Office Furniture

by EbonCaine

Tags: #bondage #D/s #dom:female #dubious_consent #sub:female

A corporate espionage agent gets a pleasant surprise from her Mistress/Handler while out on a job… Femdom, bondage, and mind control fun!

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This was a story I originally meant to write for Day 2 of Kinktober. I read the wrong prompt, though, and did day 15 instead. I don’t care. This story is awesome and hot and gave me the chance to write more Rosa. Enjoy!

The elevator hummed softly as the floors dinged by. Rosa adjusted the shoulder strap on her backpack, weighed down as it was with the computer equipment required for her latest task. She glanced up at the display above the elevator door.

Fifteen. Thirty to go.

With a sigh, Rosa pulled out her slender phone. She tapped out a code to bring up the custom OS she wrote for it and dialed out through the encrypted line.

"Yo," she spoke into the receiver, her voice lightly accented with her native Spanish tongue. "It's me. I'm almost there. How thing's looking?"

There  was a pause. Rosa realized she was holding her breath. Waiting to hear the voice absent from her life for three months now.

"Ah, Rosa. Good morning," a smooth voice replied. Sounds of heavy breathing rose from the background. "The personnel acquisitions have been... negotiated. All that remains are the data assets awaiting your inspection and retrieval."

"Chido," Rosa replied, feeling something in her relax. Something that had been held tight for a long time. "In and out, then."

"There's no need to hurry. I actually thought we might sit for a moment and have a cup of tea. It's been too long since we've gotten to chat, Rosa."

Rosa shivered slightly, feeling the subtle control of her Mistress's words on her mind. "Sure," she said with a wry tone. "Why not? We're only performing highly illegal shadowy corporate espionage with a side of human trafficking. What's the rush?"

Her Mistress's laugh was like warm honey. "I've missed you at the manor, you know."

Rosa felt herself blush, but with it came a soft ache. "Yeah, well. The devil's work is never done." She hesitated. "You know, you could always just have me come back, you know. Kind of how this whole thing works, isn't it?"

Another soft, breathy laugh. Rosa could feel a tinge of sadness in it. "If only that were so, Rosa. See you soon."


The elevator door split open to reveal a long hallway fit with recessed lighting and art on the walls just expensive-looking enough to seem out of place in a corporate office building.

Rosa moved down the hall towards the single door at the far end, her boots muffled on the beige carpet running over the tile floor. Her leather coat wafted about her shapely hips.

She knocked once on the frosted glass of the door before turning the knob and stepping in. Inside, she found a corporate office space that was wide and open, even more so because the desks and tables had been pushed to the edges of the room.

Apparently, to make space for the scene that Rosa stood staring at, dumbfounded, as the door swung closed behind her.

Alice, her Mistress and friend, sat at the center of it all, her silky raven hair flowing down to her shoulders, framing her noble, delicately chiseled features. She was in her work attire; an intricately designed leather corset that gave a perfect view of her ample bust. Long leather gloves with the fingers cut out for all but her ring finger and thumb. Dark red leather thigh-high boots below a tight, form hugging mini-skirt.

A pleased smile pulled at her full, crimson lips. "Rosa. It's good to see you."

"Ah. Ha ha," Rosa said, her laugh slightly nervous. She remembered to bow to her Mistress, but only just. "This... this all you, Alice?"

Alice's smile grew slightly. "They were expecting one of their agents bringing new orders. It made it easy enough to gain everyone's attention. From there I was able to... convince everyone to cooperate with their new arrangement." She gestured in front of her. "But come. Sit."

The 'seat' she gestured to was a naked man with his back on the floor, his legs pulled up to his stomach to form a space for a very particular cushion, his rising legs forming the back to the chair. Bronze metal bracing held his legs secured to his torso. A hooded leather mask obscured his face and covering his eyes.

Rosa stepped forward, placing her pack down as her eyes shifted from the man-turned-chair to gaze at the other oddities surrounding her. Alice was sitting on another man, his arms and legs contorted and locked with more ornate braces to form the legs for a backless loveseat of sorts, his bare stomach steadily holding her Mistress's weight. A mask likewise obscured his face.

Rosa sat with legs crossed on her 'chair', with a likewise odd 'table' before her. Its foundation came from two bound pairs of naked women, the metal braces locking them in embraces of mutual cunnilingus. Their soft mounds pressing into one another, their glistening pussies each bared and exposed to one another's faces. Their obscuring masks differed from the others, each having mouths left open to receive the pleasure of each other's tongues.

The flats of their backs formed a support for a glass top, on which rested a steaming kettle and two teacups. Rosa found herself oddly impressed that despite the moaning, shivering girls below, the table remained stable.

"So," Alice said, her ice-blue eyes steady on Rosa, "How have you been?" She took hold of the teapot and poured its dark contents into Rosa's cup. It smelled of Earl Grey.

Rosa tentatively took the cup, feeling her seat sway ever so slightly as she adjusted her position. To her surprise, it was proving quite comfortable. "Oh, you know... Putting out fires. Cover-ups. Blackmail. The occasional mind wipe. The usual..."

Alice filled her own porcelain cup. "You sound bored."

There was a shudder and a rising moan as one of the girls supporting the table climaxed, causing the teapot to tremble. Alice casually slid her boot down to rest on the girl's shoulder, holding her steady as she finished her murmuring orgasm.

Rosa chuckled and sipped her tea. "I don't know," she said with a shrug. "Org work gets kind of... pedestrian, after a while. Yeah?"

"I know you prefer more intimate work," Alice said, lowering her hand to trace her nails along the neck of the man whose stomach she rested on, causing his entire form to shudder. "You miss the training work much?"

Rosa felt her lips curl into a grin. 'Training' was a cute word for 'breaking people's minds and rewriting them into loyal sex slaves'. "Maybe."

She looked over to another piece of 'furniture'. Standing a few feet away, a woman stood locked in a standing "L" position, a smooth platter resting on her back. Her large breasts hung pointlessly, cradled in the ornate bronze bracing, her held tight by vibrating clamps. The bronze bracing constrained any movement she might have made, likely required because affixed to the bracing were two vibrating plugs held fast inside the woman's pussy and ass.

A small vase with a bouquet rested on the glass surface affixed to the woman's flattened back. It shivered ever so slightly against the woman's movements.

Rosa gestured at the display of human-furniture. "It's not so fun, missing out on this kind of stuff."

Alice nodded, placing her cup down on the lightly shifting table. "It is an unfortunate side effect of our situation. The things I've lent you out for, they're things no one else in the organization can do as well. You know this."

Rosa averted her eyes. "Yeah, well, it feels like I'm being punished for being good at my job. Punished by being taken away from you..."

For a long moment, neither of them said anything. The only sound of the room were the soft moans of the 'table' and a gentle buzzing of the vibrators inside the 'pedestal'.

Finally, Alice said gently, "Come here."

Rosa couldn't hear the altered tone in her Mistress's voice, but her mind did. It was the tone of command. The tone granting her control over those she had mesmerized, broken, or brainwashed. And control of those who had submitted willingly to her power.

As she had done.

Rosa's body responded of its own accord, rising from the man-turned-chair and moving over to her Mistress. She could already feel the trained response of her body, growing excited in its obedience. She knelt at Alice's feet, her head bowed low.

Alice's hand gently brushed her cheek, stroking it affectionately. "Do you remember when you first came to me?"

Rosa nodded, her body heating to Alice's touch.

"I told you, I only take the exceptional," she said softly, her voice vibrating the nerves along Rosa's spine. "And those I take, I will always care for."

"I... I know," Rosa said, her breath growing deep, her heart racing. "I just... I miss you, Mistress..."

"I miss you, too, my pet," Alice said, cupping her chin and raising Rosa's eyes to hers. "I send you away because I had to. Because it was the only way to secure our position with the organization. And because I knew you would succeed."

A warm tear slid down Rosa's cheek. She said nothing.

"I'll have you back with me," she said. "And I'll be in a position to keep us all together."

"When?" Rosa said, her voice almost a whimper.

"When it's done."

It wasn't the answer Rosa had hoped for. Despite that, she took strength in her Mistress's words. In the steadiness of her touch. In the power of her voice. Slowly, Alice drew Rose up into an embrace, and together, sitting on the mesmerized man's stomach, they held one another in a loving embrace. Her Mistress's touch felt like heaven against her sides. Against her back.

Alice spoke gently into her ear. "I pulled some favors to get you on this assignment, you know. Even though data retrieval is below you, it allowed this time for us together. Time that I needed as well."

"But you have the others," Rosa said, trying her best not to sound petulant, thinking of the other servants, pets, and slaves existing under Alice's control. Ones who did get to remain at her side.

Her Mistress pulled back slightly, a shadow of a smile on her lips. "But I don't have you right now. And so a part of me is still missing."

She kissed Rosa then, their lips meeting in a tender kiss. Rosa returned it eagerly, her tongue darting out to taste her mistress's mouth. It was a familiar and comfortable feeling, something she'd missed dearly.

And then, as the kiss broke, Alice moved back to Rosa's ear, and whispered a single word. "Ignite."

Rosa's eyes went wide as the trigger word activated her mental conditioning. Conditioning she had trained into herself with the machines she had created. Conditioning she had done to her Mistress's exact specifications.

Rosa moaned as her body flooded with arousal; her nipples growing hard, her skin prickling with sensitivity, her inner thighs moistening as her sex grew slick.

"But... aaah.... but... the mission..." Rosa panted as she felt her thoughts draining away, quickly being replaced with a bone deep, submissive need.

Alice gave a warm, throaty laugh. "The collectors won't be here for another ninety minutes." Her blue eyes seemed to almost glint in the soft, recessed lighting of the office. "I might have overestimated the task so that we could have this time together."

"Ooh, oh Mistress..." Rosa's entire body shook as Alice slid down the zipper of her coat, sliding it off her to reveal the thin white t-shirt that clung tightly to her slender frame. The nipples on her pert breasts pushed hard on the fabric, and she mewled her pleasure as her Mistress ran her fingers along them.

"My lovely little hacker. My lovely little breaker of minds..." Alice said as she squeezed one of her perky tits.

"Mistress... please..." Rosa panted as Alice pulled the shirt up and over her head. As she slid the zipper down of her jeans.

"Tell me, pet," Alice said as she slipped her hand down Rosa's front, her fingers sliding along her smooth, mocha skin, "Would you like to play with our toys before they are all whisked away?"

Rosa felt her Mistress's hand move past her slip of a thong, finding her glistening heaven. She shuddered, biting her lip as her hips rolled into her Mistress's touch.

"Our... toys?" she breathed, her thoughts hazy with lust, her body unable to resist the soft pressure of Alice's fingers on her folds.

Alice's smile grew wide, and Rosa watched as she lowered her gloved hand near the man's face and snapped her fingers. The person beneath the two of them—the person Rosa had, in her muddled lust, forgotten even was a person—let out a stifled groan and shuddered. On his other end, a throbbing member steadily rose between the legs held still by the curled, bronzed bracing.

Rosa stared at the stiffening shaft at first with surprise, then with a wet desire as the heat rose within her. She licked her lips, staring at the glistening flesh as it pulsed and thickened into a nice, stiff cock.

"I picked it out just for you," Alice said, her voice husky as she caressed her stomach with one hand and her wet slit with the other.

Rosa giggled, her body lost to the delight of her Mistress's touch, her vision going soft as her conditioned submission sank into everything. "Órale... Mistress, he doesn't look comfortable..."

"It is just a thing right now," Alice said as she turned Rosa to straddle the 'seat' and face the throbbing phallus. "A toy to be used. An object for our pleasure."

"Yes, Mistress..."

Alice murmured her wordless approval, her fingers running along the length of the phallus, tracing the tip as it twitched with need. She took Rosa's hand and placed it on the shaft, smearing the pre-cum already dribbling down. "Squeeze it."

Rosa did as she was told, squeezing the shaft firmly, relishing the heat and the pulse of the cock within her grip.

At Alice's urging, Rosa stood, sliding her pants down and discarding her wispy thong. Wholly naked, wholly vulnerable, she turned to face her Mistress as she slid back towards the throbbing toy that had made just for her.

"Good girl," Alice said, her breath hot on Rosa's ear. "Are you ready, pet? Are you ready to fuck for me?"

Rosa moaned, her mind swimming with lust, her body aching to serve. To submit. "Mmm... yes, Mistress... Anything..."

"Then take your pleasure."

With one hand on her shoulder and another on her hip, Alice gently directed Rosa down till the glistening cock was against her dripping threshold.

With a last kiss—rose petals against her lips, satin against her tongue—Alice pushed her down. Rosa gasped as she felt the tip of the cock push through her entrance. Her hips rocked forward, pushing the flesh-toy steadily inside of her. Her pussy stretched around the shaft, the tightness sending a jolt of pleasure through her.

As she slid fully onto its shaft—the utter fullness rolling her eyes in delight—the furniture they were using jerked up suddenly. A thick, muffled sound came from behind them, "Oh... Oh god... oh fuck..."

In response, Alice turned, her hand reaching down in a quick movement to grab the throat of their seat, gurgling the strange object's voice into silence. "Things don't speak," she hissed. "Things remain still, as they were made."

Rosa found herself laughing. "Silly thing. Furniture... Oooh... Furniture isn't supposed to talk!"

As Alice returned her attention to her, Rosa rose and sank down on their fat pleasure toy, groaning with the sensation of being filled. The heat of the thing's cock spreading inside her, stretching her walls to their limits. She rocked back and forth, enjoying the feeling of the shaft filling her completely.

She slid her arms around Rosa's waist, pulling her close. "You're perfect," Alice whispered, kissing Rosa as she ground on the inanimate thing's cock. "So perfect. So good. So mine."

Rosa's body trembled, her hands sliding down to grip the sides of the seat. She leaned into her Mistress, moaning as her lover's tongue flicked across her lips. "Mistress... I'm going to... I'm going to cum..."

"Then do it," Alice said, her hands sliding down to grip Rosa's tight ass, forcing her up and down on the hot, throbbing shaft. "Cum for your Mistress. Nice and hard!"

Electric bliss shot through Rosa's body, flooding every nerve with mind-breaking, soul-jarring ecstasy. She cried her Mistress's name as she slammed down on the cock again and again, using the thing's shaft to pleasure herself and serve her owner.

Finally she collapsed against her Mistress, her face burying in her ample chest, the warm, luscious swell of her breast like a heavenly cushion. Her head was spinning with pleasure, her tawny body was glistening with sweat.

"Good girl," Alice said softly, her fingers tracing gentle circles on Rosa's back. "Did you like the toy I made for us?"

Rosa reluctantly rose from her Mistress's chest, looking up into her beatific eyes. "Uh huh," she murmured, her voice weak from moaning. "You should... you should keep one for the manor..."

"Not these, unfortunately," Alice said with a chuckle. "They're bound for elsewhere." Se rose from the seat, taking Rosa's hands in her own. "But come, we have some time yet before our responsibilities call us back. Let's see what pleasures these other things can offer us."

"Yes, Mistress," Rosa said, her body tingling with the aftershocks of her orgasm; tingling, and eager for more. "Whatever you wish."



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