Tickled Pink

Chapter 5

by GigglingGoblin

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"Aww, girls, what have I told you?" called out a sweet, exasperated, girlishly high-pitched voice.

And instantly, all tickling and teasing and grinding ceased--save, to Bryan's instant shame, his own. He went still a half-moment later and swallowed, trembling with the effort of containing himself.

He heard dainty, delicate footsteps, slippers tapping ever-so-faintly against the pink-carpeted floor.

And there she was, looming over them all--Adeline. Beautiful, angelic Adeline, his Princess, her rosy eyes gleaming with amusement, her pink hair flowing down over perfect shoulders, spilling into her gorgeous shimmering pink ballgown.

She giggled down at him. "Oh, gosh," she breathed, impossibly thick lashes fluttering as she put one pink-gloved finger to those plump, pouty pink lips, "just look at you! You see what happens when you get lost and can't find me?"

Bryan wanted so badly to respond, to manage some sort of retort, but he was too out of breath to do more than gasp for air. His skin was tingling all over, and the fluff was still in contact with his skin, but as long as he stayed completely still he was fine. Close to fine. He just needed whatever small respite he could get right now.

"Did you ask them for this?" Adeline asked, raising an eyebrow.

Bryan managed to weakly shake his head.

And to his surprise and intense relief, Adeline turned with a hand on her hip and scowled at Melody. "That's very naughty of you!"

Bryan felt a dazed, bewildered smile creeping across his face. Was... was Adeline actually standing up for him? Judging by the four girls' sheepish expressions, it sure seemed that way.

"You know a poor boy like him could never fight all four of you off!" Adeline scolded. "That's so unfair!"

Bryan felt his cheeks burn.

"Aww, but Adeliiiine, like..." Candice pouted. "He's twice our size! I'm sure he could've stopped us if he'dwanted to!"

Bryan swallowed. Right. Of... of course he could have. Er, well... well, in theory, but...

Adeline turned back to him, and his heart soared with confused gratitude as she reached down and plucked a few strands of tickling fluff from him, at last offering some relief to his poor, sensitized sides. She tutted, the little princess appearing now to see herself as quite in control of the situation. And of him. Right now, he couldn't muster the breath to complain. "Did they hold you down? All four of them?"

Bryan bit his lip.

"I mean," she went on, giggling slightly, "they seem way too weak, even four against one, but..."

"Um... n-no," he managed, his breath barely a wisp. "It wasn't... I-I didn't... they... um..."

"We fluff-puffed him!" bubbled Harmony, apparently not able to hold it in any longer.

"Yeah!" Aria giggled. "Hesaid we could try it."

"Oh!" Adeline blinked. Her head tilted slightly. Her eyes traveled from Bryan, back to the girls, then back to Bryan. "Oh."

Bryan started to squirm.

"But then he just..." Melody giggled. "Like, he just swooned right into our arms!"

Bryan tried to object, but his voice was barely a squeak.

"We fluff-fluff-puff-puffed hm right into submission, I guess!"

"... oh~"

And suddenly the look Adeline gave him was not quite so angelic and sweet, but playful and knowing. Like the princess had found her cat trapped in the canary cage, the canaries loose and taunting him from beyond.

"Goodness," she cooed, bending down over him and patting his head, "I never thought anyone would fall for that!"

"I--I d-didn't--" Bryan's cheeks started to get rather warm again.

"Especially not," she added, batting her eyelashes down at him, "big, tough guys who deeefinitely don't like losing to pretty girls' pretty bouncy boobies~"

She slyly trailed a finger between her own breasts, cupped them from beneath, and gave them a little bounce.

Involuntarily, Bryan's cock twitched.

No. No, he needed to... he forced himself to stagger to his feet and take a step back. But the four lesser sprites were right behind him.

"Aww!" the lesser sprites cooed, admiring his twitching member. His heart started to race.

"P-Please," he gasped, still wanting for air, "p-please, I... I..."

"Oh, don't worry, sweetie!" Adeline beamed up at him, cocking her head adorably to the side, bouncing from heel to toe. She held something up, and his heart leapt. "So very lucky for you, isn't it, that I came to save you from these..." She giggled. "... girls~"

He flushed, but his eyes didn't leave the object she was presenting to him.

His trousers.

She smiled a sweet, radiant, angelic smile once again and held them out for him, even as he took another nervous step back at the motion. "Here you are, cutie!" she cooed. "I would never keep them from you! Not when you clearly need them to stay safe around here~"

He shifted nervously. "Th-Thank you," he managed, but his hand moved only slowly, hesitantly to retrieve them. He couldn't really trust this, could he? "Um... I, um..."

"What's the matter?"she cocked her head to the other side, lashes fluttering like butterfly wings. "Don't you want them, silly? Or do you like going all around all naked and humiliated?"

The girls behind her giggled.

Bryan gulped. "N-No, I do, but, um..." His eyes darted from the trousers to her breasts to her innocent, rosy-eyed face.

"But what?" She pouted.

His heart fluttered with nerves. Every ounce of rational thought left in him told him not to trust her. At least, he was... pretty sure it was rational. She was dangerous, wasn't she?

But how could she be? She was so much smaller than him, and he wasn't pinned down like the least time they'd faced each other. She didn't look like a threat. She was just... just some bratty princess who only thought she was in control. Right?

He licked his lips, feeling his cock continuing to twitch. His eyes lingered over her breasts, then snapped back to the trousers. He needed some clothes. Everyone here was fully dressed except for him, and it was... unbearable. The fluff was impossible to withstand.

She seemed so friendly now, too. He couldn't help but feel an embarrassing level of pathetic gratitude to her for 'saving' him. Her eyes shone with innocence, her voice so sweet and helpful...

... and she was so pretty, and it felt so right to just... trust a pretty girl...

... he was so tired, so out of breath, and everything smelled so sweet...

... and she was so pretty...

He reached forward. She pulled back slightly, playfully, and annoyed, he leaned after her. His head felt heavy and sluggish, almost like a counterweight, pulling him forward, forward...

His hand grasped the leg of the trousers.

And with a wicked giggle, Adeline lunged, darting forth to attack him with those unbearably fluffy gloves of hers.

Bryan let out a squeal of helpless alarm. He jerked back, letting the trousers fall despite his best efforts, and tried his best to shield himself. But she only grinned and pressed the attack, tickling his sides when he covered his underarms, tickling his underarms when he tried to cover his sides.

"There's my good boy!" Adeline crowed with delight as he felt his knees buckling, as her fluffy-gloved fingers ran up to his underarms and tickled mercilessly. He was cornered, he was collapsing, he couldn't fight gravity any longer-- "I knew he was in there somewhere! Gosh, how are you soooo ticklish?"

"N-Nooo--" he squeaked as he fell onto his butt, his cheeks burning red. His frantic attempts to block Adeline's attacks were a joke to her, and she let him know it, giggling and batting aside his senseless flailing with ease to attack his neck, his sides, his underarms, between his thighs with those fuzzy, tickly touches.

At last he could take it no longer. He began to giggle, thrashing on the floor, kicking desperately--only to feel silken gloves grasping his ankles and wrists, to look up and see Adeline being joined by her 'apprentices', by Calliste and Vestere.

And they were giggling in triumphant glee. Because, he realized, as his weak, dizzy, breathless struggles began to fail, his larger body pinned too firmly down to even thrash and kick anymore, he had given up his best chance at escaping, at finding an edge, at finding a weapon oranything.

All for Adeline. All for Princess Adeline and her four giggling bimbo trainees.

And now Adeline straddled him, beaming happily down at her 'prize' like a spoiled child who'd gotten everything she'd wanted for her birthday. His cheeks burned in shame as he realized how easily she'd bested him. Again.

It hadn't even been a fair matchup. He breathed in deep of her perfume, and his mind did lazy coils around itself. How could he have ever resisted someone so beautiful?

And he began to giggle and gasp and shriek and pant for air as the countless pairs of ticklish gloves and silken fingers descended.

"I think I get it now, sweet boy," Adeline murmured, as he squirmed and gasped and giggled, tears springing to his eyes. Her gloved fingertip, began to stroke daintily along his cock, lightly dusting his bare skin in exquisite feathery tingles. "I get why you ran! Poor silly boy~"

"P-PleeEeeEEeAse!" he panted between gasps of useless pheromone air, gasping for that sweet, fragrant perfume she was bathing him in.

He needed oxygen. All he could get was her scent.

"You need me toshow you your place," she cooed, booping him on the nose before reaching down to stroke her hand over his chest.

Her other hand wrapped around his cock, trapping it in a fluffy, ticklish prison as she began to 'stroke'. But it was a cruel parody of stroking, for he wasn't being pumped, but tickled, tickled by countless fine, delicate, fuzzy tickly fleece fibers.

"Ooh, yeah," Vestere agreed as her silken fingertips danced over his toes, "he needs to be taught a lesson!"

She smiled slyly down at him. See what you've done, her eyes taunted. Didn't I tell you not to get on the Princess's naughty list?

"See," Adeline went on, smirking confidently a his gasps and pants deepened, as his struggles intensified, as his vision started to blur pink around the edges, "I think you still think you wanna cum, silly boy. That's why you keep acting out!"

Bryan whimpered and bucked into the fluffy sheathe of her hand. His cock was so, so sensitive, so hard, and yet this was... this was...

Adeline leaned down, and her breasts bounced before his eyes as Calliste tickled the arches of his feet. Adeline's eyes glimmered a rich, vibrant rosy girly-pink. Her scent immersed him, drowned him. "You're just a boy, you see," she went lon, with s big, confident smile. "As a lady I know better, but you need to be taught and trained! You need me to teach you what you really want!"

"Nnnoo," he gasped, trying to shove her off, "pleeease--"

He knew how pathetic he sounded right now. He just couldn't help it.

"And the first thing to learn," she said sweetly, rising up atop him as her hand continued to stroke over his cock, "is that good boys never want to cum! They looove to edge whenever you leave them alone, but they're totally helpless when it comes to actually doing anything for themselves!" Her voice dropped to a sultry coo. "But girls get to do whatever they want~"

And as Bryan opened his mouth to inhale another draught of poisoned air, as he twisted and writhed beneath her, Adeline rose up and sat right back down.

And as her fluffy stockings tickled and tortured his neck, Bryan Graves found himself being smothered by the sweetest-smelling, most enticing pair of inner thighs he'd ever glimpsed.

"So be a good boy," she sang from above him, "and maybe... just maybe... we'll let you go!"

Bryan knew it was a lie. it had to be a lie. It would always be a lie.

But as the other girls continued to tickle him, he couldn't help but gasp and giggle, pant and breathe in... Adeline.

Her scent, her pheromones, were richer, fuller, deeper here. Muskier. Headier. His head swam, and he knew somehow that he was in more danger than ever before, could feel the strength fading from him as he inhaled, but the tickling wouldn't let up, and it was all he could breathe in.

He breathed in Adeline's scent and watched his whole world turn fuzzy and pink.

He heard Adeline giggling from above. Her voice was so beautiful, he thought numbly. Adeline was so sweet and delicate, so cute and girly... couldn't he trust her?

Her sex was right in front of him. His mouth watered. Surely it couldn't drug him, or break him, or anything like that. And it would... make Adeline happy, and she was being so nice to him, wasn't she?

Tentatively, he gave a lick.

Then another.

Then he was mindlessly eating her out, moaning, licking and kissing voraciously, lost in the cotton candy sweetness of the fey princess. He pressed himself up tight and moaned and panted and wriggled as the sprites tickled him, but he couldn't stop licking, couldn't stop tasting that delectable, addictive flavor.

Adeline moaned and cooed wordlessly, her grip on his cock briefly tightening--which felt even more torturous than before, the delicate fluffy wool squeezing around him unbearably, tickling all over his poor sensitized cock. Her other hand lowered to grip his thigh. "Ohh... oh, yes... good boy..."

"Such a good boy indeed," Calliste teased from his right. Her fingers skittered over his stomach.

He gasped and panted and licked and lapped.

"Looks like someone's learning his place," gloated Vestere from his left. Her fingers darted up and down his side.

He moaned and whined and tried to protest, but his voice was muffled by Adeline's sweet, addictive pussy.

Adeline's hand slipped from his cock as she started clutching both his legs for support. Briefly, he felt a bit of relief, even hope. If he could only satisfy her, keep her too distracted to tease him more...

... but of course, her maids had other ideas.

The touches on his cock started out subtle, delicate. Silken fingertips grazing over the tip. Then they multiplied. Suddenly there were too many, too many delicate strokes, some silky, some fluffy, four sets of fingers drawing torturous swirls over his twitching, dribbling cock, using his cum to lubricate and speed up their touches.

He started to squeal in exquisite torment. He tried to beg, but he was too smothered by Adeline's pussy to speak. Couldn't speak. Couldn't breathe. Couldn't think. Couldn't escape.

He heard through his fuzzy, static mind Adeline letting out a high-pitched squeal of ecstasy, and her sweet, intoxicating, juices sparkled on his tongue. Briefly, his whole mind sang with pleasure. He melted into his task, so eager to please his Princess that he could almost forget the unbearable tickling from all fronts. Princess was so sweet, so beautiful, so wonderfully good to him, and...

"Good boys never wanna cum," cooed the girlish voices all around him. "Girls are smart and boys are dumb!"

His mind spun. No, no, he had to...

"Us pretty girls will always know best. You just obey and we'll handle the rest!"

"NnnnNNNnnnNNN!" he moaned, bucking and panting.

"So easy to lie there, so nicely obeying. You just wanna stay here so we can keep playing~!"

"Pretty girls are stronger than boys. Boys can't resist being our dumb tickletoys!"

He was too tired and dizzy to resist. He kept eagerly, senselessly licking until Adeline finally pulled away, turned back to straddle his chest once more. Her cheeks were pink with afterglow as she beamed proudly down at him. "What a gooooood boy!" she cooed, her lashes fluttering. "I think you're gonna be my new favorite. Would you like that, cuuutie~?" She tickled under his chin with a smirk.

He whimpered and moaned and bucked, choking for air like a fish on the beach. Every time he almost had a breath in, though, his whole body would seize up from another burst of tickling, and it would be lost. His cock was twitching and dribbling, desperate from the attentions.

"Y-You... s-said..." He searched for the words. She'd promised him something, hadn't she? It was so hard to remember when he was so overwhelmed by sensation. "S-said I-I could... go..."

Adeline giggled. "Aww, silly boy~" She leaned in close, licking her klips as she pulled something over him, and he felt the warm, fluffy fibrous fabrics of the fleece tickling against his bare skin. "I think just the fact that you're asking means, like, you need a little more time with us giving you some... hands-on indoctrination~"

She winked.

His heart stopped.

In a flash, they were rolling up up in the fleece blanket, and he was squealing and thrashing like a fly in a web. It was so scratchy, so ticklish, but no matter how hard he struggled, they only laughed and bound him tighter in it, all the way up to his neck. His muscles were so limp and useless, it might as well have a dream.

"You're going to be mine," Adeline cooed. "Aaaall mine."

"N-No--please--" Bryan wasn't above begging anymore. He didn't even think twice about it. He was helpless, totally at these ladies' mercies. He would say anything, do anything if they'd just let him breathe--

"What's the matter, sweetie?" And Adeline turned those shimmering eyes on him.

Bryan stared helplessly into swirling orbs of glowing hot pink syrup. Adeline's eyes flashed and flickered as Adeline pouted seductively.

Bryan still gasped for breath, still whined and moaned and giggled, but his thrashings ebbed. It wasn't that he didn't want to struggle--every ounce of him did, desperately, and staying still was torture.

But those eyes held him paralyzed. He stared into them and felt his own fragile, breaking mind quail.

Adeline's lashes fluttered, releasing him from the spell. And with a start, Bryan realized whole minutes had passed, and he was...

He whimpered and squirmed.

He was totally cocooned in pretty pink fluff.

His whole body was hot with humiliation as he realized how he must look. He was a bounty hunter. A seasoned warrior. And here he was, totally naked, totally subdued by a bunch of cute coquettes in sexy lingerie and dresses and pajamas. Here he was, cocooned in pink fluff and straining like it was made of iron.

And they were still teasing him. Only his head, his arms, his feet and his erect cock protruded from the cocoon, and he panted and wheezed as the sprites' fingertips danced over his soles and arches, tickled under his chin, crept beneath the cocoon to tickle his underarms and make him squeal. The cocoon forced his arms up, his legs spread. He had no meager defenses against their wickedness now.

And then, of, course, there was what they were doing to his cock. His cock had been spared the fluff cocoon--only its base was subjected to the fluff torment--but this only meant it was fully subject to their skittering fingers, flickering across his tip like they were playing an instrument, keeping his lust stoked higher and higher but never letting him quite reach climax.

Bryan still struggled, but they'd tired him out too thoroughly for him to do much more than squirm. He was caught, and worse, his straining against the material just worsened the way its fuzz tickled and teased all over.

Adaleine giggled as her fingertip brushed over his glans and he bucked yet again. She leaned in close, her fuzzy pink dress tickling his neck and face, her pretty pink gaze glimmering down at him, filled with that strange kind of addictive love that kept getting him to act like an utter fool. Those spiraling, flashing eyes held him, beautiful, intoxicating.

Such pretty... eyes...

"You're being soooo good for me," she cooed.

He panted and squirmed.

"You know," she went on smugly, batting her eyelashes, "even all this cute struggling you're doing is actually you being a good boy, too!"

Bryan panted and blinked rapidly, trying to resist the hypnosis. What? What did she... did she...

"This is springcotton," she whispered conspiratorially, ruffling his hair. "It learns from your struggles! So even while we're training you, you're training the fleece how to hold you nice and tight!"

He moaned pathetically. This... this couldn't be happening. This had to be a dream, the most degrading, shameful wet dream of his life.

"You just couldn't resist me," she sang, giggling at his wretched state. "Silly boys can never resist a pretty girl like me, but gosh, you just gave in sooo eagerly!" She reached down and cupped his cock in her hand, making his eyes nearly roll back up into his skull. "And now you wanna be mine, don't you?"

Bryan stared up at her dumbly. Humiliation flooded through him, hot and molten and unbearable. His cock twitched needily, practically pleading for a proper sheathe, leaking from the endless tiny teasing touches.

Adeline glanced down, smirked, and reached down with those fluffy gloves of hers.

"Just look at you," teased Vestere in his ear, making him shiver as he watched Adeline's approach. "You're in soooo much trouble now, you know."

"She's never gonna let you go, you know," Calliste sang in his other ear. "Our little Princess can be... awfully possessive~"

His mind was dissolving into cotton candy sweetness, and yet an unbearable lucidity remained in Bryan--just enough for him to squeal in torment as Adeline's fingers began stroking in agonizing delicacy over his throbbing cock.

"And she can be ever-so-wicked when she's got a favorite toy," Calliste went on, as her fingers slipped through the cocoon to tease his toes. "Our silly frilly girly-girl has a tendency to act like a terrible spoiled brat. And you seem to have chosen her to be your new owner."

Bryan moaned in protest and tried to speak--only to trail off in gasping moans as Adelins' eyes flashed up to his.

Her gaze was so sweet, so innocently curious... and her face was so pretty, and her eyes were so... so...

"Just look at you," Vestere gushed, "a big, strong bounty hunter... and you fell for the prettiest, pinkest, fluffiest princess of the flock~"

Bryan's face was bright red, and not just because he could barely breathe. He stared into Adeline's eyes in hopeless, shameful addiction.

Adeline leaned in close. She didn't seem to have heard any of this 'exchange'. Bryan could barely even tell how little air he'd gotten at this point--all he'd inhaled for the last what felt like hours was Adeline's pheromones, and he was addicted to them now, addicted to her, addicted to fluff, addicted to breasts, addicted to edging, he needed release but he needed her more...

... but... but he needed... to... do something, didn't he?

She pouted. "Well?" she asked sweetly. "Aren't you gonna kiss me?"

And staring into Adeline beautiful rosy-pink eyes, it all made sense. Bryan lurched forward, his whole world suddenly centered on the most plump, luscious, pink, sparkly-glossed pair of lips he'd ever seen...

And Adeline giggled against him, and he only remembered vaguely that he was running out of oxygen when she took his face in her hands and took him in a deep, passionate kiss. It was...

... breathtaking.

He moaned and struggled, but weakly, dimly, barely able to remember why anymore, why he would ever want to resist the tickling, the edging, why he would ever want to resist anything Adeline wanted for him.

He felt the other sprites wrapping him up thicker and thicker, felt the unbearable tickling intensifying, but more than anything, he felt those plump lips, tasted her sweetness, felt her tongue thrusting into him, and he didn't breathe a single drop of air that wasn't filled with her scent.

And when she finally pulled back with a loud, embarrassing "MwWAH!", his vision was again blurring on the edges, and it took him a long moment to remember to try breathe.

And a moment later, he realized his new state.

While he'd been lost in the kiss, the other sprites had been busy at work taking advantage of his entranced adoration.

He was totally wrapped up, from shoulder to toe, completely bound in the thick, fluffy pink wool, a cotton candy prison that teased and tickled every inch of his naked, sensitized body.

Only his head now remained free. His head... and his twitching, needy cock, which twitched and drooled every time it accidentally touched a trace of the wool.

"Wh... whuh..." He stared up at her with panic fluttering through his heart. He was utterly, helplessly bound. Helplessly horny. Helplessly... hers.

And the fleece sprites all around him giggled like mad.

"Here's your final lesson, silly weak little boy," Adeline teased, caressing his cheek. "Good boys are best used for two things..."

She reached down, and his heart quickened and burst into a wild sprint as she revealed a strange pink fluffy cylinder. He instantly, instinctively knew exactly what it was for. Her smile told him everything.

"Tickling and kissing their silly adorable weak little brains away," she declared in a playful singsong, making Vestere and Calliste smirk and the maids-in-waiting giggle, "... and watching their cuuute, adorable reactions to it all!"

His eyes widened.

And he knew now they were never, ever going to let him go. They would never even leave him the strength to stand.

"All the gasping and giggling," Vestere purred, as the impossibly soft, fluffy sleeve began to slide onto his cock's tip, and he gasped and squealed at the unbearable overstimulation.

"All the begging and whimpering," Calliste cooed, bouncing her breasts before his eyes, puffing her sweet pheromones down onto him until his vision swirled with pink mist...

"And," Adeline added brattily, sliding the sleeve all the way down to the base, her eyes blazing with rosy-pink promises that made Bryan feel weaker than any pheromone, any hypnosis, any breath-stealing kisses, "everything else he so eeeeagerly admits, because he'll say anything for pretty girls, won't he?"

Bryan couldn't find any objection.

Bryan couldn't find any of his thoughts at all.

He knew he had them. He knew they were important. But he was going mad with stimulation, the tickling fluff sending his thoughts flying out of his head like piles of dandelion seeds. He squealed and screamed and gasped and giggled, thrashing and writhing. He knew he was putting on a good show for the cackling sprites, and he was beyond knowing how to care.

Shame enveloped him even tighter than the fluff--and almost as tight as those coiling, shimmering, spiraling pink orbs above him. The sprites cooed and taunted him, occasionally taking the sheathe and 'pumping' it up and down--the tiny half-stimulations turning his pleas into screams.

Adeline stroked his hair and giggled girlishly, her adorable smile smug and satisfied, as if she'd always known it would end this way.

"I hope you've learned your lesson," she whispered.


"Pretty girls will always win," she instructed sweetly, like a teacher educating an unintelligent pupil, "because boys will always want to lose~"

And as she leaned in for another kiss, Bryan could only whimper.


Thanks so much for reading! This has been an incredibly fun commission to work on, but I have to admit, I'm glad I finally managed to actually finish it! It definitely went on a teensy bit long. If you liked this story, consider checking out my Patreon for access to early updates, tons of exclusive content, content polls, and more! It really helps me keep writing stories like this regularly. <3


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