The Blind Date


by EllieKittycakes

Tags: #bimbofication #CW:dubious_consent #D/s #dom:male #sub:female #f/f #f/m #humiliation #multiple_partners

In a private room at the BDSM Dungeon The Cellar, Megan is feeling quite entranced by Lester's lovely voice...

Master's Suite 01 - The Cellar

Megan was a little disoriented. She felt like she had just dozed off for a moment. 

"Are you alright there Megan? You seem a little out of it. Would you prefer we stop here and meet again another day?" asked Lester, visibly concerned for her.

"Oh no no! Please, I'll be fine. I'll just have some water." said Megan, reaching for one of the glasses on the table. She took a sip. That felt really good! The water was the perfect temperature and tasted delicious. It tasted really good and it made her really happy. She took another sip and then giggled. Something was funny, she had no idea what but it was funny. 

Lester tried, and failed, to suppress his laughter. "Are you sure everything is fine, Megan? What's so funny?"

"This water is really good! I want more...." As she uttered the words, she moved towards the pitcher.

"There's no need for that, Megan. Why don't you sit back down for a moment."

She stopped and went back to the couch. "You're right, what was I thinking?"

"You were not, and I believe that's the point." laughed Lester. "Here, let me. Sophie, dear, why don't you refill my guest's glass with some of this wonderful water."

Sophie removed the blanket and put it aside, on the couch, next to Lester. When Megan saw her friend, her first thought was confusion. But then, she started giggling. That wasn't funny....why was she giggling?

"Sophie, what are you doing there, on the ground like that?" spat out Megan, between two laughing fits. It wasn't funny, yet she couldn't stop herself.

"I am here to do my Master's bidding." responded Sophie, filling up Megan's glass with water.

"Why don't you help yourself to more water, Megan? Maybe that will help clear your mind a bit?" stated Lester, with a smirk. Of course, he knew full well what would happen. He was the one who implanted the suggestion in her mind after all. And he did chose his words very carefully...

Moments ago

"Megan, I want you to focus on the memory of our first date. How safe you felt, how comfortable you felt. Remember how safe it felt to be around me. Because I can protect you. Because I care about you. Because we both want this relationship to work, don't we Megan? Just simply nod if you agree." continued Lester, as Megan lied there, slumped in the couch, her eyes closed.

After a few seconds, Megan slowly nodded. She did feel safe around him. And truth be told, he was very attractive. Ever since they met, he had been nothing but kind to her. She had nothing to fear.

"That's right. Let yourself drift deeper...and deeper still. And as you do, my words, my voice, sink into your mind. And it feels so good, it's easy to listen to my words. It's easy to obey, to submit. A feeling you are familiar with, a feeling you have been craving for a while now. And I am here to fulfil that need. To tame that fire inside of you. I'm sure you can feel it, the warmth that's begun to spread in your body"

And she did. It started with just small tingles in her lower region, but it was now spreading like wildfire. She could feel the wetness forming between her thighs. She, she craved this. And she was willing to go far to get it.

"Nggghh" whimpered Megan, absent-mindedly. 

"Yes, Megan. No thoughts, only pleasure. No thoughts, only my words, giving you pleasure. Only my words matter. And you're such a good girl, you will obey them, won't you Megan?"

A low moan escaped Megan's mouth, as she nodded.

"Very good, Megan. Now, when I bring you back in a moment, you will find that any liquid you ingest from your glass will melt your thoughts away. You will find it so easy to follow my words, even while awake. And this liquid will taste better than anything you ever tasted before. The more you drink it, the more obedient and submissive you will feel. Is that understood, Megan?"

Megan nodded for the third time. Obedient and submissive sounded so pleasant. Why would she refuse him?

"Alright now, let's bring you back with us, shall we? One, take a nice breath in. Two, exhale. Three, feel the energy returning to your body. Four, blink your eyes aaaand five, wide awake!"


Megan drank some more water. It felt so nice! The laughter subsided, just as Lester had said. She felt her mind clear, focused. She was about to comment again on Sophie's presence, but Lester interrupted her.

"Megan, be a doll and stay there for me? Just listen to what I have to say."

Just like that, Megan sat and waited.

"Now, you must understand why I did not tell you Sophie here was my partner. I wanted to surprise you. See, Sophie feels quite safe around me. We have been in this relationship for quite some time now. She was worried you might think of her as a weirdo if she came out and said anything about it."

Sophie seemed about to protest, as her eyes turned towards her Master and she opened her mouth, only to have him put his finger over her lips.

"Now now, don't be rude to our guest, slave. I've trained you better than that." Sophie sat back down, on firm, her round bubbly butt sitting on her naked heels.

"Megan, it feels nice to be this way, doesn't it?" Lester's voice was all-encompassing in her mind. It resonated inside her head, which felt rather empty at the moment.

"It's you know, like, so nice to feel this way cause, like, it's relaxing and stuff." responded Megan, supressing a giggle as she did.

"Good girl Megan! It feels nice, not to think. Because you don't need to think. You have me for that. I will do the thinking for you from now on."

"You...will?" Megan felt confused. She felt like she should be concerned. She felt she should be running out and asking for help. But he was right. Why would she resist such a blissful proposition?

"I will. And you will be such a good doll for me, won't you Megan? Such a nice, obedient doll for your master."

My master...? I don't have a master. Megan looked at Lester with a confused frown on her face.

"You do know who your master is, don't you Megan?"

" Master? I...what?" Megan's mind wanted to know, but it was so foggy in there. She was hoping the man before her could clear up that confusion.

Lester moved forward and cupped the side of her face with one hand, and kissed her forehead. "Doll, you already know the answer. Just accept it. It will feel so good. After all, haven't you been obeying your master's every words since we entered this room?"

It dawned on her. He was Master. He was the one. And it did feel so pleasurable to admit it. She felt so good at the thought of relinquishing her will to her Master.

"Yes, Master. Doll understands. Doll obeys"

"Good doll!" He kissed her again, on the lips this time. "Now, we had a little fun just now. But I want you clear-headed for the rest of the evening. So, why don't you go ahead and drop for me" Lester snapped his fingers, after which Megan slumped into the couch once more, eyes closed and muscles sleepy.

"Megan, once I bring you back up in a moment, you will remember everything that happened. You will remember it, and store it away in your memories. You will remember it, and you will remain calm while we discuss what happened. Do you understand, Megan?" She nodded back slowly. 

"Good. Now, on the count of 10, you will rise up and we'll discuss this. One, feeling the memories of this session clear inside your mind. Two, the memories being kept safely in your mind. Three, feeling your mind slowly creeping out of the fog. Four, your sense of self-control returning to you until I tell you otherwise. Five, your energy coming back to your body. Six, suggestions from the previous trance clearing from your mind. Seven, your muscles coming back to life. Eight, your eyes gently opening up. Nine, serenity filling your mind as you wake. And ten, wide awake, energized and relaxed!"

Megan felt so good. More relaxed than she had in months. Slowly, the memories of what transpired came to her.

That really happened? Hypnosis is real? What else could he have done to me? This is so weird. And Sophie was part of this, too?

"Hello Megan, welcome back! I'm sure you have lots of questions for me. But before that, there are some things I need to tell you. Everything you remember happened. I did nothing else, and I would not have done anything else. I merely wanted to provide you with insight into what I do. I may have been a little excited at the prospect of playing with your mind and I do owe you an apology for not asking first. I do get the feeling you would not have given it, had I asked though. And, seeing the look on your face, something tells me you enjoyed this."

She knew she should be offended. She knew she should be mad at him for doing this. But he was right. She really did enjoy it. And she would have rejected the offer, had he asked before. Everything in mainstream media taught her that hypnosis wasn't real. That most people who were said to be practicing hypnosis were predatory. But he did nothing of the sort. He did show dominance over her, but he knew she liked it because of their prior conversation, during their first date. And he did not invade her body in any way. Except...

"You are mostly right, except I would have appreciated you getting my consent before kissing me. I would not refuse, but it feels disrespectful." Megan said so in a calm tone. She wasn't angry with him. She was a little disappointed. But she still felt like they could be a good match. He had been very caring with her. He could have done all those things in the public area of the dungeon. He chose to bring her here, where they could have privacy. He didn't force her to do anything she didn't actually want to do in the first place.

"You are absolutely right. And I apologize for doing so. I do hope you can forgive me for it. I've enjoyed our time together so far and would hate to lose you." said Lester, his face ridden with guilt.

"Master, Megan, should I....leave the two of you alone for a moment?" chimed in Sophie, who was still sitting on the ground.

Lester gave Megan an inquisitive look, to which she shook her head and smiled.

"You're fine, dear. Why don't you join me here for a moment?" He motioned to the spot next to him on the couch. She sat and waited, as she drank some water.

Megan closed her eyes, took a deep breath, then proceeded to give Lester her answer. "Lester, while you did breach consent here tonight, I cannot deny the fact I had a very good time. I had no idea hypnosis could be so much fun. And I haven't felt this good, this relaxed, in a long time. I would love to explore more of this with you, over time. That is, if you'll have me, of course. Also, no more play until we've discussed boundaries and limits." 

"That's quite reasonable, considering everything. Thank you, Megan. Would there be something I can provide in the form of aftercare?"

"You could start by getting me a drink. I think I earned at least this much." Megan crossed her legs and arms, looking over at Lester with a pouting face.

"I would have to agree!" laughed Lester, visibly amused.


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