Petals and Vines

Chapter 3

by EveningRespite

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #f/f #Human_Domestication_Guide #pov:bottom #slow_burn #transgender_characters #begging #bondage #dom:female #dom:plant #drugs #multiple_partners #petplay #pov:top #romantic #scifi #sub:female
See spoiler tags : #sadomasochism

Everything felt heavy. Not so heavy that they couldn't move, but definitely heavy enough that they didn't want to. It had been so long since they'd felt proper gravity. The Endless Horizons wasn't exactly zero-g, but it was a lot less than this. Which means they're not on the Horizons any more. They lift up an arm, and let it fall. Still below what they'd expect from planetary gravity, maybe a moon, or even a particularly large station. Maybe even an Affini ship?

The Affini. Right.

They open their eyes, and look around. It looks like they have the room to themself. Which isn't to say they aren't being watched. The Affini probably just want to see what they'll do if they're left alone. Well, they hate to disappoint their captors, but they're not really feeling up to much at the moment, so they roll over, pulling the blanket in closer. Wait, they have a blanket. They're in a bed. A huge bed by their standards, but still human sized. The whole room seems almost human sized. They sighed. It might have been nice to feel genuinely small, for once. Well, maybe this worked better, everything being just a bit over scaled, almost as if they'd been shrunk to a more manageable size, rather than making them feel overwhelmed by how far away everything was. Just imagine needing to get out of an Affini sized bed, especially one this comfortable. You'd get halfway and just fall back asleep from exertion. Falling back asleep didn't sound like a bad idea, right now. Which is probably exactly why they're starting to feel so restless. At least that means the xenodrug's out of their system.

The xenodrug. Right.

They were drugged, and... captured? rescued? from the Endless Horizons. By that really tall Affini. They knew that the Affini were supposed to be big. They'd seen them standing next to their humans, back before they had to stop watching the propaganda. Still, it was one thing to see it on a screen, and rather another to see it up close. Maybe they should apologise to that Affini for getting her hurt. It couldn't hurt to endear themself to their captors/rescuers. They contemplate sitting up, but that just seems hard right now. There's something else they're forgetting. Something important? Maybe they'll remember it later. When they're more awake.

They should get out of bed. Probably. I mean, it's not like they have anything to do, but they should, right? They roll over to face the other way. Maybe they could roll their way out of the bed. They should probably get rid of the blanket, first. They reach up to the blanket and try to push it down, with some success. Maybe they can kick it the rest of the way off? They flail their legs a couple of times. The blanket is slowly working its way down. It's low enough that they can see that they're still wearing their uniform. They should probably be glad that they weren't stripped by the Affini, but they also hate the uniform. The Affini probably only have those garish, bright dresses, anyway. Not that the Affini dresses look bad, it's just... they can't help but feel like it would just draw more attention. At least they aren't wearing a collar. Wait. Are they wearing a collar? Their hands rushes to their neck. Nope, no collar, but... oh. Some sort of bracelet. There's only one, so it's probably not meant to stop them from doing things. It's probably some sort of monitoring device. They gently try to pull it off. Not that they actually want it gone, they just want to see how firmly attached it is. It moves just enough that they can scratch under it if they need to, but when they pull it past that, a yellow light flashes, and a gentle beep sounds.

Don't take the bracelet off. Got it.

Well, they're not restrained, so maybe the Affini are waiting for them to get up on their own? They kick out again, and the blanket finally seems to have released them. Now they just need to roll to the edge of the bed, slide their legs out, and stand up. First step: rolling. They roll over once. Still too far. Twice. Getting close. But this bed really is making them feel nice and small. They roll a third time, and find themself hanging over the edge for a brief moment, they flail out to grab at something, and manage to pull the blanket around themself as they overbalance and land on the floor with a gentle thud, thoroughly entangled in the blanket.

What seems like all of their blood rushes to their face. Fuck. At least the Affini aren't going to think they're a threat. The Affini will just think that they're completely useless. Incompetent. Maybe it'll be used as an excuse to make them a pet. They vaguely remembered something from the propaganda about only forcing domestication on people who needed it. They hear a muffled beep from the bracelet. They're going to be made into a pet because they fell out of a bed, and-

"Are you okay, petal?" The soft, familiar voice of the Affini from the Horizons stops their thoughts dead.

Their heart skips a beat, before thumping loudly in their ears.

Oh. Right.


That was the super important thing that they totally forgot.

They feel another wave of giddiness. Are there drugs in the bracelet? It's starting to beep pretty insistently, and they're definitely feeling weird. Good weird, like they'd finally solved an impossible problem. It almost feels like that night, when they finally started to realise who they were supposed to be, or at least, who they weren't supposed to be.

The Affini started to say something else, but all of the sounds seemed to blur together into a high pitched whine in their ears. They start to sit up, and their bracelet gives out a final authoritative beep, and they feel a wave of calm spread from their wrist spread out to cover them.

The Affini surges forwards and Petal collapses into her vines.

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