by GleefulAbandon

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A collection of my prompts for this year’s Hypnovember!

I worked off of this wonderful prompt list: https://twitter.com/Hyenaface_Art/status/1574946210372530176/

1: Sluttification

“Please, fuck me!”

Mae still had her arms bound but had managed to free her tits, and was bouncing pathetically to make them jiggle. Jax laughed at the sight.

“Maybe. But first, thank me for fixing you.”

"Thank you," Mae panted, eyes glazed.

2: Eyes

“Anybody home?”

Don waved his hand in front of Shelly’s face, but her eyes remained unfocused and distant, her goofy smile not faltering.

“Perfect,” he said, patting her cheek. “Now I’m going to explain how things are going to work from here on out.”

3: Sex toy

The key in her back was more than decoration. When it was wound, the vibrator in her pussy buzzed to life, and so did she — thinking only of release but at least thinking SOMETHING.

When the gears slowed, the toy shut down, and so did the Dolly.

4: Master/Pet

“What have you done to her? You can’t just treat her like your dog!”

“Dog?,” the sorceress smirked. “Not at all. She’s my good little cat.”

She rubbed her pet's exposed stomach, who mewled in pleasure, showing no sign of recognizing her old love.

5: Sci-Fi/Machines

“Can't we speed this up?”

“Rewriting someone’s personality is a delicate process. If you rush it, you risk permanent mental damage.”

“Oops,” replied the client, bumping an elbow against a switch. The body on the gurney began to convulse.

6: Restrained

The wrappings hadn't even been tight. At first he had strained against them, was certain he felt them give. But they seemed to pulse in response to his writhing, soothing him despite himself. Soon, his body and mind alike went limp in their grasp.

7: Unaware

She could never remember it, but knew she had the same dream every night. That was normal. It was also normal to always sleep alone, or to wake up with marks on your body. It was normal to sleep more and more, sometimes losing whole days to the dream.

8: Clothing/Uniform

“Why… am I wearing this?,” Dalia asked drowsily, just beginning to realize that something was off. She managed to run her hands over the strappy lingerie set.

“It’s your work uniform,” replied her supervisor. “Go back to sleep."

Dalia did.

9: Magic/Sorcery

The young man swayed unsteadily on his feet, his eyes fluttering. As the tendrils of light snaked from the cauldron into his ears, he gave a soft moan.

The witch smiled and returned to work. Just a bit more and her new familiar would be ready.

10: Matter Over Mind

"I'm... human," he tried telling himself one last time, even as the room of mirrors showed him otherwise. The snout muzzle, the paw gloves, the plug tail, they all felt so real. His thoughts faded to barks as he accepted: He was a good pup.

11: On Display

Movie night was the worst. It was only when she was posed lewdly on the pedestal in the screening room that she could remember she was a prisoner. Unable to look away, she watched herself onscreen, eagerly fulfilling her captor's depraved orders.

12: Trigger

Shelby's phone buzzed. Picking it up, she saw a text with the words, "IT'S PLAYTIME."

Shelby stopped in her tracks, all expression dropping from her face. When the van pulled up and the door slid open, she climbed inside, awaiting further orders.

13: Resistance

“Do you still have your mind? You must be really strong-willed to hold out this long. I’m quite impressed!

“Just kidding.”

She tapped a finger to her captive’s forehead, and instantly, his eyes crossed, a lopsided smile sliding on to his face.

14: Slime/Goo

The creature had moved so suddenly; he had barely had time to choke back a scream when it stuffed a tendril in his mouth. Within moments, he was sucking eagerly, swallowing its mind-numbing juice. He didn’t resist as another tentacle found his ass.

15: Objectification

Bad girls didn’t get to be part of the orgy.

Instead, she served as a snack table, stiff as a board across two chairs. Some guests took the liberty of groping her, but since she had no need of her mind, she had no awareness of the attention.

16: Power Reversal

The professor had thought it funny that her students, let alone grad students, would actually bring her an apple. Now, she had only fuckpiggy thoughts, the drugged apple lodged in her mouth as the class took turns reaming her over her desk.

17: Musk/Scent

The sound of cowbell revealed that one of the girls was struggling against the machine. Another blast of pheromones into her mask resolved the matter; as she breathed that familiar barnyard scent, she once again surrendered to the milking process.

18: Corruption

She had always learned that good girls didn’t think about sex. But she was spending more and more time on the website, letting the messaging pound at her brain, telling her what she really was.

She could still be a good girl. An even better kind.

19: Drug/Substance

The goth girl ignored the drool and returned the joint to her new friend's slack lips, forcing them to take more.

“You’d really just take drugs from a stranger at a concert? You must be really stupid. Or if you weren’t before, you are now.”

20: Mark of Ownership

The collar was mainly ornamental, though Mistress did attach a lead to it at times. And it did signify the mortal's status. But its main purpose was to cover the true mark of ownership: the glowing runes emblazoned into the thrall's neck.  

21: Possession

“Please, no more,” she gasped.

At that, her own hand slapped her across the face, hard.

“You just lost speaking privileges,” her tone sharp as her own voice chastised her. “Fucktoys don’t say no. You are going to take more until I'm satisfied.”

22: Betrayal

Millie started to stir as Zac slid a set of headphones over her ears, but then it was too late to awaken. By the time the knock came at the door, she didn't even notice.

“Sorry babe,” Zac said, “But I need the money.” Millie couldn't hear anymore.

23: All for One

The ping-pong team may have seemed like an odd choice, but brainwashing a more popular group risked attracting attention. Besides, they now looked, acted, and fucked exactly as their Owner commanded. What did it matter what they were like before?

24: Old Vs. Young

It was weird that her friend insisted on reading Susan a bedtime story in their thirties, but she complied, trying to parse the boring, plotless story. Soon, Susan was Sleepy Suzy again, ready for another night with her favorite babysitter.

25: Parasite/Virus

“Once infected with spores, the new host must find another plant of the species and act as a sort of devoted messenger. It turns out that the compound that triggers this slavishness was very easy to isolate. If you’ll allow me to demonstrate."

26: Long Distance

“How did you find me?,” breathed Cam. It had been months since they had fled those eyes that still haunted their dreams.

Mistress laughed.

“You think you CHOSE to come here? You have a long leash, pet. But I still tug it any time I choose.”

27: One for All

Nancy had been so eager to be invited that she only protested weakly when the popular girls handled her roughly, making her watch a strange spiral on Meg's phone.

“We said we’d give you a makeover," said Meg, "But it’ll be from the inside out.”

28: Defeat

Wes answered wrong again, but now he could hardly understand what it cost him. He gazed slack-jawed at his rival.

“Final riddle,” smirked Aden, “What gets emptier the more I fill it?”

Wes felt a final jab of fear that quickly subsided.

“Your mind.”

29: Alter Ego

At the top of every show, the magician called the young woman onstage, entrancing her with a wave of his wand. In a daze, she would strip, revealing her sexy assistant costume underneath.

The truth was, she thought every time there was her first.

30: Free Space

“I love… desk.”

“Are you just looking at subs we’ve transformed into furniture and saying that you love them?”

“I love lamp.”

“Do you really love the lamp, or are you just saying it because it has nice tits?”

“I love lamp! I love lamp.”


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