A Needy Puppy

by Ellie Lobelia

Tags: #D/s #dom:nb #humiliation #petplay #puppy_play #sub:female #breeding #hypnosis

She had been wanting to try out pet play. They had been playing around with hypnosis. She would soon get her wish, and so would they.

I was sitting at my desk when my partner called me over.

"Hey, honeypie, can you come for a minute? I just had a crazy idea!"

That is usually a sign of trouble for me. That usually means I'm about to get fucked.

I walked over to their office. I was barely awake, still wearing my nightgown. They had been working for a good hour already. I had a commission to finish writing, but I had been procrastinating today. I felt a little off and wasn't quite sure why.

They were sitting at their desk and swiveled their chair around to look at me. Always looking so professional with their nice red blouse and black pants. They had that mischievous smile on their face, which was an indicator I might be right about my previous statement.

"Awww! That nightgown looks so adorable on you! Look at all the cute puppies on there! Not as cute as the one wearing it though..."

My mind was confused for a minute. Were they saying I was cuter than the puppies on the nightgown, or were they calling me a cuter puppy? Clearly the first. That's the only logical choice.

"You said you wanted to see me about a crazy idea?" I said, looking away in an attempt to hide my nervousness.

"Well, you know how we've been playing with hypnosis for a while, yeah? Well, I just remembered something from our negotiations way back that we never really delved into. And I think you might enjoy it. It would help you relax and just forget about all those pesky human responsibilities. How does that sound?"

"It sounds intriguing, but I have no idea what you're talking about."

"So... remember when you told me you wanted to try out pet play, yeah? Well, I've been reading a lot and I've also been watching some group trances and stuff. I want to try it with you. I know, I said I wasn't into it before. But I've been chatting with some friends online and learned more about it. I think the idea is really hot and, if you're willing, I want to play with that. Are you down?"

Wait...what?! We had that talk over a year ago and they still remembered. Must be from their notes or something. They're constantly keeping notes! Not that I'm complaining. It usually leads to me getting things I really enjoy happening to me. Cause they remember what I'm into and all.

"That's the last thing I expected when you called me in here, honest." I giggled.

"Is that a yes...?"

"It's an enthusiastic yes, you bewitching enby!"

"Wonderful! Alright, go sit on the couch and I'll join you in a minute."

I was sitting on the couch when they came back with a bag I did not recognize.

"Uhhhh...what is all of this?"

"A few things I picked up to enhance the experience. I think you're going to enjoy this a lot. Let me show you!"

As they opened up the bag, I saw...a tail butt plug, a collar, a leash and...

"Wa.wait....is this like...those cum-lube dildos?"

"It is, and yes it's a strap on. What we're going to do is turn you into an adorable pup girl, ready to be bred."

Just then I could feel all of my strength leaving me. This was one of my biggest fantasies being turned into reality by my partner and my mind was exploding with joy right now. I wanted to run around and jump and do all the happy things. I was very, very excited.

"Really? Really? You really want to do this? You really want to do puppy girl play? You really want to do these things?"

"Alright, slow down a moment" giggled my partner as they patted my left shoulder.

"Now, we're going to make this a little more interesting. I'm going to put you under and have you remove your clothes. Then, I'll slowly work you up to insert your tail while reinforcing the puppy headspace in your mind. When I put on the collar, I'll bring you out of trance as the cute and adorable puppy girl you are. How does that sound?"

"Whenever you're ready, I am!" I had been wanting this for so long and now it was happening! But before I could think anything more, they used our reinduction trigger and I was gone.

When I came to, I was kneeling and looking up at Owner. They were holding my leash and smiling at me. I wagged my tail in excited and pawed at them.

"Awww what an adorable little pup girl you are. So excitable, so energetic. Here, let me give you some pats."

They patted my head, then my back. My back felt really sensitive, and the touch felt electrifying against my fur. I couldn't help but roll over for belly rubs, to which Owner immediately responded by going in with both hands. That’s when I noticed Owner was naked and wearing something on their hips. With a long…

The belly rubs felt really good. Why was I feeling wet? Oh gosh…I was in heat. And the rubs were making it so much worse. I could feel myself getting really worked up from the rubs when Owner’s hands started touching my wet slit. I knew what I had to do. Owner was preparing me for breeding. That’s what this was for. I was here for Owner to breed, to be filled up by their cum deep inside of me. That was my purpose.

As a good puppy girl would, I got on all fours and presented my rear end, lifting it up to be appealing to my Owner. I needed to be fucked. That’s all that was on my mind. I wanted to be bred, to be rammed into. To feel my Owner’s grasp on me and to have my brains fucked hard.

My Owner inspected me with their finger to make sure I was ready. They patted my ass a few times, some harder than others, and that only made me more needy. I was shaking my ass at them in the hopes they would soon fill me up. The wait was so painfully arousing for this pup in heat. I could hear myself whining and Owner giggled.

“It would seem my pet has gone a little needy. Oh don’t you worry, little pup, I will take you. Only, it will be when I decide to. Now, follow me to my office. You can sit by my feet as I work. You have my permission to hump my leg so long as you don’t prevent me from working. Oh, and don’t think about cumming before I give you permission. You’ll come only when I have.”

As they sat at their desk, in their office, I sat besides them on a cushion they had placed on the ground. I was still very needy and had to find some level of relief or I would go crazy. So, I humped their leg as the pathetic pup in heat I was.

That was going to be a long and sexy morning.


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