by GleefulAbandon

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:male #drugs #multiple_partners #oral_sex #sub:male #bros #m/m #sadomasochism #unaware

Just two bros bonding with their new friends.

“Dude, I think this one’s broken.”

The muscular blonde tried again to stick his penis into the mouth of the young man beneath him on the bed, who didn’t react at all.

“I think you gave him too much of that stuff and now his brain is gone or something.”

From the other hotel room bed came a sigh.

“Hank, for the last time, it’s not, like, a magic fuck potion. Getting them compliant is only the first step.”

“Well, what am I supposed to do if he’s all limp like this? Come on, Braden. Help me out.”

“Fine, I’ll show you. But just once and then you’re on your own.”

Braden walked over to Hank’s bed and leaned over the figure, raising flickering eyelids to reveal eyes rolled back in their head. He began speaking in soothing tones.

“Hey, kid. Andy. You feel really good, don’t you? You’re doing such a good job of dreaming instead of thinking, just like we talked about. Not thinking feels really, really good right now, huh, buddy.

“In fact, you’re doing such a good job of not thinking that you can respond to me and Hank here without any thought at all. When we tell you something, you don’t even need to really understand. Like magic, whatever we need you to do will just happen. And doing what we say without thinking about it feels even better than you feel now. You want to feel really, really good, don’t you?”

Andy didn’t move, but his eyes, now open, rolled around wildly.

“Good. You’re just drifting and dreaming, and your mind feels so far away. You don’t need it right now. You don’t need to think to have sex. And that’s what you’re going to do. Your body is just so turned on and so good at sex that it can fuck without you even knowing it’s happening, just like a puppet.”

Braden placed a hand on Andy’s groin over his jeans, and felt a quickly growing erection. He unzipped his own pants and took out his cock.

“Yeah, that’s right. Now, focus your eyes, just for a moment, on my cock. See it? See me stroking it? You don’t know that’s what I’m doing but it’s still turning you on. Your body is ready to move, to get me off. It’s going to be so easy to just start sucking my cock… right… now.”

As if pulled up by his shoulders, Andy sat up zombie-like from the bed and latched his mouth onto the dick in front of him. He began sucking furiously, and his eyes fluttered down again.

“Very good. You don’t even need to know what your body is doing when your mind is locked away having a sexy little dream.”

“Dude,” breathed Hank, watching the slender figure start to deepthroat the cock. “That was brilliant.”

“I told you,” replied Braden, “You need to lead them into it. When you fuck them up this bad they can’t figure it out on their own.”

“Got it. OK, well, thanks,” Hank moved forward on the bed.

“No way, man,” said Braden, gently shoving his friend. “He’s actually, like, surprisingly good at this, and I just did the work. Go take the other one,” and he flicked his head towards the other bed.

“Fine,” grumbled Hank, approaching the other limp figure. “What was its name?”

“I don’t remember,” huffed Braden. “You can make him tell you if you really need to know. But give me some space, dude.”

Hank shrugged and positioned himself between the legs of the figure before him, a freckled guy, gangly but cute, already naked.

“Bro, there’s no way I’m gonna remember anything you just said to that one so I’m just gonna fuck his ass with him all spaghetti-like. I’m all wound up now, anyway. He’s not thinking, like the other one, right?”

“Yeah, wherever his mind is, it ain’t here. Can you get on with it, Hank?”

“Yeah,” said Hank, hungrily, leaning forward and giving the speckled face a light slap. “Wow, nobody home. But we can still make you do anything we want, pretty-boy. Braden said- oh, hey, Braden!“


“Sorry- I know, I’ll shut up, for real, but I was wondering: When we’re done, can we make them fuck each other until we get hard again?”

Braden laughed.

“You know what? That is a great idea,” he said, grabbing his cocksucker by the hair and beginning to fuck his face. “And they say I’m the smart one.”


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