Sea Slimes

Chapter 8

by GigglingGoblin

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Snatch walked in locked step with the mermaid’s gyrations, following her as she led him deeper and deeper into what he knew was only darkness. He never missed a step. Had he been somewhat more aware of his surroundings, this might perhaps had confused him—after all, it was clearly pitch black down here. He stared into the brilliant light and felt perfectly certain it was not there.

The mermaid just smiled at him, clearly amused by something. He couldn’t imagine what. Snatch walked across the bottom of the Slick Trench, naked, his cock at full hardness, led as though leashed by a beautiful undersea horror. Long, beautiful locks of ebon hair trailed after the mermaid, framing her face like a curious hood. The hair was long enough to tickle Snatch’s lip as he followed. That was nothing, however, compared with the memories that surrounded him on all sides.

This mermaid had made him tell her everything. Every seduction, every breakdown, every fantasy, every whimpering need. That strange light-that-did-not-exist had flashed every time he had fought, and his struggles had grown weaker and weaker until, at last, everything was gone. With each question, they had moved further and further away, though he’d been barely aware of the motion at first.

Vampire harems. Elf brothels. Daemons and succubi and dryads and jelly maids and everything. She had probed with giggling question after giggling question about those who had conquered him, and with each recollection, she had added to the hallucinated memories that now plagued him.

Stinging tongues tormented his cock. Plush elven lips blew sweet vapor into his face, dazing him, making him compliant and horny. Succubi kissed his lips with their unbearably teasing touches. And little teeth grazed his neck, reminding him of what came next.

He was lost in it all. It was all designed to make his cock hard, make his mind weak, make him compliant. He couldn’t remember how to fight. He knew he needed to, but he couldn’t even muster the energy to glare anymore. He had lost.

The mermaid knew she had won, too, because she couldn’t stop giggling. She was still talking, still filling him with ideas, but he could barely hear any of it consciously anymore. Whenever he tried to parse something she was telling him, the light-that-didn’t-exist would flash again, and he would find his mind once again unable to focus.

Even the awareness that he had lost was getting harder and harder to hold onto. It just felt so good to give in. It felt so good to follow and obey. So good to listen to her sweet, dulcet tones fill him with words he didn’t need to understand.

“ good,” he dimly registered her saying, “feel so hot, so sexy to obey ... mm, Chrysa really did a number on you, didn’t she? And you were supposed to be the strong one!”

She laughed. He heard himself laughing, too. It was sort of funny. He’d thought he was so strong, so impervious. Now he was letting this fey tug him along like a dog on a leash. Maybe this was where he belonged.

He just felt too weak to fight. Chrysa had sucked and sucked and he just ... couldn’t ... remember ...

... how to not obey.

He returned her smile, and felt a fresh surge of joy enter his body as Chrysa’s illusory lips finally fastened around his shaft and begin to drink.

* * *

“Well, hello there.” Larya flinched away as something slimy caressed her ankle. “You’re a vision from the outside in, you know that?“

Larya spun around, trying to ignore the sounds of the mermaid orgasmic behind her. But she didn’t see whatever it was that had touched her: only dark, empty waters. She squinted. There was a disturbance in the water before her. Something had just moved through it. “Who are you?” she demanded.

“Can’t you see?” The voice came from her right. Larya turned, but still saw nothing. Was it something invisible? “I’m your dearest dream, sweet druidess. I’m what you came down here for.”

“I haven’t cum yet,” she quipped. Calling upon the World Base—though only a fragment, as she was worried calling upon it too much might be her undoing in her current needy state—she used a bit of magic Lim had taught her to heighten her sense of smell.

The magic interacted funny for a moment with the spell already on her. Larya guessed the spell wasn’t meant to work underwater, but trusted that it would sort itself out soon. Druidic magics rarely worked against each other, unlike most other forms of the arts. They cooperated. Just like druid and fey theoretically did.

“Ooh, that’s cute,” said the voice from behind her. Larya slowly turned, seeing, just as expected, absolutely nothing. “A little spell to find me? Wanna get a whiff, do we?”

Suddenly, Larya’s nostrils were assailed by the strong scent of what could only be defined as sugar. It filled her nose, filled her mind. She clutched her nose, but the spell, somehow heightened, could not be foiled. She felt her mind going woozy, and in that moment of weakness, the thing struck. Warm, slick arms of slime wrapped around her belly, just beneath her breasts. A warm, gooey liquid touched her shoulder and neck, slid across soft skin, dribbled down her neck to her cleavage. Her skin tingled from the contact, and she let out an involuntary gasp.

The voice spoke again, tickling her ear with a wet tongue-like appendage. “What a sweet thing you are.”

Eyes wide, Larya did the only thing she could do—she elbowed back. Hard. But to her horror, her elbow just sank right into the midst of something sticky, slimy, and undeniably wet—wet in a way her spell couldn’t help her ignore.

“Mm,” the voice said, “that feels good.” Larya felt something sucking on her elbow, and suddenly, she felt her whole left arm yanked right into the middle of the mass. Her arm was totally immersed, right up to her trembling fingers.

Despite herself, Larya gasped. The sucking felt like thousands of little mouths, and for a moment Larya had the irrational fear that this was some sort of octopus mermaid grappling her with her sucker-covered tentacles.

Her fear gave her strength, and she jerked away, breaking through the tendrils gripping her chest. Her arm remained trapped, however, and as she turned, she saw just what had caught her.

It was slime. Shiny, jiggly slime, like jello from the plant cultists’ feast Snatch and Larya had attended—well, crashed—last month. It was pink—hot pink—and it had a faint glow to it.

It was also a girl. A girl straight out of Larya’s most unrealistic wet dreams as a teenager—an amazon of cartoonish proportions. Her breasts were the size of honeydew melons, and they jiggled and bounced much like Larya had imagined her own would back before she’d learned a little bit about the laws of gravity. Her lips—slightly darker pink slime—were ridiculously plush, almost pillow-like. She fluttered eyelashes on big, innocent eyes, eyes wide with what could be mistaken for embarrassment if not for the amused smile on her youthful face. Ropy tendrils of slime trailed down her shoulders like hair, all the way to her absurdly tiny waist. Her hips were wide and promising, giving her the sort of hourglass figure that even a Thriae would lactate at.

Larya swallowed. “What the fuck?”

This wasn’t a fey—at least, not any fey Larya had ever heard of. It was a girl made of slime. There were ‘dryad’—like fey women based on mold slimes, but even they usually looked real. Not this...parody, this caricature of sexuality.

And yet, in spite of her absurd figure, Larya felt her cheeks heating up. She stared into the slime woman’s eyes, saw her arm gripped tightly between the slime girl’s boobs (it seemed wrong, somehow, to call them anything more mature), and felt the sucking at her bare, too-long-teased skin.

“What the fuck?” she repeated.

The slime girl giggled. “Like what you see? Because I...” She leaned closer, her whole form rippling in a small undersea current, “like what I feel.“

The sweet smell came even stronger, and Larya nearly doubled down. Her eyes closed by reflex as she tried to shut the saccharine scent out. She felt the warm slime surge up her arm. “Hey!” she cried. She opened her eyes and found her arm totally immersed up to the shoulder. Now the breasts were pressing against her body. They were firm, but seemed to yield when pushed against.

Larya realized now that this creature intended to submerge her completely. Her body sang with longing, but her mind raced for a solution...and came to only one. That was it. She was out of options. Staring the slime creature right in the eye, she connected herself to the World Base. She opened her mouth to let out a scream of pure sonic energy—her most complicated spell, and the most certain when it came to killing strange and alien creatures.

But then the creature moved again, mashing her lips against Larya’s open mouth in a dizzying kiss. The scent was overpowering. Slime rushed down Larya’s throat, despite her efforts not to swallow.

Worse, Larya’s grip on the World Base didn’t loosen—it tightened.

She felt the powers of nature rushing through her again, but now, with the threat to their presence gone, they were working against her, filling her with horny desire to let this strange creature have its way with her.

She dimly wanted to curse the day she’d chosen to attune herself this closely.

She vividly wanted to go limp.

Go limp. Shh! It’s okay. Just relax. Mm, feels so good. Tastes so good. It did taste good. Like strawberries, and mango, and pure sugar cane from the stalk. Larya’s whole vision was immersed in pink pleasure. Her lips were sending sparks up to her brain telling her to obey, and her pussy...

Her pussy was in heaven. The slime was surging into it, tickling over her clitoris, chemically stimulating every single little nerve down there. Warm slime rushed into her, making her whole body come alive with excruciatingly erotic sensation. She involuntarily bucked, and wriggled, and moaned, and—

Heehee! No! Not until you’re a good girl for me!

Despite her arousal, despite all the teasing pleasure, she couldn’t come. She gasped, inhaling more of the delicious slime, and realized that she would have to feel this way forever if she didn’t submit. She almost wanted that. It felt so good to be here, on the edge, moaning and drinking. But she wanted more. She needed more. And she would only get more if she agreed to be a good girl.

So she did. Larya went totally limp and felt herself sink fully into the slime girl’s embrace. The creature’s boobs pressed against her own, then melted around her, melted around her whole body. The slime girl kept kissing Larya until her whole body was absorbed. Her pussy was on fire. Her breasts were rising up from her chest, lifted up by the goo so every inch of skin could be titillated. Larya was gasping into the kiss, unable to breathe anything but the tasty, sweet nectar of her lover’s very essence.

Then the slime girl broke off the kiss and locked eyes with Larya. Larya felt herself suddenly held captive by those beautiful hot pink orbs. “Doesn’t it feel good?” she cooed. “Wouldn’t the whole world love to feel like this?“

Larya was insensible. Larya was desperate. So she just cried, “Yes, yes, oh, fuck, yes, fuck me now! Oh, please!”

The slime girl smiled coyly. “Mm. I’m supposed to wait until you’ve met the Goo Queen.” But as she spoke, the slime around Larya’s breasts started to spin, like little whirlpools in the slime girl’s own body. Larya trembled and shook, and the slime shook and jiggled around her. The slime girl’s eyes screwed up in pleasure at the sensation. “Ooh, fuck, you’re tasty...”

“Please,” Larya whimpered, “I won’t tell her.” She didn’t know who the Goo Queen was, and right now, she didn’t give a fuck. “I need you inside me. All the way. All the way. Oh, please, please!“

“Well, I’m not supposed to get all the way inside you...” The slime girl pouted those lush lips of hers, then brightened. “Ooh! I know! Lophii! Lophii!“

Larya heard something shifting in the water, and realized that the angler mermaid was moving. Slowly. Agonizingly slowly.

“Lophii,” the slime girl said, staring adoringly at something over Larya’s shoulder, “be a good pet and finish her off. I wanna feel her wriggling in me.“

There was a pause.

Larya gasped as she felt something else enter the slime with her from behind.

“That’s my little glowbug,” said the slime girl proudly. “Oh, it was soooo yummy watching her hypnotize you. Lophii and Formes are our two prized bimbos, but we never get to take them anywhere niiice.” She purred the word.

Larya started to tremble as she felt Lophii’s tongue touch her sensitized thigh. The mermaid was moving up her leg, but slowly, unbearably slowly.

“Oh, she’s such a cutie,” the slime girl gushed, staring at Larya with a look of total love. Larya couldn’t help but love her back. How could she not love this wonderful, beautiful creature that was making her whole body scream for submission? “And I can’t wait to see her—” Larya felt Lophii’s lips touch her very uppermost inner thigh, and she started to writhe, desperate to catch Lophii’s head, to force it up to her cunt.

But the slime restricted her too much. The slime girl’s eyes bugged out, and she let out an orgasmic sigh at Larya’s struggles. “Oh. Ooh! Oh, yes. I haven’t had a wriggler in oh-so-long!“

Larya ‘wriggled’ more as Lophii’s tongue started to lap at her outer folds. She started to pant. The slime was making her horny all over—she needed to be touched all over, caressed, petted, fucked, owned, but Lophii would only move so fast, and she was held too firmly to touch herself. She stared at the slime girl longingly. “Please,” she whimpered, “oh, please, I’ll do anything, just—”

The slime girl licked her lips. “Mm. Y’know, I think I need to feel you beg.” She leaned in.

“What?” Larya whispered.

“Beg for me,” cooed the slime girl, and she wrapped her arms around Larya’s head and pulled her into another devastating kiss.

If Larya’s legs hadn’t been supported by the slime girl’s body, her knees would have buckled. As it was, she trembled and screamed as the slime girl’s tongue probed inside her again, and her screams hit a new octave as Lophi’s tongue finally reached her clit.

No, commanded the petulant voice of the slime girl in her head, beg! Beg like a slut! Ooh, I haven’t dirty-talked in forever, either. Beg like a bimbo! Beg like a—

“Please,” Larya tried to say, and she heard her voice reverberate within the body of the slime girl, “please fuck me! Fuck me like a—fuck me like a slut, oh, yes, like your slut—” She could barely speak as the tongue started to lap in earnest at her clit, as the moans and gasps and pants of the mermaid started to reverberate back to her, as she realized she couldn’t even breathe— “I’ll be your bimbo, your little landwhore trash, just use me and oh fuck just please never stop fucking meeEEEEE” She seized up and squealed as the licking brought her right to the precipice of a world-shattering orgasm without end.

But something held her there.

The slime girl pulled back, freeing Larya’s head from the confines of the slime, and gave her a smug smile. “Heehee! That’s ... mm, that’s enough.” She looked oddly worn out. “I musta come, like, five times. Ooh, fuck. We’re gonna have fun with you.”

“No!” Larya whimpered. She tried to clamp her legs around Lophii’s head, but the mermaid was already withdrawing.

“Sorry!” sang the slime girl, giggling. “I’m really not allowed to make you come. We want the human girls primed and ready.”

Though her desperation, through the tingling that was driving her mad with unsatisfied lust, Larya’s conscious mind managed one last reasonable question. “Ready for what?”

The slime girl smirked. She leaned in and planted a little kiss on Larya’s nose. Even from this little bit of sensation, Larya couldn’t hold back a moan. “For Phase Two!“

* * *

Snatch regained consciousness lying in a bed of soft ... something. He gave a start when he realized his bed was soft, squishy, and suspiciously tentacular, but it wasn’t as big a start as he would have liked. Actually, he felt rather averse to sudden movements. It was very comfortable here.

“Mm.” The husky feminine voice was right beside his ear. “Awake at last.”

Startled, Snatch tried to roll away and spring to his feet. The ‘bed’ he was on was incredibly slippery, though, and he found himself succeeding in nothing but lying upon his stomach instead of his back. His eyes shot open.

He realized he was lying on an enormous anemone. No, in an enormous anemone. Its tentacles were caressing him gently, running over his arms and legs in slow, silken movements. And at the anemone’s center was the face of a beautiful blue-skinned woman. She smiled at him, and he felt his heart flutter. “Oh, good. I love having you facing me. It’s so nice to see those big, panicked eyes of yours.“

He tried to speak, but it was like his sense of time had slowed to a world of treacle. Everything around felt too fast, and it felt so hard to manage words. Before he could muster more than an “Ah,” she laughed and cut him off. He found himself meekly acceding. “Now, now. No objections. They left you here for me and that’s that.”

Snatch realized his whole head felt fuzzy, crackly. He could barely see straight. His whole body felt weak and frail. Arguing with this creature was just...

“—so much trouble,” the anenome creature cooed. Her eyes were a bright gold, with serpentine pupils. “And it is just so hard to keep those eyes open, isn’t it?“

He tried to fight. He tried to keep his eyes open, to keep staring into her big, fluttering orbs. But it was so much effort ...

“Just tires you out,” she purred. He felt something slippery wrapping around his cock. “Just makes you tired, sleepy, obedient.”

“Obedi—” He wanted to argue, but it was too hard to speak and keep his eyes open. He couldn’t think of what to say.

“Obedient,” she repeated, smiling at him.

“Obedient,” he murmured. His eyes were closing. He felt like he’d run a marathon today. The slippery things were stroking his cock with a hypnotic slowness. His mind struggled against the darkness closing in, but how could anything fight a darkness so easy?

“And you just want to lie down in me,” she said softly. “Don’t you?”

He just wanted to lie down and accept it.

“Hard to think.”

It was hard to ...

“Hard to move.”

His body slowly curled up. The slow, lazy strokes built his tormented cock towards ...

“Obedient. Pleasured.” The face seemed to come closer—or maybe he was sinking deeper amid the tentacles—and was now only centimeters from him. The eyes commanded all of his attention. The eyes commanded him. Her bright red lips took his gaze only for a few moments, to focus on the sensuous way she pronounced the words, before he returned to the eyes. “So much pleasure,” she whispered. “Unending. Pleasure.“

Unending pleasure. His hips started to thrust in time with the strokes. He felt more tentacles wrapping around him.

“So submissive,” she said, her lips nearly touching his. “So ready to sleep.”

His eyes drifted closed as her lips touched his, and he felt sharp shark-like teeth—

“Tangling Hope, nope, off with the dope!” The voice came with a strange vibrant intensity that made Snatch’s teeth chatter and eyes flash open. “There’s one you aren’t meant to grope! No cum, pretty one, no meal for you, no meat or sinew to hatch a brood!”

The woman let out a loud hiss and recoiled. In a flash, Snatch saw her for what she really was—no angelic woman, but a fanged yellow-eyed monster with a pretty face. At the same time, his mind surged into sudden wakefulness as he remembered that reality was a thing he was a part of and had some level of agency in. At the same time, an older training took over and reminded him of one of his most important lessons.

A demon, he thought. She’s a demon.

A hand grasped his arm, wrenched him out of the demonic anenome’s coils, and cast him down into soft sand. He found himself staring up at a deep mermaid with solid pink eyes and flowing white hair. Her lower half, he saw, resembled that of an eel. She gave him an indulgent smile. “Enjoying the garden?” she cooed at him.

He blinked up at her. Looking into her eyes confused him, and the brief surge of perfect clarity receded. His head was still clouded. Where had that awful voice from from? He looked around his blurry world, taking stock.

He was still naked, though he still couldn’t feel the cold of the deep ocean. And he could see. That meant the ... the spell was still up. Good.

The sea down here was clear and quite devoid of those little specks that clouded the seas above, giving him a perfect view of a strange sort of garden. Enormous tube-like stalks sprouted from the ocean floor in oddly well-kept clusters. Many of them were suspiciously phallic. Great spherical coral plants grew here and there, looking disturbingly similar to brains. Above him climbed a strange sort of algae tree, and he could swear there were yellow eyes staring down at him from it.

“Demon,” he whispered. That was the only thing that was penetrating his head right now. Demons. It had been a demon voice he’d heard. “Demons!”

“No, no,” said the mermaid, leaning down and stroking his chest. “Shh. Shh.”


“No, no,” she repeated, leaning close and kissing him deeply. He suddenly felt a strange emptiness. She was less kissing him than consuming him, messily, hungrily. He was getting very warm, and the kiss was too lustful to even think. His cock throbbed with new life as something warm and wet began to squeeze it. And he finally passed out again.

* * *

Larya awoke moaning. She stared up with wide eyes, mind racing to find some sort of logical place. She was lying in the sand. There were colorful ocean plants all around her. There were two bright pink eyes staring at her with blatant glee.

And there was a huge cock thrusting into her pussy.

“Aah!” she cried, her hips bucking involuntarily. “F-fuck!” She trembled from the force of its thrusts. Looking down, she realized it wasn’t a cock at all, but some sort of long tentacle. Or tube. A tubeworm, she thought. But why’s it— “Oh, fuck,” she whispered, as it accelerated its efforts, sending her mind dancing away in bliss.

“Feels good, huh?” said the owner of the two pink eyes. The slime girl was watching her predicament and openly giggling. “I knew it would. I know you’d love this, you scrumptious little slut!“

“Ah-ah...” Larya shivered. “No...”

“What’s that?” The slime girl smirked. “You don’t love it?”

“P-please … let me go ...” Larya was shocked to hear how weak her voice sounded. But her nervous system was all-but-overloaded, she hadn’t come all day, and this felt so good.

“Are you sure?” The slime girl reached forward and grasped Larya’s nipple roughly, giving it a slimy tweak. Larya whined loudly. “’Cause I think you’re a slut who likes it. A horny little bimbo.”

“N-no!” Larya squirmed away from the slick fingers. But there was no escaping the relentless pounding. “I won’t—aah!

“That’s right!” the slime girl crooned. Her fingers relentlessly pursued Larya’s breasts, tickling and squeezing the big, sensitive pillows. “Give in!

“I won’t!” Larya cried. She reached down to try to grab the tubeworm, but the slime girl caught her arms and forced them to her side. “I won’t give i—aah!” Gods, it just wouldn’t stop. If only she had a second, half a second to collect herself—“Fuck!

“Little landwhore,” cooed the slime girl. “Little squealing bimbo!”

“I … yes ...” The word just barely slipped out, and Larya shook all over with pleasure. It felt so good to say it. She stared up at her beautiful captor. “Yes,” she heard herself saying. “Yes yes yes!

“I knew it!” The slime girl leaned in and kissed Larya’s left breast, and Larya squeaked from the slippery contact on her nipple. “I knew I could get you to admit it like this!” She licked the right nipple, eliciting another squeak. “You were so needy earlier! Brainless little strumpet!

“Yes!” Larya’s whole mind was dead. It was too much, far too much. She still felt the mental control of the slime girl’s powerful sexual appeal, but more than that, she’d been getting teased and tormented all day and fuck, she needed to come.

She’d fight and escape after, she told herself. She grabbed the strange tubeworm and tried to speed up its motions, but jagain, the slime girl grabbed her arms and wrenched them away. Suddenly, Larya found herself beneath the strange woman. Her legs were spread-eagled, as well as her arms, and the delicious sweet scent—How could I ever think it was saccharine?—was pouring into her from all around. She writhed in the slime girl’s grip. “Yes! Yes!“

“You wanna cuuuuum?” whispered the slime girl, her tone conspiratorial.

Larya tried to speak, but was cut off as the creature slammed into her, and only a “Guh” came out. She nodded desperately. She could feel the orgasm coming closer and closer, could feel the pleasure mounting—deep down, she knew she’d never be able to stop once she came, she’d just keep coming and coming and submitting and begging, but she couldn’t help it, she didn’t want to help it—

“Kiss me, slut,” commanded the slime girl, descending onto Larya.

Larya allowed herself to be consumed within the ooze once again and embraced her owner, allowing herself to be pulled within completely. The surrender was almost was wonderful as the thing between her legs, she thought. Then the thing vibrated and her mind went totally blank for a few precious seconds.

When her sentences returned, Larya found she was drinking at the slime girl’s breasts. “Just a little,” cooed the slime girl. “Not too much. Against the rules, but oh my fucking god, you’re so—oh, yes, yes, yes yes yes...“

Larya didn’t know what she was talking about and she didn’t care. She kept sucking, kept drinking the delicious sweet ambrosia, up until the slime girl pulled off. She stared deep into the slime girl’s rosy eyes, her own eyes full of need, her heart pounding with the overpowering desire to submit completely.

“Sorry!” the slime girl chirped. “She wants you ripe, not roasted!”

Larya’s mouth hung open. She stared at the slime girl in a mixture of hate and arousal.

The girl giggled. “Oh my god, you’re so gullible.” She reached down and placed her hand between Larya’s legs.

Larya felt the tubeworm shudder and vibrate again, but this time it was because it was being actively stroked by those sensuously gooey fingers. Larya trembled. “Please,” she whispered. “I’ll be yours, your slut, just—please—“

“Mm. You will be anyways.” The slime girl leaned in. “I have dibs.”

Larya was so close. She was so fucking close.

“I think I’m gonna keep you like this,” the slime girl sang, “forever and ever! Doesn’t that sound nice?” She beamed at Larya. “I love you like this.”

Tears sprang to Larya’s eyes. “Oh, please, no...”

“Oh, please yes.“

Larya opened her mouth to scream, but the slime girl reached down and stuck her finger inside. Like a steel trap, Larya’s lips automatically closed around it. She tasted that intoxicating sweetness again. The slime girl leaned in. “I’m gonna make you beg, and whine, and do everything I say,” she husked, “and you’re never, ever gonna cum. Because I like seeing you like this. Horny. Needy. Begging for it.” She strummed the tube worm again, giggling at the way Larya’s eyes rolled up into her head. “Because I know you could’ve gotten away if you didn’t have this. But you’re so easy. So desperate. Isn’t that right?“

She pulled the finger out. Larya gasped for breath, and for a moment, her dignity fought with the pounding pleasure below. She knew it wouldn’t help. She was just humiliating herself. But despite—or because of—that, she submitted almost instantly. “Yes!” she cried. “Yes, I am! Oh, fuck! I’m just your horny, desperate bimbo! Please make your bimbo come! Why can’t I come?” The last word was almost a squeak.

“These are my brothers,” the slime girl murmured, stroking the tubeworm again. “Garden pets from a land of pure, pink lust. Mm. I used to lie among them and just let them fuck me for hours and hours and hours before I made them let me come.” She giggled. “If you want it to let you come, you just have to have a strong enough will to make it.“

“I need it,” Larya whimpered, “I need—” She was cut off as, again, the slime girl stuck her thumb into her mouth and she again started suckling it like an infant. What is wrong with me?

“But if you’re a weak-willed little slut like you ...” the slime girl leaned forward and licked Larya’s cheek. “… they’ll make your life Hell, pet. And you’ll love every minute of it. Won’t you?

Larya shuddered and gasped as the tube worm speed up its attentions. She began to nod ...

“What is this, Allessiantha?” The voice was as bubbly and bright as the pink slime girl’s, but it rang with a strange power. The slime girl above Larya jumped, her thumb popping out from between Larya’s lips. “I thought I had instructed you ...”

As quick as spitting oil, the slime girl—Allessiantha—performed a liquidy somersault in the water and assumed an almost militant stance. The salute she gave would have completed the effect nicely had it not sent her breasts jiggling again. Larya’s eyes were drawn to them, even as she gasped and moaned from the tubeworm’s attentions.

“... primed. And ready.” And Larya saw the speaker.

She looked not unlike a normal merfolk, aside from her wide, pale eyes, freakishly white skin, and incredibly numerous, sharp teeth. Shark teeth. Actual shark teeth. Her lower half was rather stubby compared to the flowing fish tails other merfolk had had, but her upper body was nothing if not luscious. She was curvaceous and full, with watermelon-sized breasts that looked positively unnatural—even next to the cartoonishly endowed slime girl. Her lips were plump and pale, her eyes a shining green—masked by wide, tinted spectacles. So far, Larya noticed, she had only seen “possessed” merfolk with green and pink eyes. The mermaid’s ebon hair was flowing and curly, like she’d just gotten out of the water and it needed a good combing.

But her neck was what drew Larya’s attention instantly away from the phallous in her cunt. It was patterned with elaborate dark designs, like tattoos, but ... alive. They shifted and writhed. They called to Larya. Larya frowned, feeling her mind buzzing. The pleasure from the phallous was still there, but distant, a calm, happy feeling that only provided a slight tinge compared to the incredible sense of pleasure that coursed through her as she stared at the beautiful patterns.

Then a painted red fingernail poked at the designs, sending them scattering like ripples in a river, and Larya’s mind short-circuited. “You like my little ... accessory?”

Larya let out a hoarse cry as the tubeworm thrust into her again and the sensation came flooding back. The pleasure was unspeakable. It was too much. Her clit was too sensitive, but so, so, needy ... She found herself saying ‘yes’ without even thinking. It felt so good to go along with what they wanted from her.

“I thought you might.” The mermaid smirked, pushing her spectacles up her nose with one finger. “Mortals always do. This is my very favorite host, you know.”

“Ah ...” Larya shuddered and shook as the phallous rammed into her. She was free, now, and she realized she could take it out, or at least make it get her off faster. But something in her own heart stopped her.

This is what I want, isn’t it? The thought felt strange, though it did feel like her own. She tried to concentrate on the thought, tried to destroy it, but the effort of that was just so great. It was so much easier to submit. She always wanted to submit.

“There was the Queen, but ... well, I’ve always felt a closer connection to dear Rubripie. She was—is—so very bookish. So curious. And I suppose I am too.” The mermaid—Rubripie?—giggled. “I guess I’m kind of the historian of the Abyssal Zone. I love learning new things. New people. New worlds. But I’ve been down here so, so l—ooh, look!“

Larya found herself looking. A slender mermaid with a disturbingly wide, full-looking mouth was swimming towards them through the strange garden. Gulper maid, Larya thought to herself. And then she realized what the mermaid must have in her mouth, and a pang of worry hit her heart. Luckily, a pound from the worm quickly drove it away again.

It was hard to watch the maid’s mouth unhinge, mainly because it was extradimensional, and you really didn’t want to look right at that if you wanted to keep both eyes on the fourth dimension. Larya closed her eyes, and for a moment, she found herself surrendering all consciousness to lust. And it felt good to do that. Felt good to feel the pounding, feel her clit begging for an orgasm that would never come, immerse herself in submission, in humiliation.

Then she heard Snatch swearing, so she opened her eyes again.

The former thief lay there on the ground, naked and covered in quickly-disappearing ectoplasm, right beside a large mass of red coral. He was shuddering and clutching at himself as though phantom fingers were running all over him. And if Larya’s memory of gulper eel mermaids was accurate, they probably were. Being “swallowed” by one was said to be a fairly unique experience.

“So happy to have you, little one,” the mermaid that was not Rubripie said. “You’ll have to excuse me if I don’t call you by that silly nickname of yours.”

“Go to hell,” Snatch muttered.

The slime girl and mermaids all seemed to find this hilarious, because they giggled for a solid ten seconds at it. “Silly boy!” tittered Allessiantha. “Silly little boy.”

“Don’t talk to me like that, demon,” the adventurer snarled.

The pair stopped laughing. Larya blinked, her mind momentarily slipping from its sheath of pleasure. Demons?

“Well,” said the mermaid slowly, “that isn’t even the half of it. But I think an introduction is in order.” She performed a little curtsy. “I am the Goo Queen. Welcome to my kingdom.“

* * *

“Centuries ago,” the queen whispered, “there was only darkness. Darkness and the Deep Merfolk. Oh, what delightful morsels they must have been. They knew not how close they were to the Abyssal Rift, and the demons toyed and teased through the rift constantly. In dreams and shadows they visited, showing those lonely little beauties all that they could give them. The Deep Merfolk struggled, but one-by-one, they just couldn’t help themselves.”

The rosy slime girl smirked as she sat down on Snatch’s stomach. Snatch cringed from the surge of tickling, gooey sensation on his belly. “Horny little fishies. Fey never see demons coming.“

“It wasn’t just through Lust,” the Goo Queen said. “Anger and hate, Envy toward their shallow cousins, Sloth and apathy toward the merfolk’s endless wars—oh, the demons are masters and mistresses of sin, and each one they plied toward their increasingly receptive vessels. But nothing turned the tide quite like gluttony.” She beamed, tweaking one of her nipples with one hand. “Gluttony for pleasure. You mortals and fey always assume that Lust holds the key to all sexual delight, but Lust is only the foulest incarnations of inappropriate desire. There is no sin in pleasure. Until ...” She raised her other hand to toy with both nipples at once, her eyelids fluttering with feeling. “… there’s too much. Isn’t that right, my pet druidess?“

Snatch heard Larya gasping and wheezing from need and did not look. He concentrated instead on what was in front of him: The curvaceous hip of his slime girl captor. She noticed his absent gaze and gave him a dazzling smile.

“They became hungry for more,” he heard the Goo Queen say, but he couldn’t help but concentrate more on the slime girl as she mouthed the last three words in tandem. “More, and more, until at last they broke and made permanent pacts with Hell. They became devoted servants, performing sacrifices, occasionally even kidnapping the odd shallow merfolk who strayed too close to the Slick Trench.” She sounded happy. Wistful, anyways. “And that was around the time they began to keep their ... garden.”

The slime girl blew Snatch a kiss and waggled her eyebrows. He felt his cock rising up behind her.

“Guh—garden?” Larya asked.

“The first gift from their new patrons,” the Goo Queen said. “A garden of hellish delights. An oceanic forest of ecstasy. The underwater shadow of some deadly wonderland in Hell, or so I hear, but totally subservient to the merfolks’ desires.”

“Everything they wanted,” the slime girl whispered, never breaking gaze with Snatch. “Everyone they wanted. Ooh, they made me fuck them for hours and hours …“

“Mm. Yes.” Out of the corner of his eye, Snatch saw the Goo Queen nod. “And we were the prized exhibits of the garden. Slimes.” She ran her hands over her curvy body, giving a soft moan as she continued. “Delicious, sensational slimes. They loved us most of all.” Her eyes took on a fell glow. “And as decades turned into centuries, they began to love us more and more. We learned ways to make them, you see. Ways to make them see just how good we could be for them. Make them ... feel.“

Snatch felt his gaze becoming increasingly captive to the shining eyes of the slime girl, but he managed to get out, “You took over.”

“That’s right,” the slime girl hissed. “They started to lose contact with their demons, but we were always here for them. They depended on us more and more. And then ...”

“Then I,” the Goo Queen finished, smiling, “found a way to give them more pleasure than ever before.”

“Y-you ...” Snatch heard Larya barely hold back a cry, “... y-you m-m-made them—AAH!

“Oh, no.” The Goo Queen seemed shocked at this. “We would never abuse our beloved owners.” Her open mouth turned into a sly smile. “They begged us for it.“

“E-ven-tua-lly!” sang the slime girl, bouncing on Snatch’s belly with each stressed syllable. Snatch gasped as the wind was repeatedly knocked out of his lungs. She was heavier than she looked. Then again, those breasts didn’t exactly look lightweight.

“And we—”

Snatch cut her off, or tried to. But all that came out was a painful wheeze. He was still unable to speak.

The slime girl laughed delightedly. “What is it, boy?” He opened his mouth to speak, but she bounced on him again. He struggled beneath her, but he still felt so weak. “Do you wanna tell me something?’ she cooed, bouncing again.

“Don’t hurt him, Alless,” the mermaid said, smiling slyly.

The slime girl looked over at her ruler, then looked back and fluttered her big eyelashes at Snatch. “I would never hurt you, darling boy, would I?”

And as Snatch opened his mouth to speak again, the slime girl lurched forward and locked her lips with his. His eyes widened, and he tried to pull away, but he couldn’t will himself to move fast enough. She tasted sickeningly sweet. Her lips were soft and luscious, warm and wet, and her tongue probed into his mouth and brought a hurricane of dizzying sugar with it.

His head spun, and by the time she pulled away, he could barely remember his own names, let alone what he’d been trying to say. She giggled. “What were you trying to say, darling boy?”

“Uh ...” Snatch desperately tried to swallow, but whatever horrid sweet thing she was made of seemed permanently stuck to the roof of his mouth, to his tongue, to the insides of his cheeks. His mind slowly clicked back into motion. “Um ... you ...”

“Alless” leaned forward to kiss him again. Only a word from the Goo Queen stopped her. “No, Alless. I’m actually curious now.” She smiled at Snatch. “What is it, boy?”

Snatch felt strangely grateful to her—so much so that he barely noticed the patronizing language. “Why are you explaining all this to us?” he asked. “And ... why with any of this? Why do you want humans?” He wasn’t usually this curious about his enemies, he realized. It was the demonic influence on the situation, no doubt. Old habits died hard.

“What a silly question,” whispered the slime girl, wrapping a slick hand around Snatch’s head. “Do you need to have a little talk with someones more on your level?” Without warning, she pulled him up and face-to-face with her physics-defying breasts. “I mean, my boobies are probably a lot smarter than you, but at least they’re pretty dumb and horny, like you.” He found his gaze drawn to those dark, perky nipples. Yes, she was slime, but the slime didn’t feel at all bad on his skin, and ... she still looked like a cartoonishly beautiful woman. It was Chrysa, he told himself. He just wasn’t all together yet.

“Don’t mash him in just yet,” the Goo Queen said. Again, Snatch felt a curious foreign sense of gratitude towards her for sparing him. His rational mind told him that that was false, it was what demons did to people, but he couldn’t help but smile to himself. The Goo Queen was kind.

“Let me see ... I’m explaining it because I have no one to talk to, I suppose.” Snatch couldn’t tear his eyes away from the floating nipples, but the Queen sounded almost sad. “I am a historian, and an avid one. I have greatly enjoyed studying the practices of my unique species, learning what makes our beloved hosts … mm … tick.” Was she pleasuring herself? It was impossible to tell without looking away from the breasts, and looking away from the breasts felt more impossible with every passing second. “It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to ... aah ... monologue.

“And why do we want humans? The same reason we have begun claiming shallow merfolk. Ooh.” The Goo Queen cleared her throat. “The Deep Merfolk are fading. They can no longer reproduce, being too distantly taken from their fey roots, and ... well, they can’t go to the surface. The pressure is too low. And we can scarce survive up there, either.“

Snatch felt the hand clutching his hair move away, but he remained sitting up. He heard the slime girl laughing softly at this, but he was too intently fixated on the two perfect pink pillows before him to care much.

“We mean to take the merfolk,” the Goo Queen said cheerfully. “And make them feel like our current masters feel. But fey are too much trouble to depend on. I ...” She let out a soft gasp, followed by a husky moan. When she began speaking again, she sounded like she was right on the edge. “... I want more. I want you mortals. I wanna make you all mine, my darling slutty slaves. I want a new Hell on Earth, a sexy, slimy Hell—oh, I want—I want—OH, FUCK!

Snatch heard her explosive orgasm, and felt his cock twitching in needy sympathy. He heard what she said, but only dimly. The breasts just somehow seemed very important to watch. They were so simple. So pure. So rosy and bright and beautiful.

“S-so ...” whispered the Goo Queen after a long silence, “I’m gonna make you drink me. Y-you first, then her.”

“Why?” he asked. His voice sounded distant. It all sounded distant, really.

“B-because,” the Goo Queen said, and he realized she was still pleasuring herself from the high pitch of her words, “when a male drinks us, he absorbs enough essence to s-serve. And I want you to service—to serve me. And then she’ll drink me, and then Alless will drink her, and we’ll all ... oh, fu—AAH!” Snatch actually heard her thrashing in the water this time.

“Oh, let him drink me first, Mistress,” said the slime girl, leaning down so she could lock eyes with Snatch. Or try to, anyways—his attention was still firmly affixed. “He’s so stuck on my hypnotic boobies! Let him drink a little of me first, oh, please.”

“Oh, a-alright.” The Goo Queen was still masturbating, and Snatch could feel his cock beginning to twinge slightly just at the sound in her voice. He would cum the second his lips touched Alless’s breast, he realized suddenly. And once he came, he would be lost for good, he was sure of it. He would submit totally, and drink with total willingness.

If only he could remember why that was a bad thing.

“D-drink her,” commanded the Goo Queen, her voice shaking with lust, “and then ... ooh, then I’m gonna make you take your druid friend and fuck her until you both beg to serve us forever ... and then I’m gonna—“

A spark lit in Snatch’s mind. His arousal dwindled, just a little bit.

It wasn’t that Larya wasn’t attractive.

He jerked his head away from the slime girl’s head and, before she could react, lunged toward the coral.

She was hot. Anyone could see that. She’d grown on him.

He wrapped his fingers around the coral. He felt his fingers bleed, but the pain brought a new sort of clarity. “Hey!” Alless protested.

But, as they were constantly having to clarify ...

He broke off the coral piece and stabbed forward with the jagged edge.

“We’re partners,” he snarled. The slime girl shrieked as the sharp coral slashed through her immense breasts. She seemed more surprised than anything, but he used that surprise to throw her off of him.

Part of his dazed mind wanted to watch her drift through the water, but he finally felt awake again, and he knew it wasn’t going to last.

“She’s my partner, damn it!” In one bound, he sprang over to Larya’s prone form and, with two vicious hacks, cut the demonic tubeworm in two.

Larya’s moans died almost instantly. She stared up at him, unseeing. “Oh, shit,” she gasped. “What the fuck?”

“Demon magic!” he said, grabbing her arm and wrenching her to her feet. “We’ve gotta—”

Larya pulled free of his grip, raised both arms, and released a blast of something very hot over Snatch’s shoulder. He heard a scream. Turning, he saw the gulper maid falling back, her face hideously burned.

“Aw.” The Goo Queen shook her head sadly. “It’ll take her days to fix that up.” Swaying her tail with rhythmic insistence, the ancient creature advanced. “Isn’t fighting exhausting, though? Wouldn’t you rather … look at my necklace? Calm down a little?”

Snatch caught himself about to do just that and wrenched his gaze away. He turned around toward where he was trying to lead Larya. His heart gave a jolt.

A familiar form drifted before them. It had pale blueish skin, and long tentacles swayed around where the hips would be like a scandalous skirt. Great, feathery tendrils extended from beneath, wispy like white flames. The jelly maid beamed at him. “There’s my happy boy!”

It’s an illusion. It’s an illusion.

“Shit,” he heard Larya say. He realized he was still staring at Chrysa’s big, wide big eyes. They were so beautiful. So loving. So promising. He could have so much pleasure, so much everything ...

Shit, he thought.

Chrysa lunged forward, her tentacles casting a net of poisonous touches. Snatch and Larya both dove away, but Snatch, as always, moved just a bit slower. He felt a horribly familiar tickling sensation run across his legs.

The thief-turned-bounty-hunter-turned-adventurer fell to the ocean floor. His cock was rock-hard, already crying out for Chrysa’s unspeakable attentions.

“I knew I’d see you again!” Chrysa sang, and he let out an involuntary laugh as a toxic tendril caressed his cheek. “I can’t wait to make you happy again!”

“Chrysa, the druidess!” the Goo Queen snarled.

Snatch pushed himself up in time to see Larya enter a strange spiral, creating a surge of bubbles that sent the Goo Queen and slime girl flying back. It had been a long time since he’d seen such a raw display of druidic power from her, and he knew it must be taking its toll. He could see she was red-faced, and when she stopped spinning, she stumbled as though dizzy.

“Oh! Oopsy!” Chrysa swam away from Snatch, making her way straight towards Larya. “Hi, little girl!” she said in a sultry tone. “Ready for Round Two?”

Realizing he was unguarded, Snatch tried to get up. He couldn’t feel his legs. Half his face was tingling with erotic sensitivity. He pulled himself after Chrysa, looking for anything that could be used as a weapon. There was nothing. Nothing at all.

And then he looked to Larya. She looked down at him for a long moment. He met her gaze.

The traitor lay on the ocean floor, half-paralyzed, unarmed. The traitor hovered up in the water, weakened, surrounded by enemies, out of options.

There’s nothing in you I understand, is there? he thought.

Larya turned and, her eyes shining green, shot up, up and away into the darkness.

The Goo Queen was shrieking in anger. The slime girl was squealing her displeasure. Chrysa was just sort of vaguely cooing, and the gulper eel maid was laughing at him.

I deserved that, he thought glumly. He lay prone, there, and felt his mind slipping back into the place of comfort. The fight had abandoned him. Too much exertion. Too much disappointment. Fair’s fair, Larya.

So this was what it felt like.

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