House Trained

by EbonCaine

Tags: #cw:noncon #bondage #D/s #dom:female #dom:male #multiple_partners #sub:female

Paul Davis is having a rough weekend getting his creative projects in order. Thankfully, his lovely wife Leslie has an idea to help him relax: some special playtime with their newly acquired pet, a pet still in need of careful and dutiful training…

Paul sat on the living room couch, staring down at the design paper he was sketching his next woodworking design on. Thin elegant lines ran together on the page to form a set of dresser drawers with long, intricate designs carved in them.

"Mmm, looks nice," his wife Leslie said with her smooth, silky voice. He felt her soft lips press against his neck and smelled the rich scent of coffee as she placed a mug next to him.

"You feel nicer," he said, leaning back to kiss the woman deeply, running his fingers along her delicate jawline.

Leslie giggled as she drew back, squeezing his shoulder lightly before sitting across from him in a plush red chair. "How long have you been working today?"

Paul sighed and regarded the other papers set to the sides. They had similar designs as the one he was presently working on, though only partially completed and fit with scribbles and marred mistakes. "Since this morning. I almost have the idea out of my head." He tapped the detailed drawing on the paper. "Pretty sure I got it this time."

Leslie smiled her sly smile. "Then don't you think it's time you took a break? It's the weekend, dear."

Paul watched his wife, admiring her lovely form. With her slender figure and pretty face, she looked like a model off the runway, not your typical housewife or mother. She could say more with the slightest crook of a smile than most people with entire conversations.

"From what I've been hearing, you've been busy yourself," Paul said, grinning at her. "Training our new pet isn't exactly easy work."

"Yes, but it's hardly a chore." She took a sip of her coffee, her grin widening. "Would you like to see? Your really should take a break, after all."

"I don't know how I could say no to that," Paul said, rising with his wife. Together they went to the small room that had, up until a week ago, been their guest bedroom. It was something much more special now.

Inside the light was warm and low. They'd taken the furniture out to accommodate the needs of their cute little pet. A low hum filled the air, coming from the machine at the center of the room.

Their pet was atop the machine, her naked, voluptuous body bound with black silk rope tied in intricate knots up her back. Her large, pillowy tits were bare and perked upwards with delight, making it look like two puppies begging for attention. The beautiful creature didn't seem to care; instead she was contentedly grinding her hips against the sybian, moaning softly through the red ball-gag filling her mouth.

"That is lovely," Paul said, taking his wife's waist and holding her tight to her. "Did she have any trouble?"

"Oh, no," Leslie said. "She was nervous at first, but only because the poor girl didn't want to disappoint me."

As they drew closer to their new pet, the smell of her arousal grew stronger—her excitement palpable. She didn't hear them, of course. The sound isolating headphones ensured she only heard the mental conditioning tracks playing soothing commands in her ears. Her eyes remained fixed upon the large flatscreen monitor mounted on the wall. On it, the complex swirling patterns roiled and spun. That, too, was a gift from their benefactors. One more tool to help in their pet's training. It did little when viewed from the wrong angle or distance, but from their pet's exact spot, it served as a powerful conditioning tool.

The swirling shapes and colors seemed to shift and twist on the screen in an elaborate, almost mystical dance. Each image was unique and distinct, yet meshed into some larger, hidden pattern that made sense to the subconscious. In short bursts, these images would flash and then fade; creating feelings of lust and desire even from the angle Paul was viewing. He glanced over at his wife to see her eyes likewise on the screen. She was biting her lip and absently massaging her hardened nipples over the fabric of her blouse.

"Careful, dear," he said, taking Leslie's free hand and squeezing it lightly. "That's not for us anymore."

Her eyes fluttered, and she laughed lightly, brushing aside her short blonde hair. "Ture, but no harm in enjoying a little taste, right?"

Paul ran his hand down her back to squeeze her tight, toned ass. "How about we take a taste of something else?"

His wife's smoldering green eyes were all the answer he needed. He stepped behind Molly, her restrained body still mindlessly grinding against the vibrating machine between her legs. Reaching around her front, Paul took her bountiful tits in both hands, the supple flesh overflowing his fingers as he squeezed them. Their pet moaned softly as he groped her, his breath hot on her ear.

The young girl was completely obedient to them, her mind already broken and conditioned to their will. The sweet girl cared nothing of herself anymore other than her role as a sex slave for the couple.

"Such a delicious little toy we have," Paul murmured as he groped her.

"A toy that needs some more training, I think," Leslie said, reaching down and gingerly unzipping his pants and pulling out his long, thick cock.

Paul chuckled, carefully removing the wireless headphones from Molly's ears. Her muffled whimpers were plaintive as he whispered in her ear, "You look like you've been working hard for us, Molly. That makes us very happy."

"Mmm-hmmm..." she agreed through her gag.

"Because you've been so good, we're going to give you a treat. You'd like a treat, wouldn't you, pet?"

An involuntary gasp escaped his lips as he felt the wet warmth of his wife's mouth around his cock. He cast a furtive glance down at her, finding those beautiful green eyes looking up at him as she slid his manhood inside her mouth.

HIs wife's mouth driving his lust even higher, Paul pulled his hands back, wrapping his fingers gently around the clasp for her gag. He tugged it slightly, unbuckling it. "And what do you think would make you the happiest?"

Molly gasped as Paul removed her ball gag, and her first words dripped with unabashed need. "Master's cock! I want Master's cooock...." she whined.

Leslie giggled at the cute pet's shamelessness. She gave a final kiss to the tip of her husband's dick. "Has she earned you inside her cunt yet, love?"

"Not just yet," he said, running his fingers down to tease their slave's engorged clit. "She needs more training before she can fit me, I think."

"I suppose you're right." She ran her fingers lightly along his generous length. "I remember how long it took me to get nice and addicted to this lovely cock."

"I wanna be addicted..." their slave said, her eyes glazed over with hypnotized lust.

Leslie moved to stand before their pet. "Don't worry, Molly. You already are. Do you like what's been done to you, pet?" She took the bound girl's nipples between her fingers and teased them lightly. Their pet shuddered under her touch; her large, firm tits were sensitive, all the more so after her conditioning.

"We like it, don't we, pet?"

"I love it," she breathed.

"And you've been a good girl and not came, right?"

Molly shuddered, then nodded. "I've not. I promise. Even when I wanted to, I couldn't."

Leslie smiled. "That's right. Because you can't disobey us. Isn't that right?"

Their pet whimpered. "Yes, Mistress. I do whatever you tell me. I am whatever you tell me."

"Good," Leslie cooed. "And for your reward, you get to take your master's cock in your mouth." She casually ran a hand along the vibrating sybian, "while you ride your favorite toy. When you taste his cream, then, and only then, may you cum."

The petgirl let out a soft whimper, nodding. She was practically drooling; her arousal dripping down the sides of the sybian. With a wicked grin, Paul came to her, her lips quivering as she looked upon his intimidating manhood.

"You want that lovely cock down your throat, don't you, slut?" Leslie whispered in her ear, her smooth voice low and seductively husky.

Molly groaned and strained against her restraints, wanting the release of her owner's penis—wanting the pleasure that would follow. "Please," she begged. "Please, Master... fuck my mouth..."

With a devilish grin, Paul said, "Well now, how can I deny such a polite request such as that?"

Paul glanced at his wife, who was licking her lips with desire. She grinned under his gaze, and while he watched, she effortlessly slipped out of her own clothes, dropping her skirt and opening her blouse. Her toned, athletic body with its firm, rounded hips and perky tits was perfect, had always been perfect. With smoldering eyes, she stepped into him, pressing her hot flesh to his.

She rested her lips just above his ear. "I want to watch you ruin this slut's mind with your cock."

The words made Paul shudder. Shudder with love for his wife, with joy at their mutual enjoyment of their new brainwashed slave. It was all too much, and without a second's more delay, he put his hand on the back of Molly's head, and slowly pushed his cock into her eager, waiting mouth.

Her lips wrapped eagerly around his shaft, sucking greedily. The movement of her head controlled by Paul's hand. His wife took his face in her hands and kissed him as their slave sloppily sucked him off. Paul felt a familiar thrill course through his veins as he fucked the pet's throat, and he held his wife close, squeezing her bare, round ass.

"God, that feels good," he moaned, leaning his weight forward as his balls tightened, ready to spill their seed.

"Now, now," Leslie whispered softly. "Make sure she works for it."

She bit his lip softly, making him gasp. "You're not helping, dear," he said.

Leslie giggled. "No one said it was supposed to be easy for you, either..."

Chuckling, Paul held back his pleasure, making Molly taking his cock deeper and deeper down her throat. Leslie took to holding their pet's face, keeping it still while Paul fucked deep into her throat, the sound of her wet gagging filling the room as his balls drew closer.

His wife, sensing his impending climax in his rising breath, leaned close to their slave. "Do you want it, slut? Do you want your master's cum down your throat?"

He could feel her pleading moan vibrating his shaft, which he knew was exactly what his wife intended. His pleasure pushed past the point of no return, and with Leslie holding her face in place as Paul's cock exploded down Molly's throat.

Spurt after spurt of hot semen filled her mouth, splattering her tongue with the white stuff. She gulped down every drop, trying desperately to swallow his loads down. Her body shook harder and harder with each gulp, the sybian humming louder than ever as Leslie turned it up to reward her eagerness.

"Good," she said as Molly gulped down gout after gout of his seed. "Now cum like the mindless slut you are."

Molly's pussy clenched tight, her orgasm rolling over her with ease. Her toes curled, her legs trembling, her whole body shaking with ecstasy as her cunt throbbed, her clit sending little shock-waves to her loins, her nipples hard and erect on her jiggling tits. Her body strained against the ropes binding her, all while continuing to suck on her master's manhood.

Finally, he pulled his cock from her mouth, panting and sweating as a last spurt spattered her face and tits. The sight of her licking his thick, milky cream off her lips sent a wave of satisfaction through him.

Molly's eyes were closed as she swallowed her last drops, then she opened her eyes to look at her owners. "Was I good, Master? Mistress?"

Paul could see the worship in her eyes, trained and conditioned to be there, but no less beautiful for it. Leslie caressed her sweat slick face. "Yes, pet. You did very, very well." She reached down and turned the sybian back to low. Then she rose and looked at Paul, wrapping her arms back around him.

"And how about me, love? Did I do good?"

"I think you've taken to our pet's training like an absolute master, dear. Or mistress."

Leslie shrugged with a half smirk. "Whatever. You were fucking hot, dear."

"You can show me how hot later tonight, I think," he said with a grin. Then glanced down at Molly. "But what about her?"

Leslie laughed. "She has more training, of course. Isn't that right, slut?"

"Yes, Mistress," their slave said, her hips already grinding into the humming sybian again. "I want to stay nice and wet for when you want me again."

"Such a good, good girl," Leslie said, leaning down to kiss Molly lovingly on the mouth, savoring the taste of her husband on her lips. "Remember your job..."

"Watch the screen," she said, her voice growing faint. "Always watch the screen."

"That's right," Leslie said, putting her headphones back on.

Paul gave a last, loving look at their writhing, brainwashed pet before closing the door. He sat back down at the couch with his coffee and drafting paper, giving it a first glance before staring up at his wife. His wife, who was still naked as she sat across from him, her perfect, toned body with her legs spread just enough for him to see her smooth, shaved cunt.

"This is not helping me focus," he said with a smirking sigh.

"It's the weekend, dear," Leslie said with a mischievous grin of her own. "Fuck your focus."

"I get the feeling that's not what you want fucked."

She took a small sip of coffee before setting it down and slowly spreading her legs wider. "That's an interesting theory. Why not come over here and we can discuss it?"

And so he did.


Thanks so much for reading my story! If you enjoyed it, maybe come on over to my subreddit r/LibraryOfCaine for more deviant sexy goodness!

Also, if you liked these charactes and want to see how their situation... arose, then check out the latest chapter of the Rewired for Pleasure series over on Smashwords!


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