House Call

by EbonCaine

Tags: #dom:female #f/f #sub:female

A med student takes a one-of job offering good money for a discrete, unreported house call. She’s nervous but intrigued by the sexy client who greets her, but what’s in store for her may alter her life, her desires, and even her very mind…

House Call

Water ran in small rivulets down Sarah's umbrella as she stared up at the three-story mansion in front of her. It was a modern construction, not huge, but definitely expensive. The mansion had a large, ornate front door with a brass knocker on the front.

Sarah sighed, and with her medical bag in hand, she walked up to the door and banged the knocker.

She waited for a moment, then knocked again. Finally, there came footsteps from inside, and the door opened to reveal a young woman in a short, black dress. Her blonde hair fell in a sheet to her shoulders, framing her pale face and large blue eyes.

"Well, hello Ms. Vale. We've been expecting you." There was something odd in her smile that Sarah couldn't quite place.

The young woman stepped aside to let Sarah in. "Um, thank you. I was happy to come. However, uh, the contract was actually rather vague. I'm afraid I don't know exactly who or what I'm treating?"

The woman nodded, taking Sarah's umbrella and gesturing to the far end of the foyer. "Of course, Ms. Vale. The Mistress is awaiting you in the room at the end of the hall. She will explain everything to you."

Sarah frowned as she walked across the foyer. "Mistress...?" Her shoes echoed softly on the marble floor as she passed into a narrow hallway with several doors on either side. An eerie blue light flickered through the crack under the door.

The passage ended in a smooth metal door quite different from the others. A nervousness sank into the pit of her stomach as she stepped into the room. It felt like things were just getting weirder and weirder. It had seemed such a simple thing. A house call, a simple job for easy pay.

Her college friend had said it was worth it. "These rich folks," Sarah recalled her saying, "they pay for these kinds of visits all the time. Maybe someone got pregnant with someone they shouldn't have. Maybe they need an off-the-books prescription. It doesn't matter. They pay out the ears for someone discreet."

Someone discreet, and someone desperate enough for money to lower themselves for off the books medical work. Sarah sighed. Money was tight. She still had years of residency to do and a student loan bill that hurt her head to look at. She reminded herself that every bit helped, and pushed the metal door open with a hollow *kerchunk*.

She jumped as she entered the room to find a woman watching her. "Ms. Vale," the woman said, "my name is Alice Parson. I'm glad you could come on such short notice." She was tall and thin with pale skin, dark hair, and a deep, sultry voice. The shadow of a smile pulled at the edges of her lips.

Sarah felt the woman's smoldering brown eyes focus on her, and it made her knees go weak. She seemed to exude power, and the longer she looked into them, the stronger it seemed to emanate from her.

They were in a medical room, not far off from those in the hospital she trained at. There was an examination table next to Alice, on which a tall, dark-skinned woman sat with the table inclined against her back. Her thin, athletic pants and tank top clung to her well-toned, muscular form. Dark, thinly braided hair framed her striking features. Her ice-blue eyes rested on Sarah, a lazy smile on her full, luscious lips.

"Oh, yes... Um, hello." She paused, awkwardly. She saw the woman was holding a wad of medical gauze to her arm, gauze stained with blood. "The contract said you required immediate medical treatment?"

The woman named Alice studied Sarah, her eyes roaming over her body. "Yes, I'm afraid so." She put a hand on the black woman's bare shoulder. "There was an incident with my associate here resulting in her injury."

Standing there, Sarah realized a faint music playing in the background, just on the edge of hearing. She hadn't realized she'd been standing there, craning her head to hear the sound until Alice softly cleared her throat.

"I'm sorry, ma'am!" she said with a jump. "Yes! I'll... I'll see what I can do."

"No worries," the tall woman said in a rich, sonorous voice. "Boss thinks it’s more dangerous than it is. Just a scratch, really."

"Let's let her be the judge of that, Serena," Alice said, then looked back at Sarah as she approached them with her bag. "I gave what aid I could, but I am not a professional. Please. Do whatever you need to."

Sarah stepped to the woman's arm, and this close, she couldn't help but admire the woman's lithe, toned body. Serena held out her muscular arm and pulled the gauze away, revealing still bleeding bullet wound there.

Sarah's eyes went wide. "She's been shot!" She turned to Alice, the woman’s brown eyes steady on her. Just as she was about to declare the need to go to a hospital, something stopped her.

"Yes, Ms. Vale?"

Sarah opened her mouth. What had she even been about to say? "Is... is this the only injury?"

"The only one you need to worry about, Ms. Vale." The woman brought her smooth hand up to Sarah's shoulder. Her fingers felt cool and strong as they rested on her skin. "Just see to my associate, please. That was the terms of your agreement, yes?"

Sarah's skin seemed to tingle where Alice touched her, and with the lightest of touches, she turned Sarah back towards Serena.

"I still don't think it's a big deal," Serena said, glancing past Sarah to her boss. "I've taken worse."

"A bit of precaution never hurt anyone, Serena. And anyway, this gives us a chance to see Ms. Vale's work in action."

Sarah felt that hand rest lightly against her back, sending shivers up her spine. She bit her lip. So many things about this seemed inappropriate. But what was she expecting? Why else would someone pay so much for an off the books medical visit by someone who hadn't even gotten their license yet?

Taking a breath, Sarah leaned in to examine the wound. Even with the distractions, Ms. Parson's touch, that strange music that was always *just* at the edge of her hearing, and the weird warmth that seemed to build in her, she found it surprisingly easy to focus on the task given her. She looked over Serena's injury, the bullet wound. It was a small one that had missed both bone and artery.

"It's superficial," Sarah said after a moment of examination. "It's just a graze, but it's bleeding quite a lot. It will need stitches."

"Can you apply them now?"

Sarah nodded, moving to extract the needed items from her bag. As she worked, Alice's melodious voice continued in her ears. "I was very impressed when I came across your profile. Did you know that, Sarah? May I call you Sarah?"

Serena watched her intently as she worked. "I, uh... of course, Ms. Parson." She felt herself blush under the attention of the two women. "And I, eh, appreciate your kindness, but I've not even begun my residency."

"There's more to someone than just experience, Sarah," she said, and rested her hands on the girl's shoulders. "There's potential. Personality." Delicate pressure ran down her spine, making her gasp. "And proclivities..."

A mix of emotions ran through Sarah. Surprise. Alarm. Fear. And something else she knew she should not be experiencing.

Sarah finished the sutures, sealing up Serena's wound. "That should stop the bleeding, Ms. Parson." She turned to face the woman who had hired her, trying not to look into her smoldering eyes. "I should... I should go, ma'am. I'm afraid this has become in-inappropriate."

The dark-haired woman grinned coyly. "You seem flustered, Sarah. Why is that?"

"I... I didn't appreciate the way you were touching me, ma'am..."

"Oh? Your psychological profile showed otherwise."

Sarah blinked. "My what?"

Alice's smile grew. "The profile that was made on you before we contacted you. I've been watching you for a while, Sarah. My need tonight was just a happy coincidence."

She approached Sarah and ran a hand along her cheek, making her shudder. "It's how I know you're not going anywhere."

"Wh-what?" she shuddered.

"I said you're not going anywhere," she said, her eyes burning into her. She licked her lips. "I knew I wanted you, Sarah. You need some work, but *that* is what I specialize in."

Sarah knew she should back away. Knew she should hit the door and run, but her body wouldn't respond. Everything inside her felt heavy, and over everything was that strange music leaking in around her thoughts.

She felt powerful hands take hold of her hips from behind. "You do good work, yeah?" Serena's voice whispered in her ear. "You should stick around. We can see what else you can do."

The hands slid up her stomach, running under her shirt and caressing her increasingly sensitive flesh. "Aaah..."

Alice held her face, keeping Sarah's eyes locked on hers. "I know *so* much about you, Sarah. I know the books you've read. The groups you've sought, online and in person. I know what you *want,* Sarah, deep down. It's why I chose you to bring here."

Sarah felt herself grow warm, and it wasn't just from the heat of the room. Alice's fingers brushed her neck as she leaned in. "Try as you might, you could never find the person who made you feel the way you needed to feel. Could never do to you what you needed them to do."

"I... No... That's..."

She felt a finger, light as a feather, trace down her forehead along the tip of her nose. She felt her eyelids flutter.

"You want to be owned, Sarah."

Fear and confusion mixed with excitement and arousal in her mind. How did she know? She had traveled hours and used a fake name, hid her identity online. It was wrong, but it didn't matter. Nothing ever worked. Nothing ever felt right.

She let out a gasp as Serena's hands found her breasts, groping them gently over her bra. Her touch brought a wet heat between her thighs like she had never experienced. "You've always wanted to submit, Sarah," Alice's voice whispered in her ear. "You've just never figured out how."

Sarah shook her head, writhing as Alice slid her slender fingers down the front of her pants. "I can show you how, Sarah. Everything you want, I can give it to you."

The lightest of touches ran between her legs, tracing a line of liquid fire along her sex. She moaned and heard the need in her own voice. This was wrong. She shouldn't want this.

But she did.

Alice brought her fingers up, and they glistened in the light of the room. "We spend so much time fighter ourselves, don't we? That's what I specialize in, helping people learn to stop fighting. I help them learn to obey."

She slowly licked Sarah's juices from her fingers as she felt her bra pull down and those strong, skillful hands take hold of her supple mounds. Serena's soft, full lips pressed against her neck, kissing lines of electricity up her skin. "You'll like it here, Sarah," she whispered deeply.

Sarah shook under the sensations. She couldn't move. Couldn't think. Her want and desire and need were filling her up like a balloon, one which would pop at any second.

"Say it, Sarah," Alice said, sliding her fingers back between her thighs and caressing the flesh around her slit. "Tell me what you want. Just ask, and I'll make you into everything you wanted. I'll own you, just like you've wanted. No more fear. No more worry. Just wonderful, wonderful submission."

"I want it," she heard herself say, her voice desperate. "I want it. I want it!"

"Good girl," Alice said, sliding her fingers inside her, her lips parting like water to accept her.

Sarah writhed and moaned her pleasure as Sarah massaged her inner walls. With each caress inside her, it became harder for her to think. The strange music seemed to grow louder, seemed to fill in the spaces of her clouding mind.

"When I tell you to, you will cum, Sarah. You'll cum around my fingers, and when you do, your mind will empty for me. You'll become nice and blank, and from there we will start our journey together. Do you understand?"

Sarah's body seemed to vibrate around her, the wet sounds of her own sex mixing with the music to drive her crazy with desire. "Yes! Yes! Anything. I want it soooo bad!"

She could feel it in her. The thing she had wanted, the thing she desired in her deepest dreams. It was the fantasy she touched herself to the dark of the night, the thing she used to get off when having sex with her boyfriend. To be taken and remade. To have all choice removed. To be allowed to exist in absolute obedience. Absolute service. Absolute pleasure.

"Cum for me, Sarah. Cum for me, and become my slave."

Sarah felt herself melting, becoming a puddle of desire. Her mind faded, dissolved in on itself as Alice's fingers moved inside her. She heard herself screaming in ecstasy, in rapture. But all she felt was pure, mindless bliss.


Sarah giggled. She felt silly. Silly and empty and happy. She didn't know when her clothes had been removed, but she didn't mind. It was nice and warm and there were so many pretty people around her.

A tawny-skinned woman with a cute, sly smirk was leaning close to her, looking into her eyes.

"Jeez, Mistress. You fucked this one stupid, I think."

Sarah watched her lips, so soft and sweet looking. She wanted to kiss them.

"She was certainly enthusiastic, I'll admit," Alice said. "It left her a little more addled than normal. Will that be a problem, Rosa?"

The woman named Rosa ran two fingers over Sarah's lips, letting them gently slide into her mouth for her to suck on. "Depends. Were you wanting a plastic doll to fuck?"

"I wanted someone with medical training."

"Then we might have a problem." She withdrew her fingers from Sarah's mouth. "Lucky for you, I'm fucking good at my job."

Sarah unconsciously tried to move with Rosa, following her cute butt as it walked away, but thick, padded straps restrained her arms and legs. This struck her as funny, and she giggled some more as she fell lowered back to the strange bed she was on.

Rosa wasn't gone long, though. She came back with something in her hands that looked like a weird VR device. Her smirk was wider as she looked down on Sarah. "We're gonna have some fun together, right, Sarah?"

"Oooh, I hope so," she cooed. "Are we gonna do some VR chat?"

"Even better," Rosa said, taping the device in her hands. "I'm gonna put this on you, and we're gonna turn you into a perfect slave for the Mistress. Sounds fun, huh?"

Her mind grew hazy at the thought, the heat welling between her thighs. "Yeeahh..."

"That's the spirit." Rosa strapped the device on Sarah's head, plunging her world into darkness.

"I'll be back to check on your progress soon, Sarah," came her Mistress's voice. "Everything will be wonderful, don't you worry."

"Yes, Mistress," she said, already excited about what was to come. Twinkling lights like stars were appearing in her vision, slowly growing into swirling, incandescent lights that seemed to burrow straight into her soft, empty mind.

"Just lie back and relax," Rosa said as Sarah felt the words from the machine flow into her mind, constructing new thoughts and ideas inside her blank mind built to the desires of her mistress. "We have a long, enjoyable road ahead of us."


Thank you for reading my story! This is a short bit of fiction linked to a longer work with the same characters known as the "Brother Reclaimed" trilogy. If you enjoyed the story, you might find my longer work interesting as well. You can find a free preview of it here. I also encourage you to check out my blog or my subreddit to see where you can find more!

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