Work From Home

by HeloiseAuclaire

Tags: #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #hypnosis #pov:bottom #sub:female #femdom_hypnosis #gentle_femdom #hypno #microfiction #Mind #mind_control #petplay #puppy_play #trigger

A puppy sub’s work from home gets a bit disrupted by her Domme’s triggers.

This was a short flash fiction for Modren. Enjoy!

Clare sighed and rubbed her tired eyes. Glancing down at the corner of her screen, she sighed as she realized exactly HOW much time remained. The young woman sighed again with growing exasperation and blinked vacantly at the screen. She had figured that work from home would be a breeze, and it WAS quite nice but the temptation to do anything else to pass the time was crushing.

Getting up for a moment sounded like a prime idea and stretching she caught a glance of herself in a nearby full-length mirror. Her dark brown hair stretched to her mid back and was a bit of a mess but she kinda had that “Messy Girl Chic” going on. Cute sweatpants hugged her curvy hips and an old soft band t shirt hung loosely on her body just barely hinting at the swell of her breasts.

Walking into the spartan kitchen, she snagged an apple and stared into her fridge. She jumped a little as her phone let off a small notification sound. She swore that she had turned the notifications off during work. She immediately perked up when she saw her girlfriend’s smiling face appear.

“Hey Ali, what’s up?” Clare asked worriedly. Ali never called during her during work and she was concerned something had happened.

“Nothing much, I just wanted to see how my Good Girl was doing” Ali said with a smirk. Clare shivered lightly and narrowed her eyes.

“Ali, I am working! You can’t just-”

“Oh hon, Puppies don’t work!” Ali interrupted as she pulled out a small clicker and without delay:


*Bark!* Clare quickly covered her mouth as she blushed crimson.

“Look! I love you but I really need to work! I might get a message or-”

*Click* *BARK* Clare shivered again in pleasure as she felt her mind drift for a second. “Please-”

“Beg properly puppy!” Ali said with a *Click*

Letting out another *yip” Clare felt herself drop the phone back onto the counter as her knees buckled. The trigger was just too much, why had she let Ali talk her into this? She had, something to do? Ali’s voice was so nice to hear though and she smiled a little as she gazed up at the counter with increasingly vacant eyes.

“Are you on your knees pup? Good Girl” Ali said with a giggle *Click*

Clare sat, legs splayed beneath her hands on the ground between her knees. There was something, something she needed to do. But what? She was already being called a “Good Girl” so maybe she already did it? No, Clare shook her head trying to dispel the fog that was taking over.

Before she could get her head straight however another *Click* emanated from the countertop. With another bark, Clare’s tongue lolled out of her mouth and she vacantly looked around.

Ali’s light laugh echoed again around the room. There were a few more *Clicks* followed by a chorus of yips and barks before she spoke again.

“Oh you’ve been such a good girl for me. I’m going to be there soon to take care of you. Not a thought in your pretty little head. You can get back to work when we have had our fun. Let’s see if we can get you out of those restricting clothes hm? Doggies dont wear clothes after all.”

Clare didn’t know what most of that meant but suddenly she felt off. Warm. Constricted. She was wrapped in too much cloth! Panting she began to whimper and paw clumsily at her clothes.

A resounding *Click* and she snapped her head towards the counter with a yip.

“Don’t worry girl, I’ll get there in a second. For now I want you to Heel.”

Relief flooded through Clare’s addled mind. Her lover-no, her master would be home soon! And everything would be better. She just had to wait. To wait and obey.

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