Change of Heart

A Fresh Outlook

by Etherealust

Tags: #cw:noncon #clothing #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #pov:bottom #sub:female #chastity #comic_book #latex

The following week passed in a blur. Nightshade spent her time in a prison cell, not because she was unable to break out, but because she didn’t see the point in doing so. Miss Magic was her rival. Someone she’d gone toe to toe with countless times over the years. And yet, she’d been cast aside like some sort of joke once a real threat showed up. 

A part of her still believed it was some sort of elaborate trick. That Miss Magic had set up a trap ahead of time, and her apparent nonchalance was simply a ruse to shake the confidence of the villain. But Nightshade had a harder time believing that after seeing the news. The Void Kraken had shown up, just as her nemesis claimed, and the Righteous Legion was flying out in full force to stop it. Saving the planet and all their usual stuff. While it never showed who exactly was going, Nightshade had a sinking feeling that a certain heroic magician was on the frontlines. 

It wasn’t until the news reported the return of the Righteous Legion that Nightshade snapped out of her funk. The heroes all returned to earth, looking much worse for the wear, but ultimately victorious. All the cameras were focused on the big heroes as they gave inspirational speeches about hope or whatever. Primal Force was missing an arm, and Sunburst was covered in a purple miasma. But Nightshade didn’t care about them. She was pressed up against the bars of her cell, straining to look at the background characters. There were another half dozen heroes in the background, all famous icons from around the world. But none of them were her most hated rival. Miss Magic was nowhere to be seen. 

“YES! I knew she had to be lying.” Nightshade pumped the air, causing the inmates in the cells around her to jump. “That conniving little twerp wasn’t even on the mission. It must’ve been a bluff, a trick to make me doubt my own skills. But you’ve failed!” A manic grin was spread across Nightshade’s face. For the first time since their encounter, she felt energized and ready to go. 

A prison guard began strolling towards her, twirling a baton in her hand. “Hey, quiet down in there. Don’t make me move you to solitary.” Her words carried little weight though. Nightshade was already planning her next move, and the prison that held her was a mere afterthought. The lockpick in her shoe would ensure her freedom, and her next scheme would guarantee a meeting with Miss Magic.

A few days later, Nightshade was back on the prowl. Her suit was freshly shined and her toxins were all restocked. She’d even gotten her signature talons sharpened, allowing any hit to become deadly. She was raiding the research and development department of a mysterious billionaire, which strangely enough was filled with deadly weapons and powerful gadgets. 

Truthfully stealing bits of technology from here wasn’t her main priority. Nightshade had left just enough clues to ensure her rival would know where she was, and it was dangerous enough that getting her hands on something could cause a real problem. Miss Magic would be forced to try and stop her.

Sure enough, just as Nightshade was past the first wave of security, a shower of sparks announced the arrival of a certain Superhero. “Not so fast, Nightshade!” Miss Magic was full of energy and looked to be no worse for the wear since she had left. “You’ll never get your claws on whatever secret weapon you’re after.”

Nightshade took careful stock of her opponent. Everyone else from the Righteous Legion was recovering in some way, with visible scars from their epic battle. Even the strongest heroes on the planet had failed to return unscathed. And yet here was Miss Magic, chipper as ever, no sign of a harrowing battle on her. 

“I’m afraid I’ve already got what I wanted, dearest. As fun as the toys in here are, I’d much rather play with you.” Nightshade circled around the hero like a cat stalking its prey. “After all, you were so very rude in our last visit. Evidently you need a proper lesson in respect.”

Miss Magic winced at the comment. “Oh, right. Listen, I’m really sorry about that. I didn’t mean to end our spat so abruptly. Can we just, like, pretend the whole thing never happened? I’d rather get back to our usual fighting. You can’t imagine how stressful the last week has been.”

Nightshade let out her signature laugh. “Ah yes, you were off with the Righteous Legion, galavanting about in space and fighting eldritch deities. You return without a single scratch on you, conveniently missing from the news. And now you’re back here, in Central City, dueling with little ol’ me.” The villain narrowed her eyes. “Enough of your party tricks. I’m not sure what spell you used last time, but you won’t catch me off guard so easily again.”

Instead of spouting back a witty retort, Miss Magic furrowed her brow. “Um, do you really think our last meeting was some sort of trick? I mean, you were beaten pretty easily. Sorry, but that was the real deal.” She shook her head. “You know what, nevermind. Let’s get to the sparring again. This time I’ll bring out the good in you for sure!”

There was a tense silence between them. Nightshade began strutting forward in her dominatrix boots, hips swaying side to side. “I believe there’s something going on with you,” she began. “I’m just not sure of what. That’s what I’m going to find out today.” She reached her opponent, grabbing the hero’s chin in her claws and tilting it upwards. “You think you have some sort of secret trick, that your ace in the hole will save you. I’m telling you to go all out. Be as relentless as you wish. And when I beat you, you’ll have no excuse to hide behind.”

Miss Magic was breathing deeply, staring up into the eyes of her nemesis. “Are you really sure about this? You’re talking about forces you don’t really understand. I’d recommend you choose your next words very carefully.”

Nightshade traced one of her talons across her rival’s chest, tearing the spandex suit and exposing the tender flesh beneath. “What was it you said last time? ‘If I wanted to, I could make it so you never commit another crime again?’ I’d like to see you try. No more games, no more hiding, do whatever you can to match your words. Otherwise I’ll know you’re all talk and no game.”

There was a deep sigh as Miss Magic relaxed in her Nightshade’s grip. “If you insist. I suppose every good magician needs an assistant, after all.”

“Assistant? To you?” Nightshade’s voice grew indignant. “I’m not sure what strange fantasies you’ve got in that pretty head of yours, but you’re in for a world of pain. Once I have you under my sway I’m… going to…” Her voice began to slur. A pink haze was filling the room, and arcane wisps began floating through the air. Miss Magic slipped out of Nightshade’s talons, the villain remaining perfectly still.

“For the record,” the hero said, “I really did enjoy having you as a rival. But I’ll be just as happy with you this way. And I have a sneaking suspicion you will as well.” She caressed the villain on the cheek before stepping away, putting her wand in her pocket and making complex gestures with her hands. The haze intensified, focusing itself around Nightshade, and the sounds of chanting in latin surrounded the two women.

In her own mind, Nightshade was struggling to keep a hold on reality. Her vision was growing foggy, and the chanting became louder and louder. The ground swelled below her. For the first time in her career as a villain, she felt somewhat unsteady on her heels. “What are you… doing?” Her words came out in a groggy tone, as if spoken by someone half asleep. A state Nightshade found herself alarmingly close to.

Miss Magic gave her a sweet smile. “I’m doing as you asked, giving you a taste of my true power. I don’t care for the publicity as much as Sunburst, and I’m not in love with the thrill of danger like Primal Force. So you people don’t tend to group me with the absolute strongest heroes on earth.” The air seemed to close in around Nightshade, as if trapping her in an ethereal fist. “But the truth is I could easily go toe to toe with any of them. And I don’t take stupid risks or place myself in unecessary danger, henceforth my lack of noticeable injury. But believe me when I say I’ve fought against the Void Kraken. Galactanos and Neutronium Golem as well. All the big ones, and some you’ve never even heard of.”

Although Miss Magic was speaking clearly, her voice sounded almost muffled to Nightshade. It was as if the pink fog in the room had infested her brain, slowing her thoughts to a crawl. She wobbled on her feet, the ground seemingly rolling below her. After a moment she collapsed on the ground. 

When Nightshade looked up, she was no longer in the secret lab she had broken into. In fact, it didn’t look like she was anywhere at all. All around her was endless white, nothing in any direction. No sky and no walls. Although she was standing on something there was no solid ground, just the same endless void below her as above. No shadows despite how bright everything was. It was all very confusing for the villain.

“Right now you’re inside the deepest corners of your mind. The central area that defines your innermost being.” Miss Magic’s voice rang out, coming from everywhere and nowhere at once. “In here my voice is law. Anything I say will become a core part of who you are. Now, since you’ve seen what I can really do, I’ll give you one last chance to back out. Are you sure you want me to continue?”

The whole situation was overwhelming. Nightshade wasn’t entirely sure where she was, or what Miss Magic was doing. She had no way of knowing if the threat was genuine or another trick. But there’s one thing Nightshade was absolutely certain of. 

She would absolutely never back down from a challenge.

“Go ahead, do your worst! You little brat, thinking you can trap me like this. Once I get out I’ll show you just how evil I can be. Now, hit me with whatever pitiful magic you’ve got!” Nightshade screamed her answer into the endless white space around her, completely unfazed by the threat.

After a moment of silence, Miss Magic’s rumbling voice spoke again. “If you insist. Let’s begin by dealing with that nasty temper of yours. Instead of showing anger towards people, you’re going to show kindness and compassion. Remember that.” The words felt different this time. Nightshade could feel them seeping inside of her, echoing all around and coming from within. 

“Not only are you a nice person, you’re someone who likes to help others. You do so because it makes you feel good. It makes you happy to be helpful and nice.” Nightshade was struggling to separate the words from her thoughts. That didn’t sound right, she was a villain after all. Villains didn’t help people. But despite herself the thought of helping people made her feel all warm inside. 

She shook her head, trying to be rid of the intrusive voice of Miss Magic. “No, that isn’t true! I… I’m one of the bad guys. I steal, and I hurt people, and I do whatever it takes to get my way.” Describing herself in that way made her feel sick, but she knew it was the truth. Nightshade’s eyes darted around, searching for a place to hide in the vast emptiness that held her.

“You were like that,” the ringing voice of Miss Magic continued. “Of course you used to be selfish and manipulative. But not anymore. Your priorities are changing.” Could that be true? Nightshade was able to feel the thoughts swirling around in her brain, freely molded by the all encompassing voice she couldn’t escape from. “You remember all the heinous deeds you’ve committed, but you don’t take pride in them. You feel the need to atone.”

Memories of Nightshade’s greatest successes were flowing through her mind. The banks she’d robbed, the thralls she’d enslaved, and the heroes she’d captured and tormented. Usually thinking of how she had captured Miss Magic and tied her up in her lair was a source of joy and malicious glee. Now she felt something very different. Something she hadn’t felt in a long time, in her entire career as a villain. 


“I… I don’t know why I did those things,” Nightshade stammered. “I swear there was a good reason, but… I’ve been so horrible!” All sorts of conflicting thoughts and emotions were racing through her. She shook her head, trying to regain focus. “No, I was evil because I wanted to. It’s who I am. I’m a bad girl, and I know it.” She was talking to herself more than anyone.

“Ah, but that’s where you’re wrong,” the voice continued. “Because you’re not a bad girl anymore. You’re a good girl.” A shiver ran down Nightshade’s spine at the phrase. “You’re a good girl, and you love being a good girl. That’s who you really are. It’s time you started behaving like one.”

Everything started to click into place. Nightshade may have done bad things in the past, but she was a good girl now. She could still help the people of Central City with their problems, and protect them from wicked fiends like she used to be. In fact, it was her duty to do so, to make up for all the harm she had done in the past. 

But that still left a burning question. Who was she? Nightshade was hardly a suitable name for a hero of the people. And it’s not like her skills were suited to doing good. “I want to be a good girl,” she confessed, the words etched into her soul. “But I don’t know how. Being nice is so much harder than being mean and angry. How am I supposed to help people as Nightshade?”

A warm light enveloped her. “But that’s just it, you won’t have to be Nightshade anymore. Don’t worry about a thing, I’ll help you become the perfect hero. I know what’s best for you and how you can redeem yourself.” The former villain spread out her arms, letting the power wrap around her. She felt herself being lifted up off whatever she was standing on. She accepted in her mind that Miss Magic knew what was best for her, and surrendered herself to whatever fate awaited her.

“It’s time you got a wardrobe change, and a new fighting style to match. Can’t have you running around with those dangerous poisons after all.” The metal claws on her fingertips disappeared, along with the wristbands she used for replenishing. Nightshade gasped in shock. She would have been angry, but instead she felt relieved to be rid of them. Such ugly weapons were hardly befitting a hero of Central City. 

Next her costume began to change. Her pitch black catsuit began to brighten, turning to a dull gray before at first and a blinding white soon after. It shifted in shape as well. Instead of being a single item across her entire body, it separated into a series of items. She found herself wearing a pair of shiny stockings going all the way up her thighs, barely covered by the ruffles of her latex dress above it. Her dominating heels became a pair of cute pink Mary Janes. 

There was a puff as her shoulder pads appeared, meeting the skintight opera gloves that went up her arms. The entire outfit was accented with pink lace and ruffles. It almost looked childish, but thanks to how it hugged her curves, she looked more like a grown woman dressing up in an outfit that barely fit her. Finally, her black and purple cowl melted away, transforming into a pair of bright pink bows to hold her now silver hair up.

“This is how you prefer to look, all pink and pretty,” came Miss Magic’s voice. “You’re at your best and most confident in this outfit.”

A surge of energy welled up inside of Nightshade. She felt braver, stronger, more ready to take on the world than ever before. “Gosh, I look pretty in this outfit!” She landed on the ground, doing little twirls and examining her new attire. But there was one thing that was still bothering her. “I think I need a new name though. ‘Nightshade’ sounds mean and scary, and I don’t want people to think I’m like that anymore.”

There was a deep rumble of laughter from all around her. “What a good girl you are! You’re right, but fret not. I’m still putting on the finishing touches. But this time I’ll be a bit more direct with my application.” Before Nightshade could figure out what she meant, a deep rumbling filled the empty void around her. A gigantic tear began to form, opening up a portal to some unknown place. Miss Magic came floating through it. But this time she looked unlike ever before.

The heroine towered over her former foe, standing at around ten meters tall. Although she wasn’t standing so much as levitating in the air. Miss Magic wasn’t wearing clothing, but she didn’t exactly look nude either. Her body was lined with intricate runes and symbols, all glowing a faint blue. Her skin itself was somewhat translucent. When Nightshade squinted, she could make out a cascade of stars inside her, as if looking at the night sky.

All in all, she looked like a Goddess. 

“You wanted to see me at my full power. Here I am” Her voice carried an incredible weight to it, vibrations causing her listener to physically tremble. “Now ends your life as Nightshade, the cruel and seductive poisoner of Central City. Now begins your life as Purity, noble defender of all things good and righteous.”

Purity’s eyes widened, basking in her new name. Such a clean and innocent title for a good girl like herself. She hugged herself, grabbing at the shiny pink and white dress with a gleeful smile. “Purity. I’m Purity! That’s me!” She jumped up and down, clapping her hands with joy. “I can’t wait to introduce myself to everyone. Thank you so much for this.”

The celestial form of Miss Magic reached down and patted her head. The giant hand was larger than Purity’s body. “I know you’re eager, but you’ll need a little more before you can go fight crime. Since we can’t have you using those nasty poisons anymore, I’m going to give you a new way to fight.” Miss Magic held up her palm, and a tiny ball of energy manifested inside of it. “Go ahead, take it.”

The orb was faintly vibrating in place. Purity could feel the sheer power radiating from it. She didn’t know how it would work, but Miss Magic had done nothing but good for her. This would surely be good as well. She reached out and grabbed it, squeezing the ball as energy flowed into her. 

Two changes happened simultaneously. First of all, the orb in Purity’s hand began to elongate and solidify. It transformed into a rod of sorts, and once it popped into its final shape, Purity easily recognized it as a wand. It was a shiny and pink item with a fancy jewel decorating the end of it. The other change that happened was a transference of energy gathering between her legs. Only instead of the warm glowing sensation given off from the orb, this one felt almost cool. After a moment Purity realized it was in fact the feeling of cold steel against her skin. She lifted her skirt, and sure enough, a fully functional chastity belt had manifested.

“You are Purity, a magical girl who fights to help those in need. Your wand allows you to channel a sliver of my power, casting spells that will aid you in times of need. However, your powers require you to remain pure. This belt will ensure you remain untainted by orgasmic pleasure. Your abstinence from such earthly rewards is both your source of strength and punishment for past crimes. Do you understand?”

Miss Magic’s words rang deep deep through the blank void. Purity nodded, a determined expression on her face. “I understand and I accept. I’m ready to go be a good girl in the real world again.” She looked down at herself, examining the wand in her hand. “Although will I have to change again back out there? I don’t want to wear those dark clothes I had before.” 

A rumble of laughter filled the air once more. “Very astute, my dear assistant. Since we’re in your innermost mind, I can only change how you think. But not to worry, I’ve taken the liberty of changing your attire in the physical realm to match your new style. I trust that won’t be an issue.” Her enormous celestial form took a step back. “Now, it is time for us to return. I hope you look forward to seeing the new you as much as I am.” Purity nodded, eager to see for herself as well.

A burst of light enveloped the two, and with a flash of brilliance, everything faded away.

Back in the R&D department of a mysterious billionaire, the two women slowly regained consciousness. Miss Magic was back to normal, the same as she had been upon casting the spell. She was wearing her typical spandex outfit, modeled to resemble a stage magician, as she always did when fighting evildoers. The person formerly known as Nightshade was a different story. 

Just as in the mindscape, the former villainess was wearing a cutesy pink and white outfit reminiscent of a magical girl. Her slender black catsuit and intimidating cowl were replaced with a series of adorable ruffles and pink bows, all carrying the telltale shine of freshly polished latex. The combination of an innocent style with a fetishized design made Purity look like a bizarre parody, one that was sweet and adorable while being undeniably sexualized. The fact that anyone looking up her rather short skirt would notice the harsh steel of chastity only made things worse.

The magician hero was the first to fully recover. “Purity? You alright there?” Her former nemesis responded with an excited squeal. She began jumping up and down, waving her hands around like a schoolgirl at a concert. 

“Wow, I can’t believe this is really me now. I look so pretty! Thank you so much for helping me be a good girl, Mistress Magic.”

Miss Magic blushed at the name. “Woah, where’d that idea come from? I mean I’m not complaining, but I certainly didn’t put it in your head.”

Purity giggled. “Well you are my Mistress, silly. You’re the one that gave me my brand new powers and cute outfit. And since I’m to be your assistant, it only makes sense that you’re my Mistress.” Purity lifted her skirt, experimenting with the edges of her belt. Not a single finger was able to slip under. “Since I’m being punished for how bad I used to be, it stands to reason that I follow your guidance and do what you ask. Whether that’s something like providing backup against meanies or eating your pussy.”

There was a dead silence that hung in the air. Miss Magic’s eyes widened at how unashamed she was at such a statement. “Uh… come again? What was that last part?”

“Well, to be honest talking with you has always made me really horny. And even though I’m locked up to help channel my own powers, I can still help other people be happy. Right?”

Miss Magic considered the situation for a moment. “You know what, fuck it. We’ve been doing this cat and mouse game for years and I’m ready to bang. If that’s what you have in mind, I’m not going to object. Get that cute ass over here and bury your tongue deep inside of me.”

Purity was happy to oblige, eager to help out her new Mistress. A part of her mind told her that something wasn’t right, that she wasn’t supposed to be doing this. But that part was locked far away and didn’t even reach the surface of her thoughts. And when Miss Magic unzipped her outfit to put her perfect vulva on full display, there wasn’t a single part of Purity’s mind that wanted to object.

“Oh fuck, that feels good.” The magician let out a moan as her assistant buried her tongue deep inside. She grabbed Purity’s head and ground it deep into her. “I really should’ve thought of this years ago. Fighting you was a great stress reliever, but fucking you is way better.” There was a mumble of agreement from down below her. “Take all the time you need in there, I’m ready to do this as long as needed. But tomorrow we’re going to be introducing you to everyone else. Let’s see what your former allies and enemies think of Purity.”

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