Maid In Heaven

Chapter 2

by GigglingGoblin

Tags: #cw:noncon #bondage #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #sub:female #transgender_characters #begging #bimbo #bimbofication #bimbowned #cock_hypnosis #cocksucking #dicknosis #elf #girldick #hypnocock #maid #maidification #oral_sex #plantfuckers #plants #praise #tentacles #tickling

Sweet was an awfully pretty word, Miari thought, tilting her head in wonder as she stared, open-mouthed, at the pretty, bobbing cock in front of her.

She licked her lips. Sweet was the prettiest word in the world.

It was like birdsong. Like a sun shining through rain clouds. Sweet. Like a waterfall of sugar water casting pretty little rainbows all across the forest glen.

It was… such a pretty word, she thought, head lolling. It felt like fluffy pink clouds were puffing through her mind, and it felt so easy to just bob her head in time with the bobbing of Galess’s beautiful cock and… and drift...

“Teehee!” Elesma’s fingers ran through Miari’s long blonde hair, which she had just moments ago tugged out of its sensible ponytail. That bothered Miari a little bit. A little bit. But really, it was so, so hard to think when headpets felt so nice, and her head felt so fuzzy, and the cock looked so pretty, and—and they’d said it was sweet— “Ooh, Galess, I think she likes it!”

“Does she?” Galess asked with a voice like a leaking honeypot. The blonde elfmaid was tied to the armchair chair—not unlike how Elesma had somehow managed to strap one of Miari’s ankles to her own chair, Miari thought with a pang of dim awareness—but she was shifting so she could almost reach her cock, needily squirming in a way that made Miari’s own cock twitch with sympathy. “Does she? Aww… does she like how it twitches back and forth?”

Back and forth. Back and forth.

“Nn…” Miari dimly knew this was bad. She didn’t want to be down here, kneeling between the two bimbo elven maid servants as they teased her. She didn’t want to be disarmed, to have let them cast her coat of mail across the room so she was left with nothing but her bare hands and a plain white blouse. She didn’t want to be kneeling with her hair undone, accepting the headpets from Elesma without resistance…. Didn’t want to be staring, lips parted, positively drooling at the thought of tasting... “Nnuh… no, I, um, I actually… like…”

“Like?” Galess asked innocently, exchanging a glance with Elesma. A sly, wicked, knowing glance. An amused glance. Miari’s cheeks flared with embarrassment.

“I-I’m here to see Ciliata!” Miari blurted.

There was a brief pause. The headpets eased up slightly, the smiles dropping to curious pouts, and Miari had a brief blink of relief.

“Oh, really?” Elesma’s voice was as crisp and delectable as a sugar cube on the tongue.

Miari bit her lip. “Um… I-I mean… yes?” She tried to put more certainty into her words, screwing her courage to glare defiantly at the beautiful cock. “Yes! I’m here to… to… bring her in.”

That was why she was here, she thought, flushing bright pink. Not to get waylaid by these two bubbly beauties. Not to end up on her knees staring at a pretty, bobbing cock as it swung back and forth before her wide eyes.

She needed to… to… to face these maids down, to fight back. As a Toxin Ranger, she knew she was more than a match for two brainwashed bimbos, if only she could get her head back in the game!

And that started by confronting them. No matter what they said, no matter how they tried to mislead her, to pretend Ciliata wasn’t here, to force her to stay put and submit to Lady Ciliata’s control...

“Ooh, how lovely!” Elesma cooed. “We’ll take you to her right away!”

Miari shook her head firmly. No matter their deceptions, no matter their distractions, no matter their… their, um…

Wait, what?

“I.” Miari blinked. “R-Really?”

Trap, her mind was whispering. Trap trap trap trap—

“For sure!” Galess giggled. “Like, totally! We wouldn’t want to keep you from meeting Mistress!”

“Mistress is soooo wonderful,” Elesma sighed happily. “She’s gonna love you!”

“I.” Miari hesitated. “You’ll take me to her? Right now? Armed?” No run-around. No desperate search. No attempted escape. Was the kitsune really going to let Miari get within reach? “Unbound?” she added. “And… and…” She swallowed, watching the cock’s tip twitch. “F-Fully clothed?”

“Of course!” the maids gushed in unison, Elesma’s hand lavishing soothing pets on Miari’s head.

“However you want,” Elesma added happily. “Like, you’re our guest!”

Miari hesitated. Part of her knew this had to be a trick, but… were bimbos this brainless really capable of any complex deceit? Particularly on a seasoned Ranger like her?

“We could go now?” she whispered.

There was a pause, and her heart sank.

Then it leaped when Galess chirped, “Sure! Whenever you want!”

“There’s no hurry, though,” Elesma added. “Like, Galess and I can totes lead you there, but, like…” She reached over and gave Galess’s cock a wicked little tap, eliciting a whimper. “Like, I dunno if silly Galess here is gonna make it!”

“Nnn…” Galess squirmed helplessly in her restraints. Miari’s breath caught as this caused the cock to swing a little faster. “O-Oh, please...”

“Her cuuute bimbo cock is in toootal control right now,” Elesma murmured in a voice like velvet. “Isn’t that right, cutie?”

“Uh-huh,” Galess panted. “Uh-huh!”

“And Mistress is gonna toy with you, like, soooo cruelly,” Elesma went on, giggling, “if she sees you like this!” Another tap. Another helpless little mewl. “Ooh, actually, I dunno… maybe you better stay here and enjoy the slutseat like a good bimbo while us smart girls go off to meet Mistress!”

Galess whined, shaking her head weakly.

Miari could scarcely breathe. She knew she should be standing up, should be instructing Elesma to tell her where to go. But she also couldn’t stop listening. Couldn’t stop watching Galess squirm and wriggle, couldn’t stop imagining herself in Galess’s place, so helpless and obedient and needy in the other bimbo’s grasp...

And Galess. Smelled. So. Good.

As one maid toyed with the other up above, whispering more little teasing remarks, Miari breathed in the sweetness. Her head roiled and spun and danced with pink fog. The cock was so close. So desperate for any touch. So easy to… to lean… closer...

“Doesn’t that sound nice, Mary?” chirped Elesma, and Miari shut her mouth quickly, licking her lips to keep from drooling. “ I can take you on your lonesome, while silly Galess gets to stay here and whimper like a good girl!”

Miari swallowed. That sounded… nice, she thought, head lolling slightly as the cock bobbed down towards her, then bounced back up again. Elesma could lead her to the Baroness. One on one. Safer. And Elesma made it sound so simple and easy...

But. No. She shook her head slightly. Bad… bad idea. Elesma seemed a little cleverer than Galess. Maybe even a little meaner. And the last thing Miari needed was Elesma at her back as she faced the Baroness.

Galess was manageable. She needed to take Galess with her.

Miari bit her lip, watching the tip dribble slightly as Elesma whispered something Miari didn’t catch in Galess’s ear. Galess would be... easier to control. And less likely to tease her as badly. Right?

“Ooh, no?” Elesma asked, sounding curious. “And what does Mary think we should do?”

“M-Miari.” Miari couldn’t quite take her eyes from the cock, but she did her very best to make her voice level. “I… um… think I w-want Galess to lead me. Alone.”

There was a faint chorus of tittering from above.

“Oh, really?” Galess giggled weakly. “Um… w-well, I dunno if, like, I c-can walk straight…”

“Of course not, silly!” Elesma gushed, giving Galess’s cock another cruel tap. “Like, a silly bimbo like you needs some relief if she’s gonna be leading cute girls to meet Mistress~”

“Uh-huh,” Galess whispered, her voice dripping with intense, molten need. Miari couldn’t help but feel a little ripple of sympathy.

Galess couldn’t possibly go anywhere right now. She was too horny. Too… too tempting. She wouldn’t even be able to walk without that pretty cock twitching up from her short skirt and, um. Distracting Miari.

Like it was doing right now.

Miari watched the cock twitch. Back and forth. Back and forth. And an idea started to bubble on her tongue, despite her desperate attempts to hold it in. “I,” she squeaked. “I can… I-I mean, I can… like… like, maybe, um, like…”

“Hm?” Elesma turned her attention back to Miari, her ruby-red lips a pitcher pouring sultry, sugary syrup straight into Miari’s open mouth. “What was that, sweetie?

Miari couldn’t help it now. Her breath came in light and feathery, and her words came out like little fluttering butterflies flying every which way. “I! I can! Like! Like, I can—I can, like—like—”

“‘Like’?” Elesma giggled, leaning down to plant a soft kiss on Miari’s cheek. Miari whimpered. She could positively feel the little lipstick mark. “Gosh, Galess! She’s already talking, like, like a toootal—”

“N-No!” Miari whined, trying to get up. But the strap on her ankle made it so hard to find her balance, and the headpets kept pushing her head back down. Pushing her down. Almost onto her hands and knees, even closer to the… the… “I… I’m n-not a—”

“Not a what?” Galess cooed.

“N… nnn…” Miari shook her head pathetically, as her voice melted into a puddle at her knees.

The cock bobbed back and forth. Back and forth, so pretty, so perfect, so cute.

Miari licked her lips, self-conscious of the fact that her mouth had opened again and she was… she was practically drooling...

… her head lolling back and forth, back and forth, the pretty cock so hard to look away from...

“Bimbo,” Miari whimpered. The word sent a forbidden melty glow through her whole body, and she quivered, trying desperately to keep from moaning.

“Not a bimbo?” Elesma purred. The redhead reached over, and her delicate fingers entered Miari’s field of vision as she daintily touched the tip of Galess’s cock, made it bounce. Galess whimpered. “Ooh, but just look at her pretty bimbo cock!”

“No,” Miari whispered, staring longingly at the cock as her lips formed a perfect ‘o’ shape.

“So sweet,” Elesma cooed, and Miari’s whimper was covered only by Galess’s achingly eager moan as Elesma’s finger glided up and down the shaft. “So full of yummy, dummy cum.” Her other hand pushed Miari down ever-so-gently, encouraging her to fall forward. Miari weakly tried to resist. “Aww… wouldn’t we like a taste?”

A taste.

“Mm…” Miari shook her head weakly. She couldn’t tear her eyes from it. It felt like her lips were so sensitive, so perfectly-shaped, perfectly sized to fit Galess’s entire cock, and it felt so wonderfully natural to just… sink… forward…

Her mouth was watering. She was drooling, Miari realized, her cheeks burning with embarrassment. Drooling like a… like a…

“I think she does!” Galess squeaked, squirming with excitement. “Teehee, no wonder she wanted to tie me up so bad!”

“Ooh, yeah!” Elesma giggled. “Like, she’s basically begging for it!”

“What a bimbo!”

“What a cute little bimbo!”

Miari shook her head desperately with a tiny whine. The voices were burrowing into her head, filling her with that sappy, sticky need for… for the taste of that drippy, mind-melty cock in her mouth…

“She’s, like, hypnotized by it, Galess.”

“Ooh, like, really?” Galess giggled, and wiggled her ass from side to side, forcing Miari to bob her head to keep up. “Oh my gosh, she, like, totally is!”

“She looks sooo pretty like that.”

“So cute~”

“So obedient~”


“No!” Miari squeaked. “N-Nuh—No, n-no, I’m—I’m f-fine!” The Ranger licked her lips and closed her mouth, heart pounding. It felt like she was in desperate danger of floating away, and she was clinging to a tiny cluster of clover as her only anchor to the ground.

She was a Ranger! She was strong-willed, cunning, experienced! She’d been doing this for years, and she wasn’t—she wasn’t about to turn into some girly, adorable, pink-dress-wearing, whining, begging, sweet, cute, drooling slutty bimbo maid just because a pretty cock kept bobbing back and forth, so pretty, so cute, so slutty and drooling and yummy and obedient and—

“I think she likes it even more,” Elesma said slyly, stroking Miari’s hair slowly, “when we, like, tease her.”

“Ooh, really?” Galess gasped as Elesma’s finger made her cock bob from side to side like a pendulum. “You mean… wow, like, does she like humiliating herself like this?”

“No,” Miari whispered, as her cheeks burned like the dawn, as her cock tingled and twitched with needy excitement at the mocking lilt to Galess’s words.

“Oh my gosh, look how red she’s blushing!” Elesma cooed, petting Miari even more until Miari could barely breathe. “She totally does!”

“Aww, that’s soooo cute~”

Miari whined. No, no, it wasn’t true! And if only she could muster words to speak—

“Just listen to her!” Elesma gushed, and leaned down to plant a kiss on Miari’s cheek. “She’s begging for it!”

“Begging to be embarrassed~”

“Mm, teased~

“Nnnn! Nuh-uh!” Miari couldn’t even shake her head. Elesma held her too tightly for that. All she could do was keep following the cock—and she was following along so well—and keep listening, and try not to think about taking that cock between her sensitive lips and—

“Such a cute. Submissive. Bimbo.”

Miari squirmed and thrashed in place, lost in a tormentous ecstasy. Her head felt so heavy. So heavy with hot, sticky, melty, gooey honey. So fuzzy and fluffy and pink with headpets.

Drooling for a taste of my bimbo cock,” Galess said sweetly, smirking down at her.

Miari was drooling again, she realized dimly, and she licked her lips self-consciously. She was positively she couldn’t have been blushing any brighter if she’d tried. Nor could she stop her mouth from opening again. She was panting. Almost… drooling. Mesmerized.


“She needs it,” Elesma cooed, “doesn’t she?”

Her fingers twirled through Miari’s long, free-flowing blonde hair.

“Nn.” Miari bit her lip. “I… I don’t…” The cock bobbed back and forth. Back and forth. “... need… a…” Back and forth. So sweet. So pretty. “... taste?”

She drifted into meek, submissive silence. Unable to help herself, she watched the cock twitch. Stared at the tiny little glimmer of precum. Licked her lips. She felt so thirsty. So horny. So humiliated. So dumb and dopey and cute and girly and—

“You want a taste,” Elesma whispered in her ear.

“i want a taste,” the Ranger whimpered.

“You neeed for a taste,” Elesma purred.

“i need a taste,” the Ranger whined.

“You’re a cute little bimbo,” Elesma cooed.

“i’m a cute li’l bimbo,” the Ranger squeaked.

“You’d do anything for a taste,” Elesma sang.


Galess and Elesma smirked down at her, their eyes sparkling with those endless pretty pink hearts. Miari couldn’t even meet their gaze.

The cock bounced right in front of her as she fell to her hands and knees and crawled forward like a needy puppy. She couldn’t think of anything but putting that pretty bimbo cock past her pretty bimbo lips, and she whimpered, knowing what a slut she looked like and helpless to stop herself.

She needed a taste. Just a little taste. Then, she told herself, she’d fight back. She’d get away. Regroup. But she just needed one taste first.

She leaned in, eyes wide, barely daring to breathe for fear of what Galess’s sweet scent might do to her now, and let her lips part into that familiar shape once more…

And Elesma’s left hand held her back.

Miari squirmed slightly, gasping in surprise, and her head swam with the sudden puffs of sweet pheromones filling her chest and clouding her mind. Galess, too, squirmed, as Elesma’s right hand gave her cock a dainty little stroke.

“Now, now,” Elesma said sweetly, giggling. “Good bimbos say please!”

Miari stared up at the cock. The two bimbo maids giggled down at her.

“I… I…” Her voice was so weak. So breathless. She stared, fixated, at the bobbing cock, feeling her thoughts bouncing, her mind dribbling, drooling, like her parted lips, like her…

She couldn’t. She couldn’t… couldn’t beg for it. She couldn’t! She wouldn’t! Her whole free will rebelled with fiery panic at the thought.

It felt like her mind was sinking down an endless well of syrup. She kept regaining her bearings and managing to swim a few feet back up, but the more she struggled, the faster she sank, the more tired she got, the harder it got to remember which way was up at all.

She couldn’t bear to imagine it. How she would look. She couldn’t bear to imagine herself, a once-proud Toxin Ranger, on her knees and only half-undressed, her long blonde hair spilling down around her bright red face as she whimpered and drooled and begged for a taste, begged to be a good bimbo, begged to… begged to be filled... begged for Galess to let her wrap her pretty, sensitive bimbo lips around that cock and suck Miari’s silly bimbo brains away until she was ready to be dressed up and teased and toyed with like a good cute bimbo maid.

Miari wriggled, panting with need, her cock twitching with excitement. She couldn’t… couldn’t bear to even imagine it, she told herself.

But the cock seduced her. It held her gaze, bobbing back and forth in Elesma’s grasp. Miari breathed in, and her head swam with the scent of Galess’s arousal. It was like a drug. Like pheromones, sending Miari into a hopeless horny haze.

It was so easy to stare.

So easy to let her lips part.

So easy to… lean in…

… so easy to obey...

“So eeeasy,” Elesma cooed, and Miari foggily realized that these were Elesma’s words in her head now, “to say please!”

“please,” Miari whimpered unthinkingly.

She heard Galess giggle.

“What was that, cutie?” Elesma asked innocently. She caressed a finger around Miari’s parted lips, and Miari trembled at the sensation.

“please,” Miari whined, “p-please!”

“Do you want something?” Elesma purred. The bimbo’s finger slipped into Miari’s mouth, and Miari almost closed her mouth around the finger, desperate to suck anything she could reach

“i wanna. wanna taste.” Miari’s will and pride were melting into putty. All she could think about was the bimbo cock. Was the taste, the scent, the feel of that pretty bimbo cock sliding between her needy, cocksucking lips… “p-please!”

“You wanna taste my cock?” Galess cooed down at her. She giggled. “Ooh, like, but that’s a bimbo cock, silly!

“Yeah,” Elesma agreed, also giggling, “what a silly girl. Doesn’t she know that sucking a bimbo cock is gonna make her all silly and ditzy?”

“please,” Miari whispered, eyes following the cock as it bobbed before her eyes.

Just a taste. She just needed a taste.

“It’s gonna make you all slutty and sweet,” Galess gushed, bouncing in excitement.

“You’re gonna be, like, a tooootal cumslut,” Elesma sang.

“wanna taste,” Miari babbled. “wanna taste!”

She couldn’t even think about what she was saying. She didn’t care how humiliating this was—no, she loved how humiliating this was—and she just needed a taste. Just a little lick. A kiss. Then she’d get up and get out of here. She’d make Galess take her to the enchantress. She’d say whatever they wanted if they would just… just let her…

“Is that what you want?” Galess’s voice bubbled with laughter. “You wanna get all slutty and ditzy?”

“please!” Miari couldn’t breathe. The cock was so close, and Elesma’s finger, teasing around her lips, felt so good, but she needed more

Just like us?” the two elfmaids cooed together, and their voices joined like the sweetest song in the world.

Just like us. The words echoed in Miari’s simple mind. She pictured herself, clad in a slutty pink maid outfit. Just like them. She pictured herself, giggling, playing one finger with her long blonde hair, a total ditz. Just like them. She pictured herself, squirming and whimpering and begging for relief as her fellow maids toyed with her cock, teased her, humiliated her. Just like them. She pictured herself begging for more… begging to be dressed up, to be toyed with, to be used and filled and…

“i wanna suck,” she whimpered, nodding weakly. “i wanna… wanna taste…”

“You wanna suck her bimbo cock?” Elesma asked softly, stroking her hair.

Miari nodded needily. She wiggled her butt, lost in the feeling of Elesma’s delicate fingers running through her locks. “i wanna suck her bimbo cock,” she managed.

“You wanna get all cumdumb?” Galess murmured. Her cock seemed to dribble a little, and more sweet scents wafted over Miari as she watched, transfixed. “Like a good little cumslut?”

“i w-wanna get all cumdumb!” Miari whispered, nodding desperately, desperate to appease them. “w-wanna be a… a g-good little cumslut!”

The humiliating phrases passed like sweet honey from her lips. She was drunk on them, and the elfmaids knew it, judging by their warm laughter. She was drowning in humiliation. Drowning in being treated like a… like a good, slutty, submissive, horny little pet~

“Gosh,” Elesma said, voice filled with mock-surprise, “what kinda girl would want that?” The headpets and headpats intensified. Miari’s mind was melting to mush from how hot her cheeks were burning. “What kinda, like, silly… slutty... bubbly...”

Bimbo!” Miari squealed.

Immediately, she bit her lip, desperate to shut herself up—and even more desperate to hold in a sudden moan of intense pleasure. Why… why did that feel so… so… She couldn’t let her mind finish the sentence.

And luckily for Miari, the maids wouldn’t let her.

Good girl!” they gushed in unison, and Miari whimpered and whined as Elesma’s hands descended on her dumb dizzy head in a flurry of gentle headpets. “Aw, what a good bimbo!

“She’s being suuuch a good girl,” Galess cooed, wiggling enticingly so her cock continued to bob in rhythm. “Maybe we should let her?”

If she asks nicely,” Elesma purred, giggling as she nudged Miari’s head up with a finger under her chin and forced Miari to meet her gleaming, dazzling heart eyes. “How about it, sweetie?”

Miari stared up into those eyes, panting.

Helplessly, her eyes fell back down to Galess’s cock.

Just a taste, she thought, licking her lips.

“p-please,” she heard herself whimper, “please, m-may i… may i…” Her words devolved into squeaks as she felt Elesma’s finger brushing a little drool from her quivering lower lip. “... t-taste?”

“Like a good little bimbo?” Galess burbled.

Shame filled Miari as she blushed beetred. “like... a good l-little bimbo,” she whined. “p-pleeease?” She made her eyes as big and needy as she possibly could, even as her spirit quailed from this assault, railed against this disgrace.

Reveled in it.

There was a long pause. Intuitively, Miari knew the maids were simply holding back giggles, but she couldn’t help but give her ass a little wiggle, hoping this would make her degradation more believable. More persuasive.

“Okay, little maid,” Elesma cooed, caressing Miari’s cheek—Miari whimpered in unspeakable delight at the touch. “Just a kiss.”

Galess gave a tiny whine. Part of Miari wanted to whine, too. Part of her wanted to sob at the last word. Just a kiss? For all that? But she needed to suck! She needed to take Galess’s pretty bimbo cock between her bimbo lips and let Galess fuck her mouth, be used, be filled

But the thought of delaying this even more by complaining filled her with a terror she couldn’t name. They would make her humiliate herself even more if she wasn’t a good bimbo. If she wasn’t a good maid. She had to be a good girl.

And the cock bobbed adorably before her, so cute and pretty and needy and… and… sweet...

Drooling, Miari leaned in, lashes fluttering, and wrapped her lips around the tip.


Her eyes closed.


It was…. It was almost heaven. Miari’s lips were so, so sensitive, and it was like they were fit exactly for Galess’s cock. Feeling the head of Galess’s womanhood sliding in between her lips was like… it was like nothing Miari had ever felt before. Her lips tingled and sang with ecstasy as they settled around the head, and almost mindlessly, she began to suck.

Sweetly. Submissively. Like a good bimbo maid would.

Galess let out a moan of pleasure, and Miari heard herself moaning back as Galess squirmed. She glowed with pride, eyes opening wide to stare up into Galess’s half-closed eyes. Those hearts were swirling and fluttering like autumn leaves in the breeze now, like Miari’s eager, dainty suckling was sending all Galess’s silly thoughts into a whirly windstorm.

Miari prayed with all her might that Elesma wouldn’t stop her. She knew she’d gone a bit further down, but Elesma didn’t seem to mind. As long as Miari stayed where she was, and went no deeper… if only Miari could keep sucking...

Daringly, as she felt Galess’s bimbo cock twitching needily, her tongue darted out. Her eyelashes fluttered with pleasure as, staring up into Elesma’s deep rosy eyes, she gave the cock’s tip a tiny little lick.

Galess gave a squeal of delight. Butterflies of pleasure burst into the air in swarms of pink ecstasy. Miari couldn’t help but mewl as the sweet, achingly delectable flavor sank into her, and before she could even think to question why this felt so good, she was licking and lapping eagerly, staring up at Galess and watching the pretty blonde squirm and thrash in her constraints, mew and whine like a horny kitten.

Miari felt so good. She drowned in it. No, she swam deeper. Sucked and licked and drank down the sweet, sweet taste like a good girl, like it was the most delicious, delectable, addictive heavenly nectar to ever grace her tongue.

But she couldn’t tell if she was delighting in the flavor, the aphrodisiac, the wonderful sensations...

… or the knowledge of how good she was making Galess feel.

But… but… Her head swam. This was just a taste. Just a taste… right? She felt uncertainty bubbling in her. It felt so, so, so good...

… How would she ever stop?

Galess’s breaths were getting shallower, her moans softer, needier. Miari flicked her tongue over the tip, so intoxicated, so… so…

Dimly, she felt Elesma tugging down her pants all the way. Heard the maid cooing as Miari’s needy cock was revealed, so tightly constained beneath Miari’s panties. “Mmnn…” she moaned, trying and failing to shake her head.

“Don’t worry, sweetie,” Elesma sang, giggling as Miari squirmed. “We’ll take you to Lady Ciliata right after this. Won’t we, Galess?”

“S-Sooon,” Galess cooed, squirming happily.

Soon. Miari’s lashes fluttered. Yes. Soon. So soon. She just had to suck a little longer. Just had to be a good maid a little longer, and then she’d get to meet Lady Ciliata.

And Lady Ciliata was supposed to be soooo pretty, she thought, giggling brainlessly. Kitsune always were. She wondered if Lady Ciliata would tease her even more than the maids. Maybe make her wear that ring Galess had talked about.

Her heart fluttered and her cock twitched eagerly. Oh, that would be… just awful

Humiliating, even. Her sucking sped up, and so did Galless’s moans, which made her even hornier, even more desperate to please...

Such a good girl,” she heard Elesma purring, as the other bimbo undid Miari’s Ranger clasp, tossed the fluttering cloak aside. Now all Miari had was her blouse and her undergarments. “Lady Ciliata’s gonna totally looove you.”

Maybe making Galess cum would incapacitate her. Make her easier to control, to escape. Miari licked more eagerly, trying so badly to do what she thought Galess would like, to follow the signs Galess gave of what she liked more, where she was more sensitive. She batted her eyelashes and wiggled her ass, because Galess seemed to like that. Maybe making Galess cum would… would give Miari a chance to… to… and, like… like...

… and she’d be so happy with Miari...

Miari gave one more little lick, and locked eyes with Galess.

Miari saw herself reflected in those shimmering sunset eyes, and she stared, lost in the vision. Galess’s face was burning almost as bright as Miari’s. Galess was panting, drooling, moaning. She was so happy. Such a perfect bimbo maid.

And she was right on the edge.

Miari felt a little wicked thrill of glee, and gave another little lick. Galess jerked and whined, bucking, straining against her bonds. So close.

So happy.

So brainless and perfect.

So pretty in her pink dress…

… such a pretty wide-eyed bimbo reflected in those pretty swirling spiraling heart eyes...

Miari, utterly entranced, gave another tender suckle, and another lick.

And as Galess’s eyes opened wide, and her lips parted to let out a squeal of pleasure, Miari felt Elesma’s soft hand press against the top of her head.

Goooood bimbo,” Elesma cooed. “Now make her happy.”

And that hand pushed her down.

Miari squealed in shocked pleasure as she felt her sensitive, needy cocksucking lips suddenly sliding down to the hilt, and her very throat was stimulated with the feeling of being filled. She found herself sucking and bobbing on the cock like a delicious sweetmeat as the taste filled her, as she drowned in pure bliss.

Galess cried in ecstasy. Her legs wrapped around Miari’s head, and Miari could only tremble with pride, with joy, with fulfillment as she tried her best to be aa good girl, to draw out Galess’s delight as long as possible, to milk every last drop of sweet cum from Galess’s bimbo cock as her lips slid up and down the smooth, needy, twitching shaft.

And when at last Elesma’s hand became gentle again, and as Miari’s lips rose again to the tip, the tip of her tongue lapping hungrily for every last drop of yummy cum, her eyes briefly rolled back up into her head as pure tingly fuzzy melty dribbly putty bliss cascaded through her whole submissive body.

She pooled in the afterglow, a molten puddle of light, and moaned softly, and continued to suckle like a good slut.

She heard them cooing praise to her. Questions. suggestions.

“Are you a good girl?” Elesma cooed.

“mm-hm!” Miari nodded helplessly.

“L-Love being a good girl?” Galess whispered as she rocked and squirmed.


“Mary’s being a goood bimbo,” Elesma gushed.


“It’s all she ever wanted!”


“Gosh,” Elesma gushed, and Miari felt her fingers daintily examining Miari’s own cock, fingertips caressing over the tip, “and if I didn’t know any better, I’d say she likes it—” twitch “... when we embarrass her like this~”


“Maybe,” Elesma purred, fingers stroking delicately, teasingly, making Miari’s cock twitch and jerk helpless in her grasp, “she likes being treated…” Her silken words were timed with little strokes and rubs along the head. “... like a cute. Horny. slut.

mm—nnno! With all her might, and all the mental strength her own shame gave her—which was far less than it felt like it should have been—Miari forced herself off of Galess’s cock, panting for breath. She squirmed away from Elesma’s hand, shaking her head. “n-No! I—I’m not, like—”

“Oopsie!” Elesma’s fingers tickled Miari’s side as she pulled back. “Something wrong, cutie?”

Miari giggled at the touch. “I-I’m not cute!” she protested, shaking her head desperately to try to get the nice, swirly hearts out of her mind. Sensing Elesma’s hand moving toward her cock again, she squirmed and wriggled out of reach, though she could only crawl so far when attached by the ankle to the leg of the other chair.

“No?” Galess murmured. She was still a little red-faced, still a little out of breath, but she beamed down at Miari—and reached down to tickle under Miari’s chin.

“N-nnuh!” Miari mewled, trying in vain to escape the tickling before another bubbly giggle escaped her. “I-I—” When had Galess gotten her arms untied? “I, like—I h-have to go!”

“What’s the hurry?” Elesma murmured, and out of the corner of her eye, Miari could see her reaching for something. “Like, you look sooo cute down there.”

Miari squirmed at the praise. “I’m not cute!” she said again, biting her lip, staring up helplessly as Galess hopped out of the chair and crouched before her. Now she was on her hands and knees between the two of them, and she felt… very small right now.

Cuuute!” Galess sang, booping Miari on the nose.

N-No!” Miari ducked her head, blushing pathetically. She knew she was only making a more tempting target, but her whole mind was a swirl of pink hearts and pretty cocks and teasing praise right now.

“Gosh,” Galess purred, “she’d look sooo cute if she had a little maid outfit like us!”

“I-I’m not a maid,” Miari whispered, not daring to meet Galess’s gaze.

She felt Galess’s finger under her chin force her head up. Gently, but firmly.

The blonde bimbo beamed down atg her, eyes dancing with those pretty, swirly hearts. “That’s not, like, what you said a moment ago!” she said smugly.

Miari felt her whole body flushing as hot as a furnace. “I-I—” She couldn’t look away from Galess’s eyes, even though she could sense Elesma moving around her. “I just—I just—” She let out a little giggle as Galess’s fingers tickled the place where her neck met her shoulders. “J-Just needed—”

“Needed to suck?” Galess cooed, leaning in with a wide smirk. “Needed to be a cute, slutty bimbo?”

“She’s making such cuuute sounds~” Elesma chirped, giggling as her fingers toyed with Miari’s panties. “Suuuch a pretty little maid we’ve found for Mistress!”

Miari squeaked and giggled—only because the touches tickled an awful lot, that was the only reason—and wriggled helplessly. She wanted to thrash, to break away, but she was so turned on, and Galess’s eyes were so pretty, and her brain felt so goopy and dumb and pink and rosy and silly and sweet and—

—and her ankle was still bound, she mentally corrected, gulping. That… that was the only reason.

Pretty little maid. “I’m.” Her thoughts swam in Galess’s pretty heart eyes. Words were so hard. Giggling was easier. Sucking was easier still. “I’m n-n-not… pretty…”

“Awww.” Galess patted her on the head, smirking. Miari bit her lip at the touch. “Yes, you are, silly!”

Miari shook her head with a feeble pout.

“She’s, like, sooo silly,” Elesma cooed, as Miari felt her panties sliding down her legs—and felt her cock springing free, as bouncy and eager as the bimbos that tormented it.

“She is!” Galess agreed, leaning down towards Miari with a sly glint in those swirling eyes. “But that’s okay.”

“Silly girls are pretty girls,” Elesma purred, her voice like mulled wine.

“Silly girls are good girls,” Galess sang, her eyes filling Miari’s vision with endless depths of candy-pink love.

“Si-Silly—” Miari bit her lip to hold in the words. She felt so vulnerable, so helpless, so unbearably horny… Silly girls are pretty girls. Silly girls are good girls.

“Good girls,” Elesma cooed in Miari’s ear, “feel goooood.”

“G-Good,” Miari cried softly, unable to hold in the words. She felt so heavy. So weighed down by thoughts, by worries. She had never felt so embarrassed. She had never felt so… so…


“And feeling good,” Galess said sweetly, tickling Miari under the chin until Miari couldn’t help but giggle, “makes you silly!”

“Silly,” Miari whimpered, shaking her head despite her words. She found herself leaning into Galess’s touch as the blonde elf stroked her hair—her long, free-flowing hair.

“Do you feel good right now?” Elesma asked softly. Her voice was tinged with a subtle wickedness, and Miari swallowed. What was she planning?

Miari forced her mouth shut, even though she could barely breathe at how she was being treated. Galess smelled so sweet.

But the praise was even sweeter.

Even more addictive.

She needed to... needed to get out. That thought hung with her, even as the headpets and headpats drove all other thoughts from her dizzy head. That thought sloshed about and scattered away, but always it resurfaced. She needed to find Lady Ciliata. She needed to. Needed to.

Miari’s thoughts trailed off and dribbled away into slippery nothing. Her lips parted.

“Does that feel good?” Elesma cooed.

Miari trembled. Needed. Needed. Her thoughts couldn’t connect.

“Do you like that?” Elesma purred.

Something was. Miari whined. Something was touching her cock.

Something warm. And wet. And slippery. And… and…

She tried to tear her eyes from Galess to look, but Galess was too close, and was holding her captive in her mind-wiping pink gaze. Miari couldn’t help herself, and she let out the teensiest whimper as the slippery thing began to wrap around the tip of her cock.

“Does your silly bimbo cock like that?” Elesma whispered in her ear.

Miari whimpered again, louder.

“Hm? What was that?”

“Nn.” Miari could barely think of words to speak. “Nnn…”

“Ooh, what’s that?” Galess giggled, stroking Miari’s cheek tenderly. “Does she want more?”

Miari’s eyes widened. “Nn! Nnnuh!”

She couldn’t shake her head. She couldn’t think of the word. Galess’s eyes were drowning her, and the. The touch.

The touch felt so good.

She squirmed pathetically as the strange touch began to rise up to wrap around her cock at the tip. It was a rapid, eager suckling, and as Miari felt dribbling honey tingling around her sensitive skin, her heart plummeted, as she realized what it was.

“Ooh, it’s soooo hard to say,” Elesma bubbled. “I mean, like, all we silly maids want is to please...” The ‘lips’ of Miari’s new lover seemed to give a tiny little squeeze.

It was so hard to think of the name. Her lips parted, and a helpless sigh escaped her. The sucking felt so good. So unbearably, slippily lovely. It seemed almost to be… to be…

“I bet a silly maid like you doesn’t know what that is,” Galess said sweetly, booping Miari on the nose again. “Does she?”

“Nn!” Miari swallowed. “N-N, I—I—” Gods, why were the words not coming to her? It was a… it was a sipping, um...

“Of course she doesn’t,” Elesma chimed, and gave Miari a little kiss on the cheek. Miari felt her head tingle with the kiss, but more than that she felt lovely pink bubbles of humiliation as the name slipped from her mind again. “That’s okay. Silly maids don’t need to know things.”

“And you’re suuuuuuch a silly—”

“S-Sipping foxlove!” Miari squeaked in a flash of clarity. Then she flushed. “I-I mean, um, sipping—sipping—”

“Foxglove,” Elesma purred, as the flower gave Miari’s tip a nice, long slurp that made Miari pant as the breath fled her breast. “Ooh, isn’t it yummy? Look how silly she’s getting already!”

“Doesn’t even know what a sipping foxglove is!” Galess cooed, beaming. “Ooh, Elesma, should we tell her? Tell the silly girl?”

Miari whimpered in shame.

“Tell her what?” Elesma giggled. “Like, tell her how it’s gonna suck her cute bimbo cock until it’s just as silly and cute and pretty and obedient as the rest of her?”

Miari whined and swallowed, squirming as the flower sucked and sucked, the slippery sticky amber honey making her cock even more sensitive, making all her… all her thoughts…

“Or how it’s gonna suuuck all those cute silly thoughts from this cute silly head of hers,” Galess sang, tapping Miari on the forehead, “until her pretty bimbo cock is doing aaaaall the thinking for her?”

“Nnn…” Miari managed to feebly shake her head. “Nn-nuh, i, I mean, I’m…”

“It’s gonna feel soooo good,” Elesma purred, her voice drooling syruppy venom, drowning Miari in a sea of poisoned honey, as the sucking flower began to slide down her cock, trapping more and more of Miari in its sweet, suckling embrace, like the most exquisite, unbearable blowjob of her life. “Your cock’s getting soooo silly, sweetie!”

“So obedient.”

“So cute~”

“So pretty~

Miari was drowning in the praise. She couldn’t breathe. She could only whine and gasp and pant and wriggle and squirm like a wifwolf in heat, overwhelmed.

“Does this feel gooood?” Elesma asked sweetly.

“I.” Miari whimpered. “I duh. I don’t. G-Good.” It was so hard to remember what not to say. She felt so vacant, and yet so, so full, as the foxglove sucked ever-so-sweetly, ever-so-hungrily at her needy, sensitive cock...

“And,” Elesma whispered in Miari’s open, vulnerable, perfectly captivated ear, “what happens when a pretty girl feels gooood?”

When a pretty girl… feels good…

“She gets silly,” Miari whispered back. The hearts in Galess’s eyes seemed to be dancing right into her head. Right into her silly, silly head.

Elesma sounded unbearably smug. “And silly girls…?”

“... a-are pretty girls,” Miari mewled.

“... and silly girls…”

“... are good girls.”

“And good girls…”

Miari stared into those eyes, as Elesma’s voice sank deeper and deeper into her melty mind.

“good girls feel good,” she whimpered.

Good girl.”

The praise made Miari cry softly as she sank deeper into the eyes. And from the base of the foxglove, as it wrapped perfectly around her needy, sensitive cock, Miari felt a little tongue emerge and... begin teasing her tip.

And she realized she was trapped completely now as it began to suck sloppily, messily, noisily, and she let out a squeal of panic, of mortification—of unspeakable arousal—

There we go!” Galess cooed, taking her hand as Miari writhed and whimpered and moaned. Miari stared helplessly, hopelessly turned on, as the two maids carried her—naked, squirming, crying out in need—to her feet. “What a good girl!”

“What a silly girl!” Elesma agreed. They both giggled.

“N-Nuh!” Miari whined, staring helplessly down at the pretty pink flower, watching it pulsate, watching its eager efforts at her eager, needy, silly, cute, adorable— “nonononono—”

They sat her down in the chair. She squirmed, whimpering, realizing dimly her danger. She tried to reach down to grab the foxglove away, but her hands were in Galess’s care, and Galess smiled at her feeble struggles as she held her hands still. “Do we like this, sweetie?” she cooed. “Isn’t this, like, soooo good?”

“No...” Miari bucked helplessly as the maids descended on either side of her, giggling at her state. Miari’s heart raced. They were going to finish binding her. How had this happened? How had she let them gain the upper hand?

“Aw, don’t worry, cutie~” Elesma tutted sympathetically at Miari’s panicked look. She leaned in close and cupped Miari’s chin.

And her confusion, Miari felt her protests die. Her cries reduced to whimpers. Her lips half parted, and a little submissive gasp slipped from them as she stared helplessly ahead, overwhelmed at Elesma’s dominant touch.

She stared into Elesma’s sparkly rosy sundown eyes. She felt the flower suckling at her cock, and though intense desire was coursing through her, she couldn’t quite muster anything but a soft, breathless moan.

“You look sooo pretty right now!” Elesma said softly, smirking as she caressed Miari’s cheek. Again, Miari found herself leaning into the touch.

It felt so nice.

So good.

“You’re gonna be such a good maid,” Galess cooed, sitting on the arm of the chair next to her. “Ooh, Elesma, she’s gonna be soooo cute in her uniform!”

“I know!” Elesma giggled down at Miari, ssmooshing Miari’s cheeks together endearingly. “Our uniforms are, like, soooo much cuter than that boring old armor, aren’t they, Miari?”

Miari bit her lip to stop from replying. But she couldn’t bite down the torrent of images sailing through her mind. Images of herself, giggly and bubbly in her pretty pink maid outfit, curtseying like a good bimbo, obeying Galess and Elesma as they put her through humiliation after humiliation, making her feel so good, so pretty...

“There’s a good bimbo,” Elesma said smugly, patting her on the head. Galess started doing the same, and again, Miari drowned in a torrent of petting, staring between the two pairs of shimmering heart-eyes for an escape that couldn’t come.

“Good bimbo.”

Cute bimbo.”

Pretty bimbo.”

Giggly bimbo!” Elesma tickled her side, making Miari squirm and giggle despite herself. The two maids giggled, too, even as Miari felt like she was about to melt into putty from sheer embarrassment.

And from pleasure.

And neither emotion was lost on the two bimbo maids.

“Gosh,” Galess remarked, playing with Miari’s hair, “she’s already sooo cute, Elesma!”

“I know!” Elesma beamed at Miari, who shivered at the praise. “Such an adorable little slutty toy!”

“She’s gonna get soooo silly when she’s cumming her brains out,” Galess cooed in Miari’s ear, making her shift uncomfortably.

Soooo silly when her silly bimbo cock’s making aaaaall the hard decisions!” Elesma gushed in her other ear, making her squirm needily.

“N-No,” Miari whined, giving her head the tiniest shake. “Nn, um, no, I—I don’t”

“Hm?” Elesma blinked innocently down at her, settling down to sit on Miari’s knee. “What was that, cutie?” She beamed. “Is there something wrong?”

“Does it not feel good?” Galess asked, her voice just as meek and innocent as Elesma’s eyes as she kissed Miari’s ticklish neck, making Miari squeak and giggle and squirm. “Do you want us to stop, cutie?”

“I—I—” Miari barely trusted herself to breathe, let alone speak. She stared at Elesma, then at Galess, and blurted, “Yes!”

Elesma smiled. Miari stared back, and bit her lip.

And to her shock, the sucking stopped.

There was a brief pause. Miari blinked.

The flower slipped from her cock, and Galess stopped petting her hair. Elesma stopped playing a fingertip around her nipple. The two bimbos smiled down at her, and without a word, ceased to toy with their captive.

Miari blinked, uncomprehending, as the cool air brushed by her suddenly exposed, aching sensitive cock. She bit her lip to hold in a whimper. “I… wh…”

“You said you don’t want this!” Elesma said innocently, holding up the honey-dripping flower with a smirk. Miari’s cock twitched at the mere sight. “So we’ll stop!”

“Don’t wanna be a horny bimbo, after all!” Galess added, sharing a sly look with Elesma.

“N-Nn—” Miari bit back her words, thoughts swirling in confusion. What… what was she saying? She couldn’t possibly—

“Don’t worry,” Elesma sang, eyes sparkling with mischief. She leaned in close. “Clearly you’re not a silly girl like we thought.”

“B-Buh—” Miari shook her head weakly. No, they were—they were—oh, gods, her cock twitched just at that word—

“You don’t wanna be teeeased,” Galess hissed in her ear, her voice dripping with condescension. “You’re not, like, some kinda pretty bimbo like you were acting!”

“I—I—b-but I—” Miari kept looking between the pair, desperately searching for the trick. Her heart raced. They, um. They were just humiliating her a little, right? They were going to… to raise her hopes, and then…

… but… but she liked being a pretty girl, she wanted to cry out. She bit her tongue, every last drop of dignity practically begging her to keep her calm… keep her head...

“No, silly, it’s okay!” Elesma said sweetly, pushing Miari back slightly with one hand on her forehead. Miari realized she’d been leaning forward, as if pleading for more touches, more headpets and headpats, more... “We won’t embarrass you anymore. Clearly you wanna be respected.”

Miari trembled, hope fighting panic fighting reason fighting daydream. The words were bubbling on her tongue, and she held on, praying… praying…

The two bimbos bounced to their feet and, smirking down at Miari, seemed to be turning to leave.

“N-No!” Miari blurted. “M-More!”

The words slipped from her lips like honey from a dipper—slow, agonizingly slow, but as heavy and unstoppable as the tides.

Elesma glanced back and gave a smug smile. “No, no, sweetie,” she said, reaching for the binding holding Miari’s wrist, as if to untie her, “we don’t wanna do anything you don’t want.”

“We’re just silly bimbos, after all!” Galess giggled, going to her other wrist. As she did so, her skirt ever-so-softly grazed Miari’s cock, and Miari couldn’t hold in her whine. “Ad you’re, like, a totes super-smart Ranger!”

“I’m not,” Miari whimpered.

As soon as the words crossed her lips, she regretted them with every fiber of her still-conscious being.

But her cock twitched with shameful need at that pathetically small tone of voice.

And after an unspeakably long pause… Elesma’s smile grew wider.

“What was that?” the elven maid asked with a sweet, wispy voice like cotton candy, leaning in with her hands clasped primly behind her back. Miari found her eyes drawn first to her jiggling breasts, then to her sparkling, mischievous eyes. “I didn’t, like, hear that, Mary!”

“I-I’m not—” Miari trembled as she breathed in the sweet perfume. Her world seemed to swirl into those rosy eyes.

Galess leaned in next to her, sitting up on the arm of the chair. “Not what?” the bimbo cooed.

And her fingers began to stroke up her wrist and down her side.

Miari squirmed. “N-Not s-smart,” she whined, as giggles threatened to slip from her. “I-I—I mean, n-no, I—”

“What else?” Galess purred. Her fingers tickled under Miari’s arm.

“H-Heehee—n-no, um, I—” Miari gulped. She stared into Elesma’s eyes, open, wide, friendly, encouraging. “I-I like the… the flower…”

The maids were pressing in now. Miari breathed in deep, feeling her thoughts scattering. Galess’s fingers stroked down Miari’s side and tickled her hip.

“What else?” they cooed in each ear in unison.

“N-Not…” Miari whimpered. “I-I—I don’t—I d-don’t mind—” She felt so submissive. So obedient. It felt so good to keep talking, and she couldn’t stop talking. “I—I don’t mind—kisses?”

There was almost a pleading note to that last word.

“Look at her blushing,” Elesma murmured, stroking a finger in a lazy circle around Miari’s cheek, drawing out tiny squeaks of embarrassment. “Gosh, Mary, are you saying you’re… silly?”

“Y-Yes,” Miari whispered, feeling Galess’s fingers tracing towards her inner thighs, breathing heavily in molten need.

“Really?” Galess giggled, and kissed Miari on the other cheek. “Are you suuuure?” her fingers teased just above where Miari so so desperately needed them to go...

“I-I’m silly,” Miari cried softly, unbidden, staring between the two maids in frantic need. Irrational panic told her they were on the verge of leaving, that she needed to—needed to get them to stay—give them what they wanted— “I’m silly! I-I’m a silly slut!” She squirmed helplessly, giggling as the fingers tickled her midriff.

“Are you…” Elesma leaned in close, and Miari breathed in her scent, drank in her rosy gaze, drowned in those eyes… “super totally positive, sweetie?”

“P-Pos—” Miari squeaked as the fingers tickled. “…” She giggled. “N-Need. Need more!” She made her eyes as big and needy as she possibly could, and felt all sense of dignity flee her head as Elesma’s hand—the one holding the flower—began to come closer and closer. “Need more! I need! I—n-neeeeed—”

“Need your bimbo cock to take charge?” Galess asked sweetly, tickling the tip.

Miari nodded desperately. “Y-yuh-huh!” She stated imploringly up at these two bimbo elfmaids—these gorgeous bimbos who had so easily lured her into this helpless, horny state… as if she’d always, deep down, secretly...

“Say please,” Elesma cooed, and Miari’s mind nearly dribbled out altogether as a tiny drop of honey tingled upon the tip of her cock, and Miari realized just how close she was to heaven once more.

“P-Please,” Miari whispered.

The flower started to pull away.

And Miari stared into Elesma’s eyes, swallowed, and whispered, “please please please take—t-take care of my bimbo cock!”

“You want it to take charge?” Galess cooed.

“uh-huh!” Miari’s head bobbed vapidly. She couldn’t help but giggle as Galess kissed her neck, giggle in excitement as she realized she was dropping right back into the state she was in before—whimper in shame at the realization—

“What was that?” Elesma leaned in closer, batting her eyelashes innocently. Closer. Miari suddenly couldn’t breathe, and her mind seemed to stutter and stumble and skip a beat, as the eyes came ever nearer. Those pretty, sparkly, spiraling sunset eyes.

“i want m-my—my bimbo cock to take charge,” Miari whimpered, as she felt the lips of the foxglove drawing near again...

“Ooh, really?” The maids both giggled as Galess’s fingers daintily aligned Miari’s cock into position. “And who’s gonna be in charge of your pretty bimbo cock, cutie?”

“i. i um.” Miari stared dumbly between the two, trying to get a hint. Her brain was dissolving into sticky goo. “M-Mistress?” The word made her cheeks glow so bright she could see the blush reflected in their eyes.

They exchanged evil smirks.

“Mistress controls our bimbo cocks,” Galess said conspiratorially, planting ticklish kisses along Miari’s neck as Miari squeaked and whimpered.

“But guess who’s gonna control yours, cutie?” Elesma cooed with a voice as slow and sultry as those swirling rose eyes..

“you,” Miari squeaked.

The flower’s ‘lips’ locked around Miari’s cock’s very tip in a tender kiss and began the slow, seductive sucking, and Miari’s eyes widened.

Sooo cute,” Galess sang, as Miari squirmed and wiggled and moaned. “Your bimbo cock, like, is totally calling aaaaall the shots now, huh?”

Miari gasped and pleaded wordlessly, writhing as the flower sucked and toyed.

“It’s so much more fun that way,” Elesma agreed, smirking as Miari panted, drooled. “And your bimbo cock controls you, like, totally, now, doesn’t it, cutie?”

“uh-huh,” Miari whispered, almost drooling as the foxglove suckled ever-so-daintily...

“What was that?” the maids asked together, positively vibrant with glee.

“my bimbo cock controls me,” Miari whined, trying in vain to buck.

Elesma rewarded her with a heart-skipping little kiss on the cheek. But her eyes never left Miari’s. “And?”

Miari shivered as the flower began to sink deeper, taking her cock deeper in its warm, slick sucking embrace. “i’m. um. y-you control my bimbo cock!”

“We’re gonna get you cleaned up, like, sooo nice,” Galess cooed, stroking Miari’s hair. “Like a nice, brain-washed bim-bo!”

Miari whimpered, nuzzling Galess’s hand needily.

And her cock sank all the way into the foxglove’s silken prison, and Miari began to pant and drool as pure, senseless pleasure poured into her whole captive body. She cried and thrashed in her restraints, staring helplessly into Elesma’s eyes as Elesma’s smile only widened, the bimbo’s sadistic glee hanging around them both like a cloud of honey mist, her heart-filled eyes filling Miari’s entire mind and glazing her gaze with pink sugar glow.

There you go,” Galess cooed, continuing to stroke Miari’s hair, play with it around her finger. Miari quivered, overcome with pleasure as Elesma’s flower sucked and slurped at her… her bimbo cock... and yet equally overcome with the joys of headpets. “Awww, we like that?”

“yes,” Miari cried softly, helpless to keep the word in now. “yes yes yes yes—”

“Yes what?” Elesma asked, smiling even as Galess rewarded Miari with neck kisses to make her gasp.

“i like it,” Miari whined. “i—m-my bimbo cock likes it!”

“Aww.” Elesma smirked. “Cute.”

Miari swallowed, staring unresisting into Elesma’s gaze as Galess stroked her cheek. Her cheeks burned at the way Elesma said that word. Cute.

The worst part was, she thought, lower lip quivering as Galess delicately stroked her sensitive lips with a finger, she… even nearly brainless as she was, she still couldn’t escape feeling so humiliated! These bimbos that had so easily bested her seemed to delight in it.

Her breath came in and out like a hummingbird’s wings as the flower pumped her bimbo cock, as the little ‘tongues’ teased at her poor, sensitive tip, as her lust grew and grew, as her mind melted deeper and deeper into the bimbos’ grasp… “p-please,” she whimpered, meekly shaking her head, “i-i can’t…”

“But you did!” Elesma teased, reaching over with her free hand to toy with and undo the first button of Miari’s shirt. “You beeeegged~”

“Like a good slut~” Galess purred, reaching over to undo Miari’s second button.

“no,” Miari whispered, shivering with delight. “i. i can’t…”

She bit her lip to try and pitifully fail to hold in a moan as the third button was casually undone by Elesma’s delicate fingers. Her shame only seemed to grow with her helplessness, and she trembled as Galess continued to pet her, continuing to stroke all free thoughts into kittenish submission.

“She’s being sooo cute!” Galess remarked to Elesma, undoing a fourth button. Her other hand briefly paused the petting—and she giggled as Miari, despite herself, found herself nuzzling the hand and whining needily. “Wow, she’s a little headpet slut, huh?”


“Of course she is!” Elesma beamed and patted Miari on the head. “She’s, like, totally gonna be our favorite new bimbo dressup pet until Mistress comes to visit. She’s, like, literally begging for it!”

Miari panted and drooled helplessly at the word ‘favorite’.

Another button undone. Miari’s blouse was starting to slide down as the rest of Elesma’s words sank in.

“i’m... but…” Miari stared wide-eyed as the flower milked her bimbo cock ever-so-slowly, ever-so-flawlessly, filling her with dizzy twirling pink pleasure… “mm… mistress… v-visit? b-but~” her words gave way to a squeak as Galess leaned in to plant a kiss on her lips, her sensitive cocksucking bimbo lips...

“Mistress doesn’t live here, silly.” Elesma giggled. “But don’t you worry your pretty little head!” She leaned in close and, through the pulsing flower, gave the head of Miari’s cock a merciless little squeeze. “We’ll have plenty of time to have made you a good little bimbo maid... by the time she comes to visit.”

“i... nnnooo… mmm~” Miari whimpered in molten shame as her lips parted to admit Galess’s fingers. Without even thinking, she began to docilely suckle—before she caught herself and blushed as hot as a forge.

“Keep sucking, sweetie,” Galess said sweetly, petting Miari’s head, and Miari’s eyes almost closed as pleasure as she obediently resumed. She couldn’t help it. It felt… soooo good to obey... “Good girl! Ooh, you like sucking! Yes you do! Silly bimbo looooves being filled!”

Miari moaned, staring wide-eyed over Galess’s sweet, wonderful, delectable fingers into Elesma’s shimmering rose wells. She couldn’t object even if she wanted to. All she could do was squirm and buck and suck like a good girl. All she could do was moan and whimper and whine like a good slut.

All she could do was be



The fingers slid back out, and Miari was left gasping for breath as Elesma cooed, “Isn’t that right, slut?”

Another button undone. Galess’s fingers crept around to Miari’s back, playing with the buckle of Miari’s bra.

Miari bit her lip, trying to hold in the word—only to squeak out a gasping, “yes!” as Elesma gave her cock another squeeze, ad Galess gave her another kiss.

“Yes?” Galess teased.

“yes! yes yes yes yes please yes—”

“And she loves being treated like a silly bimbo slut?”

“yes yes yesyesyes yessy yessy yes—”

Miari’s tongue lolled as the flower sucked and pumped around her poor, needy cock, helpless on the edge. She couldn’t help herself anymore. Couldn’t even pretend anymore. It felt so good. It felt so wonderful. She just wanted more, wanted more petting, more praise, more—more—

“Silly slutty horny bimbo toys,” Elesma purred, eyes spiraling with pulsing dominance, “love begging to be filled.”

More humiliation.

pleeeease!” Miari mewled, squirming helpless, eyes wide with need. “please please pleeeease fill me!” She was drooling at the thought, her sensitive cocksucking bimbo lips feeling so plump and ready, her cute bimbo cock throbbing with excitement at being edged to deeper and deeper desire—her silly bimbo brain tingling at the thought of being put in one of those pretty dresses and teased and toyed with all day long—

And then she felt it.

As her bra fell away, and Galess played with her helpless, achingly sensitive breasts, she felt something prodding from the chair itself. The chair seemed to hum, vibrate, and a spectral pink glow was rising around the three of them.

She squirmed in confusion, but the bindings held her fast. She longed to look away, but Elesma’s eyes held her even deeper. Elesma’s eyes spiraled with hearts as the bimbo elf purred, tickling Miari through the foxglove’s thin silken petals, “Such a good bimbo, sitting herself down in one of Mistress’s cozy slutseats and begging like a good girl.”

“W-Wha—” Miari squirmed more as the prodding became more intense, and she felt slippery spectral tentacles and tongues creeping between her legs.

“Ooh, they’re soooo much fun,” Galess cooed, giggling. “Though… she only uses these usually for the toughest, most, like, strong-willed captives.” She patted Miari on the head, her voice dropping to a sugary, babying tone. “But you’re just a cute little slut, aren’t you? So your brain’s, like, gonna be melty goo by the time it’s through with you~”

“i-i…” Miari let out a squeak of nervousness as the prodding tendrils began to get a little… familiar beneath her. “i, um…” Sparkles of worry rose within her. Her heart started to race. “b-but i’ve n-never… i-i-i should…”

“You’re gonna look so pretty~” Galess sang, continuing to pet Miari with one hand as she fondled Miari’s breast with the other.

Miari blinked rapidly.

“pretty?” she mewed.

And something from beneath thrust up inside her, and her whole vision surged with hearts. Her lips parted in shocked, mindless bliss—

Sooo pretty,” Galess continued, giggling, “sucking and whimpering and cumming like a good girl

“But don’t worry, cutie~” Elesma gave a wicked grin, leaning in close. The flower slid up and off of Miari’s cock, leaving dripping honey behind it—as the maid bounced right into Miari’s lap and rose up, positioning Miari’s cute bimbo cock right beneath her so her slick pussy lips brushed Miari’s tip. “We’re, like, gonna take…”

... suuuch gooood care of you~” they cooed in unison.

“b-but i…” Miari’s head swirled with a thousand last thoughts. Pretty. Cute. Adorable. Humiliated. Obedient. Submissive. Filled.

Fight. Give in. Resist. Giggle. Escape. Obey. Obey. Obey. Obey. Obey. Obey. Obey. Obey. Obey. Obey.

obey obey obey obey obey obey


She let out a squeal of pleasure as the tentacles thrust into her—and began to pound in and out and in and out—and moaned in overwhelmed pleasure as Elesma plunged herself down around Miari’s cock—and began to bounce and slide up and down and up and down—and oh, gods, oh, goddesses—

Miari was drowning as she parted her lips for one last try, one last gesture, one last attempt at dignity. One last free-willed word.

And her lips formed an ‘o’ shape, and her words turned to honey on her tongue, as Galess rose up to straddle Miari’s shoulders, giggling, and Miari again found herself eye level with Galess’s sweet… twitching....

Galess’s hands caressed Miari’s cheeks, and Miari whimpered. “i, um—”

She wasn’t sure if she leaned in, or if Galess thrust forward. She wasn’t sure if she eagerly took the cock between her lips or if Galess took charge and used her the way she so sweetly had begged to be used. Her silly bimbo brain didn’t know the difference.

All she was conscious of were her sensitive lips locking around Galess’s sweet bimbo cock. All she was conscious of was that sweet bimbo cock sliding into her, all the way to her throat. All she was conscious of was beginning to suck without complaint.

Miari’s cocksucking lips began to suck, and her eyes closed in bliss. She heard Galess moaning, and glowed with happiness, and sucked harder, letting Galess fuck her throat, licking all around the shaft, desperate beyond measure to be a good girl.

To be made a good girl.

And as the magic fucked her from behind, as Elesma giggled and bounced in her lap, her silken pussy seeming to suck even more eagerly than the flower, as Miari sucked and slurped and licked and drank down the sweet nectar from Galess’s sweet bimbo cock, as the two bimbo maids poured praise into her receptive mind—

Gooood slut!

Neeeedy slut

Soooo cute”

Sooooo pretty~”

—Miari mewled and squealed and came and came and came. She drowned in utter ecstasy, sucked and came and obeyed and came and begged and came like a good girl, a good slut, a good needy little bimbo as her bimbo cock was toyed with, her bimbo mind was fucked senseless, her bimbo lips and tongue and cock milked Galess and Elesma alike into orgasm along with her, and all three of them were moaning and squealing in pleasure untold—

—and when Galess pulled out, beaming down at her, and told her to lick her still-dribbling cock clean, Miari nodded, whimpered happily as the tentacles thrust inside her, and did as any good maid would.

And it was so, so sweet.


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