Guests of the Mapleseed

Chapter 1

by GigglingGoblin

Tags: #cw:noncon #bunnygirl #D/s #dom:female #f/f #f/m #pov:bottom #sub:female #fantasy #growth #humiliation #pov:top #spiral #sub:male

Lorelei's Note: This is a brand-new series in a brand-new fantasy setting called the Glowpebble Path. This series will contain themes of nonconsent, transformation, bimbos, gambling, addiction, monster girls, and possibly the occasional bad end. Please remember that consensual nonconsent and hypnosis should always be practiced safely and ethically in the real world.

True, total darkness was hard to come by. It crept beneath leaves, lurked behind boulders and bushes, made its home in the deepest depths of the cavernous weeping witchelms. No darkness survived long along the inner lengths of the Glowpebble Path.

The Glowpebble Path was not so much a road as it was a landscape, and it was not so much a landscape as it was a region, and it was not so much a region as it was a world. The smooth little pebbles chose a pattern to travel in, of course, a river of light none dared swim in, but the path was vast and sprawling, a pale rainbow hundreds of miles wide.

At the center of the path, the pebbles were placed so densely one couldn’t even reach the precious enchanted earth beneath without digging. On the outskirts, one might have to deliberately search for minutes or even hours to find a glowpebble that had somehow found itself tucked within the petals of an unblossomed sugar buttercup. There the Path was so absent that the inhabitants considered themselves, wrongly, to be quite independent of it.

And, of course, even in those remote reaches, true darkness was usually put to flight by at least one of the seven beautiful moons.

It was only when clouds flooded the skies to block the demonic lights, when rain poured down and gathered mud and sludge to its cause and created a flood that could briefly submerge even the highest glowpebbles, when fairies and wisps and lamp sprites refused to come out to play or were forbidden to by their lords in the Underworld, could any stretch of land truly be called dark.

Only then was it truly not perilous to walk the Glowpebble Path.

Just miserable.

Celia blew upward, trying to dislodge a lock of wet silvery hair that had fallen in her eyes. The strand stayed stubbornly put. She gave an angry, rumbling sigh like an engine, but didn’t dare release what she carried for one second to fix her hair.

The thief’s heavy boots squished deep in the mud, nearly making her stumble.

Damn this rain. It was keeping her alive, but damn it anyways.

She needed to find shelter. Any shelter would do. She shot an annoyed lift at her cargo. Anywhere dry.

She’d had to drape it in waterproof canvasses, which didn’t help one bit with the load. Those were the rules: covered with two oak’s enemies and ten of the sun’s wives cut before the dawn, protected from Styx’s children, hidden from the little travelers’ lanterns. Mistletoe and dead wasps and morning glory buds, protection from the rain, and shielded from glowpebble light. Simple. Heavy.

As inconvenient as it was, though, she didn’t want to think about what might happen if it started to…

She froze.

A burglar needed good hearing, especially for the kinds of burglaring Celia partook in. You had to hear a door opening, the owner coming home early and hanging up his coat, a lantern being lit out of sight, a sword being loosened, a pistol being cocked. You needed to hear it before you even exactly noticed it.

When her head shot to the right, it was a second before she’d registered she’d heard it.


She almost laughed. Oh, that would be just perfect. Just what she needed—to run into some Fae, or a Concert, or a Revel, or…

She paused with a frown. Her head tilted to the side. The rain pounded and rattled against her poncho. The hair moved from tickling her cheek to tickling her nose.

That didn’t sound… ethereal to her. Nor Fae.

A burglar also needed to know what sorts of perils could catch you after dark, because a lot of them liked to go after the wicked. Celia was very much of the wicked tonight.

But this… She squinted off into the murk. It was too dark to see anything. That was sort of the idea. But right now, it was a nuisance.

She turned and peered back the way she’d come.

Surely nobody could have followed her all this way.

Hissing in distaste, she dug the toes of one boot into the muck and probed around, then kicked up. Mud spattered against her face and wet her nose, and several little pebbles, each the size of a large coin and perfectly river-stone-smooth, went flying out into the darkness.

Light spilled in their wake.

It wasn’t just that glowpebbles themselves, well, glowed. Any night traveler knew that. Light followed them. They gulped it down, swallowed and digested it like ravenous creatures. If you dislodged one, that light would spill. It would fall off them like dust from a fluttering bird’s wings, settling and pooling on the ground and lingering there sometimes for hours before gradually being lost.

But while the light hung in the air, Celia squinted out into the retreating shadows and saw something out there. Something was walking with slow, measured steps towards the road.

And she was drop-dead gorgeous.

Celia was smart. Celia was careful. Celia didn’t get herself into trouble with romance, or sex, or very obvious otherworldly tricksters in the shadows.

But her heart caught her breath in her chest and held it still, and she stared.

The beautiful woman giggled and tilted her head to the side. “Hi, cutie!”

Celia bit her lip.

The woman had bright, brilliant hazel eyes. That was the first thing Celia noticed. Hazel eyes, glinting in the light captured beneath her twirling umbrella. Hazel. So not a trick of the glowpebbles. Big, beautiful hazel eyes with thick lashes like weighty curtains, fluttering as if the only trouble with the rain was the risk to her mascara. She had generous black curls spilling down to her shoulders and bouncing up from them like the mist in a waterfall’s wake. Her skin was that same soft hazel brown, with bright rosy cheeks untouched by rain or cold.

Her pretty face wasn’t… exactly the reason Celia was flustered, though. Even if Celia wasn’t used to pretty girls smiling at her like that.

The woman was dressed in a black silk leotard, like what a dancer might wear, form-fitting and absurdly low-cut to show off an equally absurd rack. A ridiculous little bowtie hung from the collar-esque choker. A delicate, almost ornamental-looking pink and white umbrella twirled behind her.

Celia tried not to let her eyes linger on those amply displayed curves, that flawless bared skin. Her eyes were too busy descending down the woman’s svelte waist to the pert ass, barely concealed by the sheer leotard, and those sheer, enticing stockings hugging the thighs.

Fuck. Celia swallowed and tore her gaze back up to the woman’s eyes. Atop the head, she belatedly realized, rose two fluffy pink-and-white bunny ears.

“H-Hey,” she said, snapping her guard back up. She hadn’t heard bunnyfolk were around this area, but they weren’t fey, and it wasn’t breeding season—she was pretty sure—so the main threat she was dealing with was a witness. Act casual. Act normal. “Some weather, huh?”

Normal people talked about weather, right?

The bunnygirl giggled and swung her hips to the side. Celia couldn’t help but notice, as the bunnygirl hopped closer, a fluffy little white bunny tail poking out from the leotard. “Oh, is there?” She twirled on her toes, the sparkling pink umbrella twirling in the opposite direction, and glanced back the way she’d come. “Gosh, I’m just so nice and dry under here, I didn’t even notice!”

Celia glowered her retort into the mud at her feet. She didn’t dare act openly rude; people remembered rude travelers better than polite ones. Discretion, she figured, was the better part of manners. ‘Discrete’ was a whole lot easier than ‘nice’.

“So what are you doing out here in all this rain?” the bunnygirl chirped, tilting her head to the side. One of the ears flopped cutely.

No. Not cutely. Annoyingly.

Celia rolled her eyes. “What am I doing out here?” She gave the finely-dressed bunnygirl a pointed stare, waiting for her to realize the stupidity of the question.

But the bunnygirl just kept smiling at her, that bright, innocent, un-adorable smile.

To her embarrassment, Celia found she was the first to duck her head. Eye contact was hard. “Just a traveler,” she muttered. “Making my way to Amberbury.”

“What’s that?”

Celia flinched. Her eyes shot to her cargo, but the girl wasn’t looking at it—just at her, with that same bright smile. There was no guile in those eyes. They shone with innocence. That made Celia even more suspicious. “What’s what?”

“Ambunn—Ambybur—” The bunnygirl screwed up her face, blushing. “Ambunnybury!” she squeaked at last, beaming.

Celia held in her chuckle. Nobody was this stupid, and… something struck her as odd. Two somethings, actually. “It’s a town,” she said tersely. “Right next to the Amber Hills. Hey, what was that music earlier? And—” She flicked her head toward the bunnygirl’s feet and grimaced as the stray lock of hair tickled her lip. “How the fuck are you wearing heels out there?”

The bunnygirl blinked at Celia and smiled slightly, as if Celia was almost adorably stupid. She tapped her foot deliberately against the ground.

The tapping was that of wood against stone.

Celia squinted down. She realized that there was virtually no mud where Celia stood, nor were there any glowpebbles. Instead, the rainwater water flowed clean over expertly-cut cobblestones. Between each stone danced tiny little runes, each a little living spell.

Her cheeks went warm. Oh.

“I see,” she said aloud, hoping her blushing wouldn’t be obvious in the minimal light.

“The music’s just back from where I came," the bunnygirl went on with a giggle. “You can’t see the entrance through the rain, though, which is why I stay out here when it storms to tell people!”

Celia folded her arms. “In the darkness.”

“It’s nice in the dark.” Another girlish giggle, popping her foot. “It’s so bright and warm indoors, all the time! Out here it’s… quiet. And cool.” She tilted her head to the side, a happy, vague smile on her face as she looked Celia up and down. Celia felt oddly naked under that stare.

Which was a laugh, considering how the two of them were dressed. Celia wore a practical muddy green poncho and wide-brimmed hat, sensible muddy-green trousers with plenty of pockets, and tall black combat boots. She didn’t wear makeup to show off her pale eyes—she didn’t think they were anything much to look at anyways—and she cut her shoulder-length pale silver hair herself with a knife once a month. Under the poncho she wore a coat of furs and leathers that held more knives than even she knew what to do with. Back home she’d kept some of them in a vase like flowers.

The staring was staring to make her flustered again, though. She ducked her head. “What are you—”

In a flash, the bunnygirl was right in her face. Resting one hand on Celia’s shoulder for balance, she leaned forward from the cobble path and reached down with her other hand. Before Celia could sputter any four-lettered objections, those delicate silken-gloved fingers were caressing her cheek.

It was as if her indignation had been stopped with a cork.

She stared with wide eyes at the bunnygirl’s eyes of sparkling hazel. Such pretty natural hues of green and brown. A shiver passed through Celia’s body as the fingertips ran along her cheekbone, so delicate and gentle as they arced towards her lips…

… and plucked that stray lock out of her face to tuck it back behind her ear.

With a slight push against Celia’s shoulder, the bunnygirl righted herself back onto the path. Celia stumbled back, staring speechless. Rage and indignation and embarrassment and other disallowed emotions all fought for a voice, but all she could manage was a pathetic, impotent, “... Hey!

“Hi!” The bunnygirl giggled. “My name’s Penny! What’s yours!”

She bounced on her tiptoes.

Celia glared and started walking away.

“Hey!” Penny protested. “Where are you—”

“I have a lot of ground to cover tonight,” Celia muttered. “I don’t have time for this nonsense.”

“But don’t you wanna stay and wait out the rain?”

Celia hesitated.

She sort of did, was the problem. Badly. The storm was much worse than she’d expected, and it was a two-edged knife—drowning out her footprints and drowning out her in the same unyielding downpour.

But she could still gain at least another mile tonight, even if Amberbury wasn’t likely to be in the cards. Once she hit the denser thickets, she could find someplace to make camp.

And she didn’t like this. She didn’t trust Penny. Maybe she wasn’t a hallucination, but there were all kinds of things out here after dark that were very real. And Penny was too sweet, too chipper, too…

… pretty.

She was glad she’d turned away to hide her blushing cheeks. “I know how to find shelter. I’m in a hurry.”

“But you’ll freeze out here!”

Penny sounded genuinely distressed, just enough to thaw Celia’s resolve a little. A bit. Just a few drops off the glacier, nothing to change her decision. She turned, wincing at her aching back. She had come a long way carrying this wretched thing. “I’ll be fine,” she said tersely. “I made it this far, didn’t I?”

Penny wrung her hands. “Won’t you at least stop for a meal, to warm yourself up?”

Celia searched for a polite way to say no. She usually didn’t care about being polite, but, well… pissing off faeries and demons wasn’t a good idea, was it? It probably wasn’t a good idea to piss off bunnyseductresses, either, if that was what Penny was.

And if Penny really was just a bimbo bunnygirl… well, fuck, Celia wasn’t heartless yet. She looked into those big brown eyes, practically welling with tears at the thought of Celia venturing into ‘danger’...

fuck, Celia really needed a rest.

“Sorry,” she mumbled, shifting her position as she noticed her boots sinking just a little too far into the mud. “I mean… I’m just in a real hurry, is all. I’m sure your inn’s nice.”

Penny smiled brightly. “Just a little sit-down, then?” She clasped her hands innocently behind her back and leaned forward, umbrella twirling and twinkling behind her. “A cup of chocolate?”

Celia couldn’t help it. Her eyes flitted down to Penny’s chest. With that low-cut outfit and that posture, the bunnygirl’s cleavage was… quite generously on display.

With embarrassing reluctance, she shook her head. “I… thanks, but—”

“You must be tired.” The bunnygirl bounced on her toes, clearly hopeful. Her breasts jiggled with the motion. “Just for a second?”

Too eager, Celia’s gut warned her. She’s too eager by half.

But she does seem worried about me…

Celia chewed on her lower lip. She didn’t like being put under social pressure like this. It was making her feel flustered, and the sight of Penny’s bouncing breasts wasn’t helping. “Listen, I’m…” She tried to remember the line she’d heard once. “I’m flattered, but I’m just—going to different places, and, um, it’s not… it’s not you, it’s—” Stop staring at her tits stop staring at her tits stop staring at her tits…

“Just a quick rest stop can’t hurt,” Penny said reasonably, tilting her head to the side and batting her eyelashes coquettishly. “We can get you some dry clothes, something nice and warm to drink…”

Celia fought back the rush of eagerness, the cozy glow at the thought of a warm, dry place to sit and set down her cargo for a few minutes. It crept in anyways. “The inn’s just over that hill?” she asked, eyes narrowed, flicking her head back where Penny had come.

“No, silly!” Penny giggled and turned where Celia had indicated, then back to Celia. Her boobs bounced from the swift motion. Celia realized she was staring again and tore her gaze back to Penny’s bright hazel eyes, which didn’t feel much safer. “It’s under the hill!”

Right. Bunnyfolk. Celia bit her lip. “I don’t know,” she mumbled, and flushed at how awkward she sounded.

But Penny just smiled that radiant smile, eyes sparkling. She bounced on her toes. “Just for a minute,” she promised. “You’ll feel so much better.”

Just for a minute. In spite of her stalwart struggle, Celia felt her worries starting to ebb. Just a minute couldn’t hurt, could it? And the inn was just over there—all-but-within sight of the road. And Penny seemed so sweet and harmless. Just a bunnygirl with pretty eyes trying to help a traveler in need.

And Penny’s eyes were so pretty. At first Celia had felt flustered by the eye contact, but it felt easier and easier as time went on to meet Penny’s gaze. Those eyes made her feel relaxed. Safe. Unconcerned. They flickered with orange and green flames in the dim, fading light. Celia’s heart fluttered, but she didn’t look away.

She felt her head tilted slightly to the side, lips parting slightly.

So… pretty…

Penny giggled and fluttered her lashes again, and Celia snapped out of it. “So? Please?”

Celia’s back ached with her burden. She hesitated a moment longer, her eyes flitting from Penny’s eyes to Penny’s gorgeous rack.

She swallowed. “Yeah, okay,” she said, blushing redder at how weak her voice sounded. She was just so, so tired. “Fine,” she added, trying to sound reluctant.

“Yes!” Penny positively hopped up and down, and Celia’s heart leaped up her throat and throttled her brain as those breasts bounced majestically up and down. This woman was wearing heels. How were bunnygirls always so ridiculously fucking agile?

That thought dropped away as Penny lunged forward and took Celia by the shoulder, helping her onto the path. As she did so, Celia was treated to a view directly down Penny’s cleavage, and her mind went a little wobbly for a second.

Penny was leading her down the cobble path. Celia’s calves practically creaked with relief at meeting solid ground. Her muddy boots splashed clean in the clear rainwater.

As Penny went, she kept twirling around to face Celia, and Celia could swear those boobs got closer to bouncing clear of their restraints with every spin.

Penny was talking, chattering, babbling at a book a minute. Celia was having trouble paying attention. Mostly it was just about how happy Penny was that Celia had seen reason, how good Penny thought she was at persuading people, how people always agreed with her. Just pointless prattle. Celia was having trouble paying attention. Her mind kept wandering.

By now she was staring openly. As close as Penny was, as short as Penny was, surely Penny wouldn’t notice the slight difference in angle. It was easy to stare.

Up and down they bounced. Up and down. Penny prattled something about how good Celia was being, and Celia wanted to roll her eyes, but she felt so tired, and it was so easy to…

She managed to snap out of it a second before the bell rang. The sound shocked her back to her senses, and she looked up, startled.

Penny’s eyes sparkled with mischief. Celia squirmed. Oh, Penny had definitely noticed.

The bunnygirl’s silk-gloved hand gripped the pullstring of a large doorbell. They stood on a doorstep carved into the hillside, the underground porch paved with smooth pink stone—granite, maybe—and lit with a rather small teardrop-shaped lamp.

Celia’s eyes fled anywhere but Penny’s. “Um… don’t you have trouble with flooding?” she asked.

“Oh, silly!” Penny giggled, making Celia flush as she realized too late how stupid this question was. “It’s magicked just like the path!”

“Right,” Celia muttered. She shifted her weight. “So, how long—”

The door flew open, and the lights within practically blinded her. Rosy pink light surged from the doorway like a horde of imprisoned spirits. Celia’s eyes snapped shut, and she groaned in pain. Pain that almost as quickly blossomed into pleasure.

Because following on the light’s heels was warmth.

She could have swayed with relief. Her eyes fluttered open, and though spots still strobed in her vision, she was able to squint against them and make out what lay on the other side.

Standing in the doorway was another bunnygirl. This woman was blonde and quite tall, dressed in a very similar red leotard. Her arms rippled with strength, and instinctively Celia found herself looking for potential weak points if needed, or a potential exit. But the smile on the doormaid’s face was radiant. “Penny!” she squealed, bouncing with excitement. “Oh my gosh, she’s so pretty!

“I know, Mitzi!” Penny gushed, bouncing behind Celia. “Can you believe I found her out in the mud?”

It took Celia a moment to realize they were talking about her. She flushed, rolling her eyes. “Do I have to buy a drink or something? I’m not staying long.”

“Oh, yes!” The doormaid beamed, reaching and grabbing her around the waist with one muscular long arm before Celia could object. “Come in, come in! Divette, take her luggage!”

“Th-There’s no need,” Celia stammered, pulling away from the grip and sidling inside. Her vision was recovering enough to make out the petite redhead bunnygirl bounding towards them—she was literally smaller than Celia’s burden, but her rosy freckled cheeks dimpled with a confident smile as she bounced in front of Celia. “I can—I’m just—” She looked to Penny for help.

“Shh!” Penny smiled soothingly, petting her shoulder. “Divette, just set it down next to her for now, okay?”

“Yes, Penny!” Divette chirped, and reached up expectantly. Celia reluctantly handed over the load. To her shock, the little bunnygirl took it expertly over one shoulder in a comfortable firefighter’s carry and hopped over to set it upon one of the benches in the little lobby.

She paused, looking hard at the tarp-draped package, then back at Celia with a frown. “Um, ma’am?”

Celia plopped down next to the package and positively moaned with relief without thinking. She reached behind her, arched her back, and gave it a tremendous, thunderous series of cracks. “Fuck...”

She opened her eyes, blinked twice, and finally took stock of where she’d arrived in.

The little lobby she was in was lined on both sides with benches, and appealing paintings hung from the walls. Very appealing, she noted, ducking her head with embarrassment. Those were some… very immodest women.

Just ahead stood a counter staffed by, to her slight surprise, not a bunnygirl—a human woman, at least as far as she could tell, with shoulder-length silvery-blue hair and glitter speckling her uncommonly pale cheeks and blue-painted lips. Her blue-tinted glasses masked any expression, and she wore a tight-fitting tuxedo that covered her completely while also totally failing to hide her impressive figure.

Behind the counter were two branching paths, each blocked with heavy red curtains. Pink and golden moonlight filtered in through two crescent-shaped windows, and as Divette ducked under the right curtain to get the hot cocoa at Penny’s request, Celia caught a glimpse of crackling rosy-pink lighting from beyond.

Music echoed from behind those curtains—grainy and metallic, swooping, swinging, music with instruments she didn’t know the names of. It was beautiful, in its way. Music to tap your foot to, to swing your hips to even if you didn’t know how to dance. But it sounded far away in a way that went beyond simple distance.

“This is an inn?” she asked, eyes narrowing. It seemed awfully… fancy for a roadside tavern.

“Oh, silly!” Penny giggled, half-sitting on the arm of the bench next to her. Her lashes fluttered. Celia tried not to look down. “It’s sooo much more than an inn.”

“Right.” Celia eyed the curtains. Her uncertainties were starting to curdle into concerns again. “What’s this place called, again?”

Penny’s eyes sparkled. “The Mapleseed.”

Celia swallowed. Penny was making her feel… looming over her like this, with her breasts right at Celia’s eye level…

... fuck, how were bunnygirls always so good at defying gravity?

Celia was blushing hot as she tore her gaze to her hands. She heard the bunnygirls giggling all around her. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. She needed to think clearly, but she was too flustered for a moment to form many cogent thoughts at all.

She stopped her handwringing. She didn’t need to think clearly to know her gut.

She stood up abruptly. “I have to go.”

“Oh, but you just got here!” Penny protested.

“I-I have to go. Sorry.” Celia shrugged, reaching down for the cargo.

The doormaid appeared at Celia’s side, tilting her head down at her. Celia’s heart fluttered as she looked up to meet the woman’s gaze. Mitzi beamed down at her, blonde hair sparkling with little flecks of golden glitter. “What’s the hurry?” she asked sweetly.

Celia squirmed. “I—I just, I was only going to stay here a minute—” She turned to go, but was blocked by Penny, who’d pranced around to cut off her path to the door.

Penny tilted her head up at her cutely. Celia’s head spun at the contrast as she tried to keep tabs on both bunnygirls at once. They were both wearing the same thick sweetpea perfume. “What about your hot cocoa?” She pouted.

Celia backed up against the bench. Something was wrong here. These girls were too friendly, too flirty, too sexy, too hot and cute and bouncy and seductive and—fuck, why was she blushing like this? “I—I just have to—”

“Aww, don’t worry, sweetie,” Penny soothed, reaching up and running her fingers through a lock of Celia’s hair that had slipped free from the hat. Celia flinched away. “You just have to wait for your hot cocoa, okay? Then you can go right after.”

“But I—”

“You just have to relax,” Mitzi purred. “Relax and let us warm you up a little!”

Celia bit her lip. Her eyes were on the knife at her belt. She wasn’t one of those Bloodless types who didn’t think it was okay to stab a hypnotist, but… she didn’t want to kill anyone here, not on the tiny chance these really were just—just overenthusiastic barmaids, or really flirty ones. Not that barmaids usually ever wanted to flirt with her. Especially not barmaids this cute and…

No. Stop it. She pushed down the thought and smothered it with chloroform. “Fine. I’ll wait for the hot cocoa.” She sat back down, forcing herself to smile up at the pair. “Okay?”

She wasn’t drinking a drop of whatever it was. That sweetpea perfume had her lightheaded as it was. She just needed to get them to lower her guard a little first so she could…

Their guard. She blinked rapidly. Lower their guard. So she could get out without a problem.

“Yay!” Penny’s face lit up with such light it melted Celia’s heart a little despite her best efforts. She sat down on the bench next to Celia and pressed in close. “We just want you to get warm before you leave, okay?”

“Yeah,” Celia muttered. “Sure. Um… thanks.” Her eyes darted nervously to Penny’s, but those vivid canopies of autumn leaves overwhelmed her.

And unconsciously, her gaze drifted lower.

Penny’s cleavage was beautiful. Soft, pillowy, glimmering in the faint rose-and-gold moonlight like polished jasper. Her chest rose with every breath, burgeoning against the tight low-cut black leotard.

The leotard hugged Penny’s breasts close and tight, squeezing them together enticingly, tight enough that even the slightest movement made them jiggle.

Celia faintly heard Penny giggling, and wondered if Mitzi had said something. But then Penny’s hands were under her breasts.


And letting them bounce.

Celia’s lips parted.


Her head was swimming. She was so tired, and… did she really have to worry? These bunnygirls were being sweet to her. Everyone knew bunnygirls were harmless outside breeding season. She could leave anytime.

Penny squeezed her breasts together again.



“That’s right,” Penny was cooing, her voice echoing faintly as if from far off. “Just relax, Celia, sweetie. And watch… them… bounce!

Bounce. Penny’s head swam as the tits rose and fell seductively. Almost beckoning. She breathed in and smelled that sweet, wonderful perfume.

“Teehee! Good girl! Bounce-bounce-bounce! Aren’t they sooo pretty?”

Mitzi’s sugary voice chimed in from the other side, “Don’t they look so full and soft?”

Full. Soft. Penny nodded dumbly.

“Gosh, I bet your head must be feeling so heavy.” Bounce-bounce-bounce. “Maybe you should rest it somewhere~?”

Bounce-bounce-bounce. Celia found herself giggling slightly. Their dulcet tones filled her head like mulled wine, sweet and hot and heady. It made her head feel… heavy…

The sound of her own giggling snapped her out of it.

She blinked, flushed bright red, and tore her eyes away from Penny’s breasts. “I-I have to go,” she choked out, stumbling to her feet and pushing her way past the pair.

She swayed. Her head was still spinning. Her whole world was spinning. The air smelled so sweet, and the moonlight dazzled her eyes, and the…

She froze, eyes shooting to the crescent-shaped windows, the pink and golden light.

How the fuck were Ero and Desiere shining in the middle of a rainstorm?

Everything went still. She stared at the windows, then at the two enchantingly beautiful bunnygirls. Their eyes sparkled, reflecting the moonlight.

“Oh,” she squeaked.

They smiled widely and pressed in from either side, forcing her towards the door.

“What’s the matter?” Penny cooed.

“Don’t you like it here?” Mitzi sang.

“It’s so cold and wet outside~” Penny bounced in place, and it took all of Celia’s dizzied will not to look at those beautiful bouncing tits.

“It’s so nice and warm here~” Mitzi towered over her, smiling innocently as she rested a hand against the wall, not-so-subtly pinning Celia between the door and the two sweet-scented bunnygirls.

Celia’s hand grasped the doorknob. “Yeah, well—”

“What about your package?”

She froze. Her eyes shot to the package, still resting on the bench. Cute, innocent little Divette stood there, bouncing from side to side, clutching a saucer and cup of hot cocoa topped with whipped cream before her ample chest. She smiled at Celia, eyes glittering wickedly.


Well, nothing for it. Celia lunged for her knife.

The bunnygirls were quicker. Her hand had barely grasped the hilt when Penny’s hand was on her wrist, and she smiled, batting her eyelashes, as innocent as if she’d done it by mistake. But her grip was firm.

Celia had one hand free, though. She twisted to the side, not quite escaping Penny’s grip, and yanked the door open—

—not to escape, but to hit Penny and Mitzi as hard as she could with it. She swung the door so fast the breeze sent her hat flying.

Penny dodged. Mitzi didn’t. With a klonk and an “Eep!”, the towering doormaid was knocked to the floor. Penny released Celia’s wrist and tumbled clear with an almost terrifying nimbleness.

Celia didn’t waste a second. She was already running for the package, reaching down to heft it over her shoulders once more. She was so stupid. This had been so, so stupid. She’d known it seemed too nice, too convenient, too—

Out of the corner of her eye, a little crystal bottle rose right next to her cheek. It was carved in the shape of a curled-up fox, and within swirled a strange pink liquid.

She’d forgotten about Divette.

With a single tiny motion, a delicate little hand with pink-painted nails puffed a cloud of that swirling sunset right above her face.

At the same time, someone grabbed her long, thick silver braid and yanked her head up. She gasped involuntarily, and heady sweetpea fragrance flooded her lungs.


Everything went… fuzzy.

Puff. She stared up, open-mouthed, into the pink clouds of perfume swirling over her head. Her mind swam. Badly. Puff. Puff…

“N-No,” she mumbled, fumbling for her belt. “No, wait…”

“Aww, silly Celia!” cooed Penny’s syrupy voice in her ear, and she felt hands at her belt, plucking the sheathed dagger away from her weak grip, undoing the buckle. “Gosh, we definitely can’t let you go out there in this state!”

“W-What…” Celia shook her head weakly, trying to fight Penny’s grip, but her strength failed her. She felt her belt slithering away from her, and her heart started to race. Penny was very close to her, now, and her body was so hot and… and soft…

“Have a seat,” Penny cooed, and gave Celia’s chest a little push.

Celia fell to her knees.

Good girl!” Penny sang, giggling, bouncing in place as she leaned over Celia. Her tits were suddenly jiggling right before Celia’s eyes, and Celia whimpered as she breathed in Penny’s sweet perfume, Penny’s intoxicating pheromones, whatever it was thicker than ever. “Oh my gosh, you’re such a cutie!”

“N-No,” Celia whimpered, but her protests didn’t sound especially convincing at the moment. It felt so good to kneel. The hardwood floor wasn’t especially comfortable, but she was so, so tired…

… and Penny’s breasts were so, so nice and easy to stare at…

Her mind felt cloudy. Soft. Mushy. She breathed in that scent deeper and deeper by the second, and her lashes fluttered involuntarily.

Fuck. No, no, no… She tried to push through the haze, but it was like shoving feathers through sticky berry jam.

“That’s right,” Penny purred, settling down so she straddled Celia’s knees and her eyes locked with Celia’s. Or, rather, they would have, if Celia’s eyes weren’t hopelessly trained on… on… “Stare. It’s nice to stare! Good slutty bunnies loooove to stare.”

“good… slutty…” Celia bit her lip, shaking her head slightly. “N-no, stop…”

She felt Penny helping her all the way onto her back. She wanted to resist, but all her willpower was busy trying to resist… staring…

“Just watch the pretty boobies, silly girl~” Penny’s voice was a sultry dove’s song. “That’s all you need to do, and it’s soooo easy, isn’t it? Just watch them go up and down... baaack and forth...” She cupped her breasts and bounced them together, and it was like clouds of that sweet pink perfume rose up from them with every jiggle. Those perfect tits swayed back and forth, slow and steady, barely contained in the leotard at this point.

Back and forth. Back and forth…

“There’s a good girl!” Penny said sweetly. “You just sit there and let my boobies do aaaall the hard thinking for you now, okay, babybun?”

“No,” Celia managed. But her voice was small. Unsure.

“Like a goooood slutty bunny~” Penny purred. “Bouncy-bouncy-bouncy-bounce!” She bounced her tits together in time with the little singsong chant.

“no,” Celia whimpered.

Good bimbo bunnies say yes, silly!” Penny cooed.

Celia bit her tongue.

There was a pause. Out of the corner of her eye, Celia saw Penny pout…

… and then that gorgeous, innocent, adorable smile widened, and the still-resisting parts of Celia’s mind quailed.

“Silly bunny!” Penny stroked Celia’s hair. Celia felt her cheeks burning from the familiar, patronizing touch.

It didn’t help that it felt really, really nice.

“You must be confused,” the bunnygirl went on. “It’s okay! Just take nice, slow, steady breaths. In and out. Innn…” She squeezed her tits together, so soft, so yielding— “... and outtt~!” And she let them fall.

Celia whimpered as the perfume clouds washed over her. She could still faintly smell the sweetpea fragrance there, but she could also smell other scents hidden beneath, now, mating musk, forbidden toxins, things designed to turn her into an insensible suggestible bimbo bunnyslut the longer she breathed it in. She didn’t dare breathe in a whiff, not until the fog from the last few breaths had cleared, not until she could think of a way out of this.

It was all she could think of to do right now to simply hold her breath.

And her heart fluttered as this act of resistance only seemed to amuse the gorgeous bunnygirl before her.

“Aww, sweetie,” she cooed, “that won’t do!” Her hand brushed over Celia’s chest, and even through Celia’s leathers and furs, Celia nearly gasped at the sudden sensation. “We want to see biiiig, deep breaths.”

Her tits bounced to and fro as she swayed. Celia’s mouth was dry. She squirmed as she felt Penny's delicate fingers grazing over a nipple, and even through her coat... fuck...

Penny giggled. "Gosh, so stubborn?" Her eyes glimmered, just out of the corner of Celia's gaze, with a dangerous reflected pink light. Her voice dropped to a sultry purr as she swayed slowly, elegantly above Celia. "Wouldn't it be so much easier to just... give in?"

Celia barely muffled her moan. Penny's whole body felt so hot, so soft. It would be so easy. That was why she absolutely, positively needed to not do that. She could feel her strength starting to recover, she just had to last a few more seconds…

But the bunnygirl jiggled and bounced against her as those nimble fingers slowly unbuckled Celia’s armor. Celia whimpered weakly as she felt her last protection falling away from her. And there went Knives Two, Three and Five with it.

She was running out of air.

“Oh, my,” Penny breathed, and she stopped jiggling for a moment to reach down and fondle Celia’s chest. “Look what you were hiding, cutie~!”

Celia squirmed. She couldn’t help it, even though she knew it only wasted precious oxygen. Penny’s touch was electrifying. Celia was especially well-endowed, much to her inconvenience. Worse, keeping them contained tended to render them very… sensitive.

Penny gave her nipple a pinch through her shirt, and Celia had to bite her lip to contain a gasp.

“Gosh, you’re so stubborn!” Penny’s touches dropped away, to Celia’s intense relief—and fear over what might replace them. “You’re pretty tough, aren’t you?”

Celia managed to muster all her rage into her eyes. Her gaze blazed with baleful promise. Her strength was beginning to return to her, and she could see a knife not far from the two of them. In just a moment, when the perfume was worn off completely—

Penny giggled. “I wonder what this would do~” she said sweetly.

In one graceful motion, she slid her slender hand right down Celia’s pants.

Celia’s eyes widened, and without even realizing it, her lips parted. Oh.

And she moaned as those warm fingers ran delicately along her sex.

She was barely conscious of taking the breath. Sweet perfume flooded her lungs almost instantly and kept it that way.

“Good girl!” Penny cooed. Her fingers stroked along Celia’s lower lips. “Such a good girl. Just look at my bouncy bunny boobies and breathe in and out~

“N-No,” Celia whimpered, feeling her body heating up with more than shame. She squirmed helplessly. All that strength she’d recovered, all the tension in her muscles, it was all melting away.

And Penny’s breasts were bouncing right in front of her, freed at last of the tight leotard pulled down beneath them.

Celia stared. Unconsciously, she ground her hips against Penny’s fingers, breath catching, then smoothing evenly as those fingers played with her body.

Thaaat’s it,” Penny cooed, caressing Celia’s cheek with her other hand. Celia shivered. Penny’s touch was so warm, so gentle. “Just watch them bounce. Bounce-bounce-bounce!”

Bounce bounce bounce. Celia heard herself vaguely giggling, and her humiliation was unbearable. The heavy perfume drowned her in sweetness, pinned her to the hardwood floor.

“Good girl!” The bunnygirl beamed down at her, clearly quite pleased. Celia found herself helplessly smiling back. “Aww, so cute!” She petted Celia’s hair. “That’s right, sweetie, you’re being such a very good girl for me. Just watch the bouncy bunny boobies!”


Penny’s lashes fluttered, and her chest bounced. “Can you say that for me? Bouncy bunny boobies?”

“Bouncy…” Celia whimpered as a finger slid inside, easing the words from her. Everything in her head felt soft. Malleable. “Bouncy bunny boobies…”

Soooo adorable,” Penny cooed, stroking Celia’s hair as a second finger joined the first. Celia moaned aloud. “Isn’t that nice? To obey?”

“Y-Yes,” Celia squeaked.

“Yes, Miss~”

This added humiliation was too much, and Celia’s mind tried to fight its way to the surface.

The fingers slid in. Out. In. Out.

“N-No,” she whimpered.

The breasts bounced and jiggled, held up by the leotard pulled beneath them. Bounce. Bounce. Bounce.

“No, I—”

One finger teased over her clit. She was dripping, and thinking for herself felt so very hard…

“Say it,” Penny purred. The bunnygirl bounced with a musical laugh. She knew she’d won, and her confidence bore down on Celia even heavier than the perfume. Celia realized her legs were spreading.

“i-i can’t,” she gasped, and breathed in more sweetness, and felt everything in her head melting like cotton candy in water…

Penny just smiled, stroked her hair, and gave her chest another bounce.

Bouncy bunny boobies.

“Yes, Miss,” Celia squealed, and her mind turned to putty as Penny’s finger, lubricated in her juices, stroked rewardingly over her clit.


“yes, Miss!”

Penny’s eyes sparkled. The fingers pistoned in and out of Celia’s pussy. In and out and in and out and in and out and— “Again.

“yes, Miss…” Celia’s voice was getting slurred, her vision unfocused.

The bunnygirl giggled and bounced, enjoying playing with her toy. “Again! Again!


Penny smirked. Celia was grinding fully against the hand now, gasping, whining. “Gosh,” Penny cooed, running the back of her hand across Celia’s cheek and wiping away a bit of drool, “All that strong, sexy will, but I guess holding on that hard means that when you give in…”

She brought her hand next to Celia’s ear. “You just… SNAP into place.”


Celia’s eyelashes fluttered down, down, and her eyes closed. She moaned and ground her hips, breathing in nice, deep breaths of Penny’s sweet scent. Doing that seemed to please Penny. She needed to please Penny.

Her breath came in as ragged gasps as Penny’s finger strummed over her clit, as her other hand descended to tear her shirt away from her—good, she wanted to be admired—and began groping her naked breasts. Oh, it felt so good to please Penny…

“You love obeying,” Penny cooed, her voice sweet pink syrup Celia couldn’t get enough of. “You looove doing whatever pretty bunnygirls tell you, don’t you?”

“yes, Miss!” Celia cried.

“You’d looove a bunnygirl costume of your very own, wouldn’t you~?”

Celia felt like that ought to worry her. Costume? But Penny had… real bunny ears… didn’t she?

“Wouldn’t you,” Penny purred, pinching a nipple, “slut?

Celia squeaked in pleasure. “yes! yes, Miss! p-please give your slut a bunnygirl costume!”

Penny cooed wordlessly down at her, and Celia babbled back in brainless bliss as the boobies bounced above her. She felt so weak, so lost, so utterly helpless. Her pleasure was climbing, arcing, and she could barely think—

“You’ll be soooo good for us now, won’t you, cutie?”

“uuh-huuuh!” Celia’s head bobbed happily. She wanted to do whatever these pretty girls said!



Her gasps started to deepen, bringing glistening pink bubbles popping into her brain. Penny smiled mercilessly as Celia whimpered and whined, ground her hips against the fingers with every ounce of pathetic strength left to her. “You see how good obedience feels?” she cooed.

Celia moaned and nodded.

Penny flashed her a dazzling smile. She took Celia in her arms and pulled her close, pulled her face right between her mountainous cleavage, and Celia’s whole world melted into goo as she was immersed in the addictive mixed scents of bunnygirl musk and wonderful drugged sweetpea perfume. “Obedience is pleasure.

“obedience is pleasure,” Celia whispered. She heard Penny laughing, felt the fingers speeding up. “obedience is pleasure,” she mewled, desperate to please Miss, “obedience is pleasure! obedience is pleasure! obedience—ohit’si’m—

Her back arched and she squealed as the climax hit her, a hurricane of sweet, mind-swirling pleasure. She humped Penny’s hand, mewling, moaning, squealing her bliss as the orgasm surged through her whole body.

“Yes,” Penny hissed, tilting Celia’s head up to meet her eyes. Celia’s whole mind was a whirlpool of syrup as she cried out. The fingers pistoned in and out, unrelenting, puppeting her towards a second climax. “Let everything spin, pretty little bunny! Doesn’t it feel sooooo goooood?”

uh-huh,” Celia moaned. She could barely see anything through the rosy haze of drugged perfume and addictive pleasure. Everything was spinning—spiraling—

“Spiraling deeper,” Penny was cooing, “deeper, deeper, deep-deep-deeeep down into pleasure. You’ll do anything for pleasure. And obedience is pleasure, isn’t it, sweetie? So you’d better obey! Teehee!”

“o-obedience is—” Celia hadn’t even recovered from the first orgasm when the second swept through her. The world spun. She cried out in the throes of hopeless ecstasy, overwhelmed and yet craving more, more, clinging to Penny like her one lifeline. She’d be good for Penny, so, so good, she just needed more, more, more

Pleasure,” Penny gushed, stroking her hair. “Just let yourself spin, spin spin all the way out of control, sweetie.” She giggled, cocking her head to the side adorably. “You trust us to take care of you, don’t you?”

“yes yes yes yes!”

“Bunnygirls know what’s best for you, don’t we, silly dummy girl?”

yes yes yes yes—

“You’re just spiraling aaaall the way out of control,” Penny purred. “Like a little… twirling… maple seed.”

Celia giggled.

And then Penny was kissing her deeply, and those soft lips melted Celia’s thoughts away completely, and she was cumming again, grinding senselessly against her seductress, her whole world soft and molten with gratitude.

She let her mind steep in the kiss like strawberries in syrup, focusing only on the sweet taste of Penny’s lips, the sensation of Penny’s sticky lipstick on her skin, the dexterity of Penny’s tongue. She focused on the way their bouncy boobies squished together so nicely, squishing like her own dumb, soft, squishy brain.

And she spiraled.

The next thing she knew, Celia was in Penny’s and Divette’s arms, her head cradled against Penny’s chest. She blinked blearily, but the afterglow, the perfume drifting around her, kept her nice and weak and dumb. She just giggled and nuzzled Penny’s breasts lovingly as she listened to them talking about taking her to be ‘properly trained’. Oh, that sounded so nice. Without even thinking about it, her hand drifted between her legs and stroked idly through her panties. Her armor was gone for some reason, and that made her happy, because it made it easier to edge. And edge. And edge.

Divette laughed and made a comment. Celia didn’t hear or understand most of it, but she could tell it was about how obedient she was being for them. Celia beamed proudly. That was all she wanted to be now!

Obedience was pleasure, after all.


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