Petals and Vines

Chapter 5

by EveningRespite

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #f/f #Human_Domestication_Guide #pov:bottom #slow_burn #transgender_characters #begging #bondage #dom:female #dom:plant #drugs #multiple_partners #petplay #pov:top #romantic #scifi #sub:female
See spoiler tags : #sadomasochism

The human had such an adorably lost look on their face. They still hadn't quite seemed comfortable with "Jez", but it definitely seemed to be an improvement over their name in the Terran records. Fortunately for them, they'd have access to whatever they need to figure themselves out. Delphinium felt that familiar pang of guilt at not having been able to help them sooner, once again having to remind herself that even the Affini could only do so much.

Delphinium slowed down once again to let the human catch up. She knew that she shouldn't count her flowers before they'd bloomed, but it was very cute, the way it kept stopping to stare up at her, or down at the flower she had given them. She had checked, and there weren't any of those notes on this human's file that implied that an Affini had already taken an interest in them. No self respecting Affini would ever dream of forcing any sophont into domestication, barring extenuating circumstances of course, but that didn't mean that they didn't have their ways of signalling to each other which of the undomesticated sophonts they had an interest in. Even the more oblivious Affini usually managed to do it, even if they didn't realise what they were actually doing.

Delphinium looked back, and stopped to let the human catch up to her. They were staring at their flower again. Maybe it was a bit mean, giving them a flower without any explanation like that, but after rescuing them from that awful rebel ship, she felt that she could justify having a little bit of fun. Besides, who didn't like to be given flowers?

Petal looks down at the flower in their hand. What does it mean? What are they even supposed to do with it? They could put it in a pocket, or something, but that might offend Delphinium. They look up to catch her looking back down at them. Her eyes were doing that purple thing again, and Petal realises that they've stopped walking. Again. 

Okay. Figure out the flower later. They fix their gaze forwards, not even needing to look up to know that Delphinium is still watching them.

As they step past the towering Affini, they feel her reach down to ruffle their hair as they walk past. They stop again and glare up at her. The effect was probably somewhat ruined by the blush they could already feel spreading across their cheeks.

“I’m sorry, petal-” Nope. They look straight ahead, and start walking. “You just looked so cute~!” Delphinium raises her voice as they start walking away, before she quickly catches up. At least this time they managed to stay conscious. Although they’re pretty sure that if they hadn’t, Delphinium would have caught them. Trying very hard to not think about finding some way to test that theory, they don’t even notice when Delphinium reaches a vine out past them, opening the door that they were about to walk straight into.

They step through, and pause, noticing a gentle wave of pleasant noise washing over them. They seem to be in some sort of cafeteria. At one table, there’s an Affini sitting with a couple of humans and a xeno that Petal doesn’t recognise, that looks a bit like an ant. All of them but the Affini are wearing the same sort of brightly coloured dresses that Petal remembers from the propaganda, and the ant-xeno looks like it's nibbling on one of the Affini's leaves.

"Why don't you find us a table to sit at, dear?"

Ugh. A decision. "That one, maybe?" They point to a table against a wall, away from the other Affini and its… companions, and far away from the wide boulevard that the cafeteria seems to open up onto.

"Excellent choice, my dear. Nice and quiet for just the two of us~." Petal stares ahead, blushing deeply, as Delphinium swishes past them, gently ruffling their hair before reshaping her legs so that it looks like she's sitting cross-legged with a wide skirt or dress. 

So unfair. Petal can't even sit cross-legged without their back hurting and Delphinium just makes it look so effortless.

Petal walks over to the tall chair and climbs into it. Tries to climb into it. They blush, but don't say anything, when it becomes clear that they need help and Delphinium obligingly snakes over a vine to give them a boost up.

So unfair.

They decide to stare at the flower in their hands, rather than risk looking up at Delphinium's face. A human waiter walks over to the table, coming close enough to Petal that they can't pretend not to notice the collar he's wearing. 

Shit, they're staring, aren't they. They drag their attention up to the waiter's face, and see that blissed out expression they'd almost managed to forget from the Affini propaganda. At least he didn't seem to have minded Petal's staring.

"Would either of you like anything to eat or drink?" The waiter's voice isn't quite slurred, but it is a bit slow.

"Just some water for me, thank you, dear." Delphinium reaches out a vine to stroke the poor human waiter's cheek. A moment later, a look of utter joy spreads across his face. He takes a moment to collect himself, before turning to Petal. He's blushing, but he doesn't seem to care, "And for you?"

"Oh, uh… food would be good."

"Of course!" He seem so excited, just from Petal asking for food. "What would you like?"

Fuck, another decision. "Uh… whatever is fine?" Just so long as they don't have to choose.

"How about something nice and easy to eat, like ice cream?" Delphinium's musical voice suggests. Again, unfair. But they have to admit, it's a good suggestion. 

"Yeah, ice cream sounds good." The waiter nods, and starts to walk away.

"Wait!" Petal calls out, after he's taken a few steps. "Um... maybe some water for the flower, too?"

"Of course!" He seems pretty keen on the idea, too, once his mind catches up, and he walks off into presumably the kitchen, or pantry, or whatever. 

Delphinium is being silent, so Petal looks up to see her looking down at them, a smile on her lips, and a ring of gold bordering the now familiar purple her eyes seem to naturally gravitate towards. They blush, and stare down at the flower in their hands, spinning it gently between their fingers.

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