Presenting Their Findings

by GleefulAbandon

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #exhibitionism #fantasy #magic #microfiction #scifi #collars #doctor #magiccontrol #science
See spoiler tags : #posing

The team was finally able to crack the mystery of the legendary collar. (Microfic inspired by the MCStory bot.)

Based on this prompt from the MCStory bot:

“Legend has it that wearing this collar makes someone a ‘slave to desire,’ but now that we have finally obtained it for study we have determined that it’s not so extreme as all that.

“What the collar does is make the wearer lose their ability to resist what gives them the most pleasure. What’s their weakness? Food? Sex? They’re going to be certainly far more indulgent, but one would need to constantly stimulate them to get them to really owe their loyalty to you.

“But then, I’d like to thank Dr. Fadden for first introducing this idea to the team: What if we found someone who on some level wanted to be controlled most of all?

“Well, it turns out there are a number of people out there who fetishize having their mind or body manipulated by others. From then it was a simple matter of selecting one, collecting them, putting the collar on, and essentially letting them give in to the very idea that they’re experiencing a loss of agency.

“It’s self reinforcing, and as far as we can determine, self-perpetuating— a perfect neurological machine. Yes, and as you can see just hearing my presentation seems to have had a strong effect on the subject.

“But their desire to obey is going to be too strong now for them to outwardly respond any further, no matter how intense this is for them.

“Arms above your head, feet apart. Good. Now they’re going to stand perfectly still until I tell them that they can move again. In the meantime, I’ll now take questions.”


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