by Flesh

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Short dubcon SCP parody or something.

Subject Log: #0617 – Mindstalker
Begin subject log…
Log status: Description outdated. Pending update.
Subject number: 0617
Subject codename: Mindstalker
Subject appearance: Subject is a large humanoid with dark blue skin. The subject is usually seen either hunched over or walking on all fours. The subject’s limbs are long, even relative to the rest of its body, and end in five claws each. Notably, the subject seems to possess an equivalent of opposable thumbs and both its hindlimbs and forelimbs are built much like human hands. Its head seems to lack any external organs save for a mouth featuring 10 pairs of teeth and a single long, black tongue.
Subject behaviour: When observed in a simulated habitat, the subject appears unimpeded by it’s seeming lack of sensory organs. On the contrary, it seems to possess an extraordinary awareness of its surroundings. Furthermore, it is capable of creating and using basic tools from the resources provided. Despite its outward appearance, the subject prefers a plant based diet to meat. Notably, live animals placed in the enclosure avoid the subject and it likewise avoids them...It also likes to copulate with random objects it finds in the enclosure.
Begin experiment log for Series B...
After the animal exposure experiments indicated the subject may have some kind of behaviour-altering property, human testing was approved under the oversight of Dr. Maxwell.

Trial B-01:
Researcher: Field Agent Carlson
Researcher screening: Due to the preliminary nature of the trial, no additional screening was performed.
Trial log: Upon entering the subject’s enclosure Agent Carlson shrugged and proceeded to open the airlock and walk outside.
Post-trial notes: “Yeah, I could feel it. Some kind of pheromones or psionic stuff. The thing didn’t want me in there, so I left. I feel like we started off on the wrong foot or something.”
Conclusion: Subject is capable of exerting some kind of influence on the minds of others. Further testing required.

Trial B-02
Researcher: Office Accountant Petrov
Researcher screening: They said the creature “looked cute in there”, indicating a positive disposition.
Trial log: Upon entry, Petrov proceeded to approach the subject with no apparent fear and began talking to it. They conversed with it as if it was a regular chat. The creature shared some of its rations with them.
Post-trial notes: “About what Carlson said, psychic communication with limited mind reading. Tier 3, I think. Oh, and add ESP to the list. And yes, it can see you watching it. It doesn’t mind. Seems like a perfectly pleasant thing. Human intelligence, from what I could tell. Though, uh, it...it said it needs someone to fuck.”
Conclusion: Subject to be designated Tier 3 low-range psychic with ESP and Human intelligence. Series concluded until further notice.

Trial B-03
Researcher: Chief Botanical Researcher Fredrics
Researcher screening: They walked into my office and demanded I “let them fuck the funky xenomorph”.
Trial log: Upon entry, Fredrics seems to have gone into some kind of altered state of consciousness. Their eyes glazed over almost immediately, their face lost any expression of emotion and their movements became unusually, so to speak, floaty, as if all tension beyond the absolute minimum was gone from their muscles. In this state, they proceeded to approach the subject. They then enacted some sort of copulation ritual, the details of which have since been removed from my memory. Ask Fredrics for details.
Post-trial notes: “Yeah, no, that’s a Tier 5 at least. As in 5/5, would fuck again...but also Tier 5 psychic with actual mind control capacity. Anyway, if you need to run this test again, hit me up once I’m done with that evaluation business.”
Conclusion: Subject to be designated Tier 5 low-range psychic. Researcher Fredrics is to be directed to evaluation. Further action pending Council approval.

Council reply: Proceed with the designation at earliest convenience. Researcher Fredrics has been evaluated to be “about as fucked up as you’d normally expect of them” and thus cleared for further duty. Psionics has been notified of the subject’s properties and will issue recommendations once they process the information.


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