Roommate Journal

by Flesh

Tags: #cw:noncon #clothing #microfiction #pov:bottom #unaware

Extremely short unaware noncon story about two roommates written as a journal of the sub. My first story posted here, hopefully you’ll find it worthwhile.

June 20: Alright, finally, new roommate. They seem a bit, uh, eccentric. Weird outfit, boxes filled with strange occult books and implements, the everpresent smell of incense… Well, I guess better that than some asshole or than having to pay the whole rent by myself.

June 25: Despite my initial doubts, the new roommate seems quite pleasant. They don’t really step on my toes or anything. We got to talk for quite a while today and, as little as we have in common, it was quite a nice conversation. They kept talking about demons and spirits and charms and spells and all that supernatural stuff, but with none of that “I’m better than you” that you’d associate with the stereotypical New Age witch, so it was actually quite entertaining to listen to their ramblings. Also, managed to get used to the incense smell by now, so that’s nice.

June 30: So, found out Alex (finally managed to remember their name) has a crush on me. Or *something*? We were both bored, so we struck up a conversation and between all the talk about urban planning, computers, hypnosis and magic, they just off-handedly mentioned they think I’m pretty hot. Also that they’d like to try out hypnosis on me. Were they just complimenting me to get me to agree? Anyway, I agreed to let them attempt to hypnotise me on Sunday. As if that’s gonna work.

July 3: Alex tried hypnotising me today. They just swung their pocket watch in front of my face and rambled on about words and thoughts or whatever. Anyway, got to get a closer look on the pocket watch afterwards. Absolutely quiant.

July 10: After the failure of last week, Alex tried their hypnotic trickery again. Just as the last time, didn’t give much thought to their boring talk. They seemed oddly pleased, though. Not sure why, but whatever. I’m getting some holiday time soon, so we agreed on a bet. If don’t they manage to actually hypnotise me within two weeks, they owe me 100$.

July 18: Ok, so, day 0 of the bet. Same old “waving a pocket watch while droning on and on and hoping it’ll work”. I’ve got the 100 in the bag.

July 22: Alex has been leaving more and more chores to me. “Would you kindly take out the trash?” “Would you kindly clean my room?” “Would you kindly lend me your PS4 so I can play Bioshock?”... The last one wasn’t a chore, but still, they’re asking for things a lot. Oddly enough, I don’t particularly mind it.

July 25: Alex started calling me a “sexy maid”. I believe I’m supposed to feel, like, insulted or something, but honestly, it feels like a compliment.

July 26: Alex tried to convince me their hypnotic suggestions are working and that they already won. They really overestimate their persuasion skills.

July 29: Alex bought me a maid outfit to “better fit what I’ve become”. Their weird reasoning aside, free clothes sound good to me. And, man, do I look great in them.

July 31: Came back home to Alex sitting in their room naked on the bed. Naturally, I asked if I could help them with anything. They just told me to fuck them. Forward, sure, but I wasn’t planning on doing much and some nice roommate sex did sound tempting enough, so I agreed.

August 1: I’ve basically won by now, though Alex is still adamant they’re the real winner. I’m gonna give them one last try.

August 2: Hell yeah, 100 bucks are mine. Hmm, I think imma buy a nice collar and leash for myself and Alex. I’m sure I’ll look just wonderful in one.


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