Cal’s Addiction

by Hypnotic Echoes

Tags: #cw:noncon #cock_worship #D/s #dom:male #m/m #pov:bottom #sub:male

Exhausted from his roommates partying keeping him up all night, Cal decides it’s time to confront him~

It was 3 in the morning and Cal did not think he could last another second without screaming into his pillow. He gripped it harder, clutching it over his ears, trying his best to stamp the sound out in any way he could, but it just would not leave. The commotion would not stop, it would not halt. It just invaded his ears, preventing his sleep, and forcing him awake.

Cal’s roommate, Jacob, was having another one of his famous parties. Going late into the night, Jacob’s parties were well known for being the biggest on campus. Coincidentally, that also meant his parties were the loudest on campus, and while Jacob had usually had the kindness to host them away from where Cal was sleeping, apparently tonight he couldn’t find an easier venue and just decided to host it outside their dorm.

When this had first started, Cal was of half a mind to go out there and give Jacob a piece of his mind, in fact he still partially felt that, but Cal knew he was too much of a coward to really do anything like that. Try as he might, he struggled to fight back against his considerably more demanding roommate.

Still though, tonight was going to be different. As the hours rolled on and Cal became more and more filled with rage at his forced insomnia, his will steeled, he almost felt ready to get up and --

Police sirens blared. A couple of shouts of fear and excitement. The noise of dozens of scampering college students fleeing from a scene. Within five minutes, the entire party -- all the noise, all the music, all the drinks -- it all vanished into the ether. Breathing a sigh of relief, Cal finally plied the pillow off his face and placed it back under his head as he got ready to sleep for what little of the night remained.

Before he could get too comfortable though, the lights in his room flicked on and Cal was once again roused from his slumber, as Jacob strolled in, giving Cal only an apologetic shrug, a smirk smearing his face. And seeing this, Jacob’s casual demeanor after putting Cal into his own personal hell for the past eight hours, was what finally set Cal off. 

Flying out of bed, Cal stood up and marched over to Jacob, who appeared to be surprised. It was a funny sight, Cal, who was nearly a foot shorter than Jacob, face red with anger, pointing up with indignation, as Jacob just looked down at him and smiled. That damn smile only made Cal angrier, as he began, or at least attempted, to shout at Jacob.

Before Cal could get a word out, Jacob wrapped his hand around Cal’s mouth.

“You idiot, do you want to wake up the whole floor?” he hissed.

Cal fought against his muzzle, and eventually Jacob released him once the blinding rage had passed.

“They’re all still awake ‘cause of your damn party,” Cal whispered back.

Jacob chuckled softly. “Well, most of them were at the party, so I don’t think we have to worry much about that,” he winked.

“Look, I don’t care if you have your parties and your beer and whatever, but can you at least not do it right outside our dorm?”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. You know this was just a one time thing, the usual place was closed, but it’ll be open next time I do it. I truly apologize if that makes you feel better.”

“Not much. But whatever, sorry your party was broken up early so you couldn’t fuck whatever broad you planned to bring home tonight.”

Jacob cracked a smile. “I appreciate the thought, I’m sure I can find a way to make it up,” he said wryly. 

Frowning and confused by what he meant, Cal resigned just to accept his half apology and get some sleep. It was never worth arguing over this stuff with Jacob, and certainly not in the middle of the night. As Cal turned to go to bed though, Jacob called out to him.

“Wait hold on! Since I didn’t get to take home the slut I was eyeing tonight, do you mind if I at least tell you about her? As a sort of consolation prize?”

“Jacob, I-” Cal began to say, before Jacob grabbed his hand and pulled Cal over to his bed.

“Don’t worry, this won’t take long,” he assured Cal, pulling out his phone. “The file she sent me her pic in is a bit weird, but if you look closely at it you should be able to see it,” Jacob explained, wrapping his arm around Cal and pushing the screen up to Cal’s face.

Sighing, Cal realized the only way he was going to get any sleep at all was to give in and just go along with Jacob’s request. As he looked at what Jacob was showing him though, he grew confused.

“But, this just looks like a spiral?” Cal said, perplexed.

“Yeah, that’s what it looks like. I think it’s like one of those magic eye images, you’ve gotta look at it hard enough and for long enough and then you can see it.”

Staring into the spiral, Cal began to think of how stupid he looked. It was only a matter of time before Jacob started laughing, proclaiming how he’d tricked dumb Cal into looking at some dumb spiral instead of a girl. Still though, feeling how tight Jacob’s arm around his neck, the only way out seemed to be playing along. And so, Cal stared into the spiral. In a way, it was almost relaxing.

“If you can see her, think of what a cock slut she would’ve been. Just drooling over it, loving it,” Jacob said, almost drooling.

Cal began to feel uncomfortable, knowing he was essentially helping Jacob get off on the fantasies of some woman who might not even know she was being lusted after, but he found that he was able to dull those worries by just focusing more on the spiral. It was a wonderful thing to focus on really, it meant he didn’t have to listen very much to Jacob.

“Really, just a cock addict. Can’t stop thinking about it. Need it. Worship it. Feeling so relaxed from it.”

Letting Jacob go on in the background, Cal found refuge in the spiral. It was comforting. It meant he didn’t have to listen to his roommate overshare his sexual desires. Cal just had to stare. Stare and relax. 

“I’m sure it’d just feel so good, to just let go. To not think. To obey without question.”

Nodding absentmindedly to whatever Jacob was saying, Cal stared further. Relaxing. Not thinking. Just staring. Just listening. Listening to who? Jacob? Now that Cal thought about it, his roommate wasn’t awful. He was a bit obnoxious sometimes, but he was a good guy. Plus, his voice was super pretty too. Almost as pretty as the spiral.

“Stare at the spiral. Listen to my voice. Worship cock. Get ready to drop for me.”
    Nothing mattered. Just staring so deeply. Cal did not think. He just listened. And he was ready. He didn’t know for what. But he was ready.


Cal’s body went limp, falling into Jacob’s awaiting arms. Turning his phone off, Jacob carefully laid the boy across his bed. The blank eyes fluttered, but did not wake. Smiling at his handiwork, Jacob stood back and admired it for a moment, before getting on to the really fun stuff.

How do you feel?

“Tired. Relaxed. Obedient.”

 The words effortlessly escaped Cal’s lips. He didn’t think about them, he just replied to that beautiful voice. After a moment, he said another word, “Aroused.”

Aroused by what.


Stronger now. Let that arousal grow. You need dick. You belong to it.

A wave of arousal smashed over Cal, his body involuntarily shivering. It really was all he could think about. Never before had he really thought about dick in that way, but it was just so so appealing. He just wanted it so badly.

What do you belong to?

“Dick,” Cal replied, his voice quivering. He hadn’t realized that until the voice said it, but it was true. Devoting himself to it was his duty. It felt right.

Tell me how desperate you are.

Moaning, Cal responded, “I’m so so so so fucking needy for dick, please. Please I need it. I”m such a fucking cock slut, I’ll do anything Jacob-”

I am Sir to you.

Fuck, how could he have been so careless. Of course a pathetic slut like Cal didn’t have a right to use Sir’s real name. “I’m so so sorry Sir,” he whimpered.

Stand up.

Cal’s body moved on its own, seemingly compelled by Sir’s words.


As he removed his shirt, Cal briefly realized that Sir had never seen him naked before. Quickly though, he dismissed this worry. Cal does not think. He removed his pants and stared forward, awaiting Sir’s next orders.

On your knees.

He fell, staring up into Sir’s eyes. Exposed. Vulnerable. Obedient.

Show off what a cock slut you really are.

It was instant. The switch in Cal’s brain from blank obedience to desperate cock slut flipped, and he couldn't control himself. All that mattered was cock. Serving it. Worshiping it. First though, he needed to find it. And he knew Sir had one, one he was desperate for.

Crawling across the ground, Cal desperately licked at Sir’s crotch. There was some sort of fabric in the way that frustrated him, but he was too focused on servicing it to find a way around. Cal just kept licking his mind away, doing the only thing he ever wanted to. Worshiping cock. Licking it through the denim of Sir’s jeans, a crazed look in his eye as he tried so hard to get just a taste of it.

Without warning, Sir pulled back on Cal’s hair, yanking him away from the dick he so lovingly served. Confused, Cal tried to fight against it until Sir spoke again.

Stop. Stay this desperate. Get on your knees, mouth wide open.

Despite how desperate he was, how much he felt he absolutely needed to get his mouth back on Sir’s crotch, Cal obeyed. He watched as Sir unzipped his pants, slowly pulling them down so Cal could salivate over every new inch of cock revealed. Finally, Sir pulled his pants down past the end of it, and its entire length sprang out a mere inch from Cal’s head.

Sir pushed Cal’s head back, and smirked. Cal couldn’t think of anything, couldn’t focus on even thinking about what Sir planned to do, all he could do was just obsess over the beautiful dick so close to him. So close to him, and yet so far, as Cal being unable to move couldn’t worship it in the way he knew it needed to be.

Just when Cal felt he couldn’t last any longer, Sir rested his cock across Cal’s face. It’s length crossed most of it, while its girth was certainly something to be admired. Just feeling it atop his face made Cal feel almost in heaven, although the feeling was beginning to fade as the desperation to have it inside him grew.

I’ll just leave this here for a bit. You’re not allowed to touch or lick it. Just focus on it. Think about how much you love it. How much you want to serve it. But do. Not. Touch.

With that, Cal just about disobeyed immediately. But as much as he wanted to, he found he couldn’t. Sir’s orders were just too powerful. Sitting there, with a beautiful cock laying across his head, unable to do anything about it. It was torture.

The sweat slowly dripped off the dick, the droplets slowly flowing down Cal’s face. The balls especially, which were resting on his forehead, dripped onto him, flowing right past his nose so he could inhale their every scent. And the scent was just incredible, an overwhelming aroma. Cal could feel himself getting cock drunk, the intoxicating odor invading his nose, making him even more addicted to it.

Absorbing every bit of texture, feeling every drop of sweat, and feeling more desperate every moment, Sir made Cal sit like this for five minutes. Every second of it, Cal wanted to disobey. But he did not. Sir owned Cal, which meant Sir’s desires were more important than Cal’s. So he just sat there, becoming the perfect, totally addicted cock slut that Sir desired. He was perfect.

Finally, without warning or even a word from Sir, the dick was lifted from Cal and forced down his throat. It was a quick, fluid motion as Sir somehow managed to fit the entire thing down Cal’s desperate mouth. Cal had barely a moment to admire how good it felt to have his mouth filled before Sir began thrusting. His hands on the back of Cal’s head, Sir began to face fuck him. In and out and in again, Cal felt himself choke on it a dozen times, but Sir didn’t stop once. It didn’t matter that Cal choked, just that Sir got his pleasure. And while being face fucked, for the first time in his life Cal felt he could truly relax. This is what he was made to do. It was what he was meant for. To serve dick. To have no choices. To simply obey.

Sir looked down at him, his grin growing even wider.

They’re gonna love you at the next party.

And all Cal could do was nod. And obey. And worship dick.


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