Violets & Roses

Chapter 3

by GigglingGoblin

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Six Months Later...

“K-Kitten, I…I really n-need to focus,” Rose squeaked, his voice quavering as he pressed his legs together to keep the brainwashed ‘catgirl’ at bay. “Mistress s-said—”

“Mew?” Kitten blinked big brown eyes up at him, angelically innocent. She sat on her knees under the workdesk, her back arched provocatively to help display her breasts to him. She was in her late twenties, with fiery curls that bounced around her shoulders like burning brush. She’d once had an ornate undercut, he remembered dimly, before the Mistress had caught her and taught her to grow it long and girly. Dressed in nothing but lacy lingerie and a pair of decorative cat ears, her body seemed to exist solely to be stared at, touched, groped, caressed, owned.

Rose, in contrast, was just dressed in ordinary gardening clothes. He was pretty sure Mistress only bothered to dress him at all because she enjoyed stripping those clothes away from him—or making him struggle to hide a conspicuous tent from the other servants. Right now, for instance, his trousers were unbuckled, and his cock was…

He jumped and fumbled with the vial he held as he felt a delicate little lick. His heart raced. He looked down at Kitten. In his reverie, he had allowed his legs to part, and she'd darted in to flick her tongue over his twitching cock. “K-Kitten!”

She giggled and cocked her head to the side. "What's wrong?"

"K-Kitten, I—I need to focus, is all." He squirmed. Now that Kitten was there, he couldn’t close his legs again, and he felt horribly exposed. "I mean, it's my job to take care of the garden and the… the plants Mistress grows there.” He cleared his throat and set the vial aside.. “Just one mistake could send a whole cloud of ticklecap spores up into the castle, or... or something like that, and..."

"What's this do?" Kitten asked, and he realized she'd grabbed one of the other vials from on the table.

His eyes widened. "Don't touch that!"

Kitten’s eyes lit up. Rose’s heart plummeted as he instantly realized his mistake. "Why not?"

"I-I just mean..." Rose bit his lip. "It's just, um, fertilizer. But if you drop it—"

"I won't drop it,” she said with a pout.

Rose flushed. He knew he had to be careful here.

The Brat Baroness—their Mistress, Violet—was sort of infamous for being a… well, a brat. Her playthings knew this, even. They still couldn't resist her. Her every request, her every passing whim, all of them were bound by her intoxicating charms to obey in senseless, lovestruck adoration. Some of them she’d beaten by being underestimated. Many she’d beaten by dumb luck. It didn’t matter. She’d won, and she was better than them, and she knew it. They all knew it.

Unfortunately, she had a tendency to spoil her girltoys rotten in turn, which worked out... badly... for the few boys under her control. If he displeased Kitten, she had a lot of ways of punishing him.

"Well, um.” Rose took a deep breath, keeping his voice calm. “I’m sure you’re right. But, well, just in case, maybe you should put it b-b-baAAack!" He squeaked and shook in exquisite torment as Kitten leaned in, apparently bored, and took the tip of his cock right past her plump lips. "O-Oh, um, Kitten, um, please—please—" Kitten lapped her tongue over the glans, and his voice broke into a whimper.

Kitten pulled off, giggling. "Careful, dummy," she burbled, "you'll drop it!"

Rose blinked stupidly down at the vial she'd slipped into his hand. Blushing, he set it carefully back down on the table, trying not to let his hand tremble as he felt hot breath in his lap.

"Ooh, what's this do?" There was a sweet singsong warble to Kitten’s voice this time. Rose looked back. Kitten now held a large seedpod the color of a silver-dusted chestnut. She blinked down at it, then up at him with wide, falsely naive eyes.

"Th-That's a—" Rose carefully kept his voice level this time. "That's a great find, Kitten." Kitten beamed and wiggled with pride. "That's a floodlotus seedpod. If one of its seeds falls out and touches even a speck of soil, it will sprout a-and bloom into a flower that drips so much nectar, we'll be submerged and drunk as dizzysprites in minutes. Um, maybe you should... can I see it?"

Kitten hesitated, then, with a pout, yielded it to him.

Rose accepted the seedpod with a soft sigh of relief. He took special care in returning the seedpod to its sealed jar and re-applying the special adhesive, trying not to quiver or whimper too much as Kitten took the opportunity to plant several more mischievous licks on his cock.

"And what's this do?" he heard her coo, and cringed.

And then he saw what she was holding: a red-tinted glass bottle, its cork pulled out so she could peer inside at the sloshing contents. His heart stopped.

"Th-That's ..." Rose squirmed, reminding himself despite his panic to stay calm, stay friendly, and above all not to offend the bratty, pretty, completely brainwashed kitty. "That's so cool, Kitteen, that's nymph juices."

"Ooh, what do those do?" She beamed up at him, batting her eyelashes and leaning in so she was between his legs and holding the bottle next to her head.

"It's..." Rose struggled to keep his voice from quavering. "We keep it because if you dilute very carefully it’s a lot more effective as a, um, vasodilator than common the herbs we have. But you must, um, be very, very careful, because even a drop can cause very intense, um, feelings."

Her butt wiggled as if there was a tail flicking from it. “Like what kinds of feelings?”

Rose squirmed. He almost wanted to lie, but obedience to pretty girls was so deeply ingrained at this point… “Sensitivity, h-horniness, um... a-and too much can have, um, permanent changes.”

"Ooh." She stared at it, eyes wide.

Then a thought seemed to occur to her. She blinked at the bottle, then looked up at him, head tilting adorably to the side. "So what would happen if I poured it aaaall in your lap right now?"

Rose froze stiff. His cock twitched a little. "Th-That would be... um... very bad."

He thought about what would happen if even a drop of that touched him. How badly he’d be at the girls’ mercy. How pathetically, desperately, brainlessly horny he would become.

"I'm gonna do it," she sang, sloshing the bottle from side to side. "I wanna see Rose all nymphoed up~"

All composure bled from Rose in an instant. "Please don't," he whimpered, squirming away—but he was captive between her and the chair, there was no escape, she had him trapped— "Please, please, please d-don't, put it away—"

"Please don't put it away?" Kitten giggled, wiggling her ass mesmerizingly in the air. Rose couldn't help but stare at her pert bubble butt. "Okay, I won't! I'll pour it all on Rose's pretty cock instead!"

She was loving watching him beg, he knew, his cheeks burning at his pathetic state. He needed to stop giving her what she wanted, but if she got too bored, who knew what she'd—

She stared to tilt the bottle to its side.

NO!” he cried. “No no no no, please, no!” His voice was a pathetic squeal now. "Please, Kitten, I-I'll do anything, just—just put the cork back in, give it to me—"

Kitten stopped tilting the bottle. "Anything?" Her lashes fluttered.

Rose gulped.

At that moment, the door burst open. "Oh, Rose," cooed a horribly familiar voice that filled Rose with terror and dread, "so this is where you've been hiding~!"

Three women came strutting into the garden shed as Kitten ducked back under the desk and out of sight. Rose could barely keep from squirming as he saw them.

The Butterfly Barmaids, Violet’s very favorite playthings. Crystal, Rana and Amber.

Crystal, the made-up blonde bimbo, her thick golden hair done up in a bouncing ponytail, her plush cocksucking lips a brilliant, sticky candy-pink, her ample curves eagerly displayed by her low-cut pink dress.

Rana, the towering platinum-blonde bombshell, her huge tits barely contained within a pale blue crop top, her lips painted metallic silver, tight boyshorts and top eagerly displaying her svelte, athletic build.

Amber, their cruel, venomously sweet leader, her strawberry blonde hair done up in an elegant bouffant, her sleek pink dress hugging wide, childbearing hips and complimenting those bright baby blue eyes. She smiled at him. Her kissable ruby-red lips were as enticing as ever. "You haven't been avoiding us, have you, sugar?"

Under the desk, Rose discretely pulled his trousers back up a little and shook his head urgently. "N-No! I'm just—Mistress asked me to to take care of some things in here, and it's, um, my job, and stuff, so..."

Rana came over and leaned over him, hands on her knees as if addressing a child. She smiled at him. "Oh, so this is just you being a good boy~" Rose tried desperately not to look at her tits as they jiggled right in front of his eyes. Rana was an inch shorter than him normally, but he didn't dare stand up. Not with his cock still… "Well, aren’t you a little peach?"

"He's a Rose, silly," chirped Crystal as she bounced over to his other side, and he made the terrible mistake of looking at her. She was bending over, too, and as short as she was, this still put her bouncing boobies right in front of him. He squirmed, cock twitching. "Aren'tcha, cutie?"

Rose coughed and tried to keep his voice as level as he possibly could. "I-I'm just trying to get this done for Mistress," he managed. "And I... I need, um..."

He couldn't possibly tell them to leave. Ever since the x-Toxin Ranger had been captured and brainwashed by Violet (and oh, what a blessing that had been, how deserved, how perfect and wonderful, just like Mistress, perfect and beautiful and flawless and) he'd been the barmaids’ favored tormenting victim. They had never quite forgiven him for besting them before. Him, a mere boy, outwitting three pretty girls. Now that he served Violet, he was at their mercy.

Even the slightest perceived ‘attitude’ from him could draw their attention, especially if they discovered his arousal, discovered Kitten had been toying with him. They would love that. They would love the excuse.

He had to be polite. Deferential. Compliant.


His cheeks heated up as he felt his cock twitch.

Those words always felt so good running through his mind. They never failed to remind him of his place, especially when he started thinking about resisting, started thinking he could possibly stand up to any pretty girl...

He blinked, realizing they were staring at him with slowly spreading smiles. He bit his lip. He’d trailed off.

"Yes, sugar?" Amber tilted her head down at him. "What do you need?"

"I... I just n-nuh-nnnghhuh..."

His whole world expanded slightly, then shrank as his eyes widened, then half-closed. No, he thought desperately, pleadingly, no, no, no...

Kitten had gotten bored, pulled his trousers back down a little, and given his cock a lick.

The barmaids giggled. "What's the matter, cutie?" Crystal cooed, grabbing his chair and rotating it towards her. Rose barely managed to rotate himself against the chair so he remained facing the desk. He had to keep his half-exposed erection hidden at all costs. "Cat got your tongue?"

He stared weakly up at her, and her jiggling tits. She didn't know. She couldn't know.

As subtly as he dared, knowing they were all looking at the humiliatingly helpless look on his face, he reached down and tugged his pants firmly up.

Then he risked a glance down, and he saw something that sent frosty prickles across his whole body.

Kitten was pouting up at him. She looked quite displeased.

Oh no.

He quickly tore his gaze back to Amber as she asked, planting one hand on her hip, "Is there something you need, sugar? Something we're doing wrong? Something we… should be doing for you~?"

"We only wanna do everythin' right to you," purred Rana, grasping his shoulders and gently massaging them.

Rose felt his muscles relaxing, felt his whole form sinking deeper into the chair. He jerked back upright, panic racing through him. Relaxed was the last thing he needed to be.

Especially when sinking deeper into the chair meant sinking closer into the claws of the cat.

"Oh, I do declare," exclaimed Rana, taking his chin and firmly forcing him to meet her icy-blue eyes. "You seem distracted, sugar! Maybe we should help you concentrate~"

Rose's breath caught. No. No, no, please, not now, not today... He shook his head weakly, not daring to put the plea into words, to hear how pathetic his voice would sound.

"Ooh, yeah," cooed Crystal. Rose found himself being turned to face her, found himself face-to-face with those jiggling tits. Crystal slowly, languidly squeezed them together—and let them bounce. "The bimbo boytoy's just gotta focus on our words!" She giggled. “Or maybe he’d rather focus somewhere else for now~”

Rose tried to tear his gaze away. But then Crystal's breasts fell, and he felt his mind pulling from his grasp, felt his lips parting slightly. Oh.

"Gooood boy," Amber purred in his ear. "That's right, sugar. Aww, now, aren’t you just the cutest?"

"He's such a good boy," Rana agreed happily, stroking his hair. Her hand kept his head firmly in place, facing the tits—not that he could make himself move his head anyways right now. "He knows what boys are good for."

Rose whimpered in shame. No, no, no… He knew what was coming.

"That's right, sugar," Amber teased, tickling under his chin—and holding it up so it couldn't sink down to his chest. "You know what a boy's place is. You know where a boy belongs."

"Dumb and drooling over a pretty girl's tits!" Crystal sang. The three barmaids giggled.

Rose whimpered.

"ISn't that right?" Amber whispered. "Because you know what they say, sugar. Don’t you?”

Rose squirmed.

“Go on, then.” Amber’s voice lowered to a sultry, smoky purr. “Girls rule…"

Rose had to cooperate. He had to keep them happy, he knew how this worked by now. His lips parted to obediently utter the second half.

And then he felt it. And all that came out was a helpless, whimpered "Ah—n-nnno!"

His eyes widened. He squirmed, whining, struggling with all his will to keep his mouth shut. The barmaids exchanged looks of glee.

They were delighted to see that he was going to make this difficult today.

He hadn't been able to help it, though.

Kitten had started to suck his cock through his trousers.

At first he hadn't even noticed it. It was just a subtle pressure, a tiny little sound from below. But now he felt it. The fabric of his trousers was thin, and her mouth was warm. The warm wetness sucked delicately at the very tip of his dick, and he risked a glance down to meet Kitten's gleaming, smug, knowing eyes.

This is what you get, those eyes whispered, for not letting me have my fun.

He gave his head a tiny shake, desperate, pleading. No.

She smiled. Her head bobbed a little. Yes~

"Well?" Amber asked, sounding performatively annoyed. "We're waiting, boytoy~"

"I—" Rose struggled to remember what they'd been talking about. Fuck, yes, the phrase! "Um, I, b-boys—nnNGGHhh— He barely kept himself from bucking in his seat. Kitten had started to lap her tongue and down through the delicate soaked material, roughly, making sure he felt it. So close, and yet torturously blocked by the fabric…

"Aww, is someone trying to hold it in?" Crystal leaned in close, eyes dancing with positively demonic blue flames. "Hey. Why don’t you stop looking at your feet and look at my tits, sugar?~"

Again, Rose felt the chair spinning. He managed to keep his lower body facing the desk, but he couldn’t turn his head in time.

“Watch them bounce,” Crystal cooed, and squeezed her tits together.

No, no, he couldn’t let himself be tranced, not here, not now. He tried to protest, scrambled for ideas of what to say, of what kind of excuse could possibly...

... could...

... bounce...

His jaw slackened. He watched Crystal’s tits bounce, squish together, swing and sway and jiggle. He moaned as Kitten's suckling intensified, wriggled, bit his lip hard, struggled to keep his composure. But he couldn't look away.

Even when Rose had had his free will, had been totally clear of compulsions, even then, he’d thought Crystal’s breasts were breathtaking. They were so perfectly teardrop-shaped, so full and round and soft as they squished together, beautifully bouncy bimbo boobies that jiggled with the tiniest motions, pushed up by her dress to offer deep, inviting cleavage a man could get lost in. Even with his mind intact, Crystal’s chest had drawn Rose’s gaze deep.

But when he was already so flustered, when a pretty girl was actively sucking his cock from below with such sweet, delicate suckles…

“... bounnnnce…” Rose’s lower lip quivered with the struggle, but his thoughts were slowing down despite his best efforts. Slowing down to match the rhythm of Crystal’s pretty bouncing breasts.

"That's right," Crystal teased. "Bouncy bouncy!"

He was drooling, Rose realized dumbly. He bucked weakly and squirmed, staring as the hopeless syrupy flow of longing swept his mind into the enticing expanse of Crystal's cleavage.

"That's it," Amber purred in his ear. "There you go, sugar. Don't you remember now?"

Just say it. Say it!

Kitten sucked a little harder, a little sloppier, and a pathetic little cry was all he managed, his attempt at words incoherent and babbly. Her tongue lapped mercilessly through the sheer material. Every lick seemed to scatter his wits even worse.

"Aww, still trying to hold it back?" cooed Rana. "Someone's feeling naughty! Maybe we better tell Mistress you’re getting your will back~"

"N-NOO!" Rose wailed, bucking against Kitten's tongue. "Please—please don't—"

The barmaids grinned evilly down at him. They and Rose both knew the Brat Baroness would always believe them over him, and the penalties for resisting her could range from getting one's brains fucked out for a night to getting edged and denied for a month, with very little middle ground.

He wanted desperately to look at Kitten again, to plead with her, but Crystal's tits had a gravity that overrode his own basic self-preservation. He could only stare.

The worst part was, his weak, vulnerable brain couldn't help but associate the pleasure of Kitten's mouth with the pleasure of obediently gawking. His brain couldn't help but see it as a reward.

When he stared, he got his cock sucked. The longer he stared, the deeper the association sank into him.

Stare and feel good. Stare and get licked and sucked. Staring was pleasure. Obedience was pleasure.

He felt his grip on his trousers weakening. No, no, no…

"Say it," hissed Amber in his ear, sending shivers through his body. "Girls rule, boys..."

Rose tried so hard to get the word out, but at the same time, Kitten finally managed to tug his trousers back down and plant a long, lascivious lick right across his throbbing, twitching head.

He squealed and bucked so hard it shook the desk.

"Oops!" he heard Kitten say. And he heard the sound of breaking glass.

The barmaids blinked. Rose went still.

At that moment, the door opened, and in strutted the Brat Baroness.

Violet, the young, spoiled, heartbreakingly beautiful Baroness of Skarrivan, struck a breathtaking figure in the lamplight, framed by the rays of sun through the door behind her. Little ringlets of lustrous blonde hair trickled down her shoulders like rivulets of water, framing a stunningly cute heart-shaped face. Her eyes were a vivid blue, her lips a plump, luscious pastel pink. Currently she was wearing a black fishnet-shouldered crop top to compliment a flowing black silk skirt that caught the light like a river of oil.

She tilted her head, thick dark lashes fluttering, and sniffed the air. "Hey, what's that smell?"

Rose looked down at Kitten, then at the broken bottle at his feet, and let out a whimper.

~ ~ ~ ~

Esneci watched the Brat Baroness enter the garden shed and raised an eyebrow. Interesting. These gardens were infamously dangerous, but the shed seemed to be seeing a lot of traffic today.

The agent kept mopping the windows, just in case any servants happened by and noticed her. She could always spell them to forget, of course, but there was always the tiniest risk Violet would notice.

She snorted at the possibility. Infiltrating the castle had been as simple as witching a maid into trading clothes. Esneci had had five contingencies, and none had been needed. This idiot baroness didn’t even bother to keep track of who was on her payroll. It seemed Violet had made the costly error of underestimating the resources of her enemies.

Esneci gave a sly grin. Soon enough, she would make Violet regret her stupidity.

Until Esneci finished witching her to love it, anyways.

~ ~ ~ ~

"Hey, like, what happened to that stuff on the floor?" Violet tilted her head, her eyes wells of innocent curiosity. She looked at Rose, then the spilled concoction.

"Nymph juices, Mistress!" Kitten chirped, beaming brightly and wiggling her butt.

Violet raised an eyebrow down at the fallen vial. "Oh, gosh. Aren’t those, like, expensive?" Her gaze flicked up to Rose, and briefly Rose was dazzled, as he so often was, by her gleaming, piercing blue gaze. "Am I right, Rose?"

Rose stared back. "I—um—"

The barmaids and Rose had all been equally started by the breaking of the vial, by the reveal of Kitten, and by Violet’s arrival.

Unfortunately for Rose, the women who hadn’t been half-hypnotized at the time recovered first.

"I think your Rose was playing with the Kitten while he worked, Mistress," Amber said sweetly, hands clasped behind her back.

"Whuh—" Rose shook himself from his daze, eyes wide. "N-No, I was—"

"Ooh, yeah," cooed Crystal, bouncing on her tiptoes and pulling his head between her cleavage to silence his objections. He tried to moan in protest, but one whiff of her perfume and everything went... gooey… “The silly horny bimbo was playing with Kitten, and I bet he got clumsy! We told him not to!”"

"Oh?" Violet's voice was dangerously sweet. "Is that soooo?"

She was displeased. Rose could tell that much, even smothered in dazing perfume. Violet didn't care about a castle budget or about the importance of the substance, but she did care about things that were hers getting broken by others.

Crystal released him. He looked up at Violet and knew he needed to explain himself, but the perfumed haze still hung around his head, drowned his thoughts, kept his brain nice and melty. He swayed, staring stupidly up at his pretty Mistress as the Brat Baroness stepped closer, her heels clicking on the cobblestone floor.

He finally managed to form sounds. "I, um—I duh—I didn’t—"

"That was, like, very clumsy of you, Rose." Violet pouted. "You broke my bottle!"

Rose tried to meet her eyes, to resist the urge to stare at her tits, but her fishnet top bared so much cleavage, and he was still so tits-dumb… "I-I didn't—Kitten was—"

He noticed the barmaids and Kitten quietly making their way to the doorway, making good their escape. He flushed with indignation.

"Oh, wow." Violet bent over him with a smug smile. "Gosh, to be contradicting me like this, you must be resisting again!"

"N-No!" he squeaked. "No, I'm—"

"Such a naughty boy." Violet shook her head sadly. "I can't believe you still haven't learned your place. How many times do I gotta, like, humiliate you?"

"No, please, Mistress—"

She stared at him for a long moment, her tongue thrust into the side of her cheek. Then her face split into a grin. "I think you," she cooed, taking him by the chin and forcing his eyes to meet hers, "need to be reminded of who knows best."

“girls know best,” Rose whispered.

"That's right, dummy. Girls know best." Violet giggled. "I'm, like, sooo much smarter than you, aren't I?"

Her hand drifted down to his lap.

"Y-Yes, Mistress.”

"Boys like you are sooo dumb, aren't they?" she teased, and gave his cock a little squeeze through the fabric.

"Yes, Mistress!" Rose squirmed in shame. He knew that with Kitten's saliva soaking his pants, it would seem like he'd already creamed himself. He could see out of the corner of his eye that the barmaids were smirking, enjoying the show. Even in his embarrassment, though, he couldn’t stop himself from obediently chanting, "Boys are dumb and need to cum!"

"That's right!" Violet exclaimed, patting him on the head. "Boys are soooo dumb compared to smart girls like me. That's why you dropped the, like, mink juices, isn't it?"

"Nymph juices," Rose whispered.

Violet's eyes narrowed.

"I-I mean—" Rose flushed, his voice rising to a desperate pitch. "Yes, Mistress! I-I'm so sorry I spilled it, I’m just so—so—"

But to his intense, embarrassing relief, Violet just seemed amused. She leaned in close, and her blue eyes filled his whole world. "Say it again."

Her hand pressed down.

"I-I'm sorry I spilled it," Rose whined, bucking up against her touch. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, it won't happen again—"

"Gosh, you're sooo dumb!” Rose felt Violet laying the magics around his mind, reinforcing them even tighter, and moaned in unbearable, exquisite torment as the pleasure squeezed his brain in its clutches. "Say it! Say you're dumb!"

He stared into her eyes in helpless lust and adoration as the spell reminded him that he loved Violet, that he was a dumb boy, that he would do anything for her because she was so smart and beautiful and perfect and

"I'm dumb!" he squealed, bucking, humping her hand pathetically. "I'm dumb, I'm dumb, I’m dumb!"

The Brat Baroness clapped her hands with glee. "Yes, you are!" she cooed. "Gosh, what would you even, like, do without me around?"

She squeezed his mind and cock in tandem. She knew how unbearable that felt—she had to, it was her magic. The pleasures that blossomed at once in his head, like great fluffy blossoms taking up too much space, drowning everything out in an overwhelming shower of ecstasy...

"Be dumb," he moaned. "Dumb dum dummm..."

"Omifreakinggod, you're so broken." Violet smirked, caressing his cheek. She leaned in close. "Would you like a kiss, dumb little Rose?"

Rose stared at her in longing. He would do anything for a kiss from her plump, perfect, flawless pink lips. "Buh… y-yes. Yes, please! Please please please!"

"Gosh, you’re getting so spoiled!" Again, she pressed on both his mind and cock at once. "Teehee! Beg more! More pathetically!"

Please!” he squealed, bucking insensibly. "Please, please, Mistress, I'll do a-anything! I’m just your dumbdumbdumb boytoy! I-I'll be good! I need it, I need it, I nnneeeed it—"

"I'm sooo sweet to you, aren't I?" Violet gave a dramatic sigh. "I'm probably the best Mistress you've ever had, aren't I?"

Rose drooled. She was the only Mistress he’d ever had. Before Violet, Rose had gone by another name, been a brave, brilliant, talented ranger. Now he was just her dumb and happy slave, as everyone who dared challenge the Brat Baroness seemed to end up.

Violet appeared to have grown impatient, because she gave his mind and cock another petulant squeeze.

"YES, MISTRESS!" Rose cried.

"Apologize again for breaking the vial," Violet said sweetly.

"I'm s-sorry, Mistress," Rose whimpered, "it was an accident."

"Apologize to them, too~" Violet flicked her head towards the barmaids.

The barmaids were grinning.

Rose wanted to fight it. He wanted to want to fight it.

But Violet had given him a command.

He hung his head, humiliation forming sweet bubblegum-pink bubbles in his head. "I-I'm... I'm sorry for... for breaking the vial," he whined.

"More~" Violet cooed.

Rose's cheeks burned. Amber's arms were folded, her eyes sparkling.

"I'm s-sorry I'm such a dumb boy," he whimpered. "I sh-should have been focusing on my work, not—not playing with Kitten like a silly bimbo."

The barmaids were barely holding in their giggles. Kitten beamed, wiggling with glee.

Violet patted his head and released his mind and cock. He slumped in the chair, a gasping, sweaty mess. "Good boy!" She flashed a smile up at the barmaids. "So, what are you three doing here, anyway?"

The barmaids jumped, as if not having expected to be noticed. Amber cleared her throat, ducking her head low. "Oh, um—some, um, rumors of Weaver's Guild activity, is all, Mistress."

"Aww, good butterfly!" Violet hopped up and petted the taller woman's head. Amber's blissful sigh came broken up and uneven, like a landslide hitting small barriers on its way down the mountain. "So cute how you worry about me. But it's fine." She giggled. "What are they gonna do, come up and try to hypnotize me, or whatever?"

"Yes, Mistress," Amber whispered, nuzzling Violet's hand.

Rose couldn't stop staring, his jaw slack. Even when Amber noticed, and gave him a fluttering, spiteful glance that said you'll pay for seeing this.

“Well, you just send them to me first thing,” Violet cooed, “won’t you, sweet girl?”

“Y-Yes, Mistress.”

"Good girl!” Violet clapped her hands together.

Amber moaned as the trigger took her.

“Well, I think my dumb little Rose had better get to work cleaning up," Violet said, turning back to him with a smug smirk. “And… you know, I think you girls deserve a reward for being so good lately."

The barmaids and Kitten giggled as Violet led them out of the shack, leading Rose to clean the dangerous aphrodisiac nectar on his own.

Rose swallowed and went to find a rag.

~ ~ ~ ~

Esneci watched the five woman exit—one crawling on a leash led by her target—and make their way out of the garden.

She grinned and ducked her head so they wouldn't see her face, just on the tiny chance Violet realized she didn't recognize her. Not that the Brat Baroness was exactly famous for her perceptiveness.

It was perfect. Playing with those four would give Esneci plenty of time to slip into the throne room. Plenty of time with access to Violet's bedroom.

Oh, this stupid, arrogant little brat was finally going to get what was coming to her.

Then all of Violet’s territory—and her playthings—would belong to the Weaver’s Guild at last.


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