Reborn in Sin

by EbonCaine

Tags: #demon #dom:female #f/f #sub:female

A college lecturer and sexual deviant Cassandra Grace finds herself drawn to a strange library, a library with a dark, erotic aura invading her senses. What she finds there will change her world forever.

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Cassandra Grace, newly hired lecturer at the University of Colorado, poked absently at the chicken on her plate. Dr. Algernon, her new boss, sat across from her with his politely smiling wife. He had just begun his third story about his days at the research clinic, though Cassandra was honestly losing track. \n As he spoke, she idly imagined stripping the man naked and fucking him. It wasn't over any particular attraction to the man. It was just a means to make these occasional luncheons more bearable. Not that Dr. Algernon was unattractive—he had a trim form, strong features, and a distinguished salt-and-pepper beard—but it was the man's reserved nature and clean reputation that made him so fun to fantasize over.

"—I think it was in 2002 that I started my first fellowship, and it was only then that I really learned how much it was I didn't know," he said in his professorial tone, all the while Cassandra played out the scene of him fucking her in the ass, maybe with his wife joining in, just for the hell of it.

She laced her fingers in front of her mouth as she pretended to listen to him as she fantasized about him and his prim and proper spouse pleasuring her holes with a mindless, deviant intensity that she knew wasn't even remotely in them.

This fantasy shifted as the waitress came by, a slender red-head with freckles and a short skirt. With a wide smile, she refilled their drinks. As she walked away, Cassandra's eyes drifted down to the girl's gently swaying ass. She imagined sliding the girl's skirt up and finding a thong between her cute little cheeks.

assandra bit her lip at the thought, crossing her legs as she felt herself grow wetter. She smiled slightly, picturing herself pushing aside the soft fabric until she found bare flesh beneath. She could almost hear the girl's moans as she slipped her slender fingers inside...

"—and that's when I knew I'd really found something special in the field of psychology," Dr. Algernon's said with a nod, his rising voice popping her fantasy like a needle on a soap bubble.

The wife, patting her husband's hand lightly, "That's enough of your life journey, dear," she said with a light, teasing tone, then nodded at Cassandra. "What about you, though, Ms. Grace? What led you to become an academic?"

Cassandra cleared her throat, taking a sip of water as she quickly worked to pull her thoughts from the gutter. "Well, I always wanted the chance to connect with people. To understand them. I began studying psychology to help with that, and it just followed along from there."

That and it was a good excuse for getting close to horny guys, she added inwardly.

"Well, you've done an excellent job so far," Algernon said, leaning forward with raised eyebrows. "The reviews the students gave you for your first semester were superb."

With the tents some of those freshmen were sporting, they had fucking better.

"I was grateful to have such an excellent class. A real... eager group of students." She gave her most innocent smile.

The Dean of Psychology returned her warm expression with more meaning than she did. "Well, I think your future here in Boulder is bright indeed, Ms. Grace. Just keep doing what you're doing."

As the waitress came by, bringing the check, the young redhead met Cassandra's eyes. Cassandra smiled, and the girl blushed, looking away with her fingers twining her ginger locks. She saw that the name 'Ellen' was on her name tag.

"Oh, I most certainly plan to," she said, turning to the dean and wishing he were anywhere else on the planet right there at that moment. It was always so hard being degenerate when your boss was watching.


Cassandra sat in her car, feeling her car hum softly as it idled. She watched her boss and his wife pull out of the parking lot and drive off, undoubtedly to find someone else to bore to tears.

She thought of the blushing waitress, thought of the what might have been going through her crimson-haired head. Cassandra knew her own beauty. Knew she could draw out the desires of others quite effectively. It was the real reason she had taken to studying psychology, to understand how to best put that beauty to use. To stoke people's baser desires. To make others want her despite themselves.

Without realizing it, Cassandra's hand had slid down between her thighs, pulling up her pencil skirt to find her slick, bare sex, pleasantly aching from the dirty thoughts she'd been feeding it. She moaned softly as she traced her fingers along her wet slit, savoring the feel of her fingers them.

With a sigh, she removed her teasing hand and stared at her glistening fingers. No one knew how she truly was. Not fully. She knew what her field had to say about the subject, though.

Nymphomaniac. A very fancy word for an unabashed, unashamed, depraved slut.

She looked in the vanity mirror of her sedan. She admired her raven curls, curls that framed a pale face with high cheekbones and full, red lips. Cassandra watched the pupils of her emerald green eyes dilate as she looked on herself. Autosexual. That was another fun term she'd learned.

The labels ultimately mattered little to her. She did what she wanted, concerning herself only the potential consequences should the true extent of her habits be discovered. But she had spent years learning to avoid that.

Cassandra licked her fingers clean, savoring the tangy taste of her own juices. It was then that she felt the urge rise in her again, an urge inexplicably tied to her rising arousal. She tapped her chin lightly as she examined the feeling, a feeling almost uncanny in its pedestrian nature.

There were several places Cassandra had found herself visiting over her twenty-five years of life. Swingers' parties and sex dungeons. Leather bars and fetish clubs. High-class parties hosted by deviants like her with more money than they knew what to do with. She'd gone to these places on whim and desire, never questioning her inner yearnings.

Cassandra started her car and pulled out of the parking lot. She drove down the streets of Boulder, finding herself increasingly excited about her destination. She wasn't sure why she felt the rising need—a need veering well into sexual desire—to go where she was going, but she recognized it since the first time she walked into the place. Felt it more and more with each subsequent visit.

The Boulder Public Library.


There was something strange in the air as she arrived at the library. Cassandra felt it even before she walked through the sleek glass doors. It wasn't a scent, nor even something physical that she could tell. It was almost as if she were pressing into something, like a gentle pressure she found herself submerged in as she stood in the main foyer.

She vaguely remembered the sensation from previous visits, but it was stronger now. Strong enough that she could almost feel it pressing on her. On her mind. Cassandra felt an involuntary grin pull at her lips. Whatever it was, it felt good.

It was as if she were floating as she walked across the thin carpeted floor; a pink haze settling over her vision, light and soft as cotton candy. She felt a pleasant tingling run across her skin and an ache grow between her thighs.

And looking in the eyes of the men and women in the library with her—clerks, university students, librarians, all of them—she could tell they all felt it, too. She could feel their hunger almost as much as her own. A lustful need like Cassandra had never experienced in all the other delightfully debaucherous places she had frequented in the past.

Her eyes drifted up to the vent, wondering if someone was pumping something into the air. Wondering if the site was being used as some kind of clandestine experiment. Some MKUltra, Midnight Climax kind of deal.

If so, then sign me up, she thought, and giggled.

The last time she had been there, she had slipped into the bathroom and, with only her fingers, had gotten off harder than she'd ever managed in her life. It had been the kind of climax that had left her dazed for hours afterwards.

Pheromones in the air, maybe?

In the steady quiet of the library, a new ambiance was becoming clear. Cassandra could hear it on the edge of her vision. Soft cries. Hushed laughter. Moans rising and falling. Cassandra shivered with delight as she listened, never feeling so aroused before. So wet.

Her fingers trailed down the spine of a book poking half from a shelf. It was a genealogy of 17th century English royalty. Cassandra knew something was off, because even that was turning her on. She edged the book back into place when she heard one of those lovely noises nearby.

Stepping gently, she made her way towards the sound. A soft cry, barely muffled. Seconds later a halting moan rising from a small, sectioned off study area. Cassandra licked her lips as her fingers teased the lever for the door. Did she dare?

An then, out of nowhere, came a voice soft and sweet as sin. You know what's in there, Cassandra. Don't you? You know what you *want* to be in there?

Cassandra's eyes went wide. She turned, looking around for the source of the voice, but there was no one nearby.

Don't worry, the voice said, and only then did Cassandra realize she wasn't hearing the voice; it was rising in her mind. It's safe. No one to look down on you. No one to judge. You can indulge yourself. You can be free.

Her hands shook. She felt confused. Exposed. For the first time in her life, Cassandra doubted her sanity. Had she finally snapped? Had her perverse desires finally disconnected her from reality?

Another moan came from behind the thin dividing door. The ache between her thighs was deepening. Growing more insistent. If you were, the voice said with a gentle laugh, would you care?

Cassandra took a deep breath, steadying herself. For her entire life, she had never been ashamed of who she was. Never let anything make her feel less for the dirty, deviant thoughts she reveled in. She had always been in control. Always been true to herself. Not to the world, maybe, but always to herself.

She felt herself smile. Felt the haze clear somewhat. Her sex still ached, her nipples hard under her blouse. Her skin seemed to tingle with an unnatural sensitivity.

And she was OK with that.

Whatever this is, she thought as her hand rested on the lever for the door. If someone is out there watching, you better take notes.

She felt sure she heard faint laughter as she pushed open the door. A few steps inside the small space, and she could already smell the faint musk of feminine desire.

"Oh my," she said as she turned to see a young woman on the floor, her floral print dress slid up her creamy thighs, the shoulder strap slid down to expose one delightfully plump, round breasts. She had a cute, heart-shaped face that was dappled with sweat, with a button nose and a slightly mussed blonde bob. Her lips were parted, panting as her hands moved between her legs, steadily rubbing her slick, glistening pussy.

The girl's eyes were glassy with lust, but as Cassandra approached, that rose to focus on her. She blushed a scarlet red, even as she continued to pleasure herself.

"S-something's wrong," she mewled. "I... I can't th-think... It feels... Aaaaah.... It feels..."

"Shhhh," Cassandra said, kneeling down with the girl, plucking the cotton panties laying near the girl's ankles and tossing them aside. "I understand. I feel it, too."

The girl shook her heads, her hips bucking up into her fervent fingers. "Wh-what's happening? How can it feel sooo gooood...."

"I don't know," whispered Cassandra. "But I might be able to help. What's your name, dear?"


"All right, Tress," Cassandra cooed, her hand caressing up from her ankle, tracing the quivering skin with her fingertips up to her thigh. "Would you like me to... help you?"

Tress looked at Cassandra, her lips trembling. She could see the desperation in the girl's eyes. Could see how hard she was fighting against herself—and losing. She watched as a bead of sweat ran down Tress's neck and down the lovely swell of her exposed breast.

Finally, with a soft whimper, she said, "Y-yes... P-please..."

Cassandra smiled gently as she stroked along her inner thigh until she felt Tress's breath catch in anticipation of what was coming next. She leaned in, her lips close to the girl's ear as her hand rested over Tress's, just where she was caressing her pussy. "Let me show you how it's done. I'll show you how good it can really feel."

Tress's moan muffled as Cassandra took her mouth in a deep kiss. As she did, she slid two slender fingers past her glistening folds and deep into her wet warmth. Tress's whole body arched up, writhing and squirming as Cassandra thrust her fingers in and out of those heavenly depths.

"See what a little practice can do?" Cassandra murmured, her lips hovering over Tress's as her fingers curled to find the girl's most sensitive area. The young blonde's moan became a gasp of pure pleasure, "Ooooooohhhhhhh..." Her hands clutched at Cassandra's shoulders, stifling her holding on for dear life. Her hips bucked beneath her tight dress, rocking towards the bliss she craved with every cell in her body.

"Do you want to cum, Tress? Do you want to cum for me?"

Tress didn't answer; her body spoke louder than her voice ever could. Cassandra could see it in her pleasure glazed eyes and her lust drunk face; a dark, deviant need only Cassandra could sate.

Cassandra kissed her again, her tongue pressing into Tress's as she intensified her movements. Each passing second sent the girl's sinful pleasure rising closer and closer to its climactic peak. Cassandra could feel Tress moaning in to her mouth, could feel her juices coating her thighs as she worked the girl's quivering cunt.

And then, like a tidal wave, Tress's whole body bucked up, her hips spasming as she did. She moaned desperately into Cassandra's mouth as her orgasm drove on and on. Her pussy clenched around Cassandra's fingers, squeezing them even as she drove Tress's pleasure ever onward.

It was only after several seconds of mindless ecstasy that Cassandra broke the kiss, admiring the glazed look on the girl's face as she rose her hand to lick the tangy nectar from her fingers, savoring the difference in taste between her and the girl. "There. Feel better?"

Tress only whimpered in response, which drew a giggle from Cassandra's lips. "I see," she said, reaching down to tease the sensitive nub between Tress' legs with one finger. The girl gasped, the pleasuring shock pulling her back to the present.

"Still need it, don't you?" Cassandra teased as she pressed her fingertip harder against Tress' clit.

"Oh god..." she moaned. "Yeesss, I neeed iit...."

"That's good," Cassandra said, grinning. "Because I do, too."

Then she took the girl's hand, and put them back where they were, sliding her own fingers inside herself. Almost unthinkingly, she went back to masturbating, her hips writhing up to meet her fingers.

"Good girl," she murmured, admiring how well she'd made the girl cum herself senseless. She slid her fingers up the girl's body, playing with her perky tits while pulling up her own skirt with her free hand. She slid the thin fabric up around her hips, exposing her own smooth sex; wet, engorged, and jealous of the attention its counterpart had received.

She took hold of Tress's chin, pressing her lightly against the dividing wall she had been resting against. "Now, I want you to relax and do what's natural, like the delightful little slut you are."

Tress was too far gone in her own lust to even respond. Cassandra moved forward, lowering her needy pussy into the young woman's face. Without protest, Tress responded by pressing her lips against Cassandra's sex, snaking out her tongue and licking up Cassandra's slit as if it were some kind of delicious dessert. Cassandra held steadily against the girl, letting her lick gently along Cassandra's dripping pussy lips until she could feel her inner thighs quivering with anticipation.

"Aaaah," Cassandra breathed, her entire body shuddering with the pleasure of the girl's tongue. "So fucking good..."

And it was. The pleasure was beyond anything she'd ever felt in her long sexual experience. It stretched into the uncanny; a kind of unnatural ecstasy that didn't feel real. It was all she could do to hold on to her thoughts. Hold on to who she was.

No wonder this girl's in such a state... if this got any more intense, I think my mind would snap like a twig...

Wouldn't that be nice, though? came that telltale voice in her mind. You wouldn't have to worry about anything else ever again. You could live in this bliss forever and ever.

Cassandra could feel that press on her mind again. Or had it always been there, and she just forgot it was there? Regardless, as the pressure increased, and she felt the aberrant sensation of something sliding along her thoughts, poking and probing into her psyche. The pleasure she felt doubled, her every nerve seeming to rewire itself for pure physical ecstasy.

She let out a sharp gasp, writhing against Tress's mouth as an orgasm rose so powerful she could tell it would shatter her already wavering willpower. She craned her head back, unable to pull away; unable to stop. She sneered with the effort of trying to control her own body. Control her own pleasure.

Not like this. I don't want it like this.

The voice in Cassandra's head wasn't soft anymore. It was like piercing needles in her mind, pricking and poking at her will, muddling her thoughts and making it harder and harder to hold on. Oh? I thought that's what you always wanted, Cassandra... To fuck. To cum. To be a depraved slut with no worries. No consequences.

That was what she wanted, wasn't it? Since she'd discovered the pleasure her body could give her, hadn't everything else just been a pretense? A means to navigate a bland and boring society till her next lay?

Wouldn't it be better to give all that up? To toss it away for a life of mindless obedience and endless pleasure? It would be so easy. All she had to do was let go. Let go, and dive into the rising ocean of ecstasy waiting to embrace her.


Isn't this the life you wanted? The way you wanted *everything* to be?

Cassandra took Tress's head in her shaking hands and gently pushed her away, stepping back as she did so. Of course it is. But not like this. Not without the thought. The intention. I make people like this; I take them to that place. I don't get put there.

She looked down at the girl sitting against the wall. Her eyes unfocused, she didn't even seem to notice that Cassandra had pulled away from her. She stared blankly up at the ceiling, moaning as her fingers mindlessly piston in and out of her quivering sex.

The pressure on Cassandra's mind spiked suddenly, and she clasped her head as she felt something, some force, wriggling inside. You think you're too good to live in this place? the voice intoned, a dark tinge growing at its edge. I can easily correct you of that opinion.

Cassandra gripped the desk for balance, feeling a wave of pleasure crash through her body like a tidal wave. Her breath came faster and harder, her breasts heaving with every stuttering gasp. It was almost impossible for her to concentrate; everything seemed muddled—as if she were watching everything unfold from far above it all.

I don't think I've found anyone as deliciously deviant as you, Cassandra. Your lust is unlike any I've supped on before. I don't even have to push into your mind to taste it; it literally drips off of you.

The voice seemed directly in her ears now. I'm sorry, Cassandra, I just can't resist keeping you for myself.

Cassandra gritted her teeth together tightly, trying to push away the pleasure roiling through her; pleasure that made her arms shake and her wetness run down her legs. She felt a dark ecstasy seeping into her. Suffusing her. Drowning her.

Listen to me! If you break my mind, she said, her thoughts sounding strangely distant, I won't be the thing you want anymore!

In response, the pressure doubled, making Cassandra fall to her knees. She felt her hands moving to touch herself, working to help wipe her mind away with pleasure.

"If you do this," she cried out, her voice dry and desperate, "I'll be no different from this girl fucking herself—a mindless, empty fuck-puppet. Is that all you want from me?"

And then, just as her fingers made their first, damning caress of her clit; just as Cassandra felt the last of herself falling away—slipping into that warm ocean of lust and submission—it stopped. Everything stopped. She let out a slow, shuddering gasp as the pressure on her mind receded and she regained control of her limbs.

No. It's not. You're right. You're too interesting for that.

Still panting, she pushed herself up. "I know I am," she said sharply.

Come meet me, Cassandra. Let's talk.

Cassandra stood there for a long moment, trying to collect herself. Her legs still quivered. Her entire body ached in a dark, erotic way she never imagined possible. It felt like she'd been edged for a month straight and then booted out the door.

Nearby, Tress was till writhing and whimpering as she fingered herself. To her credit, she seemed to have taken Cassandra's 'lesson' to heart, and was using a much better technique in how she worked her clit and pussy.

As she watched, the girl's own glistening fingers brought her to another orgasm, causing her eyes to roll back and her head to loll backward until it rested against the wall. Her juices oozed down to her already sweat-dampened dress.

Cassandra bit her lip as she watched the girl's lewd display, felt the yearning in her to join the girl. To become just like her. Even released from whatever power lived in that place, she could still feel its influence strong within her.

And now that power wanted to talk to her.

"Fuck," she whispered to herself as she backed away towards the door. "What the hell have I gotten myself into?"


Cassandra felt lost as she walked through the halls of the library. Everything felt different, as if every time she had been there before there had been a veil over her eyes. She passed areas an office, hearing multiple voices murmuring and moaning in pleasure. She heard more behind shelves. Under tables. It was everywhere.

It was like a nightmare and a dream come true all at the same time.

This all tapered off, however, as she came to the front. She didn't know that was where she was supposed to go, but she felt something drawing her, leading her to that place.

Men and women, library staff and patron alike, were kneeling on the ground. Some were naked, others in various states of undress. All were staring down at the ground. Past them, sitting at a study table, turned to face Cassandra with legs crossed, was the most beautiful woman she had ever seen.

Her golden hair was up in a tight bun. Her creamy skin was smooth, her regal features flawless. A warm, welcoming smile rested on her full lips. Her piercing eyes belied this—eyes that glowed a piercing blue, radiating a palpable lust even from across the room.

Smooth panty-hose ran down her long legs, running from a skirt just short enough to tease the eye with what lay underneath. Her ample breasts sat proudly atop her chest; large, firm nipples visible beneath her tautly stretched blouse.

Cassandra swallowed as she approached, her eyes locked on those blazing pools of sapphire desire. Feeling herself quiver under that supernatural gaze, Cassandra clenched her hands, forcing herself steady as she stood before this... woman?

"I take it you're the voice in my head?" Cassandra said, as casually as she could manage.

The woman tilted her head slightly, those eyes peering into her. She could feel her... her presence? Her power? Whatever it was, Cassandra could feel flowing over her like some kind of ethereal energy, wrapping itself about her like silk ribbons.

It took all Cassandra had to ignore the dark thoughts that were filling her mind. They weren't hers. She knew they weren't. She was intimately familiar with the deviant fantasies that played steadily in her mind, and these were of a notably different flavor than the ones rising in her now. They made her want to kneel before this woman. To worship her. To obey her every word.

To offer her very soul to her.

"My name is Sarah Joy," she said with a voice like satin. "I'm the head librarian here." Her smile grew slightly. "That, and much more, now."

"I noticed," Cassandra said, her throat suddenly dry. "It's quite the display you have here. I've not seen anything like it outside some of the fancier dungeons I've been to."

Sarah Joy laughed, a lovely sound that rose goose-flesh on Cassandra's arms. "I suppose you would know more than I. This all arose quite recently, and I would be dishonest if I said I wasn't still getting used to it."

Cassandra flexed her fingers. "So... You're controlling their minds," Cassandra said, barely able to believe it even as she watched it happen.

She glanced at one person in particular—a redhead who knelt to her right, naked save for panties and a bra. "I didn't even mean to do it at first..." she reached over and caressed the girl's face. She let out a small moan as the Sara ran her finger along her jawline, panting heavily from the woman's lightest touch on her skin "...but now I can't seem to stop myself."

"It feels too good. Too wonderful. And the truth is, Cassandra, that I need it. Their lust. Their pleasure. Their worship...." With one finger under the girl's chin, she rose the girl's face to meet her own. "Their love..."

Without the force of Sarah's eyes on her, Cassandra could look around more easily. From the girl on the tip of Sarah's finger to the half-dozen other people kneeling around the room, Cassandra wasn't sure 'love' is what she'd describe as coming off these people...

"What are you?" she said, unable to contain her curiosity. "How is any of this possible?"

"I was human until a short while ago," Sarah said, letting the girl's head fall again with some reluctance. Those eyes fell on Cassandra again, and with it returned the force pushing on her psyche. "I'm something else now."

She hesitated, then sighed. "The word I've heard used is 'demon.' 'Succubus.' They're just words to me, though. All I know is how this condition has made me feel. What it's made me desire." Her eyes glimmered. "And what it's let me do."

Cassandra looked around at the people kneeling in complete submission. She could smell the arousal in the air. She would have thought she was going insane if the evidence to the contrary wasn't all around her, wasn't sliding along her skin and pushing into her mind...

Finally, it all became too much for Cassandra, and she laughed. "This is great and all, But it's a bit much in my case, isn't it?"

Sarah arched a brow, but stayed silent as Cassandra continued. "I mean, you don't need all this to make me want to fuck. I wanted that long before I walked in here. Hell, I already want it as much as you seem to need me to."

She grinned. "I'd be happy to fuck you. Fuck for you. Whatever. As sexy as you are, I'd have fucked you in front of all these people even before you got your tentacles around them."

"I know," Sarah said in a gentle tone Cassandra found strange.

"So what is it, then? Are you going to... going to," Cassandra faltered at the words. The thought. As much as she would have liked to be free of this... thing's grip, it was still right there in her mind, poking around the very core of her psyche. "Going to break me? Or am I... free to go?"

"You're free to go," Sarah said. "If you left, I would have to wipe away your memories of all this, of course."

If I make it to the morning, I'd likely assume this was some insane fever dream, anyway, she thought. "But I can leave?"

"If you desire," she rose then, her posture perfect. Her large, hypnotic eyes looked down into her own, and Cassandra felt a sudden surge of lust for this creature who could threaten her very will with a glance or a word. "But I'd like to offer an alternative first."

The demon stepped towards Cassandra, her hips swaying with each step, her ample breasts straining the fabric of her blouse. She stepped close enough for her scent to fill Cassandra's nose; flowers, vanilla, cinnamon, all overlaid by the subtle musk of desire.

That close, swathed in her aura, she felt ready to give everything up. Cast it all away for the heavenly release of total submission to this being. To her beauty. To her lusting need. It took everything she had to hold on to herself.

"I have... another type of desire. Something new that's only arose in the past few days..."

Cassandra could feel Sarah's heat. Could hear her breathing. She saw the demon bite her lower lip slightly. "I've been fighting it. Just like I tried... to fight my other desires, at first. But maybe this is finally my chance to learn my lesson. To stop fighting what I am..."

"I don't understand..." Cassandra said, her voice small, her body quivering under the demon's radiant aura of lust.

"I didn't... I didn't choose to become this. I've had to reconcile with it. Come to terms with it. Mourn who I was and let that version of myself go. But you..." she laughed, a sound barely above her breath. "You're... already there."

Cassandra's mind raced. "Wh-what are you saying?"

Sarah pressed her hand to Cassandra's cheek. Even that light caress made Cassandra gasp. It was like pure bliss flowed from her very touch. She kept from moaning, but only just barely.

"I would never call... what I am a gift... but for you, maybe it would be. Would you like my gift, Cassandra? Would you like to be what I am?"

Understanding hit Cassandra like a truck. She wanted to pull away from Sarah's hand, but she couldn't. It felt too good, far past the limits of her straining willpower.

"Y-you can't ask me th-that," Cassandra said, her stomach falling. Her heart racing. She could never imagine. Never dream of being like that. Having that kind of desire. That kind of... that kind of...


Cassandra shuddered. Sarah's hand slid down her neck, tracing a line of ecstasy as it went. "I want to show you something, Cassandra..."

This is my last chance, she thought. My last chance to walk out of here even close to the same way I walked in.

Is that what you want, Cassandra? To stay the same? Sarah's voice seeped into her mind. Or... do you want more?

Seconds passed. Minutes. Cassandra's own thoughts felt lost to her. Abstract. Alien. When her lips opened, she said the only words that were in her heart. "Show me."


Sarah Joy's office was quite nice, befitting a head librarian for the city's main branch. Bookshelves. Warm lighting. Wide windows. A large lacquered desk.

Most offices of this sort, though, did not include a fit young man kneeling on the floor with his hands bound behind him, a leather mask covering his face, and a massive, purple-tinged erection rising out from his kneeling body like an sinful obelisk of lust.

"This is Harry, my former assistant and current... pet," Sarah said, her fingers caressing the shiny leather hood that wholly obscured his face and left him completely blind. He moved, lightly, against her touch as she pet him.

"I... lost control with him. It was the first time I'd fed. I... didn't know what was happening. I'm afraid there isn't much left of him anymore. What remains serves me completely and without question."

The man's cock throbbed and twitched to Sarah's touch in a way that reminded Cassandra of a loyal dog wagging its tail. The idea alarmed and aroused her in equal measure. "Why are you showing me this?"

"Because Harry is going to help me give you your choice." Those eyes bore into Cassandra; burned inside her. But then, abruptly, she looked away, leaving Cassandra momentarily breathless.

"I meant what I said. You can leave if you wish. You can walk out the doors of my library—my lair—and these memories will fade the second your foot hits the outside pavement."

Cassandra's breath came in slow, panting breaths. "And if I choose... to stay?"

"You'll learn... learn like I did. Grow, like I did. Hunger forever more, like I do. You'll spread your influence—your corruption—to all those you look upon, and it will feel..."

Sarah shook. Her nipples large, hard points beneath her blouse. The wave of her arousal hit Cassandra, and she almost came from the power erotic energies flowing off her. "It will feel beyond anything you can ever imagine."

Cassandra took a deep breath. She forced herself to look into Sarah Joy's eyes. Forced herself to endure the burning lust her gaze induced. "What do I have to do?"

Sarah's eyes glimmered. "Come here. Come here and kiss me."

Cassandra gave one last look at the door behind her. Her last chance to leave. To escape. To live a normal, regular life. To teach. The skulk in the background with her secret lusts and hidden degeneracy.

To grow bored. To fade. To settle.

Casandra turned away from the door. She swallowed her fear, stifled her panic, and approached the demon.

Sarah was waiting for her, a smile across her lips, her arms held open wide. Cassandra fell into them, into the scent of cinnamon and flowers, into the warmth that radiated with a dark, penetrating lust that sank into the corners of her mind and the depths of her soul.

It felt familiar. It felt right.

She pressed her lips to Sarah's, felt their tongues move to meet one another. Instantly, she knew it wasn't normal. More than just the touch of her flesh. Cassandra felt the demon's saliva tingle and burn as it mixed with hers; felt it seep into her flesh. Like a poison. A poison that was already working to change her. Transform her.

If we stopped here, Sarah sent into her mind as their tongues still mingled. You would be my servant. A vessel to fill with lust and pleasure from which I would feed.

Cassandra couldn't respond. Couldn't think. Her thoughts had been overtaken by lust, desire—a hunger that left her wanting more. Needing more. She could feel her thoughts slipping away. Her cares slipping away. This wouldn't be so bad, would it? A pleasure slave for an immortal goddess?

Sarah broke the kiss, lines of her sex-poison saliva linking their tongues as she pulled away. Cassandra felt suddenly empty without Sarah inside her.

"But we're not stopping here," Sarah said, her thumb caressing Cassandra's lips.

She walked over to Harry. The empty slave Harry. The mindless fuck-toy Harry.

I could be that. She could make me that if I asked. If I begged...

As she walked, her hands slide between her thighs. Cassandra watched with boundless need as Sarah's skirt slid up from one hand as the other found the dark temple of her sex. She gave a soft sigh as her fingers sank into her glistening wetness, the juices gushing down onto her fingers.

"There's... aaah.... there's so many ways to do this," Sarah said gently as she finger-fucked herself. "I was going to pick another of my staff when... when I could no longer fight this need to spread... to spread what I am."

Her hips moved softly with her movements, and in just a few seconds Cassandra felt the demon cum, felt it like a wave that left her steps away from becoming undone. From losing everything.

No. You won't. Cassandra felt Sarah's power hold tightly to her. Instead of inflaming her passions, though, it somehow cooled them. She felt her thoughts come back to her, felt herself come back to her, if only somewhat.

You make this choice not as my toy. Not as my servant. But as *you*. She held up fingers oozing with her nectar. Panting, half delirious, Cassandra could swear she saw the swirling darkness wreathing Sarah like a living cloak of writhing shadow around the young woman's body.

Those shadows were in the dripping juices on Sarah's fingers, making them seem black as ink. Black as midnight.

She held those dripping fingers over Harry's throbbing member, let her dark nectar dribble down onto it. He jerked, his moans muffled as his cock throbbed and swelled even farther to the point Cassandra through it might explode.

His hips gyrated softly into the air, his cock pulsing like some kind of living thing. His muffled voice was nonsensical. Mindless.

Sarah stepped back from her pet, sliding her skirt back down. "My gift is in him, now." Her smile was dark. Alien. "If you want it, Cassandra. You'll need to take it from him."

And then, like the flicking of a switch, everything seemed to pull away. She knew, somehow, that Sarah had withdrawn all her influence from her, left her completely alone in her own mind. It was only in that sudden absence that Cassandra truly realized how deeply the succubus had penetrated into her thoughts, how deeply her control had penetrated.

She shuddered, still feeling the effects of her saliva. The kiss seemed to have melted into her brain; ran down into every one of her erogenous zones, making them so sensitive even the touch of her clothes was leaving her painfully aroused.

Fuck... I could leave like this and... she whimpered, her aching sex feeling so demanding between her legs. And... be a happy little slut just like this...

Her eyes drifted to the door one last time. One last consideration. Cassandra ran through her reason. Looked deep into her depraved, perverted soul.

She knew what she wanted.

She stripped her clothes as she walked to where Harry awaited her. First her blouse, hanging loose off her shoulders, falling around her waist and breasts, revealing their roundness in all their glory. Then she unzipped her skirt, letting it drop past her hips with a swish of cloth, feeling the air caress her sensitized skin with such an intensity of sensation she moaned with delight.

Cassandra paused to look at herself in the large mirror that hung on the wall. At her lovely naked body. Stared at herself ample mounds and slender waist and lusciously curved hips for the last time as a mortal, and smiled.

Then, with slow, deliberate steps, Cassandra strolled toward Sarah's pet, his cock twitching before her like a living thing begging for attention. His breathing labored, he stared up blindly in her direction, whimpering with need. The need to be fucked.

He reeked of lust. Of desire.

Cassandra rested her hands on the man's shoulders, and he went still, all save for his throbbing shaft. She could feel Sarah's eyes on her. Her eyes, but not her power. This was to be Cassandra's doing. Completely and utterly.

"Guess you get pop my demon cherry, you sad little man," she whispered softly as she lowered down to him, letting her tits slide along his flesh. "I can't wait."

Cassandra's pussy pressed against Harry's shaft, rubbing it gently. Its very touch caused her sex to heat in a way she'd never felt before. She let out a soft gasp as she felt herself opening in anticipation of what was to come.

She slid her hands up to grasp his leather enclosed head, feeling the smooth sensation on her fingers. Then—with a wide, wicked smile—she sank down onto Harry's thick, swollen cock. He cried out, his body shuddering under her as she sunk fully onto him with one fluid movement; taking every inch of his length inside her hungry core.

The unnatural feeling was instantaneous. The feeling of something coating her inner channel. Of something seeping through her hot, sensitive walls. Her eyes rolled involuntarily as she felt it suffusing her. This wasn't some poison meant to make her a horny mess. This was something different. Something supernatural.

She shuddered, her hips grinding on the man's meaty member, trying to make sure every bit of Sarah's dark, transformative juices got soaked up inside her.

She wanted it. She wanted it all.

"Fuck. Yes," she hissed as she began pumping away, riding his member slowly at first and then picking up pace until she slammed down hard enough that both of them groaned in unison. "Fuck. Fuck. Yes!"

She caught Sarah watching with gleaming eyes as Cassandra rode her pet's cock with skillful ease. What was her expression? Contentment? Affection? Regret?

Cassandra looked away. She didn't care. She could feel something shifting inside her already. It felt like her insides were churning. Like something was cracking, popping in some part of her she couldn't describe and never even knew existed. It felt like arms pushing through some kind of barrier... except that her arms were still right here, holding onto Harry's leather bound skull as she fucked him—and herself—senseless.

The intensity grew till time itself seemed to slip away. Seconds seem to pass. Seconds and an eternity. She felt herself expanding. Flowing out into that place she had no name for. The experience was beyond exquisite. Like being penetrated, but in reverse, with so many feelings and thoughts and sensations piling on top of her.

In that moment, Cassandra understood. She had never had sex before. Not truly. Not like this. It was more than Harry's fat cock driving into her back walls over and again. There was something else. Every cell in her body was changing. Reordering its very nature to feel everything. Every movement. Every touch.

And there was something new. Something dark and flowing. Something outside. And she could see it, see it with eyes that hadn't been there moments ago. Eyes inside her mind. She saw her flowing shadows writhe out, moving in directions and spaces that she had never knew existed, flowing to meet Sarah's own dark, demonic shadows. They mingled. Embraced. Cassandra felt Sarah smile.

More shadows came, sliding over poor Harry. She found his mind. His soul. It was almost hollow now, replaced with a vast pool of lusting energy that Cassandra saw inside him.

She dipped her shadowy tendrils into that hollowed out part of Harry, slid them deep down into him, and fed off the lust bubbling up out of him. She felt it flow into her. Charging her. Igniting her. Solidifying what she had become.

And there, in that instant, Cassandra climaxed into her new demonic form, exploding around Harry's thick, throbbing cock like a starburst. Her inner muscles pulsed and contracted as her dark tendrils writhed and erupted, all thrusting into Harry's inner form to suck away his lust, his pleasure. She heard his muffled screams of pleasure, both from his gagged mouth and his drained mind. When his cock began shooting spunk up into her pussy like a broken fire hydrant, she let out a cackling, triumphant laughter, one dripping with demonic ecstasy.

She savored each shuddering pulse between her thighs; relished every staccato moan that spilled forth from her lips. Cassandra had become what she was always meant to be. A being of pure, unbridled sexual desire... no longer stifled by mortal limits or inhibitions. Fully unleashed—and wholly alive.


Ellen checked her watch. Just fifteen minutes till closing. She let out a sigh of relief. It had been a long day. And this last hour had been so very strange.

What had normally been a bustling evening crowd and thinned out to just a few people, and then, finally, with the last two couples paying their tabs and leaving, there had only been one person left in the entire restaurant.

"Isn't that weird?" Ellen said to her friend Page, who had just brought in the plates from the last leaving group. "Have you ever seen the floor this dead?"

Page scratched her head, a strange look in her eyes. "Your person's still there, right?"

Ellen glanced back to the floor to the restaurant's one remaining patron, sitting at a small table next to the window.

"Maybe she'll be a good tipper?" Page said with a weak, distant laugh.

Ellen felt strange walking through the empty restaurant to see to her last customer. Even more so because she was so... so...

The woman turned and smiled at Ellen as she approached. Her dark curls fell about her shoulders, contrasting with her pale skin sharply. Her green eyes were so vibrant, brighter than any she'd ever seen. They almost seemed to glow...

"I hope everything has been good for you?" she said with her practiced, chipper tone.

"It was quite wonderful, thank you," the woman said. Ellan shuddered at hearing her voice. What was it about it? It wasn't unpleasant, quite the opposite. But it did something to Ellen. It seemed to vibrate down to her very core.

With hands she didn't realize were shaking, she took the woman's salad plate away. She reached to take her wineglass, and the woman stopped her, resting her slender fingers over her wrist.

A soft gasp escaped Ellen's lips. Her touch... why did her touch feel so... so good?

"I was actually wondering if there's time to get one more glass of wine?" the woman asked, her ruby red lips spreading into a soft grin.

"Y-yes," she stammered. "Of course."

Ellen felt herself flush as she walked away. What was wrong with her? The girl was cute, sure. Beautiful, actually. But that was no reason to get stupid all of a sudden.

Even if she was the most beautiful woman Ellen had ever seen...

Ellen looked back at the woman who still sat at her table, sipping at her wineglass. Her skin seemed radiant in the moonlight from the window. Just standing there staring at her made Ellen feel like something was coming loose inside her...

Ellen hurriedly set about getting the wine, her mind whirling. Who was this person? Where had she come from? Why couldn't she shake this strange compulsion to look at her, stare at her?

Think about her naked...

She stifled a moan as she imagined looking between those pale legs and seeing that perfect pussy glistening before her eyes. How would it feel to bury her face in it, licking her juicy snatch until she came gushing all over her eager face?

Ellen coughed, shaking her head to dislodge the thought. She couldn't be thinking thoughts like that. She had a girlfriend!

She didn't want to take the wine to the woman. Something inside her was scared. Afraid. Why was she feeling such strange things? This woman was just a customer!

But when she pulled her mind back, she realized she had somehow walked back to the woman without even realizing it, had been pouring her wine as if her body had been on autopilot.

"Thank you," the woman said, her smile growing. "Can I ask you a question, Ellen?"

"O-of course," she stammered.

"Do you remember me?"

She blinked. "I'm afraid not, ma'am."

"It was just a few days ago. You served me and a boring couple who wouldn't shut the fuck up. It was annoying, because it made it difficult for me to focus on admiring your lovely body."

Ellen broke out into a nervous laugh, a laugh that, in part, was to distract herself from the rising heat between her thighs. "I'm afraid not, ma'am... oh, wait, I think I do. You..." she swallowed. "You look different now, somehow..."

"I've gone through some... personal growth the past few days." She took a sip of her wine. "It's done me a universe of good." Her lips spread into a broad grin; something about it seemed strangely feline. Almost predatory.

"So, why did you stop here tonight? Did you really come back to see me?"

The woman sat her glass down. "Maybe I did, Ellen. Would that bother you?"

It should. She knew it should. But it didn't. It excited her. This beautiful woman... this... this goddess had come back for her...

" ma'am." Ellen was finding it hard to find words suddenly.

The woman stared at her for a long time. Stared into her. It was like she could feel those eyes running over her skin. Pushing into her very soul.

"Can I ask you something, Ellen? Something maybe a little... crazy?"

Ellen opened her mouth, but nothing came out. She couldn't think of anything beyond those perfect, lovely lips. Lips moving hypnotically with each word the woman spoke. She found herself nodding. It was all she could do.

Those glowing green eyes peered into Ellen's. "I want to take you home with me, Ellen. I want to get to know you better."

"K-know me better?"

"Yes," the woman laughed lightly. "Inside and out."

Images flooded Ellen's mind... images of them together, naked. Their bodies pressed against each other as they kissed and touched... of her sliding her legs open and letting the woman lick her pussy till her mind melted away with pleasure.

Her voice dry, she forced herself to say, "I'm... I'm afraid I have a g-g-girlfriend, ma'am..."

"Oh?" the raven haired goddess said. "Is she as beautiful as you?"

"Yes." The answer was automatic, coming before Ellen could even think.

"Lovely. Bring her, too." Her red lips curved up into a wicked smirk that showed off her pearly white teeth.

She took another sip of wine while the words burned into Ellen's mind. Both of them? That... that would be all right then, wouldn't it? If they were both there. Naked. Worshipping this woman. Giving her everything. Serving her unconditionally....

A soft moan escaped Ellen's lips as the naughty fantasies kept popping up in her mind, one after another after another. She'd never been this horny before. It felt very, very strange...

"What do you say?" the goddess purred, standing from her chair with catlike grace. "I could take you and your girlfriend, and fuck you both so hard and so well, it'll be the only thing you ever want to do ever again..."

Ellen wanted that. Wanted that more than she had ever wanted anything in the world. "Wh-what if my girlfriend says no?"

"Just tell her you taking her to meet a new friend. She'll come around." The goddess reached up and pet Ellen's cheek, making her shudder. "I promise."

She slid her hand down Ellen's arm, and when she looked down, a card was in her hand. A card with an address. "Bring her tonight. I want to make you both mine by tomorrow. You want that, don't you Ellen? You want me to turn you and your girlfriend into fuck-toys, right?"

Ellen nodded, tears stinging at the corners of her eyes. She wanted it so much it hurt.

"Good girl," the woman said, stroking her hair. Then, she leaned in, her lips just over her ear. "Before you go, pet, pull down your shorts and panties. I want to see the cute pussy I own now."

Ellen didn't hesitate; she quickly slid her shorts down, hooking her thong with it to show her goddess the body she now owned.

She smiled as she admired Ellen's cunt. "Very cute, pet. Make sure you shave it before tonight, though. I like them smooth."

"Yes, goddess," Ellen heard herself say.

"We'll do your girlfriend tonight as well. After she's been properly convinced."

Ellen felt her pussy heating from her goddess's words, and her attention. She was already imagining her lovely girlfriend. Of showing her how perfect their new goddess was. Of both of them learning how to worship with their mouths and her pussies together. It would be so wonderful.

She couldn't wait.



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