In Nurse Poppy's Care

Chapter 2

by GigglingGoblin

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:female #f/f #f/m #humiliation #multiple_partners #bimbowned #bondage #brainwashing #fantasy #hypno #hypnosis #lactation #mind_control #nurse #pov:top #praise #sub:male

Nicole's Note: While these stories are fantastical, the kind of behavior shown by the villains of the story sadly is not. As with all kinds of kink play, hypnosis can be abused, and you should be careful if you meet people who act anything like Nurse Poppy in real life. Likewise, we here at GigglingGoblin Inc. also do not endorse the use of cooking equipment on medical personnel.
It was quite warm in this cottage—and humid, too. The sitting room was almost a little hazy, but at least it was cozy.
Larya stared dizzily between the two nurse's apprentices, who had settled down into the chair on either side of her, squeezing her between their buxom, soft, warm bodies.
They smelled nice. Sweet. Almost a bit like fresh milk.
"Um." She bit her lip, looking at Nessi, then at Cetti. "I think. I think I..."
"Wanna hear more about how we help Nurse Poppy?" offered Nessi, resting her chin on Larya's shoulder, her cute face and bright eyes almost irresistible—puppydog eyes. Her fingers slipped down, and Larya felt her skirt ride up slightly.
"Ooh!" Larya squirmed, blushing hot. "I, um. Yes!" She turned to stare helplessly at Cetti, who was very faintly rubbing against the druid, all-but humping her. The nurse smiled up at her, the picture of the absolute bimbo with his shoulder-length strawberry blonde hair, big ditzy blue eyes, and—she could feel—hard, needy cock pressing against her thigh. "Maybe, um," she whimpered, "show me?"
Cetti giggled. He leaned in and nibbled her jawline, his lips plump and soft, his tiny, teensy whines unbearably arousing. Larya squeaked.
"I mean, like..." She shivered as the other nurse started delicately kissing the back of her neck. Nessi was getting dangerously close to an erogenous zone that would render Larya a whining mess in mere seconds, begging to be owned by these two bimbos. She had to think fast. "You c-cook, right? Show me the kitchen? Dears?" Remembering how Poppy had handled the apprentices, Larya batted her eyelashes suggestively.
It worked. Immediately, their little play paused, and they both leaped to their feet. "Ooh, yes!" squealed Nessi, taking Larya by the hand. "Like, it's super cool! We cook and clean and—"
"—and entertain guests," Cetti added, giggling and taking her other hand, "and, like, lots of useful stuff!"
Larya smiled, her relief overshadowing her disappointment. Horny as she was, she didn't want to be getting her brains fucked out while Alrek was in the other room having his brains... un-fucked. Aside from being disrespectful, it would be embarrassing as hell later.
Even if it would feel so, so good to let these two ditzy apprentices... have her for a while. They were so affectionate, and so needy, and so good at making her feel all warm and melty and... and, um...
She shook herself slightly. But that would be bad, she reminded herself. Very, very bad.
So determined to keep control, Larya allowed the two to lead her, practically bouncing in their excitement (and Nessi had such nice, bouncy boobies, and Cetti's butt was so curvy and lovely and soft and wiggled with every step), to the kitchen.
Even as she was passing through the doorway, though, a voice rang out. Poppy's voice—the healing mage's tone as dulcet and sweet as always, clicking with a thick accent Larya still couldn't quite place. "Oh, Nessi! Nessi, Nurse Poppy needs you, sweetie!"
And with a smile as bright as the dawn, Nessi kissed Larya on the cheek—Larya was too startled to even respond—and pranced away to help her mistress.
Leaving Larya alone with Cetti.
She stared at the boy bimbo. He giggled up at her, holding up a bowl. "Wanna chocolate?"
~ ~ ~ ~
Alrek was drifting in loving touches, strokes, headpets, and pure, thick sugar magic.
He felt so sleepy. Impossibly sleepy. But he wasn't allowed to nod off. Wasn't... allowed. Wasn't able. The magic was keeping him in a constant state of half-dreaming, and so he drifted as Nurse Poppy stroked and praised and petted her good patient, her good boy.
Some part of him was still unsure about all of this. Galled by how Nurse Poppy stroked his hair, even though it felt so nice. Indignant at that patronizing way she cooed at him, that indulgent note in her voice. And worried. Worried that he was losing control.
But this was how healing worked, wasn't it? He stared dimly up at Nurse Poppy, a statuesque woman with brilliant scarlet hair and ruby-red lips curved upward in a loving smile. A plain but flattering nurse's cap topped her head, the pale red cross seeming almost... pink in this light. Her eyes were heavy-lidded, bedroom eyes affixed on him, almost seductive in their intensity. Her fingernails, painted such a pretty red, tapped and stroked along his face and the back of his head, filling his mind with fuzz. Fuzzy magic. That was how healing magic worked. You had... had to be willing.
Her whispers certainly suggested it, endless crackling whispers sending tingling sensations through his whole body as she encouraged him, praised him, reminded him of how much better he was feeling already...
He barely noticed as a new voice joined the first, this one bubbly and sweet and musical. He barely noticed, even, a new set of touches, a new hot body pressed against his right side.
Because Nurse Poppy was on his left side, seated right beside his head, and her beautiful, angelic face was all he could see.
Well. Not quite all.
He'd given up on not staring at her lovely, jiggling tits.
He couldn't be faulted. They were right above him, like a vision from a dream. So beautiful.
His eyelids felt so heavy. Those breasts were just so pretty and... bouncy. So shiny in the light from above. They looked so soft, narrowly squeezed together in that tight nurse's crop top. And they werestill right above him. He could practically smell them, sweet and musky. Could practically feel them, warm, smooth pillows, pressed against his face, smothering him as he drifted out of time...
"You're doing so well," Nurse Poppy purred, and Alrek's head spun with the warmth in her voice, the glow in her touches that was steadily pouring into him. Healing him. Fixing him. "I'm making you all better, dear. Isn't that nice?"
His eyelids were like leaden weights, lost on those... leaden weights. Bounce. Bounce. Bounce.
She giggled. They jiggled every time she giggled. She patted him on the head—he wanted to be annoyed about that, but it was very difficult when it was so hard to manage negative emotions at all. So hard not to just feel nice. "Very good," she whispered. "Isn't that nice? Isn't it feeling so nice?" She stroked his hair. "You feel safe here, don't you?"
Vaguely, he noticed the warm body on his other side reaching over him, pulling something across his chest. He heard a click. It didn't matter, though he felt like it should. But it was hard to convince himself anything mattered more than feeling better. And he felt so, so much better, didn't he?
"Ooh, Nurse Poppy," burbled a voice that didn't matter, no matter how nice it felt with those plush lips brushing against his right ear, "he's so cute like this! Look at his cock! Mmm..."
"Silly girl," cooed Nurse Poppy, reaching over. He didn't see what she was doing, though, because her leaning over that far—making the new voice gasp and whimper like a happy puppy—meant her wonderful tits swung directly overhead. His thoughts melted a little at that. "Finish binding him so you can go back to making your new friend!"
Nurse Poppy's eyes returned to his as she leaned back. She smirked down at him, indulgent as ever—but strangely smug, for some reason. "You're doing so very well," she breathed, as he dimly felt more straps over him, heard more faint clicks. "We're almost done." Her fingers entwined through his hair, and he felt so nice and dizzy from her sweet touches, it was almost unbearable. "Isn't that good news? Aren't you glad?"
He nodded slightly, not trusting himself to speak. He hoped it wasn't obvious how he was staring at her tits, because he wasn't sure he could stop.
"Of course you are," she purred, petting him fondly. He squirmed; something about her tone, about her touches, felt like... like she was treating him like... "Just like you're a good patient. Such a good patient. The best I've ever had! Ooh, you'll be getting a nice candy after this!" She blinked down at him. "Would you like that?"
Time felt blurred. Molten. Like thick, rolling syrup. He could just lie still forever. He stared up, head swimming with the radiant, swinging breasts. "Mm. Candy." He hated most southerner candy, but it was so hard to manage to say that right now. He could explain later. After this. Whatever 'this' was.
"Oh, Nurse Poppy," whimpered the voice in his right ear again, "he's, like, soooo... can't I just... just a little..."
"Use your words, Nessi," Poppy murmured, a sly grin creeping across her face.
"N-Nessi wants a suck!"
Though he was not quite able to comprehend the words, her tone of desperation, of hot, wet lust, made his cock twitch slightly. It didn't help that she was whispering right in his ear.
But the voices were so distant. So distant compared to the touches. Tingles ran down his spine as those whispers reached him, but compared to the little strokes, the loving headpats, the soothing pets...
"Mm. Well, maybe a little..."
Everything blurred out for Alrek.
And when the mist dropped away, he realized that there was a woman down between his legs, and pleasure was dripping into him. Seeping into him. She was on her hands and knees on the medical bed, her head lowered as her ass wiggled eagerly above.
Nessi blinked up at him innocently, big brown eyes alluring, playful, knowing. Her plump lips were sucking eagerly at the bulge in his trousers, somehow having isolated the tip. She was sucking him through his pants.
And it felt
good. So sweet and wet and warm and good, unbearably good, too good, bad, he couldn't like this, no matter how nice it felt to just lie back and stare into those knowing eyes as she suckled, so gently, so sweetly, her eyes so full of bliss, her mouth so warm as she sucked and sucked and—
"Hey!" he burst out, clarity through indignation cutting through some of the heavy fog. "S-Stop it! Get off! Get off!"
"Nessa Winter!" blazed the devastating, furious voice of Nurse Poppy. "What are you doing?"
Nessa was off him like a flash, her cheeks burning. "S-Sorry, Poppy!" she cried, looking stricken. "I—I know you told me n-not to, I just—"
"What the fuck?" Alrek sputtered, struggling to clear out his head. Everything felt so dreamlike, and he couldn't quite sit up, not with the hand on his head still petting him. He could barely hold his head high enough to keep looking at Nessa as she clambered back off the bed. "I mean—what in the fucking—"
"Nessa," Poppy said sternly, "explain yourself!"
"The druidess made me so horny," Nessa whimpered, backing away, "and I just—I just needed—I couldn't—I was just so—"
She ran out of the room, sobbing.
Alrek stared after her, then glared up at Poppy. He couldn't quite remember what had been happening before Nessa's arrival, but with what had just happened, he didn't need to. This was reason enough to demand their money back and get out.
Surprisingly, though, Poppy looked every bit as outraged as he felt. "I can't believe that—with a patient, while he was under—I can't even consider this." She shook her head. "I'll have to contact her family—why, I'll have to—"
Nessa let loose one more sob from the hallway. Poppy cut off, chewing her upper lip, her eyes boiling with ill-concealed anger. It seemed genuine—though Alrek was not as good a judge of people as Larya was.
A low sigh escaped him. Nessa's sobs echoed in his head.
"If the druid... did something," he muttered, extremely cross at even having to play the voice of reason in this, "it's probably not all her fault. Nuptuel's got... ways. Doesn't always know her own strength with people like your assistants." The barmaids from the other night flashed into his head.
Poppy remained visibly tensed. "Well... all the same. I'm dreadfully sorry." Her hand stroked his head gently, easing relaxation back into him. "You must accept my apology. I try to run a professional affair here."
"Hm." He didn't quite want to commit to accepting her apology. Especially when he might be able to demand some money back for this.
"No, really, my dear," she whispered, fingers running through his hair, "I am very sorry."
"It's so important," Nurse Poppy cooed, her fingers sparkling with magic, tingling, "that you feel safe here. Otherwise, I'm not much of a nurse, am I? And we can't keep going if you don't trust me anymore, can we?"
He blinked twice. "... guess not..." No, they couldn't. Couldn't keep going like that. So... he should leave? Or he should accept the apology? It was hard to keep the options straight.
"That's right," she purred. Her whispers trickled into his ears like a fine stream of honey, piling on itself, slowly pooling in his mind as her fingers danced and stroked and patted and tingled. "So you need to feel safe here, okay? Very safe, dear."
After a moment, Alrek realized his mind was a little bit too... that he hadn't...
"... sure," he mumbled.
"Otherwise, I can't heal you," she said sadly. "And we don't want that, do we?"
Her condescension still annoyed him, but he was finding it hard to focus on that with her fingertips sending waves of tingly bliss into his mind, with how fuzzy and warm and foggy his world was right now. "Nnuh. No."
"Good," she cooed, and his cock throbbed at the praise. "So I would like to test your responses, if you don't mind."
Her hand stroked over his forehead. His eyes half-closed. "I'm going to give you a thing to say," she explained, in patronizing slowness, "and you can say it for me, sort of like we did before! Okay?"
"Mm." He was trying very hard to hide how much he was starting to enjoy these pats. They felt so soothing. But he couldn't be seen to enjoy them, could he? "Fine. Whatever. Doesn't... sound hard if a parrot can do it."
She giggled. "How right you are! It's not hard at all." She booped him playfully on the nose. He tried to scowl. "Just repeat after me. One." Her finger tapped on his nose.
"Cut that out," he mumbled.
Nurse Poppy sighed. "Dear..."
She gazed down at him, that same patronizing look she'd been giving him all day. He stared up at her, his own eyes heavy-lidded.
He wanted to keep objecting, keep complaining, keep... but it took so much energy. He tried to frown, and his eyes nearly closed with the effort. And she would just talk down to him more. Humiliate him more. His cheeks flushed as he imagined her continuing to condescend to him, cooing more praise and encouragement. She could keep that up forever. Nurse Poppy would keep treating him like some silly fool until he yielded.
That had made him angry before. Now it just felt inevitable. He was trying to hold back a glacier. And all he had to do was just put up with Nurse Poppy and do as she said for a bit. Just for a little while.
It was too much effort to keep making a fuss. He felt a little lighter as soon as that clicked. He just had to cooperate. He'd be out soon enough if he just repeated the stupid damn numbers.
"One," he muttered.
She beamed, leaning in. Her chest bounced and jiggled, almost like a reward in itself. "Good!!" she said, delighted. "Two."
"Three." Her finger booped him on the nose again. Lovely tingles sparkled through his head.
"Four," she murmured, twining her finger around a lock playfully, "and I'm feeling better already!" She giggled. And jiggled.
Even with her fingers soothing him towards slumber, he barely contained a growl. "Four, and I'm feeling better."
"Better already!" Her fingertips, nails painted so bright red, tapped over his cheek.
"Better already," he conceded, as some part of his mind started to go limp at last. He just felt too fuzzy. Too limp and drowsy. Too weak to resist this... whatever it was. Easier to do as Nurse Poppy said. Get it over with.
"Five," she cooed, as pleasurable sparks shot through his mind, "and I can't wait to feel well again!"
"Five," he muttered, "and I can't wait to feel well again."
She beamed. Her smile was almost pretty enough to make him not mind how humiliating this stupid exercise was. Almost. "Six," she purred. tapping her fingers on his forehead, "and I've been a wonderful patient."
"Six," he recited, "and I've been a wonderful patient." Easier to just repeat. If she kept going past ten, though, he was going to lose his temper. He promised himself that.
"Seven," she sang, "and Nurse Poppy's taken good care of me."
"Seven, and Nurse Poppy's taken good care of me." This one felt a bit odder to say, but with those lovely sparkles drifting through his mind with every touch, it got a little bit easier. His eyelids fluttered.
"Eight," she whispered, leaning in, "and I'm so glad I came here."
"Eight," he echoed, his voice sounding distant, feeling oddly... odd... "and I'm so glad I came here." He felt warm. Soft.
"Nine," she caressed his cheek, "and I know Nurse Poppy knew best."
"Nine," he whispered, "and I... know Nurse Poppy knew... best."
Oh, gods, it felt so relaxing to just admit that. He felt so dreamy, so sleepy, so... sweet...
"Ten," she purred, leaning in close, "and it's time to take my medicine."
"Ten," he slurred mindlessly, "and it's time to take my mmmmm..."
"Good boy," she cooed, her voice as wonderfully sweet as the medicine the spoon slipped between his lips, silencing him with syrupy loveliness. The glow was so intense, he could barely think. Barely... think. Barely think. He blinked up at Nurse Poppy, and her nice, bouncy tits, barely contained within that lacy brassiere. "Such a goooood patient."
He blinked. He felt so warm. So fuzzy. Some part of his brain was... was saying that this wasn't good, even though it felt goooood, just like Nurse Poppy said, and that part of his brain felt so goopy and limp and... so good...
She was giggling. Her boobs were jiggling. She was glowing, radiant, an angel of love above him. He swallowed, and everything felt so easy. But it wasn't right. Was it? "Okay, then, dear," she whispered, her fingers stroking his hair so nicely, so lovingly, "now, let's count back down, okay?"
"'Kay..." He blinked again, trying to focus. He had to focus on that feeling of unease. He knew that. He just... couldn't seem to...
"Ten," she said, smirking, as her hand stroked him, and he was vaguely conscious of how difficult it was to keep holding his head up like this, "and it's time to take your medicine!"
"Ten," he whispered, "and it's time to... mm...?"
She popped the spoon between his lips, and he eagerly sucked at it, licked up all of the tasty medicine he could get, even as a voice warned him that this was wrong...
"Nine," she said, her fingers playing with the first button of his shirt, "and you know Nurse Poppy knows what's best for you."
"Nine," he mumbled, "and I know Nurse Poppy knows what's... best for me." Wasn't that the same thing he'd said before? Surely it was. They were just counting back down. Just counting back down. Down.
"Good boy," she said happily. She was stroking his hair so very fondly, and it felt so nice to be petted, to be a pet, to be her pet. He gazed up at her, her whole form glistening in the foggy glow like that of a goddess. A beautiful, buxom goddess of love. "Eight, and you're so happy to be here."
"Eight," he mumbled, "and I'm so happy to be here."
"Good." Her praise sent ripples of pleasure across him, and he felt himself oozing back into the sleepy pink bliss. "Seven, and Nurse Poppy's taking good care of you!"
"S-Seven," he managed, as his cock twitched, "and Nurse Poppy... takes good care of me..."
She giggled, though he wasn't sure why. He just enjoyed how she jiggled in that low-cut white crop top.
Her words started to blur until it was like he was drowning in honey. He couldn't taste it any more than he could make out her words. It was just sweet sound. Sound to recite for Nurse Poppy, so she would pet him more, would reward him with praise and nice tingles.
"Six, and you want to be good for Nurse Poppy." Those delicate fingers undid the second button of his shirt.
"Six, and I want to be good for Nurse Poppy."
"Five, and you can't wait for me to make you feel even better." A third button popped out.
"Five, and... I can't wait... for Nurse Poppy to make me feel... better..."
"Four, and you feel sooooo good!" Her fingers tickled his chest, sending pleasurable tingles into his heart as the fourth button came undone.
"Four, and I feel so... so gooood..." His voice was barely a whimper.
She giggled. Her smile was radiant. "Three," she whispered, leaning in close, "and Nurse Poppy will keep you safe." Her voice was silken as she added, "Won't she, dear? Won't she, sweetie?"
He stared up at her breasts, barely contained, nipples tenting the delicate silk. It took him a moment to remember her words, but he finally whispered, "Nurse Poppy will keep me safe."
Tingles of pure, dreamy bliss filled him as he said those perfect words.
She licked her lips. "You are safe with Nurse Poppy."
"I am safe with Nurse Poppy."
"Again, sweetie." She patted his head encouragingly. "Three and two. Be a good boy."
"N-Nurse Poppy will keep me safe," he whimpered. "I-I am safe with Nurse Poppy."
"Again, dear." Pleasuring magic poured into his mind. His cock throbbed. Her breasts held his helpless, horny gaze captive.
"Nurse Poppy will keep me safe." The words came so easily. "I am safe with Nurse Poppy."
"Be a good boy." Another button on his shirt came undone as she smirked, her smile strangely... triumphant. "Again."
His eyelids felt so heavy... had to be a good boy... "Nurse Poppy will... keep me safe... I am safe with Nurse Poppy."
"Mm." She was so close, now. He could feel the warmth of her body. His head was being held up, now, just inches from her soft, warm embrace. "Again, please, darling." Her voice was as sweet and irresistible as a cherry atop whipped cream.
His cock throbbed, craving the praise. "Nurse Poppy will keep me safe," he whined, squirming in his restraints. "I am safe with Nurse Poppy. Nurse Poppy will keep me safe. I am safe with Nurse Poppy." She kept nodding, her smile unreadable, so he kept saying it, babbling it out like a mantra again and again, whimpering, whining, squirming pathetically as she smiled and nodded and drew it out of him, line after line...
And he wanted to feel worried about that, but he felt too safe here to worry about anything. Nurse Poppy would keep him safe. He could just drip deeper and deeper into the mantra, sink deeper and deeper into her beautiful, rosy world, do as Nurse Poppy told him, because didn't she always know best? She was so lovely. Surely she always knew best.
And at last, she put a finger to his lips. He blinked.
"Good boy," she cooed, and he moaned as those delicious tingles seeped all the way into him at last, cock straining against its confines. "Gooood boy. So good and docile now, aren't we? There's just one more number to go." She cradled his head in her hands.
He nodded eagerly, desperately.
Her eyes glimmered. "One, and your name is..."
Alrek opened his mouth.
He bit his lip.
"Oh." She tutted. "Oh, sweetie, are we still having trouble?"
"I." His voice was soft, almost kittenish. He stared fuzzily up at Nurse Poppy. "I don't."
Her adoring smile put all his worries to rest as she set his head down in her lap.
It was like being lowered into a vat of liquid sunshine. His lower lip quivered as pure, delicious pleasure drowned his sleepy, obedient mind, as her magic flooded him. She cooed wordlessly, stroking his hair, her breasts almost brushing the top of his head. He stared up at her, lost in her beautiful eyes, and whimpered.
"Go on, dear," she purred, petting him. "You're safe here! You're my patient. Just go on and tell me... and maybe I'll, um..." She smiled slyly down at his hips.
A single finger brushed over his cock, through his pants, still wet from Nessi's attentions. His eyes widened.
"Good boys," she cooed, "get to feel very nice for Nurse Poppy. Don't we want that?"
"Yes," he whimpered, helpless against those tingling healing touches. His mind was so open. So pliant. So compliant.
Her voice was unbearably soft as she cradled his face in her hands. "And your name, good boy, is..." She left her lips half-parted, her last words barely a breath.
She paused. "No surname, hm?"
He shook his head meekly.
"Nobody to take care of you?" she murmured. "That's a Mountain Folk name. Aw, we're far from home, aren't we?"
He stared up at her, lost in her touches, her warmth, her... protection. He was safe with Nurse Poppy. She was going to let him feel nice.
And Nurse Poppy smiled down at him, leaned down, and planted a kiss on his cheek. "Very good boy," she purred. He shivered and squirmed. She licked her lips. "So, Alrek... did we never have a mother or father?"
Alrek's lips slowly parted, and all lingering reluctance melted away as he took a shallow breath—
"Nurse Poppy!" squeaked a voice from the doorway. Nurse Poppy looked up sharply. "We're, um, having some trouble with the other patient."
"Oh, really, now?" Nurse Poppy sighed. She looked down fondly at Alrek, setting him gently back down on the comparatively cold bed—ignoring his whimpers—and hopped down to the floor. "Silly bimbos. Honestly, I don't know what I pay you for."
"Do you, um, pay us?" Nessi asked.
Nurse Poppy paused in the doorway beside the nurse's apprentice. "Nessi, dear," she cooed, "I'll pay you right now. Go ahead and..." She reached over, and out of the corner of his eye Alrek managed to see her stick her thumb into Nessi's mouth, see Nessi's eyes roll into the back of her head as she instantly started sucking and moaning, "... suck that sweet cock to your heart's delight!"
The thumb popped back out. Nessi blinked rapidly as Nurse Poppy sauntered out, her high heels clicking on the tile.
Alrek was left alone in the misty void. He stared up into nothing, confused. What was going on? Where had Nurse Poppy gone? Was he safe without her?
He started to whimper.
Then he felt fingers touch his belt, and he looked down.
Nessi was down there once again, grinning up at him. He stared stupidly down at her. She undid his belt with practiced ease and batted her eyelashes. "Hi, sweetie-boy," she cooed. "Are we being a good patient?"
Despite his uncertainty, Alrek whimpered. He wanted the touches back. He wanted the whispers of Nurse Poppy. He wanted... wanted...
As Nessi stripped away his pants and undergarments, his cock sprang free. She cooed over it, making a great show of admiring it from all angles.
"You've been sooooo good," she purred, nuzzling it lovingly. It twitched, and she giggled. "Good boy!" It twitched. "Good boy!" It twitched. "Heehee, she's got you, like, super well-trained already!" Her green eyes shone with eagerness as she licked her plump lips. "But now... it's time for my treat."
She reached up and stroked his hair, then propped his head up with a soft cushion slipped beneath his head. So he could... watch her, he dimly realized.
She beamed down in adoration at his cock. She was practically drooling.
She gave it a tender lick. Then another. Then a short, sweet, chaste kiss right on the head.
His breaths grew heavier as she planted a second, longer kiss, clearly enjoying his widening eyes as her sweet pleasure dripped into him.
"You were right, silly boy," Nessi mumbled, as she planted sweet little kisses and licks all over him, tormenting him as he bucked helplessly within his restraints. "You didn't need a babysitter after all!"
"Nuh?" He stared at her nervously. With Nurse Poppy gone, he was starting to feel like... like these restraints should worry him more. Was he... was she...
"You needed," she cooed, "a nurse!"
And she took him into her hot mouth, lips smacking as they savored their prize.
He cried out in helpless pleasure, and she moaned and wiggled her hips up in the air, her gaze smoldering. She bobbed her head, lavishing her tongue over his tip.
Loud slurping and sucking sounds began to fill the room, filling the echoey void that Nurse Poppy had left behind.
Her eyes glimmered with meaning, and he was lost in them. Alrek stared and bucked and squirmed. He could almost hear her voice in her whimpers and moans, in those bright green eyes.
I'm gonna suck your brains out, those eyes said, as she moaned and squealed, stroking herself with her free hand, taking him deeper and deeper with every bob of her head, and make you such a good boy. A good boy! Wanna be a good boy.
He was helpless for her. Bound like her prize. Her treat. But gods, it felt heavenly. He sank into her gaze, melting with adoration, with gratitude.
And she, too, seemed almost totally overcome. Her moans broke into screams and squeals as she clung to him with the hand she was not using to masturbate, barely holding herself up, her eyes wide and wild with lust.
He whimpered, cried, screamed and thrashed, overwhelmed. It was too much, too much from this sexy little nurse—or nurse's apprentice—she knew best, they all knew best, he just wanted—
—wanted to be a good boy.
And her eyes shone with pride as he came. Pure, unbearable pleasure flooded through him, pink syrup smothering his every thought, his every worry, his every—his everything.
Alrek sank eagerly, willingly into the nurses' haze of obedient bliss, not even noticing the rising commotion from outside the chamber. He stared helplessly into the eyes of his bimbo mistress, the servant of Nurse Poppy, who would keep him safe. Keep him happy.
She was coming, too, spasming and crying, almost limply resting against him as pleasure rocked her body. All she could do was lick and moan, barely able to keep his cock between her lips as she writhed and cried in helpless ecstasy.
"F-Feels so good," she cried, covering his cock with kisses, "s-so good to suck, obey, good girl for Nurse Poppy, good—I m-mean, good boy for Nurse Poppy—so good—good—goodgoodgoodgood—"
He whimpered and bobbed his head, his mind as molten as butter on her tongue. He couldn't speak. He was a good boy. A good patient. A good pet.
Her lips latched onto him again as she smothered her own words with his cock, and he sank into orgasm all over again, lost in her praise, lost in the warm embrace of pure, delicious obedience.
He didn't even hear the loud clang from outside the room.
He was happy to hear nothing but Nessi's praise, her moans and wet sounds and whimpers as the oral-obsessed bimbo nurse licked and lapped and sucked and kissed his shaft, bringing them both to shared orgasm after orgasm, sinking deeper and deeper into pure, stupid, brainwashed pleasure so they could both do every little thing Nurse Poppy wanted. Nurse Poppy knew best. Nurse Poppy would keep him safe. Keep them all safe.
The door creaked open.
Larya poked her head in. She was half-dressed in a hospital gown, her hair an absolute mess and dripping with what looked like some sort of strawberry-flavored goop, her free hand holding up a half-bent iron ladle.
Alrek was barely conscious of anything, much less her. But something in his primordial self recognized a note in her next words that roused him to alertness.
"We should've haggled."

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