Serpent's Kiss

Chapter 3

by GigglingGoblin

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“I think you’re being sssooo good,” Celeste purred, cupping his cheek, “it’sss time to show you what a real blowjob feelsss like~”

Senya stared weakly at Celeste, still panting from the effects of the last kiss. The kiss from the buxom demoness had left him without breath, without thought, a dazed, drooling mess.

His heart pounded in his chest as a realization bubbled to the surface of his frothy, sluggish mind, jarring him to somewhere close to wakefulness.

What would those soft, luscious lips do to him when they were wrapped around his cock?

What would those seven slender, slippery tongues do to his weak, vulnerable mind when they had him in their clutches?

“Mm, those little ssspritesss didn’t know half of how to show a boy a good time,” Celeste purred. The demoness caressed his cheek, wiping away a trace of drool, and Senya blushed.

Even the petty lust sprites had had him close to groveling at their feet. Just a bunch of silly barely-demonic bimbos.

That predatory smile Celeste was giving him right now… he shivered. And her smile widened.

Sssuch an adorable little plaything,” she teased. “Ssso blushy and ssskittish, like a weak little mouse!” She cupped his cheek and made him meet her gaze. Her eyes shimmered. “I want you to think of the bessst blowjobsss you have ever felt, my sssweet. The sssweetest you have ever dreamt of.”

Senya stared into her eyes, trembling. His brain was still mostly asleep, but he was frantically screaming at it to wake up, to fight, to—

“And then,” she said sweetly, “I’m going to sssuck them all away~”

His eyes widened. He opened his mouth to object—

But she was too fast.

The kiss on his lips was mind-shattering, thought-scattering. He moaned helplessly, words swimming right out of his head as her soft lips pressed in, as her tongues slid into his mouth to play.

Just like the last kiss, those many tongues filling his mouth left no room for thought. Senya moaned softly. What had he been… been…

She pulled back all-too-soon with a smack of her lips, grinning wickedly. “Mussstn’t get carried away now,” she purred, almost to herself. “We have all the time in the multiverse~”

“I… buh… but…” Senya’s thoughts were jumbled and stuck in thick syrup. He knew he’d been about to say something, the imprints of the words lingered, his open mouth was still shaped to form the first vowel…

Celeste smirked and descended below.

Or rather, her coils lifted him up until his hips were at her eye level. His hips and, sticking out from the coils wrapped around him, his twitching, engorged cock.

Her lips were like whispers straight from heaven as they settled around his tip and began to slow, sweetly suckle.


Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh,

A soft, helpless moan slipped from his lips. He whined and bucked, and felt her purring with amusement against him as her lips slid lower, as her many wet tongues licked and teased his glans.

Senya’s eyes screwed up in bliss. “Nnnghh…” An especially long suckle sent pleasure spreading through his whole body. He bucked senselessly, and more long tresses of hair wrapped around his hips to bind him fast.

He couldn’t escape, he realized. He was totally captive, totally helpless.

And then Celeste’s head began to bob.

She moaned with pleasure as his precum met her tongues, as her lips smacked wetly against his entire length, sliding ever-so-easily up and down. He knew she was leaving lipstick marks from the tingling spreading through him. Knew he was being marked. Claimed.

But the pleasure was indescribable. She moved so slowly, achingly, torturously slowly, and her eyes sparkled with cruel amusement at his plight as he mewled and moaned. It felt wonderful. Why had he been fighting this?

… had he?

He was beyond fighting right now. His entire mind felt like it had dripped from his head, leaked into his cock, and was now melting between her soft, pillowy lips. “Oh—oh, please,” he gasped, “please-please-please—oohhhh—”

Her lips smacked wetly as she bobbed her head faster, answering his pleas. He heard her laughing, felt her laughing, as her whole body seemed to purr, to vibrate, sending sweet tingles of ecstasy pouring through him.

“Oh, yes,” he mewled, wriggling hopelessly, “yes, please—please—pppleeease—”

His cock was twitching, dribbling, and still her tongues only teased. Still her lips did not descend the rest of the way. Senya drooled and moaned. He needed more, more, more

One of her tongues snaked around the head of his cock, slender and slippery, and gave a single little tug.

Senya dissolved.

The pleasure was unbearable, overwhelming. He couldn’t think. He didn’t want to.

“Yes, yes, yes,” he whimpered, barely able to even manage words, barely able to manage voice, “yesyessyessssss…

The tongue repeated the motion. Her eyes glimmered up at him, teasing.

Her sucking slowed. Her lips started to rise up his shaft. Then sink back down.

His eyes widened. “Please!” he cried. “Please, more, more, mmmore—

She just giggled. Her lips rose up again, slowly, teasingly.

M-More—” Senya started wriggling with all his might, senseless with need, desperate to buck and thrust right inside her. “Moremoremoremore—

Her smile stretched from ear to ear.

Senya was staring right into her eyes as he thrust limply towards her mouth, captivated by her beautiful, angelic face, those plump, pillowy lips wrapped around his cock’s head.

And when those beautiful, massive shimmering green eyes began to swirl with circles of gold and crimson, as the circles began to wind inward toward the pupils, Senya didn’t stand a chance.

His need for more pleasure to break himself was stronger than his will to resist, and he struggled against this like he hadn’t even against her conquest of his body, struggled to not be subdued so he could keep thrusting, keep trying to fuck Celeste’s beautiful face.

But there was no resisting Celeste’s eyes.

Senya writhed in the firm mental grip, thrashed and whimpered as her lips continued to suck ever-so-slowly. But the circles kept winding inward.

Deeper and deeper.

He felt himself going limp. His cock twitched and leaked as her tongue lapped over the tip, but he couldn’t do anything. Her eyes held him captive, hypnotized.

Senya drooled and stared.

So… pretty…

Smirking in triumph, Celeste began to suck once more. As if all she’d wanted was to break his will fully, she sucked much faster now, more indulgently, eyes shimmering with wicked, radiant delight. Senya squealed in pleasure, utterly helpless, utterly lost as her lips smacked up and down his shaft. He couldn’t think, couldn’t move.

All he could do was drown.

Drown in the pleasure of being totally, utterly owned.

Celeste had him, and the blowjob she was giving him was like… like nothing he could ever remember feeling, nothing he could ever remember even dreaming of.

Surely he’d never felt lips like this.

Surely he’d never felt tongues like this.

Surely no one had ever sucked his cock with such skill, such sweetness, such indulgent care.

He stared into her beautiful green eyes, captivated, paralyzed. His struggles faded away completely with a tiny whimper.

Celeste’s lips smacked as they descended down his shaft. Senya’s mind spun and splattered like cake batter. It was like… like her throat was loosening to take him deeper, and deeper, and deeper…

His breath caught. He could feel more tongues beginning to wrap around his cock, one after the other, slowly slithering from tip down to just below the head. They were so dextrous and slippery, and as they began to slide up and down, up and down, his moans rose in pitch to gasping whimpers.

And she purred. She pushed him back so he had to sit down, limp as a docile doll within her coils, and her lips met the base and planted a long, loving kiss to leave one final heavy mark of possession.

Senya’s world froze. It was like sliding into a nest of forked tongues, all slithering around his cock, trapping it, stroking over the glans. He gasped, and choked, and sputtered, and struggled to make a sound. No sound came out.

He couldn’t speak. Couldn’t think. The long tongues lapped and licked all over his cock, slipped out from between her lips to caress his balls, and all he could do was buck and drool and beg with his eyes.

But those eyes of hers did not release him. There was no mercy there, only promise of future decadent lust. Her eyes did not release him, and neither did her tightening, undulating coils. She moaned, her lips slowly rising back up his length.

And then her lips slid back down and dropped him back into the sea of tongues, plunging him headfirst into a honey well of pure ecstasy.

The pleasure was too much to think through, and Senya could feel it starting to flood his mind, submerge and devour his thoughts. Her control over her throat muscles was unspeakable, and it was almost like she was… contracting, becoming nice and snug for his dick, keeping it nice and trapped in her tongue-bindings as they slowly, methodically, generously squeezed and stroked him without mercy.

And he could feel her moan as his senseless bucking took him sliding all the way down to the hilt.

Her eyes spiraled, prismatic whirlpools from which no color escaped, no thought escaped, no mind escaped.

Senya drooled. He couldn’t remember lips softer. He couldn’t remember tongues more nimble and skilled. He… couldn’t remember… why he’d wanted to get away…

had he been? He blinked dazedly. So many of the memories he’d thought he had had been proven to be wrong under the welcoming light of Celeste’s eyes.

Maybe he was just being dumb again.

Celeste’s throat muscles matched her lips with perfect rhythm, tightening and squeezing and sucking greedily, hungrily. Her tongues slipped around his head, keeping him bound fast in that decadent prison of pleasure.

His fingers gripped her hair as he whimpered and gasped. The blowjob was taking his breath away even deeper than the kiss. He needed more, more, more, even as he wondered how much more he could survive.

And Celeste’s hair, he realized dimly, was not the safest of handholds.

The hair began to mischievously entwine around his fingers and wrapped up his arms. It was so silky, so smooth and lustrous, so… binding…

The hair climbed further as Celeste moaned and sped up her sucking, her lips smacking and popping noisily. Soon it was around his neck and shoulders. Senya breathed in its scent and almost swooned.

It seemed to be changing colors, almost. Sparkling. Flashing.

A lock of perfect silky hair caressed his cheek. His eyes drifted into its gentle spiraling curl. So… pretty…

Another lock wrapped around his head and gently, firmly forced his head back down until his eyes met Celeste’s once more. And it held him there.

He moaned, staring into those entrancing green eyes, bewitched, lost. The hair framed his vision, twinkling like starlight. Celeste’s eyes glimmered with amusement, pulsed and flashed, keeping him nice and dizzy. Weak-willed. Docile.

Her smooth hair wrapped around his waist, and it felt so easy to let his knees buckle. Let himself fall.



His whole body was almost totally limp as he lay down against the warm, pulsing coils, and Celeste moved over him, head bobbing with slow, unbearable precision.

He was too weak to resist. Too helpless in her mouth, her eyes, her coils, her hair to even try to pull away.

And she wasn’t letting him try.

As her lips smacked greedily, he could almost feel thin strands settling over his mind, so delicate he almost didn’t notice them. Like cobwebs, they wrapped around his brain and gently squeezed.

This was good, the strands told him, and his mind was too limp to argue. This was right. It was his destiny to be here, to submit to her, to let her suck him off.

The hair stroked and tickled over his chest, teased his nipples. He whimpered and bucked. He belonged here. He was made to be Celeste’s perfect little plaything. The were so clearly made for each other, because where else had had met someone as perfect for him as Celeste?

He blinked blearily. Were… were these… really his thoughts?


He’d never met anyone as pretty as Celeste.


He’d never met anyone as smart as Celeste.


He’d never met anyone as strong as Celeste.


He’d never met anyone as perfect as Celeste.

The lights pulsed and strobed before his eyes as he stared in utter rapture. Her eyes were perfect. Her mouth was perfect—the perfect fit for his cock, the perfect resting place. Her body was the perfect sheathe, and where else had he ever thrust, anyways? He couldn’t remember. He only remembered Celeste. Who else could compare?

And his desire was climbing. It was flying. He bucked and panted for air, and he could hear her laughing, eyes swirling with delight at his total loss, his total surrender, her total ownership of his cock—and thus of him, mind, body and soul. His cock was throbbing, and he was hurtling closer, closer

A lock of her hair tickled teasingly under his chin, and without warning, her sparkling hair began to flash. Brilliant red warning lights strobed in his eyes, telling him DANGER, DANGER.

But also telling him a much simpler message.


And he lost control completely. Senya mewled and squealed with bliss as he came, bucking helplessly, pure pleasure rocketing through his mind and exploding what few thoughts he had left. His cock throbbed and pulsed in time with the strobing lights, and he spurted right down Celeste’s throat.

And the demoness swallowed all his seed down with a pleased, greedy moan.

Her eyes were closed in bliss as he moaned and cried out, bucking from the force of his pulsing cock, the orgasm rocketing through his whole body. She seemed to be savoring his moans, his taste, his surrender.

Gradually, the orgasm began to subside. Celeste’s eyes stayed happily closed.

And as Senya found his battered mind starting to recover just a little bit, he realized there was a narrow window open for him.

Celeste—beautiful, perfect Celeste—was distracted. Lost in his afterglow. Weakened. Her coils were relaxing, her hair’s grip loosening, her eyes no longer captivating his attention and breaking his weak, vulnerable brain. He could… he could try to…

He squirmed.

Her coils still felt so nice, gently pulsing with heat.

Her lips still felt so soft and luscious, her tongues so playful as they idly lapped and licked up every drop of cum from his sensitive tip, a sensuous, torturous reward.

Her hair still felt so silken and soft…

His squirming was so pathetic, so weak, so limp and half-hearted, he let out a whimper of pure shame.

Her eyes shot open. And she smiled, slowly pulling off his cock. Her pillowy lips made a shlup sound when they slipped from his glistening tip.

“My, my,” she purred. “Did sssomeone enjoy himssself?”

He whined weakly, still squirming. No. No, he had to—had to escape, had to slip away before—

Her eyes began to swirl once more as she rose back up towards him, bobbing her head to and fro in serpentine motions he couldn’t help but follow.

“You aren’t trying to flee,” she said smugly, “ssso the anssswer ssseemssss to be…” She leaned in close and half-moaned in his ear, “... yessss~

“N-Noo…” But he moaned as the mere closeness of her voice, the feeling of her lips on his earlobe, sent shivers through his whole body.

“No?” She giggled, eyes sparkling with such pretty, addictive spirals… “But wasn’t that the bessst orgasm you’ve ever had?”

“I—” He blushed. It… had it been? That didn’t sound right, but her eyes sparkled so prettily, and she sounded so sure, and she was so much sssmarter than him…

“Wasn’t it~?”

“Y-Yes,” he admitted. “B-But—”

“Didn’t it feel sssoooo gooood~?”

“Yes,” he moaned. “I-I mean, no—I mean, yes, but—”

Sssuch a nice blowjob.” She smirked. “No doubt you can’t remember a better one.”

His head swam. He felt her silken hair wrapping around it…

… and gently force his head to shake ‘no’.

He whimpered and wriggled in embarrassment, struggling pathetically against her hair’s strong-as-silk grip.

She laughed wickedly. The coils began to tighten around him. “No more of that, now~”

Senya gulped. He was utterly helpless, not even able to buck as the coils wrapped around him, stroking and teasing his still-dribbling cock. He could only watch in fear and desire as Celeste leaned in close, tilting his head sideways for another…

Her lips crashed against his like the waves against the rocks. He moaned as her tongues invaded him to wrap around his tongue once more—tightly.

He couldn’t breathe. Couldn’t think. Her lovely, long, flowing crimson locks caressed over his neck, so lustrous and silky against his bare skin, so shiny as they flashed and pulsed that soothing rhythm into his melting brain.

Her taste was everywhere. Her taste was everything. Senya gazed dreamily into the glowing strands, dazed, and sank into the feeling of Celeste’s soft lips gently sucking on his upper lip, her tongues tugging his tongue into her mouth to be bathed in that sweet demonic toxin.

The hair pulsed and throbbed with light, stroked gently over his face, circled his ears. Senya felt something else pulsing through that light, some sort of… heat…

Celeste moaned, clutching him tight in those powerful arms, those inescapable coils. That heat was pulsing right into his mind, and he was far too weak and pliable and open now to resist it as his brain began melting around the heat’s whims, molded like soft, malleable clay.

Planting Celeste’s ideas like little seeds in fertile soil so they could grow and flourish as if they had always been there.

Celeste’s kisses are exquisite. You want more. You crave more.

Senya drooled a little bit, pressing into the kiss, whimpering. Of course he wanted more. Of course he needed more.

Celeste is so beautiful. The hair pulsed before his eyes as her many tongues slid deeper into his mouth, drowning him. He would be choking if they didn’t maintain such tight control of his throat for him. Which also meant he couldn’t get Celeste’s tongues out if he wanted to. You love Celeste. You feel so good obeying Celeste.

Senya moaned and clung to Celeste, gazing in adoration into her hair, into her pretty, spiraling eyes. She was... so, so pretty, and so sweet, and so perfect, and...

It feels so good being her helpless little toy. Celeste's lips smacked, her tongues sliding up and down the length of his tongue as her coils grinded against his twitching, throbbing, dripping cock. You want to be a good boy. Celeste's eyes sparkled and swirled, pulling Senya's mind deeper and deeper, deep into her clutches so she could implant even more sweet ideas.

Being a good boy feels good.

It feels good to OBEY.

You want to OBEY.

You want to SURRENDER.

Senya stared longingly, grinding and humping Celeste's coils with wild, brainless abandon, his strength so pathetic she was having to help his body to move against her.

And then he felt his cock slide inside something else. Something hot, and wet, and tight, and as soft as silk. It tightened and sucked around his length, wet, lewd sounds rising from down below to rival the lewd smacks and pops and moans from the kiss up above.

You should beg. For. More.

Senya melted. He moaned his pleas, but they were smothered by the kiss. He could only lie there captive while Celeste plundered his mouth, swallowing his every cry, every whisper, every pleading word, gulping it all down.

It felt like she was drinking him. Drinking his energy. Devouring his thoughts, his strength, his will...

Her tongues pulled his tongue deeper inside her mouth, and Senya tasted deep of the flavors he realized he would be drowning in for the rest of his life.

And he came again. Senya came in Celeste's pussy, mewling, drooling, utterly subdued. He couldn't buck. He couldn't scream. Every sound he made was claimed by her, every motion restrained. All he knew as pleasure, the pleasure roaring through him, the pleasure of the climax, the kiss, the cunt steadily milking his cock with a fast, steady rise-and-fall. Her coils held him tightly against her indulgent, decadent curves as he swooned into her embrace.

But she didn't let him go. He heard her laughter through the kiss. Senya couldn't breathe, he was running out of air, of energy, but the kiss went on, her coils kept pumping his cock in and out of her slippery pussy, milking him brainless. He pressed limply against her lips, lost in the flavors, the sensations.

She seemed to be enjoying him.

And she might never stop, he realized, whimpering. She might drain him until he passed out, at this rate. The kiss was one of pure indulgence, pure excess, pure corruptive desire. Her tongues coated him in her taste as her cunt slid up and down his throbbing girth.

The world was going rosy-pink. Senya stared at Celeste and swore he saw hearts swirling around her head, hearts that swirled right into his mind and would stay there, and he couldn't breathe, couldn't think, couldn't resist—could never resist—would never, ever resist again—


And Celeste broke off the kiss with a deep, wet, satisfied smack of her pillowy, perfect lips.

Senya stared at her stupidly and drooled, his mind sinking deep into thick, sweet sap as he gazed into those pretty, perfect eyes.

Celeste smirked, cupping his cheek. "Poor thing," she cooed. "Perhapsss I went a little too far with you. I do sssoooo often forget the cute little limitsss of mortalsss." Her eyes sparkled. "And I do sssoooooo love taking them beyond them~"

Senya struggled to form words, but all he could manage was a stupid, dazed, "mmuhhh..."

Celeste tilted her head, a wicked smile spreading across her face. "What was that?" she purred.

She pulled his cock into her pussy, right to the hilt, and Senya gasped.

"You desire more~?" She laughed cruelly, licking her lips with desire. “Well, if you insssissst~

And as her lips sank against his and his mouth opened obediently to admit her wicked, darting tongues, as the world around him dissolved totally into pink bliss, Senya was sure that was the only thing he could have meant.

And this time, she wasn't letting him go.

~ ~ ~ ~

In the Chambers of Decadence, on the Second Layer of Hell...

Senya mewled and moaned and dribbled around the nipple in his mouth, suckling needily, desperately for Celeste's sweet, addictive milk. She cooed down at him, laughing as she used her coils and hair to lift his whole body and pump his cock in and out of her like a living sex toy.

"I'm fucking your brain away," she said sweetly, as her pussy contracted around his cock. "Drop by drop. Do you like that?"

Her hair caressed his cheek, wrapped around his neck like a little collar and forced him to meet her spiraling gaze as he slurped and sucked. "Mm-hmm!" he moaned.

"Gooood." The collar pulled him up from her nipple, and he briefly whimpered—only for her lips force him into silence. His lips parted compliantly to admit her conquering tongues, and her voice echoed musically in his mind as she kissed him. Let me taste my milk on your tongue, my ssslave~

Her tongues wrapped around his as her lips smacked against his, pulling him into yet another hungry, intoxicating, addictive makeout. Time melted away as he thrust in and out of her, and the ecstasy suffused his whole body as her moans stated to climb.

She licked and cooed as her tongues pulled his tongue into her mouth, drugging him worse, dosing him deeper, the pleasure rising, rising, skyrocketing—

He squealed as the climax claimed them both at once. They came together, moaning into each other's mouths, his whole body spasming with bliss.

This time, afterglow would offer no reprieve.

There's my gooooood boy, Celeste hissed in his mind, as she drew out the kiss, her telepathy silky with her own deep pleasure. You looove this, don't you?

"Mm-hmmmuhhh," he slurred between smacks and pops of her lips on his.

You’ll never be leaving, will you? She laughed. You don't want to anymore.

She broke off the kiss, leaving him leaning after her weakly, still craving more—he would always crave more, she had trained him to always crave more, forced him to crave more—and pulled him back down to her tit, where he began needily suckling again, and his cock was already hard once more.

~ ~ ~ ~

Celeste smirked over Senya's shoulder, licking her lips with seven glistening tongues as his cock pumped inside her, as his drooling lips latched obediently onto one of her nipples and he began to drink her sinful ambrosia once more.

Only ten hours, and already Senya was so much her personal fuckpet. He would be like this for an eternity, sinking deeper and deeper every hour into her depraved will, and he would love every second of it. He was already so much happier as her stupid, obedient little toy.

She gave a happy sigh, stroking his hair. She was feeling quite pleased herself~


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This story is not canon, as it turns out--if some version of it did take place in-canon, poor Senya ended up being saved or returned home. Eventually~


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