Circe Pet Training Facility Catalogue

by Flesh

Tags: #cw:noncon #brainwash #drugging #microfiction #pov:top #scifi #furry

Short fake catalogue for a “Pet Training Facility”. Non/dubcon mind control. Also features some mentions of fuckery with brains and references to lobotomy, so be content warned.

Circe Pet Training Facility Catalogue

Greetings, potential customer!

Please note that this catalogue is for authorised eyes only. We trust you’ll keep it secret.

The Circe Pet Training Facility is to our knowledge the first and only training facility for pets that like to think they’re people. Or, ones that are people.

We use standard behavioral training techniques specifically adjusted to deal with the comparatively tremendous intelligence of our client’s pets. Need be, we also have more radical and innovative techniques.

Mind control. We do mind control and brainwashing.

The exact prices are a matter of many variables and we prefer to not disclose them in this document. Nevertheless, we assure you, if you’ve received this catalogue, you should be able to afford our services.

Standard Training

We offer a training regimen specifically designed to your pet’s mentality and your desires. The basic package includes punishment/reward conditioning to a set of provided parameters. The punishments and rewards can also be adjusted to best match the desired experience. From treats and shock collars through drugs and neurotoxins to brain electrodes (don’t worry, we won’t literally fry their brain), we’re sure you’ll find the right choice for your pet.

Suggestion Implanting

As an addition to standard training, you may choose one of our other methods of teaching your pet proper behaviours. This includes sound and visual messages (subliminal or not) in their holding pen, hypnosis (be it classical, electrically induced trance or drugging) and the good old Ludovico chair (also comes in more sophisticated styles). For applicable methods, triggers may also be installed.


We don’t do actual lobotomies, as such procedures are beneath our standards. However, our far more sophisticated neurosurgical technology enables us to apply just the right stimulation to your pet’s brain to indefinitely turn their aggression and independent thought way down, making them docile and obedient, without all those pesky side effects. We also offer cosmetic scarring and stitches, should you desire the added flair.

“The Fryer”

The crowning jewel of our facility, The Fryer combines state-of-the-art brain scanning with precise radio wave emitters to effectively rewrite the brain of any pet fortunate enough to end up in it. The procedure itself also floods the pet’s brain with enough dopamine to make it one of the best moments of their lives.

While we pride ourselves on being able to match nigh any request, we have also prepared a few template routines for the undecided:

  • The Pet Pet – A classic and our original goal. We make the canine folk act like cats, the lizardpeople run around naked like dogs, turn your avian pal into a simple pet songbird. Put simply, turn up the pet, stop them from thinking like a person too much (some personhood required by standards board), fun for everyone.

  • The Stringed Pet – Why make them want to obey you, when you can make them have to obey you whether they want to or not? The String Pet regimen is specifically suited to implanting forceful obedience suggestions deep into your pet’s mind without compromising their original personality. Will they hate you for it? Well, if they do, we’ve picked the wrong client.

  • The Maid Pet – Serve and clean. Clean and serve. This shall be the main two motivations on any pet that completes this regimen. Just the choice for someone looking for someone to clean the house without the need for thinking. Maid uniform not included. We prefer them naked, anyway.

  • The Drone Pet – A modern staple. Not much different from other regimens, but instead of training for, say, primal exhibitionism and obedience, we train them for coldness, calculation, robotic speech...and also obedience.

  • The Slut – For the more casual brainwashing, this regimen simply turns down the subject’s sexual inhibitions while increasing their sex drive. Simple for us, pleasurable for them and you get someone to fuck more. Win win. (Whether the subject is to remain monogamous after the procedure is negotiable before admission)

  • The Wife Pet – If you’re oddly turned on by 1970s satirical novels, this is the choice for you. This regimen is designed to make your pet believe they’re your good, submissive wife (actual wedding not required), complete with (outdated) feminine fashion sense and vocabulary. Pet doesn’t need to be a female for this regimen, of course.

You know who to ask to find us.


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