Serpent's Sway

by GigglingGoblin

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #sub:female #bondage #breast_fixation #D/s #degradation #demon #fantasy #hipnosis #humiliation #hypnosis #lamia #mind_control #pov:top #power_struggle #succubus

Seductive hypno-eyed coil fiend Celeste visits the gardens of Hell and encounters a curvy succubus whose luscious, swinging ass is awfully hard to look away from. Who will be victorious?

Nicole's Note: Real-life con-noncon requires a lot of trust, safewords, and other things a fantasy can fudge a little. Enjoy the kink responsibly, and enjoy the story!

“There we go, my little one. Isn’t that sssooo much easier?”
“Eeeasier…” The human Rift Ranger drooled and slowly nodded, whimpering as the coils wrapped around her shoulders and bound her fast.
Yesss,” Celeste purred. The breathtaking coil fiend slowly smiled. She was a rapturous beauty in all senses of the word—pale coral-red skin striking against her shimmering blue-and-green spiraling eyes, crimson spilling down around her heart-shaped face in rolling waves, dark luscious lips, and a figure to kill for, with breasts nearly as big as her hopeless little plaything’s head. Below her waist, her form swelled into thick, ponderous coils, impossibly long and shimmering a fiery red. Her serpentine tail pulsed and vibrated as it tightened around the human, slowly milking every last ounce of resistance from that weak, adorable little body.
This was always her favorite part. The part where it stopped being a fight and started being a feast. Poor little Celia, or whatever her name was, had caught Celeste’s attention the second she’d arrived on the scene to confront the wicked demoness menacing her town.
She’d been so single-minded, so hellbent on earning Celeste’s full, undivided attention.
In a sense, all of that was still true of her. Celeste admired her prize, a gasping slut with ruby-red cheeks, plump never-painted lips currently parted in an wanton ‘o’-shape, that slight frame almost totally obscured beneath Celeste’s embrace. Her round wide-rimmed glasses were on the ground, crushed beneath Celeste’s coils. She wouldn’t need them anymore.
All she needed for her eyes were the beautiful spirals they now reflected into eternity.
“And,” Celeste went on, “you want to help me now, don’t you?” She traced a fingertip along the woman’s cheek, and the woman squeaked. “You mussst feel ssssooo embarrassed about trying to ssstop me before.”
“Yes,” the woman whimpered, “s-silly to try to resist. Stupid to try to resist. S-stupid sexy slutttt…” Her jaw went totally slack as the coils undulated and tightened. “Cuh… can’t resist Celeste…”
Celeste beamed in triumph and, cooing, reached down to condescendingly smoosh the little slut’s adorable plump cheeks together. “Now, my sssweet, I want you to concentrate very hard,” she said, leaning in close, drowning her sweet slave in her hypnotic swirling eyes, “on this lovely feeling of sssurrender.”
“I… guh…” the woman drooled, tongue lolling, her eyes crossing adorably from the effort.
Goodness, she looked like such a cute little bimbo right now. Celeste licked her lips, her seven forked tongues briefly tasting the now ex-Ranger’s arousal, her need, her dripping desire. Celeste could just eat her up.
Celeste nodded slowly. “That’sss right!” she said encouragingly, nodding slowly and watching the human girl nod slowly in time with her head’s bobbing motions, totally affixed to her eyes, totally addicted to Celeste’s control. “Tell me what you want, my ssslutty little toy~
“Mmm… m-more,” the woman slurred, a big, dumb smile spreading across her face as she stared at her own panting tongue and drooled shamelessly. “Mmmoorrre…
Celeste sent another shivering vibration through her coils, and as the woman’s eyes closed in bliss, the world began to melt away.
It started slowly. The woman was drowning in sin as she quivered and moaned, and Celeste kept giving her exactly what she wanted, what she needed—more, more, more. The cursed glen around them began to look blurry, and then it started to dissolve, the colors running like the world was a painting that had been left out in the rain.
That’sss it,” Celeste cooed, beaming down at her captivated toy, “sssuch a good little ssslut!”
She began to slide her coils between the girl’s legs, and the girl started to whimper and whine faster, louder. Feeling especially wicked, and eager to hear more, Celeste gave her tail another little vibration, and relished the girl’s cries and squeals of bliss as juices dripped onto her tail.
“Aww, cumming already?” Celeste shook her head and tutted. “You’ve already cum five times for me!” Her coils vibrated harder, milking out the woman’s ecstasy as long as possible. “Don’t tell me you want more!”
mmmmooorrre,” the depraved little slut mewled, moaning, humping Celeste’s tail for what little she was now worth. “m-mo—a-aAAH!
She cried out as another deep vibration went through the sinfully pulsing tail, and she started to cum a sixth time.
“Always more,” Celeste purred. The world was starting to flow by, now, and she could feel the sounds of rushing water roaring past her. She could see nothing but the horny toy squirming and writhing in her coils. “Gluttonousss little coilssslut!”
Yes! Yes yes yessss!”
“My little toy~”
oh, p-pleeeease...”
“And you know a good girl never ssstopsss at once.
oh, yes…
“Cum for me again, toy~”
And as the seventh orgasm sang through the squealing bimbo, the molten, flowing world around them sped up, surged around them like a howling snowstorm—
—and then was still.
The world was still putting itself together, however. Celeste tasted sweet water on her tongue, and she wasted no time in spitting it out and swimming to the edge, human in tow in her coils, as the River Lethe became visible around them.
The world crackled and flared into life like flame spreading across a dry floor of sawdust. As the human’s gasps and moans slowly subsided into blissful rest, Celeste looked up at the Gardens of Gluttony.
Hell was a place of twisting, crackling wires, a place where the very soil beneath one’s feet was so suffused with sin that it tugged at any souls that passed over it. For demons, it was a hungry, tingling feeling. For mortals, Celeste imagined it felt a little more… intense.
This feeling ran deeper on the Gluttony Layer than anywhere else, a constant buzz of desire that ran beyond simple hunger, beyond simple need. It was voracious, all-consuming, and though the candy-coated forest seemed to provide bounty without measure, those who partook of the sensuous delicacies of the Gardens would find the cups of their needs never filled.
Celeste smiled. It was good to be back in Hell, if only for a visit. Already she could feel the Realm of the Rivers refreshing her, restoring her. She’d stay here to rejuvenate for a short time, then return to the Material with this helpful ‘steed’ of hers.
She slithered over to a nearby tree, as tall as a great old oak and as dense as a rose briar. Pale streaks of light rose up the tree’s trunk and ran across the branches like red-hot wires, and the glimmering pink peach-like fruits sparked and sparkled as if electrified. The orangish sky above passed out of sight as she entered the darkness of the tree’s thick canopy.
Celeste reached up for one of the fruits, licking her lips with her seven forked tongues. She was about to pluck an especially plump and juicy-looking peach off the branch when she heard a giggle from above.
Oh! She smiled. How ironic that she of all fiends would forget to look up.
She raised her head and met the gleaming eyes—one brilliant gold, one smoldering red—of a demoness.
Well, to be precise, first her eyes met the demoness’s rear.
The demoness was sitting in a low-down bough of the great tree, dressed in only a pair of very tight shorts and a plain crop top. Her luscious ass, of a mottled green hue, squished down into the branch like it was a swan harpy-down pillow. Her bare midriff and the small of her back bore streaks of red and gold breaking up the green, reminding Celeste of an exotic bird she had seen once caught in the web of an enormous, brilliantly-colored garden spider. Long dark crimson hair flowed around her body like a waterfall of blood, perfectly smooth and seamless, without even a strand out of place as she swayed from side to side.
Behind her lovely wriggling ass flicked a long crimson tail with a pronged arrow tip.
Celeste’s lips curved up in a smile. How… delicious.
“Hello, there, sssweet thing,” she said, keeping her tone light and innocent—she would start out sweet to size this morsel up. “And what might your name be?”
The succubus-creature smiled and gave a little wiggle. Celeste’s eyes followed the shifting of her curves with relish as she began to speak, her voice sweet and melodic, possessed of an easy-flowing rhythm that seemed to come as naturally to her as breathing. “The mortals like to call me Tess. A name more pretty I’ve not found.”
“They call me Celessste,” Celeste said. She cocked her head, twirling one lock of hair around her finger. “Are you sssure you’re comfortable up there, Tessss?”
Tess giggled and gave another playful, knowing wiggle. “My vantage offers me a view that most would die to come close to.”
“It is quite a lovely offering,” Celeste said slyly. Behind her, her coils emerged from the river and rose onto solid ground, drawing the dazed mortal closer to her.
Tess’s eyes flitted to the mortal woman, just for an instant, then went back to Celeste’s. Celeste instantly guessed what Tess was thinking.
In Hell, an ensouled mortal was a very precious thing. Ensouled mortals still clung to a full range of delectable sins, and thus were perfect vessels for taking demons down the Rivers and into the Material.
Tess thought she was going to be taking this toy away from Celeste.
Well, that was…
Celeste pretended not to notice, though, as she gently released the human into the impossibly soft grass and watched Tess try not to react. The human lay in a heap, still panting, still lost in the afterglow. If left there too long, another demon would happen by—or one of the plants here would extend its tendrils to collect a new prize, or the circuits of Hell itself would claim her.
But this wouldn’t take long. Celeste smirked. She certainly wasn’t worried about the sweet little slut escaping.
Instead, she kept her eyes on Tess’s, as her coils began to slink closer to herself, and closer to the tree’s trunk. “I was only thinking,” she said sweetly, “that you might like to come down so you can enjoy my own... offeringsss.” She reached up and squeezed her tits together, and savored the look in Tess's eyes, struggling to hide her excitement. “It’sss been sssoooo very long,” she drew her voice out in a prolonged moan, “sssince I’ve laid my eyesss on a demon like myssself.”
“Oh, my.” Tess’s head tilted slightly as Celeste smugly let her tits bounce free. “Well… you are the most gorgeous thing I’ve surely ever seen.”
“Oh, am I?” Celeste’s voice dripped with suggestion as she slowly squeezed her breasts together, breathing in deep as she did so and thrusting her chest out for full effect, groping them, massaging them… and then, with a giggly, she let them bounce-bounce-bounce free once again. “Do you really think ssso? I did notice you ssstaring at these~”
“Mm.” Tess licked her lips. She wriggled slightly, and Celeste felt a powerful urge to watch that gorgeous ass bouncing and squirming, but she knew she had to keep her eyes on Tess’s, just in case the little slut happened to take her eyes off Celeste’s breasts and needed the spiral treatment.
She didn’t want to be too obviously hypnotizing the cute minor demon, yet, and bouncing her breasts was far more subtle than unleashing her glowing spiral eyes. Slightly.
“P-Perhaps a little bit,” Tess murmured. “That is to say… you’re quite the vision, dear.”
Celeste giggled at the succubus’s formality. Or her attempt at formality. One could only project so much dignity when one was staring at another demon’s breasts and letting one’s dumb little slutty head bob slowly in time with them.
This was too easy.
While Tess was distracted, Celeste began to guide her coils up the trunk, winding up the paradise tree and towards Tess’s little creaking bough. It could barely support her gorgeous weight, let alone the tail, so Celeste had to move carefully here. She wanted Tess on the ground, but not until she was too dumb—and bound mind-and-body—to even think about retreat.
“A little?” Celeste teased. “Jussst a little?”
Tess whimpered.
There wasn’t long to go.
~ ~ ~ ~
Tess watched the tits go bounce and bounce and bit her lip and squirmed and stared. She knew she ought to look away, but felt increasingly ensnared. Celeste appeared to know exactly how to hold her needy gaze, and captivated was the succubus whose eyes her wits betrayed.
“You seem dissstracted,” said Celeste, lips parting for a wicked grin. Tess knew Celeste knew Tess knew how much trouble she was now deep in.
She felt a gentle, pulsing heat, coils rising up over her feet and up her ankles, round and round…
…and fast her heart began to pound to serve a beat it had just found.
For as the tits squeezed-squished-and-bounced, Tess felt her mind softly adjust—and felt her mind slide right into the beat beneath the coil fiend’s bust.
and up and down and
and up and…
… down…
The rhythm skipped a beat, and then the… breasts went bounce and bounce again…
“I am just fine,” Tess whimpered, soft and wet, struggling to blink, to
think. At last she. She.
She tore her eyes away, and. And now it was Celeste’s.
Tess let out a soft gasp of wonder as she found herself staring into deep, swirling eyes, and briefly no rhythm mattered, none at all. The eyes swirled, around and around and around. There was no rhythm. Just the slow, steady, constant circles of blue and green and gold.
She tried to fight. She tried to find a beat with which to stay upright.
But Tess just whined, and her toes curled, as she felt coils rise past her knees.
And then she felt her heart unfurl as those warm coils began to squeeze.
Her whole body shivered and trembled as the rhythm melted away, as the coils undulated and pulsed around her and she… she couldn’t… keep…
Celeste’s sweet voice rose to a dainty maple syrup-sweetened chime. “My, my,” she crowed, “what’sss this I feel?” The coils climbed higher, and Tess gasped. “Oh, my! Already wet, I sssee~
Tess whimpered and shook her head, rubbing her legs together in a pathetic attempt at concealing that she was dripping all over her thighs.
She wasn’t ashamed at her lust. Every demon was awash in lust, every second of every day. It was almost a little weird, really, how virtually all demons were so obsessed with kink and sex and…
The coils pulsed, and Tess’s lips briefly parted in a helpless moan. She flushed. She wasn’t ashamed of her lust. She was ashamed at how deeply submissive her lust was right now.
“I’m fine,” she squeaked, cursing her body’s treacherous display.
The coils rose higher, up her thighs, up higher and higher, so tight and warm and wonderfully smooth. Tess moaned, gasped, gurgled in pleasure, her body singing in pleasure. She was helplessly ensnared, enrapt, ready to be raptured by this irresistible serpent, and she could do nothing to stop it. She’d never had a chance.
But strangely… the coils delayed.
At first, Tess thought it was a game of some cruel kind. Celeste was toying with her, drawing this out. Maybe Celeste was waiting for her to beg.
She squirmed and watched the coil fiend’s eyes, though. The spirals had melted away, now. They were focused on Tess. Tess watched them slowly, carefully trace the curves above her thighs…
… and seeing the hunger in that gaze, smile spread over Tess’s face.
“And what is it you’re pausing for?” Her voice was sweet, the beat restored.
Celeste kept staring. Licked her lips. Her eyes remained on Tess’s hips.
“I jussst,” she murmured, “like the view.”
“Oh, do you?” Tess so-sweetly cooed. “Well, that’s so cute!” This had been close. She couldn’t take another chance.
She shot Celeste a sneaky glance.
She wiggled in her short, tight pants.
And while the coil fiend was entranced, a wicked Tess began to dance.
~ ~ ~ ~
Celeste smiled slyly as the hot little demoness began to wiggle and squirm in her coil seat. Oh, so adorable. Little Tess was trying to hypnotize her.
Celeste certainly didn’t mind the show. Indeed, she licked her lips, savoring the sight of Tess grinding those ample curves.
She hadn’t been able to resist leaving the demoness’s ass exposed, though she had of course bound that barbed tail. Tess was no threat, but, well… just in case.
She purred with pleasure as Tess wiggled and grinded, practically humping her tail. Tess’s ass was so gorgeous and flawless, so round and soft against Celeste’s tail. Pillowy. Perfect.
Grinding and swaying from side to side.
Sssuch a little ssslut,,” Celeste murmured. She knew she wasn’t holding Tess in her gaze anymore, but this pathetic little bimbo clearly wasn’t in any state to resist her now, and Celeste couldn’t help but crave more. “Do you enjoy performing for me, Tessss? Showing off for me?”
“Oh, yes,” Tess moaned, “it feels so good to show…” She arched her back and bounced several times, and Celeste’s mouth positively watered at the sight of Tess’s bouncing, jiggling ass. “... how nice my ass swings to and fro...”
Celeste’s eyes followed the ass as it swayed. “Sssso easy,” she agreed, giggling. “I barely even needed to hypnotize you! Already performing like my little whore.”
“So easy melting into goo,” Tess moaned. “Oh, please, oh, please, let me please you~”
Celeste couldn’t help herself. Perhaps it was the Gardens to blame—it had been so long since she’d been immersed in an environment pure sin, and her whole body was abuzz with the desire for more. Nonetheless, she found herself rising slowly on her coils towards the captivated succubus. Towards the swaying, jiggling ass.
And Tess beamed and wiggled for her Mistress, giving a sultry coo. “Celeste, oh, Mistress, tell me true—tell me, do you enjoy the view?”
Celeste licked her lips. The ass swayed back and forth. Back and forth. Bounced. Jiggled. Grinding against the wiry, crackling tree branch, so soft and enticing…
"Oh, yesss," Celeste purred. "Sssuch an eager little whore for me, sssinking beneath my ssspell, pleading merely to please me~"
"Yes, back and forth," Tess breathed, "and forth and back your puppet dances, just keep track~"
"Back and forth," Celeste encouraged, "forth and back..."
“Yes, forth and back and back and forth.” Out of the corner of Celeste’s eye, she saw Tess reaching over to pluck a shimmering, sparkling peach from a nearby branch. “From north to south… and south to north…”
“... Back… and forth…” Celeste watched the ass sway and swallowed. Tess was… truly beautiful…
"Yes," Tess smirked down at her. "Up you rise and down you sink. Just watch my ass…” She held the peach down towards Celeste, shimmering, glimmering. No need to think~"
Celeste’s mouth watered. “No... need…”
Vaguely, Celeste was conscious of rising towards the peach held in Tess’s outstretched hand, her lips parting to take a bite. Her whole body swayed in the air as she rose, to and fro, matching the rhythm of Tess’s swaying ass, like a…
… a snake to a snake charmer’s song.
The thought turned her on a little bit. It also gave her pause.
Celeste’s head tilted to the side. Her eyes drifted between Tess’s shaking ass to the ripe, enticing peach in Tess’s hand.
Slowly, a smile spread across her face.
"Oh, little ssspider in your tree," she teased, eyes rising back to Tess's, "may I have this dance?"
Tess blinked.
And Celeste's coils tightened.
The succubus squealed as in an instant, the coils were vibrating around her whole curvy body—wound up her legs, over her waist, cupping her adorable little breasts and gently squeezing around her shoulders.
Her cheeks plumped out in surprise as they were squished together, her lips parting in a squeak.
Celeste smirked and wagged her finger up at her. "Naughty ssslut~"
And the next moment, Tess was in the air, dangling upside-down before the cooing coil fiend.
"I—" Tess visibly gulped. "I think you ought to stop and…"
Celeste's eyes began to swirl.
" stop and…" Tess blinked once, twice, and then… not again. "... to..." Her expression softened. Celeste began to undulate her coils around her, tightening and relaxing, loosening every tensed muscle in the hot little bimbo's body. "... to... um, I... uhhh..." Her jaw went slack, pretty pouty lips parted in a dumb, wide-eyed stare as her eys began to shimmer. "... guhhh..."
"That'sss right," Celeste said, her voice dropping to a delicate purr. This time she wouldn't be so reckless. She brought Tess very, very close—close enough to lick those quivering lips of hers—and filled Tess's vision with her eyes, drowned out everything else.
Tess squirmed, but there was nowhere else to look. Celeste beamed and tilted her head sweetly to the side, and she giggled as Tess's head slowly tilted with her. "Aw, is something wrong?" she cooed.
She sent another exquisite vibration through the coils, and her whole being hummed with pleasure at the whimpers this drew out. The peach fell from Tess’s limp hand, and Celeste’s coils casually caught it.
"Jusst as I thought," she exclaimed in delight. "You were sssimply waiting for sssomeone pretty to come along and melt those cute little brainsss out, weren’t you?" She made sure to roll her coils with extra indulgence over Tess's ass and thighs, massaging all tension from them until Tess was left as limp as a sleeping kitten. "You're jussst my little toy.”
"Jussst my obedient little ssslave." Celeste moved closer, close enough that her supple lips brushed Tess's as she whispered to her. She kissed the left corner of Tess's lips tenderly.
Tess's eyes were swirling with nice, big, dumb obedient spirals now. "Y-Your... s-ssslave," she moaned, nodding slowly.
"You know," Celeste said mock-innocently, a finger to Tess's lips, " you came up with a rather delightful word earlier~" She kissed the top of Tess's lips, just over her cupid's bow, sucking briefly, nipping teasingly.
Tess whimpered. She couldn't even close her mouth, not with Celeste's coils squeezing her plump cheeks together, and she was starting to drool.
Celeste's voice rose to a sugary coo. "Missstressss," she hissed, and kissed Tess full on the lips.
Tess moaned. Celeste purred. The little slut was only a three-tongue, a little thing compared to the seven-tongued Celeste. Celeste gripped Tess tighter in her coils, making sure to slide her tail between Tess's legs, relishing the wetness dripping over her scales from the little slut's gushing pussy, and kissed her hard, nipping ever-so-delicately with her fangs, moaning and smacking her lips in lewd, wet sounds.
Celeste drew the kiss out as long as possible, forcing Tess to buck and grind, moaning, mewling, helpless even to speak—not that the drooling little bimbo could offer much in the way of conversation at the moment. She purred and vibrated against the succubus and filled Tess with her eyes, flooded her with spirals, drowned her with pleasure.
And Celeste was just, she thought smugly as Tess came for the first time that day, panting and drooling as Celeste pulled back from the kiss to admire the display, getting started.
Sssuch a good girl!" she sang, as Tess whimpered. She'd left a thin trail of drool connecting their lips, adoring how Tess's eyes crossed and cheeks burned at the sight. “My goodnesss~”
Tess whimpered.
“And here I thought,” Celeste said with a wide, gleeful grin, “that sssuccubi needed to be dominant to captivate their prey.” She tickled the tip of her tail underneath Tess’s chin. “But jussst look at you. A uselessss little ssslut for anyone who wantsss you.” She sent vibrations through her coils again and smirked as Tess quivered. “A good girl for your Missstressss~
Tess moaned and nodded pathetically. There was nothing she could do about it. Celeste was her better in every way, and now they both knew it.
Celeste beamed. "What are you?" she asked sweetly.
"A... g-goood girl..." Tess slurred, still grinding against Celeste's tail. Demons of Gluttony could always cum as many times as they needed to. It was really the entire point.
And Celeste hadn't even cum once yet today~
“A good little toy,” Celeste encouraged. She took the peach her coils had obtained earlier and took a big bite out of it. Juices dribbled down the corners of her mouth as she moaned, openly savoring the flavors. Oh, how she loved the fruits of Hell.
She tossed the peach aside and admired her true prize. The strange mottled-green succubus was now slick with sweat, a hot, hazey musk of desire hanging around her thicker than steam. She squirmed and ground her hips, panting, drooling, mewling, babbling. Celeste savored the sight, drank in the succubus’s utter degradation.
Then she glanced down and smirked.
"You've done sssuch a good job ssso far, little ssslut," she cooed. "Would you like to do an even better one?"
Tess stared with wide swirling eyes.
Then, slowly, following Celeste's firm guiding coils, she let her head sink down… down… until the only thing she could stare at was Celeste's erect, throbbing demonic cock.
A drop of drool escaped quivering lips.
"Aw, would you like to tassste her?" Celeste teased.
"Uh... unh..." Tess brainlessly ground on Celeste's tail. Goodness, the little slut's verses had gotten so much simpler now!
"Well, sssince you sssooo love being my little toy," Celeste cooed, "perhapsss we can put those pretty lipsss of yours to good use~"
~ ~ ~ ~
Tess moaned and humped and drooled and bounced, a whimper sliding past her lips, her cheeks red as a kiss and bulging round her lovely new Mistress. As red as dawn, as red as sin. As red as what they held within.
She sucked and
and ground
and moaned
and surrendered to
“Mine,” Celeste hissed, coils tightening as her cock throbbed and pulsed and spurted, sinfully sweet nectar flowing onto Tess's panting, eager tongue. "Ooohh, little ssslut~
“yours,” Tess moaned, all rhythm lost completely as she ground in brainless desire. She couldn't think of the dance, the rhythm, the song—she just wanted more, more, more.
The urge to dominate in her was now little more than a flickering spark. But in a succubus, that spark could burn bright again at any moment, if only given enough are. The tiny spark spat sparks, licked at the cage around it, searched desperately for an opening.
But it was so, so hard to fight it when those eyes swirled so, so very... prettily... and the coils steadily massaged her will and body into putty…
… and when submitting tasted so, so, so wonderfully sweet, she thought, licking her lips and giving her Mistress a big, adoring smile. How could she ever want anything else?
~ ~ ~ ~
Celeste giggled, watching Tess grind and hump her tail like a little slut. Oh, she loved watching this little whore quiver and squirm. Tess was hers, now, utterly, deeply. All spark of resistance had clearly gone out behind those pretty eyes of hers. She was Celeste’s, now, and Celeste had big plans for her newest toy.
At last, the coil fiend allowed herself to once again admire her new pet's body.
She had been putting this off for far too long, and it was with deep relish that her eyes settled upon that jiggling ass waving in the air, bouncing as Tess humped the tail like a wifwolf in heat. Goodness, Celeste wasn’t sure she’d ever seen such a wanton little whore with such a perfect, achingly tempting ass.
Celeste breathed in deep of Tess’s musk and heat. Such a body needed to be put to good use. Such a body had truly been wasted under Tess’s control. Celeste would be a more… exacting Mistress.
She leaned in close, smirking as the succubus's eyes widened, the spirals flooding her once more. “Well, little sssex toy,” she purred, “you've been good.”
“G-Gooood…” Tess's mouth hung open as she panted and squirmed and pleasured herself like the hopeless slut she was.
“I think you've earned a ssspecial treat,” Celeste went on sweetly, reaching down to casually stroke her cock.
“Oh.” Tess whimpered, her eyes slowly descending to stare at the cock she'd just so giddily sucked off.
Celeste laughed. Even though her eyes had left Celeste’s, if anything, the spirals only grew deeper as she watched it twitch and dribble.
“You ssseee, my little toy...” she hissed, “...your Missstressss is ssstill very hard~"
And as Tess’s jaw dropped and Celeste felt the succubus’s heartbeat quicken, she lifted Tess up and, in one fluid motion, set her right down in her lap.
The succubus gasped—her asscheeks were suddenly sandwiching Celeste's hard cock, now, a cock throbbing and pulsing and dribbling and full of sinful nectar.
Celeste, too, couldn’t help but moan with pleasure at the touch. Gods, her ass truly was divine. So soft, so hot. She beamed at the brainless, awestruck look in the cute little succubus’s eyes.
Briefly, though, she felt a flicker of curiosity.
Behind the desire in Tess’s gaze, was that… a flicker of something else?
But then the coil fiend's curiosity dissolved as her coils began to rock Tess in her lap like an object, grind the succubus’s curvy ass against Celeste’s hard, twitching cock, and pure exquisite pleasure poured into her like a waterfall of sweet syrup. She panted and purred and smiled triumphantly down at the whimpering slut in her clutches, before her smile melted into a cry and she started to grind and buck up against Tess’s hips.
Tess seemed to be in rapture. The gorgeous succubus squirmed and whined, rocking her hips from side to side, gazing up at Celeste in worshipful wonder. Her ass wiggled back and forth in Celeste's lap, grinding with perfect precision against Celeste's drooling, sensitive cock.
Celeste gave a helpless groan of pleasure. Goddesses, it felt... very, very nice. Wonderful. Exquisite. This creature's ass was made for this, and peach nectar still tingling on her tongues, Celeste wanted more.
Yesss," she panted, bucking into the lapdance, "Yesss, more, more, slsslut~"
"More," Tess moaned. "W-Wanna be... goooood..."
"Good," Celeste cooed, and trembled as her cock twitched needily. She was already wonderfully close, but she wanted to draw this out. She needed to draw this out. She needed to delay cumming all over the succubus's pretty ass. Such a shame to mess up the display so early.
Especially when Tess was using it so obediently. The succubus was wiggling her butt more intentionally, now, and Celeste realized numbly her coils were starting to relax their grip.
That was perfectly fine, though. She smiled down at the squirming whore. Tess was no threat now.
"Ooh," Tess gasped, and fluttered her lashes, "am I being good for you, Mistress?" She rocked her hips and danced in Celeste’s lap, mewling, clinging to the larger demoness.
"Gooood," Celeste echoed.
Tess giggled. Her voice was developing a pleasant musical quality, Celeste noticed, a quality that made Celeste’s cock dribble and drool with raw desire. "I think," she whispered, grinding deep, "your cock enjoys my ass's heat."
"F-Fuck," Celeste gasped.
Tess wiggled and grinded, beaming ear to ear. Celeste wondered if there were still spirals in those pretty eyes, but she… wasn’t really in a state to look.
Instead, she watched Tess's ass sway, tail flicking free behind it.
It was perfectly fine, the demon of Gluttony told herself, grinding up against that soft, pillowy rear. She smirked as Tess moaned, and she bucked again, and again, dimly matching a rhythm she wasn't sure she'd set. She licked her lips. She was… she was in control. Tess was as good as hers.
"You're mine," she moaned, her coral-pink face flushed even deeper in her exertion. "My... toy..."
“Yes, yours," Tess purred. "Yes, I'm your little toy. I’m yours to play with and enjoy."
Celeste smiled, bucking to the addictive beat of those sweet, musical words. It felt so good to match the rhythm. Tess's grinding matched that rhythm, matched the beat of Tess's words, kept to that easy, flowing eightfold meter.
"For how could I hope to resist with your hard cock beneath my hips?” Tess sang.
"H-Hard, yesss..." Celeste watched those hips swing, sway in a firm, incessant, inescapable rhythm.
Back and forth.
Back and forth.
Back and forth.
Back and forth. Back and forth and back and forth and baaaack and forrrth
and baaaack and forrrth...
Celeste was swaying, too, she dimly realized. Swaying in time with the... music… letting it… take hold… because it felt so good to let it take hold…
"And I'm so good," Tess moaned and cooed, "it turns one's thoughts to sticky goo."
"Mmm..." Celeste swayed, watching the asscheeks jiggle, grind, hump, feeling her cock twitching and dribbling beneath Tess’s soft, cushiony heat... “Gooood... good girl...”
“And good girls buck and join the beat," The song oozed into sultry heat, "because it feels so good to slip... and sink... and grind... against my hips~"
"Ohhh..." Celeste's words were scarce above a whisper. “You... l-little... ssslut......"
But she couldn't look away. She felt like she ought to, felt like Tess was up to something. But...
The ass jiggled and ground to the left.
But she...
The asscheeks clapped together and jiggled indulgently as they ground to the right. Celeste’s mouth watered.
Back and forth... and back and forth...
Celeste breathed in and smelled the scent of Tess's musk, her heat, her desire. And as she moaned and bucked in time...
… unnoticed thoughts began to rhyme…
“Good girl,” Tess whispered, beaming bright. “And doesn't that feel so, so right?”
"Sssooo very right," the coil fiend squealed, her voice a strangled singsong peal. She bucked and cried and moaned and ground, her hips enslaved to Tess's sound.
"My ass controls you, I daresay," Tess teased, and watched as her toy swayed. She bounced and sang, her eyes aflame, "And you won't cum until you’re tamed."
Celeste was drowning, lost in sway. She had to fight.
“You must obey~”
She had to fight, or had to flee, or she’d become—
“Good girl for me~”
Celeste noticed a gentle grip, and something tightened round her hips.
And Tess’s tail, gripping tight, began to pump her towards delight.
“Good girl,” Tess sang, “good girl for me! You love submitting, hate being free. Don't you adore my hip-nosis?
"I know you do. You can’t resist~"
Celeste let out a whimpered whine, but couldn't help but buck and grind. She watched as Tess's ass swung round…
… and started to speed up and pound.
“You're mine,” Tess purred, “as you desired.”
Yesss, Tessss,” Celeste’s face was on fire.
She couldn't fight. She couldn't run.
All she could do was try to cum.
Perhaps climax would clear her head, would help her hopeless lust feel fed. Just for a moment, that was all she needed to regain control.
She bucked, and smirked at how Tess quaked—her cock was more than Tess could take, and Tess was squirming, breathing fast.
How long could the three-tongue fiend last?
But it was all too much to bear. Celeste cried out and moaned and stared in dumb desire as all her strength dissolved and dripped right out her length.
“You're mine, my toy,” Tess was moaning, "m-my slave, my slut, my—my—oh, f-fuck!” Her voice broke down into wordless moans and incoherent cries as she ground faster, panting, whimpering, and Celeste felt the song giving way as the tail around her hips tightened. She was free from the rhythm, free from the beat—
But too late. Celeste was just as close, staring at Tess's glorious ass in wanton desire as it swung back and forth, ground and wriggled and danced in her lap, and she
She needed to cum, she convinced herself, licking her lips. Her entire essence was molten goo. She just... needed… cum... and then...
“My ass controls you,” moaned the fiend who bounced and wiggled, grinned and beamed. “Y-You're owned. You're hers. So do not cum
unless you want to turn love-dumb~”
“Oh, p-please,” Celeste whimpered, undone, "please, jussst l-let me—l-let me—”
“I own you now,” Tess crowed with glee. “A greater demon! Bound to me! Lost, owned, enslaved to my cute butt.” And she ground harder. “Say it, slut.
“I—I'm your ssslut, " the coil fiend mewled, now shameless, lost to lusty goo, "your—your pathetic helplessss toy!”
"Oh, are you sure?" Tess giggled, coy. "I thought you were my Mistress, though! I thought you planned to lay me low?” She rocked her ass suggestively.
“I’m not!” Celeste moaned. “You own me!”
“I thought you were all in command~”
“I’m in the palm of—of your hand…”
“You’ll be my slave. Owned by my ass.”
And now, after it all, at last, Celeste’s last shreds of iron will clawed their way back out. She went still.
She was Celeste. She would not yield. She summoned every mental shield.
She would not yield. Not one more ounce.
Tess giggled and began to bounce.
I'm n-not, I'm nnnot!” Celeste squealed out. She rocked and drooled from lips and cock. “Please let me cum!”
“Will you be good?”
“I'll be sssooo good!”
“Just like you should?” Tess gave a smirk, leaned in and rasped, "Say my ass owns you, little asp~"
"Your assss ownsss me," the good slut slurred. She smiled dumbly, bucked and purred.
She would obey, would buck and frot. Why ever had she thought she’d not?
"Good girl!" Tess chirped, and kissed her deep.
The tail then thrummed—
Celeste cried out. Her mind went soft. Her spirit rose and went aloft.
In perfect harmony, she came—her moans and squeals matching Tess's.
Her coils drew tight as she released, as Tess cried out, growled like a beast. Celeste was drowning, lost to lust.
But she kept bucking, as sluts must.
“C-Cum your brains out," Tess moaned sweet, voice aquiver, dripping heat. “Cum! Cum for me! Cum minds to goo!”
Celeste's moans turned to sugary coos.
Her coils drew taut, they thrummed, massaged, mindless, desperate to barrage her owner with all that Celeste could bring to bear to please dear Tess, her mind adrip with sweet caress, her spirit lost and form possessed, the last word that she knew was yes
With a giggle of delight, Celeste began to wrap them tight within her coils, nice and warm.
At this, though, Tess began to squirm. Celeste ignored these feeble wiggles, save to love the feel of wriggles on her cock, still dripping sweet, ready to feel Tess’s heat.
She beamed, obedient and good, prepared to do what good girls should.
A good girl never stopped at once.
A good girl knows what Mistress wants.
~ ~ ~ ~
Ciari panted, rising slowly to their hands and knees in the soft grass and carefully watching the display. It was sort of hard to tell who had won at this point—or, really, if the fight was even over.
Demon fights were weird like that. Demons worked so many moves ahead it was generally impossible to keep up.
The Rift Ranger bit her lip, forcing her gaze away. Noticing the 'grass' starting to climb around her knees, she fumbled around briefly and activated a runestone on her belt. The grass burned when it touched her and shrank back with a hiss.
She smiled grimly. The coil fiend hadn't even bothered to take all her gear. Foolish.
She struggled to her feet and backed up to the river's edge.
She'd done what she could. Her memories were a little murky still. The Lethe would do that to someone. It could even erase all memories and leave them an empty-headed doll if they got a good gulp of it. Still, she was pretty sure this was as good as she could have hoped for. Mistre—Celeste would be stuck in Hell, at least for a while, until she found another mortal to help her get back. Especially if she really had lost to the succubus.
Celeste would be back sooner or later. She was tricky like that. But there was nothing Ciari could do about it. What mattered was, the villages under her protection were safe. Now it was high time she saw to her own safety.
She gulped, trying to ignore the wet, lewd sounds coming from behind her. She'd just leave them to it. Her big priority right now was getting home. She needed fiend magic to take the Lethe.
Her mind was racing, looking for options as she turned back to the River, when she heard a loud flapping of wings from above.
In a sudden impact and flurry of motion, Ciari was shoved into the ground, inches from the river's edge.
Someone had tackled her—a soft, curvy, smooth form—and pinned her down. She lay there, briefly stunned by the impact.
After a moment, she found herself being rolled over. Ciari found herself staring up into the shimmering rosy heart-eyes of a beaming pink-haired succubus. The succubus was straddling her, tail flicking behind her head, cotton candy-pink lips curved up in a big, innocent smile.
Hiiii~” the succubus exclaimed. “My name's, like, Candi. What's yours, you little cuuutie?”
Ciari whimpered and squirmed.
“So, I heard,” Candi whispered, leaning in with a conspiratorial grin, “that someone's looking for…” Her voice rose to a sultry coo. “... a ride~
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