Subroutine Manager

Shopping Trip

by Etherealust

Tags: #D/s #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #pov:bottom #sub:female #drones #exhibitionism #robots #romantic #scifi

“I’m all set babe. You ready to head out?”

“Just a few more minutes, I’m almost ready.” I rolled my eyes. Kay always took a while to get ready, no matter how much time we planned in advance. Not that I minded waiting for her. Especially since it meant she was feeling better again, and she was back to her usual self.

Retail therapy had always been something Kay was more fond of than I was, but over time it had started to grow on me as well. Obviously we weren’t exactly swimming in cash, but Kay made enough for us to get by, and have enough to spend on nice things once in a while. Today was going to be one of those times. A fun day at the mall was a wonderful date as far as I was concerned.

And I’d made it clear that there were no expectations for sexy shenanigans. But Kay had made it equally clear I should be prepared for them nonetheless. Something she’d emphasised by asking me to put my vagina on again.

“Quick question - should I go with a pair of skinny jeans, or a classic skirt and leggings?” Kay poked her body out from around the corner, holding a couple outfits. It was obvious she was in her underwear, though it was amusing how she instinctively kept to the bedroom despite how often we were nude around each other. 

I didn’t really care how she dressed, and I knew she’d look equally hot in either, so it didn’t really matter to me. “Are we thinking of going clothes shopping? It’ll be much easier to slip in and out of outfits if you’re wearing a skirt.” Kay nodded thoughtfully before retreating again. A few minutes later, she was out and ready to go, wearing the same skirt she’d shown earlier.

“Let’s get going. We’ve got a full day ahead of us, and you look really cute in your top. If we stay here too long I’ll want to spend the whole day fucking you instead of doing something productive.”

“Hey, I am productive. And would that really be such a bad thing?”

She gave me a kiss on the cheek. “No, but we should at least pretend to be somewhat responsible. If you behave yourself we can have our all day bangathon later.”

That sounded fine to me. I followed her cute ass out the door and into our car, wondering what kind of shops we were planning to hit up.


The mall was decently crowded. Usually if I went shopping alone I would just browse aimlessly for a while, but Kay was the type to go forth with a firm battle plan. Today was no exception. She practically dragged me into her favourite clothing store, a quaint little place with surprisingly well made items for their prices. Attuning Attire was known for keeping all sorts of sizes in stock, not only for humans with atypical body shapes, but robots that weren’t even humanoid. I had a lot of respect for the place. I couldn’t help but smile as we walked through the doors. “I’m always torn when you get new outfits. I always think you can’t look cuter than you already do, but then you manage to prove me wrong.”

Kay pursed her lips. “I do look good in just about anything, but we’re not here for me. You’re the one who’s going to be trying on a lot of different outfits.” 

I cocked an eyebrow at that. “Sounds fun, but do you have something specific in mind? We both know I’ll just spend an hour walking through the isles and then leave without trying anything on.”

“Oh no babe, you’re not going to choose what you wear. I’ve got your items covered, you just have to be a good girl and put on a show for me.” That certainly shut me up. I sputtered before muttering an incomprehensible answer. Not only because of her words, but of the implication that she was planning to have fun with me today. Which meant that anything could be possible.

It didn’t take long for Kay to gather a small armful of clothing. Although she kept me in tow, I didn’t get much of a good look. Though from what I could tell it was all fairly normal. She passed over one set of clothes for me to take. “Here you go, off to the changerooms with you.” She practically shoved them into my arms. 

I couldn’t help but feel a little confused. I’d half expected her to join me to fool around, but evidently that wasn’t her intention. “So we’re just going to separate changing booths? Not even for some more hands-on assistance?”

Kay giggled at my reaction. “What, you need my help to get dressed? That could be fun to enforce later, but not right now. I want to see you when you’re ready.”

She did have a good point. No matter how fun it was to get frisky, there was something special about seeing your partner trying on something new just for you. I slipped into the changeroom and got ready for the first outfit change of what would presumably be many. 

It was a fairly simple getup. A light pink tank top and yoga pants, pretty standard workout attire. At least as far as I knew since I never had to workout myself. It was easy to see the appeal though, as they hugged my curves rather tightly. 

In fact, they ended up hugging me a bit too tightly. It was a challenge to pull the yoga pants up over my butt, and although my chest was pretty average sized, they were pressing against the fabric. Evidently Kay had gotten the size wrong. I considered changing back before heading out, but Kay had insisted on getting to see me, and I didn’t want to disappoint her. And it’s not like the fabric was in danger of tearing. It was fine to wear for a bit, just not something I could use for the long term. I made my way out of the booth, somewhat self-conscious over I was wearing a shirt two sizes too tight. 

“Whaddya think babe? Would you like to see me work out in this?” I did a little flex for her, superfluous as it was, feeling the fabric stretch against my body. “Although I should be careful not to move too much. You kinda messed up on the sizes.”

Kay responded by tracing her finger along my chest. “I don’t know, I do love seeing you like this. You know the outline of your nipples are poking through, right?” I promptly became extremely self-aware of it. My eyes darted back and forth around the store, though thankfully no one was looking our way. “Here, try this one on next. It’s a larger size so it should fit you better.” She flicked my nipple through the fabric before handing me the next outfit, and I had to suppress an audible moan.

Once I was back in the changing booth, I got a proper look at what Kay had given me. After realising what it was I rolled my eyes in exasperation. A white blouse, a dark black blazer, a tartan skirt, and some white stockings. The typical schoolgirl outfit. Although to be honest, no school had used them as a uniform in ages. Nowadays people only wore them in old films and porno’s. I didn’t know if that was a bad sign or a good one.

The skirt went over my fat ass easily enough. I doubted many schoolgirls had bubble butts as thick as mine, but it still went on without a problem. The stockings also began to stretch thin. The real issue I had was with the blouse. There were plenty of blouses out there designed to fit over large DD cups like my own, but this evidently wasn’t one of them. Trying to button up above my cleavage was a fruitless effort, and some of the buttons threatened to go flying. Eventually I got it in a state that was barely acceptable, although the plunging neckline would’ve been a surefire way to earn detention if it was worn in a school.

When I left the booth, Kay was passing the time by looking at her phone. She glanced up as she heard me, and a lewd smile broke across her face. “Now that’s something I’d like to see you wear more often. We’ve gotta buy this, as your birthday present. Or mine. Either works, to be honest.”

I gave her a little pose, arching my chest forwards and pouting my lips. “Isn’t that a bit naughty of you? To be turned on by something like this?” I held her gaze for as long as possible. It didn’t take long before we both burst into laughter. “Okay, but seriously, this one is too tight again. Some of these buttons are holding on for dear life.”

Kay raised an eyebrow in response. “Are you certain? It’s an even bigger size than the last one you tried on.”

“Of course I’m certain, you can tell by looking at me.” I was still thankful nobody else was around to see me bursting out of my top. “Anyway, how many more of these do you have in mind?”

“Just the one. And don’t worry, I think it’ll be the perfect size for you.” She tossed me a single dress. Although calling it a “dress” was somewhat generous, given that it was basically a tube. It was also made of a shiny rubbery material instead of traditional cloth. “This one’s designed for extra curvy ladies. No complaints, just go put it on.”

Once I was back in the booth, I got a proper look at it. It was a bright pink clubbing dress, thin spaghetti straps on top, and barely coming down to mid thigh. Kay had been right about one thing - it certainly wasn’t an even tube, and the material was a stretchy latex, which meant it was easier to fit larger body shapes. Which was important, given how my gigantic boobs were hardly able to fit in anything. It was already difficult to find anything fitting a G cup, and that was before factoring in my ass jutting out behind me. 

It took a fair bit of work to get it on, and once I did, I had to stare at myself in the mirror. The clubbing dress was the epitome of sluttiness, and it made my hourglass figure even more noticeable. If I went out in this, people would stare. The thought of it excited me as much as it terrified me. All I needed was a pair of heels and some overdone makeup and I’d look like a sex worker. But for now, Kay was the only one who wanted to see me, and I was happy to do it for her.

The only issue was that even with the stretchy material, the dress still felt like it was a bit too small. My tits threatened to pop out at any minute, and the entire outline of my ass was clearly visible to anyone looking from behind. This time I felt really anxious about stepping outside. But it was a good type of anxiety, like when you want to do something but you’re scared to, and just need an extra push. Knowing Kay would be waiting for me outside was what gave me the push I needed. 

I almost fell over opening the door. For whatever reason I felt off balance, and it was a struggle to stay upright. I even stumbled after taking a few steps outwards, although Kay was swift to grab me and keep me steady. 

“Wow. You look… incredible.” Hearing the genuine admiration in Kay’s voice made it all worth it. I took hold of her arm, using it to steady myself, pretending to ignore her blatantly copping a feel. 

“Thanks babe. I’m not sure why I’m so off balance, it’s not like I’m wearing heels or anything.” I stood upright again, letting her get a full and proper look at me. Something started to click in my mind. Even if others were staring as well, it didn’t matter to me. Looking good for Kay was worth it. “Although I’m still a little surprised. Even this dress is a little on the small side, I could barely fit into it.”

Kay looked like she was holding in a snicker. “You really haven’t noticed yet, have you?” Her words threw me for a loop. What could she be talking about that I hadn’t realised? “Really think about it. What clothes did you wear into the store?”

I scoffed at her question. “That’s easy, it was…” My voice trailed off as I tried to recall. What had I been wearing? Obviously with a body shape like mine, normal clothes were out of the question. And yet, I felt like Kay and I had basically shared the same wardrobe. Even worse, thinking about the prior outfits raised more questions. Sure they’d been small, but I’d still fit inside them. There was no way I’d be able to wear them, unless-

“Aah!” My train of thought was broken by a light jolt in my head. It didn’t really hurt, but it did bring about a new wave of clarity. Obviously I wasn’t usually this size. My body shape was adjustable, and Kay was the one in control of it. “Damn, that was…” I tried to find the right words for it. “I doubt I’ll ever get used to that.”

“It is fun to watch though.” Kay was grinning at me, and I really took stock of how I looked. Of course I already knew how slutty my body was, but it hit differently now that I wasn’t subconsciously justifying my gigantic tits. Kay wasn’t subtle with her ogling either. “Seeing the realisation dawn on your face was good enough that I stopped staring at your tits for it.”

I let out a small chuckle. “Yeah yeah, you got me good. Now come on, shrink me down again and let’s get going. We didn’t come to the mall together to stand outside the changing booth and giggle like schoolgirls, even if I do have an outfit for it now.”

Kay tapped her chin at the mention of changing me back. “You know, I don’t technically have to change you back. We could just go out with you dressed like an utter bimbo, like you are now.” 

The thought of it sent a wave of static through my brain. “Like this? Dressed like the biggest slut in town with an ass to match it?” The idea did have its appeal, and I was a little excited. But I still had my reservations. “Do I even get a choice in this, or are you just ‘asking’ me?”

“I’m genuinely asking you. I know how much of a closet exhibitionist you are, but I want it to be your call.” 

“I’m not a-” the words died in my mouth as I thought about it. Was I really a closet exhibitionist? I hadn’t really put much thought into it, but the evidence was all there. Of course, I had no way of knowing if Kay was being as truthful about leaving it up to my choice. For all I knew, she might’ve cranked my exhibitionism up to sway my decision. In any case, I knew what I wanted to do. “I think I’d like to go the rest of our day like this, but maybe shrink the proportions down a bit? Being busty is nice, but I’d rather not be worried about the dress tearing or my nips popping out.”

Kay nodded her head. “Yeah, I guess that’s fair. Gimme a second.” She fiddled around with her phone, and soon I felt my chest starting to shrink. I still had the traditional ‘bimbo tits,’ but at least they were a natural fit for my dress now. “Now come on,” Kay continued, “we’ve taken enough time here. Our movie is starting in about fifteen minutes.”

I blinked at her. “We’re going to see a movie?”

“Yeah, of course we are. Were you not listening when I told you about it earlier?” She stopped and tilted her head for a moment, lost in thought. “Unless I only thought I mentioned it but never did. That’s entirely possible.” 

“Either way, I guess we should get going then.” I took a few careful steps forward. It still felt awkward to balance, and my processors weren’t used to the added weight, but at least I didn’t feel like I was going to topple over at any minute.

It was a strange walk to the mall’s theatre. I was a little unsteady, but it didn’t take too long to get used to it. I was just thankful I was wearing sneakers, even if they conflicted with the rest of my image. If Kay had asked me to wear heels I’d be stumbling about like a newborn deer. What I didn’t get as used to, however, was the abundance of stares. 

The second glances and hidden looks were nothing new to me. As an android, I was used to being the centre of attention, whether I wanted to be or not. But this felt different. People were staring with lust, with jealousy, with desire. It felt different. They were looking at me for reasons I had chosen, and it felt good for a change.

While we were walking, Kay put her hand around the small of my back. “You doing alright babe? You look incredible.” 

I appreciated her gesture of kindness. “Don’t I always?” I gave off a bit of a nervous laugh. In truth, I had no idea what exactly I was feeling. What I did know was that it was generally good. Maybe slutting it up once in a while could be fun.

The film was some sort of a generic space opera. The ticket vendor was completely stoned out of their mind, so they didn’t pay my skimpy attire much attention as we bought our tickets. The rest of the lobby was a different story. Everyone seemed to be sneaking a quick glance or just staring outright. “I feel like more people are going to be watching me than the movie itself.”

“Can you blame them? You look way better than any movie star. Even the ones in tight spandex bodysuits.” A blissful smile washed over Kay’s face, and I knew she was daydreaming about seeing the outline of her celebrity crush’s buttcheeks. “Although I wouldn’t worry too much about it. I doubt the number of people in the theatre will reach the double digits.”

That took me by surprise. “Is it that bad? I mean, it has a couple big names, so that should at least get people to fill the seats.”

“It’s not getting bad reviews,” Kay explained. “Although it is catching the tail end of a trend. What I mean is that this is an adult film being shown in the middle of the day. It’s hardly prime business hours for them.”

I raised my eyebrow at her specific choice of phrase. “Adult film? Is there something about this movie I should know about?”

“You know what I mean, you dork. It’s a heavy action film, lots of swearing, and probably a steamy makeout scene.”

Kay’s prediction turned out to be even more accurate than she’d guessed. Even though we sat down with two minutes to go before the film, there wasn’t a single person in the room. The two of us had the movie all to ourselves. Which I did appreciate, since it took a couple tries for me to actually sit down.

“Gaah! Why the hell did you make my hips this wide? I can barely fit into the seats here.”

“Hey, it’s not my fault you’ve got such a cute ass. Can you really blame me for wanting to see more of it?”

I gave her a deadpan stare. “It literally is your fault. You actively chose to make my butt so big I have to check the doorway before going through.”

She just laughed at my protests. “And you love it all. Besides, isn’t it mostly just a gel? It’s not like the wireframe underneath is too wide. You can just squish it in, right?”

Unfortunately she was right. I had to literally press my hands against the sides of my butt to get it to fit between the armrests, but it did squish inwards enough for me to sit down. The extra height from my newly built-in cushion caught me off guard, but it was overall fairly comfortable.

The movie itself was fairly bland. It was entertaining enough, but there wasn’t really much to it. It was very much a “kick ass and look pretty while doing it” type of deal. The main character was a space bounty hunter, and she was trying to bring her pirate lord nemesis to justice. Kay just kept asking if they were going to fuck already, and honestly she had a point. It was still fun though. Big action flicks weren’t always my favourite, but they were great to watch every once in a while.

Towards the third act, Kay pulled out her phone. The bright glare lit up the entire room. “Hey, you know there’s a rule about that, right? No phones in the theatre.”

She stood up and looked around at the vast array of empty seats. “There’s literally NO ONE HERE.” She wasn’t even trying to be quiet. “Who’s going to complain? The invisible ghosts in the back row?”

Before I could send back a witty retort, something from the screen caught my attention. “Enough of this pretending, Lady Z’ugthar. If I can’t have your bounty, then I’ll have your body instead.” The two characters went right from their swordfight to a heavy makeout session. It wasn’t just a kiss either - they were full blown, hands on each other’s bodies, groping through the spandex making out. I was pretty sure I saw some tongue in there as well. 

“Damn, this really kicked up a notch. I wonder how far they’ll take it?” I was starting to understand why Kay wanted to watch this film. 

Kay, however, didn’t have as big of a reaction as I’d expected. “I doubt they’ll do too much. You know how much the film industry likes to play it safe.” I was a little surprised, since the actresses were already going farther than the usual fare. 

Things only escalated on the screen. The bounty hunter was shedding her clothes, giving the camera a fully nude shot of her athletic body. Her alien rival wasn’t far behind either. Seeing it was enough to start getting me hot and bothered. “Okay, now you’ve gotta admit this is impressive. You were joking about them fucking earlier, but now it looks like they actually might.”

“What are you talking about?” Kay still sounded pretty indifferent to the situation. “If you’re trying to drop a hint that we should start fooling around, you can forget it. We’ll have plenty of time for that later.”

“Do you still have those special cuffs of yours? I’ve been a very naughty girl, and perhaps some punishment is in order.” 

My eyes bulged at the overtness of it. Yet even still, Kay didn’t even react. “Okay, seriously? Do you not even care that this just turned into a full blown sex scene?”

Finally, she gave the slightest of tells. The corner of her mouth began to twitch. “I don’t know what ‘we’re’ seeing, this is just a normal movie so far. Are you somehow watching something more explicit than I am?” And that’s when it hit me. Somehow, she’d managed to trick my visual/audio input to think the film had turned into a porno. “Care to describe exactly what you’re seeing to me?”

I huffed in place in my seat, not wanting to give her the satisfaction of knowing she got me. “N-nothing, it’s fine. Like you said, just a regular boring old movie.” Despite my words, a deep flush was spreading across my face. The sounds of lustful moans rang out through the theatre. I had half a notion to slip my hand underneath my dress, to start rubbing myself on the spot. The thought of doing it in public only made it hotter, even if we were pretty isolated. The only reason I held back was out of sympathy for the poor underpaid worker that would have to clean the seat after. Though at the rate things were going, I couldn’t guarantee that I wouldn’t leave a stain anyway.

There was no more “tension” or playing coy on the screen. Z’ugthar was straight up fingering the main character. A fully sex scene where you could see her middle and ring finger going up the bounty hunter’s vagina. I felt my own hand wandering downwards to mimic her. There was undoubtedly a damp spot on my panties, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to know how large it was. 

Then, just as soon as it started, the sex scene came to an abrupt halt. There was a fierce explosion as the screen rumbled, indicating another action set piece. The two leads scrambled to get dressed before gathering their weapons. Evidently, I was watching the normal movie again. I let out a somewhat disappointed sigh. Things had finally been getting interesting. But knowing the internet, there would be no shortage of explicit fanart or smut with those characters.

“Well that was fun while it lasted,” I grumbled. Kay smiled and squeezed my hand.

“Why? Did you see something interesting?” I didn’t bother responding. We watched the rest of the film in relative peace, with nothing overly strange happening, just making the occasional joke about plot holes or the overall campiness. 

After the movie, while walking out of the theatre, Kay’s stomach let out an audible grumble. Now that we were in public again, I was feeling extra self-conscious about my attire. “Are you ready to head home, or should we stop for something to eat?”

“Definitely stop for something to eat. We’re going to your favourite cafe next.” 

That took me by surprise. “You mean the Sunripe Lemon? You know that’s more of an internet cafe, right?”

“Yeah but they also serve food. And besides, we don’t want to be late.” Something about the way she mentioned being late sent a chill down my circuits. She had one more trick up her sleeve, and I had no idea what it was.

When we got to the cafe, instead of going to my usual charging port, we sat down at the dining area. Although really it was more for serving snacks than proper meals. While Kay scanned through the menu, I decided to finally ask. “So, are you going to tell me what we’re late for? Or are you going to keep it a surprise?”

Kay checked the time on her phone. “It doesn’t matter. They’ll be here any minute now.” 

“What do you mean? Kay, who did you-” A chilling realisation struck me. She had invited people we knew, our friends, to meet for lunch. Which wasn’t a problem by itself. But I still looked like a total bimbo, with the skimpiest dress I’d worn in my life and stupidly exaggerated proportions. People who actually knew me would see me  like this. “They’re going to see me like this. I don’t- you didn’t think to mention this when you asked earlier if I wanted to be changed back?”

She looked up from her menu, taking my hands in hers. “It’s okay Lina. You wanted to be seen as the hot babe that you are, and you always knew there was a chance someone might see you. But you know our friends. You trust them, and you trust me, right?” Her words did calm my nerves a little. Now that the initial wave of terror was gone, it was replaced with the same nervous excitement that had been bubbling all day, only now it was amped up to eleven. “If you really want to, just say the word and we’ll call it off. You can go hide in the bathroom while I change you back, and we’ll continue as normal. But I think you really want this. Even if you have a hard time admitting it.”

Kay was right, as usual. I was scared, eager, and horny. Three emotions that didn’t tend to mix well together. But I was ready to tell her I wanted to go through with it. Maybe she’d tweaked my mind to give me an extra confidence boost, or she had implanted my entire exhibitionism kink. That would explain why it was so much stronger today than it had been before. But I was ready to take the next step. “It’s okay, I want to-”

“Oh my god, Lina! Is that you?”

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