Petals and Vines

Chapter 30

by EveningRespite

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #f/f #Human_Domestication_Guide #pov:bottom #slow_burn #transgender_characters #begging #bondage #dom:female #dom:plant #drugs #multiple_partners #petplay #pov:top #romantic #scifi #sub:female
See spoiler tags : #sadomasochism

Delphinium is in the tub with Millie, holding her tightly in her loving vines, but she turns to face Petal when she steps into the bathroom.

“Yes, Petal, was there something you needed?”

“Ih, uh… heashe?” Petal takes a few more hesitant steps into the bathroom. Delphinium shoots a vine out past her at what she’s sure should be a terrifying speed, but for some reason she can’t even think of Her as something that could possibly hurt her right now. She doesn’t even flinch. Maybe wanting to trust Her was enough? Maybe she’s finally ready to accept what she’s wanted since the first time she saw her affini.

“What was that, my dear? You sounded a bit muffled~.” Oh stars, She’s really going to make Petal beg, isn’t She? She’s not going to let her just say please, and get away with it. She’s not going to just let them have what they both want. Not until Petal gives Her everything that She wants.

“I… hleashe ‘istress?” Petal reaches up with a curled up hand, and starts pawing at her neck. Her Mistress needs to see how much she needs it. “I need i’!”

Delphinium shifts herself out of the tub, She leaves a few vines behind to hold Millie in place, but otherwise all of her is coming closer to Petal, and Petal can’t stop her eyes from widening in awe.

“And what is it that you need, my precious Petal?”

“Collar, ‘istress!” So much more than that, but it’s so hard to talk with the collar in her mouth, and she needs the collar so much more than she’s ever needed anything else in her life. Right now, if she had to choose between it and oxygen, she’d take the collar.

Delphinium slides out a vine to gently stroke the side of the collar. Petal tightens her grip. What if she drops it? What if she bites it too hard? She can’t allow herself to do anything to disappoint her mistress. Delphinium wraps a vine around the far end of the collar, and gives Petal a tap under the chin. Keep her mouth closed. Got it. Her Mistress gently pulls on the collar, and even if it isn't around her neck, the message is clear. Petal goes where her Mistress wants.

“This collar, my dear?” Petal nods. Yes, this collar, her collar, Her collar. “And what do you want me to do with it? Do you want me to take it away?” Petal shakes her head. No, never, never ever ever. “Do you want to put it on?” Petal needs to think for a moment, but no, she doesn’t want to put it on, she wants it to be put on. She wants her Mistress to claim her. She shakes her head again, and tugs on one of the vines that make up her Mistress’ body. She wants Her to put it on her. “Oh, you want me to put it on? I’m not sure if it would fit me, my dear, except maybe as a bracelet?.” 

Petal lets out a soft scream around the collar. It’s not fair! Mistress knows what she wants! And she knows that She wants it to! How can she stay so calm. “On ‘e!”

“Ennui? Are you suffering from ennui, my dear?”

Petal shrieks, she can’t take this, she needs her Mistress to take her, she needs her Mistress to make her Hers. She needs Her to be her Mistress. She needs to be Hers.

“Or is there somebody else you’d like me to put it on~?” 

Petal nods as hard as she can. She needs Delphinium to put it on her! “‘Esh ‘esh! ‘EE ‘EEEE!”

Delphinium pulls on the collar again, bringing it up into the air, high enough that Petal has to struggle to keep her grip on it. She straining herself up on the balls of her feet, and if it wasn’t for being anchored by the collar, she’d fall over in an instant. If she has to, she’ll hold herself in the air by the collar, until her body breaks, just to be nearer to Mistress, just to know that she’s done everything she can for Her.

“Do you want me to put it on Millie, maybe?” Petal shakes her head, it almost hurts, it feels like her body is being stretched to its absolute limits, but it doesn’t hurt anywhere near as much as the thought of not having the collar. 

“Or Attatex, perhaps? It does look good in a collar~.” Petal shakes her head again, biting down harder to hold herself up. Mistress won’t blame her if her body gives out, but no matter what, she won’t give up. 

“On you, Petal?” Petal nods, as forcefully as she can, she tries to bite down harder on the collar, but she can feel herself losing strength, she’s so close to falling, so close to having her body break for her Mistress, but she still won’t give up. She can’t give up, not until she’s Hers. Delphinium taps the side of her face, and Petal feels her mouth open, for just an instant she’s terrified that she failed, but no. She was obeying. She was doing what she was supposed to do. She starts to fall, and barely even notices the other taps from her Mistress, guiding her into a kneeling position as her Mistress gently lowers her body with Her vines to keep her safe.

Petal’s mouth is hanging open, she thinks she can feel drool spilling down her face, but she completely forgets it when she hears Her command. “Then beg, Petal.”

“Please Mistress please I need to be yours I need to be owned I need you to make me better pleeaase Mistresss I need to be broken I need you to break me I need you I need you Mistress I need you, I-” Petal can feel a vine against her lips, and stops. She could have kept going forever, just repeating those words until her body withered away to dust, but her Mistress wanted her to stop. Although the need didn’t. She still needed her Mistress to take her, to break her, to make her Hers. She still needs Her, with every fiber of her being, she needs Her.

“But my dearest, darling Petal, you don’t need any of those things.” 

Petal could feel her thoughts stop completely, from the contradiction of needing her Mistress so completely and having her Mistress tell her that she didn’t need Her. If she could still feel, it would feel like every last part of her body, down to the tiniest subatomic particle, had completely frozen. She doesn’t even notice as Delphinium folds her whole body in, down and around Petal, surrounding her in a cocoon of vines and flowers. Without her all-consuming need for her Mistress, she was nothing. Empty. Unmade.

From her endless void of oblivion, Petal stirs, ever so slightly, when she feels something smooth being wrapped around her neck. She somehow hears a click that reverberates through the void that used to be her self. And then, she hears the voice that gives her everything. The voice that fills her. In an instant, she is remade. 

“You already have them all~.”

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