8 Little Bites: Stream of Consciousness Microfics

by GleefulAbandon

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:female #fantasy #scifi #sub:female #sub:male #dollification #drugs #hypnotic_eyes #office #pendulum #tech_control

I recently commemorated eight years on Twitter by churning out eight microfics, almost all non-con, in about an hour.

  1. "Please," she whispered, "Let me go. I won't tell anybody."

    "Tell them what?"

    "That you... um... Something about your eyes?"

    "Is it how captivating they are? About you can't look away?"

    "Capti... Yeah. That."

    "Very good. So keep looking."

  2. She had promised herself she wouldn't open the app again. Why hadn't she deleted it? The last time she had lost hours. But she felt its pull, almost physical. She was sweating from withdrawal.

    She gave up, and tapped the icon. Before she had time to regret it, she went blank.

  3. "I dunno... these just feel like regular contact lenses to me."

    "Well, I haven't activated the smart feature yet!" 

    Suddenly, the room seemed to fade, and in its place was a vortex, pulsing and pulling. The salesgirl continued:

    "I'll tell you what to think about them now."

  4. Stupid. It was stupid to wander into the woods, stupid to follow strange music, stupid to take a closer look—

    "Stupid? This is nothing compared to what you'll be in a minute," giggled a musical voice, "No, you didn't say that out loud. And yes, little one, you are in trouble."

  5. She stood stock still, smiling wide but eyes glassy and unfocused. The words were all she knew now, making music in her head and vibrating down her whole body as they echoed again and again.

    "Good dolls are pretty to look at. Good dolls are nice to touch. Good dolls obey."

  6. "What have you done to me?" he slurred.

    "Nothing worth explaining. I suppose could tell you how the drug works, but by the time I finish you won't be able to keep up. Save your brain cells for enjoying what comes next.

    "And... yep! Lights are off upstairs! Now we can begin."

  7. Rae thought about saying something, or about simply leaving, but each time she opened her mouth the pendulum swing seemed to wipe the thought away. And then another thought. And another. Rae’s mouth hung slack now, a trail of drool forming as she began to accept new thoughts.

  8. “When I snap my fingers, you’re going to put your clothes on and go back to work and forget our little lunch date.

    “Tomorrow is Meg’s turn. You’re going to go into her office at noon and fall back into trance and obey everything she tells you.

    “Oh, and wear the butt plug.”



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