The Affini and her Nerd

In Which Mats Does Not Have a 'Best Pet' Trophy

by Ezra Carmichael

Tags: #D/s #dom:plant #f/m #Human_Domestication_Guide #microfiction #no_sex_no_nudity #caregiving #dom:female #humor #scifi #sub:male

This is a slightly edited excerpt from an upcoming chapter of "Trellis." While "Trellis" does have humor, it's mostly much darker than "The Affini and her Nerd." This excerpt is just the funny/cute portion.

Liliac, can you… wake him up? Or take him out of whatever he’s in?”
Oh, yes. The trigger phrase is ‘my esteemed colleague—and frequent critic.’ ”
“Rosewood is not my colleague. We’re not… we’re not just not in the same league, we aren’t playing the same sport! I thought her ideas about Shakespeare were untenable and reflected a complete lack of knowledge of ancient terran history, but they have nothing on her, her… I’m not allowed to say that word, am I?”

"We’ve been working on his language. ‘Good pets don’t say rude words.’ I’m very proud of him."

“I’m going to be the best pet.”
“The trophy stays in my room, doesn’t it Mistress?”
Nerys, Mats, I’ve told you both. There is no ‘best pet’ trophy. And if there were you’d both get one.”
But Nerys has a trophy!”
From the cute pet pageant, Mats, which you refused to enter.”
I was busy, also pageants are dumb!”
Mats, Nerys. Good pets don’t repeat fights they had last week.”
Yes, Mistress.”
Yes, Liliac.”
“We’ve had this fight at least once a week ever since she won that pageant. It’s not just Mats who gets jealous; all my cuties got upset. I’ll probably have to get trophies for all of them, but honestly—the fights are kind of adorable."

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