Change of Heart

Same Mind, Change of Heart

by Etherealust

Tags: #cw:noncon #clothing #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #pov:bottom #sub:female #chastity #comic_book #latex

“That looks like the last of them! You should have everything that was stolen back now.” Miss Magic finished returning the bags of cash while the police rounded up the last remaining criminals. It was fairly standard work, but that was part of the appeal. Tonight she wanted something plain and simple.

In the days since their last meeting, Miss Magic hadn’t heard from Nightshade. She still felt a little guilty about taking things too far. Sure, Nightshade had asked for her to go all out and hold nothing back, but Miss Magic was supposed to be a hero. Someone who took the high road and didn’t sink to the levels of evildoers. Now as a result, Nightshade was probably refusing to show her face in the city.

As she retreated to the rooftops, Miss Magic thought about who her next rival could be. Sabersmith was a decent option, and she was probably the next biggest villain in the city, but she just didn’t have the right flair for the dramatic. Not to mention there just wasn’t the same tension with her. Her other options were to move to a different city, or to give up on playing in the little leagues altogether. Neither of those choices sounded appealing, but if Miss Magic didn’t have a proper nemesis anymore, there wasn’t much point in sticking around.

The sounds of heels interrupted her thoughts. The hero jumped in surprise, her mind instantly on full alert. There were only two types of people who came to the rooftops in the dead of night - heroes and villains. And although she knew she was stronger than every hero and villain in the city combined, it didn’t stop her instincts from kicking in. Miss Magic turned around to see a familiar figure, one wearing a dark outfit with purple streaks in her cowl and metal talons at the ends of her fingers.


“Well, if it isn’t the perfect little hero back to her usual prowl across the city.” Nightshade’s eyes narrowed as she glared at the magician. “You’ve got some nerve showing your face around here after what you did.”

Miss Magic let out a deep sigh. “Look, I know I took things too far. It’s just we’ve known each other for so long, and after you kept pushing me I just snapped and did something really stupid. I’m sorry for that.”

“You’d better be sorry for that pitiful display.” Nightshade moved in closer and grabbed her rival by the throat. “What kind of hero has the villain trapped in place and then willingly lets her get away? A failure of a hero, that’s who.”

The words caught in Miss Magic’s throat. She’d been ready for anger, ready for shame, ready for all sorts of reactions. But this was something she hadn’t expected. “Wait, you can’t be serious right now. You’re mad because I let you go?

Nightshade hissed at her. “Do you seriously think I needed your pathetic help? I was perfectly capable of escaping from your little mind trap on my own. I would have gotten out on my own in just a few more days, but you went ahead and freed me before I was able to prove it.”  She traced her metal claw along the hero’s chest, feeling her rapidly breathing in and out. “I said that I would force you to go all out and I meant it. I won’t stand here while you insult me with your attempts at mercy.”

A million thoughts were racing through Miss Magic’s mind as she tried to make sense of it. Finally, like a lightbulb, she realized it. A wide grin broke out over her face. “You actually like being Purity, don’t you.”

“What? Of course not! I hated every minute of being that sniveling fool.” Nightshade’s cheeks turned a deep crimson before she continued. “But, I mean, it is an appropriate punishment for a villain such as myself. And if you were to defeat me in combat again, which I assure you will NEVER happen, I expect you to use every tool in your arsenal to try and keep me down. And this time I’ll escape on my own!”

Miss Magic still had a smug grin on her face. “Alright, if you say so. I suppose I did promise the rest of the Legion they’d have a chance to use Purity firsthand.” Now that the air was cleared, she was getting back into the spirit of things. “For a wicked evildoer like you, I’ll just have to bring out the goodness deep within your heart, even if you try to seal it away. Although, um, the spell isn’t as powerful as I pretended.” She wracked her brain for an acceptable explanation. “It can only last for so long before expiring. So I’m not going easy on you if you suddenly go free again. It just, uh, wears out after enough time has passed. And hey, maybe you’ll finally get me with your mind control serum like you’ve always wanted.”

Nightshade sneered at the comment. “Oh I fully intend to. And unlike you, once I have you within my claws I’m never letting go. One day I’ll show the world who’s really stronger between you and me.” She snapped back to a fierce glare. “But don’t you dare let me win! I’m going to defeat you once and for all.”

And then, without letting her resist, Nightshade pulled her rival in for a passionate kiss on the mouth. Their lips were firmly pressed into each other’s while their tongues started to dance. The empty rooftops were filled with the wet sounds of their makeout. When Nightshade finally pulled back, strings of drool fell between them, and Miss Magic was flushed in the face and breathing heavily.

“Consider this a warning, I’ll make you go all out and fight with the most powerful spells you have.” The villain slinked away, disappearing into the shadows. “Until then, be ready for when I strike. I’m not going to hold back, and you had better not either. You might have no choice but to turn me back into that pathetic sidekick you call Purity.” And with that, Nightshade vanished into the darkness..

Of course, Miss Magic still knew exactly where she was. She knew that Nightshade was hiding behind a chimney, waiting for her to leave so she could maintain the premise of a dramatic exit. There were a thousand ways Miss Magic could dispose of her then and there, but there was no need. Instead she spoke into the ‘empty’ shadows. “I’ll be waiting for you, Nightshade, my one true rival.”

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