Dr. Vivian Thorper PsyD

Home Wrecker

by Herrozod

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This story and the characters within it are completely fictional and were created for entertainment purposes only. It contains sexualized depictions of: psychological abuse, evil manipulation by a therapist, and the life ruining consequences of such things. It also features hypnotic language, but makes no suggestions to the reader. Should you find any of this offensive, do not read any further. Otherwise, please enjoy the story we concocted for you. You sick fuck.

Home Wrecker


Tommy took another picture, sending it directly to his phone's editing app. The angle was right, but the lighting was not quite where he wanted it to be. Maybe wait another 5 minutes? He sure hoped those clouds would stay out of frame.

Unbeknownst to him, someone was rapidly approaching from behind and before he could notice their shadow, his arm was grabbed, twisted, and pinned behind his back with great pressure.

"Phone. Give it now!"

The young man passed it over and was shoved forward as the hold on his arm released. He turned around to face his assailant, shifting into a fighting stance, but what he saw was far from your typical mugger.

The woman who took his phone was a banging hot milf! She had long, shiny platinum hair, her face was made up like she was going on stage, and her front lace top gave an unimpeded view down her entire cleavage. And, whoa, what a pair of tits she had! Tommy thought she looked like the wife of one of those Russian mob guys.

Disconcerted, he called out lamely: "What the fuck crazy lady?"

To his surprise, the beautiful babe didn't reply, she simply unlocked his phone with three swift swipes, and started to cycle through his photos. He just stood there, arms open in a dumbfounded posture.

"I've seen you take pictures here before. Who do you work for?" The nasally high pitched accusation would have sounded ridiculous if the young photographer's arm didn't still ache where it had just been squeezed.

"I dunno, some giant corp or something? It's freelance contracts for like, landscape and moods. For stock photos and shit."

She kept tapping irately at his phone, a surprising feat given the length of her nails. Normally, he would for sure be checking out this hot mamma, but she totally hated his guts, so he tried not to make a fuss. Eventually, the gorgeous gal tossed him back his phone in a huff, turned away and marched on, not finding what she had been looking for. Tommy took the time to memorize the sway of that ass for later.

When he checked his phone, there was a new contact named Crazy Lady, and it had her phone number!

What the fuck had just happened?

The bar was a lot ritzier than those Tommy usually frequented. The smooth jazz was playing low enough that you could have a conversation, silver bits and bobs hung from the ceiling everywhere, reflecting interesting patterns from the coloured lights, and there were definitely no TVs showing the current sports games.

He had dressed his very best, a polo shirt that was creased from staying at the back of a drawer too long, a pair of beige cargo shorts with no stains on them, and his one good pair of black leather shoes that had clearly never got to taste polish. Despite this, he was still criminally underdressed. Most of the men wore sharp suits, or stylish shirts. Lots of them even sported ties. And the women, whoa! This place was babe paradise.

Tommy spotted the one woman he was looking for, waving at him from the corner of the bar. On his way over, he made sure to check her out. Damn! She was easily the hottest chick in the house. He was so fuckin' lucky.

They briefly introduced each other. The young man was 19, currently going through trade school to become a plumber (or maybe a woodworker), he liked rock music, cool cars, and photography. The sexily stacked woman was 37, worked as a receptionist, and didn't have much time for hobbies because of how overworked she was.

"If like, your boss doesn't appreciate you, you could always look for another job or something?" He helpfully offered.

Demi let out a soft giggle. "When a woman is venting about her life, she doesn't need you to think of solutions for her. If you want her to like you, you should listen, take her side, and support her instead." Tommy thought that was quality life advice!

The conversation shifted to their earlier meeting. He was wondering about her strong grip, and how she could just unlock his phone. She quickly hand-waved his questions. She took self-defence classes, and she saw his finger patterns smudged on the screen, just had to guess the order. This lady didn't just have the looks, she was also super smart!

She changed the subject. "Why don't you let me buy you a drink." He stammered for a bit. Wasn't he the one supposed to buy her a drink? Again she laughed and put her hand over his.

"You like older women don't you Tommy?" He sure did when they were hot milfs like this! "Then you have to let us spoil you, it's part of our... nurturing instinct." She fluttered her oversized false lashes at him.

Drinks in hand, they made their way to a table further towards the back of the venue. His glass had a lot more fruits in it than he was used to consume. It tasted sweet and tangy, he couldn't make out any of the alcohol so he drank it swiftly, working up quite a buzz.

They kept chatting and the young man found himself really enjoying his time with Demi. She was so different from the girls he'd dated back in high school, much more mature, like she knew what she wanted and stuff. Whenever he said something dumb, she wouldn't get angry with him, just tell him what he should say instead. He really liked that! And she was doing this thing where she was lightly scratching circles with her long nails on his hands. He kind of lost track of the conversation for a while, and was just looking at how pretty she was.

"That look you're giving me," she brought him back to the present. "It's called infatuation. That's good, do more of that." She smiled at him coyly.

Encouraged, he decided to press his luck. "Do you want to, humm, maybe go to my place, or your place...?"

She plucked a cherry from his glass and pushed it between her full lips. "Not so fast Romeo. Classy ladies want you to put in some time and effort before giving up the goods."

Damn. He blew it.

"Tell you what." She played around with the cherry's pit in her mouth. "Get yourself a gym membership. While you're there, send me some pics. When I see something I like, we can do this again."

"You're getting pretty good at this!"

Tommy looked up from the foot he was holding. Demi had been teaching him how to give quality massages and, truth be told, he didn't mind doing it. She would describe what he was to do, he would follow her instructions, and pretty soon he got in the zone. Once there he kinda just went with the flow and could keep going forever.

"You deserve a reward for learning so well."

She sat next to her masseuse-in-training and ran her hands up and down his chest. He wasn't inexperienced when it came to sex, but with Demi things were different, she was on a whole other level. He took a deep breath and caught a whiff of her perfume. She smelled wonderful, like cotton candy and sweet tea. She was scratching the back of his head with one set of colourful nails, while her other hand travelled down his pants. There, she started to trace the outline of his already erect cock through the thick denim fabric.

He closed his eyes. His breathing picked up. A soft grunt escaped his lips.

Just as quickly as it began, it was all over. A wet spot started to spread out on his trousers. The young Casanova started to sheepishly apologize, but a soft finger landed on his lips, shushing him.

"From now on, whenever you masturbate at home, I want you to hold it in as long as you can." She wasn't angry at him, just full of her usual understanding and helpful tips!

"Practice for me. That way, when we fuck-" The way she said fuck gave him goosebumps. "You'll be able to last for hours."

"I want to cum ten times before I let your stud cock finally twitch and release it's hot seed deep inside me."

He liked when she talked dirty, but he wasn't sure about all that. Wasn't he supposed to wear condoms? She gave him the soft giggles he had learned to love, signifying he said something silly, and was about to be corrected.

"Tommy, if a grown woman wants a plastic dick, she orders one online." Right. Duh. "No, when we get together, skin on skin, fully entwined, it will be something magical. A union of bodies, our minds in sync, our souls coming together to a higher place."

He felt himself growing hard again in his damp underwear. Demi, meanwhile, laid back down on his single bed, reached into her purse, and took out a pink plastic case. Opening it, she retrieved a white cigarette. Tommy didn't know they made them that long.

"Do you mind if I light up?" She asked with a pout. He hesitated for a moment, but ultimately nodded his head.

"I can tell you don't like it." She observed wittily. "But you lied, good. Always tell a woman precisely what she wants to hear. We'll work on your lying face later. For now-" She brought the slender cylinder to her lips, lit it up, and swallowed a short puff. "I think you're ready for the next step."

Awesome! He loved when Demi taught him new things. Not just because it was always super useful, and often super hot. But also because he enjoyed spending time with her. She was so cool, and always nice to him, and just... he didn't know what exactly, but he loved it. When they were together, time went by really fast, and he always wished they could do more. Like right now!

She barely needed to hike up her miniskirt, and had already taken her panties off. Spreading her legs, she crooked her finger in a come-hither motion, and guided him below. He bent down like an eager puppy and started to lick, giving it his all.

"Ouch! Stop. Slow down."

She held up his face with two sharp nails under his chin. He look frightened, like he had been caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

"You are coming to worship at my temple. First get acquainted with the space. Small kisses, soft licks, gentle suckles, explore, pay your respects." She paused to take another pull of nicotine. "Work your way up to the altar. Prove your worth and pretty soon, I will ask for more than you can give. For now at least."

He nodded hungrily and went back in, more delicately this time.

"There, better. That's it."

She tilted her head back with a satisfied smile, taking a long drawn-out drag of her cigarette.

Dr. Thorper walked back into her clinic. The past couple of weeks away from home had been rough, and her outfit was worse for wear. Her shoes were covered in some sort of goo, her favourite coat had a series of singed circular holes in it, and her pantsuit's sleeves were splattered in altogether too much dried blood.

She walked towards Demi who was standing near the office door, looking her best, as if she was expecting an inspection. 

"I do not have time to mess with you, pet. I just want to lie down and-" She stopped when she noticed the file in her receptionist's hands. "What is this?" Demi smiled widely and extended her arms, offering it to the doctor.

Dr. Thorper opened the folder imperiously and flipped through the pages, slowly assessing their content. Her face betrayed no emotion until she was finished.

"You have done all this, by yourself?" She asked, coming across both demeaning and impressed.

Demi nodded vigorously, silently bursting with happiness.

"Well, how soon can you have him over?"

The room reminded Tommy of a principal's office, except there were a lot more plants for some reason. Many of them were in bloom, which created an impressive tapestry of colour. Some of the flowers looked quite odd to him, they for sure didn't grow around here. The air smelled sweet and tickled his nose. On the ceiling, he noticed a series of bas-relief patterns that hurt his eyes when he tried to focus on them.

He didn't know why Demi wanted him to meet her boss, but for her, he'd meet with the Devil himself. So he waited patiently on the wooden high-back chair that forced him to sit straighter than usual. The young man was quite surprised when Dr. Thorper finally came in.

While Demi was obviously super hot, her boss was a total stone cold fox! A straight up goth dommy mommy! He kept his cool though, just like his girlfriend had taught him.

The doctor sat down and immediately bombarded the unwitting boy with a barrage of questions.

"Your are interested in dating my receptionist. What is it exactly you see in her?" Tommy thought for a moment, went to answer but was cut off before he could get a word out.

"Is it perhaps because of her bosom? Picture those breasts in your mind." He pictured their shape, large and round, the way they stretched her clothes, their soft contour... It appealed to him on a deep, primal level.

"What about her voice? Can you hear her in your head?" He clearly heard the sharp treble she spoke with, the cute patterns of inflection that punctuated her sentences, the soft tone she used to alter his behaviour.

"Keep picturing those breasts. What does it feel like when she uses her manicured hands?" The back of his head tingled in the spot she liked to scratch. He felt a familiar haze of arousal grow in him.

"What is she saying in that voice? Her perfume is very distinct, do you recognize its smell?" It was sweet, like candy, and sometimes it got musky, and she was giggling softly, and-

"Breasts, voice, nails, perfume, concentrate Tommy, vividly experience them now." His eyes were blinking rapidly, trying to keep up with the sensory assault.

"That's right, keep going just like that. Tell me, what does she taste like?" She... It was...

"STOP. Listen. Let go." The young man slumped into his chair.

Dr. Thorper ran her tongue across her teeth rapaciously.

"You seem to be quite attracted to mature women." The doctor's voice woke Tommy from his torpor. He felt lethargic, his mind like murky water.

"Enticed by new mothers, the beauty of their nurturing devotion." He finally understood the true meaning behind the word milf.

"Fascinated by happy housewives, the allure of their virtuous dedication." Awoken to the glory of their luxurious domesticity.

"Seek them, seduce them, fall madly in love with them." He was excessively turned on, his heart beating hard, yet his member remained listless.

"Lay with them, sow your seed, see it grow, realize it was all a farce." Physical need, its inevitable consequence.

"Discover how disgustingly corrupt they actually are. Feel your heart break at their betrayal." How could they, their perfection just perfidious make pretend.

"Confess to their husband. Run far, far away." Disappear, forget the pain they caused him.

"Chase the next one. The one true love." His eternal quest.

Dr. Thorper looked at the spent young stud she reprogrammed with delight. She felt invigorated. To think her little receptionist served up this entire delicious scenario for her. She needed to reinforce that behaviour promptly. "Demi, escort our guest out. Then make yourself ready, I have a use for you."

It felt good to be back home.

Somewhere, across the country, in a small building that sorely needed a new coat of paint, a man in a suit two sizes too small knocked on the glass of an office. He walked in without waiting to be invited.

"Sir, I have some news. Our surveillance front lost one of their assets, just dropped off the map they said."

The man in the chair nodded, it wasn't necessarily unusual, the freelance contracts were often taken by students and people looking for a quick buck. Not the most reliable sort.

"However, before they disappeared, they made one last drop. We have the confirmed location of Vivian Thorper."

The man leapt out of his chair. "Excellent! Notify the client we will be moving to phase two, and inform them of the steps they will need to take."

They were going to need to proceed cautiously from here.

Finished with installing another section of fence around the swimming pool, Tommy took a moment to wipe his brow. He peered indoors through the large windows and saw that the lady of the house had finished tucking in her toddlers for a nap. Earlier, he'd admired her changing diapers, mopping the floor, reading a story. She always kept busy.

She noticed him staring, so she went around the house to the kitchen, opening the patio door. She invited him to come inside for a minute, to take shelter from the sweltering heat.

Tommy put down his tools and made his way inside. The cold conditioned air felt refreshing against his sun kissed skin. She offered him a beer to quench his thirst.

"That would be lovely Mrs. Huntley." The young man replied, taking the seat she had pulled out for him.

She laughed, and told him to please call her Helen.

"Thank you, Helen." He acquiesced.

They chatted for a bit, about how much of a life saver he was with all the work that needed to be done around the newly purchased property and its garden, about her husband's recent promotion, about all the chores she had to take care of. It seemed never ending, her feet were constantly sore, and she admitted that sometimes, she felt invisible. She quickly apologized for ranting.

"You know, I see you Helen." He said empathically, looking her in the eyes. "All the time and effort you spend on raising your kids, on making this place a home. I think you're amazing."

She blushed, called him too sweet, and turned her head away.

"I'm taking some massage classes in my free time. If you'd be willing to let me practice on you, I might be able to help with all that foot pain."

She was touched by his kindness, but said she couldn't possibly accept.

"No worries, offer's on table. I should get back to work, do you mind if I carry on with my shirt off? It's super steamy out there."

She told him not to hold back on her account. And so he went back to work in the yard, while she returned to the drudgery of washing baby bottles.

Through the window, she saw him reach over his head and pull up the tight white short sleeved t-shirt he had been wearing. His lean back muscles tensed delightfully throughout the gesture. A thin sheen of perspiration already started to build up on his bronzed skin. Pleasing athletic shapes followed his contour, disappearing down the waist of his frayed blue jeans.

Despite the cool air, the tired mother started fanning herself.

Helen contorted herself under the orgasmic touch. Fingers dug in, ruthlessly kneading all of her aching spots. She couldn't believe she had waited so long to let Tommy massage her feet, the considerate boy had kept offering every day for over a week. She didn't even remember the last time her husband had taken care of her like this.

Did she just let out a moan? How did he keep finding more sore spots?

Her mind drifted leisurely towards other neglected areas that could use this kind of robust stimulation...

Tommy meanwhile, was fully focused, entirely committed to the task at hand. He was worshipping his gorgeous domestic goddess. Her idiotic husband wasted his time away, couldn't appreciate what he had. She was the most beautiful, deserving woman in the world. A wonderful wife, devoted mother, caring soul.

She wasn't like the other ones, that had broken his heart, that had turned out so wicked. This was for real. He would dedicate his life to her pleasure. He would fulfill her every desire.

They would commune into a sublime everlasting union.

For a time.

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