The Blind Date

The Cellar

by Ellie Lobelia

Tags: #bimbofication #CW:dubious_consent #D/s #dom:male #sub:female #f/f #f/m #humiliation #multiple_partners

Megan meets up with Lester at the local BDSM dungeon, The Cellar, to meet his submissive.

Megan's studio

Thursday morning came so quickly. Megan barely slept that night. Why had she agreed to meeting up at a BDSM dungeon for a second date? She barely knew the man. But somehow, she had said yes. She had to admit, she was very intrigued by the man. She felt like she should be bothered by the fact he already had someone, but somehow she didn't. Things were confusing, in her mind. But at the same time, they felt right. Lester was a safe person. She could trust him. Right?

What am I doing? A good-looking, smooth-talking man wants to spend more time with me. So what, if it's in a kink space? I've been wanting to explore a bit more for years and never did. I should just...jump right into it! Right? Then why am I so conflicted? He's safe. Sophie would never introduce just a random person and suggest they are dating material if they were not safe. I should just focus on getting this day started. Keep the mind busy, drop the random anxiety.

Megan started setting up in her studio. She had been commissioned to make a set of clay chalices for a local theatre troupe. Not her usual work, but it paid nice. She had shaped them, baked them. They had been resting overnight, so the only thing left to do was paint them according to the client's instructions, and them apply a finish to each. She had not done much pottery in a while, but it wasn't that hard compared to working with marble. She set down, and got to work however her mind wasn't really focused on that. Her mind drifted to some of the words Lester had said during their first date.

“I think we're off to a very good start, you and I."

These simple words resonated in her mind. A good what? What was she even hoping to get out of that...she didn't even know what to call it. They'd only just met once and he was already taking up a lot of her thoughts. And these thoughts kept invading her mind, with every stroke of her paintbrush against the chalice. Without even realizing, the afternoon went by and it was time for dinner. She placed the chalices for drying. She figured she would apply the coating tomorrow and deliver the pieces after.

I should probably figure out dinner. Maybe I should check in with Sophie about what I should wear. She's been there before, she would know!

Sophie's loft

"Well done, Sophie. I must say, you have outdone yourself with you attire this time. You make your master proud!", said Lester, sitting in the recliner. He had opted for a fancy black suit, with a rosewood-coloured dress shirt. To complete the outfit, he had chosen smoky grey dress pants with a thick black leather belt. 

At these words, Sophie's face was flushed a very bright shade of red. She made Master proud. She anticipated what he would like, just like she was taught. That alone made her heart rate rise.

She had chosen to wear her black thigh-high leather boots, black checkered fishnets tights and a gorgeous, strapless, short black leather dress that wrapped itself around her tempting curves, shaping itself to her figure perfectly. Her long, silky black hair was tied up in a high ponytail. Her beautiful hazelnut eyes glistening, 

"Thank you, Master!", said Sophie, sounding as excited as a little puppy being offered a treat.

"Now, be a good girl and..." Lester was cut off by Sophie's phone ringing. She turned to Lester with a worried look on her face.

"'s Megan video-calling. What should I do?"

Lester paused for a moment. He had such a delicious idea, one that would make things quite entertaining. He looked at Sophie, smirking.

"Sophie, tea time, my dear." Hearing the words, her mind immediately knew what to do. Her eyes glossed over, her arms resting on each side, she awaited her Master's instructions.

"That's it. Free yourself of thoughts, give in to my voice, as you have done many times before. Now, hand me your phone."

Without hesitation, she handed her phone over to Lester. He then moved away, onto the balcony, and answered the call.

"Lester?! What are you doing with Sophie's phone?" Megan exclaimed, clearly confused.

"Hi Megan! Sophie left her phone in the mess hall and I picked it up. When I saw you were the caller, I thought I'd let you know. I thought she might be with you?"

" that so? Well, I'm sorry to say she isn't. Huh...I'm supposed to meet with her tomorrow, for lunch. I can give it to her then? Maybe you could bring it with you tonight?"

"Sure, I'd be happy to. I was just getting ready to meet up with you. We're still on for tonight, yes?"

"Yeah absolutely! I'll be there, Lester. Looking forward to it. See you then!" And with that, Megan hung up.

Lester walked back inside and stood in front of Sophie.

"Sophie, you have done so well. But it's now time to come back up, to let your thoughts return, for now, with no memory of what just happened, not remembering the events, not remembering the events of this trance. Feeling that energy returning to you now..."

Lester then clacked his tongue inside his mouth, and just like that, Sophie blinked her eyes and blushed. She had no idea what just happened. She had a feeling her Master must have done something hypnotic, but she couldn't remember anything after her phone rang.

"Master, what happened with Megan's call?"

"You don't need to concern yourself with this, servant of mine."

The young nursing student knew better than to push the subject. She trusted her Master after all. He would take care of her. If he said she did not need to worry about it, then she would not.

"Grab your things, Sophie. And make sure you grab that long trench coat. I don't want Megan to notice who you are until I decide the time is right."

And with that, Sophie grabbed her purse and the long black trench coat, and both she and Lester left the loft. They rode to the dungeon in Lester's car. A blue sports car, but nothing too fancy and definitely not the latest model either. College teachers don't make that kind of money. He was proud of his acquisition nonetheless and took very good care of it. On the ride, he made sure to put on a playlist that would get Sophie worked up. He wanted her to forget any nervousness she might have. He didn't want that to make her inhibitions take hold. 

The Cellar

Megan was waiting at the predetermined spot, near the entrance to the dungeon. It didn't look like a dungeon as you see them described in mainstream media. It looked like an average club, from the outside at least. The artist picked up her phone from her pocket to look at the time. She was 15 minutes early. The last thing she wanted was to make him wait. She felt he had to wait for her at the café, so she would do the same. She used her phone's front-facing camera to look at herself and make sure everything was right.

She went for black, skin-tight faux-leather pants, which seemed appropriate to her given the setting of the meet-up. It was paired up with a black, sleeveless top, with the front tied up into a pentagram. Again, seemed appropriate. She wore purple smoky eyeshadow, buffed her eyebrows with some eye liner and mascara. Used some foundation to make her skin appear pearly and peachy, with a slight shade of pink blush on her cheeks.

Lester arrived shortly after and parked a little further up the street. It wasn't a busy area of town, but the parking in front of the place was always full. It wouldn't be a long walk, so it wasn't a big deal to him. Once there, he could just request his usual private booth and wait for Megan to show up. Once they had their quiet spot, he would weave his words into Megan's mind and reveal the identity of his partner. That seemed like a good plan with zero chance of failure. As they got out of the car, Sophie put on the trench coat and they both walked towards the door.

They both walked past Megan. They planned on having Sophie put on the hood once they were inside, since security would have to validate their identity when they went in. They didn't plan on Megan waiting nearby.

This is when the zero chance of failure proved to be wrong...

"Sophie? Wait, what are you doing here? And....Lester...?"

Both turned around to face Megan. Panic could be read from Sophie's face immediately. As for Lester, his mind started working triple time. He had to come up with a plausible explanation. He might have to use his mastery of words in another way...

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