by Ezra Carmichael

Tags: #cw:noncon #cw:sexual_assault #ego_death #m/m #ritual_of_the_familiar #D/s #dom:male #fantasy #sadomasochism #sub:male

Sometimes the point of winning is just how much you can hurt the loser. A very dark Ritual of the Familiar story.

The content warnings are serious. This story is fucked-up even by my standards. It also assumes the reader is already familiar with Ritual of the Familiar and the other stories set in that world.

Tears streaming down his face, Daniel knelt. “You win,” his voice just above a whisper, just below a sob. “You win, so why don’t you take me?”
Jacob smiled. “Oh, I’m going to but before I do, you’re going to beg me.”
The ritual was already tightening around Daniel, but Jacob pushed back against it; he wanted to enjoy this. “Oh Daniel, sweet sweet trusting Daniel. I am going to make your last moments as a person Hell.”
“Why? I thought, I thought…” I thought you loved me, thought you’d meant it when you said you were going to challenge Anna, thought…
“You think too much,” Jacob sneered. “That’ll stop… eventually.”
But not before I want it to. Not until I beg for it. The thoughts came to Daniel’s head but they weren’t his thoughts.
A foot planted on Daniel’s back and knocked him facedown into the dust.
“Let’s take a look through that pretty head of yours and see what we need. Our first kiss, you’re definitely keeping that one. All that nice magical lore you acquired for me, that stays. Your family? Not necessary, but we’ll leave a little reminder that you had one so it hurts when you can’t remember them.”
Daniel’s body was beginning to change. The pain was even more unbearable than it should be. Jacob was making it worse, making his nerves burn and shriek. And it wouldn’t end, Jacob would keep the pain going, easing off on it just enough for danny to almost believe he would be free of it, and then “Oh yes, dearest, it’ll come rushing back even worse.”
Jacob had a hand down his pants now. With the other he pulled danny up by his hair until the former man was standing. “Want to give your master a kiss?”
danny wanted to spit in his face, but he had no control over his muscles. Instead, his traitor mouth said, “Please let me kiss you, Master.”
Jacob’s kisses had always been light, tender, even tentative before. But this time he was rough, biting danny’s lips until they bled, his tongue fucking danny’s mouth, claiming it. There was no pleasure in it for danny because he wouldn’t be getting pleasure again. His existence would be one of utter, pointless misery.
Jacob let go of danny’s hair and the familiar sank to his knees. The compulsion on his body continued and he bent over and licked Jacob’s left boot. “A few more edits. The knowledge of my betrayal stays, and so does your confusion as to why. Your memories of the good times stay, for now, and we’ll just add a little twist of horror when you recall how I seduced you into thinking I loved you. But your memories of other friends, of time not spent with me or dutifully learning for my benefit, those we can get rid of.” But the gap wouldn’t be sealed over. danny would know that there should be something there, but never what it was. An itch he would constantly scratch at and never find relief.
“There will be a lot of itches like that, danny,” his Master said. What was his name again? He had screamed it in the heat of passion, whispered it the first time he’d told Master he loved him… but he couldn’t remember it. And why had he told Master he loved Him? Master gave nothing pain and cruelty. Master saw him as a battery of power and a library of knowledge at best, an object for His sadistic whims at worst. So why had he said he loved Him? danny couldn’t remember, there was a reason, it was important.
“You fucking traitor!” he screamed as the memory came back to him. “You said, you made me think…”
“Your mind was easy to play with, danny. So malleable, so eager to fall in love with the hot boy who was kind to him. And now it’s literal putty in my hands! It must really suck to be you right now.”
danny was consumed by lust. He needed Master’s touch, needed Master’s cock down his throat, up his ass, anywhere. He would die if Master didn’t fuck him.
“I’m not a fan of those he/him pronouns, danny,” Master sneered. “Let’s get rid of those, that pesky gender can just go away. Want to remember the dysphoria though? We can keep that for you, make it go both ways now that you don’t have any genitals.”
And it didn’t. danny’s new body was taking form. Far bigger than it had been before; it was becoming a brute, a strong and sexy piece of meat to work for, and be fucked by, Master. And there would be a lot of fucking. danny’s lust faded, replaced by a complete repulsion at the very idea of sex. Master would fuck it, and that would be terrible, a violation of who danny was… but danny wasn’t anything. it’s body and mind were both toys for Master, the canvas for His sadistic masterpiece.
“You are my magnum opus. I’ll never be able to hurt anyone the way I can hurt you. But you’re not a finished magnum opus. I won’t be done with my masterpiece for a long, long time.” Master’s cock was out now and He was stroking it. Once more danny’s body turned traitor and it crawled towards Master, its mouth opening with the words Master had placed there.
“Master, please fuck my face, force Your cock down my throat, make me submit to You. And Master, make it hurt, make me hate it so that the only point is your pleasure, don’t let me get anything out of it at all.”
Master took the invitation and forced Himself down danny’s throat, roughly fucking it as danny choked and coughed. “I took away your gag reflex, well, most of it. You’ll still gag, it just won’t make you throw up.” He eased off danny long enough to make danny say “Thank You, Master.”
After shooting a load into His cumdumpster, Jacob let danny breathe.
“Do you remember your name?”
Of course danny remembered its name. It had been Daniel once… it would never be called by that name again, but Master would let, Master would make, it remember what it had had, what it had lost.
it had volition again, at least over its voice. “Master,” danny begged. “Please destroy me, erase me. i can’t handle this much pain. Take me completely so that all i want to do is serve and obey You. Don’t make it hurt so much.”
Master grinned. “No.”
danny’s Hell was only just beginning.

With thanks to TsukiNoNeko for encouraging me to post this.


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