Subroutine Manager

Throw Science at the Wall, See What Sticks

by Etherealust

Tags: #D/s #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #pov:bottom #sub:female #drones #exhibitionism #robots #romantic #scifi

“Final check before we start. Are you absolutely certain you’re ready for this?”

I rolled my eyes at the question. “For the hundredth time, yes. I’m certain. I’m ready for this now. I want you to get in there and fuck my brain up.” Kay was being overly cautious as usual. Since my last breakdown, she’d been treating me like a delicate glass sculpture that could shatter at any moment. Which wasn’t entirely inaccurate, if I was being honest, but I really was feeling better this time. Kay had been prepping something special for today, and despite my constant pestering, she hadn’t given me a single clue. 

“Alright, one last thing before we start. Tell me your safewords.” There was a stern tone in Kay’s voice, almost like a schoolteacher going over the rules.

“Obsidian is I’m getting nervous, but it’s your choice whether to continue or not. Cerulean is to pause the scene for a bit. Arcadia is to stop everything and reset as much as possible back to normal ASAP.” It was a comprehensive list, but we were trying to be as safe as possible.

Kay had a cheeky grin on her face. “And the last one?”

I let out a deep sigh. “Marigold is ‘I love what you’re doing and want more of it but I’m too much of a scaredy-pants to admit it.’ I really don’t think it’s necessary.”

“Nonsense, you can never be too cautious when it comes to experiments. And today, my dear, we are going to experiment!” She held up a clipboard, revealing a lengthy checklist of some sort. She moved it away before I could get a proper look, but it appeared to be quite thorough. “Besides,” she continued, “I don’t want to be asking every thirty seconds if something is okay with you. We have a lot to get through, so the more ways you can quickly and easily express your feelings, the better.”

It was hard to disagree with that. We’d already established some boundaries, such as not tackling any serious issues with the app for now. There were too many risks and it wasn’t worth trying to fix something when we could just as easily make things worse. And besides, if I was being honest with myself, I wasn’t sure I wanted to overwrite all of my issues. That was the sort of thing that could lead me to an identity crisis over whether I still existed, or if I was fundamentally someone new. Although Kay could theoretically use the app to make me not have an existential crisis. In any case, we were planning to use it for hot sex first and address complex personal problems later. 

We’d also spoken at length over my feelings towards being forced to act more artificially. For whatever reason, the idea of being treated like an actual unthinking robot or even believing I was one was super hot. I knew there were plenty of humans into that sort of thing, so maybe that’s why it didn’t bother me as much as it should have. It didn’t trigger the negative feelings of dissonance that Kay insisted on calling dysphoria. If anything, it made me feel better about myself, since I knew my real mind wasn’t like that.

I’m a literal object with an objectification kink. Go figure. 

Explaining why I felt fine with it to Kay had been the hardest part. It didn’t work like her dysphoria at all, but she hadn’t tried to fight me on it either. The two of us had spent literal hours going over everything, making sure our boundaries were clear, and trying to understand my weird mindset as best as possible.

And this was the result. Kay with her laptop open, clipboard next to her, mad scientist lab coat and glasses on. I just had my basic sweatpants and tank top. And I was ready to get on with it already. “So now that that’s all cleared up, can you please tell me what you had in mind for today?”

Kay snapped a pair of rubber gloves on her hands. I had no idea where they came from. “Now, we’re going to do some experiments. All systems are ready to go. Are you good to start? Remember, I’m not going to stop unless you safeword.”

The mere thought caused a shiver to run through my system. “Hell yeah I’m ready, and you’d better not. Let’s get cracking.”

“Alright then. Test number one, begin.” Kay pressed a single button, then looked up at me. “Tell me what you see.”

My vision began to blur, as if the world was falling out of focus. Although strangely enough, Kay herself was crystal clear to me. I blinked rapidly, but it didn’t help. Everything around me was a vague blur except for my partner. “Woah, that’s so trippy. I can’t make out anything but you. Did you make it so I can’t see anything but Mistress or something?” The word fell out of my mouth without my control. “Wait, Mistress. You changed your name to Mistress as well, didn’t you.”

There was a mischievous grin on Kay’s face. “Well it appears that the first experiment was a success. Turns out I can pre-load certain functions and trigger them all at once, rather than searching through the app every time. That’ll be fun down the line.” She wrote some notes down in her clipboard. “Now, let’s make sure it’s as easy to undo.”

After a brief moment, my sight returned to normal. I no longer felt dizzy looking around the room. “All back to normal, Mistress.” This time I made a deliberate effort to call her by her title instead of using her name.

Kay’s eyes widened. “Wait, is it really still affecting you? You shouldn’t have the speech filter anymore. Hang on, I’m going to-” her rambling stopped as she noticed my playful grin. “For fuck’s sake Lina, you’re gonna give me a heart attack. Is it really fine?”

“I think so, Kay.” Saying her name out loud was verbal confirmation that her experiment had worked. “Yup, back to normal. Although I don’t mind calling you ‘Mistress’ as much as you might think.”

“Oh, you think that’s funny, do you? I’ll show you what happens when you mess with my scientific method. Let’s move onto something more strenuous, shall we?” Kay pressed another button, then simply waited. No response, no further taunting, just sitting back and watching me.

I felt myself tense up, but nothing happened. Nothing of note happened in my body. “Um, Kay? Are you sure it worked?” The anticipation was getting to me, and I felt a strange itch over my body. There was no way of knowing what she did. Then again, since we were still testing things out it might not have worked. 

Kay didn’t look fazed by my lack of response. “It’s alright, I’m not forcing you to do anything. I’m just going to sit here and see what happens.” Her calmness was infuriating, and I felt more and more unease with each moment. My skin was starting to prickle at the lack of engagement. 

That’s when I realized something was off. My skin didn’t prickle under normal circumstances. I looked down and started taking note of my body, trying to isolate the feeling. It was mainly coming from my torso and my legs, with an extra strong feeling around my breasts and groin. The areas that felt fine were my arms and face. The only places I wasn’t wearing clothes. “Really? That’s what you consider a harsh punishment, forcing me to strip? I literally just got dressed twenty minutes ago.” 

The feeling of discomfort was rising. Kay’s face only grew more smug by the moment. “I’m not forcing you to do anything. In fact, consider this a test of sorts. The point of this experiment is that I can make you do something of your own free will. So go ahead, see how long you can hold out. Prove me wrong.”

There it was. The gauntlet was thrown down, and I was ready to rise to the challenge. “Alright, fine. I’m going to wipe that arrogant smirk off your cute face.” Although my words were firm, the irritation was starting to get to me. The itch against my skin was rising, especially where my underwear was covering. 

Kay just watched my obviously growing disfomfort. It started with me fidgeting in place, then rubbing my body where the clothes were touching. Technically, Kay would only win if I fully stripped, so I could go down to my underwear and still not give up. Right? I pulled my top off, feeling a soothing sensation wash over me as my torso was exposed to the air. “I’m not conceding,” I protested once my outer layer was off. The itch was still there, but it was much more bearable now. “I’m not completely naked, so you haven’t won yet. Now can we move on to the next test?”

Rather than continuing our banter, Kay wrote some notes down on her clipboard. “Interesting. Either the program isn’t as powerful as expected, or if you’re just really stubborn. In any case I have a fun idea to figure things out.” She set her notes down and stared at me, a fierce challenge building in her eyes. “Let’s make a proper contest out of this. I’ll make a quick change, and if you can stay in your undies for two full minutes, you win. If not I win. Sound good?”

It was a difficult wager, but not an impossible one. And we still had to state our terms. “Alright, but you can’t outright force me. It has to be with the same type of system you’ve got running now.” I rubbed at my chest, trying not to think about how much it was already bothering me. “And if I win, you have to admit that your taste in music is worse than mine.”

She visibly flinched at the request. I knew I’d hit her weak spot, something that would actually matter. “Fine, but if I win I’m going to be absolutely merciless for the rest of the day. No more going nice on you.”

I hadn’t actually thought she was going nice on me before, but it would be worth it if I could make her admit techno-whalesong was garbage. And even if she made it hell, all I had to do was endure it for two minutes. “You’re on.”

Kay spent a moment fiddling around with the laptop. She set her phone out and got the timer ready. “And… start!” She activated the settings and began the countdown. Immediately the itch intensified, growing to an almost burning sensation. I doubled over, scratching at my chest and between my legs, doing my best to stay focused on the goal.

Thankfully I didn’t need a stopwatch like Kay did. Internal timekeeping was such a basic function that every robot on the planet could do it perfectly, even as a background process. I growled into the floor as the seconds dragged on, each one more agonizing than the last. It wasn’t exactly painful, but it somehow felt even worse. My mind drifted to the time Kay tried to explain what it felt like to do a plank. How after a certain point, even if it was just willpower, every second was torturous. 

But I wasn’t ready to give in. The time was almost up, and I let out a primal scream into my palm as the underwear burned against my skin. Finally, once I was on the brink of throwing in the towel, the time passed. I ripped off my remaining clothes and lay on the ground, panting, bathing in the sweet relief brought by nudity. “I did it.” The realization fully hit me. As powerful as the app was, it was no match for my sheer stubbornness and hatred for shitty music. 

However, my relief was short-lived as Kay had a cheeky grin on her face. “Not quite, my dear. My beautiful techno-whalesong won’t be insulted today.” She held up her phone, showing the timer was still going. It had only been a minute and a half.

A jolt of electricity ran across my skin. “How? That’s not possible! I counted the whole time. There’s literally a timer programmed into my brain, it couldn’t possibly-” I stopped myself mid-sentence. Of course Kay would find a way to cheat. “You conniving little bitch. You messed with my internal timekeeping functions.”

“And as a result, I believe that means I won the bet. On the plus side, you’re already dressed for what I have in store.” She stared down at my nude body, still laying on the floor. “Don’t spend too long down there. Although, I have to admit it’s fun seeing you squirm.”

My cheeks flushed at her comment. “Alright, geez. Just give me a second and I’ll be oMistress.” Both of us were caught off guard by the strange wording. I had tried to say ‘okay’ this time, but naturally it didn’t work. “OMistress. I’m guessing you added the voice filter again, but it affects all the words that sound like your name? Mistressble TV. PoMistressmon. H-I-J-Mistress-L-M-N-O-P.” 

Kay scrunched over as I tried sounding out words with her name in them. She got back to the laptop, chewing her lip in the way she always did when trying to hide her annoyance. “It’s a simple bug, should be easy enough to fix. If nothing else this is still valuable information for the tests.” Her eyes were glued to the screen as she spoke, and the lines of coding and options were reflected in her glasses.

“Basically, there are two ways I can use this app to influence you,” she explained. “Or rather two approaches I can take. The first is a very literal and direct change. You cannot cum. You feel X. And in this case, you say ‘Mistress’ when you try to say ‘Kay.’ The other method is based on your perception. That’s actually what I was testing before, when your clothes became hard to wear. Anything you perceive as clothing is increasingly uncomfortable on your skin.” She turned away from her keyboard to write some more notes down. “Now it should be working again. Saying the word ‘Kay’ in the context of a name will be overridden.”

Most of her words went over my head, but I pretended to listen. “If you say so, Mistress. Okay then.” Evidently her fix was working.

Now that the bug was fixed, Kay was shifting back into devious mode. “Now, I believe we were about to move on to the next experiment. This time, I want you to stand up and hold your arms out in a ‘T’ pose, but with your legs gently spread. And remember, if you don’t behave I can always force you.”

As fun as it was to push her and brat around, I did want to see what she had planned. I stood upright, keenly aware of my nudity, and held the requested stance. My arms were spread out like a scarecrow, and my feet were about shoulder width apart. “So how long do I have to stand here like a weird starfish?”

“You know, it’s funny you should mention that. How long will you stay like that indeed. Go ahead, you can put your arms down.” I tried to relax, but my arms remained in place. My legs and torso wouldn’t move either. I grunted as I attempted to move, but all of my limbs were locked in place.

“I’m gonna go ahead and assume you had something to do with this?” The situation reminded me of when we first used the app, since I was plugged in and unable to move. But then I’d been sitting limp on the ground. This time, it was like all of my joints had gone completely rigid. Nothing below my neck would respond to movement. “I guess you can call this experiment a success.”

There was a chuckle from behind the laptop. “You think we’re finished with this? Lina, we’re just done with the setup for the next round of testing. I need to see what all we can do with this.” She got up and walked behind me, running her hands up and down my body. I could feel the light sensation of her fingers tracing along. When Kay got to my hands, she gently pushed down, only to be met with resistance. My arms refused to budge from their positions. “Fascinating. They’re really locked in place, unable to move. How’s your sensation?”

“Same as normal.” I tried to move my arms, both falling with the pressure and pushing against it, but to no avail. “If anything it feels stronger, since my body can’t respond like I want it to. Are you planning to see what it takes to move or something like that?”

“Something like that. We’re going to find out just how rigid you are like this.” Kay walked over to the corner of the room, grabbing a pair of bags that were stashed away. I could see her straining under their weight as she lugged them over to me. “I filled these up with some old textbooks earlier. A little over fifteen kilos each. Be a dear and try not to drop them, would you?” With a bit of effort, she hoisted the first bag up and hung it on my arm, just past the wrist. I didn’t move an inch. She put the second bag on my left arm with similar effect.

It was as if the weights weren’t even there. I could feel a pressure hanging down, but even holding them at such an awkward angle, my metal limbs had no risk of buckling. I couldn’t have dropped them if I wanted to. “Not bad, but you’ll need to add a few more if you think I’m going to break from this. I’m pretty sure this is only a fraction of the recommended safety limits.” I wasn’t entirely sure what Kay was playing at, but I knew she had some sort of a plan. 

My fears were confirmed when Kay pulled out her next instrument of torture. My eyes widened in horror at the item she brandished in her hand, something I knew would bring untold amounts of misery. I craned my neck backwards, trying to distance myself as much as possible, but with my body immobile it was no use. “No, you can’t do that. Please. Mistress, listen to me!” My pleas fell on deaf ears as she approached.

“I’m not interested in doing a full stress test, but I think this will be just as fun. For me at least.” Kay’s voice was dripping with malicious glee. “I might’ve actually listened to you if it weren’t for that little wager we made. But as it stands, you don’t get to complain.” And with that, Kay whipped out the feather in her hand and began tickling my sides with it.

I howled with laughter as Kay traced up and down my torso with the feather. My skin couldn’t even recoil or tighten at the mark, so I was left completely defenceless. I remained still as a statue as the ticklish torment continued. 

Kay alternated between slow strokes along my torso and quick bursts where she twirled the tip of the feather in a single spot. The bags I was holding onto didn’t even wobble, as much as I wanted to throw them down and protect myself. It was as if everything below my neck was disconnected. But the sensations were all too strong, and their intensity was proof I was anything but disconnected. Things only got worse when she moved to my erogenous regions. She brought the feather along my breasts, eliciting a moan as she went over each nipple, laughing at my predicament. 

“Fuck that’s intense,” I panted between her teasing. “I’m not sure I can handle much more of this.” Normally I would be shaking at this point, and the fact that I couldn’t just meant there was all this tense energy built up inside with no outlet.

Kay simply moved downwards. “I hope you don’t think we’re finished here. You brought this one yourself, and now it’s time to reap the benefits. After all, it’s all in the name of science.” She moved the feather between my legs and began toying with my vulva. 

It was too much. I still hadn’t fully recovered, and this was only going to be worse. “Marigold.” The safeword fell out of my mouth, but it wasn’t the one I had tried to say. Instead of the I’m getting nervous and might want to slow down codeword it was the I want you to do this to me more and harder codeword. “Marigold. Fuck, Marigold. I’m trying to say Marigold. Mistress, what the fuck did you do?”

There was a snicker from beneath me as Kay continued teasing me with her feather. “My my, I had no idea you were so eager for this. I told you we needed a word for you to admit you’re a little bitch who just wants more punishment.” She paused her teasing and wrapped her hand around my butt, groping it while she teased my cunt. “Your other safewords are fine. But we agreed Obsidian would still be up to my discretion, and I’ve decided my discretion is that you need more.” And with that, she got right back to her torment.

Although I was immobile, my skin was able to move around as normal. Which meant that Kay was able to get right between my legs and tease my vulva without issue. Although my legs weren’t spread out very far, it was enough for her to stroke up and down the folds with little issue. Since my clit wasn’t exposed at the time, I thought it would be safe. That didn’t last long. Kay got her fingers involved, and since there were no joints frozen in place, I was every bit as malleable as usual down there. 

Once she had my clit out Kay began brushing it with the feather as well. I cried out with both laughter and arousal, a combination I had no idea was possible until today. “It sounds like someone’s having a good time,” Kay said in a mocking tone. I must’ve looked ridiculous to anyone who could see, locked in place as if petrified while tears of laughter streaked down my face.

After what felt like ages, Kay pulled the feather back. She examined the bags on my arms and ensured that they weren’t swaying in place. “Fascinating,” she commented, examining her handiwork. “You really are completely unable to move.”

I did my best to give her a death glare. “Yeah, no fucking duh. Did it really take you that long to figure it out?” My face was still twitching from the overstimulation, so I doubted I actually looked that intimidating. Kay pulled the heavy bags from my wrists, moving them off to the side, and gently pulled me down until I was laying on the floor. 

“Aww, did the poor little baby have a rough time? Was that too scary for you?” As much as I wanted to give a snarky response, being talked down to in such a way only sent a wave of arousal up my spine. Kay snickered as she saw my cheeks begin to blush. “I think you enjoyed that more than you let on.”

I wanted to bury my face in shame, but I still couldn’t move. “Fuck you and shut up. Can you let me move again already?” 

Kay exhaled an over dramatic sigh. “Fine, fine. We’ve collected all the information we need for now. I’ve got a special surprise to try out as well, but we can save that for later.” I shot her a curious glance, but Kay had returned to the laptop. Soon afterwards I was able to move freely again. I stood up, shook my arms around, and jumped in place. It was nice to have control over my limbs again. 

Although I was still a bit curious about the ‘surprise’ Kay had in store, I decided to drop it for now. She was busy recording her findings and setting up whatever was next. I walked up behind her and tried to look at the clipboard. “Got any useful information so far, Mistress?” 

Rather than hiding her work from my sight, she pushed it into my hands. “Plenty of good stuff so far. Go ahead and take a look for yourself, I’m going to set up the next test.” I was a little surprised at her reaction. After how hard she’d tried to keep everything secret, now she was just letting me read through her checklist. But as I started examining it, her motives became clear.

The clipboard was illegible. Not from messy writing, and not because of any sort of formatting. I literally couldn’t make out any of the words. I stared at it, with everything either in plain text or clear handwriting, but it just wasn’t registering. “To keep things simple, I’ve made you illiterate for now,” Kay explained. “Wouldn’t want you spoiling anything for yourself. Especially with what we’re doing next.”

I set down the clipboard and looked at her. “What exactly are we doing next then? Do I get any hints?”

“So far, we’ve done a lot of stuff with the physical. Now we’re going to test a few mental changes. Be a dear and try to stay aware of anything strange, okay? I want to see if you can change without knowing it, even as you’re trying to fight it.” She hit the enter key and then watched me with rapt attention.

My body was tense, still not fully recovered from the prior onslaught. Now I had to be on full guard. I thought about myself, about Kay, and everything I had strong opinions on. Focusing on them was the best way to tip myself off if something started to change. I was so focused on it that I didn’t notice the actual change until it was finished. The gels beneath my skin were active again, this time contracting and growing smaller. By the time I realized my chest was shrunken down, now barely a set of A-cups and reminiscent of a pair of pancakes. 

“Are you serious? You shrank my tits? I thought you were going to do something mental, not physical.” 

Kay raised an eyebrow at my protest. “What makes you think that was it? And what do you mean ‘I shrank your tits?’ There’s nothing different about you.”

There was a strange fuzziness in my mind, as if it was filled with static. But it didn’t last long. Soon my head was clear, and I was able to focus again. Why had I accused Kay of changing me? My breasts were the same small size as always. “I don’t know, I just… I thought something was different.” I remembered the app, and how she said she was going to change something. “Hey, you did twist my mind! I don’t know how, but I’m going to figure it out.” 

Kay patted me on the head. “If you say so dear. Just don’t let it get in the way of your normal duties.” Her words confused me for a moment. It sounded unfamiliar, but then it snapped into place. My duties to a woman with a larger bust.

Sometimes I wished I’d been built with a bigger chest. Not because I wanted them for myself, but to get out of the extra work. All women had to be subservient and follow the orders of any other women with a larger cup size. And since I was as flat as it gets, that meant I was at the bottom of the totem pole. “Yeah yeah, I know how it is,” I said in a consigned tone. “What did you want me to do first?”

There was a blink of surprise from Kay, but her shocked look vanished as quickly as it had arrived. “Well, I think I know what we can start out with.” She picked up her laptop and headed to the couch, plopping down on it with a thud. She then stretched her legs out, making a point to wiggle her toes in the process. “I could use a good foot rub at the moment. Mind helping me out?”

“Not like I have a choice in the matter,” I grumbled as I followed her. Kay was pretty good about her hygiene, so it wasn’t like her feet were sweaty and disgusting, but it was still degrading to have to tend to her. But that was just how things worked. She had a medium-sized chest, with her breasts being around C cups, so I had to obey her.

I took her left foot in my hands and began rubbing it, massaging her tender soles. “Oh, that’s the spot,” she called out as I serviced her. She cleared her throat before speaking again. “So, while you’re down there, do you mind telling me about why you have to do your duties?”

The question threw me off guard. I stared at her like she’d grown a second head. “What sort of question is that? You know damn well how the hierarchy works. The bigger the boobs, the more their authority. Yeah it sucks but we have to follow the orders of anyone with a larger cup size.” 

Kay thought for a moment before responding. “And what about me? Would you still be with me if you didn’t have to?”

I paused my massaging and stared at her in bewilderment. “Mistress, what the fuck is wrong with you today? Obviously I still would. That’s never been in question.” I resumed my work, making sure to run my fingers between each of her toes. “I do wish you wouldn’t be so smug about it all the damn time though.”

My response appeared to ease her mood. “It’s fine, I just like hearing it from you directly.” She pulled her foot back, holding the other one up in its place. “Although a flat chested slut like you should know better than to complain. So for this one, make sure to use your tongue as well.” 

I rolled my eyes at her, but I followed her command nonetheless. Giving her a footbath was one of the more annoying things she commanded of me, but overall I couldn’t complain. With boobs as tiny as mine I was lucky this was all she made me do.

“So, I know this is going to sound weird, but humour me no matter how strange it sounds. Tell me about the ruling system and our political leaders.” Kay’s question was another obvious one, it was… the strange fuzz from earlier filled my head. It was like my brain went static for a brief moment.

“Um, the political leaders are all the people with the biggest tits. They command others, so it makes sense for them to be on top, right?” I didn’t know why I was asking. This was basic information that everyone should know, including Kay and myself. I went back to her feet and hoped she would drop the subject.

Unfortunately she only pressed further. “Right, but do those standards apply around the world, or is it only here? And what about augmentations? Do people get surgeries or implants for the sole purpose of raising their status in the world?”

Once again, her questions caused me to short out. My focus was broken as the circuits in my mind struggled to find their proper connection. “I… I don’t know. People just don’t change their boob size, it’s all natural. And around the world… some places do? But others don’t?” My head was starting to hurt. Things weren’t making sense anymore. I did my best to focus on her feet, since at least massaging them made sense.

Kay only got more eager as I struggled to focus. “You’re doing great sweetie, but just one more question. Do you remember the app, and how I can change your cup size at will?”

Of course I remembered. The whole point of this was testing out the Subroutine Manager. And that let her change my body, which was built in with the ability to adjust itself. But that didn’t make sense with how I’d always been the same size. She could make me bigger or smaller, but she never had. And other people could as well. And the hierarchy of boob size was more a social thing, but it was also a political thing, and it all had to make sense but it didn’t and-

“Aaargh!” A shock went through my head and I recoiled from Kay. I knelt on the ground, holding my head in my palm, unable to think clearly. After a brief moment the static began to clear. Everything went back to normal, and most importantly, I remembered. 

The world we lived in was not some strange fetish place where bust size determined your status. Kay had made me smaller with the app. And she had used the app to mess with my mind as well.

“Wow, that was… that was one hell of a trip.” I was still reeling from the experience, but things were making sense again. The memories were still vivid, but I was able to separate the fictional ones from reality. It was like after getting overly engrossed in a book and it takes a bit to adjust to your own world again.

Kay ran a gentle hand through my hair. “Are you feeling alright? That got more intense than I thought it would.” I enjoyed the sensation of her body on mine. It helped ground me in the present again.

I grabbed her head and pulled her in for a sloppy kiss. At first she leaned into it and got her tongue involved, but after a brief moment she pulled back, evidently recalling where my mouth had just been. I laughed as she held her tongue out and tried to spit out the taste of her own feet. “That’s what you get for messing with me like that,” I said in a jovial tone. “But wow, what an experience. I totally believed the world was a completely different place.”

After a light smack on the head, Kay got back to her clipboard. “It was highly informative as well. All I did was set your memories to a world where smaller boobs obeyed bigger boobs, and your mind filled in the rest. It’s remarkable how little information was needed for you to get a completely new set of memories.” She tapped the pen on her paper. “Although I suppose we can’t push it too hard. You were fine until I started asking questions, and once the holes were poked it got dangerous. So in general, when we do this again, it’ll be under an ‘it’s best if we don’t think about it’ approach.”

The fact that she said when and not if didn’t go unnoticed. “I wonder if I would’ve realized on my own? Sure you pointed out the inconsistencies, but they would’ve crossed my mind eventually. And of course interacting with other people would be a direct discrepancy.” 

“All good questions, all to be answered another time. We’ll have to put an asterisk here for further testing at a later time. This time I pulled you out with the app, setting your memories back to normal, but who knows what would’ve happened if I’d left you there?” Her playful expression was replaced with a more concerned one. “Although we’ll need to be careful. You looked like you were in a lot of pain, and I don’t want to hurt you. At least not too badly.” I shook my head. Some things would never change with her. “In any case,” she continued, “get yourself ready. This next one might be a real doozy for you.”

Considering how intense the last one had been, I was more than a little wary of what was coming next. But the prior experience had taught me that fighting against the program was a fool’s errand. For now, I was content to brace myself and be swept away with whatever crazy idea was running through Kay’s mind. I closed my eyes, steadied myself, and prepared to have my mind blown, potentially literally. “I’m ready.”

Kay chuckled at my eagerness. “I’m glad to hear it, but there’s no need. I just finished.”

That certainly wasn’t what I’d expected. “Wait, you mean you already made the changes?” I did a quick mental inventory, but nothing appeared out of the ordinary. Not that my own checks were worth much. 

But my confusion was dismissed with a hand-wave gesture. “No, I mean the test is done. I did what I wanted and set you back to how you were beforehand.” She finished writing her notes and looked up at me. “Although, to be more specific, this part here is the real test. The results are the interesting part of this experiment. Do you truly not remember anything?”

I shook my head. “Essentially I just blinked. We were just talking about getting ready. And now you’re saying we did something else entirely?” I wracked my mind, but nothing came up, no matter how much I focused on the moment that was allegedly gone. “I think you’re fucking with me. You’ve gotta admit, this sounds like a prank.”

Kay huffed at my remark. “I guess you’re not wrong, that does sound like something I would do. This experiment was to see if I could take you through selective experiences without realizing it, and then have you remember afterwards. So let’s see if that part works.” She hit the enter key, and it was like a switch went off inside me. 

I remembered what we had done. I remembered her turning me into a mindless drone, incapable of resisting orders or speaking out of turn. I hadn’t been protesting either. I was a drone, both inside and out. My mind had been thoroughly warped. Kay didn’t do too much with me this time, but she had me bend over and crouch on the ground, enough for me to use my back as a stool. I had crystal clear memories of her grabbing a crossword puzzle and sitting on me, using me as a chair while she filled it out.

She hadn’t kept it up for long. After around five minutes she had set it down, instructing me to return to my exact prior position. I’d done just that, sitting properly with my eyes closed, when everything returned to normal. There was an entire gap in my memory that had been completely erased and perfectly refilled.

“Wow.” It was a simple comment, but it was all I could make. “You can really just make me forget something ever happened.”

Kay looked a bit nervous for once. “It was just a trial run for now. I wanted to make sure we can get your memories back before escalating this idea. Tell me, what all do you recall now that the test is finished?”

I relayed to her my experience. She nodded as I described what happened, checking off a few boxes along the way. “Everything sounds good to me. We’ll have to try some long-term experiments as well, to see if you ever remember something on your own. Further testing is definitely required on this topic.”

Her clinical response was met with an eye roll. “Whatever you say, Doctor Mistress.” In truth, I was starting to get overwhelmed with everything that had happened. We’d been through so much in such a short amount of time, and I didn’t know how much more I’d be able to take. “How many more of these tests do you have planned?”

Kay had a sympathetic smile for once. “There’s only one more. You’ve done great so far, and I think it’s time for a little reward. Follow me.” I perked up as she grabbed the laptop and walked into the bedroom, humming quietly as she always did when she was excited. When I got to the bedroom with her, she was already taking off her clothes. The laptop was resting on our nightstand. “I’ve been so fucking hard watching you, and according to your readouts you’re just as horny as I am, if not more.”

She wasn’t wrong here, on either count. All of our playing had gotten me worked up, and seeing her brown cock spring into action when she pulled her panties off was plenty of encouragement. I was ready to jump on her then and there, but this was technically still an experiment, and she was in charge. For the time being at least. “Any position you especially want me in?” 

She shook her head. “I’ll let you pick this time. As annoying as you’ve been, you’ve earned at least that much.” 

I weighed my options carefully. Kay hadn’t specified which hole she wanted to use, so that meant it was up to me. Anal would be a fun option to see if she still had the ruleset that messed with my intelligence when anything was up my butt. And I did want to taste her juicy cock in my mouth. But neither of those were my top priority. Above all else, today I wanted to get fucked HARD. 

Even though we hadn’t unequipped my vagina since discovering the app, we hadn’t done any typical penetration with it yet. I figured it was time that changed. I hopped up on the bed, on all fours, presenting my back end to her like a bitch in heat. With one hand I reached down between my legs to part my labia for her. “Don’t be gentle.”

Kay didn’t need to be told twice. She was already fully erect, and with my lubrication systems at full capacity, there was no need to prepare further. She thrust into me, her cock filling up my tight cunt. I didn’t bother with the pretence of preserving my dignity. Instead, I began to moan, shaking my hips and grinding back into her. 

We fell into a steady rhythm. Kay was doing most of the work, but I was helping her in my own way. One advantage that came with having a synthetica vagina was that I had complete control over my body down there, far beyond what would be humanly possible. So in addition to her movements I clenched down on her cock, stroking it inside of me in tandem with her thrusts. A series of grunts came from behind me, and I knew I was doing well. She was getting close. And truthfully, so was I. I didn’t know if she had my sensitivity increased, but everything felt more erotic than our usual sex. Maybe it was everything leading up to that point. Maybe it was a placebo effect. 

My climax was swiftly approaching, and I knew Kay was close as well. She leaned down on top of me, her tits pressing into my back, still thrusting her hips at about the same pace. I was sandwiched between her body and the bed, her arms on top of mine, her head just behind me. I felt her deep kisses along my neck, playing my body like an instrument. She then moved forwards and whispered something directly into my ear. 

“Remember the little surprise I mentioned earlier? I think it’s time you learned what it was. It’s time to complete the final experiment.” Her hand darted over to the laptop on our nightstand, pressing the enter key like she had so many times before. “Make sure to tell me everything you feel.”

At first, nothing happened. Everything was the same as before. Both Kay and I had slowed our pace, now moving our hips at a moderate pace rather than the frantic thrusting of before. I almost believed that nothing would actually happen. Almost. But then, to my absolute dismay, I felt it again. The motherfucking feather from earlier.

“I’ve discovered a little function that lets me record feedback and replay it to you,” Kay explained. I was having a hard time listening. I was busy squirming about beneath her, feeling the sensation of her tickling my sides despite being pressed against the bed. “Essentially, your sense of touch is receiving the exact same signals as before. But I guess you don’t need me to tell you that when you’re feeling it firsthand.”

There were two sensations at once. First was the obviously real sensation of Kay, as she went back to fucking me at full pace. It was the hard and rough feeling that I craved. But just as real was her light teasing, with the feather tickling along my sides and onto my breasts. It was a mix of sensory overload that nearly caused my brain to short-circuit.

“Marigold, Marigold!” This time I wasn’t even trying to call out my safeword. Kay was right, I did need a separate word for ‘I’m a needy bitch who wants it harder.’ That was far more words than I was capable of saying at the moment. “Harder Mistress, fuck me!” My face was buried into the pillow, my ass pointing upwards towards my tormenter.

Kay gave me a firm slap on my rear as she increased the pace of her thrusting. “I knew you would like that, you little slut. I knew you needed a punishment for your actions.” As if she had timed it, the invisible feather moved lower down on me. Maybe she had planned it out. The recording was at the place where she had started to tease my vulva and my clit. Only at the moment, I was getting plenty of action down there already. The two feelings coursed through my body at the same time, gentle and rough, the light and frustrating tickle and the hard cock going balls deep in me. 

I was finished. I was at the peak of my own pleasure, writhing in all places, tears freely streaming down my face from the overwhelming mix of sensations. My cunt was going through two different experiences at the same time and I was having a harder time telling them apart. I was right on the edge, ready to cum, but I wasn’t able to on my own. No matter how hard I tried I wasn’t able to push myself over the edge. With growing horror, I realized her previous trigger was still in place. Whether or not I got to climax would be completely up to her. “Please Mistress, Please let me cum!” There was nothing more I could do. I was at her mercy, and from the sounds of things, she wasn’t in a particularly merciful mood.

“Oh, so now you want me to give you everything you want. After a whole day of making things difficult and getting in the way. Are you sorry for your disobedient behaviour?” Her voice was firm as she continued thrusting into me, she shaft going as deep as possible with every thrust. My body was shaking as the vibrations slammed me into the pillow.

“Yes Mistress, I’m sorry! I’ve been a bad girl and I promise I’ll do what you say from now on. I’m sorry for everything, so please can I cum!” 

There was a moment of silence from behind me. “You know, it’d be a real dick move to make you grovel like that only to deny you your release.” A chill ran down my spine. All that and she still wasn’t going to let me orgasm. With a final grunt, Kay pulled my hips tight into hers as she reached her climax. I felt my insides getting splattered with her cum, with Kay reaching her satisfying orgasm at my own expense. I was left panting and desperate but unable to get my own release. Now that she was growing soft I was left with only the feeling of the devilish feather, taunting my frustrated loins as I hung on the edge of an orgasm.

“But I suppose I can help you out this time.” Kay shoved two of her fingers into my butthole. A climax instantly hit as my mind started to drain. There were too many feelings, and I literally couldn’t process everything at once. A babble of incoherent words fell from my mouth and into the pillow as the orgasm wracked my body. 

Once I was finished convulsing, Kay lay her head next to mine, our thighs still sticky with a mix of our fluids. The tickling sensation had finally stopped, so we were simply enjoying the afterglow. “So how was it? Did you like having multiple senses of touch at a time?” 

My eyes were wide as I looked at her. “You have no fucking clue how strange that was. Maybe it’s the fact that there were multiple playbacks competing for space, but it was much more intense than the sum of its parts.” I could see the gears already starting to turn in her head. “Although as fun as it was, I’d rather not have this be one of the features that we push the limits on. That means no stacking layers upon layers of body recordings.” At least, not yet.

Kay let out a disappointed sigh, but I could tell it was in jest. “You know me too well. I guess we can file that idea away for now.” She gently ran her fingers through my hair. “Don’t think I’ll be letting you finish like that every time though. I do want to try some medium or long term orgasm denial, so I mean it when I say I won’t let you cum every time.” She snuck a hand between us and began fondling one of my tiny tits. “I’ll keep mixing up the way it works though. Wouldn’t want you to get too complacent.”

I giggled and gave her tits a light squeeze in return. “I guess I’ll have to be on my best behaviour, or else you’re going to make things extra nasty for me.” The question hung in the air, almost like a challenge. We both knew that I would certainly not be on my best behaviour over the next few days, and I was already looking forward to her making me regret it.

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