Puppy Love

by GigglingGoblin

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #fantasy #hypnosis #mind_control #petplay #sub:female #begging #breast_fixation #collars #D/s #flustering #heart_eyes #humiliation #lapdance #love_potion #no_sex_no_nudity #petting #praise #puppy_play #sweetening #transgender_characters #wholesome

A lonely baker is visited by a sultry, buxom cupid, who quickly takes a liking to the easily-flustered girl—and decides a few little love-potion kisses would make her the cutest little obedient puppy.

Nicole's Note: In the real world, consensual nonconsent requires deep trust, as well as much more setup than the fantasy we play with here bothers with. Keep in mind that it is a fantasy!

[pov: transgirl, nsfw, hypnosis, fantasy nonconsent (moderate), love spell, breast hypnosis, praise, heart eyes, perfume/pheromones, praise torture for low self-esteem sub, femdom/femsub, gentle domme, pet play, puppy play]

The doorbell chimed.
Bluebonnet the Baker gulped.
She had so, so desperately hoped the woman outside the window would keep walking. So eagerly prayed that the woman would think the bakery was closed, or was looking for a different shop, a different home, a different target.
Bluebonnet watched the woman enter, and suppressed a little whimper as she watched those big, soft breasts bounce beneath the woman’s dark shirt, so obviously straining to be released.
Because holy shit was this lady out of Bluebonnet’s league.
The woman was new to town, Bluebonnet guessed, judging by her exotic milk-pale skin and even more exotic rosy dusk eyes. She would surely have remembered a woman with such a curvy, generous build, she thought, biting her lip.  Especially with those wide, swaying hips... those plump ruby-red lips stuck out in a perpetual pout, as if always waiting for the world around her to give just a little bit more...
"Good morning, sweetie!” Bluebonnet was jolted from her stupor as the woman strolled confidently towards the counter with a bright, friendly smile. “Lovely day for a walk, isn’t it?” She glanced down to the counter, then back up at Bluebonnet with a slight pout. “Aww, you don’t do jelly donuts?”
I...” Bluebonnet’s mind stumbled like a puppy racing downhill and tripping over its front feet. “I, um...” She managed to meekly shake her head, forcing herself to look away from the woman’s breasts and towards her eyes.
It took the baker a moment to fully register just what pretty rosy sunsets lay in those eyes of hers.
Aw, that’s okay!” The woman’s smile widened a little as she reached down and, fingertips dancing over the counter, pointed out a pastry from the display case—never breaking eye contact. “I’ll take this one.”
Um...” Bluebonnet nodded again sheepishly, ducking her head to look where the woman was pointing. “The blueberry tart. Yes.” She was intensely grateful of the opportunity to look away from this gorgeous visitor.
Her heart was pounding as she knelt down behind the counter and frantically fixed her ever-messy hair. Since when had it gotten so hot in here? And so... sweet? She fanned herself, breathing in the sugary perfume. The bakery always smelled a little sweet in the morning, but this woman was practically bringing a full bakery in with her besides.
As she went to retrieve the order, she tried to make conversation. “Fancying, um, something sweet this morning, I take it?”
Oh, yes.” A little giggle. Her laugh was like the morning birdsong. “I think so.”
Bluebonnet looked up and felt her face heat up as she realized the woman was leaning over the counter to watch her efforts. She fumbled the pastry in her hands, nearly dropping it. “S-Sorry,” she squeaked, ducking her head. 
Aw, don’t be! I’m in no hurry, sweetie.”
Sweetie. Bluebonnet’s heart fluttered at the term—the second time the pretty lady had used it towards her. She squirmed a little, only to realize that this had the effect of making her butt wiggle and went as still as a stone. “I-I, um... you’re new around here?”
Visiting.” The woman beamed as Bluebonnet reemerged with the pastry. Her eyes—so pretty, like deep wells of rose water—seemed to shimmer. “There are so many pretty sights to see in this cute little village of yours.”
Bluebonnet bit her lip. “W-Well, um...” She gave a nervous little laugh as she started wrapping the pastry in brown paper. "Yes, our... town is very, um, beautiful this time of year, huh?”
She hated small talk. She was awful at it. She never knew what to say, and people always got annoyed or uncomfortable when she went quiet or fumbled a response. And then they left. Right now, a part of her desperately wanted that to happen, to get over with it—for this beautiful woman to realize how dull and uninteresting Bluebonnet was and stop trying to make conversation.
That said, calling her hometown a village sort of rankled. This was a big settlement, even if it was a bit rustic, being so close to the Evergreen Forest. But she wasn’t nearly confident enough to try to correct it directly.
It’s such a beautiful little place,” the woman agreed, eyes sparkling. “But like a pretty dress, it’s the pretty girl that makes it truly breathtaking.”
Her eyes were so vividly rosy-pink. Bluebonnet started into them and swallowed. The longer she stared, the more she felt like there was something... off about those eyes.
The way the lights in those eyes swirled like whirlpools..
The way those eyes glowed with a rosy warmth that seemed to suffuse Bluebonnet the longer she stared.
The way the pretty hearts seemed to dance right out of those eyes and into Bluebonnet’s, filling the world with that sweet, syruppy light…
And then the stranger’s words sank in.
And Bluebonnet’s face caught aflame.
I-I—” It was like the whole world around her melted into honey. Bluebonnet squirmed and whimpered, forcing her eyes down, away from that intense, amused, knowing gaze. “Um. No, I, um...” Pretty girl. Pretty girl. She can’t mean me. What do I do? What do I say?
No. I mean, yes. I-I mean...” Bluebonnet swallowed, struggling for words, terrified of meeting that amused gaze again. Without even thinking, her eyes settled on a safe place: The woman’s chest. “I just mean, um, I’m not... you mean, um...”
The gorgeous stranger giggled. She stretched, and as she did so, the shirt she was wearing seemed to dip down a bit. Bluebonnet’s objections died in her throat as she caught a glimpse of pale skin. “You seem... confused,” the brunette said sweetly.
Bluebonnet whimpered. She didn’t know what to say.
Are you trying to say,” the stranger’s voice came out as soft and delicate as spun sugar, her head tilting to the side, “that you’re not pretty?”
Mm.” Bluebonnet shook her head desperately. She watched the shirt dip a little lower, and her heart started to race like a panicking bunny as pale softness face way to rosy pink the exact same hue as the stranger’s eyes—and just as full of pretty dancing hearts. She breathed in, and again her world was washed in sweet pink honey, her mind swimming in saccharine delight.
That wasn’t an answer, sweetie.” The stranger giggled again. Gods, that musical laugh again... “Speak up, pet. Vaela’s waiting~”
I... um...” Bluebonnet stared dumbly at Vaela’s chest, her lips parting almost unwillingly. “I’m... your pastry is ready, M-Miss.” The baker meekly offered the blueberry pastry, clumsily wrapped in brown paper, and brushed a stray lock of hair from her eyes. Her cheeks felt positively molten with embarrassment.
Oh, yes!” Another giggle. “I don’t want that anymore.” Out of the corner of her eye, Bluebonnet saw those plump, pouty lips curve upwards in a sly smile. “I’ve found something much sweeter in this cute little bakery of yours.”
Bluebonnet gulped. She watched Vaela’s breasts jiggling softly with those girlish little giggles. Her brain wasn’t quite able to understand just... just how the shirt had fallen so low.
But those tits looked... so... pretty...
Eyes on me, pet.”
Bluebonnet’s eyes snapped up to meet Vaela’s. Her heart fluttered and leaped as she realized what she’d just done, and she felt the heat rushing down to her neck.
Her face surely almost matched those eyes at this point.
Those pretty pink heart-filled eyes.
Vaela beamed, reached forward, and gave Bluebonnet a little pat on the head. The hearts swirled around Bluebonnet’s mind, drawing it deeper and deeper. Drawing her deeper and deeper in. “Good puppy~” she cooed.
Bluebonnet let out a whine.
My, my,” Vaela murmured, her hand descending to caress Bluebonnet’s cheek and cradle her chin, “such a gorgeous face you have.”
Nngh,” Bluebonnet whined. She told herself that she was objecting to this treatment—it was humiliating, surely, being stroked and petted like this, as if she was Vaela’s property, admired and touched like a captive pet, oh, gods, that sounded so hot...
But she wasn’t objecting to the treatment. She wasn’t humiliated at all. It felt wonderful, so, so good, so good it made her knees quake, so good she almost wanted to lean into the touches, to rub her head against the hand like a needy kitten pleading for more scritches. She could barely restrain herself. Barely keep her lips tightly pressed together so she wouldn’t cry out. She could barely keep breathing in that sweet, sweet perfume.
She was objecting to the compliment.
Bluebonnet lived alone in her bakery. She had no friends. Nobody had ever called her... called her pretty before. Or gorgeous. Or said she had a nice face. Or anything like... like this. All this attention, all this praise...
It was unbearable.
And all the more because she couldn’t look away from those lovely, swirling wells of sugary sunset. Couldn’t even duck her head. Couldn’t stop staring open-mouthed into those shimmering, spiraling hearts...
And just look at those pretty eyes!” Vaela cooed, ignoring Bluebonnet’s muffled objections. She smirked, batting her eyelashes. “So wide and bright and full of longing. Why, they catch the light like fireflies, don’t they, precious?”
N-Nuh,” Bluebonnet whimpered, shaking her head in a panic. “I-I’m not... n-nnnot...”
And such a pretty voice!” Vaela gushed, causing Bluebonnet to keen and squirm helplessly “So full of cute sounds and adorable whispers~”
Nnn!” Bluebonnet’s hands flew up to cover her face—but unthinkingly, she parted the fingers so she could still peek at Vaela’s shimmering heart eyes. And she continued to squirm and shift and whimper beneath that gaze. Within that gaze.
Now, now, Puppy,” Vaela scolded sweetly, reaching down and taking Bluebonnet by the wrists. Bluebonnet squeaked but did not pull away. Vaela pouted seductively. “You mustn’t cover your face! If you do that, I won’t get to see your gorgeous little soft blushing cheeks!”
Bluebonnet mewled helplessly.
But the heart eyes shimmered. Swirled. Spiraled.
And she felt her hands being guided back down.
And she obeyed.
And as she did, she felt a strange, exotic, wonderful rush through her heart, through her whole body. Oh. Oh, it felt... it felt...
... it felt good to let Vaela control her body.
Good girl,” Vaela purred. She released one hand.
But she gave the other hand a gentle little squeeze.
Bluebonnet gasped. It felt like her very mind was being squeezed in that hand, all the thoughts squishing away, melting like sweet chocolate in a pretty girl’s palm.
She squirmed. She breathed in deep of Vaela’s sweet, intoxicating pheromones, and her head swam with sweet, addictive syrup.
She whimpered and whined, shaking her head. She knew something about this was wrong, and yet...
... oh, gods, it felt so nice to see a pretty girl looking at her like that.
And... she bit her lip.
To let that pretty girl hold her hand and pet her head and squeeze her mind into molten lovey-dovey putty.... while the pretty girl smirked knowingly, leaned in, let her breathe in deeper still...
Bluebonnet was almost drooling.
... oh, it felt... delectable...
There we go!” Vaela cooed, continuing to hold and stroke Bluebonnet’s captive hand, continuing to run her long, delicate fingers through the baker’s hair. “Aww, doesn’t that feel nice, sweetie?”
Bluebonnet whimpered and gave a tiny meek nod.
Good girl!The praise ran over Bluebonnet as thick and sweet as Vaela’s delectable, addictive perfume. Bluebonnet squirmed helplessly, her eyes fleeing Vaela’s smug, knowing gaze and retreating back to the safest place to stare.
Vaela’s bra was so pretty, she thought hopelessly. The hearts in it matched Vaela’s rose-dusk eyes, and... gosh, Vaela’s breasts looked so soft…
Bluebonnet didn’t know what had happened. One moment, she’d been alone in the shop, having yet another boring, regular, safe day. Lonely, but safe.
The next, this… this breathtaking vision of a woman had walked in, introduced herself as Vaela, and rendered Bluebonnet a squirming, wiggling, red-faced disaster just with a few sly smiles, teasing compliments, and bounces of those pretty breasts of hers.
Bluebonnet let out a tiny squeak as Vaela gave her hand another squeeze. It felt like her mind was being squeezed a little every time Vaela did that, and the sensation felt so nice. It felt so nice, feeling her thoughts getting a little more… pliable… and gooey… and slow… with every squeeze, every headpet...
That’s right,” Vaela whispered, and Bluebonnet whined. “That feels soooo good, doesn’t it, sweetie?”
Bluebonnet bit her lip. She knew she should say no. She knew she was supposed to say no.
But she found herself giving a tiny, meek nod.
Aw, I’m sorry,” Vaela said slyly, leaning in a little. “What was that, dear?”
Y-Yes,” Bluebonnet said, her voice as weak as a kitten’s, “yes, um… it’s, I-I mean…”
Speak up, sweetie.”
Bluebonnet babbled helplessly.
Vaela giggled. “Aww. So cute.”
She released Bluebonnet’s hand, only to reach up and cup Bluebonnet’s chin, guiding her gently but firmly back to eye level. Bluebonnet’s lips parted thoughtlessly as she gazed into those shimmering rosy-pink eyes and melted into the swirling hearts that seemed to be flowing right into her open mind. Her cheeks were on fire, but somehow, she didn’t feel embarrassed anymore.
She swallowed. She just felt...
... really… really… really horny.
Tell me what you want, sweetie,” Vaela purred, reaching up one finger to gently stroke Bluebonnet’s quivering lower lip. Her other hand continued to lovingly pet Bluebonnet’s hair.
I…” Bluebonnet whined and squirmed beneath that smug, dominant gaze. “I-I, umm…” Gods, why were thoughts and words suddenly so difficult? “S-So, I, you see, it… it feels…”
And then Vaela’s words descended on Bluebonnet in a sultry, irresistible coo.
Use your words, puppy~”
It feels goooood,” Bluebonnet moaned unthinkingly, leaning into the headpets, leaning into Vaela’s capable clutches. “S-So good, Vaela, it feels so, so--
A finger went to her lips, and she meekly went silent.
Vaela smirked down at her. “Would you like to go back to staring at my tits?” she asked innocently, batting those thick eyelashes. “You can, if you want to.”
Bluebonnet licked her lips, suddenly remembering herself a little, remembering a little shame. “I-I… um...”
Well, Puppy?”
Bluebonnet’s cheeks burned and she gave a needy nod. Then, when Vaela’s smile just widened, she meekly added, “Yes, please.”
The hand released her chin, and Bluebonnet’s head dropped like a stone, and her mind once again sank into blissful adoriation. Vaela had said she could stare. So she stared. She stared at those gorgeous, soft, beautiful breasts, and felt her mind melting between their comforting warmth once more.
Vaela took her hand again and gave it another squeeze… then gave a little tug. Bluebonnet’s heart fluttered as she found herself being led slowly by the hand. She couldn’t just... just let this woman tug her along, could she?
But she followed along obediently. Because Vaela’s motion meant the breasts were bouncing, and...
... and oh, it felt so nice to just stare brainlessly at those pretty bouncy boobies…
to breathe Vaela’s sweet, addictive perfume, in and out, in and out, in time with the rise and fall of Vaela’s chest…
to allow herself to be led like a… like a...
... like a good, obedient Puppy…
She whimpered and rubbed her legs together as Vaela led her out from behind the counter and towards the corner, towards the big, cozy armchair usually used by couples this time of year. Couples Bluebonnet had always been secretly jealous of, wishing she… wishing she had someone to…
She squirmed and whined, realizing what Bluebonnet was doing, dimly realizing why her mind was starting to feel so syrupy, so sluggish and suggestible. But the tits jiggled so enticingly. So addictively. And Vaela smelled so, so sweet.
She kept breathing in and out. In time with Vaela’s breathing. In time with the hand squeezes. In time with the headpats. And she followed along like a good girl.
She was starting to get very, very horny.
Vaela paused a moment by the door, and Bluebonnet had a sudden moment of fear. Was Vaela about to leave her after all?
Then, out of the corner of her eye, Bluebonnet saw the pretty brunette reach up and flip the “OPEN” sign to “CLOSED”.
And Bluebonnet’s heart began to pound in her chest.
Come alone, sweetie,” Vaela purred, guiding Bluebonnet ever-so-gently by the hand. Bluebonnet followed helplessly, staring at Vaela’s chest, her lower lip quivering. “That’s it. Thaaaat’s right. Aww, such a good girl~”
Bluebonnet whimpered. She was completely out of control at this point. Her own bakery felt like it belonged more to Vaela than to her now—it was suffused with Vaela’s intoxicating sweet scent, the walls ringing with Vaela’s angelic voice, the lighting cast in the sugary pink glow positively shining off of Vaela’s gorgeous form. Bluebonnet was powerless beneath Vaela’s assault of sweetness.
She bit her lip. And... and it sure didn’t help that she could feel a needy little twitch down below every time Vaela said…
Good girl!” Vaela cooed, as Bluebonnet allowed herself to be seated in the armchair. Bluebonnet stared up at Vaela, wide-eyed, as the gorgeous brunette bounced and clapped her hands happily. “Gosh, you look so cuuute like this, puppy!”
Bluebonnet squirmed. “W-What… I’m…”
Hush, sweetiepie~” A delicate finger went to Bluebonnet’s lips. The baker went instantly quiet as her face went hot and her eyes crossed to fixate on Vaela’s pretty pink nails. “Aw, just look at you! Eyes on me, pet.”
Bluebonnet found the finger slipping under her chin. She barely needed prompting now as she lifted her head to meet Vaela’s sweet, rosy-pink gaze.
Vaela’s eyes were swirling with spiraling, rippling hearts.
Bluebonnet’s lips parted, and she let out a soft, “Oh…And she squirmed.
My, my,” Vaela said silkily, “such gorgeous eyes you have! So many pretty hearts in them now. Are those all for me, precious?”
Bluebonnet whined. She wanted to look away again, but this time the hearts held her captive. Swirling. Spiraling. Sinking…
You’re positively full of them,” Vaela whispered, scritching lightly under Bluebonnet’s chin. Bluebonnet whined louder and found her leg kicking reflexively. “Gosh, there’s so much pretty pink sweetness sinking into my pretty puppy girl. You must be drowning in love.”
Bluebonnet fumbled for words, but those words swirled and rippled around her like the shimmering heart eyes. It was like trying to form shapes out of sweet, dripping syrup.
Vaela giggled at the babbling and petted Bluebonnet’s hair. Bluebonnet immediately went quiet—then found herself rubbing her head needily against the touch. “Aww. So adorable! Gosh, has nobody ever praised you like this before?”
Bluebonnet swallowed and stared into the shimmering heart eyes and said nothing.
That’s soooo silly,” Vaela cooed, intensifying the headpets. “Look at your gorgeous hair, the way it catches the light in here! You’re positively radiant.”
Bluebonnet squeaked and tried to cover her face. But she couldn’t bring herself to cover her eyes. The hearts swirled and melted into her. Deeper and deeper. Deeper and deeper under her spell of syrupy sweetness…
And look at these hands,” Vaela purred, raising one of Bluebonnet’s hands and stroking it delicately. “So soft. And these cute little callouses—what are these from, darling?”
B-Burns,” Bluebonnet squeaked. “From… from b-baking… over time...”
Your hands are gorgeous,” Vaela exclaimed, stroking along Bluebonnet’s fingers. “They tell such a story! You have such delicacy, but you work so hard...”
Bluebonnet keened and shook her head weakly.
Aw, what’s the matter, pretty puppy?” Vaela purred. And Bluebonnet’s heart came to a stop as the curvaceous beauty descended…
and slipped right into Bluebonnet’s lap.
Bluebonnet’s whole world froze for a moment. She stared uncomprehending into two beautiful, pulsing pink orbs. She felt those hearts swirling in her own eyes, filling her vision with pretty pink bliss, painting the whole world around her in a sweet candy glow.
And nothing moreso than the radiant rosy-pink angel wriggling into place in Bluebonnet’s lap and melting Bluebonnet’s whole mind into sugary pink icing.
What’s the matter, pretty little puppy?” Vaela cooed, giving a bubbly giggle and playful wiggle. “Not used to compliments?”
Nnn… no…” Bluebonnet squirmed helplessly beneath the curvy temptress, her eyes widening as her utter powerlessness began to truly sink in.
I can stop, if you like.” Vaela smirked, and her finger twirled in to boop Bluebonnet’s nose. “It’s gonna be awfully hard to contain myself, though~”
I… I…” Bluebonnet stared into the rosy eyes. She was almost drooling, she realized, and self-consciously licked her lips. “I-It’s, um… it’s okay…” Gods, her voice sounded so distant and entranced right now.
Why did that turn her on so much?
Aww, really?” Vaela beamed and bounced with glee. “I’m sorry, could you speak up just so I can be, like, totally sure?”
Bluebonnet whimpered. “I... I, um...”
Vaela leaned in close. Bluebonnet’s breath caught as those plump, pouty pink lips brushed Bluebonnet’s cheek softly. “Tell me you’re sure, puppy girl. I wanna hear gorgeous little wispy voice of yours say it.”
Bluebonnet moaned and whined and wriggled in helpless pleasure.
Bluebonnet moaned and whined and wriggled in helpless pleasure.
Well?” Vaela was merciless, her voice dripping with adoring, affectionate delight and sending tingles up and down Bluebonnet’s arching back, her fingertips gliding oh-so-delicately along her flushed face, her sides, her hips… “Speak up, puppy! Or are words getting a teensy bit…” She gave a wicked wriggle in Bluebonnet’s lap, giggling. “... hard?”
A sound slipped from Bluebonnet’s quivering lips. Not quite a word. Barely more than a whine, or a moan. She squirmed helplessly beneath the onslaught of delectable temptations.
Hm?” Vaela puled back slightly, batting thick, dark eyelashes in a display of sugary-pink coquettish naivete. Her lips brushed ever-so-slightly against Bluebonnet’s as she spoke. “What was that?”
More,” Bluebonnet whimpered, bucking, eyes wide. “Mmmmore!”
I didn’t quite hear that,” Vaela teased. “Take a deeeep breath and try again~”
Bluebonnet obeyed without thinking. She breathed in deep, deep of the perfume, the pheromones, the mind-melting love potion filling the air, letting it fill her body, her mind, her heart... until everything around her seemed to be melting into sweet, sultry-pink honey.
M-Mmmmore,” the baker mewled, wiggling her hips needily.
Oh, my!” Vaela giggled. “Did I hear you say you wanted more?” She leaned in, and Bluebonnet leaned back in the chair, sinking into pure, soft comfort as the breathtaking brunette squished her whole body against her to pin her there. “More praise?”
Y-Yes!” Bluebonnet moaned, bobbing her head senselessly. “More! More, please!” Her eyes widened as she saw Vaela’s smile grow. “Please! Oh, please, please, please praise me more, Vaela...”
Really?” Vaela smiled slyly, tickling under Bluebonnet’s chin. “More praise? Puppy likes being praised?
It—it fees so good…” Bluebonnet panted. Every time Vaela called her Puppy, she could feel her brains melting a little bit more, her whole mind turning to putty in Vaela’s clutches. SHe didn’t understand why. She didn't understand why the praise felt so, so unbearably wonderful, even though it made her blush and mewl and protest. It was so overwhelming.
It felt so addictive to be overwhelmed.
She breathed in deep and blushed and shyly squirmed and whispered, “More, please, Vaela. P-Pretty please? Puppy wants more praise!”
But I thought you didn’t like it,” Vaela cooed. “I thought you didn’t think you were a pretty girl! Which is soooo silly, because you’re gorgeous, but…”
i’m a pretty girl,” Bluebonnet whispered under her breath, cringing as the words crossed her lips.
Vaela smiled. “Louder, puppy.”
I’m a pretty girl,” Bluebonnet cried, squirming and thrashing. “I-I’m—please-please-please, please, Vaela, please, um, Miss, just—just pleeeease—”
And Vaela took her in a hungry, passionate kiss. Bluebonnet moaned and mewled and squirmed and melted into the sensation, letting Vaela’s lips lock with hers—so soft, so sweet, pouring all that sticky-sweet yummy syrupy love right into Bluebonnet’s open, yielding, malleable mind. She found her arms flying around Vaela, found herself returning the kiss, clumsily, eagerly, desperately.
The kiss felt like it went on into eternity, a sweet, oozing eternity of senseless adoration. There was plenty of time for Bluebonnet’s mind to dissolve and melt and drip between her legs before Vaela at last pulled away with a giggle… and a wriggle. “Good girl!” she cooed.
Bluebonnet drooled. She moaned and squirmed happily. Her mind was a pleasurable haze of misty melty bliss now, and she stared without shame into Vaela’s beautiful shimmering heart-eyes
Vaels tucked a finger under her chin, then, with a smirk, wiped away a little bit of drool, making Bluebonnet blush and whimper. “Gosh,” she purred, “isn’t my Puppy just the cuuuutest thing?” She reached up and started to scritch behind Bluebonnet’s ears.
Y-Yes, Vaela,” Bluebonnet whimpered, too horny to even try to object anymore.
My pretty Puppy.”
Y-Your… Puppy...”
Vaela’s eyebrows arched.
Bluebonnet flushed. “Y-Your pretty Puppy, I-I mean.”
Aww, you train so easily!” Vaela beamed, and the scritches intensified, as if rewarding her pet. “Such a clever girl. But so silly to not see how gorgeous she is!”
Y-Yes, Vaela,” Bluebonnet whimpered. She squirmed desperately, feeling that needy feeling welling inside her as Vaela’s hot body wiggled teasingly in her lap. “I.. I, uum…”
Good thing she’s such a good learner!” Vaela chipped, kissing Bluebonnet on the cheek. “We’ll have her aaaall collared and ready to accept compliments in no time!”
Yes, please, Vaela,” Bluebonnet gasped, her whole vision swirling with pretty pink hearts with every breathe she took in, “pleeeease train me!”
You’re so cuuute when you’re begging,” Vaela cooed, the scritches and wriggles both intensifying as she planted an indulgent kiss on Bluebonnet’s other cheek, then on her neck. “Your pretty eyes get sooo lovely and wide, and those luscious lips of yours… mmm…” Her lips smacked messily along Bluebonnet’s neck, so soft, so sweet...
Bluebonnet whined and keened and squirmed at the exquisite feel of Vaela’s lips on her needy, sensitive skin. “Y-Yes, Vaela,” she squeaked, her whole world swirling with adoration for this gorgeous, angelic being. “Oh, yesyes, please, m-more, mmmore, please...”
The praise was unbearable. It was delectable. It was addictive, and Bluebonnet needed more, even as she squirmed and blushed hotter with every word.
Not to mention,” Vaela purred in her ear, and Bluebonnet trembled with need as Vaela gave a mischievous grind of her hips that showed she knew exactly what she was doing to her Puppy, “that beautiful voice of yours, so sweet and wispy as it breaks like fog over a babbling brook~”
Ooohhh…” Bluebonnet’s head bobbed slowly, entranced, as the hearts spiraled around her head...
And how cutely she takes commands,” Vaela went on, kissing sweetly along Bluebonnet’s jawline, “when she’s looking at these!”
She giggled, pulling back, and bounced gleefully.
Bluebonnet moaned in desire as her eyes sank hopelessly downward once more.
She’ll be my good Puppy, now, won’t she?” Vaela said silkily. “She loves to obey Vaela and her pretty boobies, doesn’t she?”
Bluebonnet squirmed and mewled and nodded.
What was that, pet?” A wicked little wriggle.
Love… obeying…” Bluebonnet managed, her voice quivering with need as she watched the tits bounce, squish, jiggle… “Love… Vaela…” She flushed as the words escaped her. Nervousness tried to penetrate, but nothing could slip past the molten need she was drowning in...
Awww!” Vaela sounded genuinely touched by this. She planted another kiss on Bluebonnet’s cheek, this one very tender and gentle. “You’re so sweet! And guess what, sweetie?”
Again, the hand guided Bluebonnet’s head upwards.
Vaela’s eyes shimmered. “I adored you the second your eyes met mine, Bluebonnet~”
Bluebonnet’s eyes widened, and she let out a moan of pure, hopeless pleasure and desire, staring up worshipfully into the angel’s eyes.
Then she felt a click around her neck, and a gentle, almost affectionate tug.
Now, come along, Puppy!” Vaela cooed, hopping out of Bluebonnet’s lap and waving the loop of a pretty pink leash in the air with a loving smirk.
Bluebonnet stared dumbly for a moment.
Then, with a tiny, almost involuntary whine, she slipped out of the chair and sank to her hands and knees. She wiggled her butt with excitement, the thrill of degradation joining the molten adoration pouring into her body right now, and gazed up at Vaela hopefully, expectantly.
Good girl!” Vaela cooed, reaching down and petting Bluebonnet’s hair. Bluebonnet moaned and whined and gave a happy, brainless bark. “There’s my gorgeous pretty Puppy! Sooooo obedient and eager to please!”
Puppy nodded happily. She could barely think straight right now. The pleasure flooding her mind was beyond thought, beyond worry. It was pure, unadulterated, thick, sugary love.
She crawled after obediently as Vaela strutted over and behind the counter, watching Vaela’s pretty ass sway, panting slightly and feeling even more syrupy bliss entering her with every breath.
Now,” Vaela purred, turning back to her happy little Puppy as her hand rested on the door to the back room, “are you ready, Puppy?”
Puppy’s head bobbed brainlessly. She wriggled and squirmed, feeling so, so horny, and cocked her head slightly with a whine. Was she? What did her mistress, her owner, her angel, her true love want from her? Staring up at those pretty bouncing breasts and those gorgeous spiraling eyes, Puppy knew she’d give just about anything. Just about everything.
Seeing Puppy’s confusion, Vaela reached down and scritched lightly beneath Puppy’s chin. Puppy squeaked and raised her head and squirmed in delight.“What I mean is,” Vaela cooed, turning the doorknob and pushing the door open, “are you ready for your real obedience training to begin?”
Bluebonnet’s eyes briefly widened.
More hearts flowed into them.
And she beamed and nodded and barked eagerly.
Vaela giggled and began leading Bluebonnet to the bedroom. “Gosh,” she said sweetly, “you know, in hindsight, it’s a good thing you don’t sell jelly donuts.” She patted Puppy on the head. “Looks like I found someone I can fill with soooo much more sugar~”

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