On Retainer

by EbonCaine

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #sub:female

Poor Nell thought she was interviewing a woman looking to purchase her services as a lawyer. Unfortunately for her, her lovely body, and whatever shreds that will remain of her free will, it turns out they were looking for something much, much more!

The mechanical clock on Nell's desk clicked the seconds away. She glanced up from her papers to its creamy white face. Five minutes till the meeting.

She went through her mental checklist one last time. The potential files she needed were laid out. She'd double-checked her briefcase and purse for any loose items. She'd checked her nails, done at home earlier that morning. Her makeup was perfect. Everything was correct.


Her pen teetered between her fingers, tapping lightly on the desk as she stared at her potential client's file. She had tried to find what information she could on this Alice Parson, but for someone affluent enough to afford Nell's retaining fees, there was little publicly available about her.

Nell felt the nervousness creep at the edges of her thoughts. Taking a deep breath, she closed her eyes and pushed the thoughts aside. She would persevere. She always did.

She went to the window of her private office and looked out the window. The rain was coming down enough that the mountains cradling the urban enclave of Asheville were a mere blur in the distance. Below, she could see the streetlights illuminating the wet pavement of the city's business district.

"I will do just fine," she whispered to herself as she watched the rain run in rivulets down her window.

The light above her door flicked on. Her client was here, right on time. Nell straightened her dark pencil skirt, smoothed her white silk blouse, gave herself a last glance in the nearby wall-mounted mirror. Her strawberry blonde hair was in a tight bun, her thin glasses accentuating the delicate angles of her face.

She nodded to herself, then went to meet her client.

The woman who stood at the door was not what Nell expected. She stood a little shorter than Nell, her pockets in her leather jacket as she gazed at her with eyes the color of chocolate. Her raven hair fell to her shoulders, framing her coyly smiling, narrow face.

"Ms. Parson, I presume?" Nell said.

"That's me. You're Ms. Blair? The lawyer?"

Nell nodded primly. "Yes, yes, I am."

"Great." Alice stepped into the room, and Nell felt her eyes rove over her body before shifting to the rest of her office. "Nice outfit you have here." She paused in front of her window. "I thought only dusty old men got places this nice."

Nell clasped her hands in front of her. "Thank you. I was fortunate to negotiate a good deal for this office."

"Not to mention a good list of clients," she said, the shadow of a smirk on her lips.

Nell blinked. She felt a flicker of uncertainty in her breast, but quickly pushed the feeling away. It was obviously an innocent comment. "Yes," she said, and gestured towards her desk. "If you would take a seat, Ms. Parson, we can discuss your contract."

The raven-haired woman's gaze lingered out the window a few more seconds before saying, "Sure. Let's talk."

Alice sat in one of the plush chairs. Nell took her seat behind her wide mahogany desk. "Before we start, Ms. Parson—"

"Alice is fine."

Nell cleared her throat. "Of course. Alice. Before we start, though, I must confess I could only find a few rudimentary details when I looked you up. If I may be bunt, what is it, exactly, that you do?"

"I'm something of a corporate troubleshooter. I help mediate disputes between my employer and individuals of other organizations."

Nell held her pen suspended over her legal pad. "What sorts of disputes?"

Alice shrugged. She was staring at Nell, her dark brown eyes almost seeming to smolder. "All sorts."

"I see," Nell said. She felt the strange urge to squirm beneath her gaze, but resisted it. She wondered if considering this contract had been ill advised. "In that case, I should ask what it is, exactly, you would wish to retain my services for?"

The woman's smile grew slightly. "Can I ask you a question first?"

"Of course." Nell said. There was something strange about the woman's voice. Not the timbre or pitch. It was the way she formed her words. How she said them. Nell couldn't put her finger on it exactly. It was like her words hit the ear strangely.

She gestured at the paper on Nell's desk. "What all on that little sheet there did you dig up on me?"

Nell swallowed. "It was a routine background check, Ms. Par—Alice. I do it for all my clients."

Alice nodded, her eyes not leaving Nell's. "Sure. And I'm curious what mine turned up."

Nell hesitated. "It's really not important, Alice. The compiled information isn't pertinent to any business we may have together."

"It's pertinent to my curiosity. Tell me what you found."

Nell should have refused. Probably should have ended the interview. But when she thought of doing either of those things, it was as if her lips wouldn't move. Pinned under those dark eyes, it was almost as if Nell couldn't think properly.

"I..." she shook her head slightly, then continued despite herself. "I found a few police reports. Some in archival repositories. Some redacted. Alice... I'm not sure what use any of this is—"

"No, keep going." Alice leaned forward, resting her elbows on Nell's desk. "I'm actually quite interested. Tell me how you'd interpret those."

Nell felt her lip tremble, then bit it to keep it still. She wanted to look away from those eyes, but couldn't. "The ones several years ago speak to some kind of family dispute. Charges filed and dropped. A restraining order. The more recent ones are even more anomalous. Redacted text. Misfiled in incorrect archives, as if they were meant to be lost."

"Maybe they were," Alice said in a considering tone, tapping her fingers on her jacketed elbows. "Makes me curious why you kept digging." Her smile grew. "Sate my curiosity, Nell."

That voice saying Nell's name sent a shiver down her spine. "I... I just aim to be thorough, Alice. That's all. When my initial search came up with nothing, I felt compelled to understand why."

"Thorough," Alice said, glancing around Nell's immaculate office. "Yes. I think I believe that. I'm willing to bet if you had more time, you would have found everything."

When she looked back at Nell, her grin was wider. "Or at least as much as you were looking for to expose me, huh?"

Nell's heart skipped a beat. "What? Pardon me, Ms. Parson, but I don't know what you're talking about!"

"I know you don't. You're not supposed to. I hate to say it, Nell, but I'm afraid you're being used by some very interesting people who are looking to get to me."

Confusion mixed with anger in Nell's mind. She felt the sudden compulsion to scream at this shapely woman smirking at her. Her temples throbbed as she stood. "I don't know what you're getting at, but I think we're done here, Ms. Parson. I'm going to ask you to leave."

Alice didn't move. With a voice that seemed to seep into her ears, she said, "I guess it's hard to believe, huh? What would you say if I told you I already learned your triggers?"

"We're done talking, Ms. Parson. I told you to—"


Nell gasped as a flash of pain exploded behind her eyes. Trembling, she fell back in her chair. The pain quickly receded, but there was something behind it. Something rising in her like a tidal wave. "What did you... what... aaaaahhh..."

"Don't look at me," Alice said, rising slowly to look down at her from across the desk. "Someone else already did this to you. I just flipped their switch."

Nell tried to speak, but could only pant. Her legs felt wobbly beneath her. An aching heat rose in her, spreading from between her thighs. She reached for the desk, but couldn't seem to grip anything.

She felt Alice's fingers sliding along her neck, and the burnt like delicious fire. Nell heard herself moan as the woman's hand ran along the curve of her breast. Her body felt alien to her, screaming desires she didn't want be was helpless to feel.

"H-how... no... this... this can't... HHhnnnn," something was happening in her privates. They felt so hot and so wet and, somehow, so full.

"Were I to guess, Nell? I'd say they probably broke your mind weeks ago. Melted it into a puddle of mush and then stuck a mask on you for when they needed you to seem normal. When's the last time you remember going home, Nell?"

"No! It's... it's not true... it's," she let out another involuntary moan as Alice squeezed her breast. It shouldn't have felt that good. It had never felt like that. But somehow, Nell already felt on the edge of cumming.

Her body screamed its approval as Alice's other hand slid down her stomach, caressing her flesh over her silk blouse. "Do you want to remember, Nell? I have that trigger, too. The one that'll let you remember. Do you want to remember how they turned you into a drone for their gratification and use?"

Nell wanted to struggle, to fight back against her touch, but her body refused to acknowledge her commands. Her hands reached up and ripped open her blouse. Shock and horror fought for purchase in her mind when her bra unclasped and she felt metal bars running through both her nipples.

I'm a toy. They made me a toy.

No, she thought. Oh god, no.

Yes, she also thought. Fuck yes. They made me a mindless fuck puppet, and I never knew.

She felt Alice pull up her skirt, and her legs spread wide on their own. Alice's hot lips pressed against hers as her alien hands pulled and teased at her pierced nipples.

Don't make me remember. Please...

"Oh my," Alice said, drawing back from the kiss. "What. Is. This."

Nell's eyes rolled back as she felt something slide out from inside her. Alice took her head and made her look. It was a small, vibrating dildo, slick with her cream. It had been buzzing in her all this time, and she hadn't known.

Her body shook. She felt used and broken in a way she didn't think possible. And with her eyes on the buzzing phallus that had been inside her, her body came, came from the violation of it all.

She moaned as her body convulsed in involuntary pleasure. She couldn't stop it. She couldn't control it.

And against her own will, she loved it.

"Now, Nell," she said, her voice deep and throaty. "I want you to remember what they did to you. I want you to remember all of it."

The dildo buzzed as Alice slid it back inside her. "Recall."

It all flooded back. The abduction. The conditioning. The machine. She tried to scream, but she couldn't. The memories came with orgasm after orgasm, making her feel good about her own enslavement.

They were in her home. Right now they were in her home, waiting for her to come back to be debriefed. Debriefed and used freely for the rest of the day. There were four of them. Three men and a woman. The memories of hours and hours of being fucked by all of them, training her body to want nothing but that. Sticking a flimsy mask on her mind so she could perform their tasks for them outside of being a fuck doll.

"Noooo...." she moaned, even as she came in utter ecstasy. She loved it. She didn't want to stop.

She came again, and again, her throat going hoarse from her ragged moans, the flimsy facade of thought crumbling to reveal the ravenous slut they had turned her into.

Alice caressed Nell's face, her other hand nudging the vibrator deeper inside her. "This is what they did to you, Nell. And when they've gotten what they wanted, they'll make you disappear. You'll be left a mindless fuck puppet, a gift for some CEO or politician or whatever. How do you feel about that?"

I want it.

The last shreds of what Nell once struggled to hold on. "P-Please... I don't... aahhh."

"Shhh," Alice cooed. "I know. I imagine there's at least some of you left that isn't fond of that idea, huh? I could offer you an alternative, if you like..."

"Anything!" she moaned.

Alice teased Nell's clit with the tip of her finger. The pleasure was like a whirlwind, threatening to tear the last scraps of Nell's mind away. "I can give you your mind back... more or less. But I still need a lawyer, Nell. I need someone who can keep all my secrets safe from the prying eyes of people like the ones who broke you."

Nell's head craned back as Alice grabbed her hair, forcing her to look into her smoldering eyes. "You'll serve me. Without question or hesitation. With your body, when I wish it, but especially with your mind."

She let go of Nell's hair. "Or you can just let your mind go all the way blank and not worry about pesky things like thoughts every again. I’m good either way, really."

Nell writhed against the waves of fear and pleasure. She felt the part of her that wanted to give in. To dissolve. To become nothing but a creature of pleasure to be used. It terrified her, not least by how excited her body became at the thought of it.

Alice's hands caressed her body, leaving trails of fire. Her fingers played with her breasts, squeezing them softly. "I think we both know which way that's going to go, Nell."

With lips trembling, her mind barely able to form words, she whispered, "You'll... you'll protect me?"

Alice smiled down at her. To Nell's surprise, there seemed to be actual warmth in it. "Of course. I always take care of my property."

The thought drove Nell wild, and her ability to resist dissolved. If she had to submit, had to become someone's slave, she would do it for those burning eyes and those perfect lips. "I'll do it," she said, her voice barely a whisper now. "I'll be yours..."

"Good girl," Alice said, pulling the slick vibrator from Nell's cunt. "Now all you have to do is give in. Let go of everything, and I'll take care of the rest."


Alice gave a low, slow laugh. "Oh, honey. You'll find it comes naturally. Break."

As she said the word, Alice slipped her long, nimble fingers inside Nell's pussy, hitting her most sensitive spot and stroking it gently.

The sensation was beyond pleasure. Beyond torture. The climax that erupted up from her cunt to explode inside her mind wiped all remaining thought from her mind.

Her name. Her memories. Her identity. She felt it all melt away. All that remained was the burning pleasure of her body, and her Mistress's molten touch.


For a long time, all that existed was mindless, liquid pleasure. She felt her body move. Felt it respond to commands. But none of it mattered. Her mind was empty. It was pure bliss.

Then, after so much lovely time, the lights came. They tickled her brain with happy little shocks and strange sounds that did the same to her ears. It made the pleasure recede slowly, but that was ok. The lights were nice, too. They made her feel comfy. Happy.

Her name was Nell, the lights told her. She was a woman. She was a lawyer. And she was a slave. She felt herself giggling with each revelation. How did she forget all those things? They seemed pretty important!

And thankfully, the pleasure was still there. She felt someone teasing her, running fingers gently back and forth along her sensitive sex. "I didn't think they made lawyers this cute, Mistress," a sly, feminine voice said with a chuckle. "Where did you find her?"

"In the clutches of another outfit," a voice said. It was the voice of her Mistress. Her owner. The lights had told her so. "I took the liberty of procuring her. They were going to waste her on an info retrieval op."

"Ooooh. Lucky girl." Nell felt the fingers slide into her. Her hips bucked in response, eager for the penetration. "Lucky to have me here to piece together her poor shattered brain for you, that is."

"You said you wanted challenges, sweet Rosa. You've not disappointed me yet." Nell felt the fingers stop and slowly draw out from her. She heard her own disappointed whimper. "But I didn't give you permission to play with my new pet. Your pleasure comes at my will, not yours."

There was a brief gasp. The lights pouring into Nell's eyes formed words that injected themselves behind her eyes, straight into her mind. She felt the flicker of memories returning to her. As the memories came back, she felt the light altering them. Making them better. Better memories to be a better slave.

"Right, Mistress," Rosa's voice came, slightly strained. "Say, maybe I need punishing, yeah? I bet a few hours as a mindless slut would set me straight..."

Her Mistress laughed. "Don't confuse punishment and reward, Rosa. I know which is which, for you. Give me my lawyer. Then you can be a sex toy for a while."

"Can it be with the lawyer?"

"That'll depend on how good the lawyer is, now won't it?"

Nell heard her slave-sister moan softly. "Yes, Mistress. You’re fucking mean."

"I know," Alice said. "It's your favorite thing about me."

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