Subroutine Manager

Just A Prank

by Etherealust

Tags: #D/s #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #pov:bottom #sub:female #drones #exhibitionism #robots #romantic #scifi

Important news for recurring readers. There have been some rewrites with the previous chapter 15, and it has effectively been split into two new chapters (15 and 16). Both of them consist of existing elements, but are mostly new chapters. I would recommend reading both of them and treating them like they're brand new.

It felt rather calm in our apartment. Kay hadn’t been messing around before when she’d mentioned trying some long-term denial, so despite being the central attraction, I hadn’t even gotten any proper relief. Yet despite the fact that I was kept in a perpetual state of horniness, internally everything was much calmer. Opening up to my friends about the app had lifted a weight that I hadn’t even realised was there. Their eagerness to help was a relief as well. Not that I’d been doubting them, but it was nice to have the extra assurance.

Kay was out at the moment, doing her weekly grocery shopping, and I knew she’d be back any moment. I was practically ready to jump on her when she did. I was craving an intimate session with just the two of us, although to be fair that wasn’t particularly unique. But today I was especially horny and ready to go, and I wanted to prepare a nice treat for when she returned. 

“Hmm, what should I put on for her?” I was talking to myself while looking through her dresser. Really it was our dresser, considering how often we wore each other's clothing. This happened to be one such occasion. I had what I considered a brilliant plan, and although I felt like a gremlin rooting through her underwear drawer, I soon found what I was looking for. Kay’s favourite lingerie. A black lacy set, one that left little to the imagination.

It didn’t take long to slip into them. I took a moment to admire myself in the mirror, twisting around to see my backside. It was easy to understand why Kay liked this pair. If I wasn’t careful I’d end up staining them before we even got started, although I doubted she would mind.

The next order of business was to light the scented candles. Kay was always fond of the pumpkin scent, regardless of what season it was. I wasn’t a particularly huge fan. It’s not like I could smell them, and there was always the risk of setting off my internal smoke alarm. Overall though I was neutral on the concept, and I had to admit that it did set up some nice romantic lighting.

Everything was done in the nick of time. Almost the moment I finished lighting the last candle I heard the key turn, and I had to dart into place. Although I didn’t exactly look sexy scrambling into a seductive pose on the bed, I looked damn good once I was there. Laying on my side, legs spread apart, one hand right between my thighs. After a brief moment, I heard Kay calling out. “You here babe? Are those candles I smell?”

A grin crept across my face. “Yeah, in the bedroom. Come see me.”

That caught her attention quickly. In almost no time, Kay was opening the bedroom door. Her eyes widened as she took in everything. It was easy to see her eyes lingering over my body. “Are those my bra and panties you’re wearing?”

“Sure are. Don’t tell me you’re complaining.”

She laughed and shook her head. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were trying to get something from me. Is my poor baby feeling too hot and bothered?”

A light blush crept into my cheeks. “Maybe. Maybe I just want a romantic night with you. Either way, are you planning to join me or what?”

Although Kay looked eager, she paused before continuing. “It might have to be an ‘or what.’ Something happened that you might want to know about.” That didn’t sound as good. My mind raced with possibilities, and although I was praying it was something insignificant, I had a bad feeling about what was coming. “While I was out, I think I misplaced my phone. I can’t find it in my purse anywhere. Hopefully it’s just sitting on a counter somewhere, but it’s possible that somebody took it.”

Immediate dread shot through my body. “But that means…” I didn’t have to explain myself. As much as I trusted Kay with my life, the notion of a total stranger having that much control was a completely different story. “Where did you look? Are you sure it wasn’t stolen?” Kay tended to be extremely protective with her stuff, even more so nowadays given the circumstances. The worst case scenario was that somebody knew and was targeting her, and by extension, targeting me.

“I’m sure it’s fine,” Kay responded. She slid next to me on the bed and began running her hands across my body. “Even if someone did open up my phone, and they did find the app, it’s not like they’d believe it was real. If anything it looks like it’s just a game. You wanted a romantic date, so let’s not get distracted by this.”

My hands instinctively smacked Kays away. It wasn’t hard, but it was firm. She was being way too casual about this. “Kay, Arcadia. If this is part of a game you’re playing I want to know.” My systems were starting to go haywire, and I knew that if I had lungs they’d be hyperventilating.

She recoiled back, an expression of horror on her face. “Oh shit. Sorry, it *was* a game. You’re safe, I have my phone right here.” She fumbled around with her pocket for a moment before pulling it out. “See? I still have it, and you’re perfectly fine.”

Seeing it was a massive relief. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough to fully wash away the gross and unpleasant thoughts inside, and I was left feeling overall kind of shitty. “Ugh. Sorry about that, I just… ugh.”

Kay shook her head. “No, that’s on me. I was planning to do this fun and sexy ‘oh no it’s not me, you’re being controlled by a total stranger’ routine. I guess I didn’t consider the reality of it.” She leaned in close, gently wrapping her arm around me. “And you put in so much work into preparing this for me. I really fucked up, sorry for the mood killer.”

I sat up properly, leaning into her embrace. “Nah, don’t beat yourself up. It was a fine idea.” Now that we were past the initial nervousness, I could understand where she’d been coming from. “It is a pretty hot scenario. Just not one I’d like to actually happen.”

“Hmm.” Kay drummed her fingers against my thigh. “You want to do some type of memory play? It’d be a bit awkward, but I could probably make you forget and then ease your nerves so you don’t freak out.”

It was a tempting idea, but it didn’t feel right. “Maybe not with this one.” I was still trying to think of a way to make it work. There had to be a way we could play out this fantasy, but in a safer way that wouldn’t risk triggering me.

The idea struck like a lightning bolt. It was so obvious I felt stupid that I hadn’t thought of it, or that we hadn’t tried anything similar yet. “Hey, why don’t we just treat it like a normal roleplay?”

Kay furrowed her brow. “What do you mean? This whole situation is about as abnormal as you can get.”

“No, like we just don’t fiddle with my mind - at least not when it comes to knowing what’s really happening. You do the same routine as before and go ‘oh no, someone stole my phone.’ Then I go along with it, and we just pretend that’s the scenario.”

“I mean that’s… yeah I can see that working.” Kay’s voice was picking up, and I could tell she was glad she hadn’t completely ruined our sexytimes. “So long as that doesn’t sound too bland to you or anything.”

I shrugged my shoulders. “Hey, lots of couples do erotic roleplays without sexy mysterious devices that make one party believe it’s really happening. Why don’t we do the same? And besides, you’ll still be able to go nuts on me.” 

Kay was still looking a little worried. “Are you sure? I don’t want you to feel like you have to do this for my sake. I know I pushed it a bit too far with this idea.”

I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. “Kay, I’m fine. Really. Yeah I was freaked out, and I’ll admit I’m still feeling a bit jittery, but that doesn’t mean we have to give up on this.”

Thankfully, she seemed to understand this time. “Alright, sure. Let’s do this. Although, you think we start with something more casual? I don’t know about you, but I’m not really in the mood for sex at the moment anymore.”

“Yeah, me neither to be honest.” Although we had reached an agreement, I wasn’t quite as raring to go as I had been. “I’ll get dressed, but I’m keeping the undergarments. Then we can put on a show and get handsy over time.” It was strange discussing so blatantly what we were going to do, but it was a little  refreshing as well. Not everything needed to be shrouded in mystery. “Sound good to you?”

“It does, but just one quick thing first. Do you mind putting your dick on again?”

A little while later we were snuggled up together on the couch, a single blanket covering both of us. Kay had got a dumb sitcom showing, but I was only half paying attention to it. Neither of us were really interested in watching TV. As Kay set the remote down and pressed her body against mine, she spoke up. “Oh, by the way, I misplaced my phone earlier. Some total stranger might’ve found it and assumed the app that controls you was just a game.”

I responded with a gasp, my surprise just as fake as my breath. “Oh no, how horrible! I sure hope they don’t do any mischievous sexy things while we’re trying to have a wholesome date night.” It was corny as hell, but sometimes corny was good. It was a little fun to do a more conventional roleplay as well.

Kay just shrugged her shoulders. “Really, what are the odds of that happening? I’m sure everything will be fine.” To be honest, I was a little curious how she was planning to manage things. If I saw her using her phone, it would break the illusion, so it’s not like our play was going to be normal. 

It didn’t take long for her games to start. Before the opening credits were finished, I felt my hands moving on their own. They moved towards my chest, and in an instant, pinched down hard on my nipples. 

“Ouch!” I yelped in pain at my own actions. “What the fuck was that?”

“Aww, such a shame. Maybe that mysterious stranger thinks they’re playing a game of some sort?” I glared daggers into Kay, but she maintained an innocent expression. Even though I could still move my arms, with my fingers firmly latched onto my nipples, allI could do was tug awkwardly at my breasts and move my elbows in a pattern that mimicked a chicken wing.

Naturally, the teasing didn’t stop there. Soon after I felt the all too familiar sensation of a blowjob. It was just as if a warm and wet mouth was bobbing up and down my enlarged cock. Which was a bit disorientating, given that it was still in my pants and nothing was actually directly touching it.

I shifted in place. “Damn. This… stranger is really getting me worked up. They sure know how to tease me.” The movie was in full swing now, but I’d missed most of the character introductions, so nothing made much sense. It looked like a comedy, but it was impossible to tell. Hopefully it wouldn’t make me laugh too hard, or I’d accidentally elbow Kay in the face.

The phantom blowjob continued, amping up in intensity. I was a little frustrated that I couldn’t even reach down to touch myself. I was left squirming awkwardly in frustration, trying not to think about what felt like a mouth sucking me off inside my pants. Kay leaned against me, snuggling in close as if it was a perfectly normal movie night. “Come on, it can’t be bothering you that much. Can’t you just enjoy the movie?”

I was ready to respond with some rather choice words, but before I was able to, a new sensation joined in. Something probing at my anus. “Oh you conniving little bitch,” I whispered in a low tone. Still loud enough that she could hear it of course. Then I continued in a normal tone. “I don’t know, that… stranger who stole your phone, they’re doing some pretty hot stuff. Hotter than anything you’ve ever come up with.” That was a blatant lie, but I could see the fire lighting in her eyes.

“Is it now? You enjoy being treated like a piece of meat for a total stranger? Someone who thinks they’re just playing a silly game? Good to know, I’ll keep that in mind.” It was strange, because I still couldn’t see her using her phone, but I knew she had to have it somewhere. I didn’t have much of an opportunity to ponder the situation, however. The phantom finger probing my anus inserted itself, and I could feel it curling inside of me. 

I tried to shift my weight in an attempt to bring relief, but of course, there was nothing there. I let out a frustrated groan as I clenched and unclenched my thighs, though of course it was to no avail. The only thing I accomplished was making Kay laugh at my plight. Even though my erection was struggling to get free from my panties, I felt the slow and sensual blowjob as if it was completely fresh.

Thankfully I had one saving grace. Against all odds, for whatever reason, Kay had become genuinely invested in the movie. I was hardly paying attention, but every once in a while a burst of genuine laughter came from beside me. 

It was around the third act when the pressure started to really get to me. I was tough, but I’d been pinching my nipples for the better part of an hour, and I know I have a strong grip. The constant slow tease on both ends was starting to really wear on me. “Kay? This, ah, stranger that’s tormenting me with your phone… they’re really getting to me.”

Kay looked at me, then blinked, almost as if in surprise. “Oh shit.” Her eyes darted back and forth for a moment. “You should probably, um, admit defeat if you want to be set free.” 

She wanted to finish things off still in character, which was something I respected. I was happy to concede by this point. “Fine, fine I admit it You…” I trailed off for a second before speaking in a hushed tone. “What exactly should I admit, again?”

Kay paused for a second. “How about you admit that you have the sexiest and most brilliant girlfriend on the planet?” Her face lit up in excitement. “Oh, genius idea! That’s the secret code phrase I used to lock my phone, and when you say it it’ll return back to my control!” 

Under different circumstances I would’ve given her a hard time for that kind of a nerdy response, but not this in this case. “Fine. I have the sexiest and most brilliant girlfriend on the planet.” That was something I had no issues with saying at least.

Almost immediately, the pressure let up. I had full control of my hands again, and the sensations between my legs disappeared. “I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to that. Even knowing you’re just electronically making my processors receive signals, it really feels like I’m being touched.” 

Strangely enough, I was able to see Kay’s phone in her hands now. Even though I’d been looking at her before and she didn’t have it. But by this point, a spontaneous mental block preventing me from seeing something was hardly a cause for surprise.”

“Are you feeling alright? Sorry, I kinda lost track of time there.” Kay sounded genuinely apologetic. Though to be honest, I felt bad for tapping out before the movie finished. It was still playing, and now Kay was missing the finale because she had to attend to me. “Don’t worry about me, I know you’re liking the film.

Kay outright scowled at me. “I don’t care about the goddamned film, especially not over your comfort.” She turned the TV off, stopping it in its tracks. “You matter to me, more than anything. You know that, right?”

I did know that. And now I was the one feeling bad for ruining the mood. “You’re right, sorry. Still, don’t get the wrong idea - I meant it when I said that was hot.” I was massaging my sore nipples, but I was still feeling pretty horny and ready to go again. “We could always keep going. Do you want to try again for another round?”

This time, Kay shook her head. “Nah, we never really got our romantic date night. I haven’t forgotten everything you did earlier with the candles, and it’s been too long since we had an actual proper date night. Something sweet and simple.” She glanced at the TV again. “Maybe we can watch it again from the start, and this time we’ll both be able to enjoy it.

I couldn’t help but laugh at that. “Kay, I’m pretty sure dates are supposed to be sweet and romantic before doing the kinky sex games.”

Kay flicked my nose in response. “Well then I guess we’re just an unconventional couple.”

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