans finally shut Renatus up, even though Rayne could feel him there, denying just how good this felt, and how nice her new body was.  Nice and odd.  She could feel this fluttering sensation from inside her, almost like there was something inside her that was trying to clench down on something else.  Which was weird, because that wasn’t happening, and Mistress wouldn’t put something else inside her. The Renatus thoughts were insisting that this was bad, that he was stronger than this, which was silly, since Rayne knew that Mistress was in charge.  It didn’t take long for her to cum this time, howling her pleasure as the approval and happiness radiated off of Mistress.  But she DID lose her balance as she came, falling backwards with a loud thump, legs folding up so Mistress could see.  She writhed as she kept cumming, back arching as fireworks went off in her brain, pleasure so intense that her face was tingling.  When it was over, she lifted her paws, and gasped.  There were white streaks running up the fur covering her arms.  Thin lines, swirling and making a design,and as she looked,      following them up she could see that they kept moving up.  “Mistress!!”, she exclaimed, looking at them.

“That’s right, little one.  They’re the opposite of mine”, Wynter said.  “Because you’re a part of me, always.”  She knew that Renatus was there, and she spoke to them both.  “You’re mine.”  She smiled, and motioned to her leg.  “Well?  Before we leave, you need to clean your mess, little kitten.”

“Yes, Mistress”, Rayne chirped and ran over, licking Mistress’s leg clean with this new tongue that she’d been given.  Mistress laughed while she was doing it, and Rayne could feel the joy from her as she worked.  Maybe this tickled?  She didn’t know, and she didn’t care.  All that mattered was that Mistress was happy.  Even better was the flicker as her old Renatus thoughts went away.  Mistress clicked her tongue and pointed at the ground.

Wynter smiled as the raspy tongue, which admittedly felt nice, left her leg and her familiar crouched in front of her, then kneeled with her tail wrapped around her.  “We’re going now, little one.  Did you bring any bags or anything?”

Rayne nodded.  She pointed at one person in the crowd that was starting to disperse.  “He was holding it for me, Mistress.”

Wynter nodded.  “You are not to speak to anyone with words other than me, little one.  You can make cute kitty noises at them, and if I feel you need to answer them with words, I'll tell you.  And until I tell you, I want you on all fours.”

“Yes, Mistress”, Rayne said, and happily padded after Mistress, keeping at her heel as Mistress walked to the stands.  

“My familiar brought some things.  They belong to me now, and I want them”, Wynter said to the Apprentice who stood there.  She had no issues standing there in her underwear.  She was proud of her body, had gotten her tattoos the Old Way, with needle and ink, and each was a testament to her strength and dedication.  The Apprentice blanched, but hemmed.

“Renatus lost.  You won him as a familiar, but these things belonged to his family.  They go back to his family”, the Apprentice said, trying hard not to stare at Wynter, and failing.  He flinched when she snapped her fingers loudly and pointed with her finger up.

“My eyes are up here”, she said to him with a sneer.  “I want anyone ogling my tits, I have a lovely familiar right here who would love to get HER paws on them.  Isn’t that right, little one?”, she said, and smiled as Rayne meowed loudly from where she sat, crouched at her feet..  “Now….my familiars belongings.  NOW”, she said.

He swallowed hard, but nobody in the stands around them was willing to speak, and after a second he shrugged and handed over the bag.  “Not worth the trouble to tussle with you over a familiars belongings”, he said, sneering at the catgirl that used to be his friend.  For her part, the catgirl hissed at him, hackles rising and then lowering as Wynter petted her.  

“That’s right.  It’s not.  But don’t worry, I’ll be very certain that I’m here, watching YOU Duel as well.  I’m sure you’ll put up a spirited defense for all of one attack before someone turns you into something far closer to your true self.  A weasel, perhaps?  Or perhaps a cute little mouse.  I’ll have to be careful not to have Rayne chase you around a bit.”  Then she recognized him, and her sneer turned to a look of disgust.  “Oh.  It’s you”, she said with the same tone as “dripping genital rash”, or “I stepped in dogshit.”  I heard that your familiar is already bought and paid for.  Coward.  You make me sick, refusing honorable combat.  Say what you want about my darling, but SHE was a worthy opponent.  You?”, and she looked him up and down, and then spat on his shoes.  “I wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire.”   Taking the small bag and ignoring his sputtered remarks, she nodded.  Just as she had expected.  She pulled out the small jeweled collar, making a magical adjustment to it before she snapped her fingers.  “Rayne, present your neck, little one.”

Rayne immediately sat up, and Wynter bent down, snapping the collar into place.  “There we go”, Mistress told her as she preened.  “All collared up, and ready for a leash like a good girl.”  With a small snap, the leash was attached, and the empty bag discarded.  

“I find it very fitting”, Wynter said, “To collar and leash my familiar with the very things that were brought to be used on me, should I have lost.  But I didn’t, and here we are.  I’ll be seeing you all later.  And YOU”, she said, pointing at the one she’d spat on.  “I see you on campus after you become a Magus, I’ll show you just how good my familiar was at setting things on fire.”  She clicked her tongue again, holding the leash in her hand.  “Come, little one.  We have things to do, and I'm starving.  And I need to get you a little bowl to eat out of”, she said as she began to walk back to her dorm room, Rayne easily keeping up by her side. She had a new familiar, was a Magus with all the opportunity and options that presented to her, and had disposed of her rival, all in one morning.  

Life was good.


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