Three Days to Change Your Mind.

Chapter 1

by EleanorA

Tags: #cw:noncon #f/f #lesbification #pov:bottom

This is a work of fiction, all characters are over 18. This story contains depictions of non-consensual mind control and lesbian sex. 

"What are the key properties of a PCI Bus?" Ms. Wetherby asked. Seeing the usual set of hands raised, she decided that she would make an example of one of the students not paying attention in her class. Her eye settled on the young woman in the second row who seemed to be playing on her phone.

Of course it would be Claire Whitworth, the tall redhead who seemed to have a knack for irritating Ms. Wetherby. She seemed to have no desire to be in the class and only seemed to attend so that she could distract the boys with her ample bosom and supple, toned legs. Ms. Wetherby caught herself staring at Claire and took a moment to recover her train of thought and focus on education. 

"Claire Whitworth? Do you know the key properties of a PCI bus?" Ms. Wetherby asked, smiling inside to see the irritated look on the freckled face of her problem student. There were plenty of other places at Fulcrum University for those looking to waste time. Ms. Wetherby's class was not one of them.

Claire looked up from her phone with an expression of disdain. She was only in this lame computer class due to a glitch in the admissions system that her useless advisor was somehow not able to fix. While she had considered just not going, he had promised her parents she would have good attendance in college. Claire wanted them to keep paying her tuition after all. Still, this class was just a blip on her schedule. 

"Um... it's yellow and short?" She said in her most sarcastic tone. Ms. Wetherby gave her a withering glare and proceeded to explain in great detail how Claire's answer was incorrect. Claire tuned out the lecture and tried to not to look like she was zoning out.

As class let out, Claire was approached by her least favorite person in the class: the teacher's pet, Bethany Baker. Bethany was a short brunette who seemed to play into almost every nerd stereotype. She wore unfashionable clothes that didn't really hide the fact that she needed to lose a few dozen pounds, and kept her hair in a barely brushed bob cut that made Claire think of Velma from Scooby Doo. The thick black rimmed glasses completed the nerdy look. 

Claire had heard around campus that Bethany was a lesbian. That thought made her shudder. Claire liked to say she wasn't homophobic, but she didn't want anything to do with any woman thinking of her in a sexual way. Besides she couldn't imagine what self respecting woman would be with a loser like Bethany anyhow.

"Hi, Claire. It seemed like you were having trouble with the course material, I was wondering if you'd like some help with it." Bethany offered with her usual bright and chipper tone. 

"I don't need any help from a fat lesbo nerd." Claire said dismissively as she walked away in a hurry, not noticing the flash of anger on Bethany's face or the wicked grin that followed.

Claire was mildly ashamed of herself for being so rude, but figured it'd be best if Bethany knew up front that she was barking up the wrong tree. Claire put the encounter out of her mind and went to her next class. 

As she sat down she realized that in her rush to get away from Bethany she'd left her phone behind. She was about to ask the professor if she could retrieve her phone when Bethany came in to the classroom. Bethany said something to the professor and then walked over to Claire holding out the phone Claire had forgotten. 

"Thanks..." Claire said reluctantly as she fidgeted in her seat, hoping Bethany would leave soon.

"Don't worry about it. See you later." Bethany said with a grin as she turned to leave. 

God I hope not, Claire thought to herself.

After her classes, Claire trudged back to her dorm room. Her roommate was out as usual, and Claire put in her earbuds for her nightly routine of some relaxing yoga. She pulled up her relaxation playlist and started stretching. 

Oddly, there was some weird undercurrent in the soothing music that Claire couldn't remember hearing before. Puzzled, she tried to focus on it, but the sound kept slipping away. Whenever she stopped trying to make out what the sound was, it came back. She stopped stretching and tried again to figure out what it was. Something about it seemed to float through her and she almost turned off the music. 

"What is going on?" Claire asked the empty room. Her voice did nothing to break the fascination with the sound and soon it seemed to hold her mind in its sonic grip. She tried to move, tried to turn off the music. But the sound seemed to carry her away and she could do nothing but let it.

Claire snapped back to reality when she felt her earbuds being taken out. She tried to move her limbs and found they were held in padded restraints at her wrists and ankles. Her head was also restrained and there was padding against her forehead but what felt like metal against the sides of her head at the temples. She was apparently seated in a leather padded chair. An attempt to try to rock the chair showed it to be immovable.

What the? What happened? Why am I strapped into a chair?

Claire opened her eyes and saw the last person she wanted to see.

"Bethany?! What is this? You'd better let me go, right now!" Claire shouted at her captor trying to mask her fear with rage.

Claire looked around the room, desperately seeking any clue as to where she was but the room seemed like just an empty classroom. An old one, given the dust on the few tables against the wall. The only other person here was Bethany, and the only objects nearby were the chair she was in and some kind of pedestal with various buttons and dials and wires leading toward the chair Claire was held in. 

Claire found a blush heating her cheeks as she realized what was going on or at least what it looked like. This was like one of those stories she liked, where women would be brainwashed into drones, or bimbo sex slaves, or any of a number of other options that made Claire feel a rush of heat in her nether regions. But in the fantasy it was some diabolically handsome guy at the controls, not fat nerdy Bethany.

"This is going to be my little experiment." Bethany said in her bubbly tone ignoring Claire's outburst. "I was thinking about the hurtful thing you said earlier. And I realized you were just ignorant. You just need a little help to understand. And I'm going to help you."

"Touch me and I'll scream!" Claire yelled at Bethany.

Bethany stepped over to the control panel and started making adjustments. "You can scream if you want. Nobody will hear you. But don't worry, I'm not going to hurt you. And I won't touch you in any untoward way. I promise."

Somehow Claire didn't feel reassured. "Then what?" Claire started, the question dying on her lips as she realized she didn't know what to ask of her tormentor. 

"Let me start by telling you where we are. This is the old Fulcrum psychiatric research lab. The University uses the building for storage now, but back in the fifties it was used for experiments. Experiments in mind control, changing people's thinking, that sort of thing. They closed it down after a scandal involving a researcher and one of her students." Bethany explained, sounding like a teacher giving a lecture.

"Imagine my surprise when I found my aunt's diary and research notes." Bethany continued, "I was even more surprised when I got here and found all the equipment they used was still here. I did a little fixing up and modernized some bits, and here we are." Bethany gestured at the room. 

"You're crazy, just let me go, I promise I won't tell anyone about this." Claire pleaded, realizing Bethany was clearly unhinged.

"Oh I know you won't. You see, the device you're strapped into isn't really 'mind control'. It's more mind altering. Control would be something like the subliminal I put in your music files, it put you in a trance and brought you here but I don't want you to be a mindless puppet. That wouldn't be nice and you wouldn't enjoy it at all." 

Claire felt pretty certain she wouldn't enjoy anything Bethany had planned, but held her tongue, not wanting to antagonize her captor. Claire knew that mind control wasn't real, or at least she thought it wasn't. But she had to admit to herself that she couldn't think of anything else to explain how she got here. It was one of Claire's fantasies come to life. She tried to pretend it wasn't affecting her, but she felt a familiar tingle inside at the thought of what was coming. If only Bethany weren't the one doing this to her.

Bethany continued her explanation, oblivious to Claire's internal conflict. "What I'm going to do will take longer than just controlling you, but you'll appreciate it more. You see, you can't change someone all at once. You have to do it over a few sessions. Changing one thing at a time and letting that change become part of their psyche. It then seems to the person that the change was just something they'd always felt, even if they didn't acknowledge it before." 

"Tonight, we'll be changing your orientation. You'll learn to appreciate a woman's touch and curves, and understand that a woman can please you far better than any man could." Bethany said, returning to her upbeat tone.

Claire paled and struggled against the restraints. "No! Please no! I'm straight, Bethany, you can't do this to me. I'm not gonna become a lesbian no matter what you do to me!" Claire said as she tried to break free from the chair.

"Don't worry, Claire. I already said I wouldn't hurt you. I won't even have to touch you. The device will just take over your senses, you'll see, hear, and feel the program I've designed. You'll have visions of women loving other women and it will feel good while your memories of pleasure involving men will fade out. I don't know exactly how it'll look, the device gives your mind a general concept and your own mind does the rest. I mean, there's a few of my sense memories in there since some of the sensations are ones I doubt you've experienced." Bethany told Claire. "And then afterward, you'll forget you were even here. You'll wake up safe and sound in your own bed."

Bethany flipped a switch and the machine started to hum. Claire felt the hum go through her, bringing a pleasant tingling to her skin. Claire tried to concentrate, to resist what was happening, but the room seemed to fade away no matter how hard she tried to focus. Everything went foggy and grey as Claire felt her memory of Bethany and the machine slipping away from her mind.

Claire found herself standing, naked, in some fogbound void. Strangely she felt unconcerned about where she was or how she got there. She didn't care that she was naked. All she knew is that she felt a tingling inside her and the fog moving around her felt like gentle caresses. The fog parted, and she saw two women in the mist, a blonde and brunette. Both with well toned, athletic bodies and flawless tanned skin. Claire felt her body respond with desire as she watched them kissing and fondling each other in erotic ways.

On a deeper level of pure thought, Claire found her resistance to the simulation unraveling.

this is wrong.
women shouldn't do this with each other. Shouldn't want to.
again, why?
because it's wrong
circular reasoning rejected. Why is it wrong?
always been told it was wrong
forget what others say, what is your reason?
it makes me feel strange
good or bad?
good... very good
then it isn't wrong is it?

Her resistance quelled, Claire felt a rush of pleasure rise up in her. The heat of her desire became like a bonfire, burning away her old inhibitions. She never even noticed as her memories of desiring men, of pleasure with men faded from her mind as every memory of even the slightest attraction to women intensified. She was too busy feeling an overwhelming need to be touched, a primal hunger awakening in her.

She stepped over to the women, and they separated from each other to lavish attention on Claire, easing her to the ground with soft kisses and gentle hands roaming her body. The blonde was caressing and kissing Claire's legs while the brunette kissed and sucked on her breasts. Each kiss and touch built up Claire's need, and she reached out to the blonde who moved up from kissing Claire's inner thigh to kiss her hot moist cunt. 

Claire almost stopped her, a last spark of resistance that vanished the moment the blonde's mouth touched her clit. Claire's world exploded in bliss as she came, hips bucking as she rode the waves of pleasure from the blonde sucking on her clit. 

As her orgasm receded, the hunger rose up again and the blonde responded by licking Claire's pussy, as though trying to taste every bit of Claire's wetness. The brunette who had been at Claire's breasts now moved to straddle her face. Claire could feel the heat of the woman's cunt and the musky scent of her arousal filled Claire's nostrils. Claire grabbed the brunette's buttocks and pulled her closer so she could taste her first taste of another woman's pussy. The blonde continued her attentions on Claire's pussy and soon both Claire and the brunette were in the throes of orgasm.

Claire climaxed again and again as she and her phantom lovers continued their passionate encounter, somehow charged with a boundless need for sexual pleasure. Finally, the machine shut off and Claire collapsed back into reality of the chair, her body shaking from the intense experience. 

Bethany slid Claire's earbuds back into her ears, and Claire's mind shut off.

Many thanks to Sin KnightEye for helping me find the right voice for this story. Also to Madam Kistulot for inspiring me to try my hand at writing erotica. 


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