Song of the Sea

by GigglingGoblin

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:female #f/f #fantasy #hypnosis #sub:female #aural_fixation #breast_fixation #bunnygirl #forced_love #gentle_femdom #hypnotic_voice #marriage #mind_control #siren #straight_to_gay

A sultry sweet-cooing siren takes advantage of a bunnygirl’s sensitive hearing to ensnare herself a hot little wife. Can Nicu resist such a lovely proposal?

Lorelei's Note: This story (set in my new Glowpebble Path setting) is a liiittle dark, but in a sweet, cute way. Please remember that consensual nonconsent and hypnosis should always be practiced safely and ethically in the real world. :)

They said you could hear the ocean if you put your ear to a seashell. Any bunnygirl could tell you that was absurd. All you’d hear would be echoing air, and your imagination would supply the rest.

All you would hear, that was to say. Because a bunnygirl absolutely could hear the ocean, and much more besides.

Nicu covered one long ear with a hand and listened with the other to the speckled black-and-white cowrie shell she’d plucked from the sand. Her long lashes fluttered, then shut. Cowrie shells sang subtle songs.

All around her, the sounds of the roaring surf, the wind twisting through the beachgrass, the screeches of the seagulls fighting over a dead kelphiss washed ashore, all of it sank into the sand. Nicu concentrated on the song. It was sweet, but a little sad. Notes of nostalgia embraced a slow, pulsing rhythm of nervous energy. It was the feeling of returning to a tide pool you’d nearly drowned in as a child only to find it had begun to dry up. It was the feeling of seeing those little anemones and starfish and realizing that the thing you’d been so afraid of had been a source of life to many.

Nicu gave an exasperated groan and tossed the shell away. How was she supposed to attract a husband with that?

A movement caught her eye. She spun and froze in place, staring out over the waves.

Her nose twitched.

Nicu was a small and solitary form on the Bleached Beach. Her long chestnut-brown hair swept behind her as a wind pulled up sand and detritus. Her frustratingly slender, decidedly non-childbearing form stood like a piece of propped-up driftwood. Her plump lips were half-parted as bright crimson eyes scanned the horizon.

The Bleached Beach was named not for its sand, but for its place as garbage heap of the Sea of Songs. It wasn’t a place to have a picnic. The reddish-brown sands were littered with the bones of the ocean. Seashells and shellfish carcasses, discarded fishing nets, seaglass, masses of driftwood and washed-up dried seaweed, and, of course, the occasional actual bleached bones of beached animals were scattered in all directions. In some areas, you had to choose your steps carefully to keep from tripping.

A short ways off shore rose a cluster of imposing sea stacks. Waves crashed against the great pillars. Nothing inhabited the rocks but gulls.

She turned away and picked out another shell from her pile, this one a beautiful nautilus shell. She smiled, admiring its unblemished surface. The upper half was flecked a pretty blue-gray against the gentle white.

If the song was good, this would make the perfect gift to finally, finally get a male interested.

She rubbed her legs together unconsciously at the thought, biting her lip. She needed a husband, and fast. The bunnygirl was deep in heat, and the desire was almost overpowering at this point. Breathing in her own pheromones had her constantly on edge, and it didn’t help smelling the pheromones of the males back at the warren.

And the thought of finally finding a husband, of getting pinned down and kissed and petted and praised and bred the way her body so craved… fffuck.

The wait was unbearable. Surely this shell would be enough.

Provided the song wasn’t as depressing as the last, anyways.

She took a short breath, steeling herself, then cupped it to her ear.

This song was gentle and soft. She had to strain even her enhanced hearing to catch it at first.

She leaned against a log and listened closely.

The song had a sort of uneven cadence to it. flowed like slowly winding eddies, its pitch lilting up and down, around and around in an almost circular sound, sloping up, up, up…

… and dropping down, down, down.

Nicu blinked. She leaned a little heavier.

The song was exquisite. It ran around her like a small whirlpool, lapping at her thighs and echoing in her ears like a lover’s coo.


Her lashes fluttered low. She tried not to let her hand slip down her pants, not fully even registering the compulsion. Her lips parted as she pressed the shell harder against her ear. Her head spun, a twirling chandelier of dazzling lights.


The song went on mercilessly, increasing in volume until it immersed her. The whirlpool wasn’t small anymore, and she was at its center.

Nicu’s breaths came fast and heavy. She was panting. She squirmed and chewed on a knuckle to keep her hand from drifting. She had to remind herself that she wasn’t far from the warren.

She sank down until she was sitting on the log. Her knees slid away from one another. She couldn’t, not here, not here. Anyone could find her here. Anyone could find her edging like a dumb bunny in heat.

Anyone at all.

Oh, fuck.

She wrenched the shell away, heart pounding. Her mind continued to spin for a solid three seconds before righting itself. Her vision slowly refocused.

She turned the shell over, and over again, and gave the back of it a firm smack. A small, round stone not the size of a sand dollar clattered out and fell at her feet.

She giggled, then scowled. She was still a little dizzy.

She tossed the shell aside. Stupid glowpebbles.

“Oh, that was a close one, wasn’t it?”

Nicu barely held in a yelp as the melodious voice slipped through the remains of the trance. Her knees snapped back together as she spun to face the speaker.

A woman lounged upon one of the shorter sea stacks, only a meter above the waves. And she was… gorgeous.

Instinctively, Nicu scanned her for red flags. The woman’s brilliant scarlet hair was done in a thick, luscious braid tossed over her shoulder, and a sleek, pale seafoam-green dress clung to her full figure. Nicu couldn’t help but linger on that buxom body, a pang of envy sizzling inside her as she stared at the woman’s bounteous bosom, those round, childbearing hips.

There wasn’t anything obviously fae or fiendish about the woman, aside from large, gleaming amber eyes and the fact that she appeared to be in the middle of the ocean but perfectly dry, her hair still full and lustrous, her thick lashes batting without a fleck of moisture to smear the light, effortless mascara that seemed almost a native feature of her perfect, beautiful heart-shaped face.

Her painted red-orange lips were like a sunrise as they curved up in a little half-smile.

Peia shot to her feet, clearing her throat. “Um! How long have you been, um…”

“Lying here?” The woman’s eyes sparkled with amusement. “Not too long. Don’t you fret, sweet thing.” She sat up, pausing to crack her back. Nicu tried to not be too obviously jealous of how those huge breasts pushed out against the dress, but her eyes hung nevertheless on that ample cleavage. Damn it, immortals just didn’t play fair. “Why do you ask?”

Nicu flushed red with embarrassment. She clasped her hands behind her back. “N-No reason. Um, my name is Nicu, of the Millsilt Warren. What’s yours?”

Nicu.” The woman pronounced her name like a sweet treat. “My name is Peia, Nicu. It’s such a pleasure to meet you.”

Nicu managed a minimal polite smile. “May I, um, ask if you’re a siren?” She’d heard somewhere that not all sirens showed much fae influence in their human forms.

“What a clever girl!” Peia’s voice sparkled like water in the morning sun. “A dusking tern siren, to be precise.”

“Oh!” Nicu blinked. “Aren’t you a little far from home?”

“Someone knows her birds.” Peia’s smile widened a little, and she leaned just a little bit closer.

Nicu ducked her head shyly. Just as the blushing had been starting to subside, too. “I’ve… read a little about sirens, is all. I thought terns are usually closer to the Great White this time of year. If you’re, um, sworn to dusking terns…”

Out of the corner of her eye, she’d noticed Peia’s eyes flicker with delight when Nicu had mentioned reading about sirens. She didn’t know why. It wasn’t that unusual. Everyone was fascinated by the women—and men, of course—of the Courts.

“I’m just taking a little vacation,” the siren said, laughing softly. “I found myself a little weary of the… solitude.”

Was it just Nicu’s imagination, or did Peia’s eyes glow a little on that word as she regarded Nicu?

“I-I should say, um. Just to not be a waste of your time.” Nicu coughed. “I’m not… into girls.”

“Oh?” The siren blinked at Nicu as if she’d just said something truly foolish. Nicu’s cheeks burned. “Well, thank you for telling me, sweet thing.” Her words poured like honey down a gentle slope. “I think that lifestyle choice is perfectly valid~

“O-Okay. Good.” Nicu kicked the sand, wringing her hands behind her back. “I just… didn’t want to, um…”

Of course, sweet thing.” Peia gave a musical little laugh. “It’s completely fine.

And Peia’s voice was so pretty, so sweet and inexorably confident, Nicu found her anxieties about the clarification melt away like butter in the sun. She smiled shyly, meeting Peia’s eyes again. “Okay. Good.” She realized she’d just repeated herself. “Um, but… if you’re looking just for company, I’d be happy to share mine, for… whatever it’s worth.”

“Oh? Well, your company seems like quite a precious commodity, if you ask me.” Peia’s eyebrows arched. “Honestly, I’d think a pretty thing like you would be busy with rows upon rows of suitors.”

Nicu gave a weak little laugh, a little flustered by the barrage of compliments. By instant, she retreated into the familiar territory of self-effacement. “Yeah, well… not the right kind of suitors. I’m just not, um, endowed enough, probably.”

Peia smiled sympathetically. “Well, for whatever it’s worth, I think you’re gorgeous.” She winked. “I certainly wouldn’t call you flat, either.”

Oh, no. Nicu’s hands almost flew to cover her face, and she was not looking Peia in the eye anymore. Self-effacement had backfired. Badly. “I—thank you!” she squeaked. “B-But I, um—” Stop putting yourself down. You’ll just make it worse. “I’m really nothing special.” STOP! “I’m just… Well, i-if I was actually pretty, I would have found a good mate by now.”

“Oh, stop that.” Peia’s eyes narrowed. “If you want more compliments, you will ask me nicely for them like a good girl, alright?”

Nicu’s face was an inferno. “I—I wasn’t—”

“And otherwise,” the siren continued sweetly, “there will be no tearing down of the pretty thing before me. Understand?”


Do you understand?”

Nicu shivered. Peia’s voice had lowered to a husky purr. She nodded meekly.

Good girl.” Gods, the way that candied voice just stroked Nicu’s mind…

“Th-Thank you,” Nicu stammered.

“No problem at all, gorgeous girl~”

Nicu’s hands clenched behind her back, and she rocked on her toes, biting her lip to keep from making any… inappropriate sounds. Tingles spread up and down her spine at the… the intimacy of Peia’s voice. Nicu was straight, very, very straight, so it couldn’t be attraction, but… it had to be something. Something else.

A silence settled. Nicu dared to glance at Peia, who smiled at her. She ducked her head again quickly.

“So,” she managed, kicking a foot in what she hoped looked like a casual gesture, “um, how long are you… staying?”

Oh, not long,” Peia murmured, and Nicu shivered at the lustrous melody to the words. “I think I’ll be leaving very soon, actually.”

Nicu hesitated, waiting for Peia to continue. After a moment, she nervously prompted, “Oh, really?”

“Oh, yes.

Nicu bit her lip. Even that single word Peia could make sound like a moan, a whisper in her ear, a sibilant purr.

“How, um, have you enjoyed your… vacation?”

Nicu didn’t know why she kept asking more questions. It was just… it was just very soothing, listening to Peia talk. She couldn’t help but hope that Peia would keep talking. About anything.

Peia’s eyes sparkled. “Oh, it’s been lovely,” she said brightly, her voice ringing with crystalline resonance in Nicu’s ears. “You meet all kinds of interesting people.

Nicu felt her ears getting hot.

She also felt an embarrassing little thrill in her chest when Peia continued, her voice like a fae melody, “But a girl does get homesick. And as charming as the company is, I suppose I must be going.” Peia tilted her head to the side. “Assuming you are quite sure you’ve… no interest?”

Nicu’s eyes widened. Her heart thudded in her chest. “S-Sorry,” she squeaked, forcing herself to meet Peia’s eyes and not hide behind her hands. “I mean, um, not, um, sorry, but—I just mean, I’m not. Like. That.” Peia’s eyes were gorgeous. Everything about her was gorgeous. But bunnyfolk couldn’t be… and it was fine if someone was, but Nicu wasn’t…

She bit her lip. How would another girl even be able to… how would that even work?

“That’s perfectly fine,” Peia reassured her. Nicu couldn’t help but smile. Once again, that beautiful voice eased her worries. “There’s no need to fret, sweet thing.” Of course there wasn’t. There was no need to fret.

So,” the siren went on after a short pause, “I take it you’re looking for a… companion?

“Mm.” Nicu nodded, unsure how Peia had guessed. “I… have to find a shell.” She kept it short. Any second that she was speaking was a second Peia wasn’t. Peia was so respectful waiting, so unlike the males back home. And a lot of the females. Really, it seemed like everyone back at the Warren tended to talk over her.

With Peia, she wouldn’t even really mind.

“How cute!” Peia giggled. Even her laughter was beautiful. “Have you found anything you want to take home with you?”

“Mm-hm.” Nicu gave a little shake of her head. “It’s hard to find good shell-songs out here.”

“Oh, dear.” Peia gave a rueful little smile. “You should try looking closer to the waves, sweet thing.”

Nicu blinked across the surf at the beautiful siren. She blinked again, waiting for Peia to continue.

Peia’s smile seemed to widen a little. “There are some beautiful shells up here with me. The sand hasn’t dried out their songs yet.”

“Oh.” Nicu swallowed. “Um, oh? Is that…” She took a step closer, squinting, but the sun was at Peia’s back, and it was so difficult to see…

Yes, that’s right.” Shivers ran up and down Nicu’s spine, causing her back to slightly arch. She practically gasped. “Why don’t you come and see?

“Oh…” Nicu felt a dreamy smile spreading across her face. She wanted to feel embarrassed about that as she took a dizzy step closer, extending her arms forward slightly to help keep her balance, but it just… didn’t seem important. “I, um, I guess so…”

Gooooood~” Peia’s voice was the sweetest, sultriest coo. “That’s it. See? There’s no harm in coming closer, is there?”

“N-No, I… guess not,” Nicu admitted. She bit her lip, ducking her head under Peia’s appreciative stare. She flinched as the cool water lapped at her ankles, and it nearly jarred her out of her flustered haze, but…

“That’s right,” Peia purred. “So easy to just come closer, isn’t it, sweet Nicu? There’s no possible reason to hesitate.

Nicu whimpered. She took another heavy step, feeling her feet sinking slightly into the sand beneath the waves now. It was like Peia’s words were physically encircling her neck, drawing her hither.

She just wanted to see the shells, though. What could be the harm in that?

She took another step. Another. It seemed like her feet sank deeper into the sand with every step she took. Her arms stayed before her, to keep her weight against the waves pushing her back. It was an almost zombielike advance, she thought dully, taking another sluggish step.

“You’re hiding your face again. Why don’t you look me in the eyes, sweet thing?”

The invisible word-leash around Nicu’s neck tightened and gently tugged her head up. She stared into Peia’s eyes of molten amber and gulped.

Peia had such pretty eyes. It wasn’t gay to… to think that, was it?

Good girl.” Peia’s voice softly stroked Nicu’s ears, and Nicu’s eyes almost rolled back into her skull in briefly overwhelmed pleasure. “You’re such a pretty thing, aren’t you?

Nicu nodded shyly. It was hard to think of an argument anymore. Peia would just scold her, and…

She took another step.

… and she didn’t want that. She liked it when Peia smiled at her. Peia’s voice sounded so pretty, so fine and delicate, like a white lace dress, and Nicu liked how it wrapped around her so cozily when Peia smiled.

In a straight way.

Good girl~

Nicu gave a soft sigh of pleasure, nearly stumbling in the surf. She was almost to Peia now.

Almost to the rock. The shells. She blinked sluggishly. That was the only reason she was coming out here, after all.

And not for any other reason. It had nothing to do with Peia’s beautiful eyes, or gorgeous hair, or spellbinding smile, or full, curvy figure… the way her perfect tits squished together in that sleek seafoam dress…

Peia smirked down at her. “There we go.”

Nicu realized she’d arrived at the rock. She stared up at Peia, shivering slightly in the chilly water. The waves were up to her waist. Her pants and the lower part of her shirt were drenched. Her hands rested on the cold stone.

Peia tutted softly, reaching down to caress Nicu’s cheek. Nicu unconsciously leaned into the motion. Peia’s hand was warm and smooth. “Oh, poor little Nicu, you’re freezing! No wonder your cheeks are so red.”

Nicu felt her cheeks get a bit redder. Peia’s eyes crinkled in silent laughter. “Um,” she squeaked. “Right. Yes. That’s… that’s why.”

"Poor bunny," Peisa cooed down at her. Nicu shivered under that sweet, sensual voice. The effect was even stronger up close.

"Oh..." Nicu squirmed. Unconsciously, she rubbed her legs together. She hoped Peia didn't notice, but she was starting to get a little...

"Awww~" Peia giggled, tilting her head cutely to the side. "Goodness! You're really having trouble staying standing, aren't you?"

"W-What?" Nicu bit her lip. "I'm... I'm fine."

"Oh, of course you are," Peia purred. "You're fine, little bunny. The waves definitely aren't rocking you to and fro, back and forth... baaaack and forth..."

Nicu took a deep, shuddering breath. Fuck, Peia's voice was just... so...

"That ebb and flow. That push and pull."

Nicu swayed a little as the waves pulled back, pulling her along with them towards the sea. She swallowed. "I, um..."

"The push and pull. The ebb and flow. It feels so easy to let go.

"Oh..." The waves pushed back in, guiding Nicu back towards the beach. Her head swam as she swayed in the other direction. Peia's voice was positively singsong, an intoxicating melody she couldn't get out of her head no matter how hard she tried.

She didn’t try… very hard.

"Gooood. Push and pull. Ebb and flow." Peia reached up and, to Nicu's numbed shock, started to slip right out of her sleek dress. "Feels so easy to let go~"

As the dress slid down Peia's supple, curvaceous form, it caught against her breasts, tugging at them slightly before allowing them to bounce free.

Nicu stared. Her heart started to pound in her chest. Oh. Oh, fuck Peia was gorgeous, utterly, achingly gorgeous. Those breasts were without flaw, near-perfectly round save where they met, their ample forms giving way as they pressed together, so soft, so yielding.

"Enjoying the view?" she heard Peia ask smugly.

Nicu realized her lips were parted and hurriedly closed them, licking away a little drool. Her cheeks burned. "I was—I was just, um..."

"Keep staring."

Nicu stared hopelessly. She hadn't even looked away. How could she? How could she look away from those... those beautiful, soft, smooth, enticing...

"Good girl," she heard Peia coo, and a sweet wave of pleasure flowed through her. Ebbed and flowed, and ebbed again, and oh, she wanted more... "It's so easy to stare, I bet, isn't it?"

"I..." Nicu licked her lips, realizing they'd parted again. She rubbed her thighs together. Her whole head was swimming. Her whole head felt submerged. "I'm... just..."


"Straight," Nicu whimpered, shaking her head. "I'm... I'm t-totally straight..."

"Oh, of course you are!" Peia agreed. "Of course you are. There's nothing gay about staring at a girl's tits, is there?"

"O-Oh," Nicu whispered. “Of… course not…”

And as she said it, as she heard her own voice echoing Peia's suggestion, Peia's suggestion wrapping around her like a tiny thread, it felt so true. She relaxed a little. She stared. Nothing gay about staring. Peia had such nice, beautiful breasts...

"There's nothing gay," Peia purred, "about getting turned on by it, either. Is there?'

"N-Nothing... gay..." Nicu giggled weakly and gave a dreamy little nod.

"Goooood." Nicu almost moaned with pleasure at the praise. It felt so good to let Peia praise her. She needed more. "You like being good for me, don't you, sweet thing?"

"Goooood..." Peia was right, Nicu realized, smiling. She liked being good for Peia. It was so easy to be good for Peia. It wasn't gay to want to be good for Peia. Anyone would want to be good for a girl as hot and beautiful and perfect and sexy as Peia.

Peia swayed slowly to and fro. "You loooove being a good, good girl for me, don't you?"

Nicu swayed a little, mirroring Peia’s motion. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Peia giving a sly little smile. "Um..." She was swept back and forth with the waves, lost in the daze of the Moons' distant pull. Her eyelids felt heavy. Peia's breasts were... so nice to stare at...

... especially when they jiggled like that as Peia gripped them and squeezed them together and let them fall...

"I said," Peia said sweetly, "don't you?"

Her hand shot forward and cupped Nicu's chin. Nicu's heart fluttered, even as her body purred with pleasure at that sultry note in Peia’s voice. She found her gaze leaving Peia's breasts, her head forced upward to meet the siren’s shimmering amber eyes.

Such pretty eyes.

Those eyes were swirling like ripples in deep water.

"I... um..." Nicu felt like she ought to say something. This was... a little forward, wasn't it? Peia's hand felt so soft and nice gripping her like this, controlling her like this, but... wasn't there some reason to object?

"Yes? What is it, sweet thing?" Peia fluttered her eyelashes. The eyes pulled Nicu in, deeper and deeper into endless pools from which nothing could emerge unchanged. "Speak up."

Nicu just giggled weakly. If there was a reason, she couldn't think of it.

Peia's smile widened. "That's right," she said with an ornate trill to her voice, stroking Nicu's hair with her other hand, rubbing one of Nicu's ears. "You don't have a single complaint, do you, pretty bunny?"

"N-No..." Nicu giggled shyly. She was so embarrassed. It was so embarrassing to be acting this way, to be getting so flustered when she wasn’t actually gay, but her foot was positively kicking from this attention. She was leaning in, practically nuzzling Peia's hand.

"Gooooood." Nicu gave a soft moan. "Good bunny."

The hands dipped down, releasing Nicu's chin. Her head dropped immediately until her chin touched her chest.

Her head swirled in a haze of pleasure as she felt those soft hands caressing her form, groping her waist, her hips, slipping down beneath to pull her up out of the water.

She didn't think to wonder at Peia's strength. She just looked up, with some effort, as she found herself sliding into the arms of the naked siren.

She blinked rapidly, squirming a little. Wasn't there... something odd about all this?

Peia just smirked at her. She leaned in close until her lips tickled Nicu's ear.

"Be good for me," Peia cooed.

Nicu moaned and ground her thighs together with a liquid whimper.

"My, my!" Peia giggled, wrapping her arms around Nicu and pulling her in, helpfully guiding her chin back up to meet Peia's gaze once more.Nicu eagerly lost herself to those eyes’ whirlpool embrace. "So adorable. So utterly precious."

Nicu was panting at the praise, spoken in such sweet notes as she'd never before heard in her life. She bit her lip, trying to hold in another embarrassing squeak or moan, not wishing to offend—

"There's nothing to worry about," Peia whispered, apparently mistaking Nicu's reticence. "You're just where you belong, aren't you, sweet bunny?"

The eyes pulled Nicu’s mind in, deeper and deeper, down, down, down.

Nicu gave a slow, meek little nod. "Just... where I... belong..."

"You're completely straight."

"S-So straight..." Nicu’s giggle gave way to a moan, wriggling as she felt a pair of fingers slipping between her legs, parting her thighs to stroke straight through the sheer, wet fabric of her trousers..

"You're just enjoying a pretty girl's touches. A pretty girl's control." Peia laughed. "What could be gay about that?"

Nicu giggled. "Nothing!" she cooed, grinding against the fingers.

She felt Peia's other hand at work pulling down her trousers. Dimly, she wondered if there wasn’t something off about that… but then Peia’s lips were on hers, and all she could think of was drippy, molten goo.

She faded into that kiss, swooned into Peia’s arms, whimpering, clinging weakly to the siren’s soft, inviting form. She squirmed helplessly as Peia’s fingers slid inside her, and her moans became shorter, higher-pitched. She felt Peia’s tongue slip inside her briefly, felt Peia’s impossibly soft lips sticking faintly to her skin, fae lipstick lingering behind wherever those lips stayed. Her soul sang in harmony with every touch, every kiss, every coo.

Peia finally pulled back with a smug grin. Nicu’s head lolled. Her lips remained parted, and she stared into Peia’s shimmering eyes through a thick honey haze. Her thoughts ebbed and flowed with the waves, slowly slipping away from her more and more like the evening low tide.

“That’s what I thought,” Peia whispered in her ear, and Nicu moaned, grinded her hips desperately. “You want to be a good bunny for me now, don’t you?


Peia giggled. Even her laughter was pure ecstasy, and Nicu bucked insensibly with a pleasure-dumb smile. “That’s right,” the siren sang. Her stroking deepened, grew more aggressive, swifter, more intense. “And I bet you loooove the thought of being mine, don’t you?”

yyyouurrrsss…” Nicu beamed and nodded eagerly. Of course she did! Everything Peia said in that sweet singsong voice made so much sense.

“Gosh, just look at you~” Peia brushed a stray lock of hair from Nicu’s eyes and scritched behind an ear, regarding her fondly. “Where have you been, sweet thing?”

The fingers pumped in.

The fingers pumped out.

The thumb stroked delicately over Nicu’s clit, and Nicu shuddered with bliss.

“You’re the easiest adorable wifebait I’ve ever seen,” Peia sang. “Lucky you I found you before some silly useless boy, isn’t it, sweetie~?

Nicu gazed happily into Peia’s eyes and nodded. Of course Peia was right about… whatever she was telling Nicu to believe.

“Gosh, you fell beautifully.” Peia kissed her on the cheek, eliciting a tiny spasm from Nicu. “Seriously, you’re lucky you ran into someone who can properly appreciate a little treat like you. Aren’t you?” The eyes sparkled.

Nicu nodded eagerly and babbled some sort of response. The fingers were stroking her towards something wonderful, she could tell. Something perfect. She just had to keep being good for Peia and she’d get there. And that was easy, because she loved nothing better than being good for Peia.

You’re going to listen closely,” the siren instructed sweetly. Faster the fingers pumped. Faster. Harder. More, more, more. “You want to be my wife, don’t you?”

Nicu gave a dreamy nod. Wife. Wife sounded nice. She’d wanted to be someone’s wife, hadn’t she? And Peia was so perfect.

Good girl. Of course you do. There’s nothing gay about becoming a pretty girl’s sexy little wife, right?


Peia giggled. “You say ‘Yes, dear.’

The fingers hooked inside Nicu. “y-yes dear!” she squeaked senselessly, barely understanding her own words.

And yet, even not understanding, she felt something sinking into her. Something binding her with every agreement, something that would make sure she didn’t forget.

That was good. She didn’t want to forget anything Peia told her. Especially since…

Everything I say is right, isn’t it?”

“y-yes, dear!” Nicu whimpered.

Peia leaned in and planted a short, sweet kiss on Nicu’s lips. “You love to obey, don’t you?

Nicu drooled. “yes, dear…”

Peia’s thick lashes fluttered low over those beautiful swirling bedroom eyes. “You’ll do everything your pretty wife says, won’t you?

yyessss dear…

Good bunny.” Peia’s fingers started to quicken, and her other hand reached down to grope Nicu’s suddenly very sensitive tits. She leaned in, and her voice dropped to a husky purr. “Everything I say just circles you like little threads, doesn’t it? Can you feel those threads like gossamer? So delicate, so harmless individually, but every word adds more and more…

Nicu’s eyes positively rolled backwards into her head. Her head bobbed.

It’s time, my little concubunny,” Peia cooed, “for those threads to TIGHTEN.

Nicu’s eyes widened.

She was close.

She was close.

She was there.

She was—she was on the—

“Are you about to cum, sweet thing?” Peia asked innocently.

Nicu whimpered, nodded frantically, yes, yes, yes

“You want to cum for your pretty wife, don’t you?”

Wife. Wife. Wife. Wife. Nicu’s head bobbed senselessly, and she whined, pleaded with her eyes—

Say it.

i do!” Nicu squealed. “i do i do i do—


I DO, I DO, I DO—” Nicu was mewling, panting, drooling, bucking—

Peia smiled in wicked triumph.

She reached up and caressed Nicu’s cheek affectionately, then leaned in until her lips brushed Nicu’s ear.


Nicu squealed in pure pleasure, her head flying back as her moans rang out across the waves. Surely people could hear her for miles and miles. She heard Peia continuing to coo and tease and whisper, and she practically pressed her head against the siren, practically pleaded with every ounce of body language she could control for more, more sweet nothings, more suggestions she wouldn’t remember for now, more delicate threads to tighten around her good little wife brain.

Her thoughts were drowned in syrup. They were syrup. Pleasure was all she was, and as Peia stopped whispering and pulled her into a soft, sweet, loving kiss without end, Nicu knew that Peia’s good, happy little wife was all she needed to be from now on.

The kiss stretched on, and on, and on, and when Peia pulled back and pulled Nicu into her arms, gave Nicu some fingers to suck on, and began to simply stroke the bunnygirl’s hair, Nicu happily submitted, wriggling closer and sucking like the good girl she was.

She lay there in the honey glaze of afterglow until it bled into the horizon.

Nicu blinked blearily.

It was bleeding into the horizon. The sun was setting.

Hours had passed like this, with her docilely sucking on Peia’s fingers, letting Peia stroke her hair.

She blinked again. Her mind was beginning to rise from its sugared sleep, and some semblance of awareness was returning to her.

“Wh…” Her attempt at words was clumsy, and she blushed self-consciously. She didn’t want Peia to think she was foolish. She tried again. “W-What’s… um…”

Shh.” Peia stroked Nicu’s hair fondly, and her soft hand seemed to pull Nicu’s worries right away from her, like tangles being unknotted by the gentlest of brushes. Her voice rose to a sweet, musical coo as she whispered right in Nicu’s ear. “Don’t worry about it, my good, dumb, docile little bunny~

“O-Oh.” Nicu shivered and snuggled up closer to her wife. “Yes, dear.”


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