Evergreen Treats

Chapter 1

by GigglingGoblin

Tags: #cw:ageplay #cw:CGL #cw:noncon #bondage #dom:female #f/m #humiliation #intelligence_loss #sub:male #addiction #begging #bimbowned #breastfeeding #cock_growth #D/s #emotional_manipulation #fae #fantasy #forced_love #gaslighting #gentle_femdom #girls_rule_boys_drool #growth #holstaur #lactation #mermaid #misandry #pov:top

Lorelei's Note: This series will primarily feature a boy's POV, as well as a wide variety of kinks including nc/dubcon, cock growth, manipulation, intelligence reduction, matriarchy, addiction and ageplay. Real-life con-noncon requires a lot of trust, safewords, and other things a fantasy can fudge a little. Enjoy the kink responsibly, and enjoy the story!

This series is set after the events of Warm Welcome and Happy Holly Days, but it's meant to stand entirely on its own. All it spoils is that Gretel has yet to encounter any final (canon) Bad Ends. Will this series see him break that streak? The answer to that question is... a little complicated~

As he made his way through the dense forest, Gretel couldn’t shake the feeling that he was failing to learn from past mistakes.

The wizard swallowed. He’d finally managed to escape. He still wasn’t sure how long the fauns had had their way with him, but it… well, it wasn’t a good sign that it no longer quite appeared to be winter.

In fact, the Greatest, Darkest Forest was barely recognizable. It had become bright and colorful, brilliant hues of green painted by the moss spreading over the ancient evergreens, orchids, honeysuckle and morning glories climbing up trunks and hanging from branches overhead.

Gretel’s entire winter had melted away beneath some colored lights. He’d spent more time since leaving the Tower in the arms of enchanting, beautiful women than actually conducting his studies.

Well, it was time to wise up. To stop falling for every pretty fey or witch he met. Gretel had work to do, important work, and besides that, he had his dignity. It was time for a fresh start.

And yet here he was, not six hours later, straying off-course yet again in pursuit of some unseen woman’s voice.

At least now, he told himself, he had a good reason.

It sounded like she was crying.

Gretel could be smart. He could be firm. But he couldn’t quite bring himself to be apathetic. What kind of guy wouldn’t at least go to see what was wrong? Especially considering he was supposed to be representing the Ivory Tower out here. He just wanted to make sure the lady was okay. Then he’d come straight back.

So he swallowed his doubts and pushed through the ferns to step onto dry sand.

Gretel found he stood on the shores of a vast lake. The pale beach was strewn with great boulders interspersed with driftwood, wooden bones caught in the beach’s vast stone teeth. The tide was out, it seemed, and the beach stretched out for miles in either direction. The far side of the lake was obscured by mist, though it looked like there might be a larger body there—a cliff, maybe.

He squinted against the lights reflected on the water. Everything seemed so… bright since he’d escaped the fauns. Not exactly what he’d gotten used to in the Greatest, Darkest Forest.

A blonde woman leaned against one of the boulders. As Gretel watched, heart nearly bursting with empathy, the woman reached up to wipe tears from her eyes, biting a quivering lower lip as if trying to hold in sobs. The poor girl. Gretel started to take a step towards her.

Then his brain finally managed to get a grip on his nervous system again, and his leg came to a halt.

This woman was wearing nothing but a skimpy two-piece bathing suit. She was gorgeous, too—her pale hair fell all the way down to her waist, luscious and wavy as it rolled down her ample curves. Her bell breasts swelled against her delicate bandeau. He couldn’t make out her eye color from here, but he would bet anything they would be bright green, maybe to match those vivid sea-green eyebrows. This woman was out here alone, in the middle of the wilderness, and he’d just happened to run into her when she was in distress.

Gretel fallen for fey too many times to not have some sense of danger. He’d barely escaped the solstice fauns—was he now going to approach some random pretty girl he didn’t know? The first one he ran into?

He heard the woman give a soft whimper and watched her dab at her eyes.

Gretel seized his courage and raised it high. He couldn’t just leave her, even if she was fey. He’d just… he’d just ask if she needed help, and she’d probably say no, and then he’d go. He wouldn’t get too close.

He took another step.

The woman looked up abruptly. Bright, vivid fey-green eyes met his.

Gretel was briefly struck dumb. He stumbled, feeling his cheeks warming slightly. “I… I, um… are you okay, Miss?”

She stared at him, tilting her head slightly to the side. Her large, beautiful eyes glimmered.

“I mean, I’m…” Gretel squirmed beneath that stare. “I’m terribly sorry, I’m, um, no doubt interrupting. I’ll leave you to, um…” He started to turn away.

Someone grasped his arm.

Gretel spun to see the girl, just a foot away from him now. She smiled up at him. “Sorry, sweet boy! I was just startled!”

Gretel’s eyes flitted between her eyes and the hand gently gripping his upper arm. “N-No problem.” So much for keeping his distance.

“It’s really sweet of you.” She giggled, batting her eyelashes. “Coming to comfort the sad lass by the lake.”

“Oh.” He smiled sheepishly, rubbing the back of his head and running his fingers through curly pink hair. “I-I was just doing what anyone, um, would have done.”

“Oh?” She gave his arm a squeeze. “And would anyone be as dashing and handsome as you?”

“Um. I, um…” Gretel cleared his throat. “What’s wrong, though?”

Her smile dropped away. “Oh, it’s just awful.” She pouted, turning away and positively skipping back towards the lake—still holding his arm. Gretel tried not to look at how her ass bounced with every step as he hurried to keep pace. “I’ve lost a necklace! A beautiful silver necklace. It belongs to someone very important to me, and… oh, goodness, I couldn’t bear to lose it.” Her lower lip quivered as she turned around, lashes fluttering low. “I don’t know what I’ll do if I can’t find it by the gloaming.”

Gretel stared into those shimmering green eyes. He swallowed. “I, um…” His gaze drifted down to those plump, quivering lips. “I could… help?”

Her eyes lit up. She squeezed his arm tight, practically sandwiching it between her breasts. Her skin was smooth and soft and very warm against his. “Oh, would you? That would be so chivalrous of you!”

“Buh.” Gretel found his brain wasn’t working quite right. Those batting eyelashes and shining green eyes wouldn’t allow it. “Buh… I…”

“My hero,” she cooed with a voice like dissolving sugar, resting her chin on his shoulder and tilting her head cutely to the side. “I’ll bet you’ll find it in no time! Are you sure, though?” She frowned, plumping her lips out in a pretty pout. “I don’t want to put you… out of your way.”

Gretel’s heart was pounding in his chest. He breathed in her scent and felt his head spinning. His cheeks felt like they were on fire. “I. It’s no trouble.” His voice was a pathetic squeak. His wits suddenly felt like mush.

Her smile returned, radiant as the summer sun, and he melted beneath it. “My name’s Jenny,” she said, licking her lips.

“G-Gretel,” he managed.

“Gosh, I’m so glad a big, strong man came along to help me.” Her fingers danced across his chest. Gretel swallowed—she was actually about his height, if not a hair taller. “So, do you want me?...”

“Uh…” Gretel’s breath caught. “Wait, what?”

“To show you where I had it last!” She giggled, tousling his hair. “Silly boy!”

Gretel flushed. He’d gone from ‘big, strong man’ to ‘silly boy’ awfully quickly. He knew he was coming across as a total airhead, but being this close to a gorgeous girl, after everything, it just… it was just making it hard to think.

It was making more things hard than that, too. He swallowed. “U-Um, yeah. Yes, please. I want you… to. Yes.”

She beamed and led him—still holding his arm pressed against her chest—between the boulders, further into the beach, into an especially rocky area with a few tide pools dotting the surface. “I remember having it somewhere around here,” she said sweetly. “Maybe I dropped it in one of the tide pools?”

“Right,” Gretel muttered, stumbling after her. He felt so clumsy right now, but it was hard to walk straight with a girl literally clinging to his arm, let alone a girl who was so… so gorgeous and pretty and soft.

Not to mention heavy. Warm and heavy and so, so soft…

Gretel tripped.

Thankfully, he hadn't been standing over one of the rocks. He fell to his hands and knees in the sand.

"Oh no!" Jenny bent down next to him, eyes wide. "Are you okay, Gretel?"

Gretel looked up. His mouth went dry. "F-Fine," he managed. Jenny was extremely close all of a sudden, and those big eyes were shimmering with concern. He tried to look at her eyes. He tried very hard. But her breasts were directly at eye level. "I, um... I meant to do that."

"Oh, really?" Her eyes crinkled with ill-concealed amusement.

"I did!" Gretel scrambled over to an especially deep tide pool. "I-I... wanted to look in here first, is all."

"Oh!" She blinked. "Oh, you're so clever, Gretel! I was so silly for doubting you." She grasped his arm again, lashes fluttering. "I should have known a clever boy like you had a plan for everything."

"R-Right." Gretel tore his gaze from Jenny’s and focused on the pool, licking his lips.

The tide pools of this beach were as lush as the tide pools of vast ocean shorelines. Sparkling anemones, a species he vaguely recalled reading about in the Treatise on Aquatic Reagents, glistened pink, blue and gold as little fish swam among them. Hermit crabs—some as large as his big toe—clacked their claws, shells shimmering with beautiful swirling patterns of sunsets and cloudy skies, as they nibbled at algae that seemed to stir with a mind of its own.

Gretel reached up to roll his shirt sleeve up to his shoulder. He took a deep breath, bracing for the cold.

"That's it," Jenny whispered in his ear. "You'll have to sink deep to look for it, sweet boy."

Blushing, Gretel plunged his arm into the depths.

It was cold.

It was really freaking cold.

Gretel bit his lip hard, trying to control the shivers rocking through his body. The cold wrapped around his arm and ran up his shoulders, and as if on the cue of a wicked windsylph, the breeze chose that moment to pick up around them, buffeting his face and tousling his hair.

Gretel was suddenly very grateful of Jenny's presence. He leaned against her slightly, shivering, desperate for some warmth.

"Aw, poor boy!" Jenny extended an arm around him and pulled him close. His face was practically pulled into her tits, but he ducked at the last second and wound up pressed against her tummy instead. Which wasn't much less embarrassing, but at least she couldn't see the look on his face.

She was so warm. All of a sudden, she felt like a furnace to Gretel, and he pressed harder against her.

He heard her giggle. "Aw."

His cheeks suddenly feeling a bit warmer, Gretel returned his focus to the search. His numbing fingers probed through the water.

The algae was his first focus, and he reached carefully for the strands, noticing that it was drifting towards his hand. He felt like he should have read something about that, but his botanical studies hadn't exactly been solid.

"Ooh, selkie's mantle," he heard Jenny murmur. Her body rumbled against his cheek as she spoke. "It shouldn't be too dangerous when it's so little, though. Go on, feel it. There's nothing silkier."

There wasn't. The algae wrapped around his finger as he reached towards it, moving delicately to entwine around him. It felt as strong as arachne silk, but even more delicate, even more elastic. It felt so light he couldn't believe it would restrain him, and indeed, it felt easy to extend his hand deeper in, to let it cocoon more fingers.

Pulling his hand out, however, met resistance like iron.

Gretel bit his lip, tugging hard. It felt like he'd dislocate his fingers if he tried to hard.

Extricating his free hand from Jenny's grip, but still leaning on her for balance, Gretel reached up to just where his neck met his shoulder and touched the glistening silvery sigil tattooed there.

A shiver of a different nature passed through him. His arcane focus had always been sensitive—all focus tattoos were—but after the encounters he'd had, after all the fey and monster girls who'd taken advantage of that little weakness...

"Aw, are you still cold?" Jenny whispered. "Should I pull you in tighter, my dashing hero?"

"N-No," Gretel squeaked. He hurriedly channeled the magic, causing a little bubble of pure magic to pop into existence around his hand and force the extremely stretchy algae off of him just long enough to pull his hand back out.

As the algae parted, though, he saw that there’d been something else caught within.

Counting down the seconds the ward would last, he thrust his hand back in and snatched it up.

"Ooh! Is that it?"

"No," he murmured. He pulled his arm back out, shivering as the breeze blew against his wet skin, and examined the tiny silver eel he now held wriggling in his hand. As it left the water, the eel stopped twisting and turned to stare at him. Its green eyes glittered. "It's just a fairy eel."

He manifested another larger force-bubble in the water, carefully selecting the mental runes of liquid-true and solid-false, and pulled it up into the air. The tide pool shrank a little as the force-bubble breached the surface and rose into the air to submerge his hand, like a perfectly spherical aquarium.

The eel swam free of his hand. The bubble climbed higher, fairy eel in toe. Gretel managed a smile as he watched the eel twist in circles and somersaults around its new enclosure.

Concentrating intently, focusing on Jenny's warmth so he wouldn’t shiver and bungle the spell, he levitated the orb of water over to a much larger tide pool, this one free of selkie’s mantle, and lowered it down.

He released the spell with a sigh of relief. The sphere dissolved into the pool, and the eel vanished into the depths with a happy flick of its tail.

Gretel was panting. Normal wards were easy, but normal wards were not meant to serve as levitation spells, and water was unpredictable. It was a good thing it had been a full moon last night. That sort of thing helped.

Jenny was quiet for a moment above him. As she spoke, her tits jiggled a little just above his head, making Gretel blush and almost miss her words. "That was really nice of you."

"If you're losing less than you give, it's not nice." Gretel was glad he wasn't meeting her gaze, because this praise, more than anything, had him downright uncomfortable. "It's… just the default. I wasn't in any danger, and she could have died."

"Oh, selkie's mantle doesn't kill you, you know.” Jenny’s tone lightened. "Really, it does the total opposite~”

Gretel bit his lip. "A-Anyways, um... we should check the surrounding area before we try the tide pools again. Like, just to be safe." If he spent any longer with his head under Jenny's tits he was going to dissolve.

"Mm, good idea!" Jenny pulled back, smiling brightly. "Plenty of time for you to play with the anemones later."

She took him by the hand and helped him to his feet.

"Th-Thanks," Gretel managed. "You can, um, let go of my hand now."

Jenny gave him a dazzling smile. "Aw, but I like holding your hand! Besides, isn't it cold?"

She could feel how cold his hand was. Her hand was nice and warm, a deep, cozy relief. Gretel nodded meekly.

Jenny led him between the boulders, bouncing with every step. "We can just glance in the tide pools for now," she said sweetly. "I mean, you'll know it when you see it." She twirled on her heel and bounced up close to him. "You just have to stare deeply."

Gretel desperately held her gaze, no matter how desperate he was to duck his head, no matter how molten that adoring look in her eyes made him feel. Anything to avoid looking downward.

"Like here!" she said, giving an innocent giggle, as she gestured to another tide pool. "No need to stick your whole arm in. Just... look it over."

His eyes fell to the tide pool. This one was shallower, but he still had to bend down, blocking the reflections with his shadow, to see clearly within.

"The fog is rolling in," she whispered in his ear, squishing up tightly against his side. "Better stay close."

Gretel swallowed. She was close, alright.

"The fog can get awfully heavy this time of day," she murmured. Her hand brushed through his curly hair. "And cold. The cold makes it hard to focus on looking, but you want to keep looking, don't you?"

"Y-Yeah." Gretel tried to tune out her flirting, to focus on the pool. He didn't see anything that looked like a necklace, so he made his way to the next pool.

"Want to be my brave hero." She nuzzled his neck. "No matter how exhausting it may get."


It really was beautiful here. The tidepools were riots of color, and the cold didn't bother him so much as long as he pressed close. And Jenny seemed to like it when he pressed close.

He moved to another tidepool, trying not to stare as her hips jiggled. He kept his head low, studying the ground, searching for the slightest glint of..

"Is the necklace silver?" he asked, his voice mumbled. "Or gold, or..."

"Oh, it's gold, of course!" She laughed. "I like the weight gold offers. Don't you?"

"I, um, wouldn't know. I don't… wear much jewelry." The decorations those fauns had given him didn't count.

"Mm, but there's something satisfying about weight, isn't there?" She reached over and took his chin slightly, guiding him to stare into another deep tide pool. "It's nice to feel that heaviness."

The fog was getting thicker, and he gripped her arm tightly. "Yeah." He watched the anemones sparkle beneath the water, their tentacles wafting like flowers in the breeze. "Heaviness. Uh-huh."

"Uh-huuuuh," she echoed, petting his head. "Nice and heavy. Nice and relaxing. That nice weight pulling you down."

"Down..." Gretel blinked blearily. He was getting kind of groggy, and he struggled to clear his head. He had to focus on the search. "Yes, um..."

"Down," she echoed. "Stare deeper, sweet boy. Be my hero. Such a good, sweet boy you are. My big, strong man coming to my rescue."

"Y-Yeah..." He stared deeper into the new tide pool she'd taken him to. He didn't fully remember walking there, but he stared deeply into the dark waters. It was hard to see anything with this heavy fog blocking the sunlight. It was like an early twilight, a soft, intimate darkness pressing down on them. "It's, um... no problem..."

"Even though I bet your neck is getting so stiff, with your head tilted down like that," she murmured, and he felt her hand on the nape of his neck gently kneading between his shoulders, a nice, soothing massage. "I bet you just can't imagine lifting your heavy head right now." Her lips brushed his earlobe. "Because you have to find that necklace, don't you?"

"Y-Yeah..." Gretel swallowed. It felt like he was getting harder every time Jenny moved in. At least as long as he kept his head down like this, it wasn't too obvious... was it? "Yeah, I'm just, um... trying to find it, is the thing."

"Of course," she purred, and her hips brushed ever-so-slightly against his lap as she steered him around toward another tide pool. Her curvy ass squished briefly against his hardness. "Just keep your head down, sweet boy. It's too heavy to lift anyways, and you have to find my necklace down there, anyways, so there's no reason to, is there?"

Gretel was panting. Even that tiny nudge... Since when is it so… big?

"Everything's just so heavy." She turned around, chest bouncing right before his eyes. "So much weight for you to carry right now, my big, strong man. You don't mind, do you?"

"I..." Despite the cold, Gretel's cheeks were blazing. "I, um..." He turned to the side bashfully.

He felt her take his hand and spin him back around like a ballroom dancer. Her tits filled his vision again. “Stay close, sweet boy," she said, caressing his cheek. "We wouldn't want you to catch a chill." She giggled, bouncing in place. "Or to fall down without me to catch you~!"

"I... yeah..." Gretel rubbed his thighs together. Feeling his cock straining against his pants, he couldn't help but feel an unhelpful thrill of euphoria and pride mixed with the embarrassment. But also felt so… good.

And heavy.

Everything felt so heavy. His head, hanging low. His cock, throbbing with need as Jenny, sweet, pretty Jenny, nuzzled his ear. The fog, pressing in from all sides. Her heat.

Her breasts, bouncing before his eyes, barely contained by her swimsuit...

"Focus, boy," he heard her whisper distantly. "Focus on the weight of your task at hand. You want to please me, don't you?"


"Be my big, brave hero?"


His eyes strayed from her tits, even though moving them felt like lifting a tremendous burden. He swayed a little, but luckily Jenny was there to support him, to cling to him, to massage his aching neck with her soft, warm hands.

Dimly, he heard her blow him a kiss. He swore he could feel it land on his forehead, and his head somehow felt even heavier from this 'burden', but he couldn’t… imagine…

His chin touched his chest.

And he saw it. There, gleaming at his feet.

"Oh," he heard her purr, "there it is~"

It didn't... look like a necklace. Of thick square links of shimmering gold, with red leather on the inside to protect he neck from chafing or pinching, and a weighty plate at the center that seemed meant to bear an inscription, it looked almost like...

"H-Here it is," he mumbled, pointing.

"Oh, wonderful!" And Jenny sounded so happy, Gretel couldn't help but match her smile. She pulled him into a tight hug, squishing his face right between her breasts. He found he didn't mind so much. It took his brain a moment to even register it, and by then she'd pulled back again. "Would you be so sweet and pick it up for me?"

Gretel hesitated. Something about that request felt... weird. Maybe it was the fact that he was already about to fall over. "C-Can you?" he managed, and flushed at how rude that probably sounded.

Jenny didn't sound offended, though. "Oh, silly boy!” She beamed. "You're so funny! You know I couldn't possibly bend over to pick it up. I'm not strong like you." She reached up and grasped her tits, squeezing them together very slowly. "My chest is just so heavy, you see."


"So heavy and bouncy." She let them bounce free. Gretel's mind seemed to follow them, and he swayed. She squished them together again. "So hard to hold up. Gravity just pulls down so hard, doesn't it?"

"Y-Yeah," Gretel mumbled.

"So heavy," she cooed, swaying from side to side. Her tits swung from left to right, great, round weights. "So haaard not to fall~" The words slipped from her lips like sweet syrup.

Gretel's cock throbbed. "Hhhard..." he moaned. He dimly noticed he was swaying to match her rhythm, his eyes blatantly following her breasts now. His cheeks burned in humiliation, but he couldn't... couldn't...

"So, my big, strong man," she cooed, and he felt her tilting his chin up so he could see her batting her eyelashes coquettishly, "would you be a sweetie and pick up that eensy little necklace for me?"

Gretel stared into her glimmering eyes and slowly nodded, raising his head up...

... and letting it fall.

He bent over, swaying in place. The lower he bowed before her, the heavier his head felt, and he had to cling to her with one hand just for balance.

He heard her giggling, and bit his lip. He probably looked quite the sight.

He grasped the necklace and pulled it from the smooth wet sand. He blinked blearily at the inscription on the golden disk at the center. He couldn't quite make it out. The fog was too...

... heavy...

and reading was too...

... hard...

He tried to rise. It was like one of those goblin maids had come and sat on his shoulders. "I... I, um..."

"What's wrong, sweet boy?" Jenny asked. "Do you need help, my big, strong man?"

"I..." Gretel's cheeks burned. "Y-Yes."

He heard her giggle. She bent over as well, and something about that seemed odd to him, but then his face was full of her big, soft, jiggling tits and it was so hard to think of anything but their sweet scent, their welcoming heat...

"Why do you need help?" she asked innocently as her arms wrapped around him, pulled him close, and buried his face in her tits.

Gretel moaned into them. He wanted to protest, but any words would be muffled, and her tits were such nice, soft pillows to rest his head on…

"Too... hmmvvyy," he slurred.

Jenny pulled him upright and smiled brightly at him. "But not too heavy for my brave, dashing hero, surely?"

Gretel bit his lip, feeling his heart flutter. "N-No," he mumbled with a bashful, stupid smile.

"I thought so." She giggled. "So, you found it?"

He lifted up the necklace. It was extremely heavy, just like she'd said it would be. But he was a big, strong man, wasn't he? "H-Here you go."

She looked at the necklace, blinking those pretty, innocent eyes. She looked to him and laughed. "Oh, silly!"


Jenny leaned in close, took the hand holding the collar, and pushed it up against his chest. "It's not for me~"

Gretel stared into those big, pretty eyes. "Um."


Oh no.

He took a step back. "I should, um… should really..."

"... be putting this on?" She kept hold of his hand, taking a step closer. "Oh, I agree! Such a clever boy"~

"N-No!" He shook his head, desperately trying to clear it, but even this motion felt like unbelievable effort. His head was so heavy, and everything seemed to float around him for a moment after the motion, the world wobbling, spinning, drifting… "I was—I w-was—"

"About to put on the collar," Jenny finished for him, eyes sparkling. "Like a good boy."

Good boy. Gretel's vision swam for a moment. When it cleared, Jenny seemed to be much closer. She leaned forward, her lips tickling his, her soft, warm thigh brushing his... oh... "I.... no, I… I won't, um..."

"Be able to resist~” She gave him a soft kiss on the lips, sucking on his upper lip.

Just her kiss made him feel molten inside, like his head was full of gooey, sticky, heavy honey. Gretel's legs trembled beneath him. He forced himself to break the kiss, stumbling back. "No," he whispered, "that wasn't what I was saying, I can—"

"—be good for me~"


"—so pretty, you just feel so shy and dumb around me~"

"This is—"

"—so. Heavy." Jenny batted her eyelashes and closed the distance again. "Your big, dumb dick is so hard and heavy right now, isn't it?"


"—my… what? My tits?" She beamed, reaching up and bouncing them in his face. "Awww, did you notice? Yes, they're heavy, too!” Her voice rose to a singsong coo. “And don’t you just looove to watch them bounce-bounce-BOUNCE~?"


"Bounce-bounce-bounce!" she sang, and she bobbed up and down with a wicked little laugh. "So easy to stare. So nice to stare. But so hard," she leaned in close, grinding against his still-clad cock, "not to fall."

"N-No," he whimpered, stumbling back again. He could barely stand; he needed somewhere to lean on, but she was between him and the boulders now. She'd guided him out toward the rising tide. "I... I'll..."

"—kneel," she cooed, squishing her tits together.

"N-No, I—I have to—"

"—take off your pants," she finished sweetly, then laughed. "Aww, is that what you were gonna say? Here, let me help!"

"N-NO!" he cried, but too slow, too dizzy, as Jenny pressed in and laid a finger on his trousers. He felt magic tingling against him, and the laces on his breeches undid before his eyes.

And his cock sprang free.

Instantly, the challenge of staying standing swelled tenfold. His cock, his hard, heavy cock, threw off his whole balance. His head swam. It couldn't be that heavy... could it?

"Mm, isn't that better?" she said sweetly, reaching down and running a finger over the tip. Gretel felt as if he could see it swell at her very touch. "That's how you belong, my ‘big, strong man’~"

Her mocking tone was unmistakable now, even in his dazed state.

"N-No," he gasped, stepping back again, and his feet sank into wet sand as shallow waves splashed against his ankles. Sank down. Heavy. So hard... "I... I can..."

"—kneel," Jenny purred, swaying before his gaze as she closed the distance for the final time. "That's what you were going to say, isn't it~?"

"I... but..." Gretel swayed. "But I—"

"—want to be my big, strong man," she supplied, her tone so sweet, so helpful, "and kneel.”
She pressed up against him, rubbing her thigh against his big, hard cock. “That's what you're trying to say."

Gretel felt the… weight down below getting heavier, and he couldn't help but lean against her for a moment, just for balance. "O-Oh." He blinked rapidly. He took a step back, and the world swayed and spun around him. "I... it was?"

"Of course," she cooed, stepping closer, caressing his cheek with the back of her hand. "Silly boy, that's what you've been saying all along!"

Gretel bit his lip. "I... I thought..."

"No, you didn't." Jenny giggled. "Big, strong men don't think, silly! Their big, dumb cocks get in the way~! They're soooooo heavy, after all."

"I... oh..." So big. So heavy. Gretel swayed forward, then back, then farther forward...

"That's why," Jenny cooed, "you wanted," she reached forward and grasped his cock, "to," she gave one firm tug, “KNEEL~”

As his cock grew harder, heavier still, Gretel swayed forward too far

and fell to his knees.

Jenny giggled. "Good boy!"

"Guh..." Gretel's head swam like it was filled with sticky, useless goo. He blinked up at Jenny stupidly. Her tits bounced above him, scattering his thoughts, but didn't her smile seem a little… kind of… sinister?

But this was what he'd wanted, wasn't it?

"W-Wait," he managed.

"Hush." Jenny bent down, and her breasts bounced before his eyes. "Silly boy. This is your place, remember?"

"I... buh… but…"

She took his head and tilted it forward, towards her, and unable to keep the weight up, his face fell right into her cleavage.


"That's better~"


He felt her squeezing her tits around his face. Felt them jiggling against him, bouncing his brains away, squishing his brains to goo, so smooth, so soft, so warm...

He felt cool metal brush the nape of his neck, and a momentary thrill of fear gave him drive to lift his head.

Or try to.

All he caught was a glimpse of Jenny's dazzling smirk.

And he heard a click behind his head.

"There we go," Jenny purred, stroking his hair,. Her thigh pressed against his cock and rubbed until the moan escaped him. "All mine! Now…" Her eyes glinted dangerously. “Lose.”


Suddenly the weight pressed down all at once. Gretel would have fallen to his hands and knees if Jenny's wonderful tits weren't holding his face up, cradled in their cleavage.

But he did realize, numbly, that he couldn't breathe.

He couldn't breathe. Gretel's eyes tried to widen, but he was too tired, too weighed down. He took in a deep breath and smelled Jenny's perfume, her sweet, musky scent, but no air.

"G-Guhh," he choked out.

"Hush." Jenny lifted him by the chin—a feat of seemingly unspeakable strength to Gretel performed with no visible effort at all—and smirked down at him. "Don't worry, sweetie,” she purred. “Jenny's gonna take gooooood care of you~"

“Aw, well, that's awfully nice of you, partner.”

Jenny's head shot up. Gretel's tried to, too.

He watched a single fingertip press against Jenny's forehead.

The kelpie's eyes filled with pink light. Her lower lip quivered. "O-Oh..."

"But you want me to take it from here," purred the new voice, a husky, feminine voice with a distinct Western Plains drawl, "don't you?"

"I... want you... n-nnghh..."

"You want to be a good little slutty kelpie and touch those pretty tits of yours, don't you?"

"N-No, I… o-oohh..." Gretel felt Jenny stirring, felt her hands leave his body. Slowly, as the struggle faded from her face, replaced with relaxed calm, she started to grope and fondle her breasts.

A dreamy smile spread across her face.

"Awfully heavy, aren't they?"


"As a matter of course, what was it you were sayin' to him?" The new voice laughed. "Wouldn't it be so much easier to handle those big, dumb, heavy tits if you were on your knees?"

"Uh..." Jenny swayed. "W-Wait, n-no..."

"Gosh, you must be too dumb to listen, sugar. I said..."

The new arrival rested her palm against Jenny's forehead, and Gretel watched rosy-pink magic spark and crackle and flood into the fey woman's eyes. Jenny spasmed and moaned with unmistakable pleasure, groping her tits eagerly, needily.


Jenny fell to her knees beside Gretel. Gretel stared, his heart pounding in his chest. His engorged cock twitched and dribbled a little at that dumb, horny look in her eyes. She groped and fondled her tits right in front of him, drooling from the corner of her parted lips as she pinched her nipples. Her moans of clueless bliss echoed enticingly around him.

The new voice giggled. "Aw, poor little greenthumbs. Never can take what they give, can they?"

Gretel's lips fumbled for a response. All he managed was a feeble groan.

He felt a hand slide under his chin. It tilted his head up, and he found himself staring up at yet another beautiful woman. Her long straw-blonde hair was tied back in a practical ponytail. She wore a leather overcoat, almost like a robe, that did little to conceal the ample curves of her figure. Vivid blue eyes sparkled as she smirked down at him. "Morning, little lady. Having fun?~"

Gretel whimpered and bucked a little without thinking. He was a dumb boy, and a pretty girl was smiling at him, and dumb boys couldn't think when pretty girls were... "B... boy... a-actually..."

"Ah! My mistake. Sorry, sugar." She giggled, reaching down to ruffle his hair. "Looks like you've been having a nice time, though. What's your name?"

It took him so long to remember how to answer questions. "G-Gretel," he whimpered.

"Pleased to meetcha, Gretel." She tipped her faded brown cowgirl hat. "The name's Limini." Her eyes settled on something to his left, and Gretel realized after a moment that she was eyeing his mark. "I have a feeling we're gonna have plenty to talk about."


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