Object 027

by Flesh

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Yet another SCP styled thing.

Begin Anomalous Research Department Object-027 Retrieval Log.
The object is a sample of a polychromatic mineral recovered from a meteorite crash site.
Chemical analysis has not been able to determine the composition of the mineral.
Staff in charge of handling the mineral were all found to be some kind of mentally unfit upon the first evaluation following their contact with the sample.
The observed symptoms ranged from lapses in self control and awareness through intrusive thoughts up to obsessive delusions. All somehow related to the mineral.
Some of the affected personnel displayed selective intellectual impairment, allegedly failing to understand information necessary for containment while otherwise retaining their mental faculties.
The affected was subjected to memory removal and reconditioning. After multiple repeated procedures, they have regained their previous functionality.
The sample was placed in a protective container and moved to a dedicated containment chamber. 
No windows are present in the containment chamber and its walls are reinforced with lead and concrete, as the object is suspected to emit harmful radiation.
Until further notice, experiments involving the sample are to be observed only thorough CCTV cameras. No research staff is to come into contact with the sample in person.
End Log.

Begin Anomalous Research Department Object-027 Test Log 1.
Per standard procedure, the test subject was evaluated before the test.
They were asked to stay in the containment chamber for an hour. The sample container remained closed.
The subject's state was evaluated afterwards as within acceptable limits of distress after being locked in a room for an hour.
No other symptoms were noted.
End Log.

Begin Anomalous Research Department Object-027 Test Log 2.
The subject was asked to stay in the containment chamber for an hour. The sample container was remotely opened after ten minutes.
The subject appeared fascinated by the sample, occasionally inspecting it during their stay.
When evaluated on their state, the subject displayed no signs of distress and an interest in continued testing with the object.
Considering previous reports, the result is worrying. Subject has been assigned for further observation and assigned Subject ID 027-01.
End Log.

Begin Anomalous Research Department Subject-027-01 Observation Log 1.
In the days after the initial test, the subject grew increasingly agitated, going from politely requesting access to the object to aggressively demanding to be allowed to see it.
The subject would exclaim the sample was the most beautiful thing they've ever seen and how much they need to be in its presence.
Further observation required.
End Log.

Begin Anomalous Research Department Subject-027-01 Observation Log 2.
When being retrieved from their room, the subject ran past the staff sent to escort them to the evaluation and proceeded to make their way to the object's containment chamber.
While we did our best to obfuscate the position of the object from the subject, they still managed to find the chamber.
They were restrained by the guards shortly after.
Subject must now be guarded at all times.
End Log.
Begin Anomalous Research Department Subject-027-01 Observation Log 3.
Subject has attempted escape multiple times since last log.
Their mental state has significantly deteriorated.
They seem unable to think or talk about anything other than the object or their basic needs.
Luckily, they are yet to get violent and seem physically healthy.
The subject was seen masturbating multiple times, still talking about the object.
End Log.

Begin Anomalous Research Department Object-027 Research Note 1.
It appears direct exposure to the sample causes a progressing mental change in the subject.
From previous reports we know the exact nature of the change can vary, but it seems that if left unchecked, it can quickly go out of control.
We need further testing to determine the exact process of the alteration.
End note.

Begin Anomalous Research Department Object-027 Test Log 3.
Subject 027-02 was equipped with a brainwave monitoring device and sent into the containment chamber.
The chamber itself has been outfitted with electromagnetic sensors.
Upon opening the container, a change in the subject's brainwaves was seen almost immediately.
The sample emitted no electromagnetic radiation outside the visible spectrum.
Subject proceeds to masturbate while looking directly at the sample.
Subject was chemically sedated and moved to holding block for observation.
End Log.

Begin Anomalous Research Department Subject-027-02 Observation Log 1.
Subject became a chronic masturbator, citing the sample as the cause.
They have on multiple occasions attempted to seduce other staff with the goal of getting access to the sample.
Subject seems notably more well-adjusted than 027-01, remaining mentally stable outside of the aforementioned symptoms.
End Log.

Begin Anomalous Research Department Object-027 Test Log 4.
We were authorised to attempt a test on the sample's reaction to excitement via visible light.
Subject 027-03 was directed to shine a powerful flashlight at the sample.
Upon doing so, the subject proceeded to smile vacantly, holding the light source in place.
The reflected light from the sample cast colourful patterns on the ceiling and walls of the chamber.
Notably, those patterns share the sample's mind-altering effect.
I took the liberty of changing the containment procedures accordingly.
For further explanation see attached video.
[Attachment: Test-027-04-recording.mp4]
End Log.

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