Sea Slimes

Chapter 11

by GigglingGoblin

Tags: #cw:noncon #cw:sexual_assault #dom:female #dom:male #f/f #f/m #pov:bottom #sub:female #bad_end #bondage #breast_fixation #corruption #cw:misogyny #D/s #demon #fantasy #fey #humiliation #hypnosis #lactation #mermaid #mind_control #multiple_partners #pov:top #slime_girl #sub:male #tentacles #tickling

Larya spun in time to see the creature emerge from beneath the sands. Her stomach dropped at the sight.

The woman had pale gray skin, breasts almost the size of a holstaur's, and long, red hair. Her eyes were large and solid, pale pink. Her lips were a deep turquoise. She had a large, statuesque build—if she'd had legs, she would surely stand close to seven feet tall.

Her lower body, though, was a mass of tentacles. Long, thick tentacles, with two extra-long arms. Her lower body was that of a giant squid.

The mermaid glared at them, hellfire dancing in her eyes. "Do you think me a fool?" she hissed, and it was the voice of the Goo Queen. "Did you think I wouldn't save her? My first conquest?"

"What the fuck?" Snatch said, his voice weak. "We killed you."

"You annoyed me." The giant squid maid's eyes narrowed to slits. "I will deal with you later. Perhaps we will have time to make you beg after all."

Larya barely had time to process this before the Goo Queen's two tentacle arms shot out. She yelped as they snaked around her torso, yanking her off her feet and away from the ground.

"And you," the Goo Queen said, grinning sadistically, "are mine!"

Larya felt the water suddenly rush around her, faster than she could think, and Snatch vanished from sight. The water roared against her face, sending her hair streaking back behind her head as she looked ahead. They were moving, she realized. Jetting. Not since the encounter with the sirens had she been moved with such blinding speed, and it made her eyes hurt to try to recognize the streaks of color they were swimming past as real three-dimensional objects.

She tested her constraints as they swam. No good. The tentacle arms were thick and tough. She might as well be trying to break steel cables.

She wondered if the smaller tentacles were softer.

When the world slowed back down, Larya found that they were no longer in the open. It was some kind of cave. The walls sparkled with glittering gemstones, and the ground was made of the same strange slick sand as the floors of the garden. We must still be in the garden, Larya thought.

She looked up, uncomprehending, at the Goo Queen's smug face.

"You like?" she said silkily. "I hope so. You're going to be spending a few nights here, at least."

Larya glared at the squid maid. "Why? Why do you want me?" As she spoke, she tried to concentrate. She had to slip into the World Base, and quick, but what could she do? This woman was too nimble. Maybe if she was closer, she could fire off a blast of boiling water again. She needed to be close, though. Too close to dodge.

"Oh." The Goo Queen tapped her lips with a finger. "Oh, that's too delicious. You still haven't guessed? What a little bimbo you are!"

"So tell me," Larya said. She tried to make her tone less confrontational. I have to make her want to talk to me, she thought desperately. She tried to put a little naiveté into her voice. She wants a bimbo? Give her a bimbo. "What do you want with me?" She pouted. "I'm not that sexy, am I?"

"Oh. Oh, my darling." The Goo Queen beamed. "You are that, and more. But that's not why." She pulled Larya a little closer. Now Larya was only about two meters away from the Goo Queen's perfect face. She really was beautiful, Larya thought. Thank goodness she hasn't got hypnosis anymore, or I'd really be screwed. "I need a vessel, you see. A druidess. One who can work magic, who can bring me to the world above."

"S-so that's it?" Larya said. "I don't understand. Why a druidess?" She wriggled slightly in her constraints, more for the effect. "If you just want my help getting to the surface, I-I could cast some spells for you! Pretty please?"

"Oh, no." The Goo Queen pulled her closer still. So close. Just a bit nearer ... "My dear little ditz, I want you." Her eyes glimmered with demonic light. "I want your hot little body. I want those plush lips, that shining hair. I want to be inside you. I want to wear you and ... and ... oh, fuck." The tentacles started to pull Larya closer. Larya squirmed slightly. Here it comes ... "You will be my vessel as we conquer the earth."

"O-oh yeah?" Larya gave a little vapid giggle. "You and what army?" I'm so close. So close!

The Goo Queen pulled Larya up until Larya was just a foot away. "When I possess you," she whispered, "we'll breed one."

Larya closed her eyes and entered the World Base. That was it. It was time to tell the water to heat up and...

... and...

She wriggled slightly and frowned. Something was distracting her. Her legs were held tightly closed by the tentacle arms, but something soft and slippery was tickling around her groin. Distracting her. Teasing her, almost.

She wriggled more fiercely. It wouldn't be distracting her so much if it would just get inside her, she was sure, but it was driving her mad on the outside. She groaned and tried to spread her legs, but the tentacle arms were holding them shut. "F-fuck!"

It didn't matter. None of it mattered. She was in the World Base. She could feel the presence of fey, could taste the overwhelming weight of millions of tons of seawa—

"Aah!" Her eyes flew open as the tentacle slipped into her. They widened. "F-fuck!"

"Is there a problem, my little harlot?" the Goo Queen asked sweetly.

Larya's eyes hummed with the intensity as she felt her connection to the World Base ... shift. Wriggle. Tickle. Writhe. "Oh!" she cried, feeling the tentacle squirm inside her. "Oh, f-fuck! S-stop!"

The World Base—the mass of grays and blues and greens that showed her this place's true connection to nature, that captured utterly her every physical sense—was changing before her eyes. Its music began to take a different tempo. The smell turned harsh and saccharine. Something felt wrong.

She tried to close her legs, but they had opened, and now the tentacle arms were holding them open, just a bit. The Goo Queen's tentacles were sliding up around her, now, immersing her lower body in their soft touches.

Larya shuddered. The worst part was, she was in the World Base. Every sensation—every touch of the tentacles along her clit, every tickle along her thigh—was magnified. The presence of this fey woman intoxicated her, as the fey always did, and the richness of the nature around her held her spirit in longing. But there was more. Something ... foul, something wonderful. Her spirit quailed at it. Her spirit begged for it.

The World Base was changing, morphing, as some new presence started to seep into it. She hadn't noticed at first—it must have started the moment she'd entered—but now it was rising up to her ankles. The World Base seemed to be filling with poisonous honey. Sweet and acrid, sunset-orange, a lilting and disturbing song. Spiders danced on her treacherous skin.

More tentacles were slipping into her pussy now, and Larya jumped as she felt more snaking around her backside, trying to slip into her rear. She moaned in fear, but the World Base would not allow her to tighten. Indeed, it urged her to spread further. The sensuous invasion spread higher, and she could taste the sweet, spicy essence on her tongue. It was the taste of a will. And even from that little taste, she could sense just how much greater that will was than her own.

She bucked slightly as a slender little tentacle slipped inside her ass.

"Little bimbo ... what have you gotten yourself into?"

Now the stimulation was becoming dangerous. She started to buck and moan as the tentacles worked their will within her from both ends, stimulating her labia, her clit, making her cry out and ... and ...

"OH!" Larya screamed. She bucked into the tentacles' attention, spreading her legs wider. "Oh, fuck!"

Her mind was in ecstasy. Her spirit was in heaven. And her entire body was immersed in the sticky, spidery touches of the World Base. Something about it was so perverse, and yet she felt a smile spreading across her face. Some part of her simply didn't care. And it terrified her beyond all reasonable thought. She leaned into the tentacles, finding her arms free, allowing them to run over her breasts with their wet, slippery embrace.

"I will make you beg for this," the Goo Queen cooed. "Would you like that, bimbo?"

Larya was caught by the World Base's two forms—the strange new will, and her old, dwindling supply of whatever it had been before. One guided her towards lust and submission, the other towards pure, irrational terror, a panicked rabbit fleeing without any reason in its miniscule head. She stared up at the Goo Queen, her eyes full of equal parts fear and desire, and forced out a defiant cry. Or what was intended as one.

"... naaaaghfuckfuckFUCK ..."

"Such spirit," her lover enthused. "And such lust. I will teach you to always say yes." The tentacles surged upwards into Larya, making her vision turn spotty. "I will teach you to always want more." They surged in again, and Larya's eyelids fluttered. They were so gentle, and yet so much.

"P-plea—" Larya's whole body shook and spasmed in its constraints. The World Base flooded with discordant music. Her body flooded with sinful bliss. Her mind was drowning in maddened, instinctual lust, and she screamed in hoarse despair and euphoria as she came. The Goo Queen only cackled.

Larya's whole self was immersed. She had been sucked in—she knew that now. She had never been a match for this... this thing, this elemental of pure lust. It had been a trap. And she had fallen for it. And a growing part of her was so, so glad that she had.

"And only then," the Goo Queen hissed, leaning close, "only then will I allow you to beg to drink from me."

"Pl-ple-please!" Larya cried. She leaned forward and grabbed the Goo Queen in a kiss. It was a messy, wet, slobbery kiss, as Larya had no mind to spare for more. If only she could pleasure the Mistress—could take control—

But even as their lips touched, Larya knew her error. And she rejoiced. She rejoiced in a second shaking orgasm as the demon's tongue snaked in, as the demonic power raged through her body like fire through a straw doll. She was nothing before it. Nothing but the Mistress's vessel. The Mistress grabbed her by the back of the head and kissed her passionately, devouring Larya's will to resist.

Thoughts of resistance fled her. Larya embraced her corrupted World Base, embraced her new lover, her new Mistress, her new owner, her new self. She wrapped her arms around the Goo Queen and kissed eagerly, desperately. Desperate to submit.

The second orgasm took her body and mind, and she felt her entire self spinning out of control. The poisoned sunsets of her World Base consumed her mind. She didn't want to fight anymore. She wanted to come and come and come, to feel more and more and—

The Goo Queen pulled away from the kiss. Larya felt the tentacles restrain her from leaning back into it. The mermaid regarded her with a smug smile. "Not so cocky now, hm?" she cooed.

Larya could only whimper and whine as the tentacles thrust into her, bringing her closer and closer to her fourth climax. "... pleasepleasefuckfuckyesyespleasemore—"

"It can always be like this," the Goo Queen whispered. She looked down and lifted one breast up. Larya's mouth watered as she saw a bead of pink moisture appear at the tip of the erect nipple. "All you need do is drink."

"Yes!" Larya cried. She leaned closer, her mouth opening wide—

And a tentacle thrust in. She moaned against the tentacle, struggling as it snaked down her throat, choked her. The Goo Queen was laughing. Larya felt tears coursing down her throat. She could see the nipple—could see the wondrous ambrosia—could almost taste its wickedness as it slid down her throat—

The Goo Queen reached down with one finger and flicked the nipple, sticking the droplet to her finger. Larya watched, moaning against the tentacle as it slimed around her lips, as the Goo Queen stuck the finger into her mouth and slowly sucked it, staring at her with smoldering lust. For a long moment, Larya saw herself reflected in the Goo Queen's eyes—a moaning slut, a tentacle thrust into each of her holes, begging wordlessly to be brainwashed.

At last, the Goo Queen pulled back out, and the tentacle left her mouth. But that image did not.

Larya liked it. Her mind, immersed in the strange, wonderful, tingling will of demons, loved it. "P-please—" she managed, "f-fuck me, hu-hu-humiliate—oh, yes-yes-yes—make me your f-f-f-fucking bimbo slut—"

The Goo Queen slowly smiled. It was a smile of ultimate triumph, and Larya knew it. She had won. Larya had fallen for her terrible trap, and she had won.

And so surely Larya had won too. Larya smiled widely. She closed her eyes and lay back as the tentacles began to do their work with a newfound gusto. She knew the Goo Queen watched her, reveling in this submission just as Larya did.

Larya lay like that for what felt like hours as orgasm after orgasm was pounded out of her from both her ass and her cunt. The energy had left her to even beg—at least for now—and all she could do was accept the almost painful bliss. The Goo Queen would do more later, Larya was sure. Larya could see it now: Slime girls, mermaids, pretty pretty lights and nice, tasty tubeworms. She would immerse Larya in it all, drown her in rapture.

And then she would take it all away, and tease Larya out of her mind. Tease her until Larya would say anything. Do anything. Become anything.

And then she'd do it all over again. For days. Weeks, maybe. Larya loved it. Larya—the new Larya—loved all of this. She smiled blissfully, looking forward to her next existence. An existence with a new World Base. A new sort of life.

But something was wrong.

Inwardly, Larya frowned. She was drowning in the World Base, but now there was something else in there. More than the sand, and the rock, and the fey, and the wonderful tingling will that had fucked her mind to pieces.

There was a honeycomb in the ocean of honey. Larya felt it plainly, and knew, instinctively, that it was Alrek.

So he had followed her. She had never seen him in the World Base before, though. Why now?

"Mmmistress," she managed. "He's—he's—"

"Oh?" She heard the Goo Queen giggle. "Then let him come. I will see to him. Do not fear, my darling empty-headed vessel. We will break him soon enough, and then he will be like you." Her lips brushed Larya's earlobe, and Larya shuddered from the feeling of her Mistress so close to her. "Empty. Ours."

The strange thing was, though, he wasn't broken. Larya shifted slightly, feeling unease boiling from beneath. She sang and swim in the ocean of the World Base, and there, plain as day, was a human totally alien to her new World Base.

Alrek was like a stone. The demonic ocean did not touch him.

Larya writhed and moaned like a lust sprite as the tentacles writhed inside her, wringing out another orgasm, but her mind drifted in the World Base, and she saw before her something totally alien. Something totally absent of demonic will.

Through all the lust and need and submission and evil, Larya's curiosity lingered, the last semblance of Larya left to her. She drifted toward the stone.

She had never seen Alrek in the World Base before—not save as a small lump of humanity, totally empty of druidic power or fey allure. And yet here he was. Standing still.

She blinked.

Was he... meditating?

Tentatively, she reached out a h


Gibberish existence surged through her mind and invaded her World Base like a vast battering ram of chaotic memory. Stone walls. Rough burlap robes. Green gardens. Sanding the road in the rain and mud. Cold mud staining her clothes. Sleeping on a hard bed. Cold, clear voices. Denial. Hunger. Bland, stale meals. Stone walls. Bitterness.

Knees pressed against cold brickwork. Hours spent scrubbing dishes. Raw, sore fingers. Sparring. Losing. Stone walls. A black eye. A bloody fist. Cold, clear voices. Sleeping on a hard bed. Denial. Bland, stale meals. A rope digging into the shoulder. Pulling something along. The hot sun overhead. Stone walls.

The existence poured into her world of burning honey. Cold seared the boiling sweetness away. Stone walls surrounded her, cut her off from the toxic air. Everything changed. Everything solidified. Larya clung to it out of pure instinct, and


"Oh," she whispered. "So that's why."

Her eyes were open. She could still feel the corruption in her World Base—could still feel the pleasure below, threatening to overwhelm her—but she fought it. Because it could be fought. She clung to cold, stone walls, reached out to the clear, cold waters above. She reached out to nature, begging it to help her, to burn away the evil. She searched for fire.

There was hot water below.

Her eyes widened. She stared up at the Goo Queen, her vision fluttering for a second as she recovered from yet another orgasm.

"N-no," she whispered, her voice barely above a whisper. "We're n-not yours."

She threw herself beneath the earth, and awoke the Trench.


Stone walls. Cold, clear voices. Working in the mud. The world shaking. Hunger. Bitterness. A bruised knee. Cracking earth, shrill screams. The hiss of boiling water striking cold water.

Exhaustion. Hard, stiff beds. Droning lessons.

A world of geysers.

A demonic scream.



Stone walls.





Larya's eyes fluttered open. She was lying on something soft and squishy. Directly above her, a large orange starfish made little sucking motions as it pulsated against a large, peach-skinned breast.

Bright blue eyes came into view. "Oh! You're awake!"

"Uh?" she managed.

Orange swam backwards, giggling. "We were worried!" she said, clasping her hands together. "Your friend still hasn't woken up, you know!"

"... Alrek?"

"Oh, he's fine." Orange gestured. "I think some rocks hit him. He wasn't the one we were really worried about."

Larya looked around. She was lying in what appeared to be a massive open oyster. The ground beneath her was soft, pink, and porous. She looked up at the oyster's upper jaws with trepidation.

"Oh, don't worry!" Orange tittered, covering her mouth with both hands. "It won't close or anything! And see?" She pointed, and Larya saw a similar massive oyster nearby which was closed. "It doesn't hurt to be inside it! That's where your grumpy friend is sleeping!"

"... How." Larya rubbed her eyes. She looked down. Still totally naked, of course. "We were... I was..."

Her eyes widened. Heart pounding, she balled her fists together, closed her eyes, and thrust herself into the World Base with desperate, panicked abandoned.

Cold water greeted her. The little heartbeat beneath her signaled the life of her 'host'. The sea swam with life. And the fey... Larya smiled widely with relief.

It was back. Her World Base was back to normal, and it filled her with a pure joy beyond measure. Her nipples tingled from the renewed contact.

"Where are we?" she asked suddenly, pulling back out before things got prematurely erotic.

"Our apartment," Orange chirped. "Well, where Blue and I've been staying, anyways. Though since the Slick Trench is back to normal now..."

"Are your names really Orange and Blue?"

"Trust me." The redhead winked. "It's easier this way. So I think you were wondering, 'How'd we make it out?'"


"Blue and I caught up with you!" Orange grinned. "That jelly maid ... uh, got away, so we decided to track you guys down. We saw the cave come down."

"You came in to save us?" Larya blinked, half-disbelieving. "You could have been killed!"

"Yeah, well..." Orange blushed. "The way we saw it, us merfolk hadn't been treating you right. We sent you to handle our mess, and Mylio and Nerka didn't even tell you everything. And you were still..." She shrugged. "And, I mean, if we didn't save you, who would?"

Larya blinked. She weighed this for a moment. "Remember what I promised to pay you? I'm doubling it."

"Yay!" Orange clapped her hands excitedly. "But that's not why we did it. Anyways, we got in there. You were pretty badly burned. He was unconscious already with a big bump on his head. We thought you were both dead. Especially you."

Now, that ... that was disturbing. Larya frowned, considering her memories. "Why didn't I die?"

"Well..." Orange shrugged. "You got lucky."

"No." Larya shook her head. "I called up the vents. I was beneath her. If she died—" She paused, looking questioningly to Orange.

"Oh, yeah." Orange nodded. "She's dead alright. Nasty little stuff left over. Not even a body, just ... goo."

Larya sighed with relief. But this did not assuage her concern. "How did I survive?"

Orange bit her lip. "I don't know. Maybe you aren't finished in this world. Maybe there's more you have to do."

"I can't imagine what," Larya muttered.

An uncomfortable silence lingered between them.

The loud series of curses and muffled bangings from the inside of the other oyster was enough to alert them to the fact that Alrek had just awoken. Orange glanced over. "Oh, dear. Your friend is awake."

Larya smiled faintly. "Oh, good. So where's—"

The door in the two mermaid prostitutes' apartment suddenly opened, and Blue swam in. She glanced at the oyster, then smiled and gave the shell a little tap.

The oyster popped open. Snatch lay inside, also naked. Larya quickly looked away. She noticed the mermaids didn't, and Orange in particular seemed quite taken with him. "Ooh," she whispered, squeezing Larya's hand, "He's ... muscular."

"What the... what the f..." Snatch took the blanket Blue offered him, restoring some of his perpetually affronted dignity. Orange let out a sad little sigh.

"You okay, Alrek?" Larya asked. She noticed Blue offered her no blanket, and seemed quite content to keep ogling her. Larya had to go up and get her own. "Blue and Orange here got us out of that place. We owe them our lives. So please don't yell at them for putting you in an oyster.

"They put me in a clam!"

"Oyster, Alrek." Larya caught Alrek's eye. For a moment, they scowled at each other.

She was surprised when Alrek was the first to crack up in a small smile. "Shit, druidess. Shit."

"Never smile again," she said, only half-joking. "You okay, though?"

"Eh." Alrek shrugged. He glanced at the two mermaids and gave a grudging nod. "Thanks for the rescue."

"Don't mention it!" Orange said, grinning ear-to-ear.

"Was I naked when you found me?"

"Well..." Orange shrugged sheepishly. "Your clothes were torn." She was going red.

"Orange," Blue scolded.

"Oh, like you didn't like it when she was naked!" Orange snapped, gesturing at Larya.

Blue went bright red. "You are getting punished tonight, Orange." She turned to Larya and Alrek. "Listen, I actually just got a message for you two."

"For us?" Larya and Alrek said together. They exchanged confused looks.

"Yeah." Blue checked her hand, where Larya saw she had written something. "A weird little skittergoblin calling himself 'Yillit'."

"Huh." Alrek frowned, apparently seeing Larya's equal confusion. "Never heard of him. And how'd he know to come here?"

"He, uh, didn't." Blue shrugged. "He's using some sort of spell. Wants you to meet him at the Sparkling Waterfall. It's actually on the way to the payment Mylio promised you."

"Did he say what he wants?" Larya asked. Skittergoblins (they called themselves springers, but nobody else did) were a strange species that rarely dealt with humans or elves when they didn't have to. They mostly just hung out around dopterine nests, or worked in the service of their eccentric queen.

"He says he has a job." Blue looked between Snatch and Larya. "He says he wants both of you."

"Eh." Alrek tipped his hand from side to side. "We aren't a team. We really just did this last mission to pay off some... debts." He stole a scowl at Larya, who scowled right back. They'd both racked up those debts.

"Well, he wants the two of you or nothing." Blue checked her wrist again. "And he says he'll pay... a hundred." Her voice dropped. "In Old Coin."

Snatch froze. So did Larya.

After a moment, he cleared his throat. "Guess we'll think about it." He gestured. "C'mon, Larya. We should get moving either way. We've got our payment to collect."

Larya got up, but hesitated. "You go on ahead. I'll meet you at the Waterfall."

"What?" He frowned at her. "Why?"

From behind, Larya felt a hand start to slip underneath her blanket. She felt her face heating up. "Well... see, in exchange for helping us, I may have promised—"

"Ugh." Snatch rolled his eyes. "Last time I work with a druidess. Meet you at the Waterfall." He swung open the door and hurried out.

As the door closed, Larya met Blue's now very eager eyes. She smiled nervously. From behind, she heard Orange coo, "Alone at last."


Mylio grabbed at the rocky outcropping. The sharp edges of the ledge scratched his hands, but he ignored the pain and struggled to pull himself up. His every muscle seemed to cry out in grief as he did so. He was still drained from earlier that day, and it was all he could do to keep from going limp and slipping back into the abyss below. It was an exhausting effort. After he'd finally landed flat on the ledge, he lay still for a moment, gasping for breath.

He had done it.

He had survived it all. He'd outlived two of his mates. He'd ... withstood the slime girls' attentions three times, now. And now they were finally out of his system. The demons were gone, and Mylio had survived.

He allowed himself a little smirk. It had taken nearly a day to get up here. The pressure had been nearly unbearable, but he knew enough magic to get by in the depths. Now he was back in the middle reaches of the Slick Trench, and he could breathe again without his chest aching.

It would take him a while still, he knew, to reach the top again. Perhaps even a day.

But when he did... oh, were things going to change. The treasures down in the Deep Merfolk's former home were surely grand and wondrous. Ancient magics. Spells of control, of hypnosis, of mastery. They fired his imagination like coals beneath a kettle. When combined with the magics of his people, what could they not accomplish? His magic was already versatile, but he needed more. He wanted more.

And hadn't he earned some share of glory? He had survived it all. He had endured ungrateful wives, treacherous landwhores, demons, royals, thieves... It hadn't been easy, but he had done it. He couldn't believe he had—

Mylio froze as he heard something move behind him. It sounded like falling falls. He tried to turn, but he was too tired, too weak. Perhaps it's nothing, he thought desperately.

"Oh, Myley," crooned a soft, babyish voice. His heart plummeted.

He felt supple arms wrap around his upper body. "Thought you could get away from me, did you?" Loweina cooed in his ear.

"No," he whispered, struggling in her grip. His eyes closed tight, but she was just too strong. He was just... just...

"Too weak," Loweina soothed, running her hands over his sensitive body. He jerked and thrashed helplessly in her arms. "And it feels too goooood."

"N-no," he gasped.

"Oh, Myley..." He felt Loweina dragging him backwards, back down, back towards the realm of the Deep Mermaids. "Don't you see? It's so perfect."

"O-oh—" He jerked as she started to kiss along his neck. Oh, fuck. oh, fuck. Oh, fuck oh fuck oh fuck—

"You can be mine," she sang, turning his face towards hers and kissing his lips in a massive barrage of sensation. "Forever! More pleasure than you can bear. Endless pleasure. Endless submission. Doesn't that sound nice?"

He did not consciously open his eyes. But he became aware of the flickering hair in his field of vision, and those two beautiful, pale eyes.

"Myley?" she whispered, leaning in for one final kiss—a kiss that would bring him to orgasm, that would seal his fate with hers, that he couldn't wait to beg for— "It's okay to scream now, pet."


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