Petals and Vines

Chapter 37

by EveningRespite

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #f/f #Human_Domestication_Guide #pov:bottom #slow_burn #transgender_characters #begging #bondage #dom:female #dom:plant #drugs #multiple_partners #petplay #pov:top #romantic #scifi #sub:female
See spoiler tags : #sadomasochism

cw: swords, actual plantfuckery

Petal feels herself floating. She’s warm, and comfortable, and safe. There’s a gentle pressure, all over her body, and it almost feels like she’s moving, or being moved. A moment later, she feels an echo of feeling herself floating, an echo of her body moving. She hears scraping sounds, and feels some strange pressures in her hand, before there's the sudden sounds of metal striking metal, and shocks that run up her arm. 

What the fuck?

Petal opens her eyes, to see Millie smiling at her from just outside arm's reach. A pair of Millies, phasing in and out of each other. There's something pressing against her chest. Her eyes slide downwards. It takes a moment, but she's able to focus her eyes until there's just one Millie, holding her arm out towards Petal with… 

Wait, is that a sword? Millie has a fucking sword? Wasn't that just a flirt? Why does Millie have an actual, literal sword pressed against her chest?

Millie brings the sword up to Petal's chin, gently but firmly lifting it until her attention is back on Millie's face. She's smiling almost innocently, although she must have noticed the massive blush that's spread across Petal's face.

"I- um- hi?!"

The sword flicks down and away, and Millie steps in against Petal, pressing her body, and especially her lips, against Petal's in a short, loving kiss. "Hey!"

"Um- I- sword?"

"Oh, Petal, you're awake!" Delphinium's lyrical voice surrounds Petal. While everything else seems to be almost doubled, Delphinium's voice seems to just harmonise with itself, her words crystal clear, but still sending ripples reverberating through Petal's mind. "I was just helping Millie work off some energy. She does so love to fence, and while normally I'd make a little body to fence her with, I decided that I'd just use yours. It's not like you were using it for anything~."

"I- I- um… but… Mistress!" How could she just do that? Use her body as, as, as a toy, to play with Millie?

More importantly, how could she do that to Petal without even letting her be awake for it?!

"Do you have any objections to what I've done with your body, my dearest Petal?"

Petal looks down; her arms, her legs, her torso, and probably her head, too, were all covered in a latticework of thin, flowery vines, as though Petal was an old, overgrown building, reclaimed by nature. Claimed by her Mistress. She was beautiful. Inhumanly beautiful. And she feels complete, if not quite fully developed. 

"N-no, Mistress. It's… it's perfect." Petal tries to straighten out an arm, but Delphinium is holding it in place. "Um… may I move my arm please, Mistress? With the vines and everything there?"

"No, my love, you may not~. However, I'm more than happy to move it for you~." 

Petal watches as her arm is moved, her hand brought up to her eyeline. Oh dirt! She has a sword too! The blade is long, and doesn't look sharp, but it doesn't seem like it's supposed to be. Even the point seems to have been blunted, probably for safety.

Around her hand was a gorgeous swept hilt, that almost looked as though living vines had been perfectly cast in steel, and the round pommel had been carved in the shape of a budding flower.

"I made sure to record your first duel as my puppet, by the way. You even managed to land a few blows of your own, with my assistance, of course~."

"Um… yes Mistress, thank you Mistress."

"And you were super hot! This is a really good look for you." Petal can't help but blush. Even after everything, she still doesn't know how to deal with Millie's compliments. And knowing her Mistress, there's a good chance that she never will.

"I, um… thanks?"

"You're welcome!" Millie steps in to give Petal a hug. She's so warm against Petal's skin. Wait, her skin? Millie steps back. She's wearing a sleeveless pink and blue companion dress. Petal looks down. 

She's "wearing" the flowery vines her mistress has been puppeteering her body with, and nothing else. Petal's blush goes nuclear. She's basically naked! Delphinium and Millie have been watching her the whole time and she's naked!

"I- I- I'm naked?!" Petal instinctively tries to cover herself with her arms, but, of course, her arms aren't under her control right now. None of her body is, and apparently her Mistress is more interested in having her show her body off. Her arms are returned to her side, and even pulled back slightly, puffing out her chest towards Millie. It's still nothing compared to her girlfriend's, but there's definitely something there. 

"Is there a reason you shouldn't be? Are you feeling cold, perhaps~?"

"I- um… not exactly?" If anything, it's the opposite, she's burning up under the attentions of Millie and their Mistress.

Millie is just staring at her, now. Her eyes sliding up and down Petal's body as if she wants to burn this sight into her memory. This time, it's her turn to watch Petal be utterly powerless in their Mistress's vines.

"Well, my dearest, if you do get cold, I'm sure that Millie would love to help you with that~."

"I really would." Millie sounds almost desperate, as she steps in again, her left hand sliding down Petal's side, while her right-

Oh fuck. Petal feels something thin and cold sliding up the inside of her leg. In her right hand, Millie still has a sword, which is slowly sliding up Petal's leg. 

"I- um… uh… I- I-"

"If you want this to stop, just say the word, and we will." Delphinium whispered in her floret's ear. 

"I- uh…" Petal should want this to stop, shouldn't she? It's indecent. It's depraved. It's way too fast. It's more than she's ready for. It's more than she should ever be allowed to have. It's more than she could ever live up to. 

She should tell Delphinium to stop. Her Mistress wouldn't be mad at her, right? She wouldn't have given Petal the option if Petal wasn't supposed to use it if she needed to.

"I… I… um!" 

Petal feels a soothing vine brush across her brow, and Millie's head gently leaning against her own. 

"It's okay, my Petal. There's no rush."

It's not fair! Why did this particular hangup have to survive her being broken, being collared, and owned. Why couldn't she just let herself want this?

Wait, what? She's not allowed to want this. 

She's not supposed to want this.

She doesn't want this. 

What the fuck is going on? Her thoughts keep twisting as the echoes of reality pass through her mind.

I want this.

Where the fuck did that come from? It sounded like just the echo of a thought, just like the echoes she's been feeling, and seeing and hearing ever since she woke up, but without something for it to be the echo of. It almost sounded like one of her own thoughts, but there was something about it… a rhythm that almost made it sound like her Mistress.

"I… I want this." Petal is shocked at how calm she sounds, which isn't very, but still. A lot calmer than she was just a moment ago, at least. Millie pulls her head back from Petal's shoulder, and smiles at Petal with naked desire. 

"Oh, do you, now, my precious Petal~?" While Delphinium's talking, Millie starts to gently kiss her way down Petal's chest. 

A prolonged kiss to her nipple makes Petal's voice waver. "Y-yes, Mistressss."

Millie pulls away, and Petal glances down to see that her girlfriend, her fellow floret, is sinking to her knees in front of her. And Petal is basically naked. Her desire would be impossible to hide, even if she wasn't being posed by her Mistress. Fuck. 

Delphinium's voice whispers what she knows must be the truth in her ear, as Millie gently plants a kiss on the tip of her cock. "You want to be a plantfucker~."

Fuck, there's something about her Mistress, the always perfect Delphinium, using a word so crude to describe her. A word so indecent, so debased, it's just so fucking hot. Whatever last scrap of decency that had been holding Petal back finally breaks under the strain.

"Yes Mistress! Please Mistress! Please fuck me! Please make me a plantfucker! Please please please take away my humanity and make me a plantfucker pet traitor please Mistress please please fuck me! I need it! I nee- eEEee!” 

Petal’s begging is cut off when she squeals as she feels something slippery pressing against, and then, gently but firmly, into her, pushing her forwards into Millie's waiting mouth. Petal’s eyes roll back in her skull, it feels so good! Whatever her Mistress is using for lube is probably loaded with xenodrugs and Petal loves it so fucking much.

The echo in her mind is growing louder, and it really seems to want to emphasise just how fucking incredible she feels, the pleasure building on itself again and again until her mind is seared with joy.

“Thank you Mistress thank you thank you tha-'' Petal is cut off once more by another of Delphinium’s vines, forcing its way down her throat. It must be coated in the same stuff as the other one, and it feels so utterly incredible that she loses all awareness of everything other than pleasure, until she hears Her voice.

"I did some research while you were asleep, by the way~." 


"Did you know, for instance, that the Office of Transitional Neoxenoveterinary Archeobureaucracy catalogued the overnet activity of every single subject of the former Terran Accord?"

How could Delphinium just stand there and talk about records while she was utterly destroying Petal's mind, body and soul in the best possible ways? And what are records supposed to have to do with anything?

"So, I thought I'd take a look into how my delightful new floret had been using her access to a significant portion of human knowledge, and do you know what I found?"

Delphinium withdraws her vine from Petal's throat, and Petal gasps for air. Her Mistress wants a response, but words are beyond Petal right now. She shakes her head, moaning and whining at every slight movement that Delphinium makes inside her, and that Millie makes outside her. While they're both being gentle, they're also utterly relentless. 

"I found all of your browser history, my dear~. Even the bits that were so embarrassing that you tried to hide~. And, my dearest, darling Petal, do you know what I learned?"

How is Petal supposed to respond to that?! "I- I- I- unghh- I-" Petal feels a tap on her cheek. Her mouth falls open, only to quickly be refilled with another of her Mistress's vines.

"You're an absolute slut, my love~. You love everything I've done to you, and you still want so much more, I'm sure. You probably wanted this from the moment you heard about the Affini. In fact, you're such a slut that the fact that I literally had a vine inside your brain is probably going to be what finally pushes you over the edge into mindless bliss~."

Wait, her Mistress had one of her vines… in her brain. Holy fucking shit that's so fucking hot! Her Mistress, so deep inside of her that she could have physically touched her sense of self.

Whether Petal took what her Mistress said as permission, or an order, or even just really fucking hot, She was right. Petal was already teetering right on the edge, and the thought of her Mistress being so deep inside her sends her plummeting into ecstasy. Millie presses her lips up tight around the base of her dick, and every muscle in her body tries to tense, not that her Mistress is actually letting any part of her move under its own power. She screams into the vine filling her throat as she feels her mind completely shut itself down.

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