Workplace Behavior Training Video

by GleefulAbandon

Tags: #cw:noncon #brainwashing #D/s #microfiction #pov:bottom #sub:female #tech_control #corporate #intelligence #scifi

Aimee watches a training video at work. Then again. And again.

“MANDATORY: Workplace Behavior Training Video”

Aimee sighed and clicked the link. To kill the next hour or so, she’d take mind-numbing over stressful.

The video began with a flash of bright colors, filling the screen, while a gentle hum played.

Aimee blinked quickly. Odd. Was this an error? The colors continued. And continued. And continued.

Aimee didn’t notice it was dark until someone familiar opened the door to her office, flooding it briefly with fluorescent light from the hall before shutting it again. 

“How are you feeling, Aimee?”


“How many times have you watched the video?”


“Have you learned to be a good employee?”


“Focus, honey. Pull up your skirt and keep watching the pretty colors.”

Aimee dimly complied, no longer looking at the figure. 

Through the haze of light, Aimee felt one hand reaching into her shirt, stroking her breast, and another push down into her pants. Automatically, she started humping.

“That’s right. The colors tell you belong to me. You’re just here to do what I say. How does that sound?"

“Kay,” said Aimee flatly, eyes glued to the screen.

“Good girl,” said the voice, sticking another finger inside Aimee. “And watching while you cum your little brains out will make it all just sink in. And you don’t need those, do you?”


“You don’t. Not anymore.”


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