Pri(de mon)th


by Etherealust

Tags: #cw:noncon #cw:sexual_assault #dom:female #exhibitionism #fantasy #humiliation #sadomasochism #sub:female #Blasphemy #transformation

The air in Lust’s domain always made it difficult to concentrate. Pride was panting heavily, and it wasn’t just because of everything she’d been through. Her body was still warped after Envy’s magic, looking like one of the countless imps that roamed the streets. Her mind, however, had mostly returned. Now that she was free of Envy’s influence, she remembered all the indignities she’d suffered. 

But she was exhausted. The weight of everything until that point was finally breaking her down, past any reasonable resistance. She’d been a victim of the sex games of all the other sins, without any chance of relief for herself. Now she had been presented directly for Lust, crawling on her elbows and knees, trapped in a pig-like bondage suit that emphasised her humiliation. 

“Oh you dear little thing, you look so cute! Our sisters have made you look so pretty.” Lust was always a strange one. Despite the fact that she was an absolute sexpot, often ready to fuck anyone in sight, she always managed to stay composed and in control of herself. Today was no exception. “Although I think you still need a few tweaks. And then you’ll be perfect!”

Pride was hardly able to match Lust’s enthusiasm. “Lust… I need to talk with you. I need answers.” Her breathing was laboured, for a number of reasons. She knew it was only a matter of time until her brain fully snapped, and it would take a considerable amount of time to recover. And before that happened she needed an honest conversation. One without lies or deception.

“And you’ll get your answers dearie, I’ll be more than happy. But first you have to play my game. You need to look the part.” Lust pointed her finger at Pride, and a pink beam of energy zapped her. 

Pride’s body started to swell outwards. While Envy had wanted her to be scrawny and weak, Lust was changing her to be plump and jiggly. Her tits started ballooning outwards, past what they had initially been, until they dwarfed even her head. The rest of her body followed suit, with her ass growing out to ridiculous proportions and thighs growing to match. However, to Pride’s dismay, she was staying as a tiny little imp, like she had been. She was still dressed as a latex pig, complete with the ears and buttplug for a tail, except now she was plump and thick enough to match. 

“Isn’t that better? You look so beautiful! What a sexy little Imp you are.” The condescending tone in Lust’s voice was infuriating. “I really have to thank Envy for giving me this chance. That girl has some clever ideas, you know.”

Pride was exhausted, her mind swiftly becoming overwhelmed with lust. She was horny. She wanted to rub her aching cunt against something, anything, but she was still unable to properly move. But she also knew this was her last chance to get any real answers.

“It… It wasn’t Envy who set this up. It was you.”

Lust gasped in mock offence. “Me? Organise this? Why, I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“Cut the crap, Lust.” Pride wasn’t in the mood for games anymore. “You’re the one with an arsenal capable of restraining someone as strong as us. What was the deal, you provide them the tools to hold me down and they punish you in the way you like?”

A sly grin slowly spread across Lust's face. “You’re a clever one, aren’t you? They were all so mad about Gay Pride month. Always talking about wanting a Gay Wrath month, Gay Envy month, Gay Gluttony month, etcetera. Even the ones who pretended not to care were really upset. Everyone wants the favour of the Gays.” 

“And you don’t? You can’t tell me you don’t want a Gay Lust month.”

Lust burst into laughter at the comment. “My dear, I already *have* Gay Lust month in the mortal realm. The humans just call it ‘Halloween.’” She scratched her chin in pretend contemplation. “Now, this leaves us with a bit of a conundrum. Those bindings on you are strong, no doubt, but we both know that they won’t hold you forever. So I think it’s better for me to take you somewhere safe. Where even at your full strength you’ll have a hard time getting out.”

She snapped her fingers, and the floor began to rumble. A massive chasm started to open, right beside where Lust and Pride were talking, stretching down far deeper than the eye could see. The walls of the chasm were lined with countless slimy tentacles, writhing and squirming, all flailing about and eager for something to grab onto. 

Pride knew exactly what this was. And for the first time in aeons, she was filled with genuine terror.

“Is… is that the abyss of the pit beasts?” Her voice was shaking as she spoke. “Lust, even for you this is pretty extreme.”

“On the contrary, my dear! This is just what I’ve been waiting for.” The Abyss was more than just a regular pit. It was infinitely deep, stretching past the limits of what could ever be considered possible. It was filled to the brim with the most vile beings in all of hell, the various tentacle monsters trapped within, each eager for a new toy to play with. Once inside there was no way out but to climb all the way back up to the top. And the chasm walls were so powerful, that even someone like Pride would have her powers all but completely sapped.

Not that it was a permanent trap by any means. Nothing could ever *really* stop any of the primal sins for good, and this was no exception. However, Pride knew she would be lying if she tried to pretend it would be easy. Even somebody as exceptional and flawless as her would find it difficult. “This won’t… you can’t trap me forever. I’ll get free of here eventually. Why waste the time?” She was desperately trying to find an angle, some sort of a bargaining chip to leverage against Lust.

Unfortunately, Lust wasn’t interested in reciprocating. “Of course not! That would make the eternities rather boring, wouldn’t it? I expect it to take… I don’t know, about a year for you. Which means you’ll be out for your next Pride month!” She let out a moan and started rubbing her thighs. “And in the meantime, I’ll be watching you. Seeing you get ravaged by anything that grabs on, tormenting that cute little body of yours and testing it out in ways you could only dream of. I haven’t decided if I want to broadcast it to all of Hell or keep it for my own personal collection.” 

Her face lit up in excitement. “Maybe I won’t say who it is! You can be the new star, a sexy shortstack of an imp subjecting herself to the most extreme punishment imaginable for the entertainment of everyone. Everyone will think it’s just some horny shortstack who got in over her head. But you’ll know the truth. And so will I.”

Pride was running out of options. Lust had this all planned out, and reasoning with her at this point was impossible. “I’ll climb out of there eventually. And when I do, I swear to whatever it is you believe in that I’ll make you suffer. I’ll make you *all* suffer, so much worse than I did. I will have my revenge, and it won’t be pretty.”

“Oh I know you will. That’s actually the best part!” Lust started rubbing her crotch as she spoke. “You’ll emerge from that pit all angry and with your powers fully back. And then you’ll come up with some sort of a punishment even worse. For me, for Envy, and for all the others.” Her entire body shuddered. “Fuck, I’m almost ready to cum just thinking about it. I’ll even help you turn us all into your devious sex slaves!”

Pride was utterly dumbfounded. Of all the possible responses, that was the last thing she’d expected from Lust. The worst part was that it made perfect sense now that she heard it. Lust *wanted* her to get revenge. “I’ll… I won’t make it as fun as you think. I’m not going to just go along with your game and have some ironic sexy revenge. I’ll have actual serious painful revenge.”

Lust simply laughed at her. “Now who’s the liar? We both know that’s not the case.” She knelt down and poked Pride on the nose. “You’re too proud for that. You were subjected to a sexy humiliation, thanks to yours truly, and that set the bar. If you don’t respond in kind? That’s the same as admitting defeat. You’re telling the world that you, Pride, were unable to come up with an ironic sexy revenge that punishes your tormentors in the same way.” 

She was right. Pride knew she was right. Lust had played them all like a fool, and she knew that she was currently being played as a fool, but it was impossible to do otherwise. Because Lust was right - Pride would never back down from a challenge, whether literal or implied.

“Anyway, it’s grown late. It’s time for you to join the pits.” Pride was out of arguments. She had nothing left, no clever tricks or stalling tactics or ways to deflect. Her only possible threat was something that Lust wanted more than anything. “See you in a year!”

She kissed Pride on the forehead. A blindfold materialised over her face, obscuring her vision and trapping her in the dark. She also felt her mouth opening, being held in an “o” shape by some sort of a gag. And then she felt herself falling. Falling down, surrounded by wet squelching noises all around her. And she felt herself climax. While falling midair, she cried out in pleasure as the orgasm wracked through her entire body, the intensity far beyond anything she’d experienced in a long time. 

One day she would be free again, and when that happened, Pride would have her revenge. But until then, she was going to be a fuckpig to be ravaged and abused by the lowest creatures in hell, her body subjected to unending pleasure and torment as she fell deeper and deeper in the infinite pit.

All things considered, she had to admit there were worse options.

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