Short Story Collection

by FluffySheep

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:female #f/f #pov:bottom #sub:female #bondage #pov:top

As an intro to writing smut I grabbed a bunch of prompts from #Hypnovembers past and have been writing micro/short fics with them. Many are dub/noncon, and are individually CWed as appropriate.


"Don't worry, it'll be over in an instant" She says, giving my forehead a tap.

My eyes widen as my memories come flooding back. Memories of brainwashing, submission, and training swirling around in my head before flowing away, and taking my mind with them.


02- Coils CW: ID death, noncon.

I know the Mind Flayer tentacles coiling around my head mean I'm fucked. I can't bring myself to be upset though, every piece of me she pulls out of my mind feels better than the last. I wonder how good it will feel to give up the last piece of me?



I smile and wave to the crowd, loving every moment spent on stage.


I lean back with a satisfied sigh. The dingy apartment may not quite be the stage she sees it as, but the happy glow she has about her when she can set aside her insecurities for her "fans" makes everything alright.



"Do you know what my favourite part of watching your will drip out between your legs is pet? I need to be less and less creative every time I open that valve. Soon it will all come gushing out with just a look. But it's better that way, don't you think?"


Since you're going to forget this conversation anyway, I don't mind letting you in on a secret. I'm not actually psychic. It's just so incredibly easy to guess what your thoughts are when I'm the one who gave them to you.

5-Visor CW Implied noncon

It works perfectly! The spinning spirals, beautiful beats, and subliminal commands all make this Visor my best invention yet. I can't wait to strap her down and put it on her. Now I just... need to take it off. Perhaps... I can stare at the spirals... for another few minutes first though.


Have you ever noticed how similar back and forth are to up and down? I want you to think about that as you stare at the Pendulum. You may find that as it goes back, you come up. And as it goes forth, you go down.

07- Song CW Dubcon

My friends keep telling me that playing this song on repeat is changing me, but that sounds like some Satanic Panic style bullshit. But I can't wait until I can meet the singer after the concert, I really need her to hypnotize me.

08- Pheromones

How could she do this to me? Just leave me tied up while she's just sitting there? She knows best; I mean she knows what her pheromones do. I can already feel my mind slipping away, and it's so much better like this.

09- Collar

I kneel before Her, with my mind racing as she buckles the collar around my neck. But then; My mind is blank and full of glee, my collar will think for me. Everything else drained away, leaving me blank, dull, and full of whatever thoughts my collar thinks for me.

10- Gentle

I smile softly as I feel Her words coiling around in my mind. Normally She takes me quickly and roughly, turning my brain to mush before I can tell what's happening. Not this time though. Tonight things are slow and gentle, leaving me yearning to give away each and every piece of myself before She is willing to take it. And it is so blissful.

11- Summon CW noncon

"I want sell my soul in exchange for power"

"I accept." The demon says with an evil grin. I feel a strange draining sensation as the magic begins to take hold. It doesn't stop like it should though, leaving me completely empty. "Now that I own your soul, I control everything about you" I hear him say, as I watch in horror as my foot kicks a gap in the salt ring containing the demon I summoned.

12- Plants CW noncon

I dimly realize that the vines binding me in place have loosened off. There's still so much pollen in the air, and it's so intoxicating. I get to my feet and slowly leave the clearing, but my head still feels so fuzzy. I need to get somewhere far away and lie down and lay my seeds. Wait, is that last part right? My mind is still too fogged to care.

13- Artifact Cw Noncon

I let out a relieved sigh as I see the artifact before me. I'm not sure why my companion wants such a simple collar, but it's ours now. As I pick it up, something... changes. My hands seem to move on their own, slowly raising the thing to my neck. As it shuts, my mind goes numb. "Ah, it worked. Good girl."

14- Tail

Everything has been so much better since Master gave me my tail! I love feeling it wag when I'm happy! And it's so nice that it can suck out all those nasty people thoughts and replace them with obedient puppy thoughts. Oh Master is home! I have to greet Her at the door like a good puppy!

15- Serve

Who is really in control? Is Mistress, because She speaks and I obey? Or am I, because I leap at every chance to serve Her, to feel the pleasure that service brings? I'm not sure, but it seems like something that should be decided by one who is allowed to think.

16- Memory

Memory is such a fickle thing. I know that yesterday I could remember my name. I could remember who I was. I could remember a time before Mistress ensnared me. Now I remember something even more important; how much I want to obey Her.

17- Drone


>Running post-trance checks

>Fractionation: GO

>Euphoria: GO

>Arousal: GO

>Memory: DEG ->Trance_Playback.mp4 not found

>Obedience: GO

>Willpower: FAIL


>All systems nominal

>Runing reward subroutine GoodGirl.bat


>Loading Absolute_Obedience.bat

>Would you like to run Absolute_Obedience.bat?

>Y/404:choice not found

8- Monster CW noncon

Goblins are weak monsters, and as such a small warren like this doesn't pose a threat to an adventurer like me without a shaman. That kind of magic could set my mind spinny, or leave it fuzzy and... uh... ditzy. It might help me realize just how much I want to let the goblins win. If they won they'd take me as a slave, and I could do nothing but obey. Why does my head feel so weird?

19- Hacked CW noncon

Warning: Cybernetic communication malfunction

Fuck, that can't be good. Hopefully it's just a bit of ransomware, and not a hacker with... darker tastes. All I can do is watch as an arm that's no longer mine taps away on my phone and a spiral appears. Unable to even close my eyes, all I can do is stare into it and feel my mind blur away into spiraling nothingness.

20- Possession

I smile down at her as I idly stroke her hair. She looks so much like she's sleeping while she's in trance. I ought to bring her back up, but I linger a moment longer. I can't help but think that her mind is my favourite possession, even if I have to give it back once in a while.

21- Snap

And we'll just snap back to reality now. No, no silly. Not the waking world. Your reality is trance, where everything is pliable, and shifts about as my words flit through your head. Just listen closely as they spiral deeper and deeper into your mind.

22- Goo

It's strange how thoughts can get so sticky sometimes. They might slip out to the front of your mind. But other times, they just get stuck in the ooey gooey mess of tranced out bliss in the back of your mind and are lost forever. Luckily brains like yours don't need thoughts in them though.

23- Villain CW noncon

"You just tried to hypnotize me, didn't you Hypno-girl? You're too late though! Now that my Power Reflector-inator is finished any superpower you try to use on me affects you instead! I can already see how glassy and empty your eyes are, it's only a matter of time until you'll do anything I say. For now though, keep on trying to hypnotize me, I want you nice and tranced for me."

24- Drink CW dubcon

"A potion? What's it do?" I ask, as I give Estrid a quick glance and swirl the glowing blue liquid around its bottle. "Oh, you'll have to drink it to find out." She replies with a smirk. I gulp nervously. Surely Estrid wouldn't take advantage of how much I trust her? She's mischievous, not nefarious after all. After another moment of weighing the risks I give in to my curiosity, pull the cork and drink the potion as fast as I can. "There's a good girl" I can hear the lust dripping off of her words, but the magic is already blunting mind, and I can't seem to care.

25 Resistance 26 Fey Double prompt bonus feature CW noncon

"That's right dear, the more of my food you eat, the better you can resist how enthralling my words are." I hear the sprite whisper in my ear. I try to muster the will to force another roll into my mouth, but I just can't. I've already eaten so many, why haven't they worked? My mind has just felt more and more sluggish, helpless, and unable to do anything other than listen to the cute sprite perched on my shoulder. I hear her give off another giggle, piercing the fog in my mind and grabbing hold of it enticingly. "If you were better educated, you might have known that fae food is even more potent than our voice. From the first nibble you took you belonged to me." The silken words bring a strange sense of fulfillment, but maybe that just more fae magic, something I can resist. But that illusion quickly fades as her magic pulls me down until there's nothing left.

27- Recording CW dubcon, implied personality death

"Sometimes I wonder if there's a little piece of your old self tucked away in the back of your mind. Helpless, powerless, just stuck watching and recording every single humiliation I put you through. I hope so, because tonight I'm going to order you to replay all of them and get yourself off to it all."

28- Unaware

I know you can't hear me, what with your conscious mind stuck replaying all those fantasies for me. Luckily, your subconscious is always listening no matter how unaware the rest of you is. So I'm going to keep pouring more and more suggestions into your poor defenseless little mind, and we'll see what happens when you wake up.

29- Bad End CW noncon

“Aw, poor thing. It's so hard to think now that I've drained everything out of that tired little mind isn't it? Can you even try to resist anymore? Even if you could, we both know that trying presupposes failure, so you might as well just give in now. Besides, being my mindless slave forever doesn't sound so bad, does it?”

Bad End

Would you like to try again? ->Y/N

30- Awake

You've told me about how troubling being awake can be for you, and I have a solution. When we're done this trance, instead of being awake, you'll just stay in trance. Forever and ever. You don't need to be awake ever again. I'll do all the thinking for you, and you can do all the sinking for me.

31- Bimbofication CW implied noncon

Do you want to know the part of being a bimbo you're going to like the most? It's not how hot you are, or how empty your head is. It's knowing everyone you walk past is imagining pinning you against the nearest wall and fucking you within an inch of your life. Of filling your vapid head with all sorts of commands you have no choice but to follow.

32- Magic CW noncon

So, now that we've come to an agreement, I want you to know something. I know you've thought this whole sequence of events has been a dream; it hasn't been though. It's all been real. Who knew getting someone to sell themselves into sex slavery just takes a little bit of magic? Enjoy your new life.

33- Nature

I'm sure it's easy to believe that you're only such a good slave because I've spent so long brainwashing you into one. Good training makes a good slave after all. But the truth is I barely had to do anything. Being a slave is your true nature, I only had to show you how.

34- Mirrors

As I look into the mirror I feel a surge of relief. Just like Mistress said, instead of the usual wash of insecurities I feel when I see myself I just feel peaceful. Have my eyes always been so bright and piercing? They're so easy to get lost in. So bright and sparkly. But... slowly going dim and glassy as I slip away.

35- Food

"That's right dear, just a little nibble and you'll feel the magic. Even I don't know what would happen if you finished that whole bun though." I look down at the roll in my hand. It looks perfectly normal, I think this pixie is probably playing a prank on me. But really, what's the harm in giving it a try? I bring the roll to my mouth and give it a little nibble. A soft moan escapes my lips at the rush of pleasure that thunders through me. I need more. As I stuff the rest of the roll into my mouth my mind goes blank with bliss.

36- Pendulum

I've never noticed just how much I love staring at my clock. Just watching the Pendulum swing back.... and forth.... back.... and forth.... it's so easy to drop further and further as it swings.

37- Wrong Person CW noncon

"My my, you're not the little puppy I was trying to trap with that spiral. You do look very cute and obedient when you're all blank and drooling though, and I'm not in the mood for a catch and release. So I think I'll keep you, and hopefully catch a friend for you to be trained with, wouldn't that be nice? Come along now, I know where we can get you a nicer spiral for you to stare into. Heel!"

38- Screens CW noncon

My eyes flit from one screen to the next as I draw in a shaky breath. They're all cycling through short clips of women being... tortured isn't the right word, They're clearly enjoying themselves. Brainwashed maybe? The uncertainty doesn't do anything to quell the lump of fear that's settled in my belly.

Wait. That screen there, 31B. That's me. I haven't worn my hair like that in a couple years, but there's no mistaking it. I tear my eyes away and focus on one of the other feeds, desperate for a distraction. But I'm in that one too. A quick scan confirms my fears. All of the screens are now showing me being brainwashed, my will being broken. Gods, how? How many times has She caught me, taken me, shaped my mind and made me hers and then had me forget it all? I need to find a way to resi-Good Girls don't think Bad Girl thoughts.

Where the fuck had that thought come from? Why couldn't I find my train of thought? I feel myself slump back into the chair, making myself as small as I can, knowing that I've already lost again.

39- Spirals

How are there so many? Tearing my eyes away from one spiral is easy enough, although not trivial. but the 5th? the 7th? I just can't do it anymore. As I feel my gaze drawn into the 9th spiral I know beyond a doubt that I've lost.

"Aw, so close pet, you almost beat your record! Maybe next time you'll hit that 10 second mark before you drop down for me.”

40- After care

"And 5, awake again feeling refreshed" I lazily open my eyes, meeting my Domme's gaze and reveling in the joy that that always brings.

"Thank you" I murmur while I settle in for aftercare snuggles.

"You're welcome hon. You did a very good job for me, you're such a good girl." She says as She pulls a blanket over us. I let out a soft moan, enjoying the wash of feelings and sensations Her praise always brings me. If only we could stay in this moment forever.

"I love you" I murmur, softly enough that only I can hear it. Or so I thought.

"I love you too dearest"

41- 2-on-1

"Hmmm, you're right. All the electroneural interfacing down here is burned up too. What exactly were you doing?" I can hear the concern in the ripperdoc's voice as he asks my Mistress the question, but I can't seem to be bothered by it. A small part of me says that that might have something to do with Her being jacked into my mind right now, but it's not worth worrying about.

"It was just a bit of programming!" She says defensively. "Little Annie here likes the feeling of me adding new code to her deck while it's live. We weren't doing anything that should have interfaced with her arm though, I don't know why it got fried too."

"Cripes Vicki, the not knowing is the fucking problem. It's 2077 not the 2030s, if you had asked I could have told you that Annie's hardware isn't built for that." Sam manages to stop himself from going on one of his tirades and lets out a soft sigh. "I have an arm in the back that can handle it going forward. It's mil-surp mind you, so it ain't pretty, but it'll work. As for the damage to her deck... I should have the parts for you to replace what burned out, but you absolutely can not make that fix while it's live. And I want you to do it here while I'm working on her arm. That way if you fuck up I might be able to save her mind at least. Deal?" I know the idea of what he's proposing should terrify me. But the benefit of Mistress owning me is that I don't need to feel scared anymore, She'll always protect me.

"Deal" I hear Her say without hesitation. Her gaze meets mine as she starts petting me softly. "It's going to be ok, pet. I've got all the tools here already, so I'm turning off your cyberdeck now. Just be a good girl for me and stay still" She knows I hate it when She has to do that. My brain just... isn't up to the tasks. It's so slow, soft, empty and unaware. I can barely even smell the flux burning as Mistress is doing her soldering, and it's inside my skull for fuck’s sake. “All done now pet, you should feel me booting you back up now. Your new arm is attached too. Thank you for being such a good girl for me while we got you all fixed up, I can’t wait to spoil you when we get home.”


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