by HartmannsYoukaiGirl

Tags: #cat_girl #f/f #transformation #transgender_characters #videogames

Marilyn’s VR MMO experience becomes a touch more intense than usual. A touch more catlike, too.

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"Ohh... oh oh oh, oh, oh..."

This wasn't real—it couldn't be happening, could it? It couldn't be. It was impossible, just impossible! Things like this didn't—

"GHNNN!" A blast of pleasure rocked the context out of her brain, as Kimiko griped at her smooth, flat chest, so, so many nerve endings jolting her again and again and again with every brush of her fingers. She knew that soon if she kept rubbing, she was sure to gravitate down toward her pussy, which she was sure would be similarly rocketed up in sensitivity—

No. No, she had to keep a handle on things. *She* wasn't Kimiko—that was her character. She was Marilyn Thompson, right. She was thirty-one, a single mother. She was 5'8", with short, plain brown hair, a moderately-sized bust and a decent figure, a bit harried from stress lines on her kind of haggard skin (which she hadn't been able to keep up moisteurizing,) but she was, you know, a kind-of tall adult woman!

And maybe, sometimes, she wanted to play video games while Bobby (that was her son, she could remember him so clearly, just eleven so he'd just gotten to middle school but she did her best to support him even in these trying times, such a sweet boy, even if he didn't look much like her—NO! Of course he looked like her, that was ridiculous) was at school and on days she wasn't volunteering or working shifts! That was a normal thing for people to do, too, no matter what her parents thought about it because they were still part of her life even though she was—

*Oh.* Oh. Oh, her nipples had been one thing, but this little pussy of hers was soooo wet. She hadn't been this horny since her last heat cycle. Maybe she *was* in heat, and that was why her brain was so foggy. Kimiko moooooaned, hoping Bobby wasn't home yet to hear his mother's indecent cries. One finger filled up so much of it, and Kimiko found herself wondering how much a bigger person's body would feel—

Wait! Wait, what?? How could—Marilyn didn't have—

"Haa, haa, mrowrrrr!" Kimiko writhed on the floor. No, this was even heavier than her last heat cycle. Ohhh. Oh, she was sooo hot, so warm and hot, and she just... just wanted ohhh, ohhhh...

—She'd been playing this particular game lately—the name wasn't really important right now. Your character could be one of several fantasy races (or human, if you were boring, Marilyn thought,) and the character she'd made was a cat-girl named Kimiko Ariga. (The cat-people weren't really *Asian*, but Marilyn had this habit on account of growing up with a bunch of Japanese video games.) She'd left home to become an adventurer and, Marilyn had decided, hopefully to find a partner to marry—self-inserting was also a habit of Marilyn's she was rather embarrassed about, and since her ex-wife had left her over...

Well, over Marilyn being a woman, is why she left. Marilyn had tried several times to find a new partner, but she hadn't found any luck. It wasn't that she was a bad girl, she thought, it was just... bad luck (or so she liked to tell herself.) But the loneliness of not having had anyone to spend time with, along with the freer sexuality of finally beginning HRT a few years ago, had pent up.

...So, saying that Kimiko—a tiny, 4'6" kitty-girl with lilac hair, bright blue eyes, the softest, warmest, peachiest skin you ever saw, and the cutest little swish-swish tail—wasn't at least partially based on a bunch of Marilyn's fetishes, well, that would be silly. The game could be played with a VR headset, and Marilyn *did* do that,  so she had several moments of just appreciating the lithe, undeniably female body of her avatar. But the character's personality wound up becoming fun to roleplay in the game's single-player campaign, so Marilyn had a pretty clear idea of what Kimiko was like.

She was sweet, sweeter than could be—like Marilyn liked to be, but without the anxiety. That was part of it, too, Kimiko was confident. She wasn't too strong, but she was just so confident in who she was and what she wanted. She was great with her hands, and loved crafting things with them (as was her primary gameplay style in the game's combat.) As befit a cat, she was nimble on her feet, and she loved to go for long runs on the roadside in mid-day. She was lonely, too, of course, and could get sad easily without a lot of praise (which was why being a hero fit her so well). And she was love-sick, and, well... horny. That was okay, right? It was okay to ship your character with canon characters from the story? Marilyn did. Pretty often.

—"Nnh, ah, ah, ah," Kimiko mewled out, her flushed skin feeling so, so hot against the sheets. There was a toy in this room, but it was so *big*—something Kimiko wasn't sure how anyone could've bought for her, given how huge it was. But... but she was so, so horny. She still kept tweaking her nipples and fingering herself even while hazily thinking about ramming herself on this enormous plastic cock, and her heat didn't go away. Oh, gods. Someone, please.

—After spending some time playing the game for a while, Kimiko had met a few friends and gotten to join a guild. One player, an androgynous, mask-wearing elf wizard named Adrian, had become particularly close with her—Adrian was a veteran of the game, having played since launch, but had kept up well enough to teach Kimiko the ropes all the way to the current endgame content, and the two of them had managed to play through some very tough content together. While they often spoke through the veneer of their characters, as Marilyn existed in roleplay-positive spaces, Marilyn had let slip a few personal details to Adrian during private conversations. Her gender situation, her status as a single mother, venting about the issues of life...

Well, honestly, Marilyn couldn't deny that Adrian—a person whose real name, gender, or identity she didn't even know—had become her best friend, keeping her better company through several stressful days than other more 'real' friends. They were kind and measured, using their words with laser-pointed efficiency and always seeming to know how to ease Marilyn's heart. Issues like how to deal with some of Bobby's schooling that Marilyn wasn't sure how to deal with, for instance, or dealing with Marilyn's nosy parents...

All of that was why Marilyn didn't even blink when Adrian, earlier today, had asked, "Hey, Kimiko. Do you mind if I ask you to try out something I just got my hands on?"

"oh! sure ^^" Kimiko had said (through the text client, naturally.) "what u get?"

Adrian's character model had produced a golden circlet. "I think it's some kind of premium item?" (There were purchases for cosmetics and whatnot using real money. Also, content skips for bothersome bits of the campaign—Adrian had never really looked at the cash shop, so it made sense they'd be out of the loop.) "Most of these are flagged as untradeable, I would think, but I got this off of an odd card game with a whale the other day, so I assumed."

"oh fr? o.o" Kimiko had said. "so your okay with *me* getting a p2w item, but not u?"

"Haha, I don't even know if it is that," Adrian said. "Most of them don't seem to be, but. I... also just thought it would look nice on you."

Circlets weren't exactly something Kimiko tended to wear, given that she wasn't a wizard, but it wasn't like she couldn't just glamour it on. Still... "awwww //// ur so sweet, adi"

"I try."

The trade had taken place, and as Marilyn equipped the item onto her character, she felt what she thought was a coincidental little buzz in her head. She couldn't help but laugh a little bit—she felt kind of floaty. She was probably just happy to get a gift. "how do i look? o.o"

"Gorgeous!" Adrian had said, doing a little bowing emote. "I think any actual statistic changes come after you log out and log back in?"

"oh ok!" Kimiko had said, and then nodded. "i gotta make lunch neway, so ill let u no!"

"Appreciate it. Thanks for indulging me, haha." Adrian nodded, and that was the last thing Kimiko had seen before Marilyn logged off.

—"NHAHHH," Marilyn moaned, as a toy she'd gotten for her rear end got slammed into something she really wasn't used to having—a front end. It felt so much bigger—just *huge* in her little kitty pussy, and the sensations were HUGE to match. Every slam was like a hundred little rubs of her old cock, every inch of it just ramming into her brain with the force of a freight train. "Guh, rrowr, rrrr!"

She writhed her way off of the bed, still unable to stop slamming herself in her pussy, nearly starting to sob in sheer, mind-wiping pleasure. "Ohhh, gawwwd," she managed to gasp, "ohhh gawwwwwdddd!"

Kimiko was glad this robe she had on was so big on her—she didn't have the mental werewithal to put on any more clothes, and through her haze, she heard a knock on the door. Oh, it—it was a few minutes early, but maybe her suh, suh, sooo"OOOOOOHHH MROWRRRR!!" Her back arched and exploded that thought. She just knew she had to go to the door.

—About an hour after she'd made lunch was when Marilyn realized that fuzziness in her head wasn't quite normal. She'd felt woozy on her feet after eating, and had started by taking a shower—not exactly a cleaning shower, but just one to try and clean her head. It hadn't worked—instead, she'd gotten an odd sense of vertigo, as though she were higher up somehow, and felt an odd sort of dissociation she hadn't felt in quite some time.

"Horny," she'd gasped out to herself upon the realization of the burning heat in her loins. "Horny. Horny..."

A little voice in her head said something, when she laid down in her soft, fluffy lilac bathrobe and started blissing out—a pleasant, androgynous voice that, if Marilyn had been clearer-headed, she would've recognized as belonging to someone she knew.

[To ease the process of avatar alterations, sexual pleasure and arousal will be magnified until alterations are complete. Please enjoy yourself, Kimiko.]

She didn't have time to ponder that before the pleasure became so strong that Marilyn couldn't help but grope herself and start jerking herself off. The pleasure from just a grope of one tit was unbelievable! She hadn't felt this horny since... well, ever! And these things had never felt this good—the kind of pleasure she'd gotten out of them as they grew was nothing compared to this!

It took about ten minutes of alternating fast, frantic play and slow, languid, melty-brained rubbing for Marilyn to reach her first orgasm, and the brief, brief moment of clarity brought with it a sudden realization—she... was shorter. Her arms were small in the sleeves of the robe, her legs weren't as close to the end of the bed. "H... huh?"

Then, a burst of pleasure had sunk *inward* in her chest, and it would take another ten minutes to masturbate out the clarity to realize that as she squeezed and played with her breasts, they were shrinking. "H-huh, nuh, no," she'd moaned—all the work she'd put into growing them in the first place couldn't go to waste, could it—but then some of the nerve endings packed together and brushed up and she saw nothing but white, white, white!

She was so horny, so horny, and the next orgasm took fifteen minutes to reach—it just felt so GOOD to play, her mind couldn't bear to stop and come down from the peak until then! That was when she realized her hair was changing color, to lilac—and as she reached up to see that, she'd realized that her ears were no longer present on the sides of her head... but she could still hear. The fluff-filled, pointy kitty ears on her head saw to that much.

[Good girl, Kimiko. Just let it happen.]

"I... I," Marilyn had gasped, "Nhhah, huh, I,"

Twenty more minutes, and an orgasm coincided with masking the pain of her tailbone extending into her real, furry cat tail, now weaving between the bathrobe and the sheets. There was an erogenous zone right at its base, as it turned out, and feeling the fluff of her bathrobe rub against that made her orgasm reach an even higher peak in that moment.

Marilyn had desperately tried to reach her computer, or her phone, to call someone or look up what was happening to her, but she simply couldn't. Her spine compacting meant that her center of gravity was all *off*, and she couldn't manage to move properly yet—especially not while horny out of her goddamn mind. By now, her tits had nearly entirely receded, become cute, pink little pinpricks, but all of the nerves from her formerly-average bust had also compacted inward, making every touch electric. They were cute, and the odd thing was that Marilyn couldn't bring herself to be sad—it was fine. She knew it was fine. She was supposed to be this way.

At one hour, the first moment of Kimiko's thoughts began to leak into Marilyn's. That was when Marilyn really began to panic—the first moment she thought of this as her own body, instead of her character's, she began to panic at the unreality of it all, even while frantically rubbing her own shrinking girlcock. Wait... no, it wasn't...

...where had it gone? Where had it—

White. White, white, white, white, white!! White!!! White!!!! Suddenly, masking another bout of pain, Marilyn's girlcock had bent inward, making way and transforming into Kimiko's pussy—a sexual organ Marilyn had always dreamed of, but never had the chance to obtain. 

[Go to the door, Kimiko.]

And then, thirty minutes later, after an hour and a half of this frantic, mind-breaking heat, Kimiko's thoughts were getting very muddled with Marilyn's as the flushed, writhing catgirl staggered out of her room, glad that the blinds in the living room were closed, to the front door, and with shaky hands, opened it.

Even to the ever-growing Kimiko-brain, the person she saw at the door didn't initially make sense. It was her son's fifth grade teacher, a Ms. Ariel Braithwaite, dressed in her usual business casual—a black pantsuit that was a bit too formal for regular schooling. Blonde-haired with amber eyes contained in rimmed glasses, she was just shorter than Marilyn at 5'7", and had a fairly large chest. However, the real prize was her bottom half—legs often contained in sheer stockings that went on for miles, and a lovely rear end. Marilyn couldn't deny having occasionally, near-unconsciously checked her out during meetings at school.

She'd always been friendly with Bobby and Marilyn both, having been friends with them since well before Bobby entered her class last year, and the middle school and elementary school were practically right next to each other, so elementary school staff members going over there wasn't uncommon—but why was she here?

"Ms... buh, b-Braithwaite?" Kimiko squeaked out, nearly unconscious to the obvious issue of the fact that she was nearly nude, and still idly fingering herself because the dildo had dropped out at some point.

Seeing a ravenous, in-heat catgirl at the door instead of the regular Mrs. Thompson should've been pretty odd, but Ariel just sighed and shook her head. "I figured." She turned her head back to, presumably, her car. "Bobby, wait in the car until I text you the all clear."

A frustrated sigh that Kimiko recognized as her son's came out, and that was even more confusing. "O-*kaaaay*," he groaned. "Pleeease just don't take too long getting her to bed!"

"H... huh?" Kimiko squeaked, as Ariel's *cool, so cool* hands grabbed her little arms, and the tall, leggy woman, oh she was so so tall, and so STRONG, ah, picked her up and dragged her back to the master bedroom—where Kimiko had left the sheets in utter disarray on this bed that was clearly too large for her. "I donn'... why... whuh..." She panted.

Ariel, for her part, closed the door, shot a text (probably to Bobby,) and then turned around and started removing the outer layer of her suit. "'Why did I bring Bobby home?'" Kimiko weakly nodded. "That's obvious, isn't it? He needed to go to the pharmacy for his inhaler, you clearly couldn't drive, and one of us needed to." She shook her head, then gave an amused, loving smile. "Horny cat."

"Huh..." That didn't make sense. Kimiko wasn't Kimiko until just a bit ago, right? (Wait, then who was she? That was getting foggier and foggier.) How could Ariel... wait, why did... "But... Ms... Ms. Braithwaite..." It wasn't normal for this to happen between a teacher and their student's mother, right? What was going on?

"Honey," Ariel said, sitting down on the bed, a lacy bra and panties now being the only thing on her, "don't take this the wrong way, but this is the horniest I've ever seen you. This is a little embarrassing." She chuckled. "I'm not going to take pictures just for your benefit, but I really want to."

"A...h..." 'Honey'. It felt so nice to be called 'honey'. She hadn't been called that for years, and never like this, by such a beautiful woman. She was so... as she came closer, her heavy breasts towered over Kimiko, who had never gotten to be anything but a tiny little kitty no matter how old she got. She'd stopped fingering herself or tweaking herself, instead just staring up in confusion and awe at this gorgeous woman that was undressing before her.

Ariel chuckled again. "I know, I know. You're baffled, right? God, heat really makes you foggy, huh. Here. I've got two things that'll help you." 

The first was a white theater mask that Ariel pulled from inside her discarded suit. In the instant she flashed it over her face, Kimiko realized—that was Adrian's mask! Her friend Adrian, who had... wait, but... how could that—

"" Kimiko squeaked, and Ariel nodded. Adrian had been Ms. Braithwaite all along? How could that... well, actually that made as much sense as anything. "It... you're..."

"Ssh, ssh," Ariel said, coming in a bit closer. "Don't worry, Kimiko. Just... oh, here's the second thing. You dropped this on the floor, and forgot to pick it up."

It was a little silver band—a ring. Ariel had a matching one, and she used that hand to slide the band onto Kimiko's finger—

—The white was the most intense it had ever been, a white, spasming, mind-clearing orgasm ripping through Kimiko's body and causing her to writhe uncontrollably. Sweat poured off of her, and something she didn't remember fell into white and vanished.

When her mind awoke into clarity, Kimiko wasn't confused anymore. She was just horny, now.

"Ohhh~" She giggled and cooed, getting on all fours and prowling across the bed to Ariel. "Hey, honey! Welcome home~ Those look great on you!"

"Thanks," Ariel said, laying back onto the bed. This was a signal to Kimiko to crawl over and start playing, and start playing she did—starting with a bit of rubbing of Ariel's sides. "Ohh, that's it."

"Mmmm~" Kimiko hummed, before darting in for a quick smooch. "Thanks for, ehe, bringing Bobby home. I'm, uh," and she giggled again, "I think I might be a little hot."

"You don't say?" Though she was currently on bottom, Ariel grabbed Kimiko by the waist and pulled her much smaller lover closer, causing Kimiko to let out something halfway between a yowl and a moan. Her wet pussy started gushing onto Ariel's knee. "God, baby, you could've asked me home earlier."

"No, noooo~" Kimiko said, grinding her pussy against Ariel's knee—even though it only teased the entrance, god it felt so GOOD. "Nooo baby, you gotta do work, c'monnn."

"Oh, you know Bobby would've loved to come home early," Ariel said, sitting up to sit Kimiko in her lap—one of Kimiko's favorite places, especially when horny—and smooch her on the lips.

Kimiko shook her head, her eyes hazy. "Can we talk about Bobby later~? I'm horny *now*. For *youuuuu*!"

Ariel laughed, letting Kimiko smother her head in her lover's bosom, while reaching one hand down to shove a single finger into Kimiko's pussy. Even one was enough to make Kimiko yowl in pleasure—

"MRAOOOOWL!" Kimiko yowled. Yes, there it went. Kimiko started humping herself on Ariel's finger, desperate to wring every single bit of pleasure she could out of it. "Ariiii! Oh, Ari!"

"I love you, Kimiko," Ariel said, a hungry look on her face. She leaned her head down, then, leaning Kimiko back with her non-fingering hand so that she could start sucking on one of Kimiko's little nipples.

"MRAOWWWRRR!!" Kimiko moaned, her body sending so much pleasure into her it felt like her body was exploding. Everything was just detonating! It wasn't the only time she'd ever had a heat cycle, she knew, so why was this—

Oh, who cared about thinking? Her wife was here!! Her wife!! Her wife!! She wanted *more!* She started humping faster, faster, and Ariel barely had to do anything to shove it in, out, in, out, making Kimiko meow and purr and yowl in time. She was a noisy kitty, when she was in heat. 

Flashes of memories of the many times Ariel had helped her though her heat cycles were shoving into Kimiko's memory. She'd kept her maiden name because 'Kimiko Braithwaite,' they'd agreed, had always just sounded a little silly—so she was still Kimiko Ariga, despite being Ariel's wife of... ten years, now. They'd adopted Bobby when he was just one year old, and though he had been able to figure out he was adopted just based on the fact that he wasn't part cat, the three of them had been a happy family for so long that Kimiko was now proud to say she'd been in pure bliss for a third of her years. old was she, again? Oh—twenty-nine, right. Her birthday was soon. She and Ariel had gotten hitched after having known each other for a while over games, just after they got out of high school. Anyway, the point was, their relationship had never died down after bringing Bobby in, and while it was a little gauche to make a young boy like him aware of his own mother's heat cycles, it was something of a necessity when one of your mothers was part-cat.

"I'm so glad we can finally be together," Ariel had said. "God, I've been in love with you since the day we met, since I saw you at that PTA meeting four years ago."

Oh—wait, was she saying that now?

"I haven't been able to stop thinking about you," Ariel said, while finger-fucking Kimiko's brains out, "for ages now. Especially not since I figured out it was you I was playing with. God, you're so sweet and cute... I wanted to do something nice for you, Kimiko. Get rid of all that stress and help you feel confident."

"Mraooooowr?" The heat-addled Kimiko mewled, barely understanding half the words Ariel was saying.

"You know I'm a wizard, right?" Of course Kimiko knew that. Her wife's magical ability was something pretty darn obvious. "...Well, you do now, I guess. After this, I'm going to log back into the game and hit myself with a smaller version of what I did to you. Not too drastic—just to line my memories up with yours and Bobby's, so don't worry if I knock myself out tonight. I'll be fine in the morning."

"—!!!" Kimiko couldn't even make noises anymore, only breathless gasps as she humped and humped and humped.

"Everyone at school will recognize Kimiko now, don't worry," Ariel said. "There'll be no problems. We're a family now. I—"

"Ohhh my god," Kimiko said, managing words for just one last little thought, "stop writing your hit novel or whatever!" She leapt off of Ariel's finger, grabbed her wife's shoulders, and used the element of surprise to bend Ariel down—the flushed teacher yelped in surprise as Kimiko pulled her in close to her pussy. "Muuhhhh!"

This was what she needed. "Oh," Ariel mumbled. "Sorry."

—Yes. That was it. This time, the white lasted until the heat was allllll gone. Writhing, and bucking, and being eaten, and then eating Ariel out, too, making her writhe and squirm like she did so, so cutely—

God. Kimiko loved her wife.


It was dinnertime by the time Kimiko managed to stagger out of her room, her knees shaky, but this time fully dressed. She knocked on Bobby's door, and his voice rang out, "Come in!"

Kimiko hadn't had the energy to put on much else, but she did have a long black top that she put on with some underwear under it. Bobby—who had already gotten taller than her, and his brown hair had gotten frizzier to match—turned his head over his shoulder and said, "Hi, Mom. Are you done?"

"I'm really sorry!" Kimiko quickly bowed... to her own son. "Really. I, uh,"

"It's fine," Bobby said, turning his head back to his screen—he was building something in Minecraft. "Are we ordering pizza?"

"Yeah," Kimiko said. "The usual?" Bobby gave out an 'mmhm'. Kimiko went to sit down next to him on his bed, and thankfully Bobby was happy enough with his life not to rebel against that just yet. "Hi, honey."

"Hi, Mom," Bobby said. (He was paying attention, she knew, he was just focused.) "How's Mom?"

"Unconscious," Kimiko said, and then smirked and said, "though I should note it's not my fault, she did it to herself. She'd better be up in time for pizza or I'm eating hers."

Kimiko laughed to herself, and Bobby gave a polite chuckle. "Anyway, I thought we could all go to the movies this weekend. Anything you want to see?"

"The Rock," Bobby said. 

"That's my boy!" Kimiko said, and the two high-fived.

"Wanna build a conveyor belt?" Bobby asked.

"Oh, you know I do!" Kimiko said, and took the controller when offered. "Though y'know, I could do you one better if you let me at your room—"

"No, Mom," Bobby said, giving her the *look*, "keep it to the garden, please?"

"Fiiiine," Kimiko said.

—Kimiko was pretty sure she was the luckiest girl in the whole dang world. A loving wife, a wonderful son, a calm, peaceful life—who could worry about anything like that?

...Except bills. Maybe she could graduate from being a volunteer soon. That would be good.


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