Parlor Treats

by GigglingGoblin

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:female #f/m #humiliation #hypnosis #multiple_partners #breast_fixation #cat_girl #fantasy #feeding #femdom #femdom_hypnosis #gentle_femdom #lactation #lapdance #mind_control #sub:male #teasing

An indecisive man is seduced by two buxom bakery catgirls.

Nicole's Note: Real-life con-noncon requires a lot of trust, safewords, and other things a fantasy can fudge a little. Enjoy the kink responsibly, and enjoy the story!

[pov:boy w/cock; femdom; malesub; ffm; gentle femdom; breastfeeding; hypnosis; nonconsent (moderate); embarrassment; teasing; catgirl; feeding; lapdance; big tits; breast fixation]
“Aw, c’mon, cutie! You have to buy something!”

“Yeah! Seriously, us kitties will do anything to close a sale.”

Hawthorne gulped, staring between the two gorgeous catgirl waitresses as they beamed up at him and bounced in twin excitement. “R-Really,” he said, scratching the back of his head with a nervous chuckle, “I just came in to get out of the cold. Not looking to buy anything.” Hoping not to appear rude, he added, “You have a really lovely little, um, parlor, though!”

Pette and Nippi didn’t seem disappointed. That almost made him more worried.

“Aw, thanks!” Pette said sweetly. She was a truly breathtaking little number, with a chest that could make some cowgirls jealous—surely magically enhanced, but somehow, Hawthorne found he didn’t care that much when the results were bouncing right in front of him, tightly contained in that frilly, low-cut cream-colored dress. Her hair was a pretty blood orange-red, complimenting vivid green eyes and numerous little pink freckles speckling across the pale skin of her cheeks. She clasped her hands and swung them down to the side coquettishly, leaning forward to bat her eyelashes up at him.“The lads down in the vale helped us set it up in exchange for, um…”

“... favors,” Nippi cut in with a wink. Nippi was a little shorter, though neither catgirl quite reached his shoulders. She had dark hickory-brown hair and bright green eyes the same shade as Pette’s. Her chest was nothing to catch the eye—not that Hawthorne was, erm, looking to be caught—but with her slight waist dark crimson leggings, this only served to accentuate her curvy, prodigious hips and luscious pear-shaped form.

Hearing their giggles, Hawthorne snapped his gaze back to eye-level. “Right! Yes! Of course.” He nodded quickly. “Anyways, I, um… I should really be going. Your treats do look really delicious, but…” He couldn’t help but glance at the decadent pastries and cakes behind the display glass. The whole parlor was lit in a sunny orange glow that made the colorful glazed tiles at their feet dance with light, a warmth suffusing the place that belied the frost riming the charming circular window. “... but I… I really can’t afford much, is all.”

“Aww.” Nippi pouted. “Are you sure?”

Hawthorne chewed his upper lip. Staring down at Nippi’s big green eyes as those large russet-red tufted feline ears flattened pathetically to the sides of her head, the way a cat looked when it had been locked outside on a rainy night for clawing the furniture… he found he suddenly wasn’t. He wasn’t very sure at all.

“We could make you a deal!” Pette offered eagerly. She reached forward and clasped Hawthorne’s left hand in both of hers, giving a hopeful pout. “Half off for one of them! Limited time only, cutiepie!”

“Ooh, Pette,” Nippi breathed, dropping the sad kitten face to blink with big, surprised eyes at her partner, “That’s such a good deal! Can we even afford that?”

Hawthorne cleared his throat. “Well, now, hang on—”

“A budget scarce matters if the customer isn’t a hundred percent satisfied,” Pette said resolutely. “And it’s worth it if he walks out of here with a nice full belly!”

“But I—”

“Oh, yes, that’s a good point!” Nippi nodded and turned to beam up at him. “Satisfaction is important.”

“Satisfaction guaranteed!” Pette chirped.

“Or your money back!” Nippi chimed.

Hawthorne glanced dizzily between the two catgirls. His cheeks were starting to feel just a little warm. He cleared his throat. “Look, that’s… a very kind offer, but honestly, I need to be back on the road again.” He glanced down shyly. Then, for an excuse to avoid those big, imploring eyes as much as anything, he indicated his mailbag. “I’m... a bard, you know. Third-Class. There’s mail running late. Surely you can understand.”

“Oh, but you’ll be sheltering in the village tonight anyways, won’t you?” Nippi asked, smiling slightly as she appeared to spot what she considered an opening. “It’s getting quite late.”

“Well, I…”

“Ooh, say, Nippi, you’re right!” Pette nodded primly and released his hands with a soft little smile. “So you really can’t be in that much rush, can you, now?”

“I…” Hawthorne looked at Pette, then at Nippi, as the two catgirls gave him equally smug grins. “I guess not,” he said weakly. “I just… just...”

But now the catgirls smelled blood in the water.

“At least give our menu a look!” Pette pleaded. “C’mon, we need to make some sales today!”

“Yeah, else we’re… we’re sure to go out of business!” Nippi agreed, eyes welling with tears. “The… the landlord’s coming tomorrow with the rent!”

“Well… well, I suppose, if you’re really…” Hawthorne blinked. “Wait, you have a landlord?”

The catgirls held their expressions frozen a moment. Still teary-eyed, Nippi’s eyes shot to meet Pette’s.

Pette coughed. “Too much.”

Hawthorne’s eyes darted between the pair. He was so thoroughly confused right now.

“Hmph.” Nippi folded her arms with a petulant pout. “He would’ve bought it if you were more committed to the sale, Pette.”

“A landlord? Come on. Show some respect to our lovely customers’ intelligence.” Pette rolled her eyes, then smiled again at Hawthorne. “Sorry, sir, a dozen apologies. We aren’t going out of business. She just got carried away. You know how it is.”

“... r-right.” Hawthorne nodded hesitantly. “Um, sure, no hard feelings, just—”

“That said,” Pette added sweetly, “it would mean so much to us,” her thick eyelashes fluttered, “if you’d consider making just a little purchase! Just one!”

Hawthorne sighed. These kittens were persistent, and honestly, he hated being so rude—and even though he was pretty sure one of them had just tried to outright lie to him, he couldn’t quite bring himself to hold it against her when he wasn’t being totally up-front, either. It was time to come clean.

“I’m just not that into desserts,” he admitted sheepishly. “I’m sure your pastries are really delicious, and they look beautiful, but I haven’t… haven’t even, you know, had dinner yet, and.. and...” He trailed off. The catgirls were grinning again. “What?”

“So that’s it,” Pette said, shooting Nippi a sly glance.

“He’s not a dessert man,” Nippi agreed, smirking. “No wonder!”

The catgirls began to circle around Hawthorne, murmuring between each other, watching him with those smug, confident expressions. Hawthorne’s heart started to race.

“He must be confused.”

“I’ll bet he didn’t see the sign.”

“He didn’t read the menu.”

“He doesn’t know!”

“Let’s tell him!”

“T-Tell me what?” Hawthorne sputtered, taking a step back. He felt like a deer being stalked by coyotes. Gods, he’d just come in here to get warm!

“Well, cutie,” Pette said sweetly, clasping her hands behind her back and leaning forward, giving him a generous view down her bodice as she did so, “we don’t sell ordinary ‘desserts’ here. This is the Dream Parlor!”

Hawthorne blinked. The name meant nothing to him. “The…”

“We sell make-believe treats,” Nippi said proudly, strutting around him with a cloth to wipe and polish the surface of one of the booth tables. As she bent over, Hawthorne tried to ignore the indulgent view she seemed to be offering. “Our provider is an alchemist.”

“A Thriae alchemist, as a matter of fact,” Pette declared grandly, taking him by the hand again.

“R-Really?” Hawthorne had been about to ask what the hell a ‘make-belief treat’ was when he registered the second half. His guard was up again. “That sounds a little…”

“Absurd? I know! So this is a once-in-a-lifetime deal, you see!” Pette started leading him to the booth, which stood right next to the display case and counter.

“Won’t come again!’

“Unless you do, of course!”

The two catgirls giggled.

Hawthorne felt his face heating up. Was that deliberate double entendre? Or, erm, triple entendre? He stared hesitantly down at Pette. “Well, I just… I mean, is it…”

“Safe?” Nippi asked, flashing him a friendly smile as she helped him into the booth. The seats were warm and soft, a nice, cozy relief from the outdoors chill. “Oh, as anything! She’s a ronin Thriae.”

“A rogue unit.”

“Which means the other Thriae are always on the hunt to track her down and bring her to her knees,” Pette cooed, tying the cloth napkin around Hawthorne’s neck before he realized what was going on.

“You could be the very last one to taste one of her delectably impossible delicacies!” Pette sang.

“And we’re offering you such a good deal on it!”

“Well… if you say so, I… I guess.” Hawthorne cleared his throat, idly fanning his face with the menu Pette had just slid before him. The catgirls were still talking so fast, and it was really hard to parse the conversation when they kept trading off like that. “I can at least… hear what you’re offering. Maybe I’ll try one thing. Since… since it’s half off.”

The catgirls practically purred with delight, bouncing gleefully in place and smiling brilliantly at one another. From the relief in their eyes, Hawthorne might as well have told them that an avalanche heading for their home had spontaneously evaporated into a cloud and blown away. He suppressed a smile. Catgirls were a little infamous for their… mood swings.

“So what’s it gonna be?” Pette asked, beaming. She leaned over the edge of the table. “Have a look at the menu!”

Hawthorne nodded, trying to keep his eyes on Pette’s as he reached for the menu.

“Ooh, no, the cutie can’t be asked to read a menu,” teased Nippi, giggling as she plucked the menu away from him. “You can’t make a first-time customer use a menu!”

“B-But I—”

“Ooh! Good point!” Pette’s head bobbed with giddy excitement. “It’s better to recommend something!”

“I kind of wouldn’t mind a menu,” Hawthorne protested, reaching for the menu Nippi now held.

“No, no, no,” Nippi scolded, raising it out of reach, “we’re here to take care of you! There’s all kinds of stuff on this menu.”

“Best to let us pick the first thing you try,” Pette agreed.


“Especially since you’re getting such a fantastic deal!” Nippi flipped the menu open with a smug smile.


“Hush, now, sir,” Pette purred, leaning down over the counter to meet his gaze with those pretty green eyes of hers. “Just let us handle the menu for you~”

“We know it best, after all~” Nippi added with a wink.

“I… I… I guess so.” Hawthorne ducked his head, now even more flustered than before. These catgirls were being awfully pushy, but… well, he supposed he didn’t know the menu as well as they did. Maybe it was for the best. Especially since they were giving him such a good deal.

Nippi looked up from the menu and cheerfully passed it to Pette. “I think we should let him try a sample!”

“Ooh, good idea!" Pette cooed. “Say, why don’t you bring him some unicorn songs? Those are so perky!”

Positioned below the normally shorter catgirl, Hawthorne swallowed. It was getting… a lot more difficult not to stare at her. The buxom catgirl’s cheerful, almost unsettlingly eager attitude was leading to a lot of... bouncing...

“I was thinking maybe a nymph’s-come-hither-glance turnover.” Nippi hummed happily, swinging her hips leisurely from side to side as she made her way behind the display case. “You know, something nice and tart.”

Hawthorne was barely listening to the absurd names. Truthfully, he couldn’t help but watch Nippi’s curvy ass sway back and forth, jiggling with every step.

He only realized he was staring, in fact, when he noticed Pette smirking at him. He closed his mouth, licked his lips and coughed. “W-Well, I, um…”

“Which do you want?” Pette asked, her bushy red feline tail flicking eagerly behind her head. “We can only do one sample per customer. Store policy!”

“I…” Hawthorne bit his lip. This was the third reason he hadn’t wanted to order.

The truth was, he was terrible at making decisions. Especially under pressure.

“Though the sample is free, of course,” Nippi added, giggling as she opened the display case and reached in. Her eyes met his. “You could always buy one and sample the other?”

“I, um, maybe.”

“Maybe?” Pette pouted. “Ooh, come on, just pick one! Why not a songbird’s curiosity tart?”

“Or some whipped stormcloud’s rumble?”

“Ooh, I know!” Pette giggled, turning to point again. “Get him a butterfly milk cream puff! He’ll love that!”

“Aw, I dunno.” Nippi was already pulling out a truly mouthwatering-looking chocolatey-looking cake—some sort of lavacake, maybe. “I just thought of the distilled demonkiss trufflecake.”

“No, no, butterfly milk! He needs something light and creamy!” Pette bounced away from the table to intervene, leaving Hawthorne briefly alone.

He took a deep breath. These two were like a whirlwind. There was so much to keep up with!

“No, something dense and decadent’s gonna be the ticket,” Nippi said confidently. Her long, sleek black tail darted up to stroke under Pette’s chin as the other catgirl stooped to retrieve her own delicacy. Pette froze at the touch. “Just think… a demon’s kiss, distilled and baked to heady, intoxicating perfection, like the heaviest brandy and the richest chocolate…”

Hawthorne gave a nervous laugh. “Um, well, really, girls, I…”

“Ooh…” Pette’s eyelids fluttered from the tail’s light stroking. Then she snapped to, and shot Nippi an evil look. “Professionalism, Nippi! It’s not playtime! Anyways—” She straightened, now holding a plate bearing an impossibly fluffy-looking puff pastry in the shape of an elaborate many-winged butterfly.“Maybe the trufflecake’s the way to go… if you wanna give him a stomachache.”

“Hunger will give him a stomachache.” Nippi danced around the counter with a big, smug smile, her hips swaying back and forth with every step as she came to set her plate down before Hawthorne. “There you are, cutie~” She winked.

Hawthorne stared down at the little cake, about the size of a catgirl’s closed fist. Despite its relatively small size, he could feel just from smelling that sinfully enticing ganache, with just a hint of something strong like rum or brandy joining the sweet, slightly bitter chocolate, that this would pack a punch. Small, maybe, but as dense and rich as anything he’d ever tasted, no doubt. He licked his lips. “Um, well… h-hang on, I’m not—”

“Don’t rush the customer, Nippi, you little sockdollachewer!” Pette glared fiercely, her chest bouncing slightly as she bent over to set down her own treat next to the cake. “There you go, sweetie. One butterfly milk creampuff, just for you~”

By comparison, her pastry looked as light and fluffy as a cloud, the fine choux butterfly worked in impossible delicacy with the airy whipped cream. Its scent was layered, complex, and yet as wispy as a spring breeze, flowing through him with a dainty grace that left him with a pleasant buzzing sensation. His mouth watered.

“But I, um.” He swallowed. “I... only wanted a sample first.”

“Of course, cutie!” the catgirls said together, then immediately scowled at each other.

Pette cleared her throat. “Of course, cutie. But—”

“But there’s no reason you shouldn’t have both options easily presented!” Nippi said cheerfully. “You can sample one of them, then choose between two!”

“I… can’t sample both?” he asked weakly, eyes darting between the two pastries. Gods, they both looked delectable.”

“Store policy,” Nippi said, this time cutting off Pette a second before the catgirl seemed poised to say the same. She grinned. “Village kids kept coming in and trying everything.”

“The whole point is the experience, you see,” Pette said, swinging her hips to the side and putting one hand on them with a playful expression. “These treats technically shouldn’t even exist. If we let people taste-test every single one, there goes the mystery!”

“There goes the mystique!”

“The exoticism!”

“The flair!”

“Okay.” Hawthorne licked his lips, looking long at the creampuff, then at the trufflecake. Gods, they both looked exquisite. “I… um…”

“So which one do you wanna sample?” Pette asked sweetly.

Hawthorne felt his cheeks reddening. “I’m thinking,” he mumbled, chewing on a knuckle.

“Okay! No rush!” Nippi patted his shoulder. “Take your time, cutie.”

Hawthorne bit his lip.

He looked at the trufflecake.

He looked at the creampuff.

There was a long silence.

“... well?” Pette prompted.

“I, um. I’m still thinking.”

Nippi giggled. “Gosh, you’re pretty indecisive, huh?”

Pette scowled. “Nippi, be nice! The customer is always right!” As she spoke, she leaned over on the table, and Hawthorne watched as her breasts seemed to strain against the tight pale dress. He gulped.

“Well, how can he be right if he hasn’t made a decision yet?”

“Hm...” Pette’s ear flicked. She glanced down at Hawthorne, and appeared to look him up and down. Hawthorne blushed and quickly tore his eyes away from her chest. He heard her give a slight giggle, and could have sworn he saw a little smile playing across her lips. “Mister, would you be a dear and excuse us for a moment? I need to have a talk with my business partner.”

“Um.” He nodded sheepishly. “Sure. Sorry it’s taking so long.”

“Not at all!” Pette exclaimed, reaching over and Petteng his hair; Hawthorne flinched at the familiarity, but she didn’t seem the least bit put off by this, leaning over and continuing to pet. Then she pulled back and took Nippi’s hand. “We’ll be right back~”

She twirled in her lovely dress and made for the kitchen door. Nippi gave him a big smile as she turned and followed after.

Nippi’s ass swayed from left to right with every step. Right to left. Left to right. So curvy, so plump and luscious and… and…

Hawthorne coughed, inwardly scolding himself. Still, he couldn’t shake the feeling that Nippi… wanted him staring.

But… but that was all the more reason to be careful. Right?

He stared helplessly between the two delectable baked treats as the door swung shut. He could hear the catgirls talking in low tones, but aside from the occasional giggle, he couldn’t make out words.

This is getting stupid, he thought with a rueful laugh. He needed to just choose one. It didn’t matter which.

And yet as he reached towards the creampuff, he hesitated. Oh, but… but he was hungry. Something rich and heavy might be a better idea.

He glanced at the trufflecake and reached for the spoon, then stopped himself. But… but he’d get dinner in town.

He looked back to the creampuff.

But what if he wasn’t able to find any good places to eat? He looked back to the trufflecake. Better something filling. Just in case.

But supposing he got a stomachache? He looked back to the creampuff.

But the trufflecake looked delicious. His eyes darted back.

But so did the creampuff! He tore his gaze away and pinched the bridge of his nose. Gods, why was this always so hard?

He bit his lip, then pointed to one. Face heating up slightly, his finger began bobbing between. One, two, green, blue. Pick a pepper for the stew. If it’s salty, add a—

The door swung open, and he dropped his hand, flustered, as the two catgirls came strutting back in. “Sorry about that!” Pette chirped, giggling.

“We just had to… agree on something,” Nippi said, also giggling.

“Y-Yeah?” Hawthorne managed, eager for a distraction from his dilemma as he looked up at them.

And his breath caught as he found himself face-to-face with Pette’s jiggling tits.

The catgirl had bounced right over to the table to lean over him, and… had her corset always been drawn so tightly, or so low-cut? It must have been, but he felt his cheeks burning as he stared right at Pette’s bounteous canyon of cleavage, still bouncing a little from her rapid approach.

She bounced on her toes, plainly excited about something. For a moment, all he could bring himself to do was… watch. Up and down the boobs went. And side to side, and closer and further, and closer, and closer—

“Yeah,” she said, giving an amused little smirk, and Hawthorne’s mind buzzed with humiliation as he forced his eyes up to meet hers. “Have you, um... decided yet?”

“I… I…” He licked his lips, looking hopelessly down at the pastries. “Maybe you two should just pick for me,” he said defeatedly. “I’m awfully sorry, it's just—they both look delicious, and I’m probably too hungry and tired to make this decision—”

“Aw, I thought he wasn’t a dessert man?” Nippi teased. Hawthorne found his gaze traveling to the catgirl as she rose to her tiptoes to retrieve something from atop a nearby cabinet. Gods, her short shorts were positively… painted on… her dark tail flicking about, forming a little hook in the air above her hips, almost as if pointing his gaze right back down to her luscious, curvy ass… “Now he can’t bear to turn either dessert down!”

“Well, we did give him two delectable options, I suppose,” Pette said with a sympathetic pout down at him. He felt his eyes helplessly drawn back to her as she reached up and ‘subtly’ tugged her bra strap back under the shoulder of the dress, even this small adjustment encouraging the breasts to jiggle a little… “But I think he and I both know that he needs something creamy. Don’t you, dear?”

Hawthorne struggled to tear his eyes off her fat, jiggling tits to answer the question, only to realize, as he met her eyes and saw those fulsome lips curving upwards in a sly smile, that he’d forgotten the question. He licked his lips, which only seemed to make her smile widen further still...

Out of the corner of his eye, Nippi turned with a smile and started towards them with the spoon. He wasn’t looking at her, though.

At least, not until there was a faint clattering. He and Pette both turned to see Nippi putting a hand to her beestung pink lips, aghast. She appeared to have dropped the spoon, and it had fallen just behind her.

“A bit clumsy, are we, Nippi?” Pette asked, looking very unamused.

“Aww, I guess so!” Nippi cooed, twirling around and bending over to pick it up. She bent over at an almost perfect right angle, and Hawthorne’s breath caught. He almost whimpered at the sight of those glorious, curvy, indulgent cheeks, looking so soft, so plush, so smooth, her thighs looking so plump and comfortable… “Personally, dear, I think our cute customer is gonna realize that what he really wants is something…” She gave a dainty little giggle, and her ass a little wiggle. Hawthorne almost whined aloud. “... a little de-ca-dent~” She wiggled her ass in time with her syllables.

Hawthorne shifted nervously. It was getting a little hard to just sit still and watch these two make their... sales pitches. It was… was getting a little hard, he thought, and gulped.

It was hard to be sure. He was so disoriented, so overstimulated, so off-balance. But this seemed distinctly more flirty than before. And it had already been pretty flirty. Hadn’t it? Was this just two parlormaids playing around with a customer to tempt him into buying, or was this… was this… surely they didn’t treat all their customers this nicely, did they?

“Oh, but, like, think about it,” said Pette sweetly, twirling a finger before his eyes and drawing his attention back to her. “He doesn’t need decadence, he needs... sweetness. Don’t you, sweetie?”

Her finger hooked on her neckline, and Hawthorne’s heart started to race as it gave a tiny little tug, pulling the dress down ever-so-slightly. “Don’t you? Can’t you just imagine that sweet, creamy pastry, basically melting on your tongue…” The finger tugged at the bodice, revealing more and more of her heaving bosom, her vast cleavage more and more enticing by the second as she bounced in place...

Hawthorne breathed in faintly, and his head swam with her sugary vanilla perfume. He stared at those bouncing tits, head swimming with the perfume, cheeks burning. “I… I…”

“Doesn’t that sound soooo good?” she gushed, as she hopped up and plopped her ass up on the table right in front of him. Her tits bounced wildly with the sudden motion, and Hawthorne barely held in a whimper. Oh, gods, now he couldn’t look away. Pette released her neckline, to his intense relief… only to reach over and give one breast a slow, languorous squeeze. “Just tasting that sweet, creamy, de-lec-ta-ble...”

“Not to mention rich and indulgent,” Nippi husked, as she climbed up and, without warming, spilled right into his arms. Hawthorne squeaked as he felt her warm, soft body suddenly pressing against his, her curvy ass sinking comfortably into his lap as if she belonged there.

She giggled, tipping his chin upwards with a knuckle to make him meet her eyes. “That is, the trufflecake is, I mean,” she clarified with a smirk. “Doesn't it look soooo mouthwateringly luscious and heavy?” She gave a little purr, a purr that resonated through her entire body—and into him beneath her.

“I, um.” He squirmed helplessly beneath the shortstack catgirl’s surprising weight. Oh, gods, she was so hot, and he already felt like his cheeks were about to catch on fire...“I just—”

“Ooh, but the pastry is so delicate and airy,” Pette sang from behind Nippi, as the busty catgirl reached up and gave her breasts a long, indulgent squeeze together before letting them bounce back down. “And so full of yummy, wholesome cream~”

Hawthorne’s eyes were helplessly affixed on those gigantic breasts once again. Was that a trace of wetness he saw in the nipple-tented fabric of the bodice? His heart leaped, and he unconsciously licked his lips.

“Ooh,” Nippi murmured, rocking back and forth along his thighs, wiggling her plush derriere in his lap, “but just think of how nice and indulgent the helpings of the trufflecake are. Sooo heavy...”

Hawthorne’s lips parted in an almost-moan. His eyes half-closed as his cock twitched and pulsed, eager and needy beneath Nippi’s curvy hips, eager for more attention, more indulgence...

“It’ll be so soft,” Pette hissed, with a sly smile he only saw out of the corner of his eye as he looked back and watched her tits bounce and squish together. “So sweet and nourishing. Like something out of a dream~”

“Piped fresh out of the oven, so hot and doughy...”

“So creamy, so exquisite and silky, you’ll be left thirsting for more...”

“Such a generous helping, so hot and heavy, ready to fill you right up…”

Hawthorne couldn’t help it. He moaned aloud, rocking in his seat. He knew he needed to object to this, but his mind felt so gooey, so soft, so warm and needy and—and—hard to think—

The tits bounced and jiggled, squeezed together, so soft, so—

The ass wriggled in his lap, slid along his shaft, so warm and curvy—

“All the bouncy, heart-fluttering desire of a fluttermaid’s smile...”

“All the overwhelming satisfaction of a succubus’s kiss~”

“Utttterly addictive~”

“Assstonishingly lustful~”

Hawthorne was panting, his whole mind a foggy daze of sweetness and cream and need. How had he so quickly, so perfectly lost control of this situation? His head sloshed with creamy milk as his cock throbbed with intense need for indulgence. His mouth watered at the thought of either pastry, but this had gone so far beyond pastries.

He wanted them, he realized with a helpless, adoring whimper. He wanted the catgirls. But which one?

The catgirls were beaming at him. Giggling at his flustered, horny state. He knew he should be bothered by that, but it was like he was in a sweet, dreamlike trance, watching the tits bounce, lost in the pleasure of Nippi's luscious ass wiggling in his lap. He squirmed and gasped, his mind a hopeless puddle of lust and need and confused indecision. He didn't know what to do—surely he was supposed to resist this, to put up some sort of fight, to be something other than this passive, disoriented, whimpering puddle of lust and need and desire between them.

“Wel?” purred Nippi in his ear, giggling as she reached down and daintily stroked a finger through the chocolatey confection. She raised the finger, dripping with syrup, to his panting lips. “Maybe you’d better just try a little taste, sweetie~”

He stared helplessly at Pette’s bouncing tits, then at Nippi’s gleaming green eyes. He licked his lips. His eyes drifted back to the tits, but he found his lips parting, found himself breathing in the sweet, decadent chocolate, oh, gods, he was all-but drooling…

“Aww, good boy!”

… and the next thing he knew, he found his lips fastened around the catgirl’s fingertip, and he was sucking and licking and moaning in hopeless delight. Oh, gods, it tasted wonderful. It was like rich, oozing pleasure was dripping and dribbling right into him, pouring slowly through him, as slow as molasses and as irresistible as a tsunami.

“Doesn’t that taste so goooood?” Nippi was cooing, beaming down at him. “Isn’t it just the yummiest thing you’ve ever tasted?”

He moaned and bobbed his head helplessly, just before he was rendered utterly insensible as her ass rewarded him with extra-indulgent grinding and wriggling, and she purred her pleasure, and everything in him suddenly felt as soft and gooey as the syrup he was eagerly licking and sucking obediently off her finger. He squirmed and moaned and lapped and sucked and -

- and he was left gazing vapidly up at Nippi, his head a drooling mess of sweetness and decadence. As the finger slid back out, and Nippi gave a triumphant smirk, so very proud of herself, his cheeks felt as hot as the trufflecake.

“Good boy!” the catgirl said sweetly, with one last little wiggle. “So, do you know what you want now, big boy?”

“Mmm…” He nodded stupidly, smiling, as his eyes sank down to the…

... to the…

… to... the…

… beautiful bouncing tits right before him.

“Aww, sweetie!” Pette cooed down at him, stroking under his chin with one hand and dabbing at his mouth daintily with a little handkerchief in the other. She was bouncing in place, still seated up atop the table. “You weren’t gonna decide before you tried the creampuff, were you?”

“Uuuuhhhh...” He watched the tits smoosh together and started to nod brainlessly. With Nippi’s ass still wiggling in his lap, with those big, fat tits still bouncing before his eyes, it felt so hard to get thoughts together into familiar, non-molten shapes, much less words.

“No, of course not,” Pette purred, giggling. Hawthorne blinked slowly, then shook his head obediently. “You’re such a sensible buyer, how could possibly you try one and not the other before making up your mind?”

Try one and not the other. Something about those words rang oddly to Hawthorne, and he started to frown. Then the tits bounced, and his worried thoughts just seemed to just bounce-bounce-bounce away…

... and he let out a helpless whine.

Pette was holding out one finger, which she appeared to have run through the creampuff, because it was covered in the fluffy whipped filling. The little catgirl was holding it just over a breast, which made it, Hawthorne thought gratefully, so easy to fixate on both.

As he watched, the finger dipped down casually and stroked a little circle around the nipple, lathering it in whipped cream as if decorating a pastry. Then Pette giggled and gave her breasts a little bounce between her comparatively tiny hands.

It was like every time those breasts bounced towards one another, Hawthorne could feel his own brains being squished between them. He could barely breathe as he watched and squirmed, his mouth watering as he stared in breathless lust and desire at the sweet treat atop the sweeter treat.

“Well?” the buxom kitten purred, finishing her lewd display by popping her finger past her plump lips and seductively sucking, an innocent, demure casualness in her eyes even as they never left his squirming form. She moaned. “Mmmm… so gooood...”

Hawthorne was panting. Drooling. He could barely think, barely put the gooey, molten mess in his mind into any kind of order at all beyond… beyond…

… beyond how delectably wonderful the creampuff smelled.

“Now who’s shameless?” Nippi muttered.

Pette giggled, her tail flicking mischievously behind her head. “He is,” she pointed out smugly.

Hawthorne blinked blearily as he realized he’d begun leaning forward. He bit his lip, holding in a whimper as his cheeks burned hot enough to melt what brains remained into pure dripping honey. He tried to make himself lean back. No, he… he couldn’t, he had to stay in control, had to…

“Well?” Pette asked again, condescending delight gleaming in her eyes as she watched his struggle. “Come, now, sweetie.” She gave her breasts a long, languid squeeeeeze, then let them bounce free.

He struggled, embarrassment and shame and dignity all struggling to regain some semblance of control, to keep him from totally losing his senses…

“Come on, baby,” the buxom catgirl purred from above, her voice flowing through his gooey mind like warm honeyed milk. “Just one little taste won’t hurt~”

Yes. Hawthorne found himself nodding submissively at this reasoning as he leaned in closer, lips parting as he began to lick delicately at the cream on her breast. Surely just… just one taste couldn’t hurt...

In fact, he thought dreamily, it sounded so reasonable, surely it couldn’t hurt to just… steal a few kisses while he was here. Mm. It tasted so delicious, so sweet and light and airy. He found himself longing for more.

And surely, he thought, as blissful, sweet fluffy clouds descended on his mind… surely just one tiny miniscule little suckle couldn’t hurt. Just to get all the cream. It was just a taste.

Just... a sample.

As his lips latched onto the nipple, and he began to suckle, he heard and felt Pette giggling softly. Her fingers ran through his hair daintily as she cooed, “Good boy! Such a good boy!”

Hawthorne tried desperately to control himself. He just wanted a little taste. That was all. He could tell the catgirl was lactating, but he just had to suck a little, just lap a little more, just for a little, tiny taste…

“Teehee!” He felt Nippi give a little grind of her luscious ass against his lap, and he moaned and found himself suckling more needily, overwhelmed by pleasure—and before he could help himself, a stream of light, sweet cream came pouring onto his tongue. “Good thing you picked which breast for him, huh, Pette?”

Pette and Nippi both gigled. Hawthorne was very glad his red face was concealed within Pette’s bounteous cleavage as he suckled, moaning, squirming beneath Nippi’s expert attentions and gulping down the exquisitely sweet milk. He felt so, so flustered, and yet he couldn’t help himself.

It just felt so good. And it tasted so good. And it was all he could do not to cling desperately to Pette and suckle and nurse like a totally brainless good boy.

Even though being a good boy sounded… sooo good right now...

“There, now, isn’t that so yummy?” Pette cooed, stroking his hair. “Doesn’t it make you feel soooo nice and fluffy?”

He moaned and meekly nodded. It was like sweet, addictive pink clouds were filling his head, clouds of pleasure, fluffing all other thoughts into sticky, melty obedience and need...

“This is so unfair,” Nippi said, audibly pouting. Silken pleasure passed through Hawthorne as she continued to grind up and down his shaft, however. She felt slick beneath those short shorts.

“Oh, unfair?” Pette’s tone remained sultry and sweet as she stroked Hawthorne’s hair and pulled him closer. Without thinking—because thinking was getting so hard right now—everything getting so hard, except his brain, which was getting so soft... “So giving a customer a lapdance like a hot wanton little kitten in heat is okay, but letting him sample some sweet... addictive... light, de-lect-a-ble cream…”

Hawthorne whined and moaned. No, he needed to—needed to resist—

“P-Pleashmmff!” he managed around the nipple. Pette’s cream tasted so delicious, and the soft, warm weight in his lap steadily grinding and wriggling felt so wonderful, made every part of him feel so heavy and… melty… and...

The catgirls turned in unison to their customer and giggled. Out of the corner of his foggy vision, he saw them exchange sly, triumphant looks.

“Please?” Pette asked sweetly, patting him on the head. “Please what, sir?”

“We don’t wanna misunderstand you, see,” purred Nippi in his ear as she began unbuttoning his shirt, rolling her hips with a hedonist’s flourish.

“Plmmm!” he cried, even as he kept nursing, kept gulping down that sweet, soothing milk, feeling his mind getting so soft and fluffy and dreamy and dazed, feeling his cock getting so hard and heavy and hot and needy…

“Please you want more yummy, decadent, overwhelmingly rich trufflecake?” Nippi positively moaned in his ear, rocking in his lap with every word.

He panted and drooled and bucked and squirmed, pure lust suffusing him at her sultry tone, at the unspeakable pleasure pouring into him in hot, heavy waves—

“Please you want that wonderful creamy-sweet sugary silky creampuff sending pretty pink puffs of perfection right into that dreamy mind of yours,” Pette cooed, giving her breast a little squeeze that sent another stream of her sweet cream right into his gasping mouth, “and making you as needy as a newborn?”

“Mmuhh! Plllsss!” he mewled, barely able to even muster vocalizations anymore with all the addictive milk filling him up, the catgirl’s cream making his whole brain feel so fuzzy and fluffy, like endless mists were flooding in and fogging his entire mind into a dreamy daze, until all he could think about was submitting to his mistress’s soft, pillowy breasts, burying his mind between them and nursing until he had no thoughts left at all—

“Well, which is it?” teased Nippi, kissing his neck hungrily, passionately, rocking her hips a little faster until it was like she was milking his throbbing captive cock beneath her...

“Which do you want?” purred Pette, and he mewled as her purring resonated through his whole body, through his fuzzing mind, made him feel even creamier and dreamer and sillier and fluffier...

“Rich, soft, warm decadence,” moaned Nippi, grinding her hips with every word, grinding her luscious, flawless ass against his cock until he couldn’t help but cry out with every movement she made...

“Or light, fluffy, cloudy, misty, dreamy-creamy silky seduction?” sighed Pette, stroking his hair and squeezing and squishing her breasts around his head, practically smothering him, his mind, his thoughts, flooding him with that delectable addictive milk as his whole mind dribbled and melted as he continued to nurse needily, helpless to control himself, hopelessly addicted...


“So rich, soooo heavy~”

“Brain getting all light and foggy~”

“All hot and heavy~”

He bucked and panted, nearly drooling, the two catgirls’ purring joining and intensifying, bathing him in vibrating bliss as they cooed and teased.

“Soooo yummy~”





He writhed and squirmed, his cock pulsing its need as the lapdance intensified, Nippi’s ass so luscious and soft, so decadent and indulgent, as he suckled and suckled and melted into Pette’s comfortable, soothing embrace and filled himself with her milk like a good boy.

“Which is it?”

“Which do you want?”

“What does our horny, squirming, obedient boy want?”

“What does this silly, sweetly sinking foggy-brained boy neeeeed?”

The rocking, the squirming, the milk, Pette’s bouncing breasts and Nippi’s curvy ass and their sweet touches and their humiliating teasing and their warm, purring embrace—it was all too much. Far, far too much.

“Both!” he mewled as he came, pulling off the nipple to speak, squirming and writhing and staring up at the two beaming catgirls in utter hopeless pleasure as pure ectsasy rolled through his trembling body, as his cock throbbed with delight and made a mess of his trousers, as his mind briefly melted into nothing but lovey-dovey dumb, dumb cum and he came and came and came his brains out for his new mistresses.

“Both?” they teased in unison, giggling.

“B-Both!” he moaned, bucking senselessly beneath the wriggling kitten in his lap. “Mmmb-both, please, please, I want more, more, moremoremoremmmmore plea— MMMF! MMMF! MMMf… mmmmmm…”

His cries and pleas of molten bliss were smothered in blissful suckling as, with light, airy giggles, the two catgirls smiled triumphantly, each put a hand on either side of the back of his head, and pushed him right back down onto Pette’s breast.

He moaned as his meek little struggles subsided... and he soon gave way once more to happily nursing at Pette’s tits. Drinking it all down. Making himself a good boy. Nice and dumb and obedient.

It felt so good. It was heavenly. Letting the milk flow through him and flood his mind with endorphins as Nippi’s soft, curvy ass slid rhythmically up and down his cock, as the catgirls purred and drew out the orgasm longer and longer, milked every last thought from his mind. Letting them draw his pleasure out into eternity, long and hot and heavy and overwhelming in its intensity, its addictiveness, its heat, its weight, its fluffy-sweet dreamy delight, until no thoughts in his foggy head remained independent of their gentle, loving embrace…

“Silly boy,” teased Pette, giggling, as he mewled and bucked, “you can’t afford both!”

“You haven’t the money,” teased Nippi, as she playfully undid another button. Her purr sent a shiver through Hawthorne as his cock pulsed blissfully, as his thoughts continued to ooze slowly under the catgirls’ control...

“Mmmmore…” he moaned around the nipple, panting as the orgasm began to give way to an delectable afterglow. His mind was still struggling to recover, but the catgirls were still basically right on top of him, and the milk still tasted so delicious… “mmmooore…”

More giggling met his ears, but he no longer blushed. He just smiled blissfully. It felt so good to please them. These kitties played so indulgently when they were pleased with their toy, and being their toy felt… sooooo good…

“Well,” Pette said, running fingers through his hair, “I suppose we could arrange something.”

“Maybe he could work it off?” Nippi suggested, and he could hear the smile in her words. “Just a few weeks.”

“Assuming he didn’t rack up more debt in the meantime, naturally”

“Ooh, naturally!”

He moaned. The afterglow was so intense, but a part of him somehow sensed that… that something was a little off about this… but the haze was so rich and creamy and heavy and sweet…

“So what do you say, sweetie?” Pette tilted his head up, forcing him to release the nipple. He whined instinctively, even as he stared up into her shimmering green eyes, then into Nippi’s next to her. A little nervousness penetrated the daze.

“You could have both,” Nippi purred in his ear. “It’s gonna feel soooo good.” She gave a little wiggle. Hawthorne gulped, the last of the creamy kitten milk sliding down his throat, as he felt his cock twitching. Gods, was he… was  he already ready to go again?

“Um…” He hesitated, biting his lip.

“We’ll make it soooo easy,” Pette echoed silkily. “No more hard choices~”

“Just soft thoughts and hard cocks~”

His mind rolled in its dreamy daze like a slow-flowing river of syrup. Just soft thoughts and… hard cocks...

“Ummm…” He squinted, struggling to put thoughts together. Work it off? Just a few weeks? But the thought of what they could do to him in a few weeks, when… when they’d already so easily done this to him within just a few minutes…

“Aww, he’s having trouble deciding again!” Nippi giggled as she hopped out of his lap.

“Of course he is,” Pette’s whisper in his ear was as sweet as spun sugar now/ She slid out of the booth and offered him her hand.

He pliantly took it without thinking. And then Nippi took the other, and he realized he was trapped.

“Come along, then, sweetie,” Nippi teased, as she retrieved the plates of creampuff and trufflecake with her free hand, showing remarkable dexterity. Her fluffy tail tickled under his chin as the catgirls tugged him to his feet, his erection now prominently tenting his messed trousers.

“Let’s take him to the back room,” Pette chimed, her tits bouncing as she beamed up at him.

He blinked. “B-But I… I…”

“We’ll talk it out,” Nippi soothed, smirking up at him. She gave her ass a little wiggle.

The catgirls led him along, and Hawthorne found himself following along without even thinking about it. It was easier not to think, anyways, to just do as they said. They knew best, after all.

He couldn’t look away from Nippi’s ass, nor could he stop his head from sloshing with all of Pette’s delicious milk. He just stumbled along, feeling almost pulled along by his twitching, excited cock even though nobody had even touched it.

Yet. His mind swirled with molten dreamy delight at the thought.

“There’s a good boy,” Pette said smugly as she opened the door, and the two catgirls led him into the kitchen—without him putting up even the littlest fuss, he thought, his cheeks burning as bright red as Pette’s flicking tail. “Aww, so obedient! Just wait til we actually really go to work on him~”

The catgirls giggled. Hawthorne whimpered as he heard the door swinging shut behind him.

“It’s just like we told you,” Nippi purred in his ear, as her fingers began to creep down towards the button of his trousers. Pette began to steer him towards a comfy-looking armchair near the fire with a knowing little smile.

“We’ll do aaaanything to close a sale~”
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