Pri(de mon)th


by Etherealust

Tags: #cw:noncon #cw:sexual_assault #dom:female #exhibitionism #fantasy #humiliation #sadomasochism #sub:female #Blasphemy #transformation

It was difficult to restrain a primal sin. Of all the various imps and demons roaming about in the pits of hell, they ranked among the most powerful, and as such it required the most powerful binding magic to entrap them. In this day and age, there were very few methods left on the mortal plane. The proper rituals were all but lost to humans. And even among those with the knowledge, they didn’t have the resources to create a chain capable of holding back anything tougher than a succubus.

Heaven fared a bit better. Although it has been centuries since the last all out war between the two planes, they were still extremely cautious of the dangers of Hell. The angels didn’t want to lose any more of their own - either to battle or to temptation. So there were heavenly instruments that could imprison one of the primal sins, but they were massive and unwieldy items locked away in ancient vaults, the owners hoping they would never need to be used again.

Surprisingly, most of the anti-demonic tools came from Hell itself. There was no shortage of infighting among the denizens. Both in a political sense and a very literal sense. As such, the various demonic maesters had all sorts of powerful implements to restrain their underlings and their enemies. From leather whips soaked in holy water to chains etched in runes of a long dead language, there was nowhere in all the realms that had more tools to deal with infernal beings than the very place they resided in. As such, nobody was better equipped to fight one of the primal sins than another one of the primal sins.

This ironic fact was not at all lost on Pride as she knelt on the cold stone floor. Blindfolded and gagged, hands next to her head in a wooden stockade, legs forcibly spread and waist bent over just enough to force her ass up in the air. Each individual part of her bondage was deeply steeped in ancient magic, strong enough that even the full force of her powers wasn’t enough to escape. The strongest of which was a diamond containing the tears of an archangel inside of the gemstone. 

The jewel was currently being used as the base of a buttplug firmly planted in her rear. 

The slow click of heels echoed through the room. Pride perked up in place, resisting the urge to scream into her gag. She didn’t want to give them the satisfaction of seeing her distressed. Although she didn’t know if she’d be able to hold in her temper for very long. Thankfully, it wasn’t long before her captor started monologuing.

“It’s June in the human realm.” Pride felt a burst of anger swelling up inside of her. She recognised that smooth slimy voice. It was the voice of someone pathetic, hiding in the shadows, always trying to take what others had rightfully earned. “Do you know what that means? June is a very special month up there. They have a name for it and everything.”

A clawed hand grabbed onto Pride’s hair and yanked it back. “Gay Pride month. A whole fucking month that the gays devoted to you.” Envy was growling directly into her ear as she spoke. “Parades, fancy outfits, festivals, all sorts of fun stuff. All devoted to you. How exactly is that fair?” She gave Pride a rough push, her face nearly smacking into the floor. “What about Gay Envy month? Gay Greed month? You really thought you could so blatantly upset the balance and none of us would retaliate? No way you thought you would get away with this.”

Envy clapped her hands, and the gag dissolved into thin air, allowing Pride to respond. “You unbelievable halfwit, that’s not what it’s about! They aren’t literally referring to me with their month!” It had been a pleasant surprise to Pride when she had first learned about the June celebrations. “I know you’re jealous that I’m better than you at everything in every way, but that’s-AAAAH!” Her protests were cut off as Envy gave her a firm spank with the palm of her hand. 

“That’s enough from you. I’m putting an end to your scheming right here. Or rather, we all are.” Pride’s eyes widened in fear underneath her blindfold. Envy couldn’t possibly mean what she thought she meant. Unfortunately, her worst fears were confirmed with the presence of another voice. 

“Got her all warmed up? I’ve gotta say, I’m really looking forward to this.” The new voice was deeper, much raspier. It was filled with anger, and Pride could practically feel the heat radiating from its owner. Wrath.

“She’s all yours. Just remember the agreement, and try to keep her in one piece. The others each need a turn as well, after all.” Another flash of anger welled up inside of Pride. They were treating her like a cattle, like something to be passed around. She would have her revenge.

But that revenge needed to wait. At the moment, she was at the mercy of one of the most dangerous of the primal sins, at least in a physical sense. “Well, well, well. Look who we have here. Aren’t you just in a predicament?” Wrath’s voice was cruel, filled with mockery and distaste. “It really pisses me off, the way you think you’re above it all. Like the rules don’t apply to you, and that you can just do whatever you want without consequence.”

Pride was actually thankful for the blindfold, so that Wrath couldn’t see her rolling her eyes. “I am better than all of you, you’re just too stupid to realise it! I can’t help it if I’m smarter, prettier, and more talented than everyone else. And even if the humans didn’t deliberately choose me to worship for a month, you have to admit that nobody deserves a month of praise more than I do.” She knew the others wouldn’t agree with her, at least not out loud, but deep down they had to know she was right. In fact, maybe the humans really had started worshipping her. 

Much to her surprise, Wrath didn’t respond with outright anger. In fact, she actually started to chuckle. “Babe, that was the wrong thing to say. Although I’m really glad you did. It’s gonna make this feel a looooot better, at least for me." Pride didn’t get much of a chance to wonder what she was referring to. A sharp whistle rang through the air, followed by an extremely loud SMACK! Pride’s asscheek exploded in pain from the harsh impact of the paddle. 







Each insult was followed by another harsh spanking from the paddle. Pride could feel the sting of each and every one, every smack burning like fire across her asscheek long after the initial hit. Partially from the sheer unrelenting force of Wrath, and partially because this paddle was carved from the wood of the cross Jesus had been crucified on.

However, despite the intense pain tearing through her, Pride never let it get to her. Eventually she started screaming. It was impossible not to, and even though she had a hefty pain threshold, there was nobody who could possibly take a beating from Wrath and be perfectly fine. But just because she was forced to cry out in pain, it didn’t mean her spirit was broken. Each smack just reaffirmed to Pride that she was being targeted because she had something nobody else did. Envy was jealous of her, like usual, and she’d managed to rally the other sins together. They’d gotten lucky by capturing her this time.

After one last particularly hard smack, Wrath stopped her punishment. Pride could hear her panting, and she could feel every inch of her ass simmering with pain. Her holy buttplug was still firmly lodged inside, and she was no closer to getting away. But even if she wasn’t able to escape, Pride knew all the best ways to get under the skin of her fellow sins.

“Was that really all you’ve got? I’m pretty sure I was hitting harder when I was just a century old.”

Wrath growled, which exploded into a fierce roar. “You think that little warmup was bad? WAIT UNTIL YOU GET A LOAD OF THIS!”

Pride’s howls of pain lasted long into the night, and any poor soul close enough to hear them winced at the mere thought of what was happening.

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